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Found 30 results

  1. The Cryptocurrency revolution started with the introduction of the defunct e-gold which was the brain-child of the creator of the Liberty Reserve vault. The idea was later fraught by inefficiency on the part of the creator and was later outlawed. The Bitcoin idea was later hashed and every effort was made by the creator of the Cryptocurrency to make it last the test of time. Bitcoin gained popularity and global acceptance. Other altcoins creation was inspired by the global acceptability of Bitcoin. Though many altcoins have emerged overtime but their value are always measured on the parameters of the prevailing price of Bitcoin in the exchange market. Consequently, a rise or fall in the price of Bitcoin brings about a corresponding rise or fall in the prices of other altcoin.
  2. Win

    Trading altcoins

    Is there any one here tried to trade multi currency.altcoins from ltc yo xrp to bch to litecoin and so on.did you get profit doing this?.or is it possible?what is youre toughts?
  3. Today i will share some news about the best altcoin i have found you can trade and hold in altcoins. The name is "Cardona" which has the ability in altcoin season to grow in the mean time. After bitcoin altcoin will move up and mostly other like this .
  4. What is youre greatest achivement in in this crypto world.and why you love always making this way.what item you buy becouse of earning well as altcoins.did this very helpfull with you.
  5. Several weeks have passed since the Bitcoin Halvening. Weeks in which large parts of the market have been relatively quiet. Hardly any major cryptocurrency today differs from its position on May 9th, two days before the halving. Compared to mid-February and mid-March, however, a clear difference can be seen in the performance of individual projects during the Corona crisis. This article attempts to get to the bottom of this phenomenon and to draw parallels to the halving of 2016. Read full report: (EN) (DE)
  6. Cryptocurrencies are widely defined and are virtual or digital currencies in the form of tokens or coins. Some cryptocurrencies have entered the real world via credit cards or other projects, but most are completely invisible. A crypto currency is a crypto currency that is safely stored and traded anonymously. In addition to the important features of cryptocurrency in these currencies, it is a general promise of decentralization. Cryptocurrency is often developed in the form of code by a group (usually always through a process called mining) and other controls that build the issuance mechanism. Cryptocurrency is almost always designed to become increasingly popular, without government manipulation and control. The currency, modeled on Bitcoin, is collectively known as Altcoin and has attempted to present it as a modified or improved version of Bitcoin. Some of these currencies are easier to mine than Bitcoin, but there is a high trade-off between liquidity, acceptance and low value.
  7. Energi Token, NRG, is a project that is still recent, but whose team is always focused on updates, we have gone through several updates on your network. Your marketing campaign is also very popular. Energi recently held 3 Airdrops Rounds where it distributes millions of tokens among its community, and now it has a Global round, where it will certainly distribute more tokens. We also see that its price was adjusted from December 2018 to over 10x its value before 3000 satoshis, since it was at 80000 satoshis, is now quoted in the coinmarketcap at 31000 satoshis, and is ranked among the 100 largest currencies. But you what you tell me about this project, do you know NRG? Leave your opinion.
  8. We know that the year 2018 was a year where cryptocurrencies were stagnated, this includes bitcoin, ethereum, finally the big ones on the market, I cited both as an example. We know it was a bad year for ICO's and altcoins like Smartcash, Monero, Stellar, Ripple and others. But we also know that this is not the end, everything has its moment, and 2020 is coming and together comes the maturation of people in relation to the crypto market. BTC will be halving its network, new projects coming every day and more and more people migrating to cryptos, this in my view ends up creating the ideal scenario for the growth of this market, although the big financial institutions are keeping an eye on this market, and that's good on the one hand, because if cryptocurrencies were a bad deal, the big financials in the world wouldn't worry so much, would they? So we look forward to 2020 and hope that with it many good things will come with it to the world of cryptocurrencies. And what is your general expectation, in relation to this whole market, which is huge, of encryption, leave your opinion and if anyone has any news also feel free to post here. That hug.
