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Found 16 results

  1. Hope this meets you well, I believe this thread should last long. Let's share signals we get on the cryptoworld so that newbies wouldn't make mistakes when trying to trade. Let's endeavour to ensure that the signals are well researched and not misleading. Most times we don't get to see some amazing offer from yobit and other exchange until it ends. So I'd implore us to send anyone we get immediately we've confirmed if it's genuine. Happy Trading
  2. Thanks to the constant innovations in the world, Blockchain has visualized it as a fluid system which allows you to free yourself from prosecutors, taxes, and constant regulations. It represents a significant advance in the financial world, although being new it has taken time to adapt to situations. Understanding this system is simple although it is vital to know how to use it correctly, and there it differs. Being able to traverse with freedom and confidence is what many want and blockchain can facilitate that advantage to the actiaul world, Bitcoin and Litecoin are clear examples of use, although there are many more, discover each one without fear of learning more!
  3. Hi friends, Hope you are all okay. I want to share something with you about coins in yobit. Many of us we get difficulties when choosing coins to invest because we see many of them and we don't know which will rise or fall and give us profits. But i have a very good method to find valued coins to invest and non-valued coins to stay away from them. Just go to your yobit account then go to the trading area (market) and choose USD at the top price icons, all yobit coins will appear in USD currency and you will be able to find coins with value and those which are not valued. There are even coins which have increased to 100% and more but their price its still $ 0.00 i believe you will now be able to choose the right coins to invest your money for profit.
  4. Basic Attention Token Price Prediction for 2020 , 2025
  5. Now a days every exchange and airdrop diffrent sites are requesting KYC .what they do with our KYC.kindly reply dear members
  6. I found out a instersting coin in it's a new algorithm called "PoC". Official site: White Paper: What attracts me most is the like mining BTC,but not use Asic rig,Only Hard Disks.
  7. is the best exchange bitcoin to paypal At 4% higher exchange rate than the market price. Minimum transaction amount is just $1. 24/7 payouts in less than 1 hour! and exchange bitcoin cash . litecoin . ethereum to paypal. don't need to verification id to confirm transaction just create free account and change your bitcoin transfer money to account paypal in few hour (5 min -30 min) referral program 1%
  8. What would you buy with your crypto coins from any websites? Book,games and other things.Tell me your ideas
  9. duncun007

