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Found 13 results

  1. How do I become a trader? Many people search for information about the Bitcoin currency, which is one of the most important digital currencies at all, but this type is very volatile in the entire markets, but many people have achieved a lot of profits and have great experience in this field. Ways to trade digital currencies for the year 2020 for beginners to profit from the Internet There are two steps to start a good and successful investment and start trading via digital currencies, which is a great opportunity for you for the right investment, and there are two main steps, namely: 1. Initially, you must choose a platform that is reliable as a first step. Currency trading has become very popular, and there are many different brokerage companies and platforms that support digital currency trading. For me, Binance is the best platform for trading cryptocurrencies 2- Depositing the required amount (capital) into the account of the platform that you have chosen after verifying the platform's account for sure Digital currencies are considered a great opportunity for real investment and they are not available in many projects on the ground, and open the field for many ideal opportunities through which to achieve great success around the world in the fast-moving market, and the platform is the best ever and you must know the ideal advice that will You start with a strong and successful trading. Depositing the required amount (capital) into the account of the platform that you have chosen after verifying the platform's account for sure An ideal set of tips for trading the cryptocurrency market 1. You must start trading according to the appropriate financial situation for you, so that you do not risk at first a large amount and lose it and it is difficult for you to pay it later . 2. You must chart a path to success by achieving the goals that you set at the beginning as a motivating factor for you, such as that you follow up the prices of certain currencies and find out the best price for them and the selling price in the short term. 3. You should try to avoid anxiety, tension and haste that results in wrong decisions, because losing deals can be successful later. 4. Stay away from fake news and never trust it. 5. You should not rely on luck or guesswork, as the successful trader always searches for information in order to benefit from it. 6. You must learn from your mistakes in order to be able to succeed and develop your skills from mistakes. 7. You should also learn to analyze data and prices yourself and not from another person. 8. You have to believe in the power inherent in this field. 9. You have to educate yourself on your own through the experiences of others. 10. Currency trading should not be your permanent job, but you should put a job next to it. The best trading strategy The best strategy is to buy some currency when its price is very low! But how do we know that the price of this currency is low? Through Bitcoin's movements in a linear fashion, this often leads to the deterioration of the rest of the digital currencies and leads to their decline to somewhat low prices! What distinguishes this is that these currencies will return to their normal rates when the longitudinal movement of Bitcoin stops So wait for the right opportunity to buy from the bottom and sell when the price goes up!
  2. Is high time now we understand each other know ourselves let's be be one. We shall know our real friends because real friends are always here to help. Let know the best friends we have let's help help each other by posting our problems on cryptocurrency were we get answers from our experts and those above us in the knowledge of cryptocurrency. I hope am bringing up a good topic to like each other and help new members here in this forum. If you agree with me. Tell us your opinion and share your problem let solve it together.
  3. The trader is full of emotions, the predictions bring us many disappointments, the pump-dump, are a substantial part in the handling of emotions too, in general volatility is something that should be taken advantage of do not let yourself be put in a state that affect emotionally. The premise is to know how far you can support all this information and put it to good use. You should to Know what is your limit emotional, So, you can think about temporarily retiring or continued with very strongly. what do you Think?
  4. Do you need to study a lot to become a good trader and then earn good money by trading? What good free sites can you recommend for study?
  5. BTC / LTC Exchange Yobit Time: 13h Date: dic-12 Amount $ 7 (0.00095074 BTC) Price: BTC / USD: $ 7372.20 LTC / USD: $ 41.67 Be careful when buying, the base price is not always the best, check if it suits you and compare it with the pedidos. When you are sure of the purchase price, select buy, ready. Then you can: Hodl: wallet or Exchange, you decided. Withdraw: wallet Trading: again. _______ Final time: 1:05 p.m.
  6. In the typical scenario, most beginners, whether in music, love, or trading, tend to generate a huge amount of "germination" energy. What follows this jubilation It is usually depression. "I didn't realize that, to play the piano really well I need to practice four hours a day for years." "That girl (boy) didn't seem very good until after knowing more about her personality." "Trading is really a much harder business than I thought. Every time I take a step forward, it seems to be followed by two steps backwards." This is the point where most beginner traders stop trading. Never give up, walk forward with your forehead, this will then open the doors of opportunity to enter the next level of understanding, perception and interpretation.
