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Found 258 results

  1. This is a very simple strategy that can be used in it's own. It's the RSI strategy. When most currencies reach a cetain level they are considered overbought or oversold and this gives us the perfect opportunity to earn when this happens. Overbought /oversold parmeters are usually 70/30. But I do not use these...My parameters are 80/20. You will get a lot less hits but more accurate. Try it out on demo first and see how it goes. I also use a RSI indicator from's free on MT4. . I have it set up on 12 currencies and every time any of the currncies reach my parameters, I get an onscreen alert and I trade. No fundamental analysis or anything. This is more of a price action strategy, It can be combined with the bollinger band (default settings) for even stronger confirmation). I hope this will help someone. What strategy do you use?
  2. XX Platform is a system that combines a multifunctional cabinet with investment elements with a set of analytical tools and access to dozens of traders and trading robots. Being developed in close cooperation and consultation with professional traders and investors, the platform provides maximum functionality while maintaining a simple and user-friendly interface. XX Platform is not just another investment platform. This is an attempt to reimagine the concept of classic hedge funds, implementing it in the form of an automated investment trading platform. The goal of the XX Platform team is: to make investment instruments available to everyone anywhere in the world. Launching any fintech startup requires resources: time and money. We understand that the independent development of the XX Platform will take many years till its release. That is why our team decided to raise funds from private investors. In order not to contradict with our concept of decentralization and libertarianism, we turned down proposals from large investment funds in favor of attracting funds from private investors. The team has decided to issue their own cryptocurrency – the XX Platform token (stock ticker: XXP). The formation system of the XXP token pricing policy is based on its use within the XX Platform as a native token. It is the XXP token that allows to create proper microeconomics inside the platform and ensure the ease and convenience of interaction for all system users. The main objective of the XXP token is the functioning of a virtual accounting unit (equivalent to records in accounting books) to ensure the accounting of funds placed by investors in trust with traders. Moreover, the XXP token provides its holders with the opportunity to receive a reward for helping to finance the platform development in the form of a staking interest rate. In the future, the XXP token will also be used for investments in partnership funds and various investment products of the XX Platform ecosystem. Holders of the XXP token will receive priority for investment, as well as special conditions and discounts, which will make investments with the XXP token more profitable, thereby providing it with natural liquidity. The team plans to develop and launch several in-house IT services, which will form the basis of the XX Platform digital product ecosystem: The phased development and launch of the above services are planned for the period of 2021-2022. More information about the terms and stages of development can be found in the Roadmap. The platform provides for the possibility of receiving rewards in the form of an interest rate from staking. Staking is a synonym for the phrase “money makes money,” when your XXP tokens literally participate in the generation of new tokens, thereby increasing their number in your wallet. In order to activate staking, you need to fulfill a few simple conditions: 1. keep XXP tokens in the XX Wallet; ATTENTION! Storing tokens in third-party wallets that support TRC20 tokens or on exchanges makes participation in staking impossible. 