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Found 426 results

  1. We've already seen ogn token release. will it become great opportunity for everyone and biggest cryptocurrencie we know? or it will be a dead project by the end of this year? in this war, bitcoin shows no mercy because of its huge growth in the market. but will we see ogn take a place like the other?
  2. Иногда при торговле на криптовалютных биржах бывают ошибки пользователей, выставляющих ордера на продажу или сбои в работе торговых роботов, которые выкупают ордера со стоимостью значительно ниже рыночной. Такие моменты бывают несколько раз в год даже на крупных биржах, но предугадать когда будет аномальное снижение курса той или иной криптовалюты очень сложно и почти невозможно. Конечно каждый трейдер мечтает сделать х100 (х1000, х5000...), но не каждому так повезет. Вот некоторые громкие примеры аномального снижения курса деда: Март 2020 - Binance DEX. Пара BTC/USDS, падение до $101; Февраль 2020 - Binance. Пара BTC/USDS, падение $9300 (рыночная больше 10к); Декабрь 2019 - Binance. Пара BTC/USDS, падение до $600 (Закуплено 8 BTC); Август 2019 - Bitmax. Пара BTC/USD. пАдение до $0,3 (Закуплено 48BTC); Май 2018 - Kraken. Пара BTC/CAD, падение до $101; Июнь 2011- Mt. Gox. Пара BTC/USD, падение до $0,01 (рыночная $17). Бывало и такое: А вы получали профит на аномальном снижении курса какой-либо криптовалюты? Расскажите о своем опыте.
  3. Доброго времени суток, уважаемые пользователи данного форума. Хочу поделиться с вами возможностью заработка с помощью телеграм-бота. Заработок здесь происходит за счёт привлечённых партнёров. За каждого привлечённого и активированного реферала платят 10 центов. Данный вид заработка подходит тем, кто занимается привлечением партнёров в проекты. Этому проекту только месяц, то есть он находится практически на старте. Что здесь нужно делать? 1. Перейти по ссылке и нажать "старт". 2. Выбрать язык и подписаться на социальные сети. 3. Нажать кнопку "активировать" 4. Поделиться ссылкой с партнёрами. Минималка на вывод составляет 10 долларов. В интернете есть скрины с выплатами, но сам лично ещё не проверял вывод. Преимуществом данного проекта является 10-и уровневая партнёрская программа. Этот вид заработка абсолютно без вложений. Моё мнение, что стоит попытать удачу с этим проектом, но решать Вам. Реф ссылка: Не реф ссылка: Есть небольшое видео:
  4. For tomorrow is scheduled a release of HTC EXODUS 1, which has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, with specially built-in "secure enclave" system for the protection of that wallet.Other variants of this model are as well cryptocurrency-friendly - one of them is capable of running a full BTC node. What is your opinion about such devices? Do they have some future for promoting cryptocurrencies and blockchain, or is it rather invention without bright future?
  5. Bitcoin update We also see that the price of bitcoin broke all the rules and broke the 8600 area in a 4 hour candle and if confirmed the decline in another candle we will see bitcoin in the 8400 area ... However, in the case of the rise of Bitcoin to the ascending triangle and must climb during the days before the date of 18/11 We will see the price of bitcoin in an uptrend that may reach the first target of 9200 and then to 10000
  6. Get every cryptocurrency including bitcoin and eth legendary coins at 50% off. You can't believe it right?? Well here is the truth. Infact this site is running from the year 2018. So kindly read this post you will get lots of benefits too. This event occurs once in two weeks. Well to get this offer you have to stakes some MCO . And after that you can purchase almost 50% off using MCO coins. Using my link you can get almost 50$ of MCO coins. I respect the cryototalk policy , this platform maynot be accept my referrals link, that's why I don't share . If you want you can PM me in the inbox. Here is the procedure 1. Sign up in the website 2. Do your kyc to proceed further. 3. Purchase MCO and stakes ( you will get some interest too) 4. Now you can able to purchase cryptocurrency at 50% off. Bitcoin EOS Eth XLM Atom VET BCH events are already completed And this event will come soon Now the question is WHAT'S MORE BENEFITS YOU WILL GET?? well , friends , you can trade in any pair with 0 trading fee. And you can also get Visa card too like this. Well recently I got this one. Now what's the benefits of this one??? Well you can get 10% off in AirBNB , 100% off in Spotify , 100% off in Netflix , 100% off in prime , 100% off in Expedia , earn bonus interest , private jet partnership , get get access to private , will get exclusive merchandise welcome pack and many more. So isn't it a Good deal?? I think this is a millionaire secret and want to share with you all , so that you can get some benefits too. So have a great day ahead. Thank you.
