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Found 262 results

  1. Do you need to study a lot to become a good trader and then earn good money by trading? What good free sites can you recommend for study?
  2. What is going right is just the predictions made by many people against the Bitcoin chat and halving this year, I don't usually believe in predictions because I followed many predictions from some experts but their predictions didn't correspond as they predict and only some little was right. I conclude that following predictions was risky sometimes if care doesn't taking we may use predictions and lose your money. What did you come up about this topic do we still believe predictions?
  3. Its very bad and srressful sometimes when some users qoute our posts. This users oftens did this not knowing about the second feature of qouting a post. Dear all newbies or begginners we are all ready to help you from making mistakes. We are all one commiunity met together and get employed to serve the same job we have eqaul payments not differing from the number posts we have neither the ranks. 3 WAYS TO QOUTE A POST 1. By using the qoute visible option. 2. By using the qoute selection invisible Option 3. By using the tagging option Steps to apply the second feature of qouting long post. 1. BY USING THE QOUTE VISIBLE OPTION This option is visible to everyone we can all see it on every user that post or by creating topics. This is very useful in qouting a short post. Here is a screenshot to this option below👇 2. BY USING THE QOUTE SELECTION INVISIBLE OPTION This option is invisible, and this option is mostly use in qouting long post. When you see a long post or when someone qoutes you long post try to read it. Try to identify were you understand and have question to ask. Just as you can see from the screenshot below 👇 This feature is applicable to both Android users and desktop users. All you need to do is to click on the sentence for few seconds there you can select to were appropriate you want to qoutes below it shows you the qoute selection option and click on it. 3. THE TAGGING OPTION This feature is the easiest feature and popular feature that is use even on social media. If you can't use that feature you can apply the next feature which is the tagging option. By using the symbol ''@'' at beginning and follow by the name of the person you are trying to tag instead of qouting. Below I can make use of the qoute option by tagging the names of some good contributors and experts of the forum although they are not on the leadersboard but their works activities get our attentions towards the forum and they worth attention and good friends to be trusted. @BTC Future @Calvinpriva @Whited35 @rekter @Mcd0d0 @Ndayebo8 @Honny143 @kitekite24 @bino @Dorjoy12 . I am happy to welcome everyone including the newbies with great hope that this topic gonna be very helpful to everyone that crosses it having problem with this feature. Note: this users I tagged are always ready to help you in kind of asking questions you find complicated. I will also be there for you all if you have questions regarding the forum and about cryptocurrency with the little knowledge I have if I don't know I will forward it to some Experts here for good feedback. Nice to meet you all🙏
  4. It's so bad when I come to realized that 90% of many lose and failure comes from lack of patient, and many successful project, of either trading, investment or any activity comes from patient. This forced me to developed my experience and finally conclude that patient is success, without patient we can't achieve what we want. This topic was telling us to always be patient in our day to day activities in other to be successful, I hope I am having same opinion with you friends?
  5. A trader buys and sells financial assets (stocks, bonds, currencies, options, etc.) while monitoring market price movements in real time in order to generate profits from a certain capital. The trader can be self-employed, using their own money, or salaried, using the money of others. You can specialize in certain assets or markets and certain styles of trading: binary options trader, commodity trader, high frequency or scalper trader, Forex trader, oil trader, or day trader. + Since the rise of the Internet, independent traders who trade with their own money at home are more and more numerous, since access to the markets is now much easier. + The companies that employ salaried traders are mostly financial institutions but can also be private listed companies whose main business is another.
