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    • Я в этом кошельке недавно (Блокчейн) хороший кошелёк Всем рекомендую 
    • Bitcoin is the asset like others worthy assets such as gold, and all others assets that's you know they are lack and most of people need them, but end of the day their price is converted with the fiat currencies (money) such as USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD, YEN, NYANG and other's fiat currencies.
    • i am long term investors. i believe in long term investment. so i will hold the btc for atleast five years,then i will think that i will keep it or sell it off.right now i donot have any plan for stay positive for cryptocurrency future.
    • Recently  I was browsing bounties section and found few of the bounty managers mentioned they won't allow the post in regional languages. Now my mind has moved onto this forums and  thinking how for our Russian community here? If these bounty managers won't allow local language, then what will happen to our Russian community. I will appreciate for your answers on regarding the last line. This forum needs to invite the investor or some company that want to promote their service to people, and I am sure that it will happen later. We can wait and still contribute to this forum, and if one or two signature campaign is started, we can participate as the members. Maybe the signature campaign will be different than in the other forum.
    • Yes, especially the crypto currency market is a very volatile market, in order to stay in the safe area, there are tools that every trader should use, such as stopping the loss, along with a good strategy for dividing the capital. . 
    • Actually i am not seeing the end of bitcoin. In every week, we are hearing about news which is positive for bitcoin. It will exist in market for a long time.
    • Так как я генератор идей то могу предложить другой вариант. Это мы берем большой чемодан в котором будет ферма из 5 видеокарт приносим данный чемодан в парк и сидим возле него и читаем газетку и думаю ,что 5 видеокарт без затрат на электричество могут довольно быстро окупится и самое главное ,что все будет безпалевно.
    • привет всем 2008 в сайте наткнулись крипту раньше еще не знали че это такое а щас желеем что раньше не закупились щас бы больше процентов накапало
    • In early 2018 India's central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced a ban on the sale or purchase of cryptocurrency for entities regulated by RBI.
    • I think college students that invested in bitcoin believe that there is a huge potential for bitcoin. It's a technology that they know that still needs time before many people see its real worth.
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