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Found 7 results

  1. Итак переходим по ссылке и выполняем простые задания в телеграме типа поставить лайк в твиттере и фейсбуке... Далее скачиваете биржу себе на смартфон и регистрируетесь и за это ещë получаете 50 $ их вы можете потратить на комиссию при торгах на этой бирже или снятие средств... Биржа LaToken : LATOKEN is a home for your investments and money. Join the next financial system now and get $50 credit to pay fees. Не реф ссылка по ней вам не начислят 50$ :
  2. Upcoming Airdrops Learn How To Claim Free Ecoin Tokens? Steps To Claim Free Ecoin Tokens ? Sign up on Ecoin page. You can use the sign in using your gmail account. You will receive 1125 Ecoin. Get Additional 900 Ecoin for each referral.
  3. 🍀Награда: 0.10 DFGL за рефферала 📈Токен уже торгуется на Uniswap ( по цене 23$ 📆Обещают вывод 15.10.2020 ➕Переходим в бота телеграм🤖 (➕Подписываемся на телеграм группу и канал ➕Подписываемся в Твиттере 👌Готово
  4. Learn How To Claim Free Experty Airdrops Upcoming Airdrops Learn How To Claim Free Experty Airdrops? You can follow the post from here : Click here Follow These Steps To Claim Your Free Experty Airdrops : 1 Go to Experty Airdrop Page. 2 Put your email and verify the captcha. Fill your email and pass the captcha 3 Check your inbox and confirm your email. Confirm your email 4 Fill your Ethereum adress. Fill your Ethereum adress 5 Copy text. Copy Text 6 Copy image with the text and post them on a facebook or telegram group related to crypto niche. Copy image and post it in a group 7 Paste the facebook or telegram group in which you post the ads. Paste the link of the group 8 Take a screenshot of your post and upload it. Upload the proof 9 Submit your application. Submit your application 10 You'll get an e-mail confirming your application . Confirmation Note : Experty distributes 50,000 EXY tokens for all airdrop participants. The distrubtion will take place on June 08, 2020. Resources :
  5. Learn How To Claim Free Oikos Airdrops Resources Oikos's wesbite The website domain registred on 11 January, 2020 Oikos's wesbite Oikos's Community Oikos has over 24461 members on Telegram and 18.8K Followers on Twitter. Oikos's community Oikos's Founders Oikos was created by Kevin Holder Co-Founder & Software Engineer and Albert R. Co-Founder & Mad Scientist. We haven't found a lot of details about them (no linkedin profile), but they own two github repositories as well as having telegram profile. Oikos's Founders Steps To Claim Your Free Oikos Airdrops 1 Go to Oikos Airdrop Page. 2 Join the Telegram channel. Join Telegram 3 Follow Twitter page. Follow Twitter profile 4 Complete your details (email, Telegram username , Twitter username and your TRX adresse) Note : if you have no TRX address just build one from here Create wallet Complete your details Note : Oikos will offer a total of 1,000,000 OKS tokens. The airdrop started on 11 May, 2020 and will end on 18 May,2020.
  6. After a long time, we will announce our Airdrop Campaign in which absolutely First 1000 our partner can receive an award in ETECH tokens. In order to receive a reward for Airdrop, a participant needs to perform a series of simple actions. These are subscriptions to our social networks. For compliting all tasks you can recieve 100 ETECH (300$). You can also be an inviter or an invited person. For every successfull invited participant you will recieve 0.5 ETECH (1.5$) AIRDROP STEPS: 1 - Follow our Twitter account 2 - Retweet this tweet with tag 5 friends 3 - Subscribe Youtube 3 - Join our Telegram Channel 4- Fill this form 5- Enter your email address and ERC-20 address. ❤️ REFERRAL: @HeberthSantos
  7. SpeedKingToken is a non-self destructive token with the main use of buying and selling and also exchanging with other cryptocurrencies around the world. It have a fast transaction rate with enable users send and receive the token easily. Airdrop Description Welcome to official SpeedKingToken Airdrop. We are giving 10$ and 3$ worth per refferal. Steps-by-step guide: 1. Follow us on Twitter 2. Follow us on Telegram 3. Follow us on Medium 4. Follow us on BitcoinTalk 5. Follow us on Facebook 6. Fill THIS FORM
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