  6. What are the common mistake in investing crypto? Crypto currency is something new to me, and I've enough money to invest in crypto to make a profit, But before starting to invest, I want to know first, are there common mistakes that are often made by beginner traders
  7. There are many reasons that brings us failure in trading. There are so many of us here and outside the forum that experience failure in trading and they couldn't get to understand why they always fail and couldn't able to make it in trading. I cross through this problem and I found it very much intresting to help some of us that are into this problem and those that are yet to fail into this problem. This problem of which I observed and investigate in are: 1. Taking risk: many of us find it very difficult to be a risk take were at any point a Bussiness individual or firm must take risk or be a risk taker because he might be expecting profits and at the same time loss but his full expectation must be at getting profit. 2. Rush: we sometimes rush into market when we see misfortunes that looks like opportunity we put our money and end up losing them because you can end up depositing your money in a wrong market or wrong address. 3. Greedy: there are many of us that seems to be greedy to meet up their need even when they see profit they will not grab it think that it will rise and later it fails and you end up losing that opportunity due to greediness. 4. Confident: you should have confident in your trading make sure you are sure of what you are trading. 5. Self reliance: believe that you can always make it don't wait for someone to show you the right thing to do believe that you can do it do research know well about what you are doing get the knowledge. 6. Knowledge/ ignorance: this was the worst part don't hear story or news about trading and pack all your money into trading were you don't have the knowledge of trading this will lead to failure. There might be more reason I didn't include you can share some more reason to help others out of problem. Thank you
  8. I create this topic to help us all just give time to read to the end. Always be good by making yourself good, distance yourself from get banned. Do you know what. You shall get banned if you do this: 1. Breaking a rule( I mean single rule) you shall get banned. 2. You shall get banned if you create a multiple accounts. 3. You shall get banned when you created a low quality post 4. You shall get banned when you create a topic or post which is irrelevant to the section and to the forum. 5. You shall get banned when you keep repeating a post of thesame sentence. 6. You shall get banned when you are caught not contributing to the forum either by posting low quality post and repetitive post. 7 you will get banned when you make a post of 10p characters while you didn't contributing in creating topics of your own ideas or knowledge. 8. You shall get banned when you do plagiarism that is copy and pasting other members ideas. 9. You shall get banned when you copied an answer to a topic you don't answer either from Google it is still anti plagiarism. 10. You shall get banned when you get access to the forum using a banned Ip address or banned country. Note: you will get banned no matter how much post you created in the forum if you break the rules you will get restricted or banned create good topics and Post this is what is need in the forum don't only post without creating a topic either 2 to 3 topics a week is enough. Lets take care, let's protect ourselves from getting banned I creat this topic to help us know some reason why we get banned. I love you all let's help each other.
  9. The cryptocurrency industry is evolving and the exchange sector is one of those sector this evolvement can be highly noticed. We have numerous exchange raging from decentralized to centralized exchanges making a name for themselves. If you were to recommend an exchange to a newbie that just joined the industry, having zero or no knowledge in regards to selecting a quality exchange, which exchange will your refer the user to and why that exchange?.
  10. I spent only 2 minutes on registration in Yobit exchange, I was really excited how crypto- exchange could be so well constructed for each person whom it using, I`m not professional in investing, I`m day trader, so I would like to know a few words about the investing box on Yobit exchange ? I hear that it really works and guyz are really earning not bad money from their homes just using only pc and that Yobit investing box. Really fed up by a lot of coins, good system of stop- loss which will safe your money from news storm. So I`m going to start my own career on Yobit exchange, and I invite you to join me!!!
  11. Many people (especially crypto beginners) they join crypto world and become traders without knowing many things about trading. A lot of them they think only trading bitcoin will give them profit, so whatever they earn they convert to bitcoin and trade it. Let me tell you one thing, bitcoin trading is good if you have large amount to trade but with small amount you will earn very small profit! And bitcoin is not the only coin that can give you profit in trading. Here are some 3 coins that I recommend, they are cheap and profitable. Anyone can afford them and trade them easily. If it’s okay, our brother @Whited35 can give us more coins. He’s among the best traders am proud of! He told me some things about ETH and about day trading that I didn’t know before, thank you. 1.XRP (Ripple) - This among the cheapest coins that I know and it’s one of my best coins. With $1 you can buy 4 XRP for the current price, that means it costs only $0.25 per coin! $0.25 is not the best price to buy/sell XRP because it usually fall to $0.18/.19 which is the best price to buy, and it grows to $0.3 which is the best price to sell. You may wonder because there is only a price difference of $0.1 and I recommend it! Now let’s say you have purchased 1000 XRP at a price of $0.2 which is $200, and you hold them to reach $0.3 then you sell them. 1000XRP x $0.3 = $300 and you purchased them @$200 !!! Only the increase of $0.1 has given you a profit of $100!! And you have trade a cheap coin, imagine how much profit you could earn in bitcoin by trading $200! LTC (Litcoin) - This is another coin that I trade and recommend. LTC it’s not cheaper like XRP and it’s not high like bitcoin, so you can still afford it. The current price for LTC is $50 according to yobit, also it’s not a good price to buy or sell because at that price it may fall or pump anytime so it’s like playing a dice game. The best price to buy LTC it’s under $45/$43 until $38, and the best price to sell LTC is from $63 to $75 according to my experience. 1 LTC can give you a $20 - $35 profit if you’ll be active to watch the market prices and make a quick buy or sell. Imagine if you've purchased only 5 LTC at a price of $45 which is $225 and you hold them and sell at a price of $65, 5LTC x $65 = $325, that means you will made a profit of $100 by just trading $225 in LTC. WAVES – Another best coin that can give you a lot of profit with small capital if you are an active trader. The current price for WAVES is $2.6 but i suggest to buy it when it reaches $2.2 or at least $2.4 for a better profit and sell it at $3.2 - $3.6 now let say you have purchased 100 WAVES at a price of $2.4 which is $240 and you hold them until they reach $3.4 and you sell there, 100WAVES x $3.4 = $340, and you will just made $100 profit for trading $240 in WAVES! This coin can reach $4 but don’t wait to double your money because anything can happen, take your profit and find another opportunity. Don’t worry, this coins are volatile and their price depends on bitcoin. Most of the time they’ll increase or decrease same time with bitcoin. Please, add more details by commenting about other cheap coins that you know are profitable. I will be happy to hear about ETH, LINK, EOS, ETC, TRX and other.