  9. Note: This was published on the WillWam Blog in September. Some circumstances may have chanegd Cryptocurrency is volatile. There’s no getting around that. But as a crypto trader and miner, this coin caught my eye. It’s called LightBit. An easy-to-mine, Proof of Work currency (it is also rumored to launch Proof of Stake possibilities later this year). This particular coin catches my eye, because (like some other coin recommendations I’ve made in the past) it is CPU mineable. In fact you can only mine it with your CPUs. So why is this better than your run of the mill brute force coin? For starters, it’s energy efficient. ASIC, GPU, and even server farms create a huge amount of C02. In fact, Bitcoin alone generated about 20 megatonnes in 2018 according to this Guardian article. Not only is LightBit clean and energy efficient, it is profitable. Mining LightBit through pools like HashPex and SkyPool make easy payouts to your LightBit wallet. And yes, unless you have a beefy CPU, it’s dangerous to go solo. Currently, extremely profitable, and we haven’t even looked at the future PoS option. Lightbit is also friendly to almost any CPU (ARM CPU software is still being compiled). I’m mining with a really old Intel Duo processor, and it’s achieving a decent 350 H/s. In a day, I’d already earned almost a dollar in LightBit with the Duo and about an hour of i7 mining from my test laptop. So we’ve got ecologically friendly algorithms, good support for all CPUs, some nice pools, and I can’t stop mentioning PoS software. What more could you ask for? Here’s what you can ask for. A coin that is listed on a number of exchanges, and a listing CoinGecko. Take that plus a sleek website design, and you’ve got the ideal coin that is LightBit, plus a rising 100 satoshi price. LightBit has a strong community! Join the Discord! Developer Donation Addreas (LITB): LKM9WurpjcX6k5mfhCWotjdWoreV63MVEA My LITB address (support the blog): LdCNiRXeXaLFQ7vC9PgpBiXE99t9zyNao2 Thanks for reading and supporting the incredible developers at LightBit. If you want to see more like this, subscribe to
  10. Собственно хотелось бы уделить этому проекту внимание. У него состоится запуск в феврале этого года. Разрабатывается с 2017 года, может быть и ранее. Но мы долгое время о нем ничего не слышали. Думаю стоит обсудить его до запуска. Что известно на сегодняшний момент. При регистрации чтоб указать свой ник, требуется около 3 баксов. Чтоб купить кусок земли, надо потратить около 400 баксов. Проект очень интересен, давайте вместе обсудим его, пока он не стартанул. сам сайт проекта. В общем предлагаю делиться мыслями о проекте, возможно кто-то уже зарегистрировался там и расскажет нам всем. Хотел бы добавить, что эта система должна работать на любом устройстве, будь у вас старенький компьютер или телефон, главное чтобы у вас был интернет. Разработчики делали акцент на это. Чтобы любой человек могу поучаствовать.
