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  1. YOTRA is a Yobit token which you can buy or get like a bonus for trading. You can get 10% from trading commission on BTC pairs, but if you are referral to someone you will get only 5%. YOTRA have investbox plan with 1% daily and without Action. Old users of Yobit probably know for this token/bonus, but new users they probably dont know anything about this token. Check out your trading bonus on this page: Happy trading!
  2. I just want to share some knowledge about the main aims of this forum with the little understanding I am having about the forum: 1. This forum need legits users that deserves to be paid when they deserve to be paid. This users are those members that are ready to contribute to the forum to help in creating good posts and good topics. 2. This forums aims is to have users that are fully disciplined in time of following rules as stated. 3. The forum are happy to pay each user when he worths it and this is by doing the right thing at the right time to improve the forum. 4. The forum aims is to make this forum popular in the world of cryptocurrency as other forums. They don't create this forum to make competition with other cryptocurrency forum but they want to be like them. 5. This forum are not the best but they are trying ti be among the best, although they lack nothing. 6. They aim to spread the knowledge of cryptocurrency to the world to know how much benefits cryptocurrency jobs are in this days. The moderators will be happy to welcome everyone in this forum if you have this qaulified needed you are qualified. Pls don't waste your time while you are not qualified because a serious action maybe taken and don't play with the opportunity you have right now. You can reffered friends that are also ready to help and contributes to the forum. finally please always follow the rules giving to get yourself save from restricted from posting and banning. You are all welcome to cryptotalk forum
  3. Buying low and selling high is every trader's dream of how trading should go, but how does one tell what price is low and which is high? Entry and exit, that is the hard nut., even seasoned traders struggle with them because they are like mirage. Let's discuss how we approach this issue!
  4. Follow this and read carefully it will be helpful to you: 1. Please calm down do you try to think what did I do to receive a warning points? 2. Have you asked your self on what can give you a warning point? You need anwers to this you can click this to know reasons that can lead you to banned or receiving a warning point. 3. Are you among those that blame the moderators check this to know you mistakes. / 4. Have you try to learn as a beginner click here for more guide: 5. Do you want to be a good member here aee some tips that will help you out. 6. Do you want want to learn from frienda and share ideas here is a guide. 7. Do you want to be among the great and popular contributors you need to check this. 8. Do you need solution to your problem here is the right place to solve your problem read this. You really need this Now I am sure this topic will help you all and newbies to. Best of luck happy posting welcome to this forum cryptotalk
  5. If you want to learn Cryptocurrency and Forex trading then contact with me. You can easily analyse the market and also every type of coin you can analyse and read the market and make money through trading.
  6. Top 3 cryptocurrency trading platforms We all know that trading cryptocurrencies is a very profitable thing today! Even trading cryptocurrencies has become an effective investment to make double profits from the traditional trading market, or even Forex. And if you are a beginner or even an expert in this field, here are the 3 best platforms for trading digital currencies online: Binance Binance is the world's most popular and fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange. It also ranks first in the world in terms of daily trading volumes; This is thanks to the development of the technological environment used to build that platform, which enables it to execute more than 1.4 million transactions per second. Binance also has a very solid security system. The platform also includes an online trading academy in addition to a very useful educational blog. Advantages of the Binance platform 1-The Binance platform offers the lowest price for the fees or commission of trading operations, which is 0.1% of the value of each transaction, and this percentage is reduced to 0.05% if you pay using BNB, which is the currency of the Binance platform. 2- The possibility of trading on new electronic currencies upon their issuance, and before many other platforms This gives you the advantage and preference in the first place and achieves a greater profit rate on trading new currencies. 3-High speed performance, reaching 1,400,000 operations per second, with the utmost accuracy 4-Very highly secure 5-Compatible with all devices and operating systems Bittrex The Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange is the premier platform in the United States, and it also ranks high in the international rankings. The Beatrix platform is the industry leader in security system, as its founders are three of Microsoft's largest former security engineers. Therefore, the Bittrex platform is your first choice if you are looking for safe trading on your operations as well as complete security of your account information and its protection from theft, piracy, hacking and more. Advantages of the Bittrex platform 1-The highest degree of protection and insurance on your account 2- Executing buying and selling transactions with extreme accuracy and lightning speed 3- The possibility of withdrawing profits at any time and very quickly Poloniex Poloniex was launched in 2013 with a dreamy vision that believes that trading and making money should be as easy as using the Internet and with the same speed as sending emails. The Poloniex platform is the destination for the most professional and skilled traders, as it offers a set of advanced indicators and tools for market analysis and trading movement forecasting that work very accurately and in a very sophisticated way. Advantages of the Poloniex platform 1-Suitable for professional cryptocurrency trading 2-It offers an innovative and advanced set of tools to analyze and forecast market movement and trends 3- Exclusive technical support around the clock Question for you guys ! What platform do you prefer to use to trade cryptocurrencies? Why?