2. have a balance of 5 or more XXP tokens; 3. activate staking by transferring tokens from the Main Wallet balance to the Staking Wallet; To increase profitability, the system provides for the possibility of using reinvest. Reinvest is an analogue of compound bank interest, which allows transferring the received reward to the Staking Wallet, increasing the balance of tokens participating in staking, and accordingly increasing the percentage of reward. It should be considered, that even the smallest outgoing transaction from Staking Wallet resets the time coefficient, which is one of the interest rate forming parameters. Attention! If you plan to occasionally fix profits and withdraw the received tokens, we recommend disabling reinvest. To structure and regulate the attracted investment funds, as well as for the sake of fair and transparent distribution of remuneration from the platform, the XX Delegate system of delegated stake distribution has been implemented in XX Platform. The XX Delegate system consists of Delegates and Stakeholders. Delegate is a user who has fulfilled the necessary conditions and registered a Delegate's account in the system. Any user who feels a leadership potential and has the time, desire and experience to develop the XX Platform community can become a delegate. In order to create a Delegate account, it is necessary to buy and freeze* XXP tokens in the amount of 10,000 units and go through a special registration procedure. Freezing of XXP tokens is carried out through the special form in the user personal account. A stakeholder is a user registered in the system, who has XXP tokens on the balance and who has voted with them for any Delegate of his choice, represented on the platform. In order to vote for a Delegate, you shall select the desired delegate from the list of those registered on the platform and click “vote”. During the voting, 44 XXP tokens will be frozen** on the stakeholder's balance. The tokens used by the stakeholder for “voting” remain in the ownership of the user, but are assigned to the corresponding staking pool for calculating the “weight” of the Delegate. Frozen tokens continue to participate in staking. **stakeholder tokens are not unfrozen, but continue to participate in staking Example: User1 purchases 1000 XXP. In solo staking, he earns 7% per month, and by voting for any delegate on this page, he will receive 9%. Delegate commission from 1 to 10% will be deducted from his income on a daily basis. Even if it is 10%, then in a month User1 will receive 8.1% of tokens from 1000 coins, and 0.9% will be given in commissions to the delegate. At the same time, if User1 has the reinvestment option enabled, then the income will dynamically increase.
  3. Hello, my name is Alexander Orеl.I am the founder of the History:In 2017, my team and I started creating a Private Trading Terminal for the Binance exchange.In 2018, we launched a beta version that closed 1,000-3,000 profitable positions per day, depending on the trading intensity, using a comprehensive entry strategy, DCA and trailing profit. This is amazing!During the tests, weaknesses were identified with the simultaneous operation of several bots, the volatility and liquidity of the cryptocurrency market.In 2019, we began to restructure the project, considering all the experience of 2017-2018 years to launch the Public version.In February 2020 we opened the panel for trading. In March 2020 we have added Margin trading. On April 1 we launched trading on Futures Binance. On May 1, 2020, Binance Futures Hedge Mode was activated. Features: 🔥FREE SUBSCRIPTION! Details → 🦾FUTURES TRADING Open Long or Short Positions and use the power of 1-125x leverage! 💪MARGIN TRADING Earn money by lowering the price of coins! The loan returns once an hour automatically. ⭐SPOT TRADING Earn on the growth of coins 💡Calculation of the price of a position including trading fee! Now you will not need to add a trading fee in your mind when setting Take Profit. Read more → 💸Take profit module Auto-placing by a certain percentage or at a fixed price, rearrangement after averaging by the same distance as before averaging. Read more → 🛑Stop loss module Auto-placing by a certain percentage or at a fixed price of a virtual order, rearrangement after averaging by the same distance as before averaging, if specified in the settings. Read more → 🌊Floating order Our authoring, which allows you to enter a limit order at the best price. Read more → 🔒 Auto close position Cancel averaging orders and close a position when the TP or SL is filled 100%. Read more → 📈Display orders and positions on the chart powered by TradingView you can see and move orders, TP, SL, average position cost 👉Ability to move orders on the chart You can move orders, take profit, stop loss, trailing profit directly on the chart of the currency pair. Read more → 👀 Preview of TP and SL on the chart before position opening By default, TP and SL are set to % from the settings, but on the chart you can manually adjust the price of TP and SL. Read more → 💎User-friendly interface developed usability for the simple trading on crypto exchanges with automation of routine functions 📣Notifications About all operations with orders and when closing a position 🧠Thoughtful form for creating an order We spent an incredible amount of time on tests to work out the most optimal variant of the order creation form with the ability to connect / disconnect automation modules 🧮Averaging (DCA or CA) Calculation % of position distance after averaging a position. The system takes into account all orders between the price of the created order and the price of the position. You can also calculate the number of coins needed for the desired % lag position. 