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Found 63 results

  1. Hi guys! I will be sharing to ways how to earn money. I'm not an expert and what I am gonna share is just what I know. So there is a lot of ways to earn money. •find a job. This is so common guys, if you want to earn money you gotta go find a job. It can be an online job or jobs outside. There are a lot of works that needed a lot of employees and not really a high standard in finding a new employee. •do online jobs such as teaching english or be an online support. They have a high pay for this job too. •for an extra income you can try doing a data entry or doing a captcha. This method of works needs a lot of effort too, because they pay low, about a cents. The good thing here is captcha typing is unlimited. •do surveys, this method guys if good for those who love to answer survey. They pay quite good amount of money here. The only thing I don't like here is the survey is really really sensitive. For me, I don't take a lot of surveys because of they have a required answer that they need. • do online selling. This method is great if you really love online shopping and has a lot of courage to do online sell. •do a payed click ads. Here is just like taking or doing captcha typing. A lot of effort needed. This includes those paying ads thru email. •do app paying games or paying apps. If you like having fun but at the same time want to earn I recommend this extra income work for you. •you can also do mining. But I want to warn you that you must be careful choosing and using a mining site. There's a lot of scam site using this method. •being youtuber. This kind of work needs to be creative and I think a lot of effort needed here to. But if you want to be like those you saw in youtube you can try being one. They are being payed a lot of money here too. That's all. I have a lot of ways but seems to forget it. If you know some methods or ways feel free to let me know so I can try it too. I will appreciate too, if you click the heart reaction if you think this is helpful.
  2. How to generate money from Cryptotalk Forum? Today I will talk about my own experience ... and how we are generating money from the Cryptotalk forum! We all know that we are making very good money from the Cryptotalk forum so we have to make good use of this in order to generate extra money! These are some of the ways in which money can be generated with Cryptotalk money 1- Talk InvestBox Plan Through this plan, you will achieve 1% revenue per day! But you should pay attention to the purchase price of the Talk! I think the best area to buy Talk coin is between (70-85)! You can put your money in the investment fund through this link Talk investBox 2- DLRS InvestBox Plan Through this plan, you will achieve 10% revenue per day! But you should pay attention to the purchase price of the DLRS! I think the best area to buy DLRS coin is between (25-30)! You can put your money in the investment fund through this link DLRS InvestBox 3- VMining Buy a virtual miner and get income in tokens every day! VMining 4- Trading By having good capital ($ 500), you can achieve a good daily income by also relying on expert signals! As for me, I earn about 40% per month through trading and this is a very good percentage! Question1: Do you like these ways to increase your capital ? Question2: Do you have another way to generate money from Cryptotalk ? give us yours !
  3. Working on the Internet is not an illusion or a myth that we have heard about since ancient times, rather it is a tangible fact, there are many people who do not have jobs around the world, but the Internet was the appropriate refuge for them, in India there is the largest proportion of employment on the Internet, harnessing their energies in various Business presented on the network, the advantage of working on the Internet is that you can do your tasks anywhere and anytime, flexibility is one of the wonderful things in working on the Internet, but it is not easy at all, you need to spend a lot of effort and time and waste Money sometimes, you are competing between millions of users who want to work in the digital space. On the Internet there is no unemployment, no limited seats, and the most important thing is that the more your grandfather and your diligence increase the amount of money you earn. You may be a regular-time employee and have a respectable monthly salary. Nevertheless, there is no harm in getting a few extra dollars using the skills and experience that you possess, there are no shortcuts in working on the Internet, but rather it takes effort and wasting a lot of time I want ask !! What is the best way to make money from the Internet? :!
  4. Are you facing any difficulty on this platform? How do you feel using this platform? Can you tell me why you chose this platform? Share your feedback in comment section thanks...
  5. How much time on average you spend on cryptotalk?
  6. I am not a financial or economic expert, but I have a respectable experience with digital currencies and I know many secrets that you may not know, the first of which is the bitcoin price and how much it will be after five or ten years and an answer I do not know because I do not see the future, but according to my humble analysis, Bitcoin is digital gold The demand for the currency is increasing a lot, and the current prices are an opportunity that we will not find in the coming years. So try to store a percentage of your daily earnings because my vision for the future is good.
  7. Other jobs you could do to make an extra $1,000 a month include: Walk dogs. Sell services on Fiverr. InboxDollars is an online rewards website I recommend. Teach another language. Tutor. This isn't a job, but student loan refinancing can be helpful! Use Ebates when you shop online for free cash back. Substitute teach.