  11. Since the birth of the internet, attempts have been made at introducing digital currencies that can be used faster and more reliable than traditional ones. Many have failed to outlast the passage of time, but those failings were lessons taken to heart. And so, digital currencies took its next step further when Bitcoin was introduced. It proved to be successful enough that nearly every digital currencies that were created after have emulated or improved some of its features and aspects in one form or another. But what of these currencies called "altcoins"? Will they content themselves on being Bitcoin's second fiddle? Or will they become more utilized to the point where Bitcoin's actual use becomes marginal? Arguments on Creating Altcoins Bitcoin, despite its popularity and widespread use, has its own drawbacks, something that the cryptocurrency community has long acknowledged. One of its most scathing weaknesses is its transaction speed, with the size limit of only 1MB per block. This has been much argued upon by its early proponents, which has resulted in the creation of Bitcoin's hard forks. Some entities also took it upon themselves to offer altcoins that provide faster transaction speeds. Related to this is Bitcoin's use as a mode of payment. Due to limits on its transaction speed, various altcoins have been offered over time that allows wider acceptance and faster transactions, to the ideal point where these coins can compete with other centralized government-owned systems like credit cards. The Effects of ICO With Bitcoin's various negative traits pointed out here and there, various attempts have been made at introducing altcoins that can solve these issues. The most prolific time for these attempts was during the ICO boom of 2017. With ICO, enterprising entities can obtain funding to help in the creation of new altcoins. Or so it was, had not for some disturbing incidents. The ICO craze provides some appaling stories of investors becoming disillusioned after being frauded. Indeed, there were many reports of most ICO projects labeled as scams. This in turn has implicitly made ICO become deridedly synonymous to scam projects. The resulting negative feedback can thus prove to be a hindrance for legitimate ICO projects today. Bitcoin Pushes Back Despite weaknesses being pointed out, and the core Bitcoin code itself can be difficult to update without serious repercussions, some projects that may supplement Bitcoin's usability itself without altering its code were created. For an example, Lightning Network offers scalability solutions to Bitcoin. A SegWit soft fork, this is currently in the development phase. If fully implemented in the future, this may radically change the current status quo for altcoin usage, something that the developers of altcoins should watch out for. Future Prospects Any future attempts at new altcoin creation will be met with extreme difficulty, both from the feedback of scam projects and the stiff competition among current existing altcoins. For new altcoins to succeed, they need to exceed those negative expectations and offer some groundbreaking features not present today in others. This may also hold true for countries that contemplate on making their own crypto-based digital currencies. For current existing altcoins, there may be a need to step up their game to keep up to cryptocurrency users' demands. In the case of Ethereum, with their upcoming 2.0 updated version, it is expected that this will help deal with its networks' congestion due to the DeFi craze. Other altcoins may follow suit to ensure that they will not fall behind. Whatever may happen in the future should Bitcoin ever fade away, the altcoins must be able to stand their ground in the financial world. Especially if they somehow manage to usurp Bitcoin's position as the current gold standard of cryptocurrencies today.
  12. I was confused with these two terms myself (Cryptocurrency & Altcoins) so i did a little research i think some of you guys who don't know should know this. Altcoin stands for stand for "alternative to Bitcoin" it is any digital cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin. and is used describe any cryptocurrency that is not a Bitcoin. Altcoins are created by diverging from Bitcoin consensus rules (the fundamental rules of the cryptocurrency’s network) or by developing a new cryptocurrency from scratch.
  13. Barter Trade is a revolutionary trading platform that will bring cryptocurrencies and other blockchain assets to global users through an efficiently designed and user-friendly trading interface. We pride ourselves to become the people’s exchange. For us, this means a dedicated focus on three pillars: Security, Transparency, and Efficiency. FACEBOOK: MAX of 6 shares (you need to comment and like that post) / week MAX of 6 own posts / week TWITTER: MAX of 6 shares (you need to comment and like that post)/ week MAX of 6 own tweets / week LINKEDIN: MAX of 6 shares (you need to comment and like that post) / week MAX of 6 own posts/ week Report your activities in this thread, here is the format: WEEK 1 (it depends on what week are running) TELEGRAM USERNAME: CAMPAIGN: SHARE/RETWEET LINKS : (comment and like links): OWN TWEET/LINKS: RULES AND REWARDS FACEBOOK BOUNTY Post about Barter Trade on Facebook and share through to earn rewards! Reward $0.60 in BRT Token per qualified activity APPLICATION FORM Apply to the rule available on application! TWITTER BOUNTY Tweet about Barter Trade on Twitter, share your throughts and be rewarded! Reward $0.60 in BRT Token per qualified activity APPLICATION FORM Check results here: TRUSTPILOT BOUNTY Write a review about Barter Trade on TrustPilot and get rewarded. Reward $3 in BRT Token per qualified activity APPLICATION FORM Check results here: LINKEDIN BOUNTY Post about Barter Trade on Linkedin and share throughts to earn rewards! Reward $0.60 in BRT Token per qualified activity APPLICATION FORM Check results here: YOUTUBE BOUNTY Make a video review about Barter Trade on your Youtube Channel and earn rewards! Reward Normal: $3 in BRT, Good: $7 in BRT, Great: $30 in BRT, Poor Quality: Rejected/No Reward Additional Reward $0.60 in BRT for subscribing to the YouTube channel $10+ in BRT Token if the author's face is shown on the video. (applied only Qualified videos) APPLICATION FORM Check results here: SPREADSHEET:
  14. With the current cryptocurrency revolution, which altcoin do you think would compete favourably with bitcoin in terms of price and global acceptance?
