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Found 97 results

  1. Primal Is A Step App Project. Distribution of coins. Income. Guys!Crypto Fans and Groupies! Giveaways are for suckers, and There are Really Bringing Money! Step App Projects are already Working. Step Network- Works. FITFI Coin - Sold on Exchanges! What Else Do You Need? What Evidence? JUMP into New Step App Projects: PRIMAL The App Is Already Running! Free coins every day. Walk, squat, run - earn More. For Referrals, Big Bonuses Every Week!!! Link: Ref Code:code: KDEQYYRT Earn Immediately on Referrals!!! Referraloa — $20 in #PRIMAL tokens 30 Referrals — $100 in #PRIMAL tokens They Count Every Week! We connect the Step App network via MetaMask, and it's better to download the TokenPoket wallet. There he finds the network himself - not You have to do something yourself. Primal Project Regress right now! Free Coins Every Day! Then you will exchange all these coins for Real ones. Great Ref Program with Prizes!!! Ref: No Ref: While They Give - We Take!!!
  2. Yes, friends, just as you read, the Limewire Project received an investment of 10.4 million dollars. It will be listed on Kraken and Crypto exchanges. You can try your luck to get a share of the 1.5 million dollar prize. It can pay off nicely. Joining is very simple, it either takes 30 seconds or not. After logging in from the link, register with your e-mail address, confirm your e-mail address. (Note: I didn't even ask for approval, I saw myself directly on the list) That's it. By inviting the killer's friend to the token list released by Limewire, you will earn $ 30 when you are among 100,000 people, all you have to do is join the ranking with your email address and confirm the incoming email. Link: Non-ref link : They will also hold a public token sale on May 2. The hype is pretty high.
  3. Undeads Metaverse is a next-generation AAA zombies survival NFT game that is entirely player-centric. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players must survive in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. The game is built on the Ethereum blockchain and has had a successful audit of in-game smart contracts by Certik. The game features play-to-earn (and kill-to-earn) mechanics that allow players to earn rewards while fending off zombies through digital land, cosmetics, and game characters. In addition to the Undeads Survival game, the team is building a VR Social Hub with multiple VR games for a true metaverse and virtual reality experience. Players can come together to hang out, socialize, have fun, interact and earn. The VR Social Hub offers a wide spectrum of gaming experiences, including VR RC racing, sports fishing, bowling, pool hall VR, and more. Round 2 Sale Start Date - 23 February 2023 Round 2 Sale End Date - 23 March 2023 Join Token information: ICO Name - Undeads Metaverse Ticker - UDS Token type ERC20 Token price 0.3 USDT Accepted currencies BTC, ETH, USDT Total Supply 250000000 Tokens for sale 7500000 Distribution 9% Seed round 9% Round 1 sale 3% Round 2 sale 6% Marketing fund 8% Reserve fund 20% Staking rewards 15% Team 5% Liquidity allocation 25% Ecosystem Social media:
  4. LaunchBar & Liza Coin Liza Coin Количество: 100,000 LZC Decimals: 18 Платформа: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) Bscscan: 0xA6550996403407481f2748a793aE40dA3b369F6d WEB3 LaunchBar платформа launchbar Информацию смотрите тут: Tcpcoins Social Media: Facebook Twitter Telegram Github Токены соответствуют стандарту BEP-20, что делает их публичными и доступными, проверяемыми. Токен LZC не является ценной бумагой, не привязан к доллару, не привязан к платформе.
