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Found 35 results

  1. Cloud mining rental contract from 250 Th/s to 100 Ph/s. bitcoin (sha-256) 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, day, week! price: 0.33 usd / Th/s. min. order 0.015 BTC. Payment on BTC wallet waiting your message 😃
  2. A survey site which was known as PAIDERA it was good way to earn a extra amount and it was legit site. They were paying a good amount join a PAIDERA and earn some amount from there you will easily cashout through paypal.And it had a various way to earn and survey is very easy you could easily complete and it accept all country
  3. Hi guys! I will be sharing to ways how to earn money. I'm not an expert and what I am gonna share is just what I know. So there is a lot of ways to earn money. •find a job. This is so common guys, if you want to earn money you gotta go find a job. It can be an online job or jobs outside. There are a lot of works that needed a lot of employees and not really a high standard in finding a new employee. •do online jobs such as teaching english or be an online support. They have a high pay for this job too. •for an extra income you can try doing a data entry or doing a captcha. This method of works needs a lot of effort too, because they pay low, about a cents. The good thing here is captcha typing is unlimited. •do surveys, this method guys if good for those who love to answer survey. They pay quite good amount of money here. The only thing I don't like here is the survey is really really sensitive. For me, I don't take a lot of surveys because of they have a required answer that they need. • do online selling. This method is great if you really love online shopping and has a lot of courage to do online sell. •do a payed click ads. Here is just like taking or doing captcha typing. A lot of effort needed. This includes those paying ads thru email. •do app paying games or paying apps. If you like having fun but at the same time want to earn I recommend this extra income work for you. •you can also do mining. But I want to warn you that you must be careful choosing and using a mining site. There's a lot of scam site using this method. •being youtuber. This kind of work needs to be creative and I think a lot of effort needed here to. But if you want to be like those you saw in youtube you can try being one. They are being payed a lot of money here too. That's all. I have a lot of ways but seems to forget it. If you know some methods or ways feel free to let me know so I can try it too. I will appreciate too, if you click the heart reaction if you think this is helpful.
  4. So today’s website is a site that will help us earn RUB.💰 the website is , a very well known website. I personally withdraw from it more than 48 times... HOW TO EARN? 📌 surfing Ads. 📌 Daily bonuses. 📌 invest (optionally). THE MINIMUM TO WITHDRAW? 📌Is only 1 RUB (you can hit it easily). 📌they support a lot of wallets (payeer...). WHY I LIKE THIS WEBSITE? simply just because the ads are kinda unlimited ( the ads renewed every 7 min , 13 min... randomly) you finish your ads 5 mn later you find new ones.! 📌 Here’s my link: what you think 💭 guys?
  5. About a month ago, I responded to a post from a user who asked how to make money fairly quickly. Not only I suggested to everyone a proven method, I proved to myself AGAIN that it’s still working! Not only that, I intentionally did it the hard way so that the method can be emulated by just about anyone. Micro coin is a Yobit coin. The InvestBox pays 1% daily. Right now, you can buy this coin for about 150 to 160 BTC sat. So, transfer 0.165 BTC and get you 100k Micro and put them in the “Box”. And starting 24 hours later, you can sell 1,000 coins that you earn for about $15. That’s how quickly and easy it is to make money on Yobit Exchange with their investment plans. I did it the hard way (or should I say the long and incrementally way), I bought Micro gradually, $50, $100, $200, etc. at a time, whenever I had extra money to invest. The minimum for starting a new InvestBox is only 1,000 Micro, so I kept building it up. Today, I have around 194,000 Micro. And I’ve been selling 1,000 coins a day (keeping the rest of the daily extra coins for interest compounding). The last time I posted, someone wanted me to post screenshots... I can do that anytime... But I won’t. It has been a month since I posted that original suggestion, if any of you took that advice and have been making money from Micro, you can share your screenshots if you want. It’s a proven method, because we have done it. But will it be a guaranty that it will keep working until the end of time? No one will know for sure. I only know if you’re tired of waiting around for any coin to go up in price so you can make money selling it, now you don’t have to with Micro coin. All we want is for the price to be stable and Yobit will give us 1% daily interest. That’s good enough for me. Have fun and best of luck, B10
  6. Всем привет ! Что можно делать с потерянными навсегда биткоинами ? Если кто-то найдет способ получить к ним доступ (гипотетически). Взять хотя бы первые 10 000 транзакций по 50 битков в каждой. Они так и будут лежать без движения ? Они потеряны навсегда ? Или Сатоши Накамото просто их не трогает ? Как отнесется сообщество если все эти монеты начнут движение ?