🎛Position info's Thoughtful display of the position and list of orders in it. 💰Wallet Balances Updating balances without reloading the page. Conclusion general market balance and coin balances in orders 🕶Dark theme A nice night theme, although I use it at any time of the day! 💹Currency pairs ticker Ability to create a list of selected currency pairs, see a dynamic change in price, trading volume in 24 hours 📗Displaying an order in a order book A trifle, but it’s convenient to see the order being located directly in a glass 🖥Stable service we host the code on the powerful servers working in the cluster with load balancing and monitoring of the system 🔍BNB balance control the service control the balance and buys BNB if necessary In the near future, it is planned to add hedging and trailing profit on futuresWebsite: Finandy.comNews: docs.finandy.comTelegram chat: @finandy
  4. Предлагаю некоторые инструменты для самостоятельного анализа Специально Для Binance Хотя можно эти данные использовать и для общего обзора. Остальные ссылки даю вам для ознакомления. Я долго их собирал. Ни всем они по душе , но это все бесплатные инструменты! CoinMarketCap Самый популярный и широко распространенный сайт о криптовалюте . Там много инструментов есть ЮЗАЙТЕ Coindar Календарь событий криптовалют CoinMarketCal Календарь событий криптовалют Альтернатива CMC CoinGecko Альтернатива CMC Альтернатива CMC но с более глубоким анализом. Можно назвать его самым научным (прогноз цен на ближайший год, сводка о доходности каждой монеты с момента её запуска и рейтинг криптовалют на основе вороха объективных данных: активности разработчиков, качества бренда и продукта, общения в соцсетях и других особенностей конкретного проекта.) Обширная база + при регистрации и подписке можно как и на бесплатном акке брать книги заказов и прочие фишки Можно сказать что этот сайт самый информативный. На сайте есть разделы для трейдеров, майнеров, инвесторов и обычных пользователей. Здесь есть отзывы и рейтинги криптобирж, кошельков, асиков, видеокарт и ICO-проектов. Интересная система расчета справедливой стоимости и справедливой цены стоит взглянуть на это Альтернатива CMC Танец монет подробно показывает данные по BTC BTH BTHSV Чтобы полностью оценить ресурс, нужно регистрироваться Один из самых наглядных сайтов Строим графики сами и пользуемся чужими Криптовалюта по активности на Github Очень обширная база инструментов Один из самых наглядных сайтов Наверное он самый перспективный , (появился в сентябре 2017) 23. Отличное дополнение к мониторингу для скальпера 24. Cryptowatch является агрегатором разных криптовалютных бирж — здесь отображается информация самых разных площадок, в том числе и фьючерсы на некоторые монеты. Можно отнести в разряд профессиональных 25. LunarCRUSH использует искусственный интеллект и машинное обучение для анализа социальных тенденций, ориентированных на криптовалюту. 26. Глобальный поставщик финансовой и аналитической информации о криптовалюте. Платформа ведет непрерывный анализ ICO проектов, криптовалют, бирж и других участников рынка, необходимый для принятия взвешенных инвестиционных решений и построения долгосрочных рыночных стратегий. 27. CryptoRank предоставляет экспертную рыночную аналитику и собирает важнейшие новости чтобы помочь участникам рынка в принятии взвешенных трейдерских решений. 28. Реальный объём торговли биткойнами от компании Bitwise 29. Очень обширный перечень различных метрик. Годная тема для полноценного видения происходящих процессов в мире крипты. 30. Новый агрегатор , ранее не встречал , платформа понравилась (Мюнхен, Бавария) 31. Китайский сайт с интересным подходом 32. Китайский аналог CMC 33 Сайт показывает среднюю цену на монету , в настройках указываешь нужную монету и биржи для мониторинга . кроме того указаны стаканы , настройки звуковые и многое другое.... 