  12. Have you been in a situation where your Holding Alts , you lost 75% of your portfolio and now your in a position where your value is no going anywhere. Its where I am , in the past I was quick to FOMO hard and it cost me , not only did I tremble my balance in one coin , I rode it all the way down to half the value I bought it at. I’ve had some painful lessons but for the past 2 months I’ve hardly lost anything, I have just traded and held the same coins REN, Matic and Fantom. The series of losses have caused me a lot of pain and have left me in a spiralling in a world of depression and the longer I wait the more depressed I get. So what can I do???? GROW UP!! Patience will pay off. In my next post I shall be leaving some tips I’ve learned that helped me stop making mistakes.
  13. Trading for beginners? Nowadays there are many people who promote trading as the easiest way to obtain financial freedom, that with just an app and a week of "Training" accompanied by an investment you will achieve the so much dreamed of financial freedom. That is just a BIG lie, trading is much more than an investment and a training, the people who offer trading in that way are no more than swindlers or charlatans, please keep in mind that trading as you gain is lost. What do you think trading is possible for beginners with little training?
  14. Follow this and read carefully it will be helpful to you: 1. Please calm down do you try to think what did I do to receive a warning points? 2. Have you asked your self on what can give you a warning point? You need anwers to this you can click this to know reasons that can lead you to banned or receiving a warning point. 3. Are you among those that blame the moderators check this to know you mistakes. / 4. Have you try to learn as a beginner click here for more guide: 5. Do you want to be a good member here aee some tips that will help you out. 6. Do you want want to learn from frienda and share ideas here is a guide. 7. Do you want to be among the great and popular contributors you need to check this. 8. Do you need solution to your problem here is the right place to solve your problem read this. You really need this Now I am sure this topic will help you all and newbies to. Best of luck happy posting welcome to this forum cryptotalk
  15. Now I Trading on yobit and binance exchange. At this moment, binance exchange and yobit exchange very popular. Many traders and investors stay here. Today yobit total trading volume 3718 BTC according to Coinmarketcap. It’s really good.
  16. Buying low and selling high is every trader's dream of how trading should go, but how does one tell what price is low and which is high? Entry and exit, that is the hard nut., even seasoned traders struggle with them because they are like mirage. Let's discuss how we approach this issue!
  17. I always check prices on Yobit and I have noticed that these days, Dash coin is experiencing a massive bull run that is still going on. Its value is increasing faster than bitcoin and ethereum and it is also a reputable coin in the market. I thought about the idea of converting my BTC to Dash in Yobit to get more profit until Dash bull run stops. I still haven't done anything and I thought that it is better to consult with you before doing this conversion. Do you think this is a wise decision?
  18. Trading is not for everyone bro... And it is not something that is only for the rich, nor for the smartest, but it would be irresponsible to make you believe that anyone can profit by operating on the stock market. While trading is something that anyone can learn, there are certain very clear circumstances in which trying to become a trader is anything but recommended, but that already depends on the person; number 1, its psychological aspect and its possible failure if you do not train it is the first characteristic that destroys new beginner operators, and number 2 becoming addicted to positions implies a loss of concentration which obsesses you but does not make you move forward to maintain profitability That everyone looks for at the end of the day.
  19. Guys, in this post I want to share my trading experience and at the same time to know from you a sincere opinion, ok, no frills come on. I started with cryptocurrencies about two years ago, and I'll tell you, I wasn't a very lucky person, or maybe I didn't have the proper experience, because every time I would trade an altcoin or even BTC, The following happened, I bought thinking that the price was good, thinking it was low, yes it was even low, but it is not that whenever I invented to buy instead of raising prices fall more! Yes, there I thought, but my thing, the price is falling, so I sold shortly after fear of losing too much, right, but when I sold is not that the price increased more, then I was pistol. A long time I was indignant and wondered: I don't want to know about this cryptocurrency business anymore, trading, this is not for me, I'm very "unlucky". But then I would stop trading for a while, not that prices would skyrocket, and guess I had not bought anything, so I would not participate in this bull rum. In the end, I would like to know from you if anyone has been through this one day, and if we can consider it "bad luck" or just lack of experience ?! Today I can say that I can assimilate when it is my time to buy and when it is my time to sell, because I already have more experience. Well, I hope you share your experiences or inexperience in negotiations. Hugs to all.
