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Found 8 results

  1. Airdrop EdenX 🎁 EdenX: is a crypto crowdfunding platform where anyone can create their fundraiser for any goal and dream 🚀 We are happy to announce that we are holding our project's token and NFT giveaway 💰 That's right, we're giving away free tokens to our community members as a thank-you for your support and help in spreading the word about our project So, what are you waiting for? 👋 ✅ Join our community and get your free tokens. Together we can build an active community 🙂 Airdrop EdenX tokens Crew3 (100$) QuestN (20$ + NFT) Trantor (20$ + NFT Soquest (20$ + NFT)
  2. Airdrop for $1,000 from GG Token ⏰ Contest period: December 12 - 21 🖥 Contest service: Contest tasks: 1. Subscribe to Twitter 2. Subscribe to Instagram 3. Subscribe to Facebook 4. Subscribe to Telegram Channel 5. Subscribe to Telegram Chat 6. Subscribe to Discord 7. Invite friends to participate in the contest (1 friend = 1 point) 8. Ask a question about the project for the AMA session Contest conditions: For each completed task, the participant receives 1 point. The more points, the more chances to win. The winner will be chosen at random. Contest rewards : We give rewards in the form of token GG, but in the blocking for 2 months (25% every 15 days). 1 place = 4.800 GG (~$500) 2 place = 2.400 GG (~$250) 3 place = 1.200 GG (~125$) 4 place = 720 GG (~$75) 5 place = 470 GG (~$50)
  3. noiz

    Airdrop Detective

    Airdrop Detective Among other things, all the necessary information is provided on a telegram channel Airdrop Detective. Also available on other social media platforms
  4. Never miss a Airdrop campaign again Joins the Telegram Channel AirDropNINJA so as not to miss a campaign in the future...
  5. After registration, you get 34 LGX tokens ($5) + 64 LGX can be received for watching videos in the Home - Empower tab. In addition, there are mini tasks in the wallet (games, likes, etc.) for which they also give tokens. A similar airdrop was from TrustWallet a year and a half ago, they gave 1000 TWT tokens ($5), and at the current rate they cost $700. Instruction: Download wallet: Download ( 1. When registering, in order to get 34 LGX tokens, on the top in the Referal ID tab - enter the code a69rbx2 2. Go to Profile - Claim Rewards and see your current balance of 34 LGX tokens 3. To get additional tokens - invite your friends. 4. In the Home - Empower tab, watch the video, there are two headings: the first one contains (5 videos of 3 LGX for each video watched) and the second one (49 videos of 1 LGX for each video watched). 5. Also in the Home - Arcade tab, play games and earn LGX tokens. Tokens can be collected on March 1, 2022. The wallet will have an IDO on February 17th. The price of the token is $0.15. The coin is on CoinMarketCap. P.S. If you can't login to the app? Try to log into it later or delete the application and download again (all tokens are saved in the wallet, they will not be lost).
  6. First, a little about the project: MINA Blockchain is the world's lightest member-driven blockchain. By design, the entire Mina blockchain is, and will always be, about 22KB in size - the size of a couple of tweets. This way, anyone with a smartphone can sync and check the network in seconds. The project has already won a large audience around the world and launched its test network, and such giants as Coinbase and several other crypto funds entered the project, providing investments of about $ 20 million And to expand the community, tasks were launched, where, firstly: You need to log in to the telegram bot: MinaCommunityBot and recruit 10 people to receive 1000 MINA and fill out the form: link Also, one of the tasks is to repost this entry on Twitter: link and also fill out the form: link You can find yourself on the community leaderboard link. Please note that points are updated manually. You can also familiarize yourself with the full list of tasks at the link: here And in conclusion, the project is very promising and has a very strong team and serious investors behind its back, therefore, upon completion of tasks, I do not advise selling coins, very big Xs are expected.
  7. QUBCOINS - КОНЦЕПЦИЯ Любой проект с помощью платформы QUBCOINS может получить свою пару на Uniswap / BALANCER и других DEX. С помощью Farming контрактов вы сможете получить первичную ликвидность и первое комьюнити для вашего проекта . Заполните форму тут (открывать форму request) для добавления проекта на платформу. Простые условия размещения: - Минимум 2 farming пула QUB/ETH и PROJECT-TOKEN/ETH ( % APY и длительность проект выбирает сам ) - 10% в ТОКЕНах проекта направляются в VAULT ( фонд для держателей QUB и nQUB для квартального распределения ) Для проектов вне экосистемы ETHEREUM: - Применяется контракт обертывания ( Wrap contract ) + Custody Provider - Выбор Custody Provider - ссылка - CoinBase Custody - BitGo - XAPO Платформа QUBCOINS выпускает обернутую версию токена для вашего проекта - это ERC 20 TOKEN нативный стандарт для сети ETHEREUM . С приставкой W к имени вашего токена - WProjectTOKEN. При необходимости можно использовать услуги Custody Provider - для блокирования и хранения части ТОКЕНОВ вашего проекта - что существенно поднимает доверие у аудитории. Далее проект может использовать ERC 20 версию своего ТОКЕНа самостоятельно - либо на платформе QUBCOINS по стандартным правилам платформы - отдавая 10% токенов в VAULT Для NFT TOKENs - обертывание и торговля на DEX - Применяется контракт обертывания ( Wrap contract ) + Custody Provider - Выбор Custody Provider - Создание пар ликвидности - Farming contract на платформе QUBCOINS ДОХОД ( Earn ) Платформа QUBCOINS позволит своим пользователям и держателям токена QUB зарабатывать пассивно или активно используя DeFi инструменты. Пассивный вариант: Среди держателей токенов QUB и nQUB будет распределяться доход от платформы в виде токена QUB который будет выкупаться с рынка, соотношение наград для держателей токенов : - 70% среди держателей nQUB ( привилегированные токены ) - 30% среди держателей QUB ( стандартные токены ) Активный вариант: Пользователи смогут отправить QUB в раздел Yearn, далее платформа распределяет средства в утвержденных на голосовании DeFi решениях с максимальным APY до 20% - Compound - Yearn Finance - Curve жми на ссылку телеграмм бота в телеге получи 50 QUB Edited 5 minutes ago by XAH30
  8. 🍀Награда: 0.10 DFGL за рефферала 📈Токен уже торгуется на Uniswap ( по цене 23$ 📆Обещают вывод 15.10.2020 ➕Переходим в бота телеграм🤖 (➕Подписываемся на телеграм группу и канал ➕Подписываемся в Твиттере 👌Готово
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