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Found 28 results

  1. Are you facing any difficulty on this platform? How do you feel using this platform? Can you tell me why you chose this platform? Share your feedback in comment section thanks...
  2. IT IS BETTER to program your own CRYPTOCURRENCY OR CREATE IT AS A Token. CREATE A CURRENCY UNDER PLATFORMS LIKE ETHereum, waves or nem has many advantages, it is economical, fast accessible and most features are already preconfigured so if you do not know how to program this is your best option, but on the other hand if you want innovate and create your own blockchain you must know program or program the services of a professional programmer, which will take you more time and money. this depend on the best decision you want to make when creating a currency that is innovative and utuseful for some community in this great sphereility for some community of this great sphere.
  3. Thanks to the constant innovations in the world, Blockchain has visualized it as a fluid system which allows you to free yourself from prosecutors, taxes, and constant regulations. It represents a significant advance in the financial world, although being new it has taken time to adapt to situations. Understanding this system is simple although it is vital to know how to use it correctly, and there it differs. Being able to traverse with freedom and confidence is what many want and blockchain can facilitate that advantage to the actiaul world, Bitcoin and Litecoin are clear examples of use, although there are many more, discover each one without fear of learning more!
  4. Hi friends, Hope you are all okay. I want to share something with you about coins in yobit. Many of us we get difficulties when choosing coins to invest because we see many of them and we don't know which will rise or fall and give us profits. But i have a very good method to find valued coins to invest and non-valued coins to stay away from them. Just go to your yobit account then go to the trading area (market) and choose USD at the top price icons, all yobit coins will appear in USD currency and you will be able to find coins with value and those which are not valued. There are even coins which have increased to 100% and more but their price its still $ 0.00 i believe you will now be able to choose the right coins to invest your money for profit.
  5. Logo is important maybe by "Branding of Cryptocurrencies". There are a lot cool cryptocurrency logos and very nice designs. What's your favorite by design?
  6. In my beginnings as a crypto enthusiast, I began to use the famous faucets that give you free cryptocurrencies for filling in a captcha and claiming it, it was one of my first experiences taking and understanding how this worked ... it was very much before I ran into exchanges and Other larger items. I got to use the faucets a lot to have small amounts of satoshis, I remember that I got addicted in 2 months taking out almost 0.005 Btc and giving hard to many faucets, it was crazy ... I didn't sleep and I woke up asking for satoshis like crazy, but it's a life lesson because I know it couldn't be that long, it was a walking madness. Faucets are the most natural and pure way of having cryptos, it is a good cause to support.
  7. Now a days every exchange and airdrop diffrent sites are requesting KYC .what they do with our KYC.kindly reply dear members
  8. is the best exchange bitcoin to paypal At 4% higher exchange rate than the market price. Minimum transaction amount is just $1. 24/7 payouts in less than 1 hour! and exchange bitcoin cash . litecoin . ethereum to paypal. don't need to verification id to confirm transaction just create free account and change your bitcoin transfer money to account paypal in few hour (5 min -30 min) referral program 1%
  9. What would you buy with your crypto coins from any websites? Book,games and other things.Tell me your ideas
  10. What is the difference between a token and a coin? What is a token? A digital asset that can be used within the ecosystem of a specific project. The main difference between token and currencies is that the former requires another blockchain platform to operate. Ethereum is the most popular platform for creating tokens, mostly due to the smart contracts feature. The token created on the Ethereum blockchain is usually known as ERC-20 tokens - like most of the industry's popular stablecoin rope (USDT), for example. There are, of course, other token platforms, such as NEO or Waves. The purpose of a token also differs from coins, although it can also be used as a form of payment. Several tokens are created for use in DApps and their networks. Its main goal is to give the owner access to project functionality - as is the case with the Basic Attention Token (BAT). Examples for tokens: TALK , UNI , Aave What is a Crypto coin ? Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR), and Ether (ETH) are examples of cryptocurrencies. And all of them are in their standalone ledgers. Where BTC operates on the original Bitcoin blockchain, ETH is used inside the Ethereum blockchain, XMR is on the Monero blockchain, etc. They can also be sent, received, or mined all of them. Scalpex is the fastest future trading platform According to its name, the cryptocurrency has the same features as money, it is exchangeable, divisible, transferable, and has limited supply. Hence, cryptocurrencies are usually meant to be used just like physical cash. That is, payable for things (although adoption of hash has been slow). While Ether has all the attributes of a coin, it operates outside of its "money" role, as it is used inside the Ethereum blockchain to facilitate transactions.