  20. Japanese candlesticks Japanese candlesticks are a type of chart that eastern traders may have used in the Middle Ages in order to track changes in rice prices. In contrast to the usual European chart, Japanese candlesticks give more information about price action: the parameters of the opening and closing of trades, as well as the minimum and maximum prices within a specified time frame. As a general rule, if prices are heading higher during candle formation, the body of the candle will turn Green or be left Red. If prices decrease, the body will be shaded in Red or any other color, even if the increasing candles in this chart have the background color Thus, candlestick analysis allows the trader to understand how prices have changed over a certain period of time. The high and low benchmarks represent the full range of candlestick fluctuations and indicate actual changes in currencies or other asset prices. This matter is especially important in the long-term charts, where the changes in the day's trading are all displayed at the time of closing. You as a trader do you use Japanese candlesticks to analyze the market?
  21. I'm newbie is Crypto world. I want to know which is best for trading coin apps or websites. Can you tell me which apps is best or websites is best for trading?
  22. At beginning you sympathize with me when u was a cryptocurrency illiterate at the beginning of cryptocurrency I don't know anything about cryptocurrency, anything about trade and investment. All my focus was how to get money, if I get a petty trade I engaged myself into it just to get money no matter how stressful it is stress. As time goes on I met up while the a friend mine he was trying to explain and tell me about cryptocurrency but I didn't give time to understand or learn about. Then one day I saw him and I was really surprised when he told me how he was able to make it. He has definitely change and that is when I gave him time to explain to me, were he introduced cryptocurrency to me and this forum included I am a hard-working guy that I like to do good work and get paid for my work. That is why I spend time to do work and get paid regarding to my stress.i am here only to make money and learn more about cryptocurrency and am happy to meet new friends here and I am welcoming everyone as a friend here in this forum.
  23. How do I become a trader? Many people search for information about the Bitcoin currency, which is one of the most important digital currencies at all, but this type is very volatile in the entire markets, but many people have achieved a lot of profits and have great experience in this field. Ways to trade digital currencies for the year 2020 for beginners to profit from the Internet There are two steps to start a good and successful investment and start trading via digital currencies, which is a great opportunity for you for the right investment, and there are two main steps, namely: 1. Initially, you must choose a platform that is reliable as a first step. Currency trading has become very popular, and there are many different brokerage companies and platforms that support digital currency trading. For me, Binance is the best platform for trading cryptocurrencies 2- Depositing the required amount (capital) into the account of the platform that you have chosen after verifying the platform's account for sure Digital currencies are considered a great opportunity for real investment and they are not available in many projects on the ground, and open the field for many ideal opportunities through which to achieve great success around the world in the fast-moving market, and the platform is the best ever and you must know the ideal advice that will You start with a strong and successful trading. Depositing the required amount (capital) into the account of the platform that you have chosen after verifying the platform's account for sure An ideal set of tips for trading the cryptocurrency market 1. You must start trading according to the appropriate financial situation for you, so that you do not risk at first a large amount and lose it and it is difficult for you to pay it later . 2. You must chart a path to success by achieving the goals that you set at the beginning as a motivating factor for you, such as that you follow up the prices of certain currencies and find out the best price for them and the selling price in the short term. 3. You should try to avoid anxiety, tension and haste that results in wrong decisions, because losing deals can be successful later. 4. Stay away from fake news and never trust it. 5. You should not rely on luck or guesswork, as the successful trader always searches for information in order to benefit from it. 6. You must learn from your mistakes in order to be able to succeed and develop your skills from mistakes. 7. You should also learn to analyze data and prices yourself and not from another person. 8. You have to believe in the power inherent in this field. 9. You have to educate yourself on your own through the experiences of others. 10. Currency trading should not be your permanent job, but you should put a job next to it. The best trading strategy The best strategy is to buy some currency when its price is very low! But how do we know that the price of this currency is low? Through Bitcoin's movements in a linear fashion, this often leads to the deterioration of the rest of the digital currencies and leads to their decline to somewhat low prices! What distinguishes this is that these currencies will return to their normal rates when the longitudinal movement of Bitcoin stops So wait for the right opportunity to buy from the bottom and sell when the price goes up!
  24. I will like every one to take a moment and reason before answering this simple, direct question. Did you joined this forum with a carefully designed planned to achieve??? - If YES That's Good you can share it with us - If NO IT'S NOT TOO LATE You can set it now...
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