  7. On the 30th of June 20202, a Russian court diverted down a solicitation from a victim of a 100 Bitcoin robbery looking for compensation, with the court contending that digital forms of money have no legitimate status. The court says that bitcoin, as a digital currency, does not enjoy the same property protection as other assets. The case returns to 2018, when the two men imitating Federal Security Service (FSB) specialists and their associates seized the person in question and constrained him into giving them 5 million rubles or $90,000 in real money and 99.7 BTC — worth about $900,000 at that point. The criminals were condemned to eight-and ten-year jail sentences. The casualty may in any case attempt his case in a civil court. Despite any future legitimate procedures, this court choice is wonderful — basically, it proclaimed that Bitcoin burglary isn't a wrongdoing.
  8. We definitely want to earn money. We have our own needs to fulfil and desires that want to have. But we all need money to have it. I want to share this application to everyone. It is the FlipIt-Free Crypto. In here you’ll just have to solve simple math problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and earn satoshis. 1 point is equivalent to 1 satoshi. To receive an instant 300 points, register by using the referral code XLPO7H5. Download the application by just clicking this link and earn money now! This application pays in just 30 minutes and there is a limit in earning points everday. 1000 satoshis per day. But it’s okay. So download it now!
  9. We as a whole realize that there are a predetermined number of merchants where you can genuinely purchase bitcoin separated from the online trades, anyway this is by all accounts evolving. On the 24th of June, Australia post declared that they will sell bitcoin at all of the neighborhood postal administrations for those hoping to put resources into the ever-requesting digital currency. By utilizing the Post Billpay include, inhabitants in Australia will have the option to make acquisition of bitcoin at around 3500 unique areas the nation over, which acknowledge both money and charge card. This, I feel, is a gigantic advance in the advancement of bitcoin and in getting an ever increasing number of individuals engaged with utilizing it as it gives the clients a basic and simple manner by which they would then be able to get put resources into crypto. ideally this likewise makes a great deal of familiarity with crypto and thus expands its interest and all things considered, its worth.
  10. We all know that the fictional character named Satoshi Nakamoto first created bitcoin about ten years ago. He was the person who mined the first 50 bitcoins. Today, even after a decade, still no one knows who was the real Nakamoto! Something I don't understand is that how he managed to sell his bitcoins anonymously? How early adopters trusted bitcoin when they didn't know about its value? When something new is launched for the first time, it needs time to be accepted and used by people but this is not the case with bitcoin because it gained popularity like a bomb! Why you should trust someone you don't even know and use its payment system for your transactions? If it were you, did you pay for an unknown coin developed by some unknown person?!
  11. There's one fundamental aspect people are missing here. Bitcoin runs on energy... It's value currently is limited by the cost of electricity. In 40-60 years you will see the cost of energy spike up, then drop significantly in the second part of this century due to the low cost of fusion energy production (high overhead/low cost per watt). As the cost of energy reduces, the economics of Bitcoin will solely rely on their rarity and utility. Since bitcoin is currently the easiest to use and most established crpyto-currency. We could see it go one of two ways, collapse-people just stop using it or extreme growth. If we sustain the journey into cheap energy costs, you could see bitcoin become the go to currency for everyone. Banks are already trying to limit cash currency because it's easy for malicious actors to forge notes. However, you cannot forge crypto-currency. So my prediction is 2020 will not see much change. But, you could find that bitcoin will be essential store of value worldwide in 2050+ a shit ton can happen until then, but for now, i don't see it is going anywhere. Your safest bet is to buy up and store small amounts of btc over a period of time to save for some rainy day just in case. But don't bet your life on it.
  12. I spent only 2 minutes on registration in Yobit exchange, I was really excited how crypto- exchange could be so well constructed for each person whom it using, I`m not professional in investing, I`m day trader, so I would like to know a few words about the investing box on Yobit exchange ? I hear that it really works and guyz are really earning not bad money from their homes just using only pc and that Yobit investing box. Really fed up by a lot of coins, good system of stop- loss which will safe your money from news storm. So I`m going to start my own career on Yobit exchange, and I invite you to join me!!!
