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  1. Hello Guy, i'm New Trader for crypto, I'm Newbie start trading Latoken Exchanger, Please suggest Best Trading Website. And what documents are required to verify the exchange account?
  2. I have read a couple of books, including Warren Buffet, some of Donald Trump, Livermore, Malkiel Burton, are excellent, they have many lessons applicable to the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency market. Which ones have you read? Do you apply what you have learned there?
  3. Trading is not for everyone bro... And it is not something that is only for the rich, nor for the smartest, but it would be irresponsible to make you believe that anyone can profit by operating on the stock market. While trading is something that anyone can learn, there are certain very clear circumstances in which trying to become a trader is anything but recommended, but that already depends on the person; number 1, its psychological aspect and its possible failure if you do not train it is the first characteristic that destroys new beginner operators, and number 2 becoming addicted to positions implies a loss of concentration which obsesses you but does not make you move forward to maintain profitability That everyone looks for at the end of the day.
  4. Compared to the big leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple etc. which have market caps up to billions, the low cap altcoins only have market caps up to 1 or 2 million, which is comparatively tiny. The big advantage of those small altcoins is that they can potentially grow astronomically, like several dozens to several hundreds of percentages within a couple of months. So if you only have 50 bucks to invest, a low cap coin could make 2,500 of them if it grows 50x, for instance. Not over night, but maybe within a couple of weeks or months.
  5. I predict the price of Bitcoin until the end of November is only up to $ 12,000 at its highest point. even then, if two resistance of $10,100 and $10,800 can be achieved. following as my prediction. what about your prediction?
  6. if you want to be a successful trader then you have to learn good strategy to apply. Because it is not possible to be a successful trader without the right guidance, so everyone can comment here on how to be successful by investing less.
  7. BitFlyer exchange of japan which is japan top ten exchange is going to support XRP for trading.Now the XRP can be easily buy and sell on exchange in japan.I think its a big move from XRP.It look like XRP future is bright. What do you think about RP this improvement. Source:
  8. Guys, in this post I want to share my trading experience and at the same time to know from you a sincere opinion, ok, no frills come on. I started with cryptocurrencies about two years ago, and I'll tell you, I wasn't a very lucky person, or maybe I didn't have the proper experience, because every time I would trade an altcoin or even BTC, The following happened, I bought thinking that the price was good, thinking it was low, yes it was even low, but it is not that whenever I invented to buy instead of raising prices fall more! Yes, there I thought, but my thing, the price is falling, so I sold shortly after fear of losing too much, right, but when I sold is not that the price increased more, then I was pistol. A long time I was indignant and wondered: I don't want to know about this cryptocurrency business anymore, trading, this is not for me, I'm very "unlucky". But then I would stop trading for a while, not that prices would skyrocket, and guess I had not bought anything, so I would not participate in this bull rum. In the end, I would like to know from you if anyone has been through this one day, and if we can consider it "bad luck" or just lack of experience ?! Today I can say that I can assimilate when it is my time to buy and when it is my time to sell, because I already have more experience. Well, I hope you share your experiences or inexperience in negotiations. Hugs to all.
  9. I took this phrase from a comment they made in some of my posts ... and I dare to give them part of my inspiration of what I thought about it: In trading (putting the example of what inspires me), if you are your own teacher and master in your psychology, patience and daily dedication, I know that you can master the art of making money with trading, no matter how long it takes you If it is a year or 5 years or even a few months, remember that the key to victory in a non-linear market is within you, please always interpret well what the market is trying to convey to you, do not take the opposite, look for Simplicity and the general trend, be the best.
  10. The best approach to that in my experience is to do both, trade and HODL. For example let's say you sold 10 Bitcoins at $10K. You would have $100K. Lets say you waited and bought back at $8000, you would now have 12.5 Bitcoins. At that point I would suggest putting away to HODL 1.5-2.5 Bitcoins. If you put away the whole 2.5 Bitcoins profit, you still have the 10 Bitcoins you started with. Personally I would pay myself and sell 0.5 BTC as there is nothing wrong with it and you need to reward yourself on wins like that. 1 Bitcoin put away to HODL, and 1 Bitcoin added to the tradeable balance which would give me 11 to trade with. You can apply that same strategy with any trading amount and any profit targets as you will constantly put profit away for future price hikes.
