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Found 20 results

  1. I want to ask. still you keep valuable tokens? for bounty users or airdrop users, this question make them laugh. i just want to know it. and how many your valuable token right now.? please share your experience 😂 another question: why you still hold them? 😂
  2. Продолжая работу и расширяя партнерские отношения, мы рады сообщить, что цифровой актив (TRDS) в середине апреля 2020 будет добавлен на новую биржу RESFINEX. И начнется торговля на двух рынках: TRDS/ETH и TRDS/USDT Цена любого цифрового актива определяется рынком и количеством бирж, на которых торгуется актив.
  3. That BITCOIN is the most valued currency we already know, but we know that its mining today requires cutting-edge equipment, as it is difficult to compete with so many ASICS in the market. But aside from the BTC, can anyone tell me what other currency is being profitable for mining with CPU and GPU, ie mining with a computer? I already tried some alternatives but ended up stopping at Nicehash, because I can still mine some satoshis, few but already some. If anyone has a more profitable tip I am grateful. My configuration I use for mining is an I5 3330 along with an AMD RX 470 asus mining 4gb. Hugs!!
  4. Now a days every exchange and airdrop diffrent sites are requesting KYC .what they do with our KYC.kindly reply dear members
  5. Learn How To Claim Free Ethereum With Bynamic ? Steps To Earn Free Ethereum With Bynamic? Sign up on Bynamic registration page. Join Telegram group, make a post and fill this Application form ($0.10 in ETH per post). Check any bug in Bynamic Website like grammar, script, display or other and report it in this form The Bug Bounty Reward program (Reward from 1$ -1000$). Post about Bynamic including a few hashtags or share's Facebook page ($0.50 in ETH per post/share) and fill this Application form Tweet about Bynamic with a few hashtags or retweet tweet's Twitter page and fill this Application form ($0.50 in ETH per tweet). Create video reviews about Bynamic at least 2 min in any language (Reward from 2$ -20$). Submit a positive review for Bynamic on TrustPilot and fill this Application form (Reward $1 in ETH per review). You can check your participation status in this spreadsheet. Resources
  6. CURRENCY.COM is a cryptocurrency exchange and tokenized exchange assets. It is the first officially regulated trading platform, a bridge between cryptocurrencies and regulated financial markets. Available investment, acquisition and trading of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash; tokens of world indices, company stocks, raw materials, ETF tools. Deposit or withdrawal of funds is carried out using Visa / Mastercard, bank transfers, cryptocurrency. Trading on the Currency exchange is available both without borrowed funds and with a leverage of up to 500x for traditional markets and up to 100x for cryptocurrencies. There is the possibility of limiting loss (stop loss) and profit taking (take profit). Benefits: - Officially regulated by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus and the High Technology Park. Accordingly, low non-trading risks. -Works in accordance with Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 8 “On the Development of the Digital Economy” dated December 21, 2017. According to which, funds received from the exchange are not taxable (for citizens of the Republic of Belarus). -More than 1300 tokenized assets now and more than 10000 planned in the future. -Official purchase of cryptocurrency. - Trade in tokenized assets: stocks, indices, raw materials. -Investing in tokenized exchange assets using cryptocurrencies and fiat. -High degree of customer data protection. - Deposit / withdrawal of funds from a credit card, bank transfer. - High speed data processing. - Compliance with AML and KYC. -Low commission. There are no fees for entering fiat and cryptocurrency. -Margin trading with leverage up to 100x. -Stop loss and take profit. -High liquidity. -Advanced trading terminal. -Reference program. For those who do not yet have the opportunity to trade independently, there is a profitable affiliate program on the platform, everyone can become a participant in. The partner receives up to 50% of the trading commissions of these clients. The client, on the other hand, receives a 10% discount if he uses a referral link. In addition, generous contests and giveaways are held on with enviable regularity. Now continues the action for new users "Bonus up to $ 100" 2 contests, "BTC Brawl" and "Bull Rally", with a prize pool of 50BTC, continue. Participate and win! was able to combine highly liquid traditional financial instruments and digital assets. It is important that all this is implemented in accordance with the legislation of Belarus. That is why the exchange attracts not only customers, but also investors. Already at the beginning of its work, attracted investments from venture funds Larnabel Ventures and VP Capital, thanks to which it received an excellent opportunity to develop and conquer the exchange trading market. Discover investment reliability and security with!
