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Found 36 results

  1. Краткая информация. Название: Token CashPay Обозначение: TCP Количество: 1,000,000 Decimals: 18 Платформа: Ethereum (ERC20) Etherscan: 0x331A4589516EAE384eA5F557853AF6aF73B9534e Ethplorer: 0x331a4589516eae384ea5f557853af6af73b9534e Сoingecko Website: Tcpcoins Social Media: Facebook Twitter Reddit Medium Telegram Forum: CriptoBit ForumBits Bitalk Криптобиржи: Crex24 Токен TCP - это универсальный торговый, платежный и инвестиционный инструмент, предназначенный для свободного оборота на крипто рынке. Для владельцев интернет площадок действует партнерская программа. В проекте Token CashPay - Airdrop, Bounty, Mining, проведение ICO не предусмотрено. Токен TCP соответствуют стандарту ERC20, что делает его публично доступной, проверяемой, не подделываемой и содержащей в себе механизмы. Токен TCP не является ценной бумагой, не привязан к доллару, не привязан к платформе. Токен TCP создан как универсальный инструмент и может использоваться в любой области криптоиндустрии. Token CashPay (TCP) price, performance and general information: Advfn Athcoinindex Blockchaintd Coinmarket Cryptocurrencymarket Coindataflow Coinstats Coingolive Coincost Cointable Cryptocoinworld Crypt-info Coinmarketplace Coinatomy Coinmonitor Coingolive Cmc Tradetwist Niubiquan Mihanblockchain Mifengcha Idolblocks Livebitcoinmarket
  2. I don't know if you have already heard of it but the toilet paper token was created and is already listed on yobit its value at the moment it is low but I think it has great potential in the future, the token is backed with a real good it is worth 3 rolls of real toilet paper
  3. Dutolis Token - ERC-20 Token. Dutolis uses its own DTL cryptocurrency, which is an ERC-20 token (Ethash). The total number of tokens is 30,000,000. Token is traded on the CREX24 exchange Explorer Twitter Where is trading
  4. 🔥INVESTMENT PROJECT REPORT and / OR OPPORTUNITY ANALYZES🔥 (CRYPTOTECA, with its ETHSC token) Greetings to my colleagues from cryptotalk and the Cossack community of crypto, today I present a business opportunity, to the measures of our regulations and debate to earn money in the short, medium and long term. Taking advantage of the market and its movements to investment and the process of which we are going to evaluate this page to invest and recommend for its growth or warn of minors; thus being a concrete way to grow and take advantage of the opportunities of wealth to the community and the ecosystem of the world of cryptocurrencies ( Let us begin. Features Note: 1. Aspects of the platform: It looks solid even though it can improve, it is very up-to-date at market prices. Although the tables are a little messy, it looks good for anyone starting out in this world. To. Score (7/10) 2. Variety of language: only handles Spanish and English but is well translated. Understandable for any operator that helps make it easier to understand the page with the universal language that is English; but from my point of view it would be great to have more languages. To. Score (5/10) 3. Security: it has a good security process, from the mail code. Up to Two-factor authentication. Although it does not have the others it is safe for the operator. To. Score (7/10) 4. Token: It has a token called ETHSC that is giving a lot to say why its price does not drop below $ 1 and it is stable for everyone and can have a lot of profits in the future because it is supported by the company WELTSYS and its investment is safe. To. Score (10/10) 5. Wallet: Your wallet is very secure because its technology is from ETHRC20 which is an ETH token and that facilitates long-term loss and saving. You can use Metamask which for me is the best wallet for TOKEN. To. Score (10/10) 6. Monetary liquidity: very moved so that it has little time of use. To. Score (8/10) 7. Trade: the operations are simple although it takes more time for a great Exchange to be. To. Score (8/10) 8. Community: very active and prosperous, it may be small now even if it comes back to my point of view. To. Score (7/10) 9. Support: it has the platform but they have not attended me yet, it has to be better. To. Score (4/10) 10. Withdrawals: it