  8. Cloud mining rental contract from 250 Th/s to 100 Ph/s. bitcoin (sha-256) 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, day, week! price: 0.33 usd / Th/s. min. order 0.015 BTC. Payment on BTC wallet waiting your message 😃
  9. Довольно таки популярная тема инвестирования в различные проекты... Многие задаются вопросом о том, не вложиться ли им в крипту. Какие бы вы могли дать советы новичкам или уже продвинутым пользователям? Какие у вас есть необычные истории, связанные с данной сферой?
  10. Gaming Industry has become Billions of Dollars Industry. Around Two Billion people worldwide have become part of this industry. The Gaming Industry with including billions of people, is also experiencing a Paradigm Shift through Revolutionary Blockchain Technology. I aim to introduce you this Paradigm Shift of Gaming Industry with the apps that i have. not just only game apps but all legal CryptoEarning apps. to be honest i have not much time to spend in here. Just want to be a participate of cryptotalk's bounty which is partnered with yobit. so lets start big and let me share One Of The coolest BCGames on my archive with you. Introducing WAR RIDERS You can also use the referal code if you want to join "Bitmovio" - bitmovio-bvTTO ~ War Riders: Mine or Die, Your Next Favorite Blockchain Game ~ * What’s the deal here ? * War Riders place itself as the next generation, post-apocalyptic MMO Strategy Game in which you can blow up cars and mine BZN Token. With the benefits of the blockchain, the players will enjoy a peer to peer decentralized marketplace for their needs. Users can trade their in-game assets by using BZN, the only form of payments left in the Wastelands. By playing the game you will be able to accumulate Loot Crates and Virtual Goods in their way to BZN Waypoints, your next-door Gasoline Store. In War Riders players will be able to rob others on the move or at least, their cars by using your own. Let’s say for example the enemy goes for BZN Hunt, you can follow him, steal all the goods and return safe, hopefully, to your garage. So in summary ; WarRiders is the game similar like "Flatout" or "WreckFest" And little bit "Blur". Simply - Smash and Destroy the opponents, be the last one and claim the bet with "Mining" please remember that i have not much time to spend here and please consider my post's with this rule. Love You All ...
  11. 1. Create a budget 2. Understand your expenses 3. Understand your income 4. Consolidate your debt 5. Slash or remove unnecessary expenses 6. Create an emergency fund 7. Save 10 to 15 percent for retirement 8. Review and understand your credit report 9. Use a tool or personal finance app. 10. Follow money management resources If it helps please like
  12. Forex is the worldwide market for currency trading. It is open 24 hours a day and offers great liquidity, making it a good opportunity for its participants, who can be from banks, large financial institutions and companies to small retail investors. Forex traders aim to make money by buying and selling these currencies that are traded in pairs. Today, many people are making money by trading Forex from home either as full-time professional traders or simply spending a few minutes a day to locate trading opportunities and opening, monitoring and closing their positions. It is very important that you know which form of investment best suits your personality. Based on that, you should prepare an investment strategy that suits you, and you can feel comfortable. You have three ways to invest money in the Forex market, depending on time: long-term, with swing trading, intraday or scalping. You only make money with Forex if you do things correctly. It is also super important that you protect your capital with good risk management.
  13. About a month ago, I responded to a post from a user who asked how to make money fairly quickly. Not only I suggested to everyone a proven method, I proved to myself AGAIN that it’s still working! Not only that, I intentionally did it the hard way so that the method can be emulated by just about anyone. Micro coin is a Yobit coin. The InvestBox pays 1% daily. Right now, you can buy this coin for about 150 to 160 BTC sat. So, transfer 0.165 BTC and get you 100k Micro and put them in the “Box”. And starting 24 hours later, you can sell 1,000 coins that you earn for about $15. That’s how quickly and easy it is to make money on Yobit Exchange with their investment plans. I did it the hard way (or should I say the long and incrementally way), I bought Micro gradually, $50, $100, $200, etc. at a time, whenever I had extra money to invest. The minimum for starting a new InvestBox is only 1,000 Micro, so I kept building it up. Today, I have around 194,000 Micro. And I’ve been selling 1,000 coins a day (keeping the rest of the daily extra coins for interest compounding). The last time I posted, someone wanted me to post screenshots... I can do that anytime... But I won’t. It has been a month since I posted that original suggestion, if any of you took that advice and have been making money from Micro, you can share your screenshots if you want. It’s a proven method, because we have done it. But will it be a guaranty that it will keep working until the end of time? No one will know for sure. I only know if you’re tired of waiting around for any coin to go up in price so you can make money selling it, now you don’t have to with Micro coin. All we want is for the price to be stable and Yobit will give us 1% daily interest. That’s good enough for me. Have fun and best of luck, B10