  13. I am sure all of you heard about Binance's hack news.They stole 40m USD worth BTC from there and CZ said there could be a rollback.It means they have the ability to take the money sent. So couldn't the Bitcoin core team take all of our money if they wanted to ?
  14. If you are into crypto then chances are that you have dealt with a crypto exchange. Though there are 2 types of exchanges centralized and decentralized but there is one thing that you must note and be careful about. That is never leave your bitcoins and other crypto in an exchange. The reason for this is safety of your bitcoins and crypto Normally when you sign up for an account and access your dashboard you can access your bitcoin and other crypto deposit addresses from withing your dashboard. Once you have traded the crypto you own shows up in the dashboard of your account. Have you ever thought what could happen if the exchange you are trading on today closes down? All your hard earned crypto money could vanish!!! So it is very important to withdraw your crypto money and keep it in a wallet. Also back up the wallet and the private keys associated with your wallet
  15. Africa is all set to become the new testing ground for cryptocurrency companies as the demand for cryptocurrency-based trading is at all-time high in a few African countries. With inflation rate as high as 70% in some African countries and tight central bank regulations, cryptocurrency is becoming a magnet for Africans and a preferred choice of financial transactions. With growing reach of internet and smart phones in Africa, the future of cryptocurrency seems very bright. These days, such cryptocurrency transactions are done through currency exchanges. Though Crypto-Exchanges are new to African market, these are the list of five Cryptocurrency Exchanges that are currently taking over the African market: 5. NAIRAEX- NAIRAEX is the cryptocurrency exchange from Nigeria which allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin and Perfect Money in Nigerian currency — Naira. It boasts to be one of the best cryptocurrency Exchanges in Nigeria. The fast and secure transaction of NAIRAEX can take as much as 4 to 12 hours to complete a transaction. It also has a referral program which provides commission on the trades done by referrals. With all its nice and hassle-free features, the operations are still limited to Nigeria 4. BITPESA — BITPESA is a currency exchange platform which is headquartered in Nairobi, Africa. It was founded in 2013 by Elizabeth Rossiello. The company also has its offices in Lagos, Luxembourg, Dakar, Madrid and London. It also boats of offices in countries such as Nigeria, Uganda, Senegal, Ghana and Congo. BITPESA uses a platform known as PESI which can be used for selling, buying and making exchanges of cryptocurrencies. 3. LOCALBITCOINS — LOCALBITCOINS is company in Finland, which came into market in 2012. The bitcoin exchange is available in every African country for buying, selling and exchanging bitcoins. It follows a somewhat different methodology by not using an exchange platform, but by enabling traders to directly interact with each other (peer-to-peer). Traders can post advertisement for their upcoming transactions 2. COINDIRECT — COINDIRECT is a cryptocurrency exchange which can be used in 131 countries to buy bitcoin with majority of the African countries in its operations including Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. It allows buying, selling and exchange of around 35 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin on its platform. COINDIRECT has earned a respectable name in the market for its fast and reliable service. 1. EXCOINCIAL — EXCOINCIAL Exchange is a cryptocurrency and fiat currency Exchange platform which is going to be the next big thing in the Global and African cryptocurrency market. Designed and crafted by a team of expert developers and thought leaders from all over the world, it is no doubt one of the best and secure platform to make cryptocurrency exchanges. EXCOINCIAL is trying to solve several issues in crypto currency exchange market and provide a great experience to the investors. This platform provides Multi-signature Cold Wallet and Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for assets and wallets protection. One can make a transaction sitting from any corner of the world by just registering on the platform, including all African countries. The sign up is followed by an ultra-simple KYC procedure which asks the traders to upload two documents of their choice for identity verification. This saves the investor from unnecessary pain of sharing too many details. After completion of the authentication procedure which takes a few minutes, the users are all set to trade on the same day. Moreover, there are no hidden charges in trading with EXCOINCIAL and it allows a minimal transaction charge for each trading action. Potential users can go to the link to register and basically set up their accounts in few minutes. The trading platform intends to provide multi-choice and flexibility to transact in more than eighty Fiat Currencies and Cryptocurrencies trading pairs with other host of choices and options such as margin trading in which users can trade even when they have scarcity of funds. This feature saves investors from missing on potential opportunities. Moreover, EXCOINCIAL has its own Application Programming Interface (API). This provides unique flexibility to the users as well as the developers by reducing its dependability on any third party. In addition, EXCOINCIAL provides a plethora of options for payments. EXCOINCIAL also boats of Elastic Multi Stage wallet strategy which can protect its funds in an event of unwanted cyber-attacks, scams and fraudulent activities. About the Author: Don Chancellor is the Founder of AFRICUNIA BANK and is easily reachable on Telegram via this link: or on Medium
  16. So, I'm new to Cryptoworld or cryptocurrency topics and I'm still learning about it. I was wondering if anyone here was able to earn so much from bitcoin or any cryptocurrency. I'm planning next year to somehow give it a shot earning from it. I actually have some apps that let me earn some satoshi but I haven't withdrawn anything yet as ot requires a huge amount of earnings first. So, does anyone here can give any suggestions for earning cryptocurrencies? And if you can share your story about your perseverance in earning it for some months or even a year, please do share. It can motivate me or anyone here. Also I'd like to share this browser thar I'm using which has an ad-blocker. So useful! Aside from that, you may choose to turn on your rewards for ads that you may need to view. Last time I earned 200php from this browser. And hoping could possibly earn much in a year. This browser is called Brave Browser. Feel free to ask here for any information. Or you may share some of your earning apps. Let's help each other! Thank you!