  11. Buying low and selling high is every trader's dream of how trading should go, but how does one tell what price is low and which is high? Entry and exit, that is the hard nut., even seasoned traders struggle with them because they are like mirage. Let's discuss how we approach this issue!
  12. There are lots of data we can analyze to improve our trades. I know that professional trading is not only about checking prices every day. We should analyze other hints and clues to predict what will happen. Trading without prediction is not very profitable. To make good predictions we need other data such as market capitalization and market volume. When we talk about market cap we refer to total circulating supply of any coin times its price. This seems to be an important factor in crypto trading because most articles that I read, have referred to it. Market cap will indicate that even a coin with less price can have more value than another coin with more price. This is where the concept of circulation stands out. Market volume definition is clear to most of us and doesn't need any explanation. Now, my question is that how can we use these two metrics to gain benefit from crypto trading? Do you always look at them when you are trading?
  13. Let's say it's my specialization, in part even though I'm in trouble of better mastering this type of OTC market. Before entering general trading or simply margin trading, study the important concepts and what it means to carry out this type of operations because I have heard many ignorant people say that MT is a scam when they are the poorly educated who use good tools to discredit this type of conditional trading. Read the concepts, the hours, the movements and more importantly the traps of the wicks, the percentages and why there is margin trading. Take your time to learn before criticizing as a bocon.
  14. You've seen some trading pairs before. Head over to Binance and you'll see up to 36000 of them(you probably won't look through all 36000, but there are 36000). Most trading pairs are made up of BTC against some other cryptocurrency. But you can also have ETH against some,XLM,XRP and others. In these cases,the currency on the left is called the base currency. It is the one you are comparing to the one on the right of the slash,called the quote currency. The quote currency is the one that determines the exchange rate,which is the number associated with that pair. Let's take an example. Look at this pair: BTC/USD = $7480 BTC is the base currency. USD is the quote currency. If you were to buy 1 BTC with USD, it'll cost you $7480, and if you were to buy 7480 USD with BTC, it'd cost you 1 BTC. Hope that made some sense. So,how do trading pairs work? And what is a good enough interest rate on trading pairs? To answer the first question, trading pairs work as a ratio of the quote currency to the base currency. In the above example,it would be tantamount to stating USD divided by BTC. Another example: BTC/ETH = 0.02 Assume the price of ETH is $186,and BTC is $7480. So BTC/ETH would be ETH divided by BTC. Which would yield the exchange rate,or the number after the equality sign. So what interest rate is good for these kinds of pairs? Well,since these pairs depend highly on the prices of both the base and quote currencies,anywhere from 0.2% per trade is fine. You shouldn't even expect to get higher than that given the unstable nature of Cryptocurrencies. I hope you gained something new
  15. Trading crypto is twofold. You can either read graphs,draw trend lines and channels,use Bollinger bands and RSI indicators and whatnot to try and guess where the price would move to next,when to get in on a trade and when to take your profits and run like a guy being chased by a rabid dog. Or you can buy low and hope the price goes higher than what you bought at,so you can sell what you bought at a higher price.(So basically you have no idea what you're doing.) Obviously,most people are option number 2, although they'd love to be able to be option 1. The thing is,learning how to trade cryptocurrencies is stressful and strenuous. It requires a lot of mental and physical efforts on your part. Most people aren't into putting in effort. So they pay for signals(or if they're REALLY cheap,they get free signals,which are 90% of the time used to fund scam coins and shit coins that are owned by the service). By the way,a signal is a message sent to a trader telling the trader when and what to buy and when and what to sell,when to take profits and when to set stop losses incase they are wrong. Professional signals can cost you about $200 a month and upwards from $3000 a year. But you'd be making so much more than that right? In theory yes. But practically,even the most expensive signals are wrong sometimes. The higher their cost doesn't determine their credibility. Although they're not 100% reliable,good signals CAN and will make you money. Just don't expect them to be correct 100% of the time. In fact,if you're even quick with free signals,you can take a fat profit and run,before the owners of the shitcoin sell all their holdings and render it useless. But that's if you're quick,and I don't recommend you do that.(In fact,nothing in this post is a direct recommendation. They're just suggestions and corny jokes.) So what should you do? Should you go in blindly? Should you spend thousands of dollars on signals?(Fun fact: Some services actually charge as high as $10 PER SIGNAL,which is just insane considering that 20 signals can be given out a day). Or..... Should you learn how to trade cryptocurrencies? That question is entirely up to you. If you do learn how to trade,you'd be responsible for your profits(which really feels good),as well as your losses. You'd also save a ton of money that would have been used to pay for signals. You could even invest that money! You'd also be able to offer your own trading signals to people for a fee,turning your skill into actual cold,hard cash. But if you don't want to learn,there are great crypto signal telegram channels like which give some really great signals. Just don't mind their 99% accuracy rate do hickey claim, as no one can really predict the market.
