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Found 45 results

  1. It's a new year and decade, and I think we should all start up by hitting the ground running. Crypto giving us the opportunity to do better.
  2. In other words, how was your introduction on altcoins? What was the one that got you started with and is the project still going? If i wouldn't count my first short Darkcoin (now Dash) failed try, my first was Flappycoin, that project is obviously dead now and it was basically a joke to begin with based on Flappy Bird game. I had no idea what i was doing, so i mined it and got some free airdrops from dev i think. When i tried to sell it on Cryptsy (former exit scam exchange) the price was under 1 satoshi and i had to wait until there was an LTC pair to trade it with. And funny enough, i actually managed to make some money with it.
  3. today when i posting this post bitcoin price is 7409$ and its todays possible to break the resistance level of 7800$ or not whats your opinion on this price movement :;
  4. Augur is an predictions platform running on the Ethereum blockchain. The claim to be a decentralized P2P oracle protocol for predictions markets. Basically Augur has a prediction model where users are able to bet on events ranging from sports to elections. They have some consensus model where token holders report for the outcome of the events called Augur oracle. You can find more information on their whitepaper, here. The most important feature of Augur is that they allow any user to create his own predictions market with the use of smart contracts, and allow other users to bet on the options given. The users to make a selection they buy shares of the options available using DAI tokens. These shares can be traded in the Augur exchange. The outcome of the result is determined by reporting users which profit from this activities. They must be owners of Augur native token (REP). Augur has just announced they are upgrading their platform launching Augur version 2 in the end of July. The current ERC20 token (REP) will be renamed to REPv1 and users will be able to swap to the new token named REPv2. This won't be an automated process, but users will have to manually migrate the old tokens to the REPv2, in order to use the upgraded Augur platform. Augur also released a migration guide which gives the directions to holders in order to swap to the new token. (link). There will be need for exchanges and users that hold Augur to migrate their tokens and participate in a possible "network fork" if this happens. There are 11 million REP tokens in circulation and Augur is ranked 45th on coinmarketcap right now, with a total market cap of $181 million and price or REP $16.51. Augur is a cryptocurrency traded in many major exchanges as Coinbase, Kraken, Binance and Bittrex.
  5. The fact that altcoins like ETH, BCH and others are slowly gaining more use has made me thinking. If somebody were to HODL one currency, what could it be? A 100% altcoin portfolio? Or a 100% bitcoin portfolio? Or do you support holding multiple crypto coin holding?
  6. The community deserves a progressive, transparent and handy swap service with insightful aggregation interface that combines multiple sources and ensures convenience, validity, privacy and common user flow for every single exchange. So we made Swapzone! Swapzone finds, aggregates and indicates the most relevant exchange deals on the crypto market. It is your shortest route to the moon. We are struggling to find the best rates for your desired exchange pair, even for the exotic ones. To achieve this, we integrated 10 partner services: ChangeNOW, Changelly, N.Exchange, Godex, SimpleSwap, Coinswitch, Alfacashier, FixedFloat, ChangeAngel, and StealthEX. Select the coins you'd like to convert and Swapzone displays the best exchange rates out there. Perform the exchange right on the website. We do not ask for ID from our users, nor require any registration. What do you think about it? You can check all the details at Swapzone
  7. Over the year I have become aware of certain people within the crypto space that have a nack for effecting prices causing pumps and dumps For example there is this user on twitter that for months was shilling Ren He would only tweet about it and it would pump +10% regularly. Same with link , he made some people a lot of money and others it cost like myself Another person is presidential candidate John MacAffe who has even admitted to been a paid shill. I find a lot of these so-called influencers have a bit more than Knowledge when it comes to theses coins maybe even a stake in them, having said that John and Sky coin parted ways for a very unusual reason but he still supports them. Never the less traders need to be aware of people like this as they have the power to ruin your trade or send it to the moon.
  8. As I mentioned in my heading that 9% profit only in 36 hours if some one invested on ripple xrp because 36 hours ago the price of ripple xrp was only 2560 satoshi and in term of 0.19$ only but from last 24 hours the price of xrp currently 2715 satoshi and in term of dollars 0.216$ it means unbelievable one day profit from xrp investment I am still waiting more pumps in xrp and with tight stop loss strategies. Are you missed or achieved this opportunity?
  9. Everyday there are new mining apps are introducing to the play store. Bitcoin mining is profitable with phones, people knows that. Many apps are popular to mine alt coins. What are the best alt coins to mine with mobile app. What are the best mining app.
  10. That BITCOIN is the most valued currency we already know, but we know that its mining today requires cutting-edge equipment, as it is difficult to compete with so many ASICS in the market. But aside from the BTC, can anyone tell me what other currency is being profitable for mining with CPU and GPU, ie mining with a computer? I already tried some alternatives but ended up stopping at Nicehash, because I can still mine some satoshis, few but already some. If anyone has a more profitable tip I am grateful. My configuration I use for mining is an I5 3330 along with an AMD RX 470 asus mining 4gb. Hugs!!
  11. i want to invest in long term on EOS i buy EOS of 150$ at the rate of 2.62$ And according my analysis EOS has great future if i invested at least one year then i can earn at least 10x from my investment of today whats you said about it?