  15. I don't know if you have already heard of it but the toilet paper token was created and is already listed on yobit its value at the moment it is low but I think it has great potential in the future, the token is backed with a real good it is worth 3 rolls of real toilet paper
  16. NashCash is a coin, which should enable fast and anonymous payments inside and outside the internet. outside for example at terminals or customer cards. We have technologies like QR or NFC for this. Specifications: ✅ PoW algorithm: CryptoNight Lite V1 ✅ Protocols: SECOR, RingCT, CryptoNote, LWMA, WHM ✅ Max. Supply: ~ 48 million (about 10% premined for Tests, Development Giveaways and so on) ✅ Decimals: 8 ✅ Block Reward: Smoothly varying recursion Relationship, starting at about 10 NaCA per Block ✅ Block time: 60 seconds ✅ Difficulty: Renewed targets on each block ✅ No Ico we do not rest and develop ourselves constantly (with the help of our community). If you would like to be a part of our growing community, come to us in 👉 Discord or 👉 Telegram 🌐Some Links: Official Website: BlockExplorer: 🔨Pools: Official Pool: Merged Pool: Other Pools: 💰 Exchanges: NashCash is contantly trying to improve and increase market value, Without investors we seek to pay low listing fees and grow our project slow and steady Nanu Exchange: TradeCX : Coingecko: we are coin coinpaprika, blockfolio and delta too Downloads: NashCash command line tools: Linux Windows macOS NashCash GUI Wallets: Linux Windows Windows with Miner (recommendation) macOS NashCash Mobile Wallet for Android (google playstore) For a fast start into the world of NashCash we suggest the: Webwallet
  17. Who We Are? The name of the Company is Genesis Crypto Technology MesChain (MES).Vision Statement MES Token promises to become a world leader in the market by developing aplatform in the field of manufacturing execution systems and a solution source basedon Blockchain technology preferred by companies that need technological support.Mission Statement Our mission is to contribute to the development of the business industry withnew technologies and facilitate decentralization with the support of the Blockchaincommunity. We deeply believe in the growth of businesses and the increasing role oftechnology in our society. MesChain will be at the center of the new movement byacting as a unique platform for developing Industry 4.0 systems with its highly reliableToken.Introduction to MesChain (MES) MesChain, which will be able to manage and control over the developing andrevolutionary Blockchain system, will be used to create autonomous systems throughsmart contracts and ensure privacy. It aims to minimize the cost of entrepreneurs tostore and control all data by storing all data on the blockchain through the Internet. MesChain is a great and revolutionary project that will enable entrepreneurs totake control and analysis of their initiatives in one place and at the cheapest costs.MesChain, which aims to initially serve in the textile industry, will be gradually used inother industries. This MesChain project, which will provide great benefits and information to itsfirst investors and users with its initiation and progression, will create an unrivaledproduct that will come to mind as the first choice in all industries by using Blockchaininfrastructure. MesChain is a great and revolutionary project that allows them to control and analyze systems in their labor-intensive factories in one place and at the lowest cost. Coming soon Meschain, White Paper: Thank you for supporting our project. Website: Facebook: Vk: Twitter: instagram: Telegram Announcements: 🇬🇧 : 🇹🇷 : 🇨🇳 : 🇰🇷 : 🇯🇵 : 🇷🇺 : Africa:
  18. I am Brand Ambassador for Indonesia from Tokoin Project We have IEO on 23 August 2019 on Kucoin Spotlight We want to help MSME to gain access to supplier, funding from financial institute, build their credibility, get discount and rewards, insurance, etc Our project have support from Government, Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Trade Follow us on our social media and website: Website: Tokoin Twitter: Tokoin Global Tokoin Indonesia Facebook: Tokoin Global Tokoin Indonesia Instagram: Tokoin Global Tokoin Indonesia Reddit: Tokoin Official Youtube channel: Tokoin Official YT Medium: @Tokoin Telegram: Tokoin Updates Tokoin Indonesia Tokoin Global