    Trading Tips

    These are some tips to help you thru your trading journey: *Buy an altcoin that has upcoming news which could be listing in big platform or upcoming fork, or halving (ltc price doubled before halving) *Exist all trades when bitcoin is volatile because most altcoins dump when bitcoin act like that and only trade when its seemingly stable. just how we saw most coins were in gain last 2 weeks because of bitcoin were some sort stable. *When you buy an altcoin don’t be greedy and settle for 4-5% gain and exit trade and wait for another opportunity, don’t underestimate small gains because they accumulate to big profits if you have patience. *Buy altcions during the weekend and also on red Mondays because that’s an easy 5-10% gain most of the time. if you have more advices you can add them bellow.
  10. IT IS BETTER to program your own CRYPTOCURRENCY OR CREATE IT AS A Token. CREATE A CURRENCY UNDER PLATFORMS LIKE ETHereum, waves or nem has many advantages, it is economical, fast accessible and most features are already preconfigured so if you do not know how to program this is your best option, but on the other hand if you want innovate and create your own blockchain you must know program or program the services of a professional programmer, which will take you more time and money. this depend on the best decision you want to make when creating a currency that is innovative and utuseful for some community in this great sphereility for some community of this great sphere.
  11. In my beginnings as a crypto enthusiast, I began to use the famous faucets that give you free cryptocurrencies for filling in a captcha and claiming it, it was one of my first experiences taking and understanding how this worked ... it was very much before I ran into exchanges and Other larger items. I got to use the faucets a lot to have small amounts of satoshis, I remember that I got addicted in 2 months taking out almost 0.005 Btc and giving hard to many faucets, it was crazy ... I didn't sleep and I woke up asking for satoshis like crazy, but it's a life lesson because I know it couldn't be that long, it was a walking madness. Faucets are the most natural and pure way of having cryptos, it is a good cause to support.
  12. Logo is important maybe by "Branding of Cryptocurrencies". There are a lot cool cryptocurrency logos and very nice designs. What's your favorite by design?
  13. Round 26 of BANANO’s popular faucet game ‘Black Monkey’ is about to start, running 24 hours only! It’s super simple, play the game, earn free $BANANO! Payouts will happen after the round has ended. How much $BAN can you get? More details below: Black Monkey Round 26 Announcement Here’s all you need to know about this round: MonKeys are visual account representatives in BANANO. Each monKey is unique and will represent your account. So it’s good to get trained in recognizing even tiny differences. In Black Monkey, you’ll need to find the one monKey that doesn’t fit to the others. This game will start on January 31, 11:00 AM UTC and run for 24 hours Payment rate will be “1 score = 1 $BAN” ratio. Payments will be done in couple of days after round ends. Your account level will be restored if you played in one of last 3 rounds. Score starts from 0. Additional prize: The player with the best “no-error-series”, if above 5995, will receive additional 5995 $BANANO. Now, get started: Game link: How to play: (different languages available) Scoreboard and stats: What the Fork is BANANO? For those of you who don’t know BANANO yet, it’s obviously perfect to just read our brand-new animated, meme-rich and interactive Yellowpaper! BANANO is a cryptocurrency (forked from NANO in April 2018) powered by DAG technology — here to distrupt the meme economy. Yes, BANANO has memes! And also feeless and near-instant transactions, a highly active community, and active technical development! The BANANO community doesn’t take themselves too seriously, but we’re here for the long run and we enjoy what we do. A concise explanation can also be found here at Bitcointalk, or on our official website, and you’ll find help getting started at See current BANANO price and market data at Coingecko. All current trading pairs and exchanges here. On top of this, BANANO is super easy to use and puts an emphasis on free and fair distribution and crypto education. Just try our slick mobile wallet called Kalium and get your first free $BANANO from one of our faucets within minutes! Kalium — BANANO’s mobile wallet (download) Join the Banano Republic! BANANO ($BAN) is a fee-less, instant, rich in potassium cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology disrupting the meme economy. Official Website: Yellowpaper: Help getting started: Join our social channels for updates & giveaways: Discord | Reddit |Telegram Medium | Steemit | Publish0x Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Youtube | Github | BitcoinTalk Overviews: BANANO News | BANANO links | BANANO
  14. I see many posts on the chat and Telegram asking for directions in transfering or trading their Yoda coins they recieved so I figured I'd share everything I learned or experienced to maybe help out a few people. Yoda was aquired through a Telegram airdrop and must be transferred to in order to use your newly aquired Yoda. A Telegram msg was supposed to show up on your Telegram airdrop bot signaling a way and it being time to link and transfer your account to Telegram. After linkin youll see your Yoda dissapear from your bot wallet and it has been sent to into your investbox account section located at the middle top of homepage. ( You should of already made a account and had account verified prior to telegram link and yoda send.) If you visit your investbox on yobit you can click MY INVESTMENTS ,and youll see your yoda has been deposited there yielding you a daily 1% that can be withdrawn once a day into your trading account. Anything I have missed up to this point please help with a comment and lets make each other more profitable. Thank you
  15. After a long time, we will announce our Airdrop Campaign in which absolutely First 1000 our partner can receive an award in ETECH tokens. In order to receive a reward for Airdrop, a participant needs to perform a series of simple actions. These are subscriptions to our social networks. For compliting all tasks you can recieve 100 ETECH (300$). You can also be an inviter or an invited person. For every successfull invited participant you will recieve 0.5 ETECH (1.5$) AIRDROP STEPS: 1 - Follow our Twitter account 2 - Retweet this tweet with tag 5 friends 3 - Subscribe Youtube 3 - Join our Telegram Channel 4- Fill this form 5- Enter your email address and ERC-20 address. ❤️ REFERRAL: @HeberthSantos
  16. SpeedKingToken is a non-self destructive token with the main use of buying and selling and also exchanging with other cryptocurrencies around the world. It have a fast transaction rate with enable users send and receive the token easily. Airdrop Description Welcome to official SpeedKingToken Airdrop. We are giving 10$ and 3$ worth per refferal. Steps-by-step guide: 1. Follow us on Twitter 2. Follow us on Telegram 3. Follow us on Medium 4. Follow us on BitcoinTalk 5. Follow us on Facebook 6. Fill THIS FORM
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