  5. In recent months, much attention has been placed on the energy crisis and climate change. Most technologies today put huge stress on the environment. Even though the existing technological machinery aims to ease life, the impact of their application has a negative impact on the environment.This is where ReduX – the first environmentally conscious technology, comes into the picture. ReduX can be applied practically to any industry, and the benefits offered by this technology are immense. The innovative solutions offered by ReduX can help fight energy shortages and climate change.Based on revolutionary new molecular-technology the company has developed answers to two of the main pressing issues of the world; energy shortage and reduction of carbon footprints and emissions. With its ReduX-Converters (bearing the name of what the system does) it is possible to reduce the consumption of fuel in all engines and combustions systems by about 8 – 25%. At the same time, it reduces the release of CO2 and other harmful emissions up to 80%. And this solution can be applied easily; it is a retrofit-capable plug & play device which can be applied to any engine. With about 3 billion combustion systems worldwide a huge potential!Redux-technologies. comPrivate sale 1 Start Date - 12/01/2022 Private sale 1 End Date - 12/31/2022Token price $0.12 (no ETH)Accepted currencies BNB, BUSDMINIMAL TRANSACTION AMOUNT 1,000 REDUX
  6. If you are member of this forum you probably know for TALK token, and that this token was launch before few days. But, members of this forum start earn/get this tokens before few months and I will talking about that and some more things in following sentences. - At beginning I would like to talk about about new payment system which includes and TALK token. Old payment system (BTC) was/is 1000sat per one post and currently payment system pay 10 TALK tokens for one post (fact). But, interesting thing is that members for one topic get 50 TALK token and 1 TALK token for every reputation point which they give to other members (max 50 per day). Good thing is that members dont get instant TALK token they must to wait 7 days to get their tokens for that day. This above I just share some facts about new payments system (TALK). - Now I will talking about price of TALK token after launch. (Yobit exchange) On this screenshot you can see that when TALK token was launch price hit 200sat, which if we compare with old payment system it's double (10TALK*200sat=2,000sat per post). But like you can see few days after that price drop till 88sat, which means that or someone sell big amount of TALK tokens or there no was big "walls" which will support price. But in any case price of TALK token recovered. (Yobit exchange) Like you can see on screenshot above, TALK token price recovered and hit 127sat which is around +44% from 88sat which was before day or two. And you can see volume when price pump, which probably means that someone buy large amount of TALK tokens. And currently price of TALK token is around 116sat which is again good price for members of this forum. - Now I will talking about plans for TALK token. If you read (or not) topic about TALK token and what will be the purpose of this token you probably become interested which price will be of TALK token. Topic: Pay attention on "2) Where and how TALK will be used ?". You can read that TALK token will not be just bonus for forum community, than will be use for other things too. Like for example, "sell ads, raise topic, upgrades, and additional items. services". I dont want to make prediction or something like that, but you can figure it out for yourself what this means. And most important will not be token which will members just get for writting, because that will affect on price. - In the following sentences I will talking about TALK token price inflation. Yes members will get TALK tokens for writting, yes TALK token have investbox plan with 1% daily interest, and yes that will affect on price for sure. But with things which I mentioned above ("Where and how TALK will be used") maybe that "inflation" will not affect that much on TALK token price. And one more thing, I will suggest to moderators and admin (I thing that would be good) that investbox plan for TALK be with less percent. For example that investbox plan for TALK token be just 0.1% daily not 1% like now that maybe will be good for price of TALK token. - And finally to write a conclusion Currently price of TALK token is solid and drop which we saw is not that big, if we consider that members earn/get a lot of TALK tokens for few months and price is not drop below 88sat which is good. But we will see in future what will be with price because every day members get more tokens and plus there are more tokens from investbox too which of course can affect on price. But I hope and I think a lot of members here too that plans for TALK token will be realized soon which will support TALK token price. In any case it remains for us to be more creative to write more contructive topics/posts and that this forum become one of best cryptocurrency forum and of course to support TALK token because that is official CryptoTalk forum token.
  7. Spheroid Universe - Платформа для бизнеса, развлечения и рекламы, созданная в едином пространстве дополнительной реальности земли. Здесь вы можете покупать земли по всей планете, майнить монеты SPH ( торгуются на бирже Latoken) владея участками земли, в перспективе вы можете сдавать в аренду свои земли и размещать рекламу. Имеется приложение XR HUB.
  8. Какие андроид кошельки для токенов по вашему мнению самые лучшие?
  9. Мы - команда молодых людей, знакомых друг с другом на протяжении долгих лет. Среди нас есть и экономисты, и маркетологи, и программисты, в общем, представители разных профессий и направлений. И на всем протяжении этих лет мы растем и развиваемся, каждый в своём направлении... Часть имеет собственный, традиционный бизнес, и стремится расширять его, другая часть работает по найму и следует карьерной лестнице... Но все мы хотим чего-то особенного, чего-то большего! Того, что не сможет дать просто работа или бизнес в традиционном представлении этих понятий... Долгое время мы были в поиске решения этой задачи. Задача была не простой 🤷🏻‍♂... Было необходимо сделать так, чтобы каждый из нашей команды при взаимном сотрудничестве в своё удовольствие 🤝 достигал личные цели, одновременно достигая общую Мега-Цель 🌏... 👉 Благо в Нашей жизни появилась Технология Блокчейн. С её Революционным потенциалом - Технологического Прогресса для всего Человечества. Технология с возможностью применения во всех сферах жизнедеятельности людей и машин 👉 от сферы финансов, до сфер реального сектора экономики. С появлением этого инструмента в нашей жизни начались перемены... Мы переосмыслили традиционные подходы в бизнес процессах и решили создать собственную бизнес-модель для нас и новых поколений предпринимателей! Именно так появилась наша Крипто-Лаборатория SmartMen' Мы создаем собственную экосистему!