  17. The best approach to that in my experience is to do both, trade and HODL. For example let's say you sold 10 Bitcoins at $10K. You would have $100K. Lets say you waited and bought back at $8000, you would now have 12.5 Bitcoins. At that point I would suggest putting away to HODL 1.5-2.5 Bitcoins. If you put away the whole 2.5 Bitcoins profit, you still have the 10 Bitcoins you started with. Personally I would pay myself and sell 0.5 BTC as there is nothing wrong with it and you need to reward yourself on wins like that. 1 Bitcoin put away to HODL, and 1 Bitcoin added to the tradeable balance which would give me 11 to trade with. You can apply that same strategy with any trading amount and any profit targets as you will constantly put profit away for future price hikes.
  18. Now I hold some coin and token. Always right time to buy dump coin. Now I hold LTC, AXE, and some dumpcoin.
  19. Ripple Prediction | (XRP) Price Prediction 2019, 2020, 2025, 2030
  20. One of the biggest problems with digital fiat payment processors (like PayPal and Skrill) is that the maximum amount of money you can send to someone else's account is limited per day. This causes problems. For example, you can't pay for the price of a car because the amount is high and they will suspect you and may even block your account temporarily. I thought that maybe Bitcoin has solved this problem and can be used for transferring large amounts of money in a day. I know that sending 6 digit numbers by Bitcoin network takes a lot of time before miners validate transaction and complete confirmations. I only want to know if this is possible or not because if you can send or receive large amounts of money in a day by Bitcoin, this is considered a significant advantage over fiat currency and can help many businesses and corporations which have a problem with money transfer. What are the lowest and highest amounts of money that can be sent by Bitcoin every 24 hours?
  21. Is bitcoin legal to use in your country? If then, how you use this in your life? do you pay your bills with it? Can you use it as a payment on stores?
  22. Что такое “Zero to One”? Или как зарабатывать в новой экономике создавая новые источники пассивного дохода? 💰 Я как представитель криптовалютной биржы Эмирекс, приглашаю всех желающих посетить этот вебинар! Думаю такой шанс выпадает не часто послушать опыт создателей крупных платформ, причем бесплатно. Когда: в 14:00 (мск) , 16 июня (вторник) 2020 года. Организатор: CEO Clubs Network Exclusive CEO Clubs Network Exclusive — это не классическая конференция, а сообщество единомышленников, которые делятся своими идеями, полезной информацией о новых возможностях создать и увеличить доходы от инвестиций. Впервые встреча пройдет полностью онлайн и охватит участников со всего мира. Присоединяйся к международному вебинару где практикующие лидеры индустрии расскажут о новом подходе к инвестициям и поделятся практическими рекомендациями "бери и делай". На выходе у вас будет все чтобы создать стабильный пассивный доход без глубоких (специальных) знаний и больших затрат времени. Спикеры: 📍Ray Fares - CEO компании Chatello - onDemand Monetization 📍Jorge Sebastião - CISSP, CTO, Advisor, инвестор, международный спикер 🦸‍♂️Специальный гость - Григорий Рыбальченко, основатель и CEO EMIREX Group, ведущей криптобиржи Ближнего Востока и стран Африки с многомиллионным оборотом. 🚀 Не пропусти свой шанс поучаствовать и задать вопросы!👇 🔥 Мероприятие бесплатное, но регистрация обязательна. Регистрируйтесь по ссылке
  23. Can cryptocurrency bring us all to a better economy or vice versa? , What do you think???
  24. What is youre greatest achivement in in this crypto world.and why you love always making this way.what item you buy becouse of earning well as altcoins.did this very helpfull with you.