  7. Lionel Messi is my favorite soccer player, I will calculate with him, he has earnings close to 11,270 BTC annually. That is the equivalent of USD 127,000,000 that he receives between his salary in the Spanish club and income from advertising and business. Insane A striking case is that of former NBA star Kobe Bryant. In his case, In 2014-2015 with the price of bitcoin at that time, the equivalence was higher than 45,400 BTC annually. It would not be bad to be an athlete and that Btc falls in love with you hahahahhahaha
  8. Governments are very nervous and undecided today, as there is a global currency war and stablecoins could become an additional problem more than they are for the cryptocurrency system itself. Governments and financial institutions are very concerned with keeping the flow of capital under control so as not to unbalance their currencies. The money that goes out tends to devalue the currency itself. That increases the cost of imports and creates inflation !, now being the stablecoins a cryptographic product anchored to physical assets they turn them into currencies with greater attractive system in general since being an anchored and more anonymous system many can migrate to that system, but Take into account that the disadvantages in the crypto ecosystem are already separate. The stablecoins are already a point of palpable break both economically physical and encrypted, they will have to be carefully observed in the future which fixed site can reign.
  9. Being a common practice in any financial system, the complacency of whales in the world of crypto trading or investment is becoming more and more in force or little concealed. Basic news or technicality make large retailer investors join an abrupt market movement, being a background with respect to capital movements. At least in the case of banks or systems capable of collapsing prices whenever they can, complacency is as secondary as it is they who encourage these types of movements that are often classified as scam movements only to monopolize more Cryptocurrencies, is a phenomenon to take into account since most ignore this factor.
  10. Bitcoin ATMs and other cryptocurrencies have expanded a lot in the last two years, for example in Venezuela, being a third world country already has two ATMs to make transactions or money changes, in more developed countries ATMs can be find in any corner specifically at airports or locations that accept cryptocurrencies. It is still a boom, a piece of acceptance all this type of incursions and initiatives that certain companies have been strengthening with respect to this. It could already be treated as a legal issue worldwide that these ATMs become more used than traditional ones, is what is expected.
  11. ELECTRONEUM - Mobile Cloud mining at its Best! ETN can be transferred off the app and sold on exchanges!!!! Even though competition in the mobile mining-capable cryptocurrency industry is heating up, it will be rather challenging for new alternatives to rival Electroneum. The Electroneum project has been around for some time now, and has noted some degree of success in quick succession. The mobile app has been well received on both Android and iOS, although there is always room for further improvements. What are ETN Rewards you ask? They are the first step to earning ETN, Just log in to the app once a week to keep it active. By logging in once a week to activate the app it is then no longer active during the rest of the time using no battery or data!! The amount you earn is constantly fluctuating so there is never a defined number. The app itself uses cloud processing so there is very very little data usage. Electroneum isn't the only offering which effectively has released a physical phone., but its one of the best. ETN’s future is bright!. With nearly 3 million registered users, it would appear Electroneum is on track to achieve more great success in the future. Scan the Code below to download the App. World's most responsible blockchain. Those who need it the most Unlike any other blockchain, our network is run by Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) who benefit from their work by using the ETN they receive in block rewards to enhance their own charitable initiatives. by creating the most secure In the fight against fraud, we became the world’s first KYC/AML compliant cryptocurrency, and the first to launch a Moderated Blockchain that makes us insusceptible to 51% attack – the largest threat to cryptocurrencies. and greenest blockchain Despite processing thousands of transactions every day, unlike any other blockchain network, our network’s energy consumption is equivalent to that of a single light bulb. © Electroneum Ltd - Registered in England No. 10845797 Dun and Bradstreet No. 223070089
  12. Bnance10

    Yobit 101

    First, sign up for an account. Then, transfer some BTC or Doge there and start your Doge IB. If you transfer BTC then buy Doge with your BTC. Wait one whole month and cash out 3% interest. Then risk that profit with higher rate IB's. One is you already have nothing to lose. Two, hopefully in a month, you would already gained enough knowledge on how Yobit system really works. Not that hard, but one still has to learn how to navigate the site and which Coin you should choose based on its popularity or demand. Good luck!