  7. hexwin

    Metamask wallet

    Best wallet you can use for Ethereum and all ethereum based Tokens is Metamask. Metamask not only stores your crypto as browser extension, but it also protects you from many phishing websites. Very easy to use. Download extension (for Chrome, or Firefox browser) and Generate your seed (and save it on paper backup) Watch video for full instruction 👆
  8. What are the tokens that I benefited from? Is it possible to share with us the token that was successful? And made some good sums
  9. We all want to invest in a legit company in the crypto currency world but like everything money related there are those who wish to take your money and run leaving you with nothing. Here are some red flags to help you determine if a token or ICO is not on the up and up. #1. The Team Members A real legit company will list the full names of all team members along with their background and experience. I find team members who also have LinkedIn pages with their full work history to be the most credible. Watch the photos posted. I have seen cropped, vacation and even cartoon characters. Unless a professional photo is present, I say avoid. #2. The White Paper Most white papers are used as a marketing tool. They will tell you about the service/product being offered. A rule of thumb is 2500 words minimum, it should have key product or service highlights. It is a marketing tool and should read like one. If the white paper seems unprofessional and doesn't leave the reader with a better understanding of the product or service offered as well as the benefits, it's a red flag the person didn't understand what the white papers purpose was. #3. Blockchain & Source Code Blockchains are a good thing. It's an open transparency into the dealings of a company who deals in crypto currency. The blockchain records everything that has happened since the company went live. Any alterations to a blockchain, like restarting a blockchain, these companies should be avoided. The source code within the blockchain should always be visible as this is what crypto currency is all about open transparency. If a company is hiding a source code something is not right and this token/coin should be avoided. #4. Company Public Statements A public profile and presence by a representative is vital to a companies image and public trust. Image is everything and the smallest public infraction can send even the biggest companies spiraling. How professional is the spokesperson? Does he or she always act with the companies best interest or are they combative? A company representative reflects the company, how the company works, how the company is run. Public statements become public record, and the utmost care for a spokesman must be taken into account, as their future depends on it. While this is just a short list you may have other points to add and I encourage them all! Hey if you liked this post please give me some love!
  10. Цель проекта Токен Трейдеров (TRDS) - это создать систему, которая объединит цифровые токены разных стандартов, выпущенные на нескольких популярных блокчейн платформах, таких как: Ethereum, Tron, Binance, Eos и им подобные, под одним брендом. И создать собственную биржу, на которой эти цифровые активы смогут торговаться один против другого и в парах с Биткоином (BTC) и другими альткоинами. Что даст возможность трейдерам переходить из одного актива в другой актив. Используя волатильность рынка и тренды, как потенциальные возможности для заработка. Сейчас (TRDS) добавлен и торгуется на бирже Graviex и доступен на нескольких ранках: TRDS/BTC, TRDS/ETH, TRDS/LTC, TRDS/USDC. 1. Расширяя наши партнерские отношения, Токен Трейдеров будет добавлен на новую биржу RESFINEX в середине апреля 2020. И станет доступен на двух ранках: TRDS/ETH и TRDS/USDT. 2. Далее идет по списку, интеграция цифрового актива (TRDS) в Принимайте крипто валютные платежи для WordPress! 3. Но, а следующей нашей целью станет добавления токена на: Это простая и удобная биржа обмена, для мгновенной покупки / продажи любой крипто валюты. 4. Ну а после, будет объявлено о добавлении на еще одну централизованную биржу. Имеющую более высокий рейтинг и объемы торгов! Вот некоторые пункты, которые мы собираемся выполнить с горизонтом в несколько месяцев, реализуя дорожную карту проекта Токен Трейдеров (TRDS)
