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Found 71 results

  1. Forex is the worldwide market for currency trading. It is open 24 hours a day and offers great liquidity, making it a good opportunity for its participants, who can be from banks, large financial institutions and companies to small retail investors. Forex traders aim to make money by buying and selling these currencies that are traded in pairs. Today, many people are making money by trading Forex from home either as full-time professional traders or simply spending a few minutes a day to locate trading opportunities and opening, monitoring and closing their positions. It is very important that you know which form of investment best suits your personality. Based on that, you should prepare an investment strategy that suits you, and you can feel comfortable. You have three ways to invest money in the Forex market, depending on time: long-term, with swing trading, intraday or scalping. You only make money with Forex if you do things correctly. It is also super important that you protect your capital with good risk management.
  2. Fire Faucet Сервис для заработка криптовалют. 30 минутный кран, автокран и множество сервисов для заработка! С системой уровней и достижений! Заработок на сайте: 1. Кран 2. Короткие ссылки 3. Серфинг 4. Задания 5. Автокран 6. Достижения 7. Бонусы за уровни Кран: Необходимо решение капчи, можно вращать раз в 30 минуту, выплаты от 1 до 5000 Claim Ponts! Чем больше у вас уровень, тем больше платят Серфинг: Получайте по 50 Claim Points и 10 lvl points за каждые 8 секунд просмотра! Короткие ссылки: За переход по каждой из ссылок зарабатывайте по 50 Claim Points и 10 lvl points! Задания: Зарабатывайте до 10000 Claim Points за каждое задание! Автокран: Зарабатывайте по 1 lvl points и по 15 satoshi каждую 1 минуту! Достижения: Зарабатывайте до 1000 Claim points и 1000 Satoshi за каждое достижение! Бонусы за уровни: Получайте 10 Satoshi за 2 уровень и +2 Satoshi за все последующие! Вывод: От 10 рублей россии на любую криптовалюту! Также сайт имеет уникальный и очень приятный дизайн, всем советую его как основной кран! Ссылки: Реферальная: Обычная: Давайте зарабатывать вместе!
  3. We are actively looking for ambassadors! When people ask us “what is Paypolitan?” we give a simple answer: “Paypolitan is a next gen payment app: half Apple Pay, half MetaMask.” Users simply connect their existing bank accounts and external wallets and use our app for all kind of payment transactions for fiat and crypto. Paypolitan is aggregating various accounts and wallets. We are the first payment initiation service provider using blockchain technology, smart contracts and open banking APIs to provide a next-gen billing solution that meets the needs of modern payment systems for businesses and customers. As an Ambassador for Paypolitan, you will play a crucial role in spreading awareness and adoption of this groundbreaking payment solution. The requirements of being an Ambassador: - Android or Apple smartphone - 250 or more contacts saved in your smartphone - Need to have 50 people sign up via your referral - Telegram Account - Research what Paypolitan is about and be able to answer questions from users with a unique compensation of $50 or 50€ in EPAN The benefits of being an Ambassador: - Earn money remotely and without any responsibilities - No Limit, if you generate many leads, you will earn a lot - there is no limited payout - Successful Leads will earn money as well (up to $1.00 or 1.00€ / Lead or $ 0.20/lead) - Be part of an innovative and success driven Fintech Company - Earn up to $0.20, $1.00 or 1.00€ / Lead, depending on your operating country Register for our Ambassador Program here: Contact:
  4. I have some balance on site, but cant withdraw it because i live in Vietnam. Help me for little reward. The amount is 0.3 BTC. All details in telegram: @krisstht
  5. Kepler Homes is a P2E game and future NFT marketplace on ARB and BSC chains, where you can play and trade NFT. If you have interacted with PancakeSwap, SpaceID or any other popular BSC chain (Binance Smart Chain) services, you are eligible for an airdrop. Airdrop reward is 5 boxes of project’s tokens with random rarity (better rarity – better rewards). These boxes could be unlocked later on when they will announce date on their social networks or sold on their marketplace. How to get it: Go to the their site (code 57AE7A if wasnt entered automatically) and connect your Metamask with BSC chain on. Press the button, to see which boxes did you got as a reward. If after authorization, code entering and button pressing site still tells you “Not eligible”, try again at least once a day for the next 7-14 days – list of eligible users is updated daily and most likely they will add you later on. Another way is to join their discord server and get level 10, after that contact mods in chat and they will add you into this list manually. There are 94k followers on their Twitter and a few famous one are subscribed on them such as Blocto or MartianWallet. I also suggest to check their posts once every few days to know when you’ll be able to open or sell your boxes with tokens.
  6. Bitunix is a new exchange that is just starting its journey and we are ready to reward the top 100 users who help to hear about us. What you need: metamask twitter telegram(optional) complete simple tasks, get XP and get into the leaderboard. There are few participants, you have every chance. You can create multiple accounts CREW3 link - non-referral link to the event
  7. Всем привет. Я наконец-то вернулся на форум, с которого начинал свой путь в крипте.😄 Сегодня расскажу вам про игру Voxie Tactics. Вроде на форуме ее еще не постили, надеюсь буду первым. Voxie Tactics — это бесплатная тактическая ролевая игра в ретро-стиле, на которую сильно повлияли и вдохновили классические тактические игры 1990-х и начала 2000-х, но с добавлением современных поворотов и обновленных игровых механик, чтобы сделать игру одновременно ностальгической и современной. Тут мы зарабатываем монету VOXEL - За каждую победу получаем от 0.5 VOXEL (~0.14$) - Минимальный вывод 10 VOXEL Выводят монеты только в Понедельник и Четверг (но можно подать запрос в любой момент) Контракт монеты VOXEL: 0xd0258a3fd00f38aa8090dfee343f10a9d4d30d3f (Polygon) (CMC) Листилась на многих биржах таких как Binance, Gate, KuCoin, Phemex и другие. Как начать играть? 1. Переходим по ссылке (Сайт игры, рефки нету) 2. Регистрируемся и подключаем кошелек. 3. Подтверждаем почту и апруваем кошель (будет красная кнопка в профиле) 4. Скачиваем игру и запускаем её (можно разархивировать в папку) 5. Выбираем 3 персонажа и заходим в мультиплеер (бесплатные бои - draft арена) Лично я играю командой с Белого мага, Черного мага и Вариора(челикс с мечом). Но кентики говорят что имбовая еще команда с 3 магов. Так же лайфхак вам, лучше создавать аккичи, фармить по 10 монет на вывод и переходить на следующий, так как на хай рангах жесткие челиксы на опыте. Так же сейчас проходит первая пред-сезонная неделя где мы можем за топ ранг получить награды. Время: с 4 октября, 20:00 до 11 октября, 19:00 Соревнуйтесь, чтобы занять место на занять топ в таблице лидеров и получите свою долю от 62500 $VOXEL как на аренах Extreme, так и на Draft арене. ⚔️Ваша борьба за славу начинается здесь!🏹 Такой вот мини турнирчик для тех кто продержится в топе неделю, получаем минимум 7 баксов по текущему курсу за топ-100 Ниже вы можете ознакомиться с таблицами призовых мест и наград для них. Whitepaper | Twitter | Discord проекта Сейчас я активно веду свой телеграм-канал, буду благодарен за подписку, всю актуальную информацию по игре и другие темки по заработку публикую сразу туда. дед Макар и крипта
  8. Неоспоримый бум криптовалютного рынка за последние 10 лет меняет представление о том, как мы используем деньги и криптовалюты. Большинство людей слышали о крипторынке, но многие из них до сих пор не могут понять, что такое криптовалюта и что с ней делать. В сегодняшней статье мы расскажем о криптовалютных трендах, за которыми стоит следить в 2022 году. Мы подробно объясним, что происходит на криптовалютном рынке и каковы последние тенденции. Читайте полный текст статьи:академия/тренды-криптовалют-в-2022-году
  9. Начинаем ворк 1) Переходим по ссылке - и скачиваем приложение 2) После установки приложения, нам нужно задать пароль, для этого переходим сюда: И нажимаем на "Secure your account" Придумываем пароль, затем записываем секретную фразу Далее нам нужно будет абузить рефку и за счет этого зарабатывать поинты (pts), на основе которых нам выдадут токен DOPE. Абузим Абуз крайне простой, так как кошелек не требует верификации или почты. Я сделал несколько акков по своей рефке с эмуляторов, все засчитало. Для создания эмуляторов я использовал Nox. Можете пользовался Nox, либо любой другой удобной подобной программой. Когда выплатят токены? На данный момент не известно, ждем новостей от проекта. Можете следить за твиттером проекта сами, либо следить за моим каналом. Как только будут новости, я дам вам знать.
  10. - Быстрый обмен электронных валют. Официальный сайт - У нас доступно для обмена: Криптовалюты: Биткоин (BTC), Эфириум (ETH), Лайткоин (LTC), Zcash (Zec), Dash, Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR). Tron (TRX), Waves (Waves), NEM (XEM), EOS (EOS), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ether Classic (ETC), Perfect Money, Qiwi, Яндекс Деньги, Альфа-Банк, ВТБ 24, Приват24, Visa/Master Card, Райфайзен UAH, Райфайзен RUB, Газпромбанк, Мир, Кредитки, Ощадбанк, Пумб, Укрсиббанк, Русский Стандарт, Ак Барс, Любой банк, Любой банк USD, Сбербанк KZT, VISA/MasterCard KZT, VISA/MasterCard EUR, Любой банк EUR, Любой банк KZT, Любой банк RUB, Любой банк UAH, ForteBank KZT, HalykBank KZT, Kaspi Bank KZT, BNB, WMZ, USDT ERC20 TRC20 OMNI, Payeer, МТС, Мегафон, Билайн, Теле2, Vodafone, Киевстар, Lifesell. В перспективе расширение направлений обменов в зависимости от потребностей клиентов. Преимущества обмена в 1. Для зарегистрированных пользователей доступна реферальная программа. 2. Очень высокая скорость обработки заявок. 3. Обмен по выгодному курсу. 4. Мы не храним и не передаем, информацию о Вас, третьим лицам. 5. Наша команда поддержки всегда готова! Ответить на ваши технические вопросы. Сайт: Так же наши домены Контакты: Онлайн чат на сайте Email: ICQ @700017186 Skype
  11. Всем привет ! Что можно делать с потерянными навсегда биткоинами ? Если кто-то найдет способ получить к ним доступ (гипотетически). Взять хотя бы первые 10 000 транзакций по 50 битков в каждой. Они так и будут лежать без движения ? Они потеряны навсегда ? Или Сатоши Накамото просто их не трогает ? Как отнесется сообщество если все эти монеты начнут движение ?
  12. Довольно таки популярная тема инвестирования в различные проекты... Многие задаются вопросом о том, не вложиться ли им в крипту. Какие бы вы могли дать советы новичкам или уже продвинутым пользователям? Какие у вас есть необычные истории, связанные с данной сферой?
  13. OFFICIAL WEBSITEОФИЦИАЛЬНЫЙ САЙТ Everyone knows that value is synonymous with what will always be in demand, and the cost of which will only grow, regardless of circumstances. We will tell you with confidence that such a product is clean, healthy artesian water. Water is the most valuable thing on our earth and, unfortunately, there is less and less clean, drinking water on the planet, ecologically clean places on the planet decreasing, and its extraction is becoming more difficult and expensive, tap water is getting worse in quality and unusable, to say nothing about those parts of the planet where there is practically none at all, the demand for drinking artesian, healthy water is growing every year at an unprecedented pace, and this growth will never end, which gives it unprecedented value and significance. The water sales market has no seasonality, it is not affected by political aspects and crises, the market is constantly gaining sales rates. The market for exporting and importing water does not have political pressure, since the product is the first in the list of necessities for a human.💥 You can ask how to use cryptocurrency to invest in the production of clean drinking water? Exactly for this, company LLC AQVICOIN solved this difficult task and created the most reliable investment crypto project, symbiosis cryptocurrency and the largest production of healthy drinking water, having received the Token AqVi. Token AqVi enable invest together with a professional team LLC AQVICOIN in the building of the most modern factories for the extraction and bottling of healthy drinking artesian water, it makes you a rightful co-owner of a large business focused on the global market. LLC AQVICOIN has already started work and is registering its trademark. The company's team has a well-structured and detailed action plan for the building of the most modern automated production. We held conversation with the best specialists in our sphere and received documentary evidence of calculations for the phased implementation of all works and the purchase of the most modern and reliable automated artesian water bottling line. The action of each of our partners is aimed at a speedy launch. We plan to start selling bottled water for 10th months after the pre-sale of the AqVi token. Also, the investor can get acquainted with the calculations of the economy of both the entire water market and the production itself. For investors, all documents and calculations are publicly available on the official website. The license issued by the government for the extraction of water is valid for 25 years, with the possibility of extending the period, provided that the production volumes do not exceed 100m3 of water per day. The production facilities of LLC AQVICOIN will allow producing 99000 liters of useful bottled water per day. Subject to the use of the license, for 25 years company will get and realize 772 200 000 liters of water. Based on this, total to be released 1 544 400 000 tokens, equated as 1 token AqVi equal to 1 company shares LLC AQVICOIN and equal to 0.5L extracted water. The official start of the ICO on 24.01.2022. The initial price of the AqVi token is 0.03$. According to the referral program, each user receives 5% of the token purchase amount by his referral. When passing each of the stages IEO/ICO the token price will increase to 10%. A bonus token distribution system will also operate at the ICO. You will be able to invest AqVi tokens in 3 bonus programs: • 350-10000 AV tokens - 1% per month • 10001-60000 AV tokens - 2% per month • 60001 AV tokens and further - 3% per month In total of 77,856,031 AqVi tokens (5% of the total volume of AqVi tokens) will be sold at the IEO/ICO, the start of the IEO/ICO at a price of 0,03$. After the IEO/ICO, token AqVi will hold listing to the cryptocurrency exchange of the 2nd level with price 0,1$, what will be 333% profits from the start price IEO/ICO. During the year, after listing on the 2nd level stock market there will be a listing on 1st level stock market with a price of at least 0.5$, what will be 1666% profits from the start price IEO/ICO. The frozen number of tokens for a period of 3 years is 1 057 914 000 tokens, or 68.5% of their total number. Water - the source of life and one of the most valuable wealth of man. Water is life. Invest to AqVi token. Invest in life. OFFICIAL WEBSITE
  14. Дорогие форумчане, поймал интересную тему, новая компания с международным комьюнити. Разрабы раздают 10$ в токенах SMT + 1$ в SMT за реферала! Имхо, надо поучаствовать. Тема выглядит годно. Аирдроп начался 01.09, закончится 07.09! Сайт (не реф): Youtube: Для получения токенов на 10$ нужно: Перейти в форму розыгрыша и выполнить условия: Всем успехов!
  15. Working on the Internet is not an illusion or a myth that we have heard about since ancient times, rather it is a tangible fact, there are many people who do not have jobs around the world, but the Internet was the appropriate refuge for them, in India there is the largest proportion of employment on the Internet, harnessing their energies in various Business presented on the network, the advantage of working on the Internet is that you can do your tasks anywhere and anytime, flexibility is one of the wonderful things in working on the Internet, but it is not easy at all, you need to spend a lot of effort and time and waste Money sometimes, you are competing between millions of users who want to work in the digital space. On the Internet there is no unemployment, no limited seats, and the most important thing is that the more your grandfather and your diligence increase the amount of money you earn. You may be a regular-time employee and have a respectable monthly salary. Nevertheless, there is no harm in getting a few extra dollars using the skills and experience that you possess, there are no shortcuts in working on the Internet, but rather it takes effort and wasting a lot of time I want ask !! What is the best way to make money from the Internet? :!
  16. About a month ago, I responded to a post from a user who asked how to make money fairly quickly. Not only I suggested to everyone a proven method, I proved to myself AGAIN that it’s still working! Not only that, I intentionally did it the hard way so that the method can be emulated by just about anyone. Micro coin is a Yobit coin. The InvestBox pays 1% daily. Right now, you can buy this coin for about 150 to 160 BTC sat. So, transfer 0.165 BTC and get you 100k Micro and put them in the “Box”. And starting 24 hours later, you can sell 1,000 coins that you earn for about $15. That’s how quickly and easy it is to make money on Yobit Exchange with their investment plans. I did it the hard way (or should I say the long and incrementally way), I bought Micro gradually, $50, $100, $200, etc. at a time, whenever I had extra money to invest. The minimum for starting a new InvestBox is only 1,000 Micro, so I kept building it up. Today, I have around 194,000 Micro. And I’ve been selling 1,000 coins a day (keeping the rest of the daily extra coins for interest compounding). The last time I posted, someone wanted me to post screenshots... I can do that anytime... But I won’t. It has been a month since I posted that original suggestion, if any of you took that advice and have been making money from Micro, you can share your screenshots if you want. It’s a proven method, because we have done it. But will it be a guaranty that it will keep working until the end of time? No one will know for sure. I only know if you’re tired of waiting around for any coin to go up in price so you can make money selling it, now you don’t have to with Micro coin. All we want is for the price to be stable and Yobit will give us 1% daily interest. That’s good enough for me. Have fun and best of luck, B10
  17. Всем привет! Появился аирдроп,на 500 $ Токен Uniswap X залистится на биржу Uniswap 28 октября,монетки придут уже через 2 дня Цена на старте будет 1$ за один токен,за регистрацию вам дают 500 монет,и за друга ещё 50 Выплаты будут на кошелёк ERC 20 25 октября Многие думают что это скам,но если тут ничего вкладывать не надо,а надо сделать действия,на которые уйдёт максимум 5 минут,то почему бы не попробовать поучаствовать? Вот вам ссылка
  18. Cloud mining rental contract from 250 Th/s to 100 Ph/s. bitcoin (sha-256) 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, day, week! price: 0.33 usd / Th/s. min. order 0.015 BTC. Payment on BTC wallet waiting your message 😃
  19. There are many methods to make money online. One of the most reliable and highly liquid market is the foreign exchange market, popularly known as the Forex Market. It is a market where mainly currencies are traded for a profit. It is very rewarding. However, it must be learnt very well and traded with caution to avoid huge losses.
  20. Hi guys! I will be sharing to ways how to earn money. I'm not an expert and what I am gonna share is just what I know. So there is a lot of ways to earn money. •find a job. This is so common guys, if you want to earn money you gotta go find a job. It can be an online job or jobs outside. There are a lot of works that needed a lot of employees and not really a high standard in finding a new employee. •do online jobs such as teaching english or be an online support. They have a high pay for this job too. •for an extra income you can try doing a data entry or doing a captcha. This method of works needs a lot of effort too, because they pay low, about a cents. The good thing here is captcha typing is unlimited. •do surveys, this method guys if good for those who love to answer survey. They pay quite good amount of money here. The only thing I don't like here is the survey is really really sensitive. For me, I don't take a lot of surveys because of they have a required answer that they need. • do online selling. This method is great if you really love online shopping and has a lot of courage to do online sell. •do a payed click ads. Here is just like taking or doing captcha typing. A lot of effort needed. This includes those paying ads thru email. •do app paying games or paying apps. If you like having fun but at the same time want to earn I recommend this extra income work for you. •you can also do mining. But I want to warn you that you must be careful choosing and using a mining site. There's a lot of scam site using this method. •being youtuber. This kind of work needs to be creative and I think a lot of effort needed here to. But if you want to be like those you saw in youtube you can try being one. They are being payed a lot of money here too. That's all. I have a lot of ways but seems to forget it. If you know some methods or ways feel free to let me know so I can try it too. I will appreciate too, if you click the heart reaction if you think this is helpful.
  21. Приветствую господа! Хочу предложить вашему вниманию кран Monero (XMR). Кран самого классического вида и более всего напоминает, если даже не копирует всем известный легендарный Freebitco. in Точно также, имеются игрухи Больше\Меньше, Лотерея и всё такое прочее, что и на фрибиткоине було. Практически то-же самое. То есть любой из вас, кто хоть капельку работал с кранами - разберётся за 1 минуту. Собдирать монету можно раз в час, как обычно. По истечение таймера подаётся звуковой сигал, чтобы не забыть 😃 По нынешним временам даёт конечно не миллионы, но тем не менее... Если человеку краны не интересны в принципе - тогда вообще не понимаю, зачем он читае сию тему 😃 Как и на фрибиткоине - монетки выдаются рандомно начиная от 0.00001628 и вплоть до 4.07032790 XMR! Ну что выпадет 4 монеты на каком-то кране, я лично верю очень с большим трудом, но так у них по крайней мере написано. На этом разрешите пока закончить.
  22. Are you facing any difficulty on this platform? How do you feel using this platform? Can you tell me why you chose this platform? Share your feedback in comment section thanks...
  23. Bitcoin ATMs and other cryptocurrencies have expanded a lot in the last two years, for example in Venezuela, being a third world country already has two ATMs to make transactions or money changes, in more developed countries ATMs can be find in any corner specifically at airports or locations that accept cryptocurrencies. It is still a boom, a piece of acceptance all this type of incursions and initiatives that certain companies have been strengthening with respect to this. It could already be treated as a legal issue worldwide that these ATMs become more used than traditional ones, is what is expected.
  24. How much time on average you spend on cryptotalk?
  25. Being a common practice in any financial system, the complacency of whales in the world of crypto trading or investment is becoming more and more in force or little concealed. Basic news or technicality make large retailer investors join an abrupt market movement, being a background with respect to capital movements. At least in the case of banks or systems capable of collapsing prices whenever they can, complacency is as secondary as it is they who encourage these types of movements that are often classified as scam movements only to monopolize more Cryptocurrencies, is a phenomenon to take into account since most ignore this factor.
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