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Found 377 results

  1. Хочу обсудить недавнее вирусное видео в TikTok, связанное с криптовалютой DOGE. В нём человек рассказывает, что "вложив 25$ сейчас можно заработать 10640$", правда при учёте что цена на токен будет 1$. Забавно что текущего курса он не указал и не уточнил что для того, чтобы пробить верхние стенки нашего любимый stable-coin придется немало попотеть. Но памп произошёл и довольно сильный, примерно в 1,5 раза, что оказалось на руку держателям DOGE. Всем инвесторам советуют фиксировать прибыль, что впринципе и происходит. Я например слил треть депозита и то, что получил с токена DICE. Думается мне этот парень вложил явно не 25$ и с роста на 50% поднял неплохую сумму. Как вы думаете DOGE дальше пойдёт в рост или всё таки уже большая часть аудитории привлечена? P.S. насколько же всё таки сильнО влияние этого приложения, недаром его запретили в Индии, в данной ситуации, конечно, это сыграло на нас и дало нам шанс зафиксировать прибыль, но также много несведущих людей потеряло свои деньги, просто в большем количестве, чем при обычных торгах
  2. Source: For some people, they consider online gaming to be a waste of time (in the case of online gambling, even a waste of money), and there may be some truth in it especially in cases when it becomes an obsession where it is unprofitable and gravely affects one's life. But in the case of the rise of e-sports and transactions of in-game items, there is potential in profiting from what is usually deemed as just a pass-time. Online gamers are known to be knowledgeable to current digital technology. That is a given, knowing that they are constantly exposed to the computer screen and can find the occasion to browse the computer for information when they are not playing games. It is therefore no surprise that they caught wind of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency even in its early days of its development. Fast forward to today, there are now online games that are being developed to take advantage of what cryptocurrencies can offer, allowing them to make hassle-free transactions with other gamers on the planet. However, progress on its adoption is seemingly slow. This may be due to the observed notion that the major game producing companies have not made enough major strides to adopt and promote crypto, and the smaller game companies who do just that find that their games are not viral enough to prove to be a game-changer in the online gaming industry itself, so to speak. Thus, it may take some time before cryptocurrencies become fully adopted in the online gaming industry. It may as well be tied in to everything else, that is, if the world economy has already considered crypto as a major currency, then there should be no reasons for the other sectors of our world not to do the same. It would be a pleasant surprise though if the online gaming industry becomes the spearhead to eventual widespread adoption. After all, it is the youths of today who are the most active members of society involved in playing online games, and the chance of exposure to knowledge about cryptocurrency is high. And those youths are going to be our future leaders, pioneers and innovators, and they will be the ones who will become the future proponents of crypto in the years to come. So, what do you think of this article? Will the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the online gaming community become successful and widespread on this present day? Or do we have to wait a few more years for it to happen? Share your opinions and thoughts on the matter. ... ... ... Other interesting topic-related articles: EDIT : My personal 'Top Answer/s' picks!!! P.S. I will update this topic with new related articles whenever I find them. Look forward to it.
  3. The whole world's people are suffering a big disaster. Now it's a international disaster, I think you already guessed what I am saying. Today I experienced a new thing, I went a shop of Berlin for buying some foods after buying the food when I gave the papper money but he didn't take it and ask me about digital currency. Actually I first time experienced it, before it no one didn't want this. So i think it's a best time to achive the extensive use and extreme trust of it. Please share what you think.
