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    • Welcome to Cryptotalk forum, I am happy with the addition of new members, meaning the forum will be more and more new content. Let's show your new content, besides that you will get rewards every you write a comment, post/content through Yobit, Good luck !!!  
    • Очередная тема НИ О ЧЕМ. Ни скринов крана, ни ссылок, ни доказательств выплат. Хоть напишите, как долго вы собирали эти 0.2$.
    • Well, if lowering to $ 50 below the level of 8000 and a return to the level of 8,000 can be considered for "gone below 8000", of course ... Actually the cue ball at this level is marking time for almost a month.
    • It is true that they pay their users per post. It is implemented I think since last August. It is a way of them to encourage us to post more valuable and better contents. It will be betrer we continue to support this forum even though the payperpost campaign ends.
    • Yes you are right. But the first 2FA is not hacked easily and the 2FA will safe your account from hackers but at the time of withdraw the withdraw conformation code will send to your email its a big security because if any hacker would be hacked your coin he must be hacked your gmail also.
    • If I will be having a 4 ltc right now I will just hold it until the price pump up.
    • good to know that you are same country as me , but im from kalimantan, we do it by escrow on bitcointalk, just send me dm with your telegram contact or whatapps  
    • ETH trading.Because when it goes up just 18 usd then you would make %10 profit.So it is better at trading.But with different situations it could change
    • Да я тоже давно видел эти краны. Они сделаны по одному принципу. Но сам в них ни разу не участвовал. Наверное все выше перечисленные краны созданы одними разработчиками, или у них какая-то организации по криптовалютных каранах.
    • Thanks for this list. You help us a lot to those who like this type of games and well it is already on the part of each one if you want to invest in these platforms. The important thing is to investigate if they are trustworthy and if the users have not had problems with them.
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