throws errors, it is very common and it can make common people desperate not to fall because I made errors like server error 501, 500, 101. And when it says paid it seems that I have to wait 24 hours for it to fall to my private wallet for me it is a long time for an exchange (in evolution) To. Score (4/10) Total appreciated: (70/100) Star level depending on the score is: 3.5 Note: "This exchange that has great potential to do honest and decentralized executions, with great investment potential with its token. I recommend entering and buying, it may fail, it is starting and it is going to be something big in the future. But right now there may be withdrawal difficulties but it will be evaluated for 1 month if it is solved” Conclusion: It is starting has potential; it has to be in evaluation until the recall captures are successful to follow the next recommendation process.😉
  5. Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram-official | Telegram-announcements | Forum VOTING | CODE | MAINNET BETA | WALLET IoTeX.Vision IoTeX is building the Internet of Trusted Things, where all physical and virtual "things" -- humans, machines, businesses, DApps -- will be able to securely exchange information and value at global scale. A Decentralized Network for Internet of Things Powered by a Privacy-Centric Blockchain Despite its rapid evolution, IoT is still far from reaching mass adoption and lacks “killer applications” that would draw new users to the ecosystem due to issues such as low scalability, high operating cost, privacy concerns and lack of functional values. IoTeX is tackling this problem by introducing token economy into IoT spaces as we strongly believe that crypto incentives as well as the community effort are the two key forces to propel innovations in IoT space. In short, IoTeX is the next generation IoT-oriented blockchain platform with strong scalability, privacy, isolatability and developability for incubating new IoT applications and ecosystems. IoTeX "All-in-One" Resources Articles: - Blockchain & IoT: What’s it all about? - Blockchain’s Role in Today’s Internet of Things (IoT) Landscape - The Internet of Trusted Things - IoTeX Forum & Thread Of The Week - IoTeX Staking & Token Swap Guidance - The Future of IoTeX: 2019-2020 - Staking on IoTeX Delegates Website Research Papers Test-Net & Main-Net info: ✔ IoTeX Testnet Preview (StoneVan) Release ✔ IoTeX Testnet Alpha (Strive) Release ✔ IoTeX Testnet Beta (Epik) Release ✔ IoTeX Mainnet Preview (Photon) Release ✔ IoTeX Mainnet Alpha ✔ IoTeX Mainnet Beta Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram-official | Telegram-announcements | Forum
  6. Many early stage or ICO projects tend to distribute a portion of their tokens in airdrops as a sort of spreading their token / coin, at this stage many people (I am one of them) tend to participate in so-called airdrops. But in your opinion, airdrops are still a good option to earn some coins hoping to earn some in the future, leave your opinion here. thanks in advance!! Hugs!!
  7. Вчера на yobit была раздача монет Air, пост про саму раздачу уже был. А вот какие дела обстоят с монетой. Первый раз её вижу, никакой информации найти не смог. Откуда она взялась, для чего нужна, есть ли у неё перспективы роста и т.д.
  8. 🚀🚀🔥🔥Register and get 100,000 Referral KickTokens🔥🔥🚀🚀 Your earnings to Date. Earn more Rewards by Inviting more Users. Get Rewarded in KICK for building your Network. Invite Users to KickEX and get Rewards (50,000 KICK for 5 Users, additional 100,000 KICK for 25 Users in total and so on) every Time you achieve a Milestone in Number of Users you’ve invited directly (Your 1st Level Referrals). 🚀🌟🌟🚀Get 100,000 KICK COINS and Earn $20.00🚀🌟🌟🚀
  9. Around 357 tzBTC were minted on Tezos blockchain! Look at the Tezos Explorer Very big volume of tokens have been produced on the Tezos Blockchain, which are bound to Bitcoin. Given that it was announced only recently, the amount is very large. I don't know why that was necessary. But probably expect DeFi products, because tzBTC is where it should be used. As it happens on the Ethereum blockchain - there is also wBTC, but the volume there is only three times more. Which is weird.
