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    I just want to see how you all guys welcome the new members , I will be very happy to see the how many likes and ratings I get you guys, waiting anxiously,it will not cost you but will give me pleasure waiting for you good response
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    I am talking about reputation and followers. If you get good reputation users also like to follow You. And if you have number followers they also like to give you reputation. So it is my thoughts if you focus on just on thing you can win the both games. If you like my idea give me your sweet heart.
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    I want to ask to all of my friends on this forum to make your all informative topics in simple and easy words. Don't use typical or difficult language. It will be benefited to all members. If your heart allow you give me heart reaction. ❤
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    Hlo all mates ! Hope you all doing well😊 Here i am want to explain one thing for all the dear members of this forum. That we should have a proper check on our work when we post any content or any information for our mates ,we should have a proper research behind that content. We should have proper grip on our content and make it more easier to understand for others.when we convey our thoughts to other in a very precise and mannered way then it will also benefited for us to get good reputation So here i am talking about hard work because if we do work hard then we can achieve our goals easily. We should work on our grammar to improve our english , avoid copy paste the content for get good reputation this all counts in hard work when you do search for your content. Thats why i am saying that success is directly propotional tou our work. So work hard and become successful. Hope you all like my post. Best wishes for all😊
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    100к USDT Prize Pool For Chia Miners! (contest) Conditions: - Post screenshots of your Chia Mining (windows, ubuntu or other os) in this topic every day and WIN up to 20k USDT! - One screenshot per day. Your statement post must be sent in the format: 0. Date. Example: 24.09.20 1. Login on Yobit exchange. 2. Screenshot of your Chia Mining (farm and blockchain sync screen) 3. Your hardware for mining 4. How much plots your already have mined Random winners will be selected on 1 June from all those who posted their screenshots. They will receive the following prizes: 1 place: 20k USDT 2 place: 10k USDT 3 place: 10k USDT 4 place: 10k USDT 5-10 place: 5k USDT 11-30 place: 1k USDT The more posts you have, the more likely you are to win! Good luck!!! More info about Chia Mining - En: https://cryptotalk.org/forum/73-chia-mining/ Ru: https://cryptotalk.org/forum/76-chia-майнинг/ ======================================= Rus: Конкурс на 100k USDT для Майнеров Chia! Условия: - каждый день выкладывайте скриншоты своего Chia Майнинга и выиграйте до 20k USDT! - один отчет(скриншот) в день. Отчет должен отправляться в формате: 0. Дата отчета. 1. Логин на бирже Yobit. 2. Скриншот вашего Майнинга Chia (экран с фармингом и синхронизацией блоков) 3. Ваше оборудование для Майнинга Chia 4. Сколько плотов вы уже намайнили "каждый день" = 1 отчет в день. 1 июня из всех, кто постил свои скриншоты, будут выбраны случайные победители, которые получат следующие призы: 1 place: 20k USDT 2 place: 10k USDT 3 place: 10k USDT 4 place: 10k USDT 5-10 place: 5k USDT 11-30 place: 1k USDT Подробнее о том, как майнить Chia: https://cryptotalk.org/forum/76-chia-майнинг/
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    I am very delighted to complete my 100 post. After the completion of the post I realise that, being on this forum you have to be committed and you have to set your goals accordingly. Put procrastination aside and be optimistic that you can do it. If you do that you are guaranteed untold success. Thanks
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    So i saw many members who are just commenting in few sections. So others sections questions have not to much answers and there are one or two posts which are hot. Many just post in beginner section. So i share my experience that i daily answer one question from every section and then i complete my daily posts . So i advise all those who are doing this to try this act . But i know that the some members have not knowledge of others sections so if you have this problem so get information about those sections and if you can't find any answer create a post and ask from others members who know. So i hope this post help you. If you like my post give ❤️. Thanks. Have a nice day ☺️.