  10. Вчера на yobit была раздача монет Air, пост про саму раздачу уже был. А вот какие дела обстоят с монетой. Первый раз её вижу, никакой информации найти не смог. Откуда она взялась, для чего нужна, есть ли у неё перспективы роста и т.д.
  11. Site LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Instagram The GRAND TIME project is promising and unique in its kind. It has many interesting features. Mission of the project: raising awareness and involvement of all people in the world of crypto assets. The project is accessible and interesting for the participants with the possibility of self-realization. Considering that at this rather early stage there is a platform for self-development (schools, supports, editorial offices, news channels in different languages), this project is able to attract and train people from different countries of the world in cryptocurrency knowledge from scratch. Therefore, it is multinational and promising. The GRAND TIME project has a smart-contract written on the Ethereum blockchain: There is a White Paper, according to which the project develops step by step: The GRAND TIME project is promoted through social mining. 10 million GRANDs are "born" daily, the unused balance burns out at the end of the day. Therefore, GRAND will always be in short supply. In the near future, there will be a prepared launchpad. It will be self-managed and the GRAND token will be traded directly on the GRAND TIME platform. For this, work is actively underway to introduce new expanded functionality and prepare a team to support transactions. Also in the GRAND TIME project we plan: - creating our own exchange, - creation of a GRAND terminal, - holding an NFT auction, - creating a GRAND wallet, - creating our own social network, - creating our application; - creation of a GRAND community and much more. Thus, GRAND TIME is not just a website, it is a whole platform that will include huge functionality and great opportunities for development. Also the project has environmental function, which is very important for the preservation of our green planet for future generations. Social mining does not require huge energy capacities and therefore is environmentally friendly. Yes, now there are many projects on the market and a huge supply of tokens and coins. But the GRAND TIME eco-project is really unique and special: it not only involves an unlimited number of participants, it grows and develops due to their initiative, solidarity, dedication, faith in the success of the project and team spirit! Here you can express yourself and fulfill yourself! This makes the project interesting and very promising! And we will prove that a close-knit team is the foundation of success in the cryptocurrency world! If you are interested in this project, you can follow the link to the Uniswap exchange, where the GRAND token is traded (GRAND / ETH pair): The project is interesting and already attracts the attention of bloggers: There is the project team:
  12. Dutolis Token - ERC-20 Token. Dutolis uses its own DTL cryptocurrency, which is an ERC-20 token (Ethash). The total number of tokens is 30,000,000. Token is traded on the CREX24 exchange Explorer Twitter Where is trading
  13. 👥 VorteX Network 🌐 ◇ Decentralized Power for the People ◇ Freedom, the future World it Started ➡️ Website 💻• VorteX Network is a Unique Decentralized Platform , created for Global Community People Freedom to trade Safe, a Better Global utility Payment System and a New Ecosystem for all type of Energy , Markets in future [Development] 🌐• The first Honest - Token without unnecessary and fake promises We know how important《Privacy and Security》are ,In a World that is constantly changing Fast,need a Trusted (Token) and Honest to Trade Safe ,Without Implication (Core -Team or External Source) it is only for, People and Investors who shares the same libertarian true value and Freedoms.• VorteX Network is an ERC-20 Token based on the best and advanced Ethereum Blockchain , so it is readily compatible with any ERC-20 wallets ,Smartphone or Desktop, you can send it to anyone around the World in a few seconds. • We do not conduct any ICO or a Private-Sale ,like many others Projects .VorteX Network need to growth naturally ,without any implication Pump📈 & 📉DumpPrice must to be safety our first priority and stable for peopleand investors from the beginning and grows in time• What makes us different and unbeatable from the others《Coins & Tokens ?》