  11. Ваши умные контракты связаны с реальными данными, событиями и платежами. Сеть Chainlink обеспечивает надежные защищенные входы и выходы для сложных интеллектуальных контрактов на любом блокчейне. Интеллектуальные контракты требуют сквозной надежности Smart Contracts предоставляет возможность заключения защищенных цифровых соглашений, которые считаются очень безопасными и высоконадежными. Для поддержания общей надежности контракта входные и выходные данные, на которые опирается контракт, также должны быть защищены. Цепные ссылки обеспечивают надежное соединение с внешними данными, которое гарантированно надежно защищено. Узнать больше о Chailink Проект ChainLink разработали два человека: Сергей Назаров – специалист криптоиндустрии, ранее работал в инвестиционной команде FirstMark Capital; Стив Эллис (Steve Ellis) – в прошлом инженер-программист и руководителем группы в Pivotal Labs. В качестве советников принимали участие мировые специалисты в области блокчейна: Ари Джуэлс — профессор компьютерных наук в Институте Джейкобса в Cornell Tech (главный ученый RSA). Эндрю Миллер — лидер в децентрализованном консенсусном исследовании и защищенной инфраструктуре блокчейнов (советник Zcash и Tezos). Эван Чэн — один из создателей LLVM (директор по инженерным вопросам в Facebook). Хадсон Джеймсон — менеджер сообщества Ethereum. Джейк Брухман — ранее был техническим директором Triton Research, продолжал запуск CoinFund. Брайан Лио — генеральный директор Smith &Crown, широко признанного лидера в исследованиях блочной цепи. Токен LINK Токен LINK – это внутрисетевая единица оплаты за услуги, предоставленные извне. Спрос на него будет расти с развитием сети и увеличением количества участников. Link С момента выхода сделал 2,126.94% medium Telegramm Twitter Github При создании темы были взяты материалы с сайтов :
  12. Icos? I understand it this way: A group of people finance an initiative, being linked "economically or in decision" to that initiative, but without the administrative and legal bureaucracy that traditional financing means entail. That is Icooooooo lol 😙 Initial Coin Offering is a new type of collective financing that, in the hands of Blockchain technology, is revolutionizing the entire planet with benefits in 2017, in some ICOs, exceeding 30,000%. Every initiative, if it wants to be implemented, requires a series of economic costs. Making something happen is always subject to a series of expenses, whether major or minor, that is why ICOs democratize the financing of ideas, allowing anyone on the planet to finance an idea in a matter of seconds, obtaining a comfortable digital asset in exchange for manage and emphasizing the idea of a global world without borders.= millionaire
  13. Logo is important maybe by "Branding of Cryptocurrencies". There are a lot cool cryptocurrency logos and very nice designs. What's your favorite by design?
  14. The SEC has stopped telegram from selling $1.7B worth of token, telegram was planning to raise capital for the development of its TON blockchain. the the complaint alleges that Telegram did not register its offer or sale. telegram have been very secretive about the TON project and few people know about whats going on, A few months ago they sold $2.9B worth of gram tokens to investors . The SEC has been clamping down on token sales to prevent fraud and want the crypto issuance and sell to be registered with them .
  15. Hello bounty hunters!! Just a few questions for research purposes. How is your experience with airdrops? Are there people with a special tactic to spot great airdrops? Is it waste of time to hunt for airdrops? Curious about your airdrop stories 😄✌🏻
  16. Upcoming Airdrops Learn How To Claim Free Ecoin Tokens? Steps To Claim Free Ecoin Tokens ? Sign up on Ecoin page. You can use the sign in using your gmail account. You will receive 1125 Ecoin. Get Additional 900 Ecoin for each referral.