  11. I heard a lot about cryptography , now I'm reading about cryptocurrencies , hundreds ...may be thousands of coins names but sure the Bitcoin still the I ask you and myself: 1) How much chance for the cryptocurrency to be legalised ? 2) Is possible that all the kinds of coins can be legalized ? In this position I can confirm , as everyone that the difference is very deep between the consequences of legalised things and not legalised . Is there a new information or prevision ?
  12. duncun007

    Trading Tips

    These are some tips to help you thru your trading journey: *Buy an altcoin that has upcoming news which could be listing in big platform or upcoming fork, or halving (ltc price doubled before halving) *Exist all trades when bitcoin is volatile because most altcoins dump when bitcoin act like that and only trade when its seemingly stable. just how we saw most coins were in gain last 2 weeks because of bitcoin were some sort stable. *When you buy an altcoin don’t be greedy and settle for 4-5% gain and exit trade and wait for another opportunity, don’t underestimate small gains because they accumulate to big profits if you have patience. *Buy altcions during the weekend and also on red Mondays because that’s an easy 5-10% gain most of the time. if you have more advices you can add them bellow.
  13. TRXDOWN is a cryptocurrency coin that has been circulating in the cryptocurrency world since the start of its issue date, which was last year on the 11th of September 2020. Currently, at the time of writing this article, the TRXDOWN coin is trading at roughly 0.161 USD. According to coinmarket, the aforementioned coin is currently ranked number 2402 on the market of cryptocurrencies, meaning that it is one of the coins that falls into the background of the cryptocurrency scene, with much of the other coins having much higher trading volumes. This becomes especially evident when it comes to analysing the coin in terms of its market trade value that has been made in the last 24 hour period. With the coin being listed on Binance, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, and the fact that the coin is named after a popular token (TRX - Tron) which has gained massive popularity in the cryptocurrency world, the 24 hour market volume was recorded as being just over 5.6 million USD. The highest value that was noted with this coin exceed 7 USD which was noted around the latter part of December last year, with the TRXDOWN coin noting a price of 7.33 USD on 24 December 2020. Over the last 24 hours the coin has seen a 14.55% drop in its price, which was met with a 37.66% drop in its trading volume - clearly a coin that Is close to the end of its lifespan in my opinion, based on the rapid drop that can be seen over the course of two months alone. There is currently no data relating to the market cap or circulating supply of this coin. This coin is a leveraged token on the Binance platform, and should be leveraged and invested in at the risk of the user that is getting into the cryptocurrency market.
  14. Although the value of cryptocurrencies decreased significantly with the Kovid-19 outbreak, this did not prevent fraudsters from asking for more. This time, the target of malicious people, who used to defraud people using the world's leading names, was the exile couple of the royal family. British Royal Family Targeting Bitcoin Fraudsters Prince Harry and the famous star Meghan Markle were found to be involved in a cryptocurrency investment scheme, making it clear that people were trying to be deceived. In the investment scheme that includes the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess, investors are offered offers that are too profitable to be true. This fraudulent structure called Bitcoin Evolution claims to have automated trading programs, and even the royal family is richer by investing in this scheme. In the statement made by the so-called royal family members, it is stated that everyone can be rich by investing without "banks closing this". It is also noted that this is a method of getting rich shortly on the relevant fraud site. The demonstration of the Bitcoin investment scheme even in different applications such as Duolingo reveals how fraudsters can use to deceive people. The target of frauds shortly before was an important name in the crypto money sector. Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, was also a victim of a similar scheme and was used by fraudsters at his own will.
  15. BTCUP and BTCDOWN Have you ever thought about making a profit on the dangerous Bitcoin move? I think 95% of the members here have never heard of BTCUP or BTCDOWN or even how can we benefit from them? With these two currencies, you can make money by predicting future Bitcoin movement! Let's explain a practical example to clarify the idea more! Now the price of Bitcoin is 19,200 and I expect the price of Bitcoin to drop to 16,600 over the next few days! Well what am I going to do? I will convert my bitcoin into BTCDOWN! If my prediction is correct, I will profit by the difference between 19,200 and the price at which Bitcoin fell, let it be 16,600, So our profits will be 15% The opposite is true for BTCUP Do you think it's a good way to earn? Will you use it in the future?
  16. First what is SNM , its a coin with a project that provides cloud services like PC's , miners and also servers , if you want a miner dont buy one , just use SNM services for your needs . Technical analysis : the price of SNM coin is low somehow which giving you a chance to get bigger ROI( return of investment ) in it that the other coins , the price now is trading over 70 Satoshi , What made me choose this currency for analysis, in addition to the project and the work team that the coin have, but technically it is standing in historical support points, which it has reached only three times in its history and has rebounded strongly towards high levels achieving fictional profits that exceed double, you can check the chart under . Just notice that if you bought from current levels ( from 55 Satoshi to 75 Satoshi) you will get 160% of profit at least , but this trade needs patient, at last 6 months or less depending on market performance , with a stop lose of 15 % only which is not a big number approach to expected profits Buy levels : -from 55 top 70 Satoshi with many times it gonna be better. -dividing your capital is required Sell levels : from what i see , on daily and weekly chart the price in the past failed to break 120 Satoshi levels , so for me it be a good chance to sell 50 % of your coins on those levels , dont risk and take some of your capital out , let the risk to upcoming prices . Stop-loss levels : under 50 satoshi , with a stop lose of 15 % is the best levels to sell your coins if anything bad happened to the market, just dont forget to use a capital that you are ready to lose in this trade, this way you will be psychologically prepared to lose the trade. ************************ ************************ expected profit : 160% expected loss : 10% Daily charts : here we have the daily chart , for a daily trader this is a perfect chart to take an entry to the market , we see that the RSI levels sell saturated already and what coming is only buys , also we can see that this time the volume levels/ spikes is different and much bigger which means they are already whales and traders buying the coin there and you can buy with no fear . buy from the green zone and sell up there in green line . i didnt want to add more and complicated analysis tools to the chart to make it more simple & easy to understand , make sure to ask anything in the comment below and dont forget to leave a like if you interested to see more topics / analysis in the near future , thank you and happy posting. all charts rights reserved to me .
  17. Hope your day is going well. It is known that crypto trading is profitable business and less risky. But for best profit you should have knowledge about crypto currencies like How to invest Where to invest In which coin to invest And How much to invest. Today i will talk about, In which coin beginners should invest. Beginners have less knowledge so they have to choose such coins where the chances of loss is too much low. Always invest in top coins which have low price fluctuations in market is good for beginners. Like investment in bitcoin will be profitable for them. However profit will be low in such coins but risk will also low. Don't try investment in new coins ,it will be risky, you can loss your assets due to high fluctuations. Following are top coins im which beginners should invest, BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, TWT, XRP, LINK, ETC.
  18. Many new digital currencies dispatch every month, and close by these new tokens and coins comes a progression of beginning coin contributions and even after the coin out to the market . The hunger among a wide pool of financial specialists for these open doors has developed. For the digital currency financial specialist hoping to capitalize on the host of new speculation openings while staying safe from false ICOs and crude coins and tokens, the possibility can be overwhelming. While there's no assurance that any cryptographic money or blockchain-related startup will be authentic or effective, and today i will teach how to not fall into a scam . 1-Make a deep research about the Team: The first and first step that anyone who wants to invest in new currencies or an ICO must take is to search for the currency team and their social media accounts in terms of whether they are real accounts and if are they active, this can give you a great idea about the currency and if its real or scam . 2-Read the Whitepaper wisely : the second and also an important step is the initial move toward investigating a whitepaper is to peruse it altogether. Verify whether the whitepaper has complimentary assets too, including budgetary models, legitimate concerns, SWOT examination, and a guide for usage,compare the things wrote on the whitepaper and the things that they already done on the real world, focus on that please. also avoid coins and companies that doesnt offer a whitepaper . 3-The idea and the goal of the Project?: There is no doubt that the purpose of the currency and its project is something that should never be forgotten. When you invest in a currency, you must know the advantages of its project, what solutions it will provide, and how this currency will ensure the victory of its competitors in the market 4-Token Sales statistics : If you do not trust the information you have collected, be sure that there are many other people who have done the same process. As a last step, you should monitor the currency or the ICO sales , as it gives you the extent of people's confidence in the currency and its project.
  19. DO YOU KNOW THAT ($15,000++) is the highest Bitcoin has hit this year?? Sometimes back these year, bitcoin went as low a $5000. But With these 200% appreciation now, Do you think that their's still chances that it might get to a new all-time-high before the year runs out?? With barely less than two months to go, could the $20,000 benchmark be attained?? Let's have your opinions as well as analysis!!! Below are some screenshots that shows the current prices of btc both at the parallel and yobit exchange as at 7/11/2020
  20. Bot de Trading CRYPTO MINING GROUP es la primera plataforma en ofrecer Trading de última generación. ¡Únete para ganar juntos!
  21. HELLDER is a reliable source of income for both experienced and novice investors who want a reliable financial foundation and stable long-term profit. Thanks to the work done, our team managed to create a real investment mechanism, which includes several highly profitable instruments with an excellent perspective. We were able to introduce our Waves blockchain-based Hellder coin to our partners through an online platform. But this is only the initial stage of work on the development of the project, which will allow us to reach the world level and take a leading position in the market. An additional tool of your earnings is making a profit due to the growth of the HELLDER COIN rate. The growth of our coin will increase with the growth and development of the project. At this stage, the mission of our project is to provide an opportunity for a wide circle of people to invest in cryptocurrency, as well as provide appropriate services in the best, reliable and profitable way, today and always, multiplying and fully utilizing the accumulated potential for the benefit of society and investors. The main objective of the project at the moment is a reliable, safe and uninterrupted investment activity of the company. In the near future we are planning expanding activities and increasing the reserve for working capital, developing and creating our own exchange, our social network and messenger, as well as creating our own blockchain and transferring our coin to it in the equivalent of 1: 1. We strive to achieve the ideal structure of business relations and maximize our services around the world. We want to create the maximum possible profit for our investors with minimal risk. It is important for us to provide users with the best investment solutions to quickly achieve their financial goals, while providing a wide range of support and assistance to each partner at all stages of working with the platform. Long before the launch of the platform, we step by step created a profitable algorithm for working with financial assets, choosing and testing various directions. The Hellder project offers its investors a choice of several tariff plans, which will increase over time. Tariff plans differ in terms of validity, profitability, as well as the minimum and maximum volume of investments, therefore absolutely every potential client of our project will be able to find ideal conditions for cooperation. Website Telegram channel Telegram official group YouTube Facebook Twitter
  22. New trading platform, in which they pay you 1% daily, passively from Monday to Friday, the platform is Mexican. Here is the link to register
  23. I see many posts on the chat and Telegram asking for directions in transfering or trading their Yoda coins they recieved so I figured I'd share everything I learned or experienced to maybe help out a few people. Yoda was aquired through a Telegram airdrop and must be transferred to in order to use your newly aquired Yoda. A Telegram msg was supposed to show up on your Telegram airdrop bot signaling a way and it being time to link and transfer your account to Telegram. After linkin youll see your Yoda dissapear from your bot wallet and it has been sent to into your investbox account section located at the middle top of homepage. ( You should of already made a account and had account verified prior to telegram link and yoda send.) If you visit your investbox on yobit you can click MY INVESTMENTS ,and youll see your yoda has been deposited there yielding you a daily 1% that can be withdrawn once a day into your trading account. Anything I have missed up to this point please help with a comment and lets make each other more profitable. Thank you
  24. My dear crypto talk friends I need your suggestion, few days back I join extstock exchange airdrop and they give 2000 million INNBCL Coin, now this extstock exchange twittes they delisted this innbcl coin and withdrawal this coins in erc20 wallet and they charge 0.005 ETH fees to withdrawal this coins, now my problem is this innbcl coins are any future are this exchange want do any scam, because this coin listed in this exchange few days back and now they delisted, so now i can't understand what to do pls give your valuable suggestions, and support me.
  25. Basic Attention Token Price Prediction for 2020 , 2025
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