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    This post is about the forum but I have shared it in this section because it is necessary for beginners to know it. A moderator created a new post for posts that are evaluated negatively but some did not understand the content of these posts so I will simplify the matter, where the posts are evaluated for a member as negative in several cases: 1- If the member does not have a picture of his account, which makes it difficult to follow his posts for management, then I hope that the new members will put a picture of the personal file. 2- That the member continues to share comments only without setting any new topic daily 3_ Doing the work in the sections in a row, for example: (the continuous comment in one section until all the posts in this section end and then move to another section), and my advice here is to diversify and move between the sections There are some other instructions that will be issued by the administration soon. Always follow the supervisors' posts to be in touch with all instructions. I wish success to everyone.
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    Hello ladies and gentlemen on this cryptotalk platform. I hope you are all fine and doing a find job on this platform. I have a question that if I create 20 useful posts in beginners section instead of other sections then there is any issue or not. Give me your honest opinion. Thanks everyone in advance....
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    I think this beginners section is very important. Because the information given inside this section is easy in understanding . A lots of people have participated and by reading the comments of these people, a lot of information can be obtained by this.
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    Hello, how are you friends, I hope you are well on this occasion, I want to share some tips that can help you so much to have a good post. Well first of all keep in mind that there are certain points that we must take into account if you want to know in depth about each one of them you will find them anchored at the beginning of each section. How to get a good post? You can follow the following tips. 1. Look for a topic that can make the reader feel attracted to read, you can look for one that is causing people to talk. Do not forget that it must be something of your own. 2.When searching for a topic keep in mind that it must be written by you, so after having your topic selected you can make a summary of what impacted you pro in your own words. 3. Avoid copying and pasting, this can be easy and fast to do but keep in mind that it is not valid and if you want to avoid consequences, better not do it. 4. You can put some hallucinatory image of what you are writing this will also make the readers feel attracted. 5.Avoid placing bold letters believe me that would seem strange but it is not recommended to do so. 6.Remember that when starting a topic do not forget the capital letter. These are some tips that could help you, remember to give me a like if you liked and served this post. Take care and see you soon, CHAO.
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    I know that beginner will get all of these informations if they put a little more time in the 'About forum' section.But as this section is the most viwed one so here I wanna give some advices to the beginners as a junior member.So here I am- 1.At first don't rush on posting first 100posts.Some members think that there is some mandatory time frame for posting 100free post initially.But no,there is no time frame like that. 2.Don't open your yobit account at first.Just keep posting first 100posts and then take attempt to open the yobit account. But i suggest not to do it yourself without help of anyone experienced. 3.Keep reading many topics.Gather knowledge before posting. 4.As here first 100 is free so try to spend your time more on creating each topic.Try to read more than posting. 5.React and rate all useful topics.Because rating is important in the fact of payment.So more rate posts in return your posts also will be rated. 6.Respect each others post comments and thought.Be hard working,be successful. Best of luck beginners in this amazing platform.
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    Hello all i hope you people are good. I wanted to ask from newbies and seniors that what makes you so encouraged. In my case positive reputation on my post motivates me so much it provides me the energy to work more.Thats why whenever i see good post or topic i always give it positive reputation because i think it will motivate them to do more such useful posts. What motivates you?