🥇 [1] 🔐 • Our Team will not able to have access to Token for Trade /Sales, wallet will be Frozen to have access for 3 years ( 2023 ) [2] 🔝✴️ • We do not hide objectives,only concrete things and what exist, for our community people and investors . And we will be here always for a long road together , and expansion VorteX Network Project to another 《Level》 [3] ⚖️💲 • We will focus a little more from the Starting to《Listing》in all good and quality Decentralized《Exchanges/DEX/Markets》but also we will listing in 《Centralized/Exchanges》 for a good markets on both sides [4] ✋🏻💰 • Vortex Network never accept /ask or force the community and people to 《Donate Money》for (New Listing) or Development Project Ourselves we will Support all the Costs and progress / development , no matter how many small or big costs will be in the near future. [5] 💎🥇 • VorteX Network it is the most Powerful and First Token trustworthy and honesty rank ever created in cryptocurrency space without comparison to any Coin or Token ■ VTX Our Values ■ Personable 🤝🙂• We pride ourselves on being people , and always work to provide a comfortable experience.We listen and respond to you for any kind of question Secure | Fast 🔐⚡️• You can count on us to make sure your coin and investment is completely kept safe %• VorteX Network it is very Fast instant transaction and small commission Effective | Money 💰💼• We always maximize our resources to work hard and come in under budget every time.VorteX Network never ask/force people for donation/money Ourselves we will Support all the Costs and progress development Global | Ecosystem 🌏👥• We work hard to make a global utility token for the people freedom around the world a new / better Ecosystem in different payments and systems in one place Trusted 🙌❤️• We are trusted by a lot of p people and support around the world to deliver quality work Fair and Honest. Dedicated 💡👨🏻‍🏫• Loving what we doing only for the people freedom and learning new things always to provide quality and prosperity Observant 👁📑• We keep a close eye on every component of our work to ensure nothing is left out. Remember ☝🏻🙏• VorteX Network, the services provided include everything you need in one place and at the best quality. In a world that is constantly changing, you can be sure that the folks here will be by your side with every step of the process.CONTRACT Address : ⤵️ wallets to store VTX on ! we recommend to use metamask , enijn or trustwallet ! to secure your vtx tokens / other funds. trustwalletapp : metamask : enjin : Contact/mediaTelegram: CONTRACT Address : ⤵️ VORTEX NETWORK VTX PROJECT : : : [email protected] explorer : : : (256x256)whitepaper : : : : : Telegram : : ANNOUNCEMENT.bitcointalk : : : : : : : exchange : : :!/trade/0xd957e08ac5421e2c28510586b57d095e5094836a-ETHmcafeedex : network : : altmarkets : curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' ''MARKET DATA (price,markets)coindar : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : paprika :
  14. This token born with the intention of joining in yobit and make 50% total supply 5% daily investbox, we gonna make many and different competitions. In the early future, RFE will become a mintable token with a new and unique way for mining with a phone app. Where we would like to arrive? to the moon and over, most of our earned money will be reinvested in the growth of this token. The finals steps will be have a new and amazing blockchain probably opensource where is possible make token of it, like ETH and his tokens. Remember this is really small ICO, what we need is only 150 ETH for pay YOBIT fees and pay the first competitions ALL THIS WILL BE POSSIBLE WITH YOUR SUPPORT AND OUR CONSISTENCY Token Allocation Token Allocation Is 50% Yobit Invest Box 35% Sale for total of 2.7BTC 15% Airdrop, And Team Building 10.000.000 Is Total Supply Roadmap 1.AUG – 2019 TOKEN CREATION 2.SEP -2019 BORNING SOCIAL NETWORK AND DEFINITION PROJECT 3.OCT – 2019 STARTING TOKEN SELLING 4.NOV – 2019 LISTENING IN FIRST EXCHANGES TREXEXCHANGE,TOKENSDEX, SOME MORE, AND START TRADING COMPETITION 5.DEC – 2019 LISTENING ON YOBIT ARRIVED AT 150 ETH SOLD, 50% TOTAL SUPPLY GONE IN YOBIT INVESTBOX 5% DAILY 6.JAN 2020 LISTENING IN MORE EXCHANGE AND START MAKING RFE MINABLE TOKEN CONTRACT 7.FEB – 2020 FINISHING THE NEW RFE BLOCKCHAIN THAT SIMILAR TO ETH BLOCKCHAIN WILL BE ABLE TO HAVE RFE TOKENS 8.MAR – 2020 START DEVELOP APP WITH UNIQUE AND AMAZING WAY FOR MINING RFE TOKEN FORM PHONE AND DESKTOP 9.APR – 2020 TOKEN SWAP IN THE NEW RFE MINABLE TOKEN, BIG PROFIT FOR OLD HOLDER START LISTENING IN THE BIGGER EXCHANGE AND PLATFORM MAY – 2020 START MAKE RFE FIRST SPEP OF A CHAIN OF PROJECT WICH WILL GONNA BE PROFITABLE FOR ALL PREVIOUSLY PROJECT JULY,JUNE, AUG -2020 MONTHS OF SPONSORS AND ADVISE FOR OUR RFE MINABLE TOKEN, BIG MARKETING PROJECT WITH BOUNTY AND COMPETITIONS WITH BIG PRIZE Where to trade RFE RFE starting price is 0.00005, that because we want to sell 35-30% of the total supply for a maximum of 150 ETH, then we gonna pay yobit fees and use 50% of the total supply for an 5% daily investbox. At the moment is possible buy and trade RFE in 2 exhcange Tokensdex: TREXEXCHENGE: If you would like buy big amount of RFE contact @RFEadmin in Telegram, RFE always in more and more exchange never too big because we keeping the earning money in a special wallet waiting for be able to pay the yobit fees where our big plane will really begin Platform listed: Holder PRIZE from the 4 November to the 2 December FINISHED Airdrop directly on exchange finished waiting for distribution by admins New listening and new Airdrop into exchange is coming 😄 Website: Twitter: Facebook: Telegram: Airdrop:
  15. 🚀🚀BitcoinLegend is not a mining app but also a metaverse game with a Marvel's Avengers inspired Hero NFT card. The airdrop and large-scale pre-sale were live. ☆ Join BitcoinLegend to get 10 BCL ▶️FREE◀️ Download the app on the play store 👉 Bitcoin Legend Invitation code:nf2dy5u8rpk Note: don't forget to activate mining every 24hrs by clicking on the circle!!
  16. XX Platform is a system that combines a multifunctional cabinet with investment elements with a set of analytical tools and access to dozens of traders and trading robots. Being developed in close cooperation and consultation with professional traders and investors, the platform provides maximum functionality while maintaining a simple and user-friendly interface. XX Platform is not just another investment platform. This is an attempt to reimagine the concept of classic hedge funds, implementing it in the form of an automated investment trading platform. The goal of the XX Platform team is: to make investment instruments available to everyone anywhere in the world. Launching any fintech startup requires resources: time and money. We understand that the independent development of the XX Platform will take many years till its release. That is why our team decided to raise funds from private investors. In order not to contradict with our concept of decentralization and libertarianism, we turned down proposals from large investment funds in favor of attracting funds from private investors. The team has decided to issue their own cryptocurrency – the XX Platform token (stock ticker: XXP). The formation system of the XXP token pricing policy is based on its use within the XX Platform as a native token. It is the XXP token that allows to create proper microeconomics inside the platform and ensure the ease and convenience of interaction for all system users. The main objective of the XXP token is the functioning of a virtual accounting unit (equivalent to records in accounting books) to ensure the accounting of funds placed by investors in trust with traders. Moreover, the XXP token provides its holders with the opportunity to receive a reward for helping to finance the platform development in the form of a staking interest rate. In the future, the XXP token will also be used for investments in partnership funds and various investment products of the XX Platform ecosystem. Holders of the XXP token will receive priority for investment, as well as special conditions and discounts, which will make investments with the XXP token more profitable, thereby providing it with natural liquidity. The team plans to develop and launch several in-house IT services, which will form the basis of the XX Platform digital product ecosystem: The phased development and launch of the above services are planned for the period of 2021-2022. More information about the terms and stages of development can be found in the Roadmap. The platform provides for the possibility of receiving rewards in the form of an interest rate from staking. Staking is a synonym for the phrase “money makes money,” when your XXP tokens literally participate in the generation of new tokens, thereby increasing their number in your wallet. In order to activate staking, you need to fulfill a few simple conditions: 1. keep XXP tokens in the XX Wallet; ATTENTION! Storing tokens in third-party wallets that support TRC20 tokens or on exchanges makes participation in staking impossible. 