  16. As I see, most people are afraid of trading because they think the prices may drop suddenly and they have to sell and lose money. I thought about this problem and found a solution for those who don't want to lose money under any circumstances. The solution is to buy any coin at the least possible price. You can find the lowest price of every coin in its price history data in websites like CoinMarketCap. By least possible price I don't mean the price of 10 years ago. I mean the lowest price of any coin in latest years. For example, the lowest price for bitcoin in recent years had been around $3000 - $4000. Those panic traders who want to take the lowest risk possible can wait until the price drops to this range and purchase bitcoin to hold it until $9K - $10K price range. I know this solution will slow down your trade but I think it can severely reduce the risk of panic selling. What do you think?
  17. mikromano


    Today and I include myself, we buy bitcoin to earn a significant return due to speculation. In the future people will use bitcoin probably out of necessity just as we use the Internet today. Not only bitcoin but also other cryptos, at that time the price will be stable due to adoption and liquidity, we will no longer do it for price but for necessity, similar to a perfect market, much supply much demand more stability and liquidity. The evolution of wallets is greatly improving the payment experience with cryptos. The finances of the future will be in cryptos, it is the most generalized opinion, even the main banks in the world have that opinion. At the present time, people buy and save their bitcoin but doing traiding would earn more at this time, it is not time to keep btc, a loss of 7 thousand or less is expected, while the whales make traiding the thousands that bought the they keep in their wallet, much hodl but if you trade, you will earn more satoshis.
  18. Hello all, I think that Yobit should start a section on Coin information. My thinking is that if they are supporting the coin and trading it, they should know all about it. I would like to know: When was it born. Who was behind it. Is it deflationary or inflationary. What´s the CAP and how many are in circulation. What was the main purpose of the coin. If the wallet is in maintenance when is it expected to be fixed. Are there any Airdrops or Investment Box options on the Coin. What other exchanges carry the coin. You guys can add things you´d like to see in this new Yobit Coins Info Section. I believe it would add a great deal of confidence to investors to trade on the Yobit Exchange and that in turn would make the exchange much more valuable and prestigious. What are your thoughts?
  19. As crypto investors, there are many things we must visit, as well as the complete crypto market with high approval and volatility. No doubt, even though the crypto market is currently bearish, it is still waiting for many opportunities. Therefore, strategic trade that must be obliged by crypto traders can be profit and loss. Here are four of the best trading strategies adapted from Arbitrage trading Arbitrage is a technical trade that involves buying and selling assets at the same time with the aim of making a profit based on price differences. In the context of crypto trading, arbitration means buying crypto from certain exchangers and then selling it at a higher price at other crypto exchangers. This method means that traders must pay attention to price differences (which often occur in the crypto market due to volatility). Successful arbitration depends greatly on the speed that we can do. Therefore, traders who are interested in using this method can use trading bots that can automate the process and carry out arbitration. Trading bots can improve markets without minimizing human error. Swing Trading Swing trading method is not easy because it really depends on the ability of traders to read market conditions. Swing trade means the trader holds the crypto for a certain period (daily or weekly) while determining whether the crypto trend is up or up. Fundamental Analysis Fundamental analysis is one of the most sophisticated trading methods, which means buying digital assets and storing them for several years. In fundamental analysis, a trader must look at various indicators and determine whether an asset is being overvalued or undervalued. This method was developed by Benjamin Graham and popularized by Warren Buffet. This method is actually used to buy shares of conventional companies, but can also be applied to digital assets. In the crypto market, fundamental analysis uses factors such as network value to transaction ratio, the value of the associated digital asset proposal, and the quality of the team. Copy Trade Trade Copy is a method by which traders can use the example of trading by senior traders. Platforms that have copy trading features include eToro and 1Broker. Beginner traders can cheat from traders who are more experienced and need knowledge and inspiration to make money. Scalping Scalping is a suitable method for traders who are looking for small but frequent profits. This method utilizes various price gaps that use bid-ask spreads and order flow. The trader buys the asset at the bid price and then sells it at the asking price to accept the difference between the two prices. Conclusion: Each trading method contains each of them. We must find a method that suits our personality. I myself am more towards fundamental analysis and swing trading, while I can trade in a few days or weeks. In my opinion, more than just let's discuss one method and focus on using that method until we master it.
