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Found 22 results

  1. There's a lot of coin coming out of the market now, some already show their potential in the market. I'm investing in Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRL) and EOS... I'm really confident that these 3 coins that already have a good community support will rise fast when this bad period will pass away, especially Ethereum that is very undervalued. What's your Top 3 Altcoin suggestion that is good to invest.?
  2. The fact that altcoins like ETH, BCH and others are slowly gaining more use has made me thinking. If somebody were to HODL one currency, what could it be? A 100% altcoin portfolio? Or a 100% bitcoin portfolio? Or do you support holding multiple crypto coin holding?
  3. That BITCOIN is the most valued currency we already know, but we know that its mining today requires cutting-edge equipment, as it is difficult to compete with so many ASICS in the market. But aside from the BTC, can anyone tell me what other currency is being profitable for mining with CPU and GPU, ie mining with a computer? I already tried some alternatives but ended up stopping at Nicehash, because I can still mine some satoshis, few but already some. If anyone has a more profitable tip I am grateful. My configuration I use for mining is an I5 3330 along with an AMD RX 470 asus mining 4gb. Hugs!!
  4. Have you been scammed send me 0.01 BTC and get 0.1 back immediately or send xxxx BTC and earn 10-20% interest daily if it sounds to good to be true it usually is And when you see so many people claiming to make money and your not you can be quick to make some dumb moves first off no one is going to make money for you unless there is a massive incentive for them and huge risk for you. second you are responsible for your losses, if your stupid enough like I have been to give away your coin that’s on you. Learn about the space , don’t be fooled by people promising riches. I so far have fallen to 2 scams so far. One which mathimatucllay anyone could of saw coming the other just been dumb careful newbs crypto can be a world of hurt. But can bring excitement and joy that can change your life.
  5. After May 2020, don’t cry and claim you weren’t warned:
  6. Currently the crypto market is split with 66% BTC taking over and the remainder between tokens and altcoins. Well, I see that this has a big impact on the market value of tokens, including ICO's, and the value of altcoins. Smartcash for example, their value is stagnant and perhaps tends to fall, the ICO's have been experiencing turbulence, either because of the vast market of tokens, each day is created several tokens that through ICO's are put to proof. resistance in the market. Another reason may be the distrust behind the projects, the teams, we always have a back foot in investing in something new. Even with the variation of ICO, like the currencies that are launched directly in an exchange, very clear example we have LATOKEN that has a multitude of tokens launched directly in its platform. Well, I still believe in this market because as every enthusiast, and enthusiast of this market I hope that with time more and more good projects using this technology will appear. And what do you think, do ICO's still have their place in this gigantic market? Hugs!
  7. Доброго времени суток коллеги! В этой теме предлагаю обсуждать и публиковать графики с торговыми идеями. Большая просьба скидывать именно графики. Почему эта тема актуальна и интересная, как по мне? На пороге разворот рынка и нового цикла для многих альткоинов, а именно в парах с Биткоином. Многие монеты показали начало разворотных формаций. Не хочу громко кричать и утверждать, что это свершилось, но то, что рынок меняется у нас на глазах в лучшую для спекулянта сторону это факт. И так начнем. Просьба кидать не просто графики, а еще немного описывать, что вы хотели сказать этим графиком. Всем спасибо за внимание. P.S. Информация в данной ветке только пища для ума и ни в коем случае не призыв к действию или 100% истина в последней инстанции.
  8. Over the year I have become aware of certain people within the crypto space that have a nack for effecting prices causing pumps and dumps For example there is this user on twitter that for months was shilling Ren He would only tweet about it and it would pump +10% regularly. Same with link , he made some people a lot of money and others it cost like myself Another person is presidential candidate John MacAffe who has even admitted to been a paid shill. I find a lot of these so-called influencers have a bit more than Knowledge when it comes to theses coins maybe even a stake in them, having said that John and Sky coin parted ways for a very unusual reason but he still supports them. Never the less traders need to be aware of people like this as they have the power to ruin your trade or send it to the moon.
  9. What is your opinion on low marketcap or low value coins? At first, I avoided all low marketcap / low value coins at all costs. I considered them a waste of money, as most of the time, there are: pumps and dumps, no development, no serious solution for a problem in the market etc. Nowadays, my opinion has changed a bit, as I trade 1 low cap/value coin, and 2 low value coins. I don't consider these coins a good investment for a HODL strategy, in fact I lost a large % during the last 2 years. However, I generally don't sell losing coins, and accept the loss. Nowadays, the situation is like this: these coins are valued at 40-150 satoshis. The great thing about this low value, especially in the range below 100 satoshis is for example: a 40 satoshi coin, rises in price to 41 satoshis: This is already a gain of 2,5%. As a trader I consider 2,5% as a great return, especially with interest rates being almost 0 these days. However, for me it is important that the coin has a fiat market that can compete with the BTC market. I avoid coins that can only be exchanged for BTC. Why? Because they are too vulnereble to changes in the btc price if there's no substantial fiat market.
  10. We know that there are several ways to trade in the cryptocurrency market, either through day trading or through trading bots, in the end, each one has a strategy, I have mine, I worry not to risk anymore, that is , I do the most conservative and not very greedy type I can say so, because I choose to earn little and risk little. But what about you, what is your profile or what do you think is the best or what is your tip, this is important to share, as we know that there are many new people entering this market and your experience is always welcome. Share your strategy or tip on how to trade in this very volatile world of cryptocurrencies. hugs!!
  11. Throughout 2019, altcoins like Ethereum, Ripple, and others, have grossly underperformed next to Bitcoin, sans a few outliers like Chainlink, or Binance Coin, who had breakout years themselves in 2019. But according to a very accurate-looking fractal on ETH/BTC price charts, Ethereum could soon break out against Bitcoin, helping to propel altcoins out of the gutter and back into a full-blown alt season. ETH/BTC Trading Pair Fractal Hints at Ethereum Outperforming Bitcoin The year of 2019 has been mostly about Bitcoin and its safe-haven narrative driving the price of the leading cryptocurrency by market cap up 350% at its high of $14,000. At its peak, the first-ever cryptocurrency was able to reclaim as much as 70% of the all-time high price it set at the height of the crypto hype bubble.
  12. Guys I am a fan of this altcoin, I have a few thousand of it saved, but unfortunately bought when she was 4x more than the price now. So I wonder, how does an active project with a very focused team tend to lag so far? I've been following Smartcash for a while, I know it is a project still under development, maybe normal to oscillate, but after the recent airdrop smart / btc confidential, I see that the project has stalled. And I wonder if anyone else here knows or has smartcash, what do you think of this altcoin, leave your opinion will be super important. Hugs to all.
  13. Предлагаю добавлять сюда телеграм-каналы с бесплатными/платными сигналами и аналитикой. Кто-нибудь знает какие-нибудь хорошие каналы с годной статистикой? Раньше был канал CryptoHamster, потом они переименовались в Первый Криптовалютный но дико облажались в VIP-е с падением альтов из-за чего, видимо, потеряли кучу клиентов. Сейчас они восстановились снова как CryptoHamster и предоставляют сигналы бесплатно. Последние сигналы на альты зашли. Хотя, учитывая растущий рынок, на этом любой нуб мог бы заработать и без канала. Ну что, есть годные идеи?
  14. It’s very hard to convince people about this new Unicorn (bitcoin) so the best way is to get them some for free nesrly everyone I have gotten into crypto has picked up around £100 before reaching In there own pocket there are wallets and tasks that people can complete to earn , the blockchain walllet gives you $25-50 for opening a wallet and doing a KYC , admittley I haven’t done this my passport ran out of date but yeah if you want to bring newbies on board , get them buzzing right from the off , I have several hooked fish.
  15. Tens of thousands of Chinese blockchain companies may have tried to issue their own cryptocurrencies, a senior official claims. Led by the Chinese central bank, five financial and technology authorities jointly published the Bluebook of Blockchain on Thursday, outlining illegal and fraudulent schemes in the blockchain industry. Approximately 89 percent of blockchain firms in China – some 25,000 – might have tried to create and issue their own tokens, while only 4,000 are fully focused on blockchain applications, Yedong Zhu, president of the government-backed nonprofit Beijing Blockchain Application Association, said in an interview with Chinese state media CCTV at the report’s launch. The most common crypto issuance process, the ICO, has been deemed illegal by the Chinese government after its 2017 crackdown. However, it still allows crypto mining operations and possession of crypto assets in the country. The findings come amid the Chinese government’s most recent crackdown on barred financial operations related to ICOs and crypto trading. Major Chinese cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, have rolled out inspection plans with a view to shutting down any remaining crypto exchanges. The authorities have gone so far as to close any marketing firms that promote crypto companies and those that masqueraded as blockchain companies to launch ICOs. For Detailed Information on NEWS follow the link
  16. Hello guys i wanna invest in some altcoin but confused about that what altcoin is the best for the investment?? i don't know this topic is offtopic or not, if this topic is not an offtopic then i am sorry for that... hope some expert help me about choose the best altcoin for investment Thank you.
  17. Providing Equilibrium Over the course of history, it is known that the people who do the most get the least. It is for this reason, along with increased debt, inflation and lack of prosperity for the people, that we have created a platform based on equilibrium. This process uses knowledge from a game theory which is derived from the Nash Equilibria equation. Our system is designed to give everyone the same opportunity for success and still rewards those that do more. The efforts to create income are minimal and all who are part of it would be able to earn. We are excited to bring this opportunity to everyone and become the instigators of the world’s greatest revolution. Our goal is to provide Global Prosperity. Social Rewards Website Google bans crypto-advertising. Therefore, there is a need for a new website where crypto and people can gather together. When the Social Rewards website opens and has an advertising platform that allows crypto advertising, the market will shift to the site for advertising. Imagine millions in crypto-advertising being closed down on Facebook and Google suddenly having a platform where they can market. That would be SHARED REVENUE!? Exchanges ] Be updated! Watch Michael Weber's lifestreams on youtube:
  18. We buy and wait for profit I have been watching numerous coins for a long time. Often a strategy works. GXS decided to buy a little from its deposit. The goal is 5-7% of the purchase price. About 2-7 days. Not enough, but it should work out. You can sell at about 5711
  19. To view on Steem Click here Disclaimer: I am not a financial consultant in any way, while I have studied cryptocurrency and the crypto space for years now, I cannot predict the exact future, as some companies or regulations may change the course of any of my recommendations and research findings. Therefore, please use due diligence and make up your own mind about all cryptocurrency investments as they offer excellent rewards, but are not backed by any deposit or federal insurance, so invest wisely and in small amounts after a good review of the best, sound companies out there. Hey Everyone, Welcome back to another instalment of great coin/ tech analysis from me. Today I want to focus on another one of the Asian coins as it looks like China have massively embraced blockchain and this could see some of these mini cap and micro cap coins really move over the next few weeks and months. Today we’re going to look at Ontology - ONT. This coin isn’t a random pick either, it still falls under certain criteria, that I mentioned in my Vechain article earlier this week. Here’s the link, if you missed that: A cryptocurrency must have certain fundamentals for it to succeed and survive in the future as this space grows and becomes more and more competitive. So I’ve decided that for me to buy a coin, I need to see these following things: Good price action - no one wants a dead coin Good exchange listings - Binance, HitBTC, Coinbase or Kraken, I want to see one or all of these big guns Good volume - no huge dumps that aren’t followed by buying ops, this means the coin is already popular Great use case - great technology or concept that is easily understood and appreciated. It’s not our job to sell the coin The have first mover advantage, longer history or development than other coins, or have very little competition You should feel really comfortable and pleased with yourself after making a purchase or investment. Rather than nervous and worried. 💪🏼👍🏼 Or in other words - should I have bought Bitcoin or this coin instead? It should be that easy and obvious, you believe in the coin, it’s tech and it’s value it brings to the cryptocurrency markets. There is a lot of coins out there now and even I don’t really find myself looking outside of the top 100-150 market cap coins. I will let the coin move into that space of the overall market cap to prove itself before I investigate further, as a general rule. Same reason as yesterday, I said: It’s probably a little overkill, but timing huge moves in the cryptocurrency market is possible, if you have a few excellent coins and a bit of patience. We’re getting closer and closer to the Bitcoin halving, so with less than 7 months to go now, we can expect to see more new money flow in again, just like we did last time around (@ 4 years ago). The difference this time is we have more institutions buying and investing in this space, this is great news and I have noticed this change. More buying after double digit red days causing a solid rebound in prices the very next day, is a sign of intelligence and smart money management. So let’s see if ONT will make the bigger investors take notice or whether other projects are equally or more interesting. Ontology - ONT This is a very interesting company/ coin right now as some it received a huge 45%+ pump just the other day after the China Government announcement. This coin bounced the strongest, even beating NEO which is arguably the most popular China based coin. After the China government disclosing their embracing of everything blockchain from now on, I think the best Chinese and Asian projects could get massive backing or funding or even a partner from this densely populated part of the world. With over a billion people in China alone and a very authoritative government that dictates what the population as a whole can and cannot use, the right compan and tech could do very well here, but we must choose wisely, there will probably be only one real winner, as a lot of coins offer similar tech or similar services. And that’s a great place to start as it might be best for me to tell you what I found out all in one place and then let the pics from the various parts of the website tell their tale and you can decide if you see what I see or have a different opinion. Together we are stronger as you might see different perspectives and educate me on those, when you leave a comment or criticism below. It’s great to see Forbes has taken a look and investigated ONT as it really does have some promising key aspects, I’m just not sure if there are better projects out there like Ethereum and EOS for example. ONT is very similar to these coins as you can see from these two screenshots: A decentralised coin that offers better control of our data is nothing new these days, I know plenty of coins that provide this service, so what else does ONT offer and is it on a lot of exchanges, as they also choose coins wisely: From these pics you can see that ONT offers: A mobile friendly currency, that’s mobile READY as well You can stake and receive ONT gas rewards known as ONG Gas powers the network transactions like Ethereum and NEO So as long as the network is growing and evolving and it’s use case is so good, that me and you can be confident about more and more companies and people adopting its technology, then its a great coin to consider....right? But, why has Ethereum (ETH) for example retained its value so much better than ONT? Ontology has been around a while and even coins like DASH and Monero have retained much better prices than ONT yet aren’t much older. ONT used to be a NEO based token, so you might not know it’s been around longer than it’s rebranding in February 2018 when it launched its own Mainnet. Now ONT is also similar to TRON - TRX and EOS and STEEM as it also has developers creating Dapps on the blockchain as well: Which is great as it shows it is a maturing blockchain that is attracting talent, but if you look at those numbers on the bottom of that screenshot, just over 5000 transactions in 24hrs... How many transactions do you think TRX or ETH or STEEM have had in 24 hrs? Let me educate you, it’s a lot more than 5000. Yet until conducting my analysis on this coin, I didn’t even know ONT had Dapps at all? This coin could really do with more promotion and marketing, which makes me wonder how good it could be, with the right backing and leadership? 🤔 Hence this article is more of a - what do you think, as much of a here’s what I found article... There Github is nice and busy: That’s a major plus right there. Very recent modifications and additions to the code 👍🏼💯 It has 3 big use case companies/ scenarios which is another good sign, I think music and movies will eventually have some big cryptocurrency backing due to piracy 🏴‍☠️ but is it Ontology? Those are Big industries that will pick a clear winner and will wait for that leader to show themselves, which is also my final verdict for ONT at this time. Maybe one for you to think over and evaluate? If I see further investment news from China specifically towards ONT then it’s a green light for me to buy, but until then I wait patiently... Till next time everyone. Peace ✌🏼
  20. Click to view on Steem Welcome back everybody! There have been a few coins on my radar recently, as that perfect combination of price action and anecdotal information has come together and caught my attention. I follow a few crypto people on different forums, reddit, Twitter, Youtube videos and interviews etc, who have mentioned these two coins, and if that wasn’t enough, then Binance US announces that LINK and RVN are now available on their platform as part of their phase 3 expansion. I just knew, now, was the perfect time, to do a good analysis of these two coins and their tech. There is more hype now than ever of these coins, so let’s get straight into it shall we, and start the coin rolling with: ChainLink - LINK At first glance of the front page it’s not really obvious how good LINK is, as you only see a simple diagram of a smart contract drawn out, with ChainLink written in it: And the simple language, connect to any API and send payments anywhere, doesn’t give away much either. I see this kind of promise all over altcoins in general, except with LINK there is more, way more, information to come. The big hint comes from seeing Google, Swift and PayPal in the opening diagrams, but if you look really carefully, you will also see Hyperledgers logo! Don’t worry if you don’t know what it looks like, I will point it out again in a minute, what’s more important is that you now know that LINK is 100% gender neutral. In other words, it caters for ALL leading blockchains that support Smart Contracts, not just the most popular ones, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Now, can you see what the fuss is all about? Whether you like Stellar or XRP or ADA, your in luck. LINK has the expertise to work with all of your favourite coins and their blockchain technology. In that central hub you can see Bitcoin and Ethereum, but you can also see that clear matrix type logo as well? Well, that’s hyperledger that competes with all of our fabulous cryptocurrency coins, but in this case, who cares? A winning bet would find a tech company that can cater to ALL of them, that way, however wins, this coin wins as well. That’s the main reason I’m so excited as I type this, we get a rare chance to benefit from all the leading blockchains as LINK knows that a smart contract cannot access its own data, no matter what network it’s on. Meaning a smart contract is only as good as the data it receives. LINK provides that secure connection with next generation oracle links, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy smart contract continues operating. LINK has seen this weakness associated with smart contracts and cornered this market early on, we are all so fascinated with the Smart Contract function and Dapps that are being developed to run on them. LINK sees the future of smart contracts go beyond tokenisation and simple financial agreements, to becoming the most dominant form of digital agreement. We can plainly see now what LINK saw some time ago, since then though, they have gained some incredible reputation in this niche, as you can see from the endorsements on the screenshots below or from the big Bluechip companies that are featured on some of the others. Mastercard and Visa are there, plus I heard that Microsoft is interested or is in the process of becoming a new business to use LINK and it’s services. This came from Teeka Tiwari an ex hedge fund manager that trots the globe looking at all the latest cryptocurrency tech. Here’s a link to a great interview he did on London Real recently, where admitted LINK was his number 1 pick right now: So that’s all the hype and positive information out the way. Now I wanted to see if ChainLink are active on their Github, as this is always the perfect benchmark. A cryptocurrency can be performing lots of activity and marketing really well etc, but if it’s truly growing and evolving, it’s Github will show updates and modifications to the code. Here’s what I found: Plenty of recent additions to the Github log 👍🏼💯 Lots of activity in the last few days, not to mention the last couple of months, so it looks like things are definitely moving forward to LINK. I’m not a financial advisor but I see blue sky’s ahead for this cryptocurrency for the following reasons: Growth in the number of companies and enterprises using smart contracts Growth from the new coins that are out now that can utilise smart contract technology, such as TRON, ADA, Stellar and EOS Growth from some of the even newer coins who haven’t yet come to market, that I’ve analysed, that will also run smart contracts such as Solana, Spacemesh and Nervos. Growth from being super dominant by creating all these links with big blue chip companies before anyone else can offer them equal or similar technology. Recognition as the best or one of the best counts a lot! Growth from offering their services, experience and expertise to ALL leading blockchains. By catering to everyone, and not favouring one over the other means the potential to generate more clients and business is excellent. So, as you can see I’m definitely a fan! It’s makes sense on so many levels that this coin succeeds, but what do you think? I will look in the comments and replies for your constructive criticism. 🤔👏🏼 For now let’s move on to another coin I keep seeing and hearing about - Ravencoin. RVN - Ravencoin. Yesterday, when I briefly skimmed over RVN, had found out that it’s actually a fork of the legendary Bitcoin! After my initial excitement I remembered that there are quite a few altcoins that are forks of bitcoin, I just haven’t seen one in a while. So what makes RVN so different? These new features include: Block reward of 5,000 RVN Block time of 1 minute instead of 10 like Bitcoin Total coin supply of 21 Billion A new mining algorithm, X16R which allows for more decentralized mining Having a fairer mining system sounds good, but most new coins have similar tech with PoS type systems in place. I do like the same Bitcoin halving effect, as I enjoy knowing that rarity is built into a coin and it’s tech. But it’s these last two that I think are really interesting: Addition of Asset issuance, and transfer Future addition of unique assets, sub-assets, rewards, messaging, and voting. Those first couple of features wouldn’t be enough to secure a good future for Ravencoin, there are too many coins performing similar benefits, it is these other two that I want to see if they really are any good? Project Shares Having a variety of different securities such as stocks and shares issued on the RVN blockchain, where dividends would be paid in RVN for hosting these securities on the blockchain. That’s new and interesting, what else does RVN do here? This screenshot is going to look very similar to the last one, but it’s highlighting a different tab, so to make it easier I’ve dropped a yellow arrow, denoting what tab were looking at: Virtual Goods The example shown is reselling sports tickets without fear of resell or duplicates being made Cool, this also means you could design your own digital game cards and host them on RVN for example. Physical and Digital Assets RVN coin is capable of representing a share of a project or valuable object(s) the examples given include: Gold and Silver bars, physical currency like Euro’s or even energy credits. This is definitely sounding like something people outside crypto could wrap their heads around and actually use or consider when looking at the new cryptocurrency platforms that are springing up. Credit Such as gift cards, air miles, reward points could be safely hosted on the RVN blockchain as well. To summarise those four different aspects of hosting on the RVN blockchain, have a look at this last screenshot: RVN wants to be the premier coin/ tech that is responsible for transferring assets from one party to another on the blockchain. Of course it can transfer payments instantly as well, so you can use RVN and trade it in the meantime, while they attract business and enterprise to transfer assets of value between people. Using the Bitcoin code is quite a good idea as it is instantly well known and familiar with most people outside crypto-land. So if this is going to catch on, that’s a great place to start. People will like it for that very reason, that’s it’s Bitcoin at its core It’s halving feature is a good back up plan, scarcity is a good strategy as well Transferring assets is very applicable in countries like China, Argentina, Venezuela and when Greece was going through an austerity crisis. As some governments try to manipulate and control the currency or wealth of a nation, this definitely prevents that. So while it’s not jumping off the page at me like LINK, It seems a lot of other people apart from the SEC and Binance US like this project as look at all these exchanges that accept RVN: And there are more, but these are the biggest with the best liquidity. I showed everyone yesterday how many wallets are also available for RVN and it was just as dramatic as well. If you missed that episode, here is the link: So what’s their Github like? It wasn’t anywhere near as good as LINK, but I think I know why! One, this is bitcoin code, which has plenty of people working on it, I’m sure they can peak over at the original bitcoin and perform updates retrospectively like that!? Two, this project is more about outreach and interest, rather than out and out performance. So as I expected, RVN are super eager beavers on social media and offline meets, check out ALL these channels: I checked out most of them and they are All active as well. Plus they have had a big offline meet up as well already: Asia - Korea 1000 Attendees So perhaps this is a good pair to have available on Binance US at the same time as they are completely different strategies and completely different technology. That diversity is what we need so that there is something here for everyone, as well as room for as many of the best coins/ tech that we can. That way everyone looking in can see that cryptocurrencies are the future and the best ideas are over here, where they should perhaps also be. Well that’s two hot coins that are out right now analysed for you. So that’s it from me then, I will be back with more hot altcoins for you very soon. Till then. Peace! ✌🏼☮️
  21. Click to view on Steem Hello everyone, welcome back for the latest analysis of Spacemesh and Gram, the last two coins that have passed the strict selection criteria from Coinbase. We’ve had some absolute whoppers so far in this series, but I’m looking forward to these last 2 coins a lot. Spacemesh just sounds awesome, and yes I’m just talking about it’s name lol, I’m also expecting good things from Gram as well, due to it being so publicly debated with an estimated $1.7 Billion from its token sale, that’s plenty of money to play with, let’s see if they put it to good use or not. Plus I will also be looking over at Binance US as it has also offered its clients some new crypto assets as well, and whilst these aren’t super brand new, it’s worth looking at them as they have passed the US SEC litmus test and has been approved for sale over there. Yesterday I did a recap of some of the biggest points to note so far, if you want to quickly read that before continuing here, then click on these two links and read the opening summary: Otherwise let’s get into these two new juicy coins and see what they’ve got: Spacemesh Well there’s plenty of outreach with Twitter, Medium, Github, Telegram. They also amazingly offer Gitter and e mail for direct access to the developers as well. If you don’t know what Gitter is, Gitter is a open sourced chat and networking platform that helps to manage, grow and connect communities through messaging, content creation and discovery. I checked it out, it’s a very attractive looking website/ networking community. Here take a look: It’s trusted by some pretty impressive big hitters in the tech space, but up until now, I’ve certainly never heard of it. Definitely a community for the well versed in tech of the Silicon Valley, I bet it was started there and got passed around between each other, before we get to hear about it? 🤔 I would investigate but I’m more interested in this coin for now... With the social media aspect out of the way, WTF is up with this website? Lol it’s like Avalanche as it’s super basic, but it’s got some crazy Alison in Wonderland/ The Matrix 😎 twist to it. At the bottom of the first page it has white_rabbit$ in lower case text, did you see it? If you click on team, it gets even weird-er... When you click on The name of a person pops up with a link to articles and publications, and these are super hard core coding/ programming publications as well. That’s the white rabbits card link clicked and the name Iddo Bentov revealed itself, I clicked that link it took me to this site with all these super hardcore publications/ discussion articles...Wow! The weird and wonderful website doesn’t end there either, there is a little switch at the top right hand side of Every website page, so I had to click it and then this happened: LOL, it’s a light switch, I guess? Or a white switch, there is no more information when you hover over it or click it, it’s just there and turns it dark and light. Cool and weird... Fortunately when I clicked FAQ, I finally got something sensible and normal from Spacemesh, not that I’m complaining, but I do need some answers about their project, aside from the theatrics. 👏🏼😁 Spacemesh has 3 problems it’s wants to solve: To create the world’s most fairly distributed and decentralized cryptocurrency. To create a cryptocurrency that is completely usable as a means of payment between any two people in the world without any possibility of censorship. Enable technology that easily scales to the masses to fulfill the promise of the Blockchain. The idea is to enable creators, writers, artists, journalists and merchants to automatically enforce payment contracts, ensuring that they get paid for their work. They have a few sub layers to these 3 mission ops as well. As they see current PoW and PoS models as inefficient and ineffective due to waste or energy consumption. They do explain everything in good detail on their website, but it gets quite technical and they go into great detail, which makes it unsuitable for print here, but these 2 screenshots are worth looking over: It’s worth mentioning that they haven’t quite worked out all of these answers yet, but they are committed to the task and seem ultra focussed, they have incredible knowledge of the current cryptocurrency limitations and want to fix them all, as it is the only way to succeed, at least for them. They sort of remind me of Bitcoin founder Sasatoshi Nakamoto and their white paper. They’ve noted all the weaknesses and are in the process of working through them with the answers they currently know and will continue to work on. Definitely the most in depth, complex coin I’ve looked at so far, but one that could be revolutionary just like Bitcoin was to the Fiat currency world, is what I see Spacemesh doing to the current Cryptocurrency economy! With no advertising of the investors, all I can say is that it has got Coinbase attention and the mission objectives of this coin are completely SEC friendly, at least for now. It’s combining your hardware to provide cheap easy PoW mining, with a decentralised cloud layer and a more improved coin than any of the current technology they know of. So, that’s Nervos, Dfinity and Filecoin pretty much all rolled into one! Haha No wonder the website is made of code...they are neck deep in code all day every day, probably for the rest of their lives lol. Good luck guys and girls or avators are whatever you are 👏🏼💪🏼👍🏼😃 Phew! Next - it’s Gram! Gram - TON Telegram Open Network (TON) NO Website NO known investors - 2 closed funding rounds in Feb and March 2018 NO Social Media Channels except for 3 Posts on Twitter... Well this episode is really turning into a follow Alice in wonderland down the rabbit hole!🕳 Gram has even more secrecy than Spacemesh, but instead of hiding behind playing cards and strange animals, they have somehow managed total radio silence, despite being such a big new coin/ tech coming to market. Until this week even it’s just been little leaks of information here and there from reputable crypto websites like Coindesk and Coinsquare, but confirmed with Twitter links that I’ve found. So what we know so far is: Gram coins will operate on the TON Blockchain Mobile messenger payment service like Wechat is the goal, micro payments initially then scaled up to bigger purchases TON tokens will come with a Wallet built by Telegram Open Network With over 180 Million users of Telegram, they believe they have an instant community and network that can use this new service October 31st is the proposed LIVE date Credit to reliable information comes from the 2 twitter posts that they have managed: And this super cool video, that I highly recommend watching: So that’s it for now on Gram. Definitely the most hyped coin on this whole series for sure! If I had 180 million users + I’m sure I would hype it up and keep it secret until it was perfected, as the first impression is so huge on the internet itself, but on an instant messaging service, it could be over for Gram before it’s started, if they don’t get it right. 2 Twitter posts since Jan 2018 and No website or real social presence means they are hard at work on something, let’s hope it brings the masses into crypto like it certainly has the potential to do! That brings me finally onto BINANCE US Let’s just briefly skim over what these coins main objectives are and see if they match up with what we’ve seen from Coinbase and then I will investigate further tomorrow. Cordano comes complete with a wallet that allows staking for holders, as this is a PoS coin. It is being built to run advanced smart contracts The goal is a Faster payment service than Bitcoin and Ethereum It looks like a complete coin/ tech as it solves PoW issues, aims to beat eth on smart contracts and offers its holders rewards for staking, which creates a community appeal. Good coin, definitely an easy one for the SEC and Binance to say Yes to, they had better hurry up though as those new coinbase coins are either just as good or better! BAT tokens run on the Ethereum blockchain and want to enable a better future for users, advertisers and content producers. Brave is the open source browser that sorts out better deals for everyone by monitoring your attention and serving you better Ads, content etc. The Brave browser anonymously monitors user attention, then rewards publishers accordingly with BATs, sort of like a but browser mode only. Brave is ready to go now as well, tomorrow we will find out if it works as I will try it out 👍🏼😃 Sounds like a better internet experience for everyone then, BATs are a utility token rather than a store of value so it’s only a trade-able asset if you like to trade, they condone trading as they prefer adoption instead. Cool! Sort of a good use case scenario, definitely needs further investigation to see if it’s a real solution. As their coin is a utility based token means it’s very SEC and US friendly, because it’s not a currency alternative as much as Bitcoin. Ethereum Classic is a general purpose blockchain that runs many more types of applications than Bitcoin can. It is quite a simple concept as it runs smart contracts and uses gas as well, just like Ethereum. Many people have created a wallet for it as it’s been around for some time. I think this coin has been added by Binance as it is quite a stablecoin compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin as it doesn’t pump and dump hardly at all. It still has some hardcore fans ever since it split with Ethereum many moons ago, so should give Binance some decent volume. Plus it’s not a currency alternative or store of value coin so it’s very SEC friendly. I totally forgot you can send XLM stellar lumens for a fraction of the cost of ether and bitcoin. It helps people send money across borders and I’m talking Dollars to Euros for example not bitcoin to dash. That is a real use case isn’t it as normally to send money from one country to the next takes ages, costs a lot and requires a lot of ID and documents taken to a physical establishment. So much effort and cost compared to XLM isn’t it, no wonder they power IBMs world wire which represents 47 currencies in 72 different countries. Great use case, IBM is on board, so it’s a nobrainer for Binance US and SEC as it’s helping a big blue chip corporation gain with blockchain tech. I’ve always wanted to hear more about 0x as it’s surfaced on the media a few times but never long enough for me to follow up on it, till now. It’s got a couple of different and cool features: It offers an exchange to purchase or trade cryptocurrency wallet to wallet trading with no deposits or withdrawals Runs smarts contracts like Ethereum It’s been built to allow you to run your own smart contracts on the network It’s got some other benefits that make it a very safe coin, it’s a network or protocol and not a store of value, plus it offers developers a chance to build on their network and receive gas as payment. This is the basics of a business, so it’s good for the economy in the software/ tech department where the US scores massively on. Another safe bet for Binance and with wallet to wallet swaps, it makes it easy for new comers to enter the crypto market who don’t want to go through the hassle of exchanges and deposits and then trade and withdraw etc.
  22. Hello everyone, Thanks for coming back to read the second part of the breakdown of these phase 2 deposits that Binance US is offering, as well as an intro to RVN and LINK, the phase 3 deposits that were announced literally yesterday as I was preparing to write this. The whole point of this original article of Binance US compared to Coinbase was to see if superior tech/ coins were coming to these giant exchanges and if so, what were the similarities. What perfect timing that Binance US releases Raven coin and ChainLink on Oct 9th so I get to really compare what’s just arrived to market, with the whole new breed of powerful Altcoins that are coming soon to Coinbase. Here’s a link to see some of those Alts if you haven’t seen it yet: Let’s get straight into it as I’m super pumped to be scratching the surface on RVN and LINK as they are both, at the top of my Buy List right now. I’ve seen some impressive moves on the trading charts with both of these coins recently, but before I get into them, let’s make sure XLM - Stellar and ZRX - 0x aren’t also coins worth considering? 🤔 It is easy to get carried away with the ‘next new shiny object syndrome’ but sometimes you have to keep up with the times, Stellar has been out quite a while now. It needs to be fast, secure, light and easy to use, with a good strong community behind it, if it wants to stay and find a niche for itself as a top cryptocurrency. 🥇👍🏼 XLM - Stellar As you can see from those screenshots, Stellar main selling point, is that it provides liquidity to countries that might be thinly traded or in financial difficulty. The second main point is that it costs a fraction of a penny to send a transaction across the Stellar network, which is certainly a giant step forward compared to today’s fiat currency standards. To send money from one person to another no matter where they are in the world, all you need to do is hold XLM in an account to keep it active and have at least one lumen to perform the transaction. The receiver also has to do the same to complete the transaction on there end, have a few XLM to keep the account active and allow a transaction to transfer into their desired currency, be it crypto or dollars, euros etc. Pretty cool, simple, fast, borderless and a wallet with a built in exchange makes it easy to move between Fiat Currencies like GBP to USD or EURO’s to BTC which is really convenient for most people, never mind new comers to this space. No wonder IBM has affiliated itself with XLM, this is a real good use case for cryptocurrency, and it’s never been more relevant with countries like Venezuela, Argentina and Jamaica for example who could do with a good powerful alternative to their native fiat currency. It’s also got a great community built into XLM as it’s: Developer friendly, you can build on XLM Built in Wallet for XLM holders which supports an incredible 47 currencies in 72 countries Light fast transactions means it can run on people’s cell phones And they are performing outreach offline which is crucial I think in countries like Mexico that could do with a second currency at the moment 👍🏼 VERDICT Well Stellar lumens - XLM is here to stay! It’s got a strong partner with IBM that will give it amazing leverage when going to other countries and businesses, plus it’s future proofed for some time as it is light and fast and totally mobile friendly. Add this to a community that can only grow as it doesn’t really have any direct competition, XRP is for financial institutions whereas XLM is for the people. 0x protocol - ZRX You could read what I’m about to write or watch this 90 second video of ZRX explaining themselves, either way your going to be happy as 0x is Free Market Exchange which means it has no Binance or Coinbase charging a fee for allowing people to exchange currencies. 👍🏼⭐️ As long as there is decent liquidity, earning enough people congregating on an exchange with no middleman, then this concept definitely works, but liquidity is everything. Thankfully ZRX have picked a niche, a pretty good one as well, ERC-20 tokens. To make sure they have good liquidity for all sizes of trades, they have So Many Exchanges listed there, check this out: When I clicked on just One of these exchange icons, I got to see these trading pairs: ETH, USDT and DAI That’s brilliant as you can move in and out of Eth into stable coins when you think the market dictates a correction or a bull run. Now ERC-20 tokens only run on the Ethereum network (for now) and even I was surprised at how many there are: 218,528 ERC-20 tokens exist?? Holy Moly! That is a lot! Most of the coins/ tokens you see in the top 100 on Coinmarketcap are actually ERC-20 tokens. Here is a few more of the top 16 I found for you: BAT, LINK, MCO, TETHER, Vechain etc are All ERC-20 tokens. When I first got into this space in 2016, there was about 3 I think haha, boy have times changed. Looks like 0x offers so many different exchanges on its site because it actually can perform liquid transactions in most if not all of them. Wow!🤩 Coming soon! Is a futures like market to go long and short on trading pairs like ZRX/ETH or LINK/USDT as well as store your ERC-20 tokens and earn interest on them. That’s pretty cool as it will create an extra layer of trust and community that 0x needs to survive. It must manage good relationships with external exchanges to get them to pour some liquidity into their model or encourage thousand upon thousands of users to go there instead. Certainly giving people interest on their coins/ tokens is great for the clients/ customers. But to keep people coming they definitely need to attract talent such as developers and coders to enhance the exchange experience and add features like other big external exchanges like Binance US and Coinbase, so they have made it a place to welcome people to build on their platform. Awesome job.👏🏼 Welcoming new business is a great way to stay current and up to date with new or competing coins. However after some digging around there is quite a lot of competition in this space: Uniswap DeversiFi Bancor Changelly KyberSwap BisQ WavesDEX Cryptobridge DEX RadarRelay Stellarterm Notice that last exchange is XLM or Stellar! They certainly are expanding and moving forward into a matching niche as they want a good exchange platform to help their currency out, long term. So definitely some headwind for 0x but having said that, these other exchanges are no where near as premium or good a quality as those on the 0x protocol. As long as you are the leader in any space, then you reap the biggest and best rewards! Maybe that explains why ZRX has been moving strongly this week end? I’m keeping 0x on the radar but I think there are some better buys right now, if ZRX was under $0.10 I would definitely go and buy it. With so many coins and tokens available right now, we want to only the best and most obvious winners in their category or niche, so what’s LINK and RVN all about then. Let’s take a quick look and break them down properly tomorrow: ChainLink - LINK Right! Now I see what the fuss is all about! Controlling the data that smart contracts have access to is big business. LINK offers an oracle solution of multiple inputs to prevent attack and loss of data and the wrong people getting control of a smart contract by manipulating the data. Very cool indeed! This is why LINK has cornered this market so early on, we are fascinated with the Smart Contract function and Dapps but LINK realises the data connecting the smart contract to its external source is of the upmost Importance. Genius! We’ve known Big Data is big business for a while now... So Who do we see as their partners already on this screenshot? Visa Mastercard *Swift PayPal And on the previous one they announced: Google Oracle Who apparently need secure oracles for the next generation of smart contracts, I’ve heard rumours of Microsoft as well, but don’t quote me on that. I heard it from another reliable source, I will divulge that information tomorrow, but I think we can agree LINK is in a very strong place of demand with very little competition. I will find out more for you tomorrow, but I can see this being a strong tech/ coin that’s easily ahead of its time and experiencing great demand for its services and therefore it’s price has responded. 🥇💯👍🏼 Let’s leave it there for now and look at another strong mover in the markets that’s made it onto the USA exchanges: RVN - Ravencoin. Ravencoin is actually a fork of Bitcoin! Well who knew that? So from something that sounds quite complicated with LINK, Ravencoin is more of a return to the core cryptocurrencies we’ve seen since the beginning. Except of course with some exciting new features that make it stand out and give it a future: Block reward of 5,000 RVN Block time of 1 minute instead of 10 like Bitcoin Total coin supply of 21 Billion A new mining algorithm, X16R which allows for more decentralized mining. Addition of Asset issuance, and transfer. Future addition of unique assets, sub-assets, rewards, messaging, and voting. I like that last feature, of focussing on unique assets, sub asserts, rewards, messaging and voting as that would create a real community and following of the coin. One because it’s bitcoin code and some of us die hard bitcoin lovers will appreciate that, but also because Bitcoin has None of those features which would make it Amazing!!! It seems a lot of other people apart from the SEC and Binance US agree, as look at all these wallets that accept RVN: Thats a helluva lot of wallets for a relatively new coin on the scene isn’t it? I know it’s bitcoin code, but that could also cause people to block it and let BTC run as long and hard as possible, but that clearly isn’t the case. Many wallets and exchanges have welcomed Ravencoin. Tomorrow we shall find out exactly why... That’s it from me then today. Till tomorrow. Peace! ✌🏼☮️
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