  14. - Быстрый обмен электронных валют. Официальный сайт - У нас доступно для обмена: Криптовалюты: Биткоин (BTC), Эфириум (ETH), Лайткоин (LTC), Zcash (Zec), Dash, Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR). Tron (TRX), Waves (Waves), NEM (XEM), EOS (EOS), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ether Classic (ETC), Perfect Money, Qiwi, Яндекс Деньги, Альфа-Банк, ВТБ 24, Приват24, Visa/Master Card, Райфайзен UAH, Райфайзен RUB, Газпромбанк, Мир, Кредитки, Ощадбанк, Пумб, Укрсиббанк, Русский Стандарт, Ак Барс, Любой банк, Любой банк USD, Сбербанк KZT, VISA/MasterCard KZT, VISA/MasterCard EUR, Любой банк EUR, Любой банк KZT, Любой банк RUB, Любой банк UAH, ForteBank KZT, HalykBank KZT, Kaspi Bank KZT, BNB, WMZ, USDT ERC20 TRC20 OMNI, Payeer, МТС, Мегафон, Билайн, Теле2, Vodafone, Киевстар, Lifesell. В перспективе расширение направлений обменов в зависимости от потребностей клиентов. Преимущества обмена в 1. Для зарегистрированных пользователей доступна реферальная программа. 2. Очень высокая скорость обработки заявок. 3. Обмен по выгодному курсу. 4. Мы не храним и не передаем, информацию о Вас, третьим лицам. 5. Наша команда поддержки всегда готова! Ответить на ваши технические вопросы. Сайт: Так же наши домены Контакты: Онлайн чат на сайте Email: [email protected] ICQ @700017186 Skype
  15. Lionel Messi is my favorite soccer player, I will calculate with him, he has earnings close to 11,270 BTC annually. That is the equivalent of USD 127,000,000 that he receives between his salary in the Spanish club and income from advertising and business. Insane A striking case is that of former NBA star Kobe Bryant. In his case, In 2014-2015 with the price of bitcoin at that time, the equivalence was higher than 45,400 BTC annually. It would not be bad to be an athlete and that Btc falls in love with you hahahahhahaha
  16. Bnance10

    Yobit 101

    First, sign up for an account. Then, transfer some BTC or Doge there and start your Doge IB. If you transfer BTC then buy Doge with your BTC. Wait one whole month and cash out 3% interest. Then risk that profit with higher rate IB's. One is you already have nothing to lose. Two, hopefully in a month, you would already gained enough knowledge on how Yobit system really works. Not that hard, but one still has to learn how to navigate the site and which Coin you should choose based on its popularity or demand. Good luck!
  17. Hello my seniors members Am new here i don't know more about yobit account and bitcoins. My purpose of create post to know about bitcoins. How to change bitcoins into currency??? What is the procedure?? Please seniors guide.🙏🙏
  18. Fire Faucet Service for earning crypto. 30 minutes faucet, autofaucet and a lot of ways for earn! With levels and rewards system! Earning on the site: 1. Faucet 2. Short links 3. Serfing 4. Tasks 5. AutoFaucet 6. Progress 7. Level rewards Faucet: Need captcha, you can roll every 30 minutes, payments from 1 to 5000 Claim Ponts! The higher your level, the more you pay Serfing: Take 50 Claim Points and 10 lvl points for every 8 seconds watching! Short Links: Earn 50 Claim Points and 10 lvl points for clicking on each of the links! Tasks: Earn 10000 Claim Points for every task! AutoFaucet: Earn 1 lvl points and 15 satoshi every minute! Progress: Earn 1000 Claim points and 1000 Satoshi for every progress! Level rewards: Take 10 Satoshi for second level and +2 Satoshi for all subsequent! Withdraw: From 100 doge on faucetpay. Also, the site has a unique and very nice design, I advise everyone to use it as the main faucet! Links: Referral: Default:
  19. Bila - новый токен, который базируется на сети Tomo Chain Не так давно проводили раздачу токенов в телеграмм боте С выплатами все было вовремя На данный момент проект проводит раздачу NFT на базе BSC в твиттере: 1. Подписываемся на твиттере Twitter 2. Ретвит закрепленного твита с тегами 2 друзей (читателей) 3. Подписаться на каналы телеграмма 4. Заполнить гугл форму ФОРМА Просьба в строчке "Кто вас пригласил"(нижняя) указать : @alex3590
  20. 6 Useful tips which will help you to find Scam sites Check link is totally virus free using - Virus Total Check website is secure or not - Near website name in left corner Search -> Website name + Review Content search - Copy paste all content - To google search Any Programs with team member -> copy paste all there photo in google image and check for image detail. Check and Report - scamadviser If you got any good idea other than this or any stuff to be added 🙂 you can share below
  21. Hey all, was wondering the development of cloud mining well and came across a site >><< this cloud service offers mine us "TRX/DOGE/BTC/USDT/LTC" In the beginning we are given "Capacity size "2000GH/S" how true is this really delee I won't say give a bonus for signing up. + It is possible to get bonus H/s every 60 minutes/. Yes, the minimum size looks certainly not small, but I chose TRX. Here's what we managed to mine for 5 minutes> > in order for the crypt to be mined, you do not need to keep the tab open. Everything looks like it would be without pitfalls, and then we'll see I'll make a minimum and show a screen of the output. Registration site: 🔥I wish you all good luck 🤑
  22. Всем привет ! Что можно делать с потерянными навсегда биткоинами ? Если кто-то найдет способ получить к ним доступ (гипотетически). Взять хотя бы первые 10 000 транзакций по 50 битков в каждой. Они так и будут лежать без движения ? Они потеряны навсегда ? Или Сатоши Накамото просто их не трогает ? Как отнесется сообщество если все эти монеты начнут движение ?