34. Отличный показатель данных по лонгам и шортам , Еще дорабатывается , обещают больше инструментов 35. - монстр криптовалютных данных поддерживает биржи Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Bitmex, Coinbase Pro и Bitstamp. 36. Coinalyze, ведущая платформа для анализа цен на криптовалюту. Он способен упростить весь процесс отслеживания конкретной цифровой валюты. Лучшие аналитические данные об изменении стоимости криптовалюты можно получить через онлайн-график, поддерживаемый TradingView на портале Coinalyze. Мобильные сайты: Профессиональные: 4. 5. 6. TigerTrade – это инновационный программный комплекс, объединяющий в себе все необходимые для успешного трейдера инструменты. TigerTrade является коммерческим программным обеспечением, и для работы с ним необходимо приобрести лицензию. Вы можете получить бесплатную пробную лицензию на 14 дней. 7. Огромный помощник для трейдера (не только крипто сайт создан для традиционного рынка инвест торговли , и лишь позже сюда добавили крипто) 8. Bybt - это торговая и информационная платформа для торговли фьючерсами на криптовалюту, где вы можете найти информацию о ликвидации биткойнов, открытом интересе к биткойнам, доверительных отношениях с биткойнами в grayscale trust , соотношении длинных и коротких позиций биткойнов и активно сравнивать ставки финансирования для фьючерсов на криптовалюты. стоимость контракта. Если вы освоите хотя бы два - три инструмента , это будет хорошим помощником вам! Всем удачи! Последнее изменение 05.12.2021
  5. A trader buys and sells financial assets (stocks, bonds, currencies, options, etc.) while monitoring market price movements in real time in order to generate profits from a certain capital. The trader can be self-employed, using their own money, or salaried, using the money of others. You can specialize in certain assets or markets and certain styles of trading: binary options trader, commodity trader, high frequency or scalper trader, Forex trader, oil trader, or day trader. + Since the rise of the Internet, independent traders who trade with their own money at home are more and more numerous, since access to the markets is now much easier. + The companies that employ salaried traders are mostly financial institutions but can also be private listed companies whose main business is another.
  6. The cryptocurrency industry is evolving and the exchange sector is one of those sector this evolvement can be highly noticed. We have numerous exchange raging from decentralized to centralized exchanges making a name for themselves. If you were to recommend an exchange to a newbie that just joined the industry, having zero or no knowledge in regards to selecting a quality exchange, which exchange will your refer the user to and why that exchange?.
  7. I took this phrase from a comment they made in some of my posts ... and I dare to give them part of my inspiration of what I thought about it: In trading (putting the example of what inspires me), if you are your own teacher and master in your psychology, patience and daily dedication, I know that you can master the art of making money with trading, no matter how long it takes you If it is a year or 5 years or even a few months, remember that the key to victory in a non-linear market is within you, please always interpret well what the market is trying to convey to you, do not take the opposite, look for Simplicity and the general trend, be the best.
  8. Cпасибо Dova Lazarus & Liquidity Provider за просвещение. HTF - higher time frame; LTF - lower time frame; BBS - broken base; BMS - brake in market structure; POB - point of breakout; FTA - first trouble area; SFP - swing failure pattern, (сквиз - свип) MS - market structure; DO - daily open; PDO - previous daily open; WO - week open; MO - month open; YO - year open; R - risk reward; FU - f*ck you; IMB - imbalance; FVG - fair value gap; Консолидация - боковое движение цены. Обычно приходится на фазы распределения или накопления. Девиация - выход за пределы торгового диапазона. Девиация используется для создания ликвидности путем срабатывания отложенных ордеров и стоп-приказов , которые создают инертное движение, на котором открывается позиция в противоположную сторону. Синоним этого термина есть FU move (fuck you move). Использовать данный инструмент оптимально в связке с дивергенциями , Фибоначчи , ордерблоками, SFP. Интересует набор позиции за пределами коридора, так как основная задача состоит в том , чтоб обнаружить разводку , а не по истине новое мощное движение в сторону пробития. Для этого нужно ждать соответствующие сетапы или факторы за пределами коридора.