  13. There are places where you can observe the contact between fiat and blockchain in real time, but it is only a matter of time for blockchain to step on physical money. The two different approaches to monetary control: between old and new power structures. And, where these two meet, overlap, mix and compete is where the real action is. When it comes to new blood, it is there where the mosquitoes run! Each country prints its own money, is literally controlled by five or more families that monopolize power. With cryptos it is totally different, diversification is on par with you. Blockchain and fiat are not compatible, only one will remain in command.
  14. 🎙AFRICUNIA Launches Dynamic “WETALK Series” Show📻🎙 ABOUT AFRICUNIA: AFRICUNIA is a decentralised, distributed, adaptive, open socio-technomical ecosystem with properties of self-organisation, scalability and sustainability where healthy competition and collaboration among diverse businesses, people and entities prevail. AFRICUNIA in collaboration with Renowned Global Cryptocurrency Exchange - COINKEEPER have come together to create a revolutionary “first of its kind show” - WETALK Series - in the blockchain industry. The “WETALK Series” show is a new introduction that is set to serve AFRICUNIA's resolve to help introduce upcoming and existing projects to the right audience in order to aid its development. WETALK Show is a Voice Note (VN) event to be held one of the most popular cryptocurrency/blockchain social platform (telegram) whereby project owners/representatives are interviewed live through Voice recordings, while the community listen directly to the voice recordings. Each session of the show will last thirty (30) minutes, special guests from different arms of the crypto world will be available to ask questions directly from the project representative. Community members will have the opportunity to learn about the projects in detail with the opportunity to listen to the voice of their Favorite projects CEOs with some form of reward to be distributed at the end of the show. 🔗Useful Links🔗:
  15. Since a few years there have been several disappearances of important exchanges such as Mt Gox or Cryptsy. Placing high amounts of money on exchanges is usually very tempting for ambitious people or high esteem for fiat money in exchange. They are a trap because they can put any excuse at the time of taking out the money or their policy becomes very pedantic, it is like a kind of social but closed circle, certain people have lived that as a condition of putting their money against the ropes, It is better to put a small amount on exchanges that do not affect your pocket, each exchange is a world so choose a good one.
