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Found 355 results

  1. Some people said before halving event btc can drop to 4000$ in 2020.But current price of bitcoin is 8300$ so we can say still btc has bullish condition but bitcoin suddenly can move to down like 2019 btc goes down to 3300$.
  2. On this video I talk about one top youtube alternatives for 2020 that I have picked which is a Cryptocurrency Project called Contentos and their video platform Cos.TV. A platform built on top of the Binance Blockchain that pays users and content creators in Cryptocurrency for their usage. You can make money watching videos. Content creators can get paid on their first uploaded video and users get paid for watching the videos, leaving comments, giving Likes, etc. This video platform got my attention because it's gotten pretty popular in the Brazilian community the last couple of months. COS is a Proof of Stake coin that runs on Binance Chain, on this video you will learn more about the project, how to Stake your coins, transfer, and how to upload content and make money. Enjoy.
  3. The price of Bitcoin started on a positive note in this year 2020.Bitcoin has been flourishing over the past few weeks likewise altcoins. The price of Bitcoin broke through the downtrend a few weeks ago, which marked the possible end of the downwards pressure. The slight test of $7,600 confirmed this breakout, after which price continued to rally towards $9,000. Will Bitcoin continue in this manner or is it just a temporary increase?
  4. Hello Good Day!, I am Jake and I'm new to Crypto. I just have 1 question. "What is the best Bitcoin Wallet that i can use?"
  5. Good Day Yobit Registration are now off? I'm looking for information about it but im unlucky. maybe you can asnwer my question here. my friend is trying to register today on yobit but it says that registration is off. any news about Yobit? Thanks in advance for those who will answer
  6. Everybody wel known about both BTC and GOLD. Both are very expensive and valuble for our life. But im asking all you here that i want to get know your personal opinion if you were asking to choose one of the which one you choose and which one you giveup from Bitcoin And Gold ? 😀😀
  7. Ripple Prediction | (XRP) Price Prediction 2019, 2020, 2025, 2030
  8. Ranked 19th on the crypto asset rating board, NEO is also known as the Chinese version of Ethereum. Although it has been 96 percent down from the highest value of its time at the level of $ 200, this token is still a hit among traders lately. The question is can NEO prove to be a superior investment next year? Let's take a look.
  9. When things get heated up a little bit people get excited that is it the next bull market. We seen bitcoin pumping more than 20% in 2 days and with good volume. No one exactly knows from where it came from and all experts have their own opinion about the situation. There is 50 50 mentality between people.
  10. According to most predictions, bitcoin price may go down to $6000 - $6500 till the end of December. So, I decided to buy some BTC and hold it for long term until the next bull run starts. I wanted to buy BTC from exchanges and receive it in my BTC Blockchain wallet but the fees are high and in some cases it is even more than 0.001 BTC! Since I want to buy $50 worth of bitcoin, it is not worth paying $10 fee for converting $50 to BTC. I searched more and found some legit E-currency exchange websites with reasonable fees. One of them is which seems to be a good choice for me. This website seems legit because I read in their homepage that they have been in this business since 2006! So, it is unlikely that a website with 13 years of experience do fraudulent activities. But it is hard to trust a website without knowing what others who tried it have said about it. Has anyone here have ever tried this exchange? What is your opinion?
  11. Hi, My name is Mahdi Shekari. I'm a mobile programmer and web designer I recently created a mobile app for my country that uses the coinpot site for money. I wanted to introduce it to you. You can download it from the Google Play Store.
  12. Analyst had predicted that this year crypto will recover and it will the all time high of January 2018. this was a bold prediction and we got excited. Things look different now and with just two and a half months to go ...... well there is still optimism in the year. Will it reach $20,000 or we will see another low with the bears in control.