  19. WEBSITE | GITHUB | TEAM | ROADMAP | WHITE PAPER (Outdated) FORUM | TWITTER | REDDIT | DISCORD | FACEBOOK | TELEGRAM Language Translations Proof Of Biblehash (POBH) rewards full node participation, while preventing GPUs and ASICs by requiring full blockchain transaction referencing in the hashing function using chained bible verses Launched July 23rd 2017 by Rob Andrews, with no premine and no ICO, BiblePay describes itself as a decentralized autonomous cryptocurrency that gives 10% to orphan-charity (using Masternode (Sanctuary) governance). The project is passionate about spreading the gospel of Jesus, having the entire KJV bible compiled in its hashing algorithm (POBH). BiblePay (BBP) is deflationary, decreasing its emissions by 19.5% per year. The project views itself as a utility that provides an alternative method for giving to charity. With Generic Smart Contracts, the project seeks to become the go-to wallet for Christians. In the future, the team intends to lease file space on its Masternodes and release corporate integration features, such as C# access to the blockchain. The BiblePay platform is a derivative of Dash-Evolution. Located in Dallas, TX, the team seeks to help orphans globally. The roadmap can be viewed at: Interview | Podcast | Youtube | Medium | Steemit | Newsletter Accomplishments: - Sponsoring 100+ Orphans every month! - 30,000+ years CPU time donated to Cancer Research! - $200,000+ donated to Charity! Overview: Rob's Resignation from Gridcoin Nutrition Information Quick Start BiblePay Evolution Christian Spaces New Features: Generic Smart Contracts (GSC) Proof of Giving (POG) AntiBotNet (ABN) Quantitative Tightening (QT) Proof of Orphan Mining (POOM) Testing Christian Spaces / DSQL (Decentralized SQL) Thread Download Wallet: (How to update and clean wallet?) = NOTE: v1.4.3.1 Upgrading to Evolution Need to copy "wallet.dat" file to new directory Windows: %appdata%\biblepaycore %appdata%\biblepayevolution Linux: ~/.biblepaycore ~/.biblepayevolution macOS: /Library/Application Support/biblepaycore /Library/Application Support/biblepayevolution = (How to verify Hash) Windows 32 bit - (Hash) Windows 64 bit - (Hash) = Mac OSX - = Linux GUI 32 bit - biblepay-qt-evo-i686-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz (Hash) Linux GUI 64 bit - biblepayd-evo-x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz (Hash) Linux CLI 32 bit - biblepayd-evo-i686-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz (Hash) Linux CLI 64 bit - biblepayd-evo-x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz (Hash) Linux ARM 64 bit - biblepayd-evo-arm-linux-gnueabihf.tar.gz (Hash) Linux Arch 64 bit - biblepayd-evo-aarch64-linux-gnu.tar.gz (Hash) = Source Code - = Paper - = Mobile Wallet: Android - iOS - Mining Guides: Quick Start Windows Linux Earn Coins: Faucet (Register Pool Account): Reading/Listening/Watching Gospel Links: Orphan Letter Writing: Exchanges: SouthXChange CryptoBridge Tokok Explorers: Chainz Explorer Specifications: Launched: July 23, 2017 Algorithm: Proof of BibleHash (POBH) Mining Strategy: CPU only (GPU/ASIC Resistant) No Premine / No ICO Block Target: 7 Minutes Blocks Per Day: 205 Transaction Speed: Supports InstantSend Max Supply: 5.2 billion BBP by year 2050 Circulation Characteristic: Deflationary Emission Rate: -1.5% every month (19% per year compounded deflation) Emission Schedule: Economics: Block Reward: 20.0% Monthly Budget 10.0% Charity 5.0% IT (Software Development) 2.5% PR (Public Relations) 2.5% P2P (Orphan Letters) 30.0% Generic Smart Contracts (GSC) 25.0% Proof-Of-Bible-Hash (POBH) 25.0% Masternode (Sanctuary) Masternodes (Sanctuaries): Governance & Budget System: - Understanding Governance Collateral Requirement: 4,500,001 BBP Statistics: - Masternodes.Online - Masternodes.Pro - MasterNodeCap - Masternode.Live - Masternodes Buzz Setup: - Step by Step Guide - One Click Install Script - Apollon Network Hosting Monitoring: - Charity: ** We only partner with charities over 75% efficient, meaning over 75% reach the end-user. ** Accountability: - - Public Investigation Social: Forum - Twitter - Reddit - Discord - Facebook - Telegram - CAUTION: "Although BiblePay has a deflationary emission schedule, there is no guarantee of positive investment returns against other major inflating currencies. Past returns are not indicative of future results. We are a utility and not a security. Please do not invest in BiblePay unless you know all of the risks of cryptocurrencies" Original Announcement 2nd Announcement Forum Rules: 1. Do not make assumptions or false statements - For example, if you are not 100% sure of a statement being fact, you must state "in my opinion... " or "I believe...", especially with technical posts that could mislead investors. 2. Talk in a nice tone and manner, be polite and appreciative. Avoid swearing. 3. Be willing to do work/research/experience, or Find someone who can, and assume other community members are busy. This is a group effort. 4. Moderators may delete your post if you are argumentative or make mean spirited posts. 5. If you have a problem with the mod team or an official member of the dev team, you must post with an innocent until proven guilty attitude. The devs aren't out to get you. If you do not receive a response, break the problem up into a simpler problem and post the question again with a positive attitude. 6. Your primary purpose on this forum is to help others and make constructive posts. If you are a net negative to the community we reserve the right to delete or report the posts to bitcointalk mods. 7. Do not post anything that misleads investors. Proofread your post before posting as it cannot be deleted for 24 hours. If you are not sure, ask someone else first. 8. Your posts may be deleted or you may be banned from this thread if you have a history of making offensive posts. 9. After 3 offensive posts your future posts and/or your account may be banned at the sole discretion of one of our forum administrators.
  20. 👥 VorteX Network 🌐 ◇ Decentralized Power for the People ◇ Freedom, the future World it Started ➡️ Website 💻• VorteX Network is a Unique Decentralized Platform , created for Global Community People Freedom to trade Safe, a Better Global utility Payment System and a New Ecosystem for all type of Energy , Markets in future [Development] 🌐• The first Honest - Token without unnecessary and fake promises We know how important《Privacy and Security》are ,In a World that is constantly changing Fast,need a Trusted (Token) and Honest to Trade Safe ,Without Implication (Core -Team or External Source) it is only for, People and Investors who shares the same libertarian true value and Freedoms.• VorteX Network is an ERC-20 Token based on the best and advanced Ethereum Blockchain , so it is readily compatible with any ERC-20 wallets ,Smartphone or Desktop, you can send it to anyone around the World in a few seconds. • We do not conduct any ICO or a Private-Sale ,like many others Projects .VorteX Network need to growth naturally ,without any implication Pump📈 & 📉DumpPrice must to be safety our first priority and stable for peopleand investors from the beginning and grows in time• What makes us different and unbeatable from the others《Coins & Tokens ?》🥇 [1] 🔐 • Our Team will not able to have access to Token for Trade /Sales, wallet will be Frozen to have access for 3 years ( 2023 ) [2] 🔝✴️ • We do not hide objectives,only concrete things and what exist, for our community people and investors . And we will be here always for a long road together , and expansion VorteX Network Project to another 《Level》 [3] ⚖️💲 • We will focus a little more from the Starting to《Listing》in all good and quality Decentralized《Exchanges/DEX/Markets》but also we will listing in 《Centralized/Exchanges》 for a good markets on both sides [4] ✋🏻💰 • Vortex Network never accept /ask or force the community and people to 《Donate Money》for (New Listing) or Development Project Ourselves we will Support all the Costs and progress / development , no matter how many small or big costs will be in the near future. [5] 💎🥇 • VorteX Network it is the most Powerful and First Token trustworthy and honesty rank ever created in cryptocurrency space without comparison to any Coin