  25. (This topic is translated from the Russian version of my topic in the Russian-language forum thread) Why did I call the topic - "the world's leading exchange"? It's simple, cryptans, because she is really the leader, and everyone else is the slave. It was she who became the unofficial trendsetter in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges. If there is some kind of cool new feature, it means it was invented in Binance, and the rest are just copied. Perhaps there are other options, but this is definitely not enough. This topic is devoted to a complete review of the exchange. If something is missed, write in the comments, then edit it. What do I personally like Binance? Hmm ... you can’t say it in one sentence. The first thing that catches your eye is the incredible speed of the exchange's development, some kind of “economic cryptocurrency miracle”! For almost 3 years from the unknown “dark horse” to join the major cryptocurrency league - bravo! The daily trading volume at the time of publication of the topic is $ 5.3 billion (5.3 billion bucks, Karl !!! A day, Karl!), There are about 40 million users of the exchange. 0.5-1 million users visit the exchange daily. Not so bad ... And so, stop blah blah blah. Let's read the review 1. СASHBACK The first and one of the coolest innovations is registration by a special link for a lifetime 10% cashback from trading fees. Very cool! At the moment, there is no such thing on other exchanges. Maybe I'm wrong, correct. You get back to your account 10% commission. If you are going to really trade on the exchange and even big money, 10% of cashback will be very useful. 2. PASSIVE INCOME This was made possible thanks to a relatively new type of mining - Soft Staking! You get a percentage for simply storing a specific altcoin. Unlike similar Prof-of-Stake pools, you can withdraw or sell your coins at any time. Currently, holders of almost 20 cryptocurrencies can receive passive income, for each of them has its own annual% return. The list of cryptocurrencies is constantly updated, so its number can already be much larger: 3. SUPPORT FOR THE NATIONAL CURRENCY Recently, the exchange began supporting fiat and the Russian ruble became a pioneer. Yes, that was unexpected! Then, literally a couple of days later, support for the Ukrainian hryvnia and the Kazakhstan tenge appeared. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the exchange billionaire Changpeng Zhao said on one of the crypto-forums that soon the platform will support 180 national currencies. And I willingly believe him. At the moment, support has been provided for more than 40 national currencies (screen of a small amount that fit) It is possible to buy cryptocurrency on the platform with the help of bank cards, only this is available for verified users. You can replenish your account or withdraw funds using the electronic payment system Advcash. 4. DAILY LIMIT FOR WITHDRAWAL OF FUNDS Up to 2 BTC (or equivalent) to NOT VERIFIED users can be displayed per day. That is, the vast majority of users account verification unnecessarily. If you want to trade in large amounts and, accordingly, withdraw a lot of money, then verification is necessary. Deposits without limits. 5. MARGINAL TRADE This trade is available for large traders and VIP users. In addition to the current loan amount and daily interest rate, VIP users will be able to get a loan up to 10 times the standard, as well as a discount of up to 20% on daily interest. 6. COMMISSIONS And again, the exchange “crushed” all competitors - 0.075% of the transaction. If you trade in conjunction with a Binance Coin exchange token, the commission will be only 0.05%! On other exchanges, the commission is mainly 0.1% 7. MULTILINGUAL PLATFORM The platform is multilingual and that’s it, it is translated into a huge number of languages. There is nothing more to add. 8. MIRACLE BUTTON There is a gorgeous function on the exchange that no exchange can boast of - users can get rid of extremely small reserves of “cryptocurrency dust” accumulated on their accounts. I am sure that everyone has such a reserve that before the appearance of the miracle button it was impossible to use it. This feature allows users to exchange small amounts of cryptocurrencies for BNB coins. The process of converting cryptocurrencies to BNB is incredibly simple. To do this, on the balance page, just click on the “Convert to BNB” button, after which you will be presented with a list of assets of less than 0.001 BTC and offered to agree to convert them into Binance Coin. Some 1-2 BNBs that were “dead” before the conversion will be typed by many. Very useful button! 9. OTC TRADE The Binance team offers users a personalized way to quickly and safely trade large amounts of 10 BTC or more. OTC trading by the platform team is carried out quickly and without problems to your account on the exchange. 