  13. The name Satoshi Nakamoto (44) who is the inventor of father of all cryto currencies named 'Bitcoin'. He is still now unknown to everyone as he didn't came into public after the invention. Since than many people claimed themselves as Satoshi Nakamoto. But they couldn't proof. The researchers trying to find out him. But they had failed and still now they are trying. Satoshi Nakamoto (an individual or a group of people) who invented Bitcoin in 2008 and released a white paper on this project in 2009 after a test period on His existence was till 2011. After than he never come to any media or public even he didn't introduced himself rather leaved some clue. Based on these clues we can identify him. But it's a confusing process. We can target on four people. In 2014 a weekly magazine called NewsWeek identified a person who was Japanese, named Dorian S Nakamoto (64). His birth name was Satoshi Nakamoto. Later he added Dorian as name prefix and is an Engineer. But he denied to be that Satoshi Nakamoto who is real inventor. He also claimed that he never heard about bitcoin till 2014 and spent a lot of money behind the lawyer to prove that. His family was financially affected too. That's why built up a donation wallet for him to meet up his expenses. Then he was donated 2000 btc from all over the world. Many researchers also fingered to Hall Finney. He was found to involved in the development of Bitcoin after the releasing of Nakamoto's white paper. He detected some bugs there and mailed to Nakamoto to fixed them. They mailed each other several times. He was the first miner in bitcoin history. He earned 50 btc daily. After few mining transaction he got a transaction of 10 btc from Nakamoto by a mail. He replied that he will repay him. When he was asked to tell about nakamoto, he refused to identify about him. But in his sense Mr Nakamoto should be a Japanese, and a yound person. The most interesting thing is that, Dorian S Nakamoto and Hal Finney were neighbor. That's why some researchers told that, either Finney is Satoshi Nakamoto neither he knows him. Since early 2014 he is suffering from a critical disease and don't has control over the parts of his body except eyes. Later we can have a little doubt on Gavin Andresen as Satoshi Nakamoto. Because he was also involved in the development of Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto inventor of Bitcoin and was disappeared after the completion of all procedures and gave the ownership and keys to Gavin Andresen. Since than he took the responsibilities of the development of this website and the community. I doubt that, he must knows Satoshi Nakamoto or he is. We all may know this person. He is the founder of McAfee Anti-virous. He is expert in computer and internet cyber system security protocol. On a conference he told that, he knows Satoshi Nakamoto. Either Mr Nakamoto will reveal himself or he will disclose Nakamoto to the public after a certain period. With this sentence many researchers also haave doubt on him. What do you think? Who could be Mr Satoshi Nakamoto? Please share your opiniosn or arguments in the comment box... (I just researched on Satoshi Nakamoto and find these four faces)
  14. 👥 VorteX Network 🌐 ◇ Decentralized Power for the People ◇ Freedom, the future World it Started ➡️ Website 💻• VorteX Network is a Unique Decentralized Platform , created for Global Community People Freedom to trade Safe, a Better Global utility Payment System and a New Ecosystem for all type of Energy , Markets in future [Development] 🌐• The first Honest - Token without unnecessary and fake promises We know how important《Privacy and Security》are ,In a World that is constantly changing Fast,need a Trusted (Token) and Honest to Trade Safe ,Without Implication (Core -Team or External Source) it is only for, People and Investors who shares the same libertarian true value and Freedoms.• VorteX Network is an ERC-20 Token based on the best and advanced Ethereum Blockchain , so it is readily compatible with any ERC-20 wallets ,Smartphone or Desktop, you can send it to anyone around the World in a few seconds. • We do not conduct any ICO or a Private-Sale ,like many others Projects .VorteX Network need to growth naturally ,without any implication Pump📈 & 📉DumpPrice must to be safety our first priority and stable for peopleand investors from the beginning and grows in time• What makes us different and unbeatable from the others《Coins & Tokens ?》