  7. My friends, I have several questions that I did not find answers to on the forum. Can you help me! Many of us trade using cryptocurrencies and the yobit platform is very good, but I want to ask you are there any good platforms for trading other? I have read about one of the platforms that gives you $ 2 for free when registering to trade, can I share the link for the platform in this section? What is the section that we can post about trading platforms in the forum? " If you like my topic please give me like " ! ❤️
  8. Предлагаю некоторые инструменты для самостоятельного анализа Специально Для Binance Хотя можно эти данные использовать и для общего обзора. Остальные ссылки даю вам для ознакомления. Я долго их собирал. Ни всем они по душе , но это все бесплатные инструменты! CoinMarketCap Самый популярный и широко распространенный сайт о криптовалюте . Там много инструментов есть ЮЗАЙТЕ Coindar Календарь событий криптовалют CoinMarketCal Календарь событий криптовалют Альтернатива CMC CoinGecko Альтернатива CMC Альтернатива CMC но с более глубоким анализом. Можно назвать его самым научным (прогноз цен на ближайший год, сводка о доходности каждой монеты с момента её запуска и рейтинг криптовалют на основе вороха объективных данных: активности разработчиков, качества бренда и продукта, общения в соцсетях и других особенностей конкретного проекта.) Обширная база + при регистрации и подписке можно как и на бесплатном акке брать книги заказов и прочие фишки Можно сказать что этот сайт самый информативный. На сайте есть разделы для трейдеров, майнеров, инвесторов и обычных пользователей. Здесь есть отзывы и рейтинги криптобирж, кошельков, асиков, видеокарт и ICO-проектов. Интересная система расчета справедливой стоимости и справедливой цены стоит взглянуть на это Альтернатива CMC Танец монет подробно показывает данные по BTC BTH BTHSV Чтобы полностью оценить ресурс, нужно регистрироваться Один из самых наглядных сайтов Строим графики сами и пользуемся чужими Криптовалюта по активности на Github Очень обширная база инструментов Один из самых наглядных сайтов Наверное он самый перспективный , (появился в сентябре 2017) 23. Совсем свежее не юзал прошу отозваться 24. Cryptowatch является агрегатором разных криптовалютных бирж — здесь отображается информация самых разных площадок, в том числе и фьючерсы на некоторые монеты. Можно отнести в разряд профессиональных 25. LunarCRUSH использует искусственный интеллект и машинное обучение для анализа социальных тенденций, ориентированных на криптовалюту. 26. Глобальный поставщик финансовой и аналитической информации о криптовалюте. Платформа ведет непрерывный анализ ICO проектов, криптовалют, бирж и других участников рынка, необходимый для принятия взвешенных инвестиционных решений и построения долгосрочных рыночных стратегий. 27. CryptoRank предоставляет экспертную рыночную аналитику и собирает важнейшие новости чтобы помочь участникам рынка в принятии взвешенных трейдерских решений. 28. Реальный объём торговли биткойнами от компании Bitwise 29. Очень обширный перечень различных метрик. Годная тема для полноценного видения происходящих процессов в мире крипты. 30. Новый агрегатор , ранее не встречал , платформа понравилась (Мюнхен, Бавария) 31. Китайский сайт с интересным подходом 32. Китайский аналог CMC 33 Сайт показывает среднюю цену на монету , в настройках указываешь нужную монету и биржи для мониторинга . кроме того указаны стаканы , настройки звуковые и многое другое.... Мобильные сайты: Профессиональные: 4. 5. 6. TigerTrade – это инновационный программный комплекс, объединяющий в себе все необходимые для успешного трейдера инструменты. TigerTrade является коммерческим программным обеспечением, и для работы с ним необходимо приобрести лицензию. Вы можете получить бесплатную пробную лицензию на 14 дней. 7. Огромный помощник для трейдера (не только крипто сайт создан для традиционного рынка инвест торговли , и лишь позже сюда добавили крипто) 8. Bybt - это торговая и информационная платформа для торговли фьючерсами на криптовалюту, где вы можете найти информацию о ликвидации биткойнов, открытом интересе к биткойнам, доверительных отношениях с биткойнами в grayscale trust , соотношении длинных и коротких позиций биткойнов и активно сравнивать ставки финансирования для фьючерсов на криптовалюты. стоимость контракта. Если вы освоите хотя бы два - три инструмента , это будет хорошим помощником вам! Всем удачи! Последнее изменение 09,11,2019