  9. BITSGAP- платформа для межбиржевой торговли. Инструмент позволяет подключить по АРI биржи, на которых вы зарегистрированы, и получить площадку с возможностью производить торговлю на нескольких биржах одновременно. Есть функция арбитража, но платная подписка нужна (тарифы на сайте увидите). Есть торговые боты, которые предоставляются бесплатно на 14-дневный триал период. Средства для торговли хранятся на ваших биржах (это плюс). Многие ищут возможность торговли на нескольких биржах, были скамеры, которые якобы предоставляли услуги по арбитражу (Л7 к примеру). Эта же платформа оказалась безопасной как минимум для ваших средств. Каких-либо рекомендаций не даю, каждый трейдер избирает свою стратегию торгов по предоставленным возможностям. Единственно скажу,что при торговле ботами следует выбирать пары не с шиткоинами (для которых прибыльность в процентах сканер указывает высокую), а торговать парами из топ монет. В том случае вы просто остаетесь инвестором топовых монет, а не шиткоинов. ССылка на сайт у меня в подписи.
  10. Добрый день Уважаемые друзья!) Давайте познакомимся! Я трейдер и инвестор, на рынок крипты пришел в 2017 году.🐻 До этого занимался акциями и валютами. Решил создать свою тему, в которой я буду подробно разбирать, а также давать рекомендации по инвестированию🐂 (или НЕ инвестированию) в DeFi проекты. 🍀 Под инвестированием понимаю непосредственно покупку самих монет (холд) , инвестированием в пулы ликвидности не занимаюсь. Также будут рекомендации на торговлю в шорт,🐻 по очевидным DeFi пузырям. В этой теме я собираюсь публиковать обзоры проектов на русском языке, уверен, что тема будет популярна как среди новичков, которые хотят инвестировать в сектор DeFi, но не могут разобраться в обилии информации, так и для опытных пользователей. Расскажу немного о моей стратегии, на основе которой я буду давать здесь свои рекомендации по инвестированию. В основе ее лежит метод стоимостного инвестирования. Данный метод был предложен известным инвестором, долларовым миллиардером Уоренном Баффетом. "Ловля рыбы, там, где ее не ловит почти никто" (с) Суть метода заключается в поиске недооцененных проектов на рынке. Для начала давайте ответим на вопрос, а что же такое недооцененный проект? Представляю Вам свое определение, которое считаю наиболее применимым на рынке криптовалют (относится не только к DeFi сектору). Недооцененный проект - это проект, который обладает характеристиками, способными кратно увеличить его капитализацию. То есть попросту говоря - это НЕраздутый будущий пузырь. А кто раздувает пузыри на крипторынке? Правильно, это крупные игроки, или как их называют новички киты.😀 Отсюда вывод - хочешь заработать, следуй за крупным игроком. Далее рассмотрим, что же это за характеристики такие. (продолжение следует)
  11. This topic I was wondering on what features of yobit derives peoples attention. What is the most yobit feature made up that derives your attention to like yobit more than any exchange in the world of cryptocurrency apart from binance an kucoin?
  12. At beginning you sympathize with me when u was a cryptocurrency illiterate at the beginning of cryptocurrency I don't know anything about cryptocurrency, anything about trade and investment. All my focus was how to get money, if I get a petty trade I engaged myself into it just to get money no matter how stressful it is stress. As time goes on I met up while the a friend mine he was trying to explain and tell me about cryptocurrency but I didn't give time to understand or learn about. Then one day I saw him and I was really surprised when he told me how he was able to make it. He has definitely change and that is when I gave him time to explain to me, were he introduced cryptocurrency to me and this forum included I am a hard-working guy that I like to do good work and get paid for my work. That is why I spend time to do work and get paid regarding to my stress.i am here only to make money and learn more about cryptocurrency and am happy to meet new friends here and I am welcoming everyone as a friend here in this forum.
