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  2. So all crypto in the currencies are fixed in supply. This is a condition only Bitcoin is applied to. Some coins are fixed is but I don't think it is all of them that are fixed.
  3. Yes, this is so risky if anyone store their documents also online. Because any hacker can easily hack your account and stole your information.
  4. Currently, the price of Bitcoin has become very high level, if you follow in the market then you can see above all Bitcoin, currently Bitcoin prize is above $ 9000, so if you want to earn Bitcoin then focus on cryptocurrency and trading if you are Bitcoin. You can earn good money and it is one of the hottest labels in the market If you can sell through it, then of course you will see a profitable face and find a way to earn.
  5. Yes reputation is important but there are lots of people who give negative reactions for taking revenge. This is not good.
  6. Matchblower

    Qoinpro wallet

    Don't tell me wallet goes offline, or they ran away with people money,pls explain more
  7. Bitcoin is high-quality on this respect. Bitcoin could be a decentralized crypto coin and most common all around the world. Many giant companies contributing in btc. so able to maintain btc.
  8. As far as I know there no bot or bots for delete spam, because I find at least one spam post when I check my topics. And it's not spam if you find that someone write off topic than different language too etc. Yes that have sense too, but it may take more time. Exactly, if all members check their topics and report spamming then it will be a lot cleaner I think. I understand, you are here just to earn some satoshi. And that is not good for forum only for you.
  9. From boom to busto in a few hours difference. Down 25% and will bounce now for a little while. ETC was just another altcoin pumped by some whale and once he found enough buyers he just dumped everything he bought on their face. This is the usual tactic and it seems that unintelligent traders still exist in crypto and keep buying into these obvious pump and dumps.
  10. I personally use 2 wallet coinbase and mew wallet both are save and secure wallet
  11. Can anyone tell me which exchange platform thats support the feature to copy trade from expertise cause i'm always so busy thats i'm miss the time to trade my own thats why i need to copy trade from the expert traders thats trade without risk
  12. Расскажите тогда чем так сильно отличаются они. Все де если хочень обезопасить себя нужно максимально вводить всевозможные подтверждения с помощью 2фа кола и телефона.
  13. Так создать токен может каждый но вот вопрос как его сделать более менее популярным и что бы люди торговали им,вот для этого и нужна команда разработчиков которые буду заниматься продвижением в массы.
  14. Юзабилити меню, это и есть то самое главное. Ну чтобы как для первоклассников, везде яркие и понятные кнопочки, чтобы легко можно было настроить под себя торговый терминал, чтобы почти без знаний инглиша новичок ориентировался где настройки терминала, где графики, где депозит/вывод.
  15. We can see positive rise in the market in all the coins as Bitcoin as crossed 9000$.The last bull run of neo was 150+ so,we can hope this time also it will cross at least 50$.
  16. The make use of of arbitrage become a effective element in the beyond but as of now it isn't always so for the reason that comparison in prices did now not ended up noteworthy among the ranges conjointly takes huge expenses and this makes the make use of of arbitrage as of now tough.
  17. BTC Future 33 Posted just now In my opinion it is better to collect Bitcoin and perhaps two or three more of the top cryptocurrencies instead of investing in random, useless coins that have no adoption and basically run by one developer that will sell billions of coins on a possible pump.
  18. Ну надежда всегда должна быть когда закупаешься какой либо монетой) Я вот закупился сижу и надеюсь что хоть какой то икс даст))
  19. All do comments count in the same topic. but the opinion must be different and not the same. and also you can only comment do that topic again after like 7 days and so on.
  20. Так всегда и бывает с халявными монетами, есть конечно редкий случай когда курс действительно совпадает со словами админов, но потом он сразу исчезает))
  21. About pockets, in case you preserve your Bitcoin in warm pockets at that point it's far possible to be hacked but in case you preserve your BTC in bloodless/offline pockets at that factor I suppose your BTC are steady.
  22. this your geometrical answer is same good, we expect it will be converted into right
  23. steady if the issue becomes old, this is no think logically to bolt it. maybe the area is advantageous and the new members be supposed to convoy the opening to confer it as well. Discussing the topics alerts us to dreams we did not know.
  24. 1ss1n9s7u - Thanks to Yobit exchange and CryptoTalk forum for the opportunity to earn money for each message!
  25. I know Ripple is a coin whose market value is increasing and everyone is starting to use it but hopefully it will become popular very soon.With which you can earn profit by trading or investing.
  26. uw803gmae - Спасибо бирже Yobit и форуму CryptoTalk
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