  9. It’s very hard to convince people about this new Unicorn (bitcoin) so the best way is to get them some for free nesrly everyone I have gotten into crypto has picked up around £100 before reaching In there own pocket there are wallets and tasks that people can complete to earn , the blockchain walllet gives you $25-50 for opening a wallet and doing a KYC , admittley I haven’t done this my passport ran out of date but yeah if you want to bring newbies on board , get them buzzing right from the off , I have several hooked fish.
  10. Hello guys did you know that's you are eligible to trade on the forex market by depositing and withdrawing bitcoin only? And also there is no KYC verification required, just visit on this link to sign up to the broker Signup
  11. Hello everyone !! I want to explain some simple steps to locate our reputations without checking our profile I don't know if you are aware of this feature in the forum. Many of us here don't know about it You can follow me friends from my steps: - First you need to go to the cryptotalk homepage. - you will find the a few word written like ''popular contributors'' from the names you see written carefully scroll down a little you click on ''show more'' - Here you see the the list of the popular contributors(just here at the heading is written as the leaders board) writing at the last left end of the page you scroll a little you may see a two box containing some option if choices there click on it, it appears with an option all you need is to click on " today" were the second option you select " all areas" there appears list of today's users that have the highest reputations if you are among those having high reputations you can see it there. If you are not among this users you need to work more harder this will motivate you dude. All this are easy steps my friends from the logic you can still use the same process from the options giving to know how much you have been contributing in the forum you can locate your weekly, monthly and yearly reputations depending on how much old you have been in this forum. Best of luck my friends happy Posting
  12. Guys, in this post I want to share my trading experience and at the same time to know from you a sincere opinion, ok, no frills come on. I started with cryptocurrencies about two years ago, and I'll tell you, I wasn't a very lucky person, or maybe I didn't have the proper experience, because every time I would trade an altcoin or even BTC, The following happened, I bought thinking that the price was good, thinking it was low, yes it was even low, but it is not that whenever I invented to buy instead of raising prices fall more! Yes, there I thought, but my thing, the price is falling, so I sold shortly after fear of losing too much, right, but when I sold is not that the price increased more, then I was pistol. A long time I was indignant and wondered: I don't want to know about this cryptocurrency business anymore, trading, this is not for me, I'm very "unlucky". But then I would stop trading for a while, not that prices would skyrocket, and guess I had not bought anything, so I would not participate in this bull rum. In the end, I would like to know from you if anyone has been through this one day, and if we can consider it "bad luck" or just lack of experience ?! Today I can say that I can assimilate when it is my time to buy and when it is my time to sell, because I already have more experience. Well, I hope you share your experiences or inexperience in negotiations. Hugs to all.