or Token ■ VTX Our Values ■ Personable 🤝🙂• We pride ourselves on being people , and always work to provide a comfortable experience.We listen and respond to you for any kind of question Secure | Fast 🔐⚡️• You can count on us to make sure your coin and investment is completely kept safe %• VorteX Network it is very Fast instant transaction and small commission Effective | Money 💰💼• We always maximize our resources to work hard and come in under budget every time.VorteX Network never ask/force people for donation/money Ourselves we will Support all the Costs and progress development Global | Ecosystem 🌏👥• We work hard to make a global utility token for the people freedom around the world a new / better Ecosystem in different payments and systems in one place Trusted 🙌❤️• We are trusted by a lot of p people and support around the world to deliver quality work Fair and Honest. Dedicated 💡👨🏻‍🏫• Loving what we doing only for the people freedom and learning new things always to provide quality and prosperity Observant 👁📑• We keep a close eye on every component of our work to ensure nothing is left out. Remember ☝🏻🙏• VorteX Network, the services provided include everything you need in one place and at the best quality. In a world that is constantly changing, you can be sure that the folks here will be by your side with every step of the process.CONTRACT Address : ⤵️ wallets to store VTX on ! we recommend to use metamask , enijn or trustwallet ! to secure your vtx tokens / other funds. trustwalletapp : metamask : enjin : Contact/mediaTelegram: CONTRACT Address : ⤵️ VORTEX NETWORK VTX PROJECT : : : [email protected] explorer : : : (256x256)whitepaper : : : : : Telegram : : ANNOUNCEMENT.bitcointalk : : : : : : : exchange : : :!/trade/0xd957e08ac5421e2c28510586b57d095e5094836a-ETHmcafeedex : network : : altmarkets : curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' ''MARKET DATA (price,markets)coindar : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : paprika :
  21. Technology: blockchain Centralization: No Hash function: SHA256 Coin abbreviation: TDC Total coins: ~2 bln Starting block reward: 150 coins Reward halving block count: 5039370 Difficulty adjustment period: 7 days, 1008 blocks Address prefixes: 65(T), 82(Z,a), tc address examples: TFhzDHA4M1W6eR3svCvdeiozmjWxPQFsMm aGBXeNS5RaVrw1nGPkSNtP6nkv5XYLp6Nc ( available after block 16128 ) tc1q2wjyg9qvmwvm96r753s68apzwmngalh5v247qh ( available after block 16128 ) Mining: Yes Start date: 2019-05-04T02:18:15+00:00 Publish date: 2019-08-01T00:00:00+00:00 Facebook: Github:
  22. This is the first Proof-of-Person Blockchain. It doesn't need money for stake or other tools, just a normal laptop and a stable internet connection. You can easily join the first human-centric cryptocurrency mining at and share your opinions. Where to start? Visit the website to learn more about Idena. Download and install the Idena Node and Idena Client files at or create them from the source at . Subscribe to the Idena Telegram channel at to follow the update. Request the invitation code here or in the Idena Telegram chat at or in the discord group: or to make it easier for you in the language to join the Idena Indonesia telegram group at Make sure your node is synchronized, and activate the invitation code. Check the status of your identity; it must be "Candidate". Invitations cannot be activated in the last 5 minutes before validation. Learn how to deal with flips: read the article on the Idena blog at and try to test it at How do you get validation? Check the next validation time in the Idena application or on the website. Your node must be fully synchronized before the session begins. The time and date on your computer must be synchronized with the internet time. Complete the flips during the validation session. It must be fast because the first 5 flips must be completed in less than 2 minutes. What is next? After your identity is validated, leave your node running to mine the coins. Learn how to make flips. Don't forget to make three 3 flips before the next validation. Schedule your next validation, don't miss it because if you miss it you have to repeat from the first step and can't coin mining. Telegram Idena Indonesia MACINTOSH WINDOWS GENERAL NODE BUILDS