  13. According to an article by Archana Chaudhary and Siddhartha Singh published by Bloomberg, India intends to introduce the law to ban cryptocurrency trading. This law would prohibit the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, as has already happened in other Asian economies that have chosen to regulate the cryptocurrency market. The new bill would now be under discussion within the country's government and will be sent to parliament for possible ratification at a later date. The source of this information is anonymous, and given the country's confusing approach to cryptocurrencies over time, it should not necessarily be taken as reliable information. Such measures were already adopted by China in 2017, but they were not particularly effective, and since it is unlikely that the Indian country will be able to operate a regime of controls superior to that of China, a similar result is expected for these strict regulations. Another thing in common with the Chinese approach is the Indian government's support for the development of blockchain technologies, forgetting that real blockchains are only decentralized and that they can only survive if they have their own native cryptocurrency. Therefore, it is fair to assume that the path that cryptocurrencies will take in the next few years in India may repeat the path taken in recent years in China, where trading on cryptocurrency exchanges has not stopped in any way, but rather that it has simply shifted to foreign exchanges. Cryptocurrency ban in India, the former In addition, the Indian exchanges have already won a first battle against the government thanks to the ruling of the country's Constitutional Court that declared the previous ban illegitimate, so it is almost certain that they will continue to fight. Another piece of information is that, since then, the volume of cryptocurrency trading on Indian exchanges has increased by 450%, showing a clear interest in these instruments on the part of the population. For example, other Asian countries, such as South Korea, instead of banning cryptocurrency trading, have strictly regulated the activity of cryptocurrency exchanges, which continue to flourish.
  14. Bitcoin Trading Before you continue with this article on Trading Bitcoin, we have an impression that you are already familiar with the basics of Bitcoin. If not, you can choose to read our other tutorials before pursuing this one. Trading Bitcoin comes with statuary warning, sometimes from one’s own instincts — and sometimes — from the governments’ empathetically written circulars. The digital gold has indeed swept a large section of global traders and investors towards its mouth-watering — and risky — volatility. And as with any speculative market, Bitcoin has its shares of ills when it comes to injecting nightmares inside the traders’ mind. But if you are still interested, here is what you need to know before jumping in. What is Bitcoin Market? A market where Bitcoin gets actively traded with other value-carrying assets is, in simple words, a Bitcoin market. It is like any other Forex bazaar where one buys a currency with another. But unlike fiat currencies, which are minted under the confidence of nations’ economic and financial status, Bitcoin is created without keeping such influential factors in mind. The digital currency is simply generated through a process called “mining”, where miners concurrently solve a block of 50 BTC through mathematical computations. The minted Bitcoins are either stored or are further sold to the regulated exchanges or individuals for fiat money. The functioning of a Bitcoin market is same as that of some commodity (coffee, gold, etc.) that is brewed/mined and sold into the markets, its price fluctuating as per the demand and supply. Where Do You Trade Bitcoin? For us non-miners, getting Bitcoin is now easier than it was a year ago. Now, one only needs to be in a right country to purchase and sell Bitcoins, where exchanges legally act as intermediaries for currency transactions — something that also protects your funds from being mismanaged by external and internal attacks. These exchanges instantly convert your Bitcoin into USD or other fiat currency, and based on the price fluctuations between these two, one can simultaneously sell and purchase their holdings and make good profits — a process we know as arbitrage (explained further below) Where to trade Bitcoin we have
  15. Buying low and selling high is every trader's dream of how trading should go, but how does one tell what price is low and which is high? Entry and exit, that is the hard nut., even seasoned traders struggle with them because they are like mirage. Let's discuss how we approach this issue!