  7. Improvise. Improvise as much as you can in a real account and then practice in demo. All those who read me pay attention to this, I hope it will help you and help you in general. I had my first serious account in real with about 0.02 Btc more than a year ago with the aim of making it grow, but at that time I did not know what was necessary, I burned it in less than 1 month. After that, I had an investment of 0.06 Btc between about 4 months and that account burned in less than 2 months. Then I went with smaller amounts, since since the last account burns I was not using risk management until I started to apply a little of that rule that I was evading, many of my operations were without Stop Loss, I started again with amounts smaller, 0.004 Btc, 0.002 Btc, 0.006 Btc, 0.0009 Btc with the objective end of finishing my improvisation stages, it was understood that in that section I gained too much and lost everything in a matter of 1 to 5 poorly executed trades. After you make the mess and key yourself like a fool, that's where you're going to understand that improvisation helped you understand that: -The emotions kill you. -The techniques do work, what does not work is a trade without SL. -The euphoria burns all expectations. -Improvise, it helps you polish your mistakes. -Without study and without a test between your psychology-personality-trades you can not do anything, take a test like this and correct everything you need. -Follow the trend, interpret what the market transmits with respect to what you analyze is the key harmony. A trader is formed, a trader falls to shine but this only applies if only YOU are able to reset and correct you because no one will do it for you. After my improvisations, I started demo to take more conservative trades, and guess what? Using my rules, using TP, SL, making ladering orders and reading the market structure made me understand with certainty many of the things in which before I was wrong. First take a real account and risk money that you are willing to lose so that your psychology hurts and heals on the same account, then apply for a demo account, practice about 2-4 months seriously, then that's where you will be prepared, it is there where you will clean all the evils of emotions and psychology. I am still in my process, in which I have learned a lot and will continue to learn. Thanks for reading, this can help you and remember: When you are able to make money with 1 dollar, you are able to make money with 1000 dollars, and without realizing the amount or greed, it is there where you will produce money with your eyes closed, because you will be focused on your performances and NOT on money . Never operate to feel good, recognize your problems and build your discipline ladder. With love, Keith700.
  8. Your style will have a lot to do with it and give you a better chance of becoming a profitable trader. The trading / investment styles, which are usually classified into four (4) categories depending on the duration and frequency of each trader or operation, apart from the investor's personality, have to do with their availability of time or training in strategies. Trading style - Time period - Retention time Intraday trading - Short term - One day only Swing trading - Short term - A few days or weeks Scalping - Very short term - A few seconds or minutes Position trading - Long term - Months or years. Trend trading - Long term - Months or years
  9. There are many methods to make money online. One of the most reliable and highly liquid market is the foreign exchange market, popularly known as the Forex Market. It is a market where mainly currencies are traded for a profit. It is very rewarding. However, it must be learnt very well and traded with caution to avoid huge losses.
  10. Binary options involve predicting the movements of commodity, asset or index prices over a short time. Although they may be a legitimate financial product with many licensed firms trading in them, binary options are speculative, high risk products that are almost impossible to predict, even for professionals. There are groups of scammers who use binary options to steal your money. I would like to drop off few words about my negative and teaching experience with RB Options company. Like many others, I was contacted by the broker in 2019, and despite the fact I didn't have any knowledge about financial markets, got convinced by Peter Oaks, that I'll have all his assistance in order to make successful trades. Alright, sounds good, why not to try? After putting a large amount on my account, ive watched how my balance would go higher and higher. Ofcourse seeing this proof of how im good at it, my manager Peter made me invest more over 35,000 Euro. After a couple weeks of such magnificent trading, my account ended up over 95,000 Euro. An excellent opportunity to file a withdraw, no? No!! They released only 12,000 in order to trick me invest more 100,000. I didnt have such money at the moment and I was put on hold. Weeks after nobody would even answer my calls or my emails. It became very clear, that Ive become a victim of a huge and shameless scam. Time passed by and I was growing disappointed and very angry with my own naive. I had paid Birman Law 10% of my principle loss with nothing to show for it, I think the algorithm of these programs are designed for us to lose money in some way. If you flushed your money down the toilet with a binary broker then just learn your lesson, it took me 3 months to figure out how to get my money back after made failed attempts; I contacted several lawyers but it was all waste of time and money, they couldn't render an inch of help. I later came across a certified binary options recovery expert through a family member , I was able to hire him to recover my money within 15days from the brokers(RB options), he was able to retrieve my funds successfully . If you have found yourself in same situation as me you can contact the expert on '''hacknet (AT) cyberservices (cm)" , just in case you find yourself in same situation; I can assure he would be able to help you just as he helped me. Be cautious of where and how you invest
  11. Is Japanese candle stick actually a good tool to analyzed the movement and behavior of price in forex and in ctypto trading. Or there is others which could do better than the Japanese candles stick?
  12. I have this GBO tokens, but I do not have any idea about the exchanger. So I need some help where can I exchange it.
  13. Good to be here, hum... I am just a beginners in but already a 5 year experienced bitcoin holder and a life time pro trader since I graduated from Princeton 10 years ago. I used to be the pro-strategy provider in UBS, now I offer the professional bitcoin trading strategy and analysis tips. Thanks, it is good to be at CryptoTalk.Org
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