  17. Thesaurm Token Airdrop Program Thesaurum is the platform which tokenizes and offer several resources including gold mines in Ghana as a game prize. Almost all of the game prices is simply a distribution of funds from the users of thesaurum games but the difference is that thesaurum invest the funds of the game users and after sometimes they distribute their profits among the users. Thesaurum is launching the games which will offer more valuable prizes after doing business with the funds so that the game users will not lose a lot of money if they lose the game. Thesaurum offers games which can be played all over the world and the winners can win high-priced products from anywhere in the world. All these services are completely secured using the blockchain technology. Thesaurum is basically backed by the gold mines and as we know that Bitcoin which is a first cryptocurrency and the Gold are very similar. The most common feature of cryptos and the gold is that both are limited. Talking about Bitcoin,it has a limit of 21 million BTC and this will not be change under any circumstances, so it's worth it. Talking about the gold, the sum of Gold mining and reserves is almost 210,000 tons and also some researchers think that the developers of BTC decided the sum of Bitcoins to be issued on the basisof Gold sum. TSM Airdrop Program Airdrop is basically gifting the free tokens to those people who supported the project in its initial state. Talking about Thesaurum Airdrop Program, the officials have decided to allocate 2 percent of total supply of TSM for the Airdrops. There will be more than two phases of TSM Airdrop. It is very easy to participate in the airdrops campaign of TSM. The good thing is that the project is new and everyone is eligible to participate in the Airdrop. You just have to complete the small tasks which aregiven below. 1. Register for Thesaurum website providing the registration email 2. Join and be a member of the official Thesaurum telegram group 3. Follow the Thesaurum official page on twitter After completing these above tasks you need to fill in the Airdrop form here: In this form, you just have to enter your email address from which you have registered on thesaurum website, your twitter user name and the telegram handle Thesaurum Airdrop rules and regulation: Any type of Ill-mannered communication is not welcome in the telegram group. Administrator have the right to delete any of the posts and to remove anyone who is going against thetolerable communication standards. Please keep the chat welcoming. Please do not send any spam message otherwise Thesaurum Admins will warn you first time and ban you if you continue to send any spam messages. To be qualified for the Airdrop program you have to be a Member of Thesaurum Telegram community until the Token sale is over and the airdrop distribution is completed. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact any of thesaurum admins directly in Telegram Chat. Be sure to check out Thesaurum whitepaper at: To participate in our ongoing Private sale and take advantage of Bonuses sign up on Thesaurum website:
  18. Join Cocos-BCX Community to share total bounty Pool of 100 Million COCOS! Be our early Advocates and help us build a strong and vibrant Community!!! Cocos-BCX has allocated 100 Million COCOS Tokens to the Bounty Pool for a range of various online Tasks and offline Eevents, detailed Rules can be found on the Bounty Website from Cococ-BCX. As a Bonus, you can get additional COCOS Tokens by sending a Referral Link to your Friends and inviting them to Join Cocos-BCX Bounty Program! Don’t miss this great Opportunity! Get started at right now! The Cocos-BCX Community needs you! We provide various tasks for users to earn rewards.e Cocos-BCX Community needs you! We provide various tasks for users to earn rewards.
  19. Upcoming Airdrops Learn How To Claim Free Aeron and CryptoBonusMiles Tokens? Steps To Claim Free ARN and CBM Tokens?ARN and CBM Tokens Click to complete tasks: Airdrops Giveaway Download CryptoBonusMiles Airlines Loyalty Multi-wallet Application. Follow Aeron on Twitter. Follow the Instagram page. Follow the Reddit page. Retweet Aeron's tweet. Join the Telegram channel. Join the Medium page. Get up to 18 entries when you complete all tasks. Get an additional 3 entries for each referral. Resources
  20. Yobit Exchange is running a payment campaign for posts on !!! That's right folks, besides being able to claim several free tokens in the exchange itself are still giving 0.00001 satoshis for posts that contain quality and constructive content about Yobit. Visit the Yobit exchange site and make your registration and start winning too !! Excellent opportunity to all! Good posts and good winnings !!
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