  23. Providing Equilibrium Over the course of history, it is known that the people who do the most get the least. It is for this reason, along with increased debt, inflation and lack of prosperity for the people, that we have created a platform based on equilibrium. This process uses knowledge from a game theory which is derived from the Nash Equilibria equation. Our system is designed to give everyone the same opportunity for success and still rewards those that do more. The efforts to create income are minimal and all who are part of it would be able to earn. We are excited to bring this opportunity to everyone and become the instigators of the world’s greatest revolution. Our goal is to provide Global Prosperity. Social Rewards Website Google bans crypto-advertising. Therefore, there is a need for a new website where crypto and people can gather together. When the Social Rewards website opens and has an advertising platform that allows crypto advertising, the market will shift to the site for advertising. Imagine millions in crypto-advertising being closed down on Facebook and Google suddenly having a platform where they can market. That would be SHARED REVENUE!? Exchanges ] Be updated! Watch Michael Weber's lifestreams on youtube:
  24. CoinHe Token is a cryptocurrency token issued on Ethereum platform.CHT current price is 0.168577.totaly supply is only 200 millions.and circulating supply of 43 millions.CHT is trading on its own exchange coinhe exchange.CHT is already listed on cmc and volume very cap 7,290,018$ and 24 hours volume is 607,598$ whats your opinion on cht future price.
  25. Kucoin Hack: $17M Laundered Via Decentralized Exchanges, Blockchain Analysis Firm Claims This Can Still be Traced Elliptic says the Kucoin hacker has sold $17.1 million worth of tokens via decentralized exchanges (dex) platforms like Uniswap, Kyber Network, Tokenlon. The shift to dex applications comes after centralized projects came to the aid of the beleaguered exchange by blocking any cashing out of the hack related funds. For the past few days, the blockchain analysis firm says it has been seeing stolen tokens being swapped with censorship-resistant cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Despite this change in tactics, Elliptic insists it has the technology that can still trace the movement of such funds. In a blog post on September 29, Elliptic cofounder and chief scientist, Tom Robinson revealed that of the stolen assets, “approximately US $152 million was made up of Ethereum-based tokens (ERC20s), including Tether (USDT), Chainlink (LINK), and Ocean Protocol (OCEAN).” Robinson explains that these tokens are issued on blockchains such as Ethereum by “organizations that have the power to freeze accounts and recover the tokens.” Indeed, on September 30, Kucoin said it had managed to recover about $140 million after ten projects cooperated with it by either swapping or replacing the stolen tokens. On realizing that this avenue had been blocked, the hacker(s) “tried to sell some of the tokens at two regular exchanges.” However, according to Robinson, this laundering route was soon blocked as exchanges soon deployed blockchain analysis tools. Blockchain monitoring tools such as Elliptic’s can “identify whether deposited crypto assets originated from the Kucoin hack, and freeze any accounts receiving such funds.” At the moment, dex applications provide the criminals with a means of exchanging the stolen tokens for Ether or other ERC20s. With their huge volumes and lack of KYC checks, dex platforms are now an obvious choice for crypto money launderers. Still, Robinson makes the argument that Elliptic’s current monitoring tools can trace the flow of the stolen funds: “Unlike centralized exchanges, which are dead-ends when it comes to tracing the flow of funds, with DEXs everything is recorded and visible on the blockchain.” With $140 million now recovered while $17.1 million is already lost, it remains to be seen if the remaining $124 million, which is dominated in censorship-resistant cryptocurrencies, can be recovered.
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