🥇 [1] 🔐 • Our Team will not able to have access to Token for Trade /Sales, wallet will be Frozen to have access for 3 years ( 2023 ) [2] 🔝✴️ • We do not hide objectives,only concrete things and what exist, for our community people and investors . And we will be here always for a long road together , and expansion VorteX Network Project to another 《Level》 [3] ⚖️💲 • We will focus a little more from the Starting to《Listing》in all good and quality Decentralized《Exchanges/DEX/Markets》but also we will listing in 《Centralized/Exchanges》 for a good markets on both sides [4] ✋🏻💰 • Vortex Network never accept /ask or force the community and people to 《Donate Money》for (New Listing) or Development Project Ourselves we will Support all the Costs and progress / development , no matter how many small or big costs will be in the near future. [5] 💎🥇 • VorteX Network it is the most Powerful and First Token trustworthy and honesty rank ever created in cryptocurrency space without comparison to any Coin or Token ■ VTX Our Values ■ Personable 🤝🙂• We pride ourselves on being people , and always work to provide a comfortable experience.We listen and respond to you for any kind of question Secure | Fast 🔐⚡️• You can count on us to make sure your coin and investment is completely kept safe %• VorteX Network it is very Fast instant transaction and small commission Effective | Money 💰💼• We always maximize our resources to work hard and come in under budget every time.VorteX Network never ask/force people for donation/money Ourselves we will Support all the Costs and progress development Global | Ecosystem 🌏👥• We work hard to make a global utility token for the people freedom around the world a new / better Ecosystem in different payments and systems in one place Trusted 🙌❤️• We are trusted by a lot of p people and support around the world to deliver quality work Fair and Honest. Dedicated 💡👨🏻‍🏫• Loving what we doing only for the people freedom and learning new things always to provide quality and prosperity Observant 👁📑• We keep a close eye on every component of our work to ensure nothing is left out. Remember ☝🏻🙏• VorteX Network, the services provided include everything you need in one place and at the best quality. In a world that is constantly changing, you can be sure that the folks here will be by your side with every step of the process.CONTRACT Address : ⤵️
  15. Can cryptocurrency bring us all to a better economy or vice versa? , What do you think???
  16. We know that the year 2018 was a year where cryptocurrencies were stagnated, this includes bitcoin, ethereum, finally the big ones on the market, I cited both as an example. We know it was a bad year for ICO's and altcoins like Smartcash, Monero, Stellar, Ripple and others. But we also know that this is not the end, everything has its moment, and 2020 is coming and together comes the maturation of people in relation to the crypto market. BTC will be halving its network, new projects coming every day and more and more people migrating to cryptos, this in my view ends up creating the ideal scenario for the growth of this market, although the big financial institutions are keeping an eye on this market, and that's good on the one hand, because if cryptocurrencies were a bad deal, the big financials in the world wouldn't worry so much, would they? So we look forward to 2020 and hope that with it many good things will come with it to the world of cryptocurrencies. And what is your general expectation, in relation to this whole market, which is huge, of encryption, leave your opinion and if anyone has any news also feel free to post here. That hug.
  17. Здравствуйте! Не хватает темы в русском сегменте по дебетовым и предоплаченным картам, которые поддерживают работу с криптовалютой. Если сможете сделать тему, будет практично и все в одном месте. Заранее спасибо. Название темы всегда должно быть с Большой буквы Модератор
  18. For tomorrow is scheduled a release of HTC EXODUS 1, which has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, with specially built-in "secure enclave" system for the protection of that wallet.Other variants of this model are as well cryptocurrency-friendly - one of them is capable of running a full BTC node. What is your opinion about such devices? Do they have some future for promoting cryptocurrencies and blockchain, or is it rather invention without bright future?
  19. Recently i heard a news google quantam computing breakthrough has enabled, and they have power to carry out tasks that a Supercomputer would take 10000 years to execute. so this really threats me the future of cryptocurrrency & blockchain. what do u think guys can quantam computers really have the computing power to kill the blockchain ?