  13. At beginning you sympathize with me when u was a cryptocurrency illiterate at the beginning of cryptocurrency I don't know anything about cryptocurrency, anything about trade and investment. All my focus was how to get money, if I get a petty trade I engaged myself into it just to get money no matter how stressful it is stress. As time goes on I met up while the a friend mine he was trying to explain and tell me about cryptocurrency but I didn't give time to understand or learn about. Then one day I saw him and I was really surprised when he told me how he was able to make it. He has definitely change and that is when I gave him time to explain to me, were he introduced cryptocurrency to me and this forum included I am a hard-working guy that I like to do good work and get paid for my work. That is why I spend time to do work and get paid regarding to my stress.i am here only to make money and learn more about cryptocurrency and am happy to meet new friends here and I am welcoming everyone as a friend here in this forum.
  14. I have read a couple of books, including Warren Buffet, some of Donald Trump, Livermore, Malkiel Burton, are excellent, they have many lessons applicable to the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency market. Which ones have you read? Do you apply what you have learned there?
  15. I create this topic to help us all just give time to read to the end. Always be good by making yourself good, distance yourself from get banned. Do you know what. You shall get banned if you do this: 1. Breaking a rule( I mean single rule) you shall get banned. 2. You shall get banned if you create a multiple accounts. 3. You shall get banned when you created a low quality post 4. You shall get banned when you create a topic or post which is irrelevant to the section and to the forum. 5. You shall get banned when you keep repeating a post of thesame sentence. 6. You shall get banned when you are caught not contributing to the forum either by posting low quality post and repetitive post. 7 you will get banned when you make a post of 10p characters while you didn't contributing in creating topics of your own ideas or knowledge. 8. You shall get banned when you do plagiarism that is copy and pasting other members ideas. 9. You shall get banned when you copied an answer to a topic you don't answer either from Google it is still anti plagiarism. 10. You shall get banned when you get access to the forum using a banned Ip address or banned country. Note: you will get banned no matter how much post you created in the forum if you break the rules you will get restricted or banned create good topics and Post this is what is need in the forum don't only post without creating a topic either 2 to 3 topics a week is enough. Lets take care, let's protect ourselves from getting banned I creat this topic to help us know some reason why we get banned. I love you all let's help each other.
  16. Centralized system like banks are held accountable for their clients' funds, and to protect them, they have established laws, safety checks, procedures, etc., that, while this is ultimately for the benefit of the clients, makes some becoming apprehensive if all those excruciating procedures are worth it; hence the many people who don't have bank accounts. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are decentralized, but still, there is a need for a convenient platform for exchanging them to each other and to other valuable commodities like fiat; hence trading platforms like cryptocurrency exchanges exist. But just because cryptocurrency exchanges do not have as much restraints as the banking system doesn't mean that they can do just about anything they want without upsetting their clients. In this article I am giving the link to, points and examples are given where exchanges should be more careful when dealing with something new, because unlike traditional financial systems (banks, stock exchanges, etc.), crypto users can just switch to another trading platform if they find their current platform making moves that might affect them in one way or the other. All in all, it all falls down to one word: trust. Here's the link to the article:
  17. The default binary options are estimated as a casino or Russian roulette. It cannot be justified that a binary or algorithmic trading system is a secure medium, that is to say, that financial markets have a certain degree of volatility that places them as dangerous or somewhat risky, imagine that you place an upside position to close in 1 minute You are confident based on your analysis that your position has more than 79 by the way of winning but it turns out that in the middle of the climb, a fundamental story begins to reverse the general trend of the day, you already open lost and not only with this example There are technically many traps in the markets so that you decide to allow yourself to play with high frequency binary algorithmic options, that is why these environments are more of bets than of confirmed technicalities.
  18. I'm newbie is Crypto world. I want to know which is best for trading coin apps or websites. Can you tell me which apps is best or websites is best for trading?
  19. Have any diference between IQ option and other options like XM kr Octafx or FBS trading or All the same means same trading methods or diferent.
  20. I will like every one to take a moment and reason before answering this simple, direct question. Did you joined this forum with a carefully designed planned to achieve??? - If YES That's Good you can share it with us - If NO IT'S NOT TOO LATE You can set it now...