  16. (1)Many people in their normal life, perhaps they have never sold something, people should have a prior knowledge to trading. I have experience in B2B *, retails, buying merchandise, customs, e-commerce, etc, all that experience it was not enough at first for the stock market or digital assets based on cryptocurrencies, it has taken me more than 7 years this learning and I continue learning strategies every day. To become a trader who wants to make a profit you must understand the complexity of buying or selling. The big problem that many people have is that they are not prepared neither in theory nor in practice. The point is, if you are going to become Trader you must understand that every Bitcoin price is a business opportunity, you only have to have the capital and apply a business plan. Conclusion: Some make a one-time investment and enter the classic "I'm going to wait for the price to go up." BUT, the key is investment, you should always have money to buy at different prices and then know how many bitcoin to sell, to compensate for losses or simply make a profit and make new investments. Every Bitcoin Price is a Business Opportunity! Today, Tomorrow , Always. The success of staying happy with bitcoin as a trader is accepting its volatility, so buy different bitcoins at different prices and manage different types of Bitcoin purchased. Although it is the same asset, now treat it as if it were another "currency" that you are buying new price. Example or context: Let's do a mental exercise; Your wallet actually looks like this: 100 BTC / or e.g. any amount. But if we distribute those bitcoin by purchase dates, their bitcoins are distributed in prices in this way: 50 BTC - $65.53 USD (Jul 05, 2013) 1.4 BTC - $20,089 USD (Dec 17, 2017) 30 BTC - $10,191 USD (Feb 25, 2020) 10 BTC - $8,136 USD (Mar 08, 2020) 8.6 BTC - $5,335 USD (Mar 15, 2020) __________ 100 BTC=(1.4+30+50+10+8.6) Not only is a capital investment diversified in different currencies, but a single asset is diversified at different prices. WDYT?
  17. Слив счета - это не всегда трейдерская ошибка - часто это элемент стратегии по управлению капиталом, риск менеджмента, где стоп-аут используется вместо стоп-лосса. Зачем доводить до стоп-аута, если можно поставить стоп-лосс? Ордера "Стоп-лосс" брокер может исполнить с проскальзыванием или гэпом, в результате чего вы понесете убытки несколько больше, чем рассчитывали. В то же время , если вы вносите на торговый счет только лимит на одну сделку или серию сделок, то вы не сможете потерять больше ,чем размер этого лимита. Так же, ограниченный лимит средств на торговый день защищает трейдера от попадания в неконтролируемый тильт и слив всего фонда. Лимит потерь должен определять и выдавать риск-менеджер, который не участвует в вашей аналитике и торговле и не связан с трейдером никакими отношениями. Риск-менеджер - независимый контролер, следит, что бы трейдер не понес убытки больше, чем заложено в утвержденной торговой стратегии. Вопрос к читателям: Как вы контролируете максимальный убыток?
  18. I love crypto related news,forum and any kind of crypto related articles. Since my online journey I want to learn about forex trading. So is there any easy and shortcut way to learn forex trading quickly.
  19. Binance will be down for about 1 hour on December 24, due to a previously agreed system update to improve performance. The statement made by Binance is that futures and option trading will not be affected by this situation during this period. The processes that will be closed during the update are: Deposit and withdrawal, Spot and margin trading, P2P and OTC trading, Saving and redemption services, Clearing or adding / removing liquidity with Luquid swap, staking or using assets in lunchpool, Asset transfers, Transfers from sub accounts, margin accounts, futures accounts, pool accounts and fiat wallets After the update ends, members will be given half an hour for order cancellations, deposits and withdrawals, and pre-trade account functions. Binance advised those with open futures or collateral positions to review their collateral balances so that members are not adversely affected by market fluctuations. Binance announced in its announcement that it will suspend transactions 10 minutes before the update is made. He asked that withdrawals and deposits and all asset transfers would be stopped and all members complete their transactions according to this time. Binance stated that it will instantly share the status of the update from social media accounts, emphasizing that the update time is an estimated 1 hour and may vary.
  20. I will like every one to take a moment and reason before answering this simple, direct question. Did you joined this forum with a carefully designed planned to achieve??? - If YES That's Good you can share it with us - If NO IT'S NOT TOO LATE You can set it now...