2. have a balance of 5 or more XXP tokens; 3. activate staking by transferring tokens from the Main Wallet balance to the Staking Wallet; To increase profitability, the system provides for the possibility of using reinvest. Reinvest is an analogue of compound bank interest, which allows transferring the received reward to the Staking Wallet, increasing the balance of tokens participating in staking, and accordingly increasing the percentage of reward. It should be considered, that even the smallest outgoing transaction from Staking Wallet resets the time coefficient, which is one of the interest rate forming parameters. Attention! If you plan to occasionally fix profits and withdraw the received tokens, we recommend disabling reinvest. To structure and regulate the attracted investment funds, as well as for the sake of fair and transparent distribution of remuneration from the platform, the XX Delegate system of delegated stake distribution has been implemented in XX Platform. The XX Delegate system consists of Delegates and Stakeholders. Delegate is a user who has fulfilled the necessary conditions and registered a Delegate's account in the system. Any user who feels a leadership potential and has the time, desire and experience to develop the XX Platform community can become a delegate. In order to create a Delegate account, it is necessary to buy and freeze* XXP tokens in the amount of 10,000 units and go through a special registration procedure. Freezing of XXP tokens is carried out through the special form in the user personal account. A stakeholder is a user registered in the system, who has XXP tokens on the balance and who has voted with them for any Delegate of his choice, represented on the platform. In order to vote for a Delegate, you shall select the desired delegate from the list of those registered on the platform and click “vote”. During the voting, 44 XXP tokens will be frozen** on the stakeholder's balance. The tokens used by the stakeholder for “voting” remain in the ownership of the user, but are assigned to the corresponding staking pool for calculating the “weight” of the Delegate. Frozen tokens continue to participate in staking. **stakeholder tokens are not unfrozen, but continue to participate in staking Example: User1 purchases 1000 XXP. In solo staking, he earns 7% per month, and by voting for any delegate on this page, he will receive 9%. Delegate commission from 1 to 10% will be deducted from his income on a daily basis. Even if it is 10%, then in a month User1 will receive 8.1% of tokens from 1000 coins, and 0.9% will be given in commissions to the delegate. At the same time, if User1 has the reinvestment option enabled, then the income will dynamically increase.
  17. MST only mine-able from MappedSwap through staking! Currently not available in open market, but we saw stakers are selling MST on RaijinSwap for 1 MST to 1 USDC. MST payout weekly, mine them while you can! For more information Twitte: Telegram:
  18. ForusTOKEN It’s a BSC based BEP20 token, 1.5% or 2.5% Reward system for holders depending on the amount of each transaction, and each transaction has 2% burning. It will be purchased by centralized and decentralized exchange listing and the total supply is 10 billion. Why Forus ? Forus team is developing this project for everyone who believes in the power of blockchain technology and wants to make an impact on society by giving people more control over their data. Vision To be the most trusted exchange platform cryptocurrency excellence and customer experience worldwide. Purpose To create a competitively low cost, no scam, and globally accessible cryptocurrency. Forus goal Forus team believes that the project will grow with the suggestions and involvement of its community. Our goals is to improve the customer experience and gain customer trust through our services. Forus on Coinmarketcap, and token FORS is available on Pancakeswap, Cointiger, Coinsbit, Finexbox and Azbit CoinMarketCap - whitepaper - telegram community - website - twitter will be list on coingeko soon
  19. After registration, you get 34 LGX tokens ($5) + 64 LGX can be received for watching videos in the Home - Empower tab. In addition, there are mini tasks in the wallet (games, likes, etc.) for which they also give tokens. A similar airdrop was from TrustWallet a year and a half ago, they gave 1000 TWT tokens ($5), and at the current rate they cost $700. Instruction: Download wallet: Download ( 1. When registering, in order to get 34 LGX tokens, on the top in the Referal ID tab - enter the code a69rbx2 2. Go to Profile - Claim Rewards and see your current balance of 34 LGX tokens 3. To get additional tokens - invite your friends. 4. In the Home - Empower tab, watch the video, there are two headings: the first one contains (5 videos of 3 LGX for each video watched) and the second one (49 videos of 1 LGX for each video watched). 5. Also in the Home - Arcade tab, play games and earn LGX tokens. Tokens can be collected on March 1, 2022. The wallet will have an IDO on February 17th. The price of the token is $0.15. The coin is on CoinMarketCap. P.S. If you can't login to the app? Try to log into it later or delete the application and download again (all tokens are saved in the wallet, they will not be lost).