  10. IT IS BETTER to program your own CRYPTOCURRENCY OR CREATE IT AS A Token. CREATE A CURRENCY UNDER PLATFORMS LIKE ETHereum, waves or nem has many advantages, it is economical, fast accessible and most features are already preconfigured so if you do not know how to program this is your best option, but on the other hand if you want innovate and create your own blockchain you must know program or program the services of a professional programmer, which will take you more time and money. this depend on the best decision you want to make when creating a currency that is innovative and utuseful for some community in this great sphereility for some community of this great sphere.
  11. Давно известно, что спокойный рынок или флэт совсем не выгоден и не нужен трейдерам! Потому, что на спокойном рынке невозможно заработать. Трейдерам для работы необходима высокая волотильность, а также нужен подходящий цифровой актив для заработка! В идеале он должен быть дешевым, чтобы купить как можно больше. И желательно, с низкой капитализацией, чтобы потом сильно вырос или быстро пампнул! Такой цифровой актив есть. Так давайте уже, выберем его и начнем торги! Если честно, то уже надоело ждать пока топовые криптовалюты с большой капитализацией начнут нормально торговаться! Нормально, это значит, чтобы можно было войти в рынок со 100 долларами как раньше и довольно быстро фиксануть несколько иксов. Вспомните, как это было вначале! И все были этому очень рады. Топовые крипто валюты с высокой капитализацией и с большим суточным объемам торгов такого нам дать увы уже не могут! Только киты с огромным состоянием, сейчас могут на них заработать и задавать движение рынку по своему желанию. А, что делать нам простым трейдерам, и тем у кого нет миллионов? Ответ очевиден, искать для себя новые и не надутые инструменты для заработка. Возможно стоит присмотреться к Traders Token (TRDS). Потому, что он пока еще дешевый, совсем не перекупленный, имеет низкий объем торгов и как следствие, способен очень быстро расти и падать. Это новый проект и токен с нереализованным потенциалом для роста. Успех проекта будет зависеть не только от команды, но и от активности сообщества в целом! Торгуй, покупай и продавай, держи, отправляй и получай! Создавай сам волотильность и зарабатывай на ней! Traders Token (TRDS). Рыночные тренды должны быть не только в руках китов, но и в руках обычных трейдеров несомненно! Токен трейдеров (TRDS) может быть выбран и использован в качестве инструмента хеджирования рисков. (BUY TRDS) при появлении сигналов технического анализа о перекупленности рынков BTC и других топовых альткоинов. И (SELL TRDS) при появлении перепроданности основных рынков криптовалют.
  12. Personally, I do not use this type of browsers a lot, although there is an enormous advantage, of course more than anything for the creators. Creating a browser that rewards you for browsing is a super profitable idea, since the internet is the pande every day of all human beings, a great investment strategy and location of money. My respects for that idea, although I hope to see something better than Brave or even Presearch, it is always good to see how cryptocurrencies such as these compete healthily with a theoretical consumption theme, it does not harm or intentionally, it revolutionizes the idea of doing business!
  13. Hi all, Do you have a dream as entrepreneur? To be am CEO of an crypto related project. If you should launch a project in the "world of cryptocurrencies". How shall your project looks like and what you want to reach that people using your coin in "the real world". Curious about your answers. Kind regards
  14. Текстовый формат: Проект Токен Трейдеров объявляет о скором начале 14 дневных соревнования трейдеров за большой приз! ----------200,000,000 TRDS Получи!!!----------- Время: 2020.02.20 0:00 AM- 2020.03.04 0:00 AM (UTC) TRDS/GRAVIEX.NET Top 1 трейдер получит 150,000,000 TRDS Top 2 трейдер получит 30,000,000 TRDS Top 3 трейдер получит 20,000,000 TRDS Правила: 1) Мы будем оценивать участников по общему объему торгов TRDS на вашем счете (как ПОКУПКИ, так и ПРОДАЖИ во всех парах) за период соревнования. 2) Чтобы иметь право на получение вознаграждений, трейдеры должны достичь объема торговли больше 0,022ETH в день или больше 0.32ETH за все время соревнований. 3) Каждый торговый день начинается в 0:00 (UTC + 0) и длится 24 часа. 4) Когда конкурс закончится, мы отправим призовой фонд победителям в течении 48 часов!
