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  2. Even now bitcoin is not being used as a means of payment. Bitkin - more of an investment coin that is aimed at storage.
  3. It is not flute as you seen the current market is moving in the up and down direction and the future up trend is still not sure when will happen.
  4. Also this aspect of handling fees and exchanges is a dimension of learning to which everyone who starts in the crypto world should devote some time. This world is not just clicking, much less writing three lines. You have to study.
  5. Earning $3 a day can be nice to a few. But use that daily earnings and learn how profitable some Yobit InvestBox can be should be your and the exchange’s ultimate goal. I suggest QQQ IB to collect daily Doge. Qqq IB pays 5% more qqq daily while you don’t have to dice or buy YO as required actions. $3 can get you millions of coins. It can be both fun and profitable. I also want to suggest Micro IB to collect daily BTC. Micro pays 1% more Micro daily, again also without any action on your part. $15 can get you a minimum IB with just 1,000 Micro. Or get more to earn more if you have extra BTC to invest. Once you started your Micro IB, don’t think of it as “Micro”, treat it like your new Bitcoin faucet instead. 10,000 sat at a time and building it up. There are more.. but these two are good enough for your $3 a day earning if you made 30 posts per day. Free money from Yobit to your real investment plans...
  6. Stable coin means those coins which are not moving like USDT. And your are asking about Bitcoin and Ripple coin which is regularly moving in the market. Ripple is a good coin and it gives us good profit and we make goo dmoney through it in future soon.
  7. yeah lets think about a solution to the problem we are facing now. just because we are after referrals for a certain giveaway and because so and so asked us to get referrals etc.. lets stop posting on social media because you never know who's gonna click on your link. maybe someone else can chip in with an opinion or solution. thanks for sharing .
  8. ну на счет первого места явно преувеличили хотя смотря по каким критериям -по древности тут да старее биржи тяжело вспомнить
  9. Nothing to complicate here to ask about forum, example: you can not compare me and bill gate who is rich. That means you can not compare cryptotalk and bitcointalk, only is cryptotalk here.
  10. I am a scalper, everywhere for a little bit and in the end in the black. But of course not always. Sometimes start to panic and do not need the movement of coins back and forth, with very varying success.
  11. Bitcoin is so volatile because of the total circulating supply. It has a limited total supply which is only 21 million. As Bitcoin has introduced the first digitial currency most of the people get interested on it and the demand has increased but there is a low supply. Besides this there so many big investors known as whales are involved in the market. That's why it's so volatile.
  12. А ну да, для плеера можно и не использовать почту. Что-то я уже забыл за то что можно обходить почту.... Ну а так он остаеться лучше всех кошельков (наверно)
  13. I don't use exchanges very much to have a solid opinion since I trade not much. I just buy crypto and hold it for future 😄 I trust only a few exchanges like binance yobit etc
  14. Я считаю что такие платёжные системы ( кошельки ) как Payeer, webmoney, яндекс деньги и тому подобные уже отжили своё, и сейчас мало кому интересны. Возможно я ошибаюсь, но это моё личное мнение
  15. Хотя да, если обьемы сделок упадут до критических отметок, то могут монетки и делистнуть. На рынке криптовалюты ничему уже нельзя удивляться, даже делистингу монет из первой десятки coinmarketcap.
  16. If that is the case I will store it and wait the value to rise to become more profitable. Or I can invest it but be careful in investing bitcoins in the outside and unknown sites to ensure the value of your profit.
  17. I dont think every country can accept bitcoin like fiat, may be country thats legalized bitcoin have some resticted area too, they worried this cryptocurrency crush on fiat currencies
  18. if you buy some cheap coin, you should trade it immediately. because its prices changed very fast. but if you want altcoin for long-term investment, just buy and HODL the expensive one.
  19. You're right, eth have too much token on their network, we must pay more fee for gas when network crowded, even I pay expensive fee, my transaction still failed, and no return for fee. But, i think its normal again right now.
  20. Ну если ты плагиатишь на постоянной основе то тогда да, можно прогонять каждый текст через данный сайт. Но если ты знаешь что постищь всегда своё что новое тогда нет нужды.
  21. if its not work, ask him to use vpn or any proxies services, i have it today, and its was working perfectly or maybe try to register with other devices
  22. now don't have mine and waste electricity resource and video card and processor and you can just create the content and it will get you to earn coins cos
  23. The issue of the legality of bitcoin has been discussed everywhere, especially online media. Simple bitcoin is decentralized and volatility these two things that make bitcoin not accepted by the government. Therefore most of the countries do not prohibit the use of bitcoin, but not yet legal right. So it is not yet become fiat alternative. Related to the issue of legality is in the decisions of each country.
  24. Well if both the company and the employee can solve it out or comes into an agreement then it would be fine for both sides. I'm not against it but i just curious what will happen when the bitcoin go down or go up and the salary times is coming haha.
  25. If I have 4 LTC I will do the trading on it and try to get the required profit on small level as gamble can take you to the 100% loss ratio.
  26. Насчет использования в жизни я сказать не могу,а кататься на волнах цен можно и сейчас,просто что многие набрали этих альтов и теперь ждут кому бы их слить)и поддерживает идею туземуна альтов
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