  12. Давно известно, что спокойный рынок или флэт совсем не выгоден и не нужен трейдерам! Потому, что на спокойном рынке невозможно заработать. Трейдерам для работы необходима высокая волотильность, а также нужен подходящий цифровой актив для заработка! В идеале он должен быть дешевым, чтобы купить как можно больше. И желательно, с низкой капитализацией, чтобы потом сильно вырос или быстро пампнул! Такой цифровой актив есть. Так давайте уже, выберем его и начнем торги! Если честно, то уже надоело ждать пока топовые криптовалюты с большой капитализацией начнут нормально торговаться! Нормально, это значит, чтобы можно было войти в рынок со 100 долларами как раньше и довольно быстро фиксануть несколько иксов. Вспомните, как это было вначале! И все были этому очень рады. Топовые крипто валюты с высокой капитализацией и с большим суточным объемам торгов такого нам дать увы уже не могут! Только киты с огромным состоянием, сейчас могут на них заработать и задавать движение рынку по своему желанию. А, что делать нам простым трейдерам, и тем у кого нет миллионов? Ответ очевиден, искать для себя новые и не надутые инструменты для заработка. Возможно стоит присмотреться к Traders Token (TRDS). Потому, что он пока еще дешевый, совсем не перекупленный, имеет низкий объем торгов и как следствие, способен очень быстро расти и падать. Это новый проект и токен с нереализованным потенциалом для роста. Успех проекта будет зависеть не только от команды, но и от активности сообщества в целом! Торгуй, покупай и продавай, держи, отправляй и получай! Создавай сам волотильность и зарабатывай на ней! Traders Token (TRDS). Рыночные тренды должны быть не только в руках китов, но и в руках обычных трейдеров несомненно! Токен трейдеров (TRDS) может быть выбран и использован в качестве инструмента хеджирования рисков. (BUY TRDS) при появлении сигналов технического анализа о перекупленности рынков BTC и других топовых альткоинов. И (SELL TRDS) при появлении перепроданности основных рынков криптовалют.
  13. As i notify on topic today i read good news for whole crypto market the news Uk will launch first regulated crypto banks in first quarter of this bank one person and buy or sell or hold your crypto assets its own choice and also account holders can convert their crypto assets into fiat at best exchange rate.
  14. It’s very hard to convince people about this new Unicorn (bitcoin) so the best way is to get them some for free nesrly everyone I have gotten into crypto has picked up around £100 before reaching In there own pocket there are wallets and tasks that people can complete to earn , the blockchain walllet gives you $25-50 for opening a wallet and doing a KYC , admittley I haven’t done this my passport ran out of date but yeah if you want to bring newbies on board , get them buzzing right from the off , I have several hooked fish.
  15. With a pretty bearish market currently, a lot of the cryptocurrencies are going very cheap right now. For me personally I see it as a fantastic opportunity to accumulate. I personally am accumulating BTC, LTC, DASH, NEO and ETH. I am also dabbling in some others if I see a good window of opportunity, but these are my core ones that no matter what, every week I grab some of them and just accumulate. I know for a fact that some of you will be doing the same, so I would like to know what ones you guys are stacking and maybe a little insight as to why too. Thanks and happy stacking! :)
  16. In our Discord channel we are encouraging conversations between the developers of the different currencies listed in the exchange and the users. I believe that this, in addition to strengthening ties, can generate interesting debates about different aspects of currencies or their communities. We all have something to say . Our grain of sand to contribute. In addition to our general channel, each currency has its own space to promote events or assist users. JOIN UP
  17. Crypto world are you ready for the bullish price this 2020.are you excited like me.hahah i hope it will happen My wallet are readdy for big youre wallet also ready?.comment down youre most wishesh in this year 2020 good comments only please happy new year to all of us
  18. Have you been scammed send me 0.01 BTC and get 0.1 back immediately or send xxxx BTC and earn 10-20% interest daily if it sounds to good to be true it usually is And when you see so many people claiming to make money and your not you can be quick to make some dumb moves first off no one is going to make money for you unless there is a massive incentive for them and huge risk for you. second you are responsible for your losses, if your stupid enough like I have been to give away your coin that’s on you. Learn about the space , don’t be fooled by people promising riches. I so far have fallen to 2 scams so far. One which mathimatucllay anyone could of saw coming the other just been dumb careful newbs crypto can be a world of hurt. But can bring excitement and joy that can change your life.
  19. We know that there are several ways to trade in the cryptocurrency market, either through day trading or through trading bots, in the end, each one has a strategy, I have mine, I worry not to risk anymore, that is , I do the most conservative and not very greedy type I can say so, because I choose to earn little and risk little. But what about you, what is your profile or what do you think is the best or what is your tip, this is important to share, as we know that there are many new people entering this market and your experience is always welcome. Share your strategy or tip on how to trade in this very volatile world of cryptocurrencies. hugs!!
  20. We have the popular USDC market. For now we have added 10 trading pairs. An open source, smart contract-based stablecoin. DGB/USDC MNC/USDC ETH/USDC BSV/USDC AVN/USDC DOGE/USDC PIVX/USDC LTC/USDC BTC/USDC POT/USDC
  21. Currently the crypto market is split with 66% BTC taking over and the remainder between tokens and altcoins. Well, I see that this has a big impact on the market value of tokens, including ICO's, and the value of altcoins. Smartcash for example, their value is stagnant and perhaps tends to fall, the ICO's have been experiencing turbulence, either because of the vast market of tokens, each day is created several tokens that through ICO's are put to proof. resistance in the market. Another reason may be the distrust behind the projects, the teams, we always have a back foot in investing in something new. Even with the variation of ICO, like the currencies that are launched directly in an exchange, very clear example we have LATOKEN that has a multitude of tokens launched directly in its platform. Well, I still believe in this market because as every enthusiast, and enthusiast of this market I hope that with time more and more good projects using this technology will appear. And what do you think, do ICO's still have their place in this gigantic market? Hugs!
  22. Win

    Btc next in line

    What is the next bitcoin or crypto currency for you? In this 2020 year what kind of altcoins have a big potential on it dobecoon?ltc?btc?bch?xrp?o eth?
  23. Продолжая работу и расширяя партнерские отношения, мы рады сообщить, что цифровой актив (TRDS) в середине апреля 2020 будет добавлен на новую биржу RESFINEX. И начнется торговля на двух рынках: TRDS/ETH и TRDS/USDT Цена любого цифрового актива определяется рынком и количеством бирж, на которых торгуется актив.
  24. Доброго времени суток коллеги! В этой теме предлагаю обсуждать и публиковать графики с торговыми идеями. Большая просьба скидывать именно графики. Почему эта тема актуальна и интересная, как по мне? На пороге разворот рынка и нового цикла для многих альткоинов, а именно в парах с Биткоином. Многие монеты показали начало разворотных формаций. Не хочу громко кричать и утверждать, что это свершилось, но то, что рынок меняется у нас на глазах в лучшую для спекулянта сторону это факт. И так начнем. Просьба кидать не просто графики, а еще немного описывать, что вы хотели сказать этим графиком. Всем спасибо за внимание. P.S. Информация в данной ветке только пища для ума и ни в коем случае не призыв к действию или 100% истина в последней инстанции.
  25. Win

    Crypto world

    What is youre greatest fear in this world(crypto-world).a world with crypto currency can connect with each other.can earn,can learn,can connect.share with us comment down bellow
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