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    Many new members are joining the forum day by day. But they don't read any rules and pinned topics properly. As a result, they make a lot of mistakes. And eventually they are banned. And for them I will share some tips today. If they follow my tips they will stay away from warning points.😎 Some Tips Follow Everyone : 1.Don't copy or paste: Many members of the forum make this mistake. As a result, they are banned. Newcomers should never make these mistakes. Because copying someone else's post is forbidden in the forum. So you will be aware of this. 2.Don't Spam: There are many who repeat the same topic over and over again. This is called double post spam. So no one will make such mistakes. 3. Don't cheating: Many members cheat in the forum. They copy one line from another's post and another line from another's post. Anyone who posts in this way is called a cheater. Again many copy from blogs. So don't make such a mistake. If you make such a mistake, you will be banned. 4.Don't rating cheat: Many people abuse to get ratings. If someone has abused the rating, he will be cheating. And those who cheat to get a rating are banned So you have to be careful 5. Don't useless post : Those who post inferior on the forum will one day be banned. Because it is forbidden to post low quality in the forum. You need to post good quality and relevant topics. And must be posted by more than 100 characters. Cryptotalk all member wellcome🤩
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    Hello members, There are many members who do not feel good like me about their topics without likes. At the end the majority of them stopped doing topics. In the last days I did my effort to show you or to facilitate you some things on this forum and Yobit, I have received many views and positive replies, but unfortunately I have just received a few likes about my topics! Thank you for your participation on my topics and thank you very much for those members who like my topics. But I think we are here to help between us and to encourage others to do their effort doing topics, so liking topics or constructive post is the good thing we can give as reward. These are my last three topics where you can see my effort about the job, positives replies and the few likes:
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    There are 3 important things that we can get since become a member and active been here. And they are : 1. Knowledge of Crypto currency. 2, Revenue from Crypto 3. Learn to use English properly and correctly.
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    Hyy my mates beginners and also my seniors. I want to advice us, we don’t have to hurry to get to where we want to reach in crypto world. We have to be patient and take a step at a time to avoid falling in to scammers trap or making any mistake in the forum that may lead us to warning point or banned from the forum. Wishing any member in forum success and progress.👍
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    Hello guys, I hope you are all fine. Today I want to tell you about InvestBox that I use on yobit. I can say that Yobit has a very good feature for us to invest. If you deposit your Talk token tokens on yobit to InvestBox, you earn 1% per day thanks to this forum. If you deposit 1000 talk tokens, you will earn an extra 10 talc tokens every day. This is happening on Yobit thanks to InvestBox. I use every talk token I earn to invest in yobit, thereby increasing my income. You also have the opportunity to invest in most coins, not just talk tokens. Some coins increase your earnings. There are also coins that earn 7% or 8% per day.
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    Dear if you are a new member on this forum. I welcome you on this forum dude. You must have to learn about All the rules. And must follow the rules. Dude it ia very easy to earn money from this sutes. If you eaen more Money and get reputation you wants that you learnt about it. Give me a like if you agree 😍😍😍
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    I would recommend to you, slowly and effectively you move forward towards your fame, fame and your places move forward. Especially don’t rush to get reputation . If you just focus on your work and make your post more effective, your reputation will automatically increase and you can easily get fame. I advise you to make as many of the 25 posts as you can easily, even if you can't easily make less than 25. Give me heartfelt feedback if you like my post
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    Welcome beginners on this forum, This platform is unique from others forum you will do work hard and earn a lot of money and you don't facings some difficulties but don't panic of them and first of read all rules and regulations which are in about forum section and you read mostly others ppeople's comments and get lot knowledge and I suggest you that you mostly time spend here take knowledge and earn money because knowledge is very important thing in life and I think cryptotalk change our future and provide bright future us
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    This is the right way to make money, but there are some things you need to know. Anyone offering to invest for a fictional profit, I'm telling you, it's a scam. Don't look for profit in the first place. you'll get frustrated. Yes, there are profits, but not so fast and easy, you have to work and be patient at the same time, and the next few days you'll see your profits in front of you.
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    Hifriends I want to suggest you Go ahead to you sucsess , your reputation and also your ranks slowly and effectively. Don't hurry up to get reputation especially. You can easily get reputation if you just focus on your work and make your posted more effective your reputation will increase automatically. I also suggest you if you can,t complete 30 posts easily make less than 30 but make usful as much you make. give me heart reaction if you like my post
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    Hi 👋 mates.. I usually face great boredom while working or doing activities online for more than 3 hours continuously. One of my way of getting out from boredom is by playing my favourite musics and trending ones too. Now say what are your ways to get out of your boring times..
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    Hello every one, Dear members i have a question from every one ; How much you give likes posts in one day ? Now i right this again in more easy words mate how much posts i could like in one day? So if any one know so please mention me or reply😊. Thanks.