  23. Crypto Money Telegram faucet. Every 12 hours you can take from 0.000001BTC to 0.99BTC Earning Money: 1. Faucet 2. Referrals Faucet: Press 1 button and take you reward (no need captcha) You can take BTC only 2 times a day Referrals: You earn 200 satoshi and 10% from each roll of the faucet of your referral Withdraw: Minimum output: 0.0012BTC (120000 Satoshi) Links: Referral: Default: Let's earn together!
  24. Приветствую господа! Хочу предложить вашему вниманию кран Monero (XMR). Кран самого классического вида и более всего напоминает, если даже не копирует всем известный легендарный Freebitco. in Точно также, имеются игрухи Больше\Меньше, Лотерея и всё такое прочее, что и на фрибиткоине було. Практически то-же самое. То есть любой из вас, кто хоть капельку работал с кранами - разберётся за 1 минуту. Собдирать монету можно раз в час, как обычно. По истечение таймера подаётся звуковой сигал, чтобы не забыть 😃 По нынешним временам даёт конечно не миллионы, но тем не менее... Если человеку краны не интересны в принципе - тогда вообще не понимаю, зачем он читае сию тему 😃 Как и на фрибиткоине - монетки выдаются рандомно начиная от 0.00001628 и вплоть до 4.07032790 XMR! Ну что выпадет 4 монеты на каком-то кране, я лично верю очень с большим трудом, но так у них по крайней мере написано. На этом разрешите пока закончить.
  25. Earn money on the Internet by attracting clients (investors and partners) to an IT startup in the field of Artificial Intelligence. You, as a partner of the company, build your own income, which can be from 1000 to 5000 USD. and higher. Refer clients who want to create passive income on the Internet, and if they want to know: How to make more than $ 100,000 out of $ 5,000? The answer is here: The most profitable investment of money is investing in companies that work in known successful areas and promote projects that are relevant today. For the 21st century, such areas are blockchain, artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies. Such companies look to the future and are confident that their business will be profitable in 5, 10, 20 years! Now, projects in the field of Artificial Intelligence are being developed everywhere and investors who enter this market at the initial stage of the company's existence can earn passively, since the cost of 1 share is less than a dollar, over time there will be an increase in shares. By 2030, the widespread introduction of Artificial Intelligence technologies is planned. The company already has over 15,000 registered users. The company gives new partners 500 shares for free, which will become available after confirming your profile in your personal account. Welcome shares will have time to get 10,000 more new accounts. After that, bonus shares for registration will not be credited. Project link: Registration in the project: Register in the project and get free company shares. Registration takes place at the invitation of the partner. The link is in the description. After registration, you need to confirm your account in your personal account - enter your first and last name and confirm your phone number. An IT project is open to any user in the world. Investors and partners of the company receive income: From attracting new partners; From an increase in capitalization; From the growth in the value of shares; From the company's profits; From the sale of company products. Benefits for partners: Due to the accumulation of data and the implementation of many services, the value of shares will increase by more than 10,000% within 5 years. Receiving passive income: shareholders receive 50% of the profits of the company's products. After registration, in your personal account, you can find even more information and get acquainted with other advantages of the company and ask questions of interest to the support service. In the company, you can buy shares and become a co-owner of the company: Advantage for Investors: Tenth block of shares: Maximum benefit, Bonus: 75%. The price is $ 100,000 dollars, you can buy in installments, at $ 3,334 dollars for 30 months. In the package: 1 666 666.67 shares. Including bonus: 2,916,666.67 shares. Considering the fact that the share price has tripled over the year from $ 0.02 to $ 0.06. Imagine how it can grow in a year, two, three! If the DigiU share price rises even to $ 1, this package of "Maximum Benefit" shares will