  4. I've just found out this amazing new cryptocurrency index called nomics. I think that our prayers have been answered and hopefully we will have a transparent index that does not just post the random fake data exchanges provide, but actually does more research and tries to bring the actual volumes instead. Nomics has more than 8000 cryptocurrencies listed and right now 299 exchanges as well! I suggest to everyone to take a look at their indexes. As you can see they have a column named transparent volume, and they explain in this article how they identify transparency. Basically they have a rating system for exchanges according to various data and exclude in the red zone the ones that provide most of the fake volumes. Nomics also offers various other indicators as the 7-Day prediction for which their methodology is explained on this thread. Personally, I was thinking that a transparent index was more than needed as most of investors could not actually understand what was going on when in a few months time between summer 2017 and the beginning of 2018 quite a lot of exchanges begun producing volumes 100 times more than the most popular one's. I have high hopes with this index because it is really fast, provides almost all data I am expecting to find and is user friendly. Try it out and tell me if you find it interesting. I think that I just scratched the surface of this. Website:
  5. Whether you earn bitcoin through trading, claiming on faucets, playing dice games, lending, participating in airdrops or any other methods of earning, you sometimes need to convert your satoshis to fiat currency to spend for goods or services that don't accept cryptocurrency payment method. Each country has its own fiat currency and traders have different nationalities. I know that most traders may tend to convert their BTC to USD but is it always the case? Do you always exchange your BTC to USD or to your local currency? Does it have any benefit for you to use USD instead of your local currency and vice versa? I'm among those traders who only convert my BTC to USD or Euro regardless of my country's currency because USD and Euro are the most accepted fiat currencies in the world and you can buy anything with them all over the world. Have you ever converted to other currencies? If yes, why? One main benefit of converting BTC to USD is that it is easier to buy BTC again with your USD.
  6. The crypto market has extremely low barriers to entry, meaning anyone with an internet connection, a smartphone or a computer and a bit of starting capital can theoretically become a trader. Sadly, most of these beginners learn hard lessons and go broke. Here are 10 common mistakes made by beginning traders that you should avoid at all costs. 1. Starting with real money rather than paper trading There is no reason for a beginning trader to use real money when there are endless resources and platforms for paper trading, including Tradingview. Anyone interested in becoming a professional trader should first develop a system based on a simple set of guidelines for their entries, exits and risk management. This should not be done with actual money. Paper trade until you are ready to lose your mind, then paper trade some more.
  7. Humbly ask you that now bitcointalk and Crypttalk is mere same, although bitcointalk has more useable history from Crypttalk. I mean more popular from Crypttalk, in this regard if give the mark within 100 then I provide 60 mark Crypttalk. Now how much much mark you will provide and why please share. Actually I want to know some unknown quality of Crypttalk so I have posted it. Sorry for my poorness.
  8. As a Crypto currency holder and lover my journey about Crypto currency is not hopeful. Honestly I think Crypto currency is one kind mistry and uncertain thing. My journey's age is mere 4 years but honestly still i don't understand the 10% knowledge of it. If I express something about my journey then there are no way to escape from here I think it's like one kind of under - world where anyone can just enter, but you couldn't exit from it. Maximum time I lost for my ignorance. Now I am really quite successful for Crypttalk. Now humbly I am egger to hear your story about Crypto currency's journey. Thanks to all.
  9. Предлагаю в этой теме делиться и обсуждать Российские проекты связанные с криптой, будь то ICO платформы или монеты, но исключительно отечественного производителя. Например ZRC - проект собирал деньги на постройку завода по выпуску оксида циркония. И он собрал нужные средства и завод уже был на стадии запуска, когда я продал свой актив. они не позиционировали свой коин как с высокой волатильностью объект для спекуляций и обещали обратный выкуп в х2 от пресэйла. Они своё обещание сдерживают. Проект делали на блокчейне waves. Как компании внедряют блокчейн (42) Практики внедрений блокчейн компаниями из разных сфер.
  10. Chinese President Xi Jinping made a statement last year that blockchain systems would be integrated in financial and industrial sectors of the Chinese economy and that they will play a big part in every national economy of the world. This remark alone made Bitcoin's price rise by $3000 in just a day. Central Bank of China is preparing a digital coin in the form of CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). The name of the Chinese digital version of the yuan is DCEP (abbreviation for Digital Currency Electronic Payments). It is a Central Bank Digital Currency, the first of it's kind to be publicly released and actively been tested in many Chinese Cities. The video below explains what are the Chinese government expectations from this. For the most part, it will have to do with tracing transactions. The Chinese government will be able to know how the money was spent, where they began, and where they ended. The digital yuan will be issued on mobile wallets and they can be loaded from the bank and users will be able to transact with their mobile wallet. Bank of China has explained that the DCEP digital yuan coin won't operate on P2P model. Transactions won't be anonymous and they would require authorization from the centralized banking system of the country. All transactions will be traceable and their authorization along with the state of the wallets will be under total government control. For sure we can say that paper-cash will be over soon and this is the beginning of a transition to a completely digital era of finances. Many opportunities will arise and many new businesses will appear. The use of blockchains creates transparency but the centralization of finances to any government will be an issue that only decentralized cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin might be able to counter.