  20. OFFICIAL WEBSITEОФИЦИАЛЬНЫЙ САЙТ Everyone knows that value is synonymous with what will always be in demand, and the cost of which will only grow, regardless of circumstances. We will tell you with confidence that such a product is clean, healthy artesian water. Water is the most valuable thing on our earth and, unfortunately, there is less and less clean, drinking water on the planet, ecologically clean places on the planet decreasing, and its extraction is becoming more difficult and expensive, tap water is getting worse in quality and unusable, to say nothing about those parts of the planet where there is practically none at all, the demand for drinking artesian, healthy water is growing every year at an unprecedented pace, and this growth will never end, which gives it unprecedented value and significance. The water sales market has no seasonality, it is not affected by political aspects and crises, the market is constantly gaining sales rates. The market for exporting and importing water does not have political pressure, since the product is the first in the list of necessities for a human.💥 You can ask how to use cryptocurrency to invest in the production of clean drinking water? Exactly for this, company LLC AQVICOIN solved this difficult task and created the most reliable investment crypto project, symbiosis cryptocurrency and the largest production of healthy drinking water, having received the Token AqVi. Token AqVi enable invest together with a professional team LLC AQVICOIN in the building of the most modern factories for the extraction and bottling of healthy drinking artesian water, it makes you a rightful co-owner of a large business focused on the global market. LLC AQVICOIN has already started work and is registering its trademark. The company's team has a well-structured and detailed action plan for the building of the most modern automated production. We held conversation with the best specialists in our sphere and received documentary evidence of calculations for the phased implementation of all works and the purchase of the most modern and reliable automated artesian water bottling line. The action of each of our partners is aimed at a speedy launch. We plan to start selling bottled water for 10th months after the pre-sale of the AqVi token. Also, the investor can get acquainted with the calculations of the economy of both the entire water market and the production itself. For investors, all documents and calculations are publicly available on the official website. The license issued by the government for the extraction of water is valid for 25 years, with the possibility of extending the period, provided that the production volumes do not exceed 100m3 of water per day. The production facilities of LLC AQVICOIN will allow producing 99000 liters of useful bottled water per day. Subject to the use of the license, for 25 years company will get and realize 772 200 000 liters of water. Based on this, total to be released 1 544 400 000 tokens, equated as 1 token AqVi equal to 1 company shares LLC AQVICOIN and equal to 0.5L extracted water. The official start of the ICO on 24.01.2022. The initial price of the AqVi token is 0.03$. According to the referral program, each user receives 5% of the token purchase amount by his referral. When passing each of the stages IEO/ICO the token price will increase to 10%. A bonus token distribution system will also operate at the ICO. You will be able to invest AqVi tokens in 3 bonus programs: • 350-10000 AV tokens - 1% per month • 10001-60000 AV tokens - 2% per month • 60001 AV tokens and further - 3% per month In total of 77,856,031 AqVi tokens (5% of the total volume of AqVi tokens) will be sold at the IEO/ICO, the start of the IEO/ICO at a price of 0,03$. After the IEO/ICO, token AqVi will hold listing to the cryptocurrency exchange of the 2nd level with price 0,1$, what will be 333% profits from the start price IEO/ICO. During the year, after listing on the 2nd level stock market there will be a listing on 1st level stock market with a price of at least 0.5$, what will be 1666% profits from the start price IEO/ICO. The frozen number of tokens for a period of 3 years is 1 057 914 000 tokens, or 68.5% of their total number. Water - the source of life and one of the most valuable wealth of man. Water is life. Invest to AqVi token. Invest in life. OFFICIAL WEBSITE
  21. Отличный проект который развивается, никаких вложений не надо Токен в скором будущем будет торговаться на бирже цена 1 IOI - 0.4$ Чем больше играете, тем больше получаете монет Так же есть квест простой, за 1й заезд в день вам дают 1 IOI ссылка на игру в подписи
  22. ASYAGRO работает с технологией Blockchain и смарт-контрактами, для создания комплексной экосистемы, вместе с экспертами, в области технологий, страховыми компаниями и экспертами-новаторами. Цель ASYAGRO - помочь фермерам, в полной мере использовать субсидии и страхование. Благодаря упорному труду и развитию технологий, мы можем преодолеть эту проблему в области сельского хозяйства, с использованием новейших технологий блокчейн-фермеров , также должны получить незамедлительную компенсацию за ущерб, причиненный засухой, наводнением или другими стихийные бедствия. С той же верой и с тем же восприятием, с нетерпением ждем технологических решений, для субсидии и страхование в аграрном секторе. Действительно, на сегодня сельское хозяйство приобретает важный характер. Бережное отношение к природе, сохранность-это самое важное, что требуется от человека. Так давайте дружно отнесёмся к природе, планете Земля, для того, чтобы пожинать плоды, для того, чтобы на столе были экологически чистые продукты питания. От этого зависит не только наше здоровье, но здоровье наших детей. Twitter: Тelegram: Facebook: Instagram: Site: Coinmarketcap:
  23. Freya — это экосистема сервисов, которая будет включать в себя: FreyaVPN-сервис (ВПН уже работающий), сервис FSN, FreyaDNS-сервис, Freya Blockchain, Freya Wallet, Freya Messenger, FreyaOS, DEX-биржа, мост между блокчейнами и Universal Freya APP. Коннектим Metamask или Trust Wallet (сеть BSC) и клеймим токены - 100 FDC (~0.0002 BNB комса - копейки) Контракт 0xf74dd2ed8c4cd5c3850a62fe34ed527b42633a89 (реф) (не реф) Буду благодарен за переходы! Всем успехов и профитов!