  21. The cryptocurrency industry is evolving and the exchange sector is one of those sector this evolvement can be highly noticed. We have numerous exchange raging from decentralized to centralized exchanges making a name for themselves. If you were to recommend an exchange to a newbie that just joined the industry, having zero or no knowledge in regards to selecting a quality exchange, which exchange will your refer the user to and why that exchange?.
  22. A trader buys and sells financial assets (stocks, bonds, currencies, options, etc.) while monitoring market price movements in real time in order to generate profits from a certain capital. The trader can be self-employed, using their own money, or salaried, using the money of others. You can specialize in certain assets or markets and certain styles of trading: binary options trader, commodity trader, high frequency or scalper trader, Forex trader, oil trader, or day trader. + Since the rise of the Internet, independent traders who trade with their own money at home are more and more numerous, since access to the markets is now much easier. + The companies that employ salaried traders are mostly financial institutions but can also be private listed companies whose main business is another.
  23. How do I become a trader? Many people search for information about the Bitcoin currency, which is one of the most important digital currencies at all, but this type is very volatile in the entire markets, but many people have achieved a lot of profits and have great experience in this field. Ways to trade digital currencies for the year 2020 for beginners to profit from the Internet There are two steps to start a good and successful investment and start trading via digital currencies, which is a great opportunity for you for the right investment, and there are two main steps, namely: 1. Initially, you must choose a platform that is reliable as a first step. Currency trading has become very popular, and there are many different brokerage companies and platforms that support digital currency trading. For me, Binance is the best platform for trading cryptocurrencies 2- Depositing the required amount (capital) into the account of the platform that you have chosen after verifying the platform's account for sure Digital currencies are considered a great opportunity for real investment and they are not available in many projects on the ground, and open the field for many ideal opportunities through which to achieve great success around the world in the fast-moving market, and the platform is the best ever and you must know the ideal advice that will You start with a strong and successful trading. Depositing the required amount (capital) into the account of the platform that you have chosen after verifying the platform's account for sure An ideal set of tips for trading the cryptocurrency market 1. You must start trading according to the appropriate financial situation for you, so that you do not risk at first a large amount and lose it and it is difficult for you to pay it later . 2. You must chart a path to success by achieving the goals that you set at the beginning as a motivating factor for you, such as that you follow up the prices of certain currencies and find out the best price for them and the selling price in the short term. 3. You should try to avoid anxiety, tension and haste that results in wrong decisions, because losing deals can be successful later. 4. Stay away from fake news and never trust it. 5. You should not rely on luck or guesswork, as the successful trader always searches for information in order to benefit from it. 6. You must learn from your mistakes in order to be able to succeed and develop your skills from mistakes. 7. You should also learn to analyze data and prices yourself and not from another person. 8. You have to believe in the power inherent in this field. 9. You have to educate yourself on your own through the experiences of others. 10. Currency trading should not be your permanent job, but you should put a job next to it. The best trading strategy The best strategy is to buy some currency when its price is very low! But how do we know that the price of this currency is low? Through Bitcoin's movements in a linear fashion, this often leads to the deterioration of the rest of the digital currencies and leads to their decline to somewhat low prices! What distinguishes this is that these currencies will return to their normal rates when the longitudinal movement of Bitcoin stops So wait for the right opportunity to buy from the bottom and sell when the price goes up!
  24. The peak hours in Btc trading really differ or change a lot because it really depends on your daily volume, although there is a specific time and that is when the Asian market opens, usually there is a slight rise that if you take a look at the graphics btc history in an hour you can notice very accurately. Now, the peak hours as I said vary a lot in bitcoin, it is not very essential to try to look for exact moments, just to understand when the transactional volume increases consistently. Keep in mind that you place that with your analysis.
  25. I have face lack of understanding when u create topic but cannit locate an easy way to see it. So I have to go in research to learn easy way to find your topic. This steps will guide if you follow the steps as written below: 1. Visit your profile as you can see from the image locate with and arrow if you are a desktop user or Android user. For Android user you can locate your activity as in you scroll at your right hand side. 2. If the page opens you can view your posts and topic as you scroll down then click on your topic you shall find them there. This is the only two easy steps and I hope it will help many friends of mine in this forum.
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