  16. We all know so many ways to make money now. But do we know what happened behind the scenes. Well, one of them is forex trading, where we can make money up to millions of dollars there. But in fact only a few succeed. Can you answer a little of my doubts? How does forex work? 🤔
  17. Trust Wallet Token (TWT) - a service token to accelerate the adoption (by society) of cryptocurrencies. Based on the official information, there are several possible options for using the token: - Discounts on DEX services and cryptocurrency purchases - Affiliate system and bounty rewards - DApp reviews and promotions - Collection token At the moment, the token is being distributed as a referral reward to wallet users at the beginning of each month. Unofficial sources report an upcoming listing on Binance. The official Binance wallet, Trust Wallet, has begun distributing tokens for referrals. Trust Wallet Token (TWT) - a service token to accelerate the adoption (by society) of cryptocurrencies. To receive 100 tokens, you must: 1. Go to the referral link (you won’t receive tokens without it) and install the wallet: REF / NOT REF 2. Register a new wallet 3. Invite referrals (Settings ➡ Invite a friend). Information has been received that TWT tokens for a referral program are distributed at the beginning of each month !!! Important news !!!: All who participated and invited refs in the scheme from TrustWallet You need to make a couple of points: - Register: website - Go to the post on Twitter: post - In the comments we write: 1. Username from the site (on which you just registered) 2. Your BNB address from Trust Wallet itself 3. Screen count of your refs Official website:
  18. Buzzbreak is an app, that allows it's users to make money while reading news. I am using this app since 2018 and it's still paying. Minimum payout is as minimum as 0.02$. I suggest you guys to give this app a try. here's the link to app on play-store:-
  19. Tens of thousands of Chinese blockchain companies may have tried to issue their own cryptocurrencies, a senior official claims. Led by the Chinese central bank, five financial and technology authorities jointly published the Bluebook of Blockchain on Thursday, outlining illegal and fraudulent schemes in the blockchain industry. Approximately 89 percent of blockchain firms in China – some 25,000 – might have tried to create and issue their own tokens, while only 4,000 are fully focused on blockchain applications, Yedong Zhu, president of the government-backed nonprofit Beijing Blockchain Application Association, said in an interview with Chinese state media CCTV at the report’s launch. The most common crypto issuance process, the ICO, has been deemed illegal by the Chinese government after its 2017 crackdown. However, it still allows crypto mining operations and possession of crypto assets in the country. The findings come amid the Chinese government’s most recent crackdown on barred financial operations related to ICOs and crypto trading. Major Chinese cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, have rolled out inspection plans with a view to shutting down any remaining crypto exchanges. The authorities have gone so far as to close any marketing firms that promote crypto companies and those that masqueraded as blockchain companies to launch ICOs. For Detailed Information on NEWS follow the link
  20. Bitcoin has fallen beneath the $7,000 psychological price range as global markets took a breather Saturday amid the ongoing trade dispute between the U.S and China. The world’s largest cryptocurrency by market value dropped beneath its temporary supports near the $7,000 price level at around 22:46 UTC (5:46 p.m. New York time) on Nov. 24 and is currently changing hands for $6,924, according to CoinDesk’s bitcoin price index.The plunge in crypto comes at a time when traditional markets cooled slightly by Nov. 22’s close, likely due to sentiment surrounding the rhetoric from the U.S national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, who warned that President Trump would not turn a blind eye to Hong Kong’s ongoing crisis.This would likely complicate efforts by Washington and Beijing to put an end to the prolonged trade war currently underpinning global economic growth forecasts. As a result traditional markets have flatlined with the S&P 500 index finishing a meager 0.2 percent up, to 3110.29. For Detailed Information on NEWS follow the link
  21. Crypto exchange Bitfinex and its sister firm, stablecoin issuer Tether, have again been accused of working to manipulate the bitcoin markets. A new class-action suit, filed by Eric Young and Adam Kurtz at the district court in the Western District of Washington on Nov. 22, draws heavily from details that emerged in the case brought by the New York attorney general in April against the same two firms.It's also the second class action to have been brought in recent months relying on the New York case, which is still ongoing as the defendants appeal over whether they must continue to produce documentation. The attorney general claims, among other things, that that the tether (USDT) stablecoin was not fully backed by U.S. dollars. In a lengthy list of claims, Young and Kurtz specifically allege that Bitfinex and Tether "monopolized and conspired to monopolize the Bitcoin market," as well as manipulated the market, manipulated information or made inaccurate claims. Further, "Defendants’ misconduct caused prices of Bitcoin futures, and the prices of Bitcoin underlying the Bitcoin futures, to be artificial during the Class Period [Oct. 1, 2014 to present]," Young and Kurtz say, adding: "Defendants' control of USD₮ issuances and Bitfinex permitted Defendants and their co-conspirators to coordinate purchases and sales with rising and falling Bitcoin prices. When Bitcoin prices were falling, Defendants and their co-conspirators printed USD₮s and artificially increased the price of Bitcoin. Once Defendants and their co-conspirators artificially inflated the price of Bitcoin, Defendants and their co-conspirators then converted the Bitcoin back into USD₮s to replenish Tether's reserves." For Detailed Information on NEWS follow the link
  22. The central bank of France wants the eurozone to build a blockchain-based settlement system that will move euros more quickly and at less cost than with existing technologies. In a speech Thursday, First Deputy Governor Denis Beau issued some of France’s strongest comments yet in support of distributed ledger technology (DLT), which he said likely solves many outstanding market issues. One solution France is considering: a central bank digital currency (CBDC). Beau said the eurozone has a responsibility to at least consider a CBDC – especially because other “disorderly approaches and heterogeneous adaptations” could arise in its absence. Cross-border payments also could be a particularly viable DLT use case, Beau said. Residents in the EU and beyond often wait extended periods for payments to wend between banks and their international partners, in the “correspondent banking model” that delivers an often insecure service for what he said was a high price. Tokenized assets may give that method a jolt, he said. Combined with DLT, tokens could seamlessly move funds and “help in answering market’s demands,” Beau said. For Detailed Information on NEWS follow the link
  23. Now BTC is approx 6700$ can anyone guess the prise of BTC in next 2 month..
  24. TArk246

    Air drop

    hey People so here is just a little update on the free Airdrops that were going out on Keybase seems that the happy days of free crypto are over The Big Stellar Space Drop UPDATE #6 December 13, 2019: This month will be our last of the Stellar Space Drop. Today, Friday the 13th, we've begun distributing the final 100 million Lumens among all qualifying members. The total giveaway amount will have been 300 million Lumens (approximately $16,000,000 USD). This morning we disqualified about 100,000 garbage accounts, and the Lumens will be divided equally along 282,000 mostly real & living, or at least undead, human people. While this giveaway worked for a while, it's clear that there are decreasing returns and massively increased effort required. Why? Starting in the last week or so, crappy fake accounts were beginning to come in, far beyond the capacity of Keybase or SDF to filter. It's not in the Stellar network's interest to reward those people; it is also not in Keybase's interest to have them as Keybase users. As we've said from the beginning, SDF reserves the right to end this giveaway early. The last month is now going'll be done within a week. Everyone else: registrations are now closed. Thanks everyone for the laughs and screams. 🔪 You can watch the Lumens go out here, on if any Of you want me to add you so you can still get some free cash i will first add some people i know and trust and see if they get cash if not its not worth mentioning it. drop me a reply for any quistions
  25. Gaming Industry has become Billions of Dollars Industry. Around Two Billion people worldwide have become part of this industry. The Gaming Industry with including billions of people, is also experiencing a Paradigm Shift through Revolutionary Blockchain Technology. I aim to introduce you this Paradigm Shift of Gaming Industry with the apps that i have. not just only game apps but all legal CryptoEarning apps. to be honest i have not much time to spend in here. Just want to be a participate of cryptotalk's bounty which is partnered with yobit. so lets start big and let me share One Of The coolest BCGames on my archive with you. Introducing WAR RIDERS You can also use the referal code if you want to join "Bitmovio" - bitmovio-bvTTO ~ War Riders: Mine or Die, Your Next Favorite Blockchain Game ~ * What’s the deal here ? * War Riders place itself as the next generation, post-apocalyptic MMO Strategy Game in which you can blow up cars and mine BZN Token. With the benefits of the blockchain, the players will enjoy a peer to peer decentralized marketplace for their needs. Users can trade their in-game assets by using BZN, the only form of payments left in the Wastelands. By playing the game you will be able to accumulate Loot Crates and Virtual Goods in their way to BZN Waypoints, your next-door Gasoline Store. In War Riders players will be able to rob others on the move or at least, their cars by using your own. Let’s say for example the enemy goes for BZN Hunt, you can follow him, steal all the goods and return safe, hopefully, to your garage. So in summary ; WarRiders is the game similar like "Flatout" or "WreckFest" And little bit "Blur". Simply - Smash and Destroy the opponents, be the last one and claim the bet with "Mining" please remember that i have not much time to spend here and please consider my post's with this rule. Love You All ...
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