  11. Do you have a favorite coin? What is this coin? And if this is not a secret, then what did you repel when choosing your favorite coin?
  12. For full technical description, read the whitepaper: name: Obyte (ex. Byteball)Exchanges: Bittrex, Cryptox, Bit-Z, Stealthex - look for additional exchanges on the main page of the siteIf you are trading large blocks and don't want to move the price, trade P2P via smart contract (without human escrow)Prediction markets (sports betting, binary options): find a peer on our discord find a peer on our discord https://explorer.obyte.orgDownload the wallet: iOS Android Mac Windows Linux or build from source at github Desktop wallets can be full nodes (will take a while syncing with the network after the first start) or light nodes. Mobile wallets are always light clients.If you want to experience the wallet without paying a penny, visit to install testnet wallet and click the link to receive free bytes to play with. The link will open your wallet: The designThere are no blocks in Obyte, and no block size issue. Instead, every new transaction references one or more earlier ones (parents) by including and signing their hashes. The links among transactions form a DAG (directed acyclic graph😞By including its parents, each new transaction also indirectly includes and confirms all parents of the parents, parents of the parents of the parents, and so on. As more transactions are added after your transaction, the number of confirmations you receive grows like snowball, that’s why the original name of the platform Byteball (our snowflakes are bytes of data).ConsensusThere is no PoW, no PoS, and no mining. Instead, we have the DAG, which already establishes partial order between transactions, plus we add the main chain within the DAG:The main chain (MC) allows to define total order between transactions: the transaction which gets included (directly or indirectly) earlier on the MC, is deemed earlier in the total order. When there is a double-spend, the version of the transaction that comes earlier in the total order is deemed valid, all others are deemed void.The main chain is defined deterministically based on the positions of transactions in the graph. Refer to the white paper for details, but as a general rule, the MC gravitates towards transactions authored by well known users, which we call witnesses. The list of witnesses is defined by users themselves as they include the list in every transaction they post. The MC then follows the path within the DAG such that:1. the witness lists of the neighboring transactions on the chain are either identical or differ by only one mutation,2. the chain goes through the most number of witness-authored transactions, compared with alternative chains.The above is very brief and sketchy description with many important details omitted, refer to the white paper for a full technical story.Fees and intrinsic valueThe fees paid for storing one’s transactions (or any other data) in the Obyte database are equal to the size of the data being stored. If the size of your transaction data is 500 bytes, you pay exactly 500 bytes (the native currency of Obyte) in fees. This means there is intrinsic value in bytes: it is the utility of permanently storing that size of data in a decentralized immutable database. For data that represents financial transactions, the value is social rather than personal, because you absolutely need to store the full coin history in order to be able to prove the value and authenticity of the coin to each subsequent owner.The fees are collected partially by those who are first to reference your transaction as parent and partially by witnesses. The former incentivizes referencing the most recent transactions as parents, which results in the DAG growing in one direction only, like the trunk of a tree, and being as narrow as network latency permits. If new transactions are rare enough, such that all nodes have enough time to sync before a new transaction appears, the DAG will look almost like a chain, with only occasional forks and quick merges.Money supplyThe total number of bytes is 1015, all bytes were issued in the genesis transaction. Since the fees paid are returned into the circulation, the money supply will remain the same.Exchanges list the currency as gigabytes (GB, GBYTE), 1 gigabyte is 1 billion bytes. The total money supply in gigabytes is 1,000,000.Deterministic finalityIn Obyte, there is a protocol rule that a transaction must include the previous transaction (if any) sent from the same address, i.e. there must be partial order between subsequent transactions from the same address. Breaking this rule is considered equivalent to double-spending, therefore at least one of such unordered transactions will become void. If we assume that most witnesses follow this rule (that’s what they are elected for), they have to reference only sufficiently recent transactions as parents and can’t inherit from old enough parents. Therefore, they can no longer influence the MC (which is attracted to witnesses) in the old enough part of the DAG, and that part of the MC becomes stable, hence the total order relative to this MC also becomes stable. See the white paper for discussion of exact criteria of reaching stability, here it is important that the criteria are deterministic, and once a transaction appears on the stable part