be valued at $ 2,916,666. Advantage for Investors: Ninth block of shares: DigiU 50,000, Bonus: 50%. Price $ 50,000, can be purchased in installments, at $ 1,667 dollars for 30 months. In the package: 833 333.33 shares. Including bonus: 1,250,000 shares. Considering the fact that the share price has tripled over the year from $ 0.02 to $ 0.06. Imagine how it can grow in a year, two, three! If the price of DigiU shares rises even to $ 1, this block of shares "DigiU 50,000" will be valued at $ 1,250,000. Advantage for Investors: Eighth block of shares: DigiU 20,000, Bonus: 35%. The price is $ 20,000 dollars, you can buy in installments, at $ 667 dollars for 30 months. In the package: 333 333.33 shares. Including bonus: 450,000 shares. Considering the fact that the share price has tripled over the year from $ 0.02 to $ 0.06. Imagine how it can grow in a year, two, three! If the price of DigiU shares grows even to $ 1, this block of shares of "DigiU 20000" will be valued at $ 450,000. Advantage for Investors: Seventh package of shares: Carefree future, Bonus: 30%. The price is $ 10,000 dollars, you can buy in installments, at $ 334 dollars for 30 months. In the package: 166 666.67 shares. Including bonus: 216,666.67 shares. Considering the fact that the share price has tripled over the year from $ 0.02 to $ 0.06. Imagine how it can grow in a year, two, three! If the DigiU share price even rises to $ 1, this package of "Carefree Future" shares will be valued at $ 216,666. Advantage for Investors: Sixth block of shares: Popular, Bonus: 25%. Price $ 5,000 dollars, can be purchased in installments, at $ 167 dollars for 30 months. In the package: 83 333.33 shares. Including bonus: 104,166.67 shares. Considering the fact that the share price has tripled over the year from $ 0.02 to $ 0.06. Imagine how it can grow in a year, two, three! If the price of DigiU shares rises even to $ 1, this block of shares "Popular" will be valued at $ 104,166. Advantage for Investors: The fifth block of shares: DigiU 3000, Bonus: 20%. The price is $ 3,000 dollars, you can buy in installments, at $ 100 dollars for 30 months. In the package: 50,000 shares. Including bonus: 60,000 shares. Considering the fact that the share price has tripled over the year from $ 0.02 to $ 0.06. Imagine how it can grow in a year, two, three! If the price of DigiU shares grows even up to $ 1, this block of shares "DigiU 3000" will be valued at $ 60,000. Advantage for Investors: The fourth block of shares: DigiU 2000, Bonus: 15%. The price is $ 2,000 dollars, you can buy in installments, at $ 200 dollars for 10 months. In the package: 33 333.33 shares. Including bonus: 38,333.33 shares. Considering the fact that the share price has tripled over the year from $ 0.02 to $ 0.06. Imagine how it can grow in a year, two, three! With the growth of the DigiU share price even to $ 1, this block of shares of "DigiU 2000" will be valued at $ 38,333. Advantage for Investors: The third block of shares - Bestseller, Bonus: 10%. The price is $ 1,500 dollars, you can buy in installments, at $ 150 dollars for 10 months. In the package: 25,000 shares. Including bonus: 27,500 shares. Considering the fact that the share price has tripled over the year from $ 0.02 to $ 0.06. Imagine how it can grow in a year, two, three! If the price of DigiU shares grows even up to 1 dollar, this block of shares of "Hit of Sales" will be valued at 27,500 dollars. Advantage for Investors: The second block of shares - Standard, Bonus: 5%. The price is $ 1000 dollars, you can buy in installments, at $ 100 dollars for 10 months. In the package: 16 666.67 shares. Including bonus: 17,500 shares. Considering the fact that the share price has tripled over the year from $ 0.02 to $ 0.06. Imagine how it can grow in a year, two, three! If the price of DigiU shares grows even up to 1 dollar, this block of shares "Standard" will be valued at 17,500 dollars. Advantage for Investors: The first DIGiU Shares Package: Beginner, costs $ 500, can be purchased in installments, at $ 50 for 10 months. In the package: 8 333.33 shares. Considering the fact that the share price has tripled over the year from $ 0.02 to $ 0.06. Imagine how it can grow in a year, two, three! With the growth of the DigiU share price even to $ 1, this package of shares "Novichok" will be valued at $ 8,333.
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