  15. After flipping Stellar to become top 10 in market Cap ranking (with over $1Billion in market cap) the tezos token tez(XTZ) has suffered an a drop 8% overnight from trading at around $1.8 to $1.68 and going downhill. Tez saw a surge in price following the announcement from the San Francisco based Kraken cryptocurrency exchange concerning it's token staking rewards service which allows Tez owners to stake their tokens on the exchange and receive an annual 6% return.
  16. Most of the leading coins are still held by a small group of whales, and have not reached significantly wide adoption, a new report by Clovr shows. The discovery shows whales control the tokens even after accounting for exchange wallets. In the case of Litecoin (LTC), just 189 addresses with high net worth could end up with more than 50% of the coins. LTC is not a proof-of-stake coin, so ownership is not as important, but still the wealth inequality is significant. For Ethereum (ETH), just 322 “whale” wallets contain more than 50% of coins - a serious implication, given ETH will aim to include staking in its future upgrades. The situation is a bit better with Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which is more widely distributed, to more than 1,000 wallets. But some of the BCH wallets may be a legacy from the hard fork, not deliberately chosen. As for Bitcoin (BTC), 4,545 wallets contain more than 50% of coins. This includes exchanges, as well as older “whales” where the coins are not even moving. Rough estimates see about 3 million BTC locked forever for various reasons. When it comes to tokens, the situation is even worse. Even leading assets with a significant wealth distribution program end up with more than 70% of their supply in the hands of leading wallets. The risks of “top-heaviness” is different for each asset, and buying a token or coin is a matter of performing research each time. The highest risk for some tokens is that the founders or developer team may attempt to sell the asset to naive investors. The risk of big exchange wallets is a separate matter, as markets pose a risk for stealing from the hot wallet. For some smaller coins, storing most of the supply on exchanges has led to losses if the exchange decided to close.
  17. We are pleased to announce that recently Traders Token project has gained one more partner. The digital asset (TRDS) is integrated into the modern online marketplace. This means that the token is expanding its presence on the Internet and can now be used in the real economy to buy physical goods represented out there. In the future, the project will keep finding new applications for the digital asset. Analyzing the work done by our team from the beginning of 2019 until today, already at the end of the year we are pleased with the approaching the red line of the roadmap and the fulfillment of all its designated points! Further, we will also work on and develop what we have begun. Congratulations to all the traders, holders and investors on the upcoming 2020, we wish you a cool trend and only increase of your capital! The trend is a traders’ friend!
  18. YO - is official token of YoBit Exchange Token Specification Token name: Yobit Token Symbol: YO Decimals: 18 Total Supply: 17,000 Platform: Ethereum (ERC20) Contract address: 0xebf4ca5319f406602eeff68da16261f1216011b5 CoinMarketCap: CoinGecko: CoinPaprika: Investment Plan Percent: 0,2% Period: Daily MinInvest: 0,5 MaxInvest: 1500 Action: YO/BTC: 20 buy trades (Invest your free coins to InvestBox! It’s a tool for devs to promote their coins. It’s NOT Pyramid/HYIP, all payments are made from special fund. InvestBoxes can change status from Active to «No coins», but you can close your investment any time, it’s 100% safe.) Exchanges ⭐️Yobit: BitForex: LiveCoin: Simex: Mercatox: Crex24: Features ⭐️Listing price on YoBit: 2.79 btc (all bitcoins will be spend to Yo Token buys from market); ⭐️You must have Yo Token to participate in ICO/IEO's.