of the MC, it is final, and, unlike all other cryptocurrencies, no re-orgs are possible. This is extremely important for applications in financial industry and for wider adoption in general, as most people are used to expect certainty in matters of money and property ownership, and the concept of probabilistic finality is a difficult sell.Assets and on-chain exchangeBytes is the native currency of Obyte. Users can issue any other tokens (assets), e.g. to represent debt. The debt can be expressed e.g. in fiat currencies or in natural units (barrels, ounces, kWh, etc). The issuers of the debt can reveal their real-world identities and/or be voluntarily attested (i.e. their real-word identities be verified by a well known third party such as CA). This enables the use of the existing legal system to secure against fraud.The issued assets can be used as means of payment, along with bytes. Assets can be exchanged against bytes and other assets by both parties signing a single unit that executes both legs of the exchange, thus the two transactions either happen simultaneously or don't happen at all. This kind of signing is called multilateral signing. No centralized exchange is needed, hence no trust is necessary and no exchange fees (apart from the usual fees for the size of the data).Private untraceable paymentsAssets can be either public or private. All transactions in public assets are visible to everyone on the public decentralized database, just like Bitcoin. Bytes is a predefined public asset.Payments in private assets are not published to the public database. Instead, only the hash of the transaction is stored to the database, while the plaintext of the transaction is sent directly from the payer to the payee. To protect against double-spends, a spend proof is also published to the Obyte database. The spend proof is constructed as a hash of the output being spent, so that if the same output is spent twice, the spend proofs will be necessarily the same.I’ve already described this design at, see more details in the white paper.Regulated assetsRegulated institutions can issue assets that are compatible with KYC/AML requirements. Every transfer of such asset is to be cosigned by the issuer, and if there is anything that contradicts the regulations, the issuer won't cosign.This way, banks can issue fiat-pegged assets and stay fully compliant. They can open demand deposit accounts and track them on Obyte as assets. These assets are easily exchangeable against bytes and other assets (with bank’s approval).Other features- Spending conditions (AKA smart contracts) in an easy to understand declarative language Multisig: a special case of spending conditions- On-chain oracles can post data (such as timestamps, exchange rates, weather, various events) directly to the database, then that data can be referenced from spending conditions- Private end-to-end encrypted messaging: used to convey private payment data, communicate in multisig scenarios, and chat with a merchant’s bot.- Attestation of real name, which is important for applications that require real-world identity, e.g. ICOs that require KYC.Initial distributionThere will be no ICO, no crowdsale. I believe the success of a currency depends on the number of people who own it, in fact Peter R’s research suggests that historical marketcap of Bitcoin follows Metcalfe's law:, i.e. it is proportional to the square of the number of active users. That’s why I want Bytes to be in the hands of as many people as possible: 98% of all bytes and blackbytes (the private untraceable currency) are to be distributed for free. 1% I reserve for myself Free distributionWe currently use 4 methods of free distribution, see you can help play with the wallets, install them on multiple devices, pair them for multisig. If you find bugs, report them. run a relay on your cloud server to help the network. The relay doesn’t hold any private keys, so you don’t have to worry too much about security. Get relay source code from run a hub to better decentralize the delivery of private payments (the hub also includes a relay). Again, the security doesn’t matter much as all messages are end-to-end encrypted. Hub address can be changed by users in their wallet settings. Get hub source code from Alternative hubs already running:,,,, Hubs and full wallets on the world map: fix bugs, contribute improvements in our github repositories In particular, we need faster syncing and faster UI. Before now, I prioritized simplicity of algorithms over performance, now we need speed too. A 10x improvement should come easy enough, the next 10x will be probably harder. Discuss any major changes before actually implementing them. develop new tools/apps that you think will be useful for Obyte users spread the word about Obyte and remember that its value is proportional to the square of the number of active users Community fundWe have a community fund for financing bounties and other useful work. More information about the fund: Donation addresses: KREOV5Y57FRWQKDHJ7BD3SFQBEVVPAG3 (for bytes) and 39zeGpu4nG6BqB9ARxd9xM9XThX9JCmx8t (for BTC).Twitter: https://wiki.obyte.orgTelegram: Telegram:
  13. WELCOME TO CRYPTOTALK'S OFFICIAL CASH ALTERNATIVE TV THREAD! CATV is a show about cryptocurrency with a focus on Dash. It's hosted by Christopher Carruthers, also known as Tao of Satoshi. CHANNEL TRAILER FOLLOW US ON OUR SