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Found 12 results

  1. Тут будут публиковаться новые ICO/IEO на криптовалютной бирже YoBit! Обсуждаем каждое ICO/IEO, делимся успехами 😎
  2. All time ICO and IEO is reall. But many people cheat other people use ICO. You must know all details this exchange where ico offer. Examples you buy coin 1 dollar price. And after ico the coin dump or pump. Many coin first pump then dump. Like Logic coin (lgs). Be careful, Be ☺
  3. Hello Everybody, Crypto related forum is the best place to market your ICO /IEO/ and other cryptocurrency-related products. Service: 1. Create Ann Thread of your ICO and add comments to it. 2. Thread Moderation 3. Bump your ICO Ann Thread. 4. Manage Announcements. 5. Manage Bounty 6. Round the Clock Support, I am working on Bitcointalk and Altcoinstalks forum for over 2 years and can help you in creating a successful strategy to promote your project . Please do message me before placing the order to get the best results. Come, let's work together. WEBSITE|YOUTUBE|STEEMIT|DISCORD|TELEGRAM
  4. 6 Useful tips which will help you to find Scam sites Check link is totally virus free using - Virus Total Check website is secure or not - Near website name in left corner Search -> Website name + Review Content search - Copy paste all content - To google search Any Programs with team member -> copy paste all there photo in google image and check for image detail. Check and Report - scamadviser If you got any good idea other than this or any stuff to be added 🙂 you can share below
  5. Nexthash launches the world’s first IEO-backed by its EU regulated exchange Nexinter to enable private sale participation of Digital Security Offering (DSO) by any customers. By buying NIXT tokens, any holder will be able to purchase security tokens under the same conditions as professional investors and secure current and future benefits of being among the first to join. The goal of NIXT - Nexinter IEO is three-fold: 1. ENGAGEMENT: to build a new digital engagement as early as possible with new categories of traders, with full focus on compliance and security. 2. INCLUSION: to build a leaner “Digital Security Offering” framework by starting to engage at an earlier stage with companies that have planned to launch a DSO (Digital Security Offering) and provide them the benefit of an end-to-end competitive and transparent offering. 3. ADOPTION: to leverage upon such an engagement to build the most liquid, user friendly and competitive end-to-end Digital Security Offering Platform in the world, to drive a broader inclusion to the financial world NIXT token holders will receive the benefit to participate in Nexinter Private Placements of Digital Security Offerings as early as professional investors with exactly the same conditions.
  6. Скоро, 06.11.2019 ICO/IEO на бирже "Bitfinex" будет проведен токенсейл монетки, а точнее токена под названием "KDC". Интересный проект под названием "K.im" создан для монетизации и защиты контента в интернете. Не буду тут расписывать про этот проект, можете пошукать в Яшке. Скажу, что мне лично понравилось - сайт, а точнее криптовалютная биржа которая проводит ICO/IEO это старая и авторитетная криптобиржа. Еще мне понравилось, что проект "K.im" от создателя mega.nz так что думайте сами стоящий токен или нет... :) Зарабатывайте! ;) ----------------------------------------------------------- Моя любимая биржа :) Если прикольнуло, поставь лайк (сердечко) посту))) Спасибо 👍
  7. TravaCart is an innovative platform that makes your booking (and traveling) experience fast, easy and secure. We offer you hassle-free travel and e-commerce solutions at unbeatable rates. One-stop Booking Solution That Makes ‘Travel-Shopping’ Painless Driven by the power of blockchain technology, TravaCart allows you to book flights, hotels and holiday packages across the globe in one place. Book a flight to anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your home. Spend less time booking, and more doing the work you love—around the world. Why TravaCart? The Blockchain for Travel. Blockchain Meets E-commerce. No Hidden Charges. Pay Safely, Transact Seamlessly. Features The TravaCart is ‘One-Stop’ Solutions which brings the blockchain & travel & eCommerce industry under one platform with an extremely efficient & effective solution. Safe & Secure Scalable Instant Exchange Instant Trading Token Sale IEO will start from 15th Nov 2019 Corporate Sale Started & will end by 15th Nov 2019 Join Trava Cart Today & Enjoy This IEO Website: www.travacart.com Contact: [email protected]
  8. Its been said by peoples that 2017/2018 was year of ICO & 2019 is year of IEO. i have also tried to participate in many IEOs but most of the time i didt recieve it and same thing had happened with me for ICO. however IEO &ICO are good for short term profit if we choose the right project but still most of the projects are scam. hows your experience with IEO & ICO and also share which one is best ?
  9. Vectorium Islands are places where the collectivity can produce renewable energy and cryptocurrecy. Those Islands produce power energy value combining wind, solar and waste by a virtuous ecosystem regulated by blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Vectorium Islands are based on Waste to Coin process. Imagine a world in which surpluses become healthy, imagine an ecosystem in which the environmental lifecycle produces wealth and produces sustainable and healthy way. Think of a world where nothing is thrown away, think of a planet where the reuse of our own waste enhances the lives of our communities. Think of a future in which all this will be possible thanks to vector islands in which the air we breathe will be pure and sublime as a few centuries ago. Realizing all this is now possible: the combination of hardware, software and intelligence has brought us to a new VECTORIUM level. A technology, the Blockchain, allows us to trace vector flows and exchange energy in a few seconds at minimal costs. Three crypto coins with different functions (power transport and payments, Convertible Bond and Securities) Vector Islands that will be able to transform the leftovers of the community into wealth and exchange it with other collectives without intermediaries. In a virtuous cycle in which the waste is transformed into crypto energy and crypto breath BREATH SYSTEM Breath is an energy production plant that is based on the sublimation process with flameless combustion, simply by introducing air and managing some resistances placed inside the reactor. It’s able to provide different energy outputs according to the needs required: Electricity usable on site by means of recharging stations, (electric cars / trucks / motorcycles), for lighting, or selling it to the market. Thermal energy through which it supplies hot, cold and steam water to be used as needed. Synthetic methane can be conveyed inside ducts for networking, or used as fuel after storage in special tanks. Condensed water, depending on the materials used to feed the machine and their percentage of humidity, can be used for irrigation of crops or in the industries. Carbon and Hydrogen, being it a molecular degradation plant based on chemical, physical and thermodynamic processes, these are the result of chemical reactions that allow separation. We have the possibility to completly customize power island locations. Underground The plant is underground, with a loading system using an external trapdoor, where the material to be disposed can be poured. On ground Machine positioned externally, on the ground in indoor spaces (sheds, factories etc) or outdoor with a roof cover with photovoltaic panels, increasing energy production. On the sea In this case we find ourselves installing the Breath system on a ship able to dispose the countless wastes found in the seas everywhere in the world, with particular attention to those places where sea currents tend to concentrate the greatest quantities. Near the sea The commercial and/or tourist ports are suitable for the positioning of the system, photovoltaic and wind power depending on the geographical characteristics of the location.
  10. I am Brand Ambassador for Indonesia from Tokoin Project We have IEO on 23 August 2019 on Kucoin Spotlight We want to help MSME to gain access to supplier, funding from financial institute, build their credibility, get discount and rewards, insurance, etc Our project have support from Government, Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Trade Follow us on our social media and website: Website: Tokoin Twitter: Tokoin Global Tokoin Indonesia Facebook: Tokoin Global Tokoin Indonesia Instagram: Tokoin Global Tokoin Indonesia Reddit: Tokoin Official Youtube channel: Tokoin Official YT Medium: @Tokoin Telegram: Tokoin Updates Tokoin Indonesia Tokoin Global
  11. SUPER8 COIN Fast,secure and fully decentralized cryptocurrency Coin Properties Algorithm : X11 Block type : Proof-of-Work Coin name : Super8 Coin abbreviation : S8 Address letter : 8 Address letter testnet : S Coin unit : Bit RPC port : 8797 P2P port : 8798 Block reward : 1250 coins Block halving : 4000000 blocks Coin supply : 11999999998 coins Advanced Properties Masternode reward : 50% Masternode amount : 100000 coins Masternode confirmations : 15 Coinbase maturity : 20 blocks Target spacing : 5 minutes Target timespan : 10 minutes Transaction confirmations: 6 blocks Node : MasterNode 1 : Website URL : https://super8.network Webwallet Link: https://super8wallet.com/ Github URL : https://github.com/super8-network/super8 GUI Updated Source Code: https://super8.network/download/Super8-Source-masterGUI.tar.gz Old Source Code : https://super8.network/download/super8-source.tar.gz GUI Updated Windows Wallet : https://super8.network/download/Super8-updated-Windows-qt.zip Old windows wallet: https://super8.network/download/super8-qt-windows.zip Old windows Daemon : https://super8.network/download/super8-daemon-windows.zip GUI Updated Linux QT : https://super8.network/download/Super8-updated-QT-Ubuntu18-qt.tar.gz GUI Updated Linux Daemon: https://super8.network/download/Super8-updated-Daemon+tx+cli-Ubuntu18.tar Old Linux wallet: https://super8.network/download/super8-qt-linux.tar.gz Old Linux Daemon : https://super8.network/download/super8-daemon-linux.tar.gz Explorer 1: http://explorer.super8.network:3001/ Explorer 2: Explorer 3: https://acpool.pro/explorer/S8 Explorer 4: http://www.nodepow.com/explorer/S8 Explorer 5: https://dev.chains.trittium.cc/S8/blocks Maternode Services Trittium: https://node.trittium.cc/ Simple POS [url=http://Pool: https://simplepospool.com/]Pool: https://simplepospool.com/[/url] Masternodes Info MasterNodeCap : https://masternodecap.com/coins/S8 Trittum: https://dev.chains.trittium.cc/S8/masternodes https://acpool.pro http://www.nodepow.com https://extra.cool-pool.net/ Mail to: [email protected] Discord link:https://discordapp.com/invite/py3nZrr Telegram Private Group: https://t.me/joinchat/Il-2jRZ4xnELpjeax81pYg Telegram Public Group: https://t.me/super8coin Twitter: https://twitter.com/Super881973725 [Note: Exchanges List and other details will be update soon] im part of this project team , if you dont beliave , dm me on telegram @fahmanmad , Super8 Advisor board
  12. I have found, as has my fellow traders/investors, as well as my employees that the first one hundred and twenty (120) hours to one hundred and forty-four (144) hours after a token/coin drops (is issued) has been our timeline for making very healthy, consistent gains. Of course that has been my experience those gains should not be misconstrued, as-the-gospel, that everyone will make similar gains and not incur any losses. A little curious, for those who might read this (unlikely) what strategies do you employ when dealing with an IEO? All-in? In-n-out? Sell in stages? Go long? Well, whatever your goals and strategies are prosperous trading to all!
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