  19. DISCORD | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GITHUB | WEBSITE __________________________________________________________________________________________________ COINMARKETCAP | COINGECKO | COINPAPRIKA | COINGOLIVE Info: Name: 1Million Token (1MT) Max Supply 1.000.000 Token contract: Token page: Token contract address: 0xf0bc1ae4ef7ffb126a8347d06ac6f8add770e1ce Code verified on Etherscan: Vindax Exchange:
  20. Rhett Creighton’s 800CryptoClub Token PANDA Last time we got to talk with Creighton, he was stirring the crypto community from his Twitter trench with his 800CryptoClub initiative. The premise was to make cryptocurrency millionaires out of thin air with a little push from himself along with lots of experience and advice. It quickly picked up steam and Creighton found himself as the center of a movement that followed him for crypto advice. What appeared as just a giveaway on the surface (along with skepticism as to Creighton’s motives), has proved to be something more. It turns out he was building a trust web for a yet to be determined step. Creighton’s strategy was to give money to people to better understand how cryptocurrency works, and for these people to also give money to others. As he started giving away BTC, he and his followers quickly realized fees were eating up much of it. “Finding BCH was a great thing for the community. After learning to use it and seeing the difference in fees, the community liked it more,” he remembered. More to come later...
  21. EXW cryptowallet is an interesting and profitable project with HQ in Austria. EXW wallet has: - daily payouts for your deposit in EXW token (up to 0,32%) - refferal program - car program - property program - mobile application - instant exchange feature Join the cryptoworld starting with registration in EXW (my ref is cryptocapital) Ask me how to pass KYC Earn every day passive income
  22. Дорогие друзья, сегодня в 20.00 по мск можно сказать в режиме онлайн, наш руководитель презентовал майнер токенов WTP. Теперь к списку других проектов добавился еще и майнер. В ближайшее время майнер можно будет скачать в гугл плей и в апстор. Это всего лишь дело времени. А на данный момент можно уже зарегистрироваться на сайте и начинать майнить монету WTP. Наше сообщество развивается, а проекты дают возможность заработать каждому, проектов много и каждому есть из чего выбрать... Информацию о WTP можно посмотреть тут: CoinMarketCap CoinGecko Купить монеты можно здесь: - Биржа Crex24, минималка - 1$. - Биржа Livecoin, минималка на пополнение $ счета - 50$, рублевого счета - 1000 руб. - обменник,минимум 1000 руб. - обменник,минимум 100 wtp. @WTP_P2P_bot - официальный бот-обменник от сообщества WTP в телеграм Кошелек WTP - Другие проекты нашего Криптосообщества на этом форуме: Матрица Золотое сечение (+39787%) Profitbot - бот в телеграм с доходом 1% в сутки Web Token Profit Future-investments
  23. Reflex Token The reinvented social media ecosystem Earn money with your Followers & Views - What is Reflex? Reflex wants to completely revolutionize the world of online social networks. Everything you post on the internet has a reflected monetary value and we want to share it with you. With Reflex you can earn money simply by doing what you've been doing for years on YouTube and Instagram, with the difference that you can now earn for your views and your followers. The new era of the web is coming. Video presentation: --> ---------------------------------------------------------- Launch on 02/02/2020 We will officially launch the Reflex Token globally on various exchanges on 02/02/2020. - Why on this date? Because it is a date that can be read backwards and remains unchanged. It's a date that we call "reflected", and it is completely in line with our vision of reflected monetary value that we want to guarantee to our users on our platforms. ---------------------------------------------------------- REFLEX APPS "Reflex Cloud Mining" You can mine Reflex cryptocurrency directly in the cloud from your smartphone without consuming energy. Our cloud