  20. Have you been in a situation where your Holding Alts , you lost 75% of your portfolio and now your in a position where your value is no going anywhere. Its where I am , in the past I was quick to FOMO hard and it cost me , not only did I tremble my balance in one coin , I rode it all the way down to half the value I bought it at. I’ve had some painful lessons but for the past 2 months I’ve hardly lost anything, I have just traded and held the same coins REN, Matic and Fantom. The series of losses have caused me a lot of pain and have left me in a spiralling in a world of depression and the longer I wait the more depressed I get. So what can I do???? GROW UP!! Patience will pay off. In my next post I shall be leaving some tips I’ve learned that helped me stop making mistakes.
  21. What you think what is best or more profit able crypto trading Amir the forex trading I think that the crypto trading is the because it's very good and easy to start the trade and take profit or it's not have a much risk in the trade then why I think it's good.
  22. I am busy in real life, making me not to check the market in a few days. This day I am back to the market and check all of the prices, and I see bitcoin price is down deeper. Ah, I think I miss the right time to buy bitcoin, but I guess today we are at the weekend time, so the chance for the price to go lower than today will be wide. I think I will place in buy order in some range, and I hope that my order can be filled in today or tomorrow. Here is some of the market movement based on different time interval: In that image, you will see that bitcoin price is on the sideways, but it could be another down if the traders decide to sell their bitcoin for a large amount. You can place your order buy at $7,630 to test if the price is down or not. This is the 4h of the time interval. We see that the price is trying to rise after reached the lowest price, but still, that price cannot be predicted whether it will be increase or down again. You should be careful to decide. Meanwhile, you can try to make a buy order as I say in previous. And this is for the daily chart. I see that the price will still go down, and maybe it will touch $7,200 if the traders panic, but I am not sure if the price will go down below than $7,000. But the chance for the price to reach below than $7,000 will be there. So how about you guys, do you decide to buy more bitcoin, or only watch the market without doing anything, or you need to wait for another downtime to buy more bitcoin?
  23. Which Strategy Is The Best? If you feel lost in all these stuff like trading, hodling, altcoins, leverage etc… Here is what I do. If I had to describe what I do with one word, it would be ; “HODL”. That’s right I hodl. I do it for years and I made fat bucks just by doing nothing. I don’t trade, I don’t make leveraged trades neither. From time to time, I play with altcoins but I usually end up with going back to the original, bitcoin. The majority of my holdings are in bitcoin. I hodl some small coins like Litecoin, Monero too but not as many as Bitcoins. Why do I do that? The longer you play, the higher chances to lose. Trading is not much different than playing in a casino. I’ve seen guys who made super profits from trading but I am not those guys. I like the passive income more. You really don’t have to do anything other than sitting tight. You can enjoy your time while doing some other stuff like playing guitar or exploring outside. Sitting in front of a screen every day is not healthy. Why not altcoins? There are hundreds of thousands of them and solid ones like Litecoin or Monero are already big enough. They won’t be giving you more profits than Bitcoin. They may actually but it won’t make much of a difference. Unless you have super sharp eyes or insider information about a coin which is going to get pumped, you are better of staying away from alts. People made a lot more just buy holding eth or ripple during the 2017 boom but that times is over. Those coins are already big now. If you buy them now you won’t make that big gains again. Be on the safe side, hodl your BTC’s tight.
  24. One of the problems in learning to trade is that there is no regular progression that takes a beginner trader from ignorance to knowledge, or from a loser to a consistent winner. The programs currently available or teach the vocabulary of trading or simply provide a series of favorite bookmarks. None of these approaches produces consistently good traders. One of the problems in learning to trade is that there is no regular progression that takes a beginner trader from ignorance to knowledge, or from a loser to a consistent winner. The programs currently available or teach the vocabulary of trading or simply provide a series of favorite bookmarks. None of these approaches produces consistently good traders.
  25. Which one would be best for the present to be profitable coin by short term Trading. I do not understand which coin to buy? please suggest me.
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