10. OFFICIAL EXCHANGE WALLET One of the few exchanges that have their own cryptocurrency wallet. It was announced and launched a little over a year ago. The wallet works smoothly with the Binance DEX and Kyber Network protocols, which allows you to make instant transactions on a decentralized exchange. At the moment, the Trust Wallet wallet team has launched an airdrop campaign and is distributing 100 TWT for downloading it to a mobile phone. 11. SAFETY At the beginning of May 2019, the exchange was hacked, 7,000 bitcoins were withdrawn in one transaction. Whatever the cool exchange, but this incident takes place. The sweeter the pie, the more you want to eat it. It is still not clear what happened, most likely it is one of their own, but the fact remains. The Exchange has reimbursed all funds to users from reserves. This is really cool !!! 12. ANTI-FISHING This is one of the cool security features, but I highlighted it as a separate item, since it is an important innovation of the exchange regarding the safety of funds. First, let's look at what phishing is. Phishing is a type of fraud aimed at gaining access to confidential data - logins and passwords. This is achieved by mass mailing of emails on behalf of the exchange. The letter often contains a direct link to the exchange website, which is externally indistinguishable from the present. After a gullible user lands on a fake page, scammers try using various psychological tricks to prompt the user to enter their username and password on a fake page, which he uses to access the exchange, which allows fraudsters to get login information. To combat this phenomenon, the exchange added protection against such letters to the user account settings. In the settings of your account you need to specify 6 digits that will come in each letter from the original exchange website. When a letter comes from Binance and you see 6 of your digits from the top right - be sure that everything is in order. I have painted my numbers below on the screen, you do not need them. This is how it looks: 13. EXCHANGE NETWORK The platform is expanding so seriously that it currently has 4 separate exchanges: Binance Jersey, Binance DEX, Binance US and Binance Futures. Each of them is developing as successfully as their "mother". 14. MINING POOL Yes, brothers, most recently, the exchange launched its own mining pool and on April 24, 2020, it got its first block. About it with pride and reported the CEO of the exchange on his twitter. To participate in this event you need to write to the email [email protected] 15. EXCHANGER P2P Quite recently, the exchange launched a P2P exchange on its platform. Exchange can be made in many national currencies. I’ll say right away that I didn’t use his services, so I can’t tell you how this works for the binance. You can’t ask 🙈 For an exchange, just enter the "Trade - P2P" section and follow the instructions. 16. COMPETITIONS AND WINS Well done here! After almost 2-3 days, the exchange team announces another cool draw, such as the drawing of the acclaimed car by Ilon Mask - Tesla CyberTruck: Competitions in social networks of the exchange are also often held, where you can try your luck and get a good cryptocurrency jackpot for retweets or other simple actions. There are contests for both traders and ordinary users. 17. SUPPORT Personally, I did not have to use these services, but according to reviews on the Internet, support works very well, all problems are resolved quickly enough, there is feedback. If anyone enjoyed support, write in the comments how you service. 18. BNB How not to mention the very first coin of the exchange. Until recently, it was a token on the Ethereum blockchain, but now it is a coin with its own blockchain. After the stunning success of the exchange and its coins, more and more exchanges began to implement the practice of exchange coins. Now, many exchanges have it. And to be the holder of such a coin means to enjoy the advantages on the exchange and various kinds of advantages. BNB is traded on many exchanges around the world, which are already about 20 units. BNB is the second most expensive internal crypto exchange. Yes, second, that's right. And the first, if you did not know, is the token of the YoBit (YO) exchange, the price of which is currently $ 1,100. The main reason for this is the total emission, which is only 17,000 YO. One of the main factors behind the price increase of BNB is its quarterly burning. At the moment, coins have already been recycled 10 times for a total of just over $ 200 million. To go nuts, 200 million burned out 👀 In principle, everything that I wanted to say about the exchange. If you don’t have an account yet and want to create one, use the registration link with a 10% lifetime cashback from trading fees. As soon as useful additions appear, I will edit the topic. All profit! Facebook | Twitter | Binance | Instagram | YouTube | Reddit Useful links: Nominex Exchange - New Binance? Great Review Profit up to 9% per annum in BTC, 6% in USDT of your choice Passive income ~ 10% per annum in stablecoin P.S. best thanks for the topic - like. You do not care, but I am pleased 1BitokSqrnWGQ5GFFBd255dyNsU1eine8y
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