  24. Meet the SHARIK Token, a community-owned cryptocurrency coin inspired by your happy childhood! The Sharik is not just a coin! New meme cryptocurrency Sharik, created by fans and community members Sharik and team. A little bit history… How it all began In 1987 a hand-drawn cartoon of 1978 was released, directed by V.Popov, based on the story of E.Uspensky “Uncle Fyodor, a dog and a cat”. Urban boy, leaving the parental home with a cat, whom his parents did not allow to leave. Friends come to the village, where they meet the dog Sharik. All live together in one house and incredible adventures happen to them. The cartoon is 35 years old and has been watched by several generations. Present time The hype of memcoins continues today. Thanks to people, such memcoins as Dogecoin, ShibaInu, Floki and others have become popular, gained their value. Why? What for? In the beginning, the idea was just a joke, nothing more. In the wake of the hype, the idea became speculative. Now memcoins are turning into an investment idea. Today and now What do we see? How cryptocurrency is popularized thanks to memcoins and how people learn to make money on investments in the long term. Sharik token built on Binance smart chain as a BEP-20 contract (BSC). The Sharik token was originally issued as a memtoken, it contains the power of our entire community, the mascot of which is our SHARIK. Sharik token is a coin for everyone. This is a folk meme token. The task of which is to become the leader of dogtokens, lead the pack and enter the top ten memorial crypto projects, which will allow launching the next crypto revolution. Each of you can take part in the development and make your significant contribution to society by your approval and support of the project. Join the ranks of Sharik’s holders. Join telegram! Tokenomics Total coins issued 100,000,000,000; 4% Team; 10% Investors; 24% Listing on exchange; 61% Burn in 1 year; 1% Marketing. DEX trade SHARIK Roadmap Fundraising — done DEX listing — done Audit smart-contract — in proces Listing CMC & CG Release of the NFT collection “SHARIK vs ….” Developing own DEX for all meme tokens DEX test Launch of the first ever DEX exclusively for memtokens Community We are writing a letter to… (look up higher) Sharik is a childhood friend of millions of boys and girls, the kindest dog in the yard. Each of us has a child! We all remember the happiest days, mother’s tender hands and beloved heroes! We never stop dreaming and playing throughout our life — only toys become expensive (cars, houses). Our team has made a childhood dream come true! Our Sharik project is a dream! It is a feeling of happiness that we have almost forgotten. We invite you to share this with us — trust us, we are not only having fun, but we also do not forget about our expensive toys in the present! Site — Telegram (channel) — Telegram (chatRU)— Telegram (chatEN) – Twitter —
  25. From the very first moments altcoins started to matter on the crypto scene anything bad happening to a coin was treated by its fanatic baghodlers as FUD, although most of it wasn't really FUD, it was reality! But some people have started calling reality FUD because of despair, despair as their fabricated reality, their hopes and dreams rely on denying facts. In 2013 a die hard socialist, Mark Weisbrot , published an article in the Guardian titled "Sorry, Venezuela haters: this economy is not the Greece of Latin America", of course all that was in the article was a delusion, another reality with no real life support for its basis, and we all know how it ended. What is the relation between Venezuela and Talk? Both have their fanatics, who deeply still believe in its success, and they both print money, money nobody wants. Talk tokens are printed daily for posts, thousands of posts, posts nobody reads just clicks +1 to get more tokens, is there a use for it? No, nobody wants it and nobody will want it because it can e printed indefinitely, just like the bolivar. Have you just for once thought what 1% a day means? Do your math and the numbers you will come up in a year time will show you what a printing machine can do, crate tons of worthless money. And its nothing new, have you heard of pony? liza? yone? Do your own research and you will find out how they dropped from 100 sat to 0 as there are no buy orders for them anymore. Of course, you are free to deny it! You are free to believe the token will recover, you are free to believe that posting useless content will create value, you are free to DENY reality. But in the end, the reality is that the price is dropping, and it will go to 1 satoshi, not today , not this week not this month, but it WILL. "The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks."
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