  21. Hi I'm here Crypto trader expert. I want to teach way of earn by Crypto mining and crypto trading. I will also share signals for spot trading and sometime for future trading. But I like spot trading. I will teach you A to Z by this platform when cryptotalk open a payment method. Then I will start here Crypto course for all members is free. Training course will be best for biginners and also for traders to know signal. I also teach you analytical analysis and technical analysis and crytpo graph.
  22. It’s very hard to convince people about this new Unicorn (bitcoin) so the best way is to get them some for free nesrly everyone I have gotten into crypto has picked up around £100 before reaching In there own pocket there are wallets and tasks that people can complete to earn , the blockchain walllet gives you $25-50 for opening a wallet and doing a KYC , admittley I haven’t done this my passport ran out of date but yeah if you want to bring newbies on board , get them buzzing right from the off , I have several hooked fish.
  23. Its very bad and srressful sometimes when some users qoute our posts. This users oftens did this not knowing about the second feature of qouting a post. Dear all newbies or begginners we are all ready to help you from making mistakes. We are all one commiunity met together and get employed to serve the same job we have eqaul payments not differing from the number posts we have neither the ranks. 3 WAYS TO QOUTE A POST 1. By using the qoute visible option. 2. By using the qoute selection invisible Option 3. By using the tagging option Steps to apply the second feature of qouting long post. 1. BY USING THE QOUTE VISIBLE OPTION This option is visible to everyone we can all see it on every user that post or by creating topics. This is very useful in qouting a short post. Here is a screenshot to this option below👇 2. BY USING THE QOUTE SELECTION INVISIBLE OPTION This option is invisible, and this option is mostly use in qouting long post. When you see a long post or when someone qoutes you long post try to read it. Try to identify were you understand and have question to ask. Just as you can see from the screenshot below 👇 This feature is applicable to both Android users and desktop users. All you need to do is to click on the sentence for few seconds there you can select to were appropriate you want to qoutes below it shows you the qoute selection option and click on it. 3. THE TAGGING OPTION This feature is the easiest feature and popular feature that is use even on social media. If you can't use that feature you can apply the next feature which is the tagging option. By using the symbol ''@'' at beginning and follow by the name of the person you are trying to tag instead of qouting. Below I can make use of the qoute option by tagging the names of some good contributors and experts of the forum although they are not on the leadersboard but their works activities get our attentions towards the forum and they worth attention and good friends to be trusted. @BTC Future @Calvinpriva @Whited35 @rekter @Mcd0d0 @Ndayebo8 @Honny143 @kitekite24 @bino @Dorjoy12 . I am happy to welcome everyone including the newbies with great hope that this topic gonna be very helpful to everyone that crosses it having problem with this feature. Note: this users I tagged are always ready to help you in kind of asking questions you find complicated. I will also be there for you all if you have questions regarding the forum and about cryptocurrency with the little knowledge I have if I don't know I will forward it to some Experts here for good feedback. Nice to meet you all🙏
  24. Hello everyone !! I want to explain some simple steps to locate our reputations without checking our profile I don't know if you are aware of this feature in the forum. Many of us here don't know about it You can follow me friends from my steps: - First you need to go to the cryptotalk homepage. - you will find the a few word written like ''popular contributors'' from the names you see written carefully scroll down a little you click on ''show more'' - Here you see the the list of the popular contributors(just here at the heading is written as the leaders board) writing at the last left end of the page you scroll a little you may see a two box containing some option if choices there click on it, it appears with an option all you need is to click on " today" were the second option you select " all areas" there appears list of today's users that have the highest reputations if you are among those having high reputations you can see it there. If you are not among this users you need to work more harder this will motivate you dude. All this are easy steps my friends from the logic you can still use the same process from the options giving to know how much you have been contributing in the forum you can locate your weekly, monthly and yearly reputations depending on how much old you have been in this forum. Best of luck my friends happy Posting
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