mining app has special events, bonuses, contests, prizes and staking. Invite your friends and earn more RFX with our passive income system. DOWNLOAD FROM GOOGLE PLAY: "Reflex VOD" Publish your videos and write articles on our platform and you can earn based on the views of your content. Follow new people and chat with your friends, accept donations, sell your private videos and many more. (platform under development) "Reflex Moments" Post photos and daily stories and earn based on your views and your followers. Find more friends, chat and share your daily life. (platform under development) ---------------------------------------------------------- WALLET You can use any ERC20 Ethereum Wallet to store your RFX. However we recommand "Trust Wallet" where you can soon exchange RFX directly inside the Trust dApps browser. Android: IOS: ---------------------------------------------------------- LINKS Website: WhitePaper: Etherscan: --------------------- ICO Buy RFX now and enjoy a wonderful discount 1st round -------> -30% 2nd round -------> -15% BUY NOW ---> --------------------- BitcoinTalk ANN: Telegram: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
  24. This token born with the intention of joining in yobit and make 50% total supply 5% daily investbox, we gonna make many and different competitions. In the early future, RFE will become a mintable token with a new and unique way for mining with a phone app. Where we would like to arrive? to the moon and over, most of our earned money will be reinvested in the growth of this token. The finals steps will be have a new and amazing blockchain probably opensource where is possible make token of it, like ETH and his tokens. Remember this is really small ICO, what we need is only 150 ETH for pay YOBIT fees and pay the first competitions ALL THIS WILL BE POSSIBLE WITH YOUR SUPPORT AND OUR CONSISTENCY Token Allocation Token Allocation Is 50% Yobit Invest Box 35% Sale for total of 2.7BTC 15% Airdrop, And Team Building 10.000.000 Is Total Supply Roadmap 1.AUG – 2019 TOKEN CREATION 2.SEP -2019 BORNING SOCIAL NETWORK AND DEFINITION PROJECT 3.OCT – 2019 STARTING TOKEN SELLING 4.NOV – 2019 LISTENING IN FIRST EXCHANGES TREXEXCHANGE,TOKENSDEX, SOME MORE, AND START TRADING COMPETITION 5.DEC – 2019 LISTENING ON YOBIT ARRIVED AT 150 ETH SOLD, 50% TOTAL SUPPLY GONE IN YOBIT INVESTBOX 5% DAILY 6.JAN 2020 LISTENING IN MORE EXCHANGE AND START MAKING RFE MINABLE TOKEN CONTRACT 7.FEB – 2020 FINISHING THE NEW RFE BLOCKCHAIN THAT SIMILAR TO ETH BLOCKCHAIN WILL BE ABLE TO HAVE RFE TOKENS 8.MAR – 2020 START DEVELOP APP WITH UNIQUE AND AMAZING WAY FOR MINING RFE TOKEN FORM PHONE AND DESKTOP 9.APR – 2020 TOKEN SWAP IN THE NEW RFE MINABLE TOKEN, BIG PROFIT FOR OLD HOLDER START LISTENING IN THE BIGGER EXCHANGE AND PLATFORM MAY – 2020 START MAKE RFE FIRST SPEP OF A CHAIN OF PROJECT WICH WILL GONNA BE PROFITABLE FOR ALL PREVIOUSLY PROJECT JULY,JUNE, AUG -2020 MONTHS OF SPONSORS AND ADVISE FOR OUR RFE MINABLE TOKEN, BIG MARKETING PROJECT WITH BOUNTY AND COMPETITIONS WITH BIG PRIZE Where to trade RFE RFE starting price is 0.00005, that because we want to sell 35-30% of the total supply for a maximum of 150 ETH, then we gonna pay yobit fees and use 50% of the total supply for an 5% daily investbox. At the moment is possible buy and trade RFE in 2 exhcange Tokensdex: TREXEXCHENGE: If you would like buy big amount of RFE contact @RFEadmin in Telegram, RFE always in more and more exchange never too big because we keeping the earning money in a special wallet waiting for be able to pay the yobit fees where our big plane will really begin Platform listed: Holder PRIZE from the 4 November to the 2 December FINISHED Airdrop directly on exchange finished waiting for distribution by admins New listening and new Airdrop into exchange is coming 😄 Website: Twitter: Facebook: Telegram: Airdrop:
  25. 👥 VorteX Network 🌐 ◇ Decentralized Power for the People ◇ Freedom, the future World it Started ➡️ Website 💻• VorteX Network is a Unique Decentralized Platform , created for Global Community People Freedom to trade Safe, a Better Global utility Payment System and a New Ecosystem for all type of Energy , Markets in future [Development] 🌐• The first Honest - Token without unnecessary and fake promises We know how important《Privacy and Security》are ,In a World that is constantly changing Fast,need a Trusted (Token) and Honest to Trade Safe ,Without Implication (Core -Team or External Source) it is only for, People and Investors who shares the same libertarian true value and Freedoms.• VorteX Network is an ERC-20 Token based on the best and advanced Ethereum Blockchain , so it is readily compatible with any ERC-20 wallets ,Smartphone or Desktop, you can send it to anyone around the World in a few seconds. • We do not conduct any ICO or a Private-Sale ,like many others Projects .VorteX Network need to growth naturally ,without any implication Pump📈 & 📉DumpPrice must to be safety our first priority and stable for peopleand investors from the beginning and grows in time• What makes us different and unbeatable from the others《Coins & Tokens ?》🥇 [1] 🔐 • Our Team will not able to have access to Token for Trade /Sales, wallet will be Frozen to have access for 3 years ( 2023 ) [2] 🔝✴️ • We do not hide objectives,only concrete things and what exist, for our community people and investors . And we will be here always for a long road together , and expansion VorteX Network Project to another 《Level》 [3] ⚖️💲 • We will focus a little more from the Starting to《Listing》in all good and quality Decentralized《Exchanges/DEX/Markets》but also we will listing in 《Centralized/Exchanges》 for a good markets on both sides [4] ✋🏻💰 • Vortex Network never accept /ask or force the community and people to 《Donate Money》for (New Listing) or Development Project Ourselves we will Support all the Costs and progress / development , no matter how many small or big costs will be in the near future. [5] 💎🥇 • VorteX Network it is the most Powerful and First Token trustworthy and honesty rank ever created in cryptocurrency space without comparison to any Coin or Token ■ VTX Our Values ■ Personable 🤝🙂• We pride ourselves on being people , and always work to provide a comfortable experience.We listen and respond to you for any kind of question Secure | Fast 🔐⚡️• You can count on us to make sure your coin and investment is completely kept safe %• VorteX Network it is very Fast instant transaction and small commission Effective | Money 💰💼• We always maximize our resources to work hard and come in under budget every time.VorteX Network never ask/force people for donation/money Ourselves we will Support all the Costs and progress development Global | Ecosystem 🌏👥• We work hard to make a global utility token for the people freedom around the world a new / better Ecosystem in different payments and systems in one place Trusted 🙌❤️• We are trusted by a lot of p people and support around the world to deliver quality work Fair and Honest. Dedicated 💡👨🏻‍🏫• Loving what we doing only for the people freedom and learning new things always to provide quality and prosperity Observant 👁📑• We keep a close eye on every component of our work to ensure nothing is left out. Remember ☝🏻🙏• VorteX Network, the services provided include everything you need in one place and at the best quality. In a world that is constantly changing, you can be sure that the folks here will be by your side with every step of the process.CONTRACT Address : ⤵️ wallets to store VTX on ! we recommend to use metamask , enijn or trustwallet ! to secure your vtx tokens / other funds. trustwalletapp : metamask : enjin : Contact/mediaTelegram: CONTRACT Address : ⤵️ VORTEX NETWORK VTX PROJECT : : : [email protected] explorer : : : (256x256)whitepaper : : : : : Telegram : : ANNOUNCEMENT.bitcointalk : : : : : : : exchange : : :!/trade/0xd957e08ac5421e2c28510586b57d095e5094836a-ETHmcafeedex : network : : altmarkets : curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' ''MARKET DATA (price,markets)coindar : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : paprika :
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