  20. Bitcoin as digital gold Since centuries ago, gold has been seen as a high-value object by many groups of people in the world. It is important to know that gold itself has no value - gold is just a shiny stone. The value of gold comes from the fact (which is somewhat confusing) that everyone agrees that gold has a certain value, and therefore gold is considered valuable. The reason why people choose gold over other objects is important to understand - because gold has certain characteristics that make it a better store of value than other objects: First, gold is rare. That is, the amount of gold is limited (there is only so much gold in the world - if it is too much then everyone can have it and gold will not have any value). Gold is also soft (gold can be melted and shaped into various small units such as coins, and more importantly when you change its shape into smaller units, it will not lose its value - unlike diamonds). Gold is also stable and does not experience degradation, is easy to recognize and difficult to imitate (made a fake imitation). Bitcoin has all the same characteristics as gold. The number of Bitcoin is limited (there is only a certain amount to be produced), Bitcoin can be broken down into smaller units without losing the value of that unit (1 Bitcoin = 100,000,000 Satoshi - the smallest unit of Bitcoin, just like cents in Dollars or pennies in Pounds, so we can buy less than one Bitcoin), Bitcoin technology is also stable and will not experience degradation, also impossible to make fake Bitcoin. In addition, unlike gold, you can move Bitcoin anywhere in the world in minutes, regardless of the amount of Bitcoin. That is why people refer to Bitcoin as digital gold, but digital gold is better. Bitcoin also has value as a payment system. The more people use Bitcoin for payments, the more valuable this payment system will be. Buying Bitcoin is like buying Visa shares, then using these shares to buy soda at 7-11. Because you pay with your Visa stock, the place to use Visa more and more, (payment system) Visa is increasingly widespread and more valuable, so that the value of Visa shares will become even more valuable (including the value of your own Visa shares!). The value of Bitcoin comes from these gold-like characteristics, and also functions as a payment system such as Visa. Bitcoin is like gold, but better.
  21. I think I should "feel" very unhappy or bad to leave Bitcoin ... that has not happened and I hope it never happens to me. Many people lose thousands of dollars or euros every day for not treating bitcoin or another crypto well, some fall into depression or are simply disappointed when it was your fault, not the Blockchain ecosystem. I think that in order to leave the crypto world, they would have to pass enough bad misfortunes to tell you enough is enough ... everything has not happened to me so much but I am still standing creyedn in this type of financial technology, I hope to continue there for when the indicated day arrives, bitcoin Be a world currency that unites everyone equally.
  22. Well I want to sell my freebitco account.its absolutely free of captcha ( NO CAPTCHA )with untouched rewards. The hourly basis free btc is 80 satosi. And I have very good referrals . I already withdrawal my account . And now I want to sell my account. Anyone interested kindly ping me.
  23. Hello everyone I just found a website that gives you free BTC, roll the dice after every 1 hour then you can earn BTC I am suggesting you this website because it gifted amount of BTC more than normal so try this link to get there
  24. Is it still scarce? Yes Is it better than the scarce/limited alternatives (gold, art...)? Yes. Is it broken? No Is it hard to replace? Yes That's it for me. Just HODLing.
  25. In this post I’ll show you how to sign a message on the bitcoin blockchain. The process is more or less the same for the other coins. To sign a message I am going to use the Electrum desktop light wallet. You can download it here. Signing a message is important because you can use it as a proof of ownership of your funds, forum accounts or something else. By signing a message from an address you own and control, you make sure of that nobody can troll people for the things you didn’t do or say. Here is how you do it, Step 1: Open electrum, click tools, from the menu click “sign/verify message” Step 2: Fill the empty spots. Write a message about whatever you want to tell people. Write down your public address. (Only use the address that you own/control, otherwise it is not going to work!) Then click “Sign” That’s it! After you clicked “Sign” the program will generate your signature. If you later click the “Verify” button, you’ll see a message “Signature Verified” If you want to verify someone else’s message. You basically fill the empty spaces with the information s/he gave you and again you need to click “Verify” to see if s/he is telling the truth or not. I hope you'll find this information useful in someday. edit: You can also practice this information you learned here:
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