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    Hard work would mean spending long hours to complete my work without any shortcuts, It definitely ensures results but the process is long and stressful. While Smart work would be aiming for the same results but with planning and prioritization of tasks. So I believe we need to work smart on cryptotalk then hard work. Or what do you think? Comments and react to the post
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    Crypto talk is the best platform were we can earn and learn at the same time. I am telling you this from my personal experience . It is very useful platform for getting knowledge . I learn and improve ny english learning skills and improve my grammar . I am a students .It is very helpful platform for poor students that are not fulfill their study fee. I advice then to join crypto talk for earning and learning at the same time .
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    Hello everyone, I am Russian myself, and I would like to know your attitude to cryptocurrency, do you consider it the main source of income or not? Has this already become a part of your life or not? Do you like doing this or not?
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    Hi friends I think if you increase number og topics daily it will add to your reputation. Because mostly people gives reputation on topics not on replies. So i think if you increase number of useful topics daily there is a chances your any post goes viral and alot of people gives you reputation on that. Do you agree? Give me reputation if agree.
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    Hello guys I new in this forum. I would like to know your valuable opinions about staying in Biggeners section only. I joined this forum a few days ago. In this days I observed that many members are only staying in Biggeners section. This section is very active because there are many hot topics here and everyone like to create topics here. Other sections are not that much popular but why I want to know from you guys. Thank you in advance 💖.
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    Hello friends i want you to advice me of which phone should i use to work in this forum that will good to use and browse when working in this forum. Currently i am using an android phone and some times i have network problem which phone will be better for me to use. I need your advice and opinions please.
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    Hope everybody is well. I have not been getting any reaction in my post for some days. My reputation is not growing after useful post. The reason is the new rules and regulations . There are many members of this forum, they have lost interest in giving reaction now because there are new rules, no payment will be given for reaction.If payment is not given, we should also give feedback on useful posts. Because our posts are paid by average rating. And if we don't react,Our reputation will not grow. I hope no member wants that. Have a good day .If my topics are useful don't forget to give me a good rating.😇
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    Hello my friends. We know how hard it is to earn money online with no profit. What do you suggest or use in order to make at least 100$ a month?
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    Kind regards to everyone! Today I want to share with you what in particular I consider the correct way of working in the forum. 1.- Go to the platform and locate in Home / Crypto / About Forum the following article “General Rules of CryptoTalk.org Forum [Official]”, read and analyze in detail. If you learn what is described here and follow everything to the letter, you will not incur in breaches of the regulations that could result in future warnings from the moderators or even being banned. 2.- Make your 20 useful publications of the day. In Cryptotalk, any contribution you make within the forum is considered a publication, either by your own creation or by generating simple but coherent responses. 3.- If your intention is to create your own publication, try to use keywords related to said publication using the forum search engine. The results give you full guarantee that what you want to publish exists or not in the forum. This ensures that you are not making repeat posts that will later be removed by the site's moderators. When publishing, classify your topic and place it on the correct topic. You don't have knowledge or reaction capacity? So, dedicate yourself to searching the web for current issues regarding the world of cryptocurrencies, study them and analyze them in depth, prepare a specific summary and then come to the forum to share useful material with the rest of the members who participate here. Do this even once a week as this will lead to new topics to interact periodically and it benefits you in the sense that you will receive good reactions, resulting in that your reputation increases instantly and that you get followers that in the future they may be supporting. 4.- Do you like that your publications receive positive reactions? If so then be fair and try to pay attention to the posts of the other members and give them your support by leaving the corresponding reactions. Remember that we are a family and that you have available the amount of 50 reactions per day, that by granting them you will receive 50 additional Talk tokens instantly. Also keep in mind that you must give value to your Talk tokens. Only react positively when a post really deserves it. Don't give reactions just by giving them. Topics that you should visit to have full knowledge of other details of the forum: - Home / Crypto / About Forum "Payment for posts (Not relevant information)" - Home / Crypto / About Forum “New payment and rating system for the forum” - Home / Crypto / About Forum “Report Plagiarism (Copy / Paste)” If you found this contribution useful, I would like to know your opinion and if you would like to add another detail I would also like to know it. When responding, express yourself in the best way, leaving a coherent and useful comment. Rest assured that by doing so you will receive my full attention, giving you a good reaction.
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    Here I am new. I saw many of seniors help newbies. Give me some advice about this forum. And how i get good reputation. How I choose different topics?
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    I’m relatively new to everything cryptocurrency. I just started out last month. I’ve been hearing a lot about bitcoin a few years back, and to be honest I really thought that this is just a fad that will go away. I’ve heard of some friends mining bitcoin, or investing on bitcoin. But I truly didn’t believe in it. But when I read the wikipedia page of Bitcoin, I could truly connect with the concepts behind this cryptocurrency. I think it’s like when currencies were introduced centuries ago to make trading and exchange in the real world easier. Coins and bills might have been new to people before, the same with cryptocurrency now. I really do think that bitcoin is going to be mainstream at around 30-50 years from now. It will power up our highly digitized world. At the moment that I’m still new to this, I’m just getting and saving up free bitcoins thru apps and sites during my spare time. So I’m still getting there. How about you here? What were your first experiences with bitcoin? How did you evolve in using bitcoin up until now?
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    I have noticed many similar topics regarding post deletion and send to yobit balance not working, I just want to inform you that this normally happens every at the end of the month that's when moderators clean the forum heavily in such a way that we lose a lot of posts but it will get back to normal and the send to yobit balance does take about 7 days to be back in the system therefore, take time and avoid commenting on repeatedly topics regarding this issue while filling up the gap of deleted posts don't get bored but get used to it,as currently writing this post I have already lost about 30 posts in the clean up that is going on let's be strong good lucky.
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    Hi friends I want to know that if our posts goes viral among the users. It is some how profitable to us or not? We will get some extra income from these posts.? Give your views to increase my knowledge. Thanks.
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    We were once all newbies in the forum and we cannot disregard the fact that it is very hard to survive and become a member of this forum. We were once experience deleted post, received violations, but to tell you all, those shouldn't hindered us to post more and create topics. Posting is not easy because we need to make post which are good enough, it is hard to stay in the forum especially with this like we don't have an assurance how long will it operate. Nevertheless, we should always keep in mind that as long as we make effort in the forum, we can be successful here and this might get lost in the future, but believe and let us all hope that this won't happen.
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    Hello buddy I am a new beginner of crypto currency. I want to know which section is suitable for me. Which section helpful for know much different things and when I want to start working all section. I will be waiting for your advise.
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    Hello my seniors members i hope you are all doing great I'm new in this forum and o don't know much so if I could hear some guides and advice that Will make me to be succeed in this great forum. thank you
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    Many people jump into the world of crypto without proper knowledge on what are they going to deal with,its only because many thinks that being in this digital currencies make them earn fast or become rich Investing in crypto is a risks that we should take or considered to avoid some negative impacts when bad things happens. Now i am just curios, how much can you take those risks?how does your tolerance can accept failures? This are the things that must be answer in our mind first before entering the world of crypto.
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    Hello everyone here. I have observed that most posts don't get much like compare to topic. People react much on topic than post. If you have much topic than post then the money you will make will be higher. Do tag people in your post to gain more money. Best of luck.
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    Good day dear colleagues i hope you are all doing fine, I want to share this with us so that we benefit it together as we know learning is a something that is endless it has beginning but have no ending where it stop, at the moment when you keep your patiently continue learning something you will realize that you gain something from what you learn. Never stop learning📖📒🖊️ and don't feel shy to ask people something that you don't know in the forum about crypto currencies or regards to the forum because by doing that it will make you understand alot of things.
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    many of the people think that rank or experience are same thing but they are totally different I have seen a lot of people that only run behind the rank and they don't want to get experience. They just run behind doing posts and earn money from it. Basically rank is the thing that you earn by keep doing posts and your rank goes on increasing. while experience is the thing that you learn from your study and you can apply it. Rank is perception but experience is reality. so we should try to get more experience and we don't need to focus on rank if we read a post then we should get full knowledge about it and its terms.
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    Hello.... Did you know that if you reply to a topic within the "off topic" section at the end of the thread list when you enter the forum's home page, this comment won't be counted and your post count will not increase. This is because my post count was 340 posts, and after commenting on a specific topic in the "Off topic" section the counter remained static and the number below my profile picture didn't change. Do you think the forum could pay me for this comment? And Do you also think that if someone likes my comment in that section, it will count as good reputation or not? Give me your opinion please..
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    We start our journey in cryptocurrency and usually we known nothing but try to find ways to make good profit and dream big. As a beginner I thought that I was learning a lot very fast, but it took me a longer time to find some very important things that I think they should be teached from the beginning. I made a list of them and I give to beginners with this post some shortcuts to know and you can also do your research too. Bitcoin is a long term investment. This means that we buy and can hold for years. We don't need to trade and don't need to learn to trade. We can buy and hold. Best time to buy. It is rare to find the best time to buy. This year it was when price dropped a lot. But if price goes to 100k then 15k is not too much and profit is always profit. Just don't buy after price has gone up 2000% in a year. Where is the bottom. You buy the bottom when there is blood on the street. When you hear people talking about Bitcoin being dead and it has zero interest. Best time to buy was 2018. Where is the top. The top is not even close where we are now. You will know it, when your hairdresser talks to you about cryptocurrency and tells you about his/her last investment in Ripple. This is a sign of a bubble and you should think of de-investing only then. Make plans and stick to them. Before you invest make a good plan and don't have emotions about your investment. Don't listen to the noise and the influencers. They will advice you to sell at the worst time and they will tell you to buy when they want to sell. Don't listen to anyone that claims to be an expert. Instead read what simple people are saying that are honest and have no agenda behind them. Look at the past advice given in Cryptotalk and prefer to listen to the people in here from the youtubers and the social media advertisers. Look for investments in cryptocurrencies that you think they will stay for 50 years and not for what seems to be a bad idea but can pump the price because of whales. You don't need pump and dumps. Learn where you invest. You have to learn how Bitcoin works above anything else. First learn about Bitcoin then start the rest. Learn the technical terms and use them too. We use these words like decentralization because this is how they are called. We don't use any else and if you have them translated it will make only confusion. This is part of marketing too and some words are tested and chosen. When you learn, only then try to convince others. If you don't know why Bitcoin is better from banks you can't answer any other question. All these along with anything that has to do with avoiding scammers and protecting your safety while on the internet helped me a lot and I wish I did all the above from the first day I joined this field. It would have saved me more times.
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    Hey mates! Hope you're all doing great. There is something i feel i must share with you all. Well, you can have a look at my performance on this platform as a Junior member. I'm about to hit 300 posts with just a few dozen reputation points. I have been sincerely posting, not only responding to topics but creating them too. None of my posts have been deleted and i haven't recieved any warnings yet. Then why is that my reputation points are way too low relative to the number of posts ive made? Am i doing too bad or am i just being impatient? Pleast let me know if its okay to have reputation this low at this stage of being a Junior member. Let me know so that i improve myself. Your responses are always appreciated. Thanks!
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    Greetings to all and I want to ask U all that how can I work here and please guide me that how can I performed well here? I have joined this platform recently and don't know anything about it and want to know everything about it
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    I have seen a lot of members who see the posts and accounts of the senior members and they got jealous that they should also have that kind of accounts and they should own those posts that go to the hot topic. I think that we should just try to focus on our goals and we should try to make ourselves more comfortable we should not try to compare ourselves with anyone it is possible that we are better than them in many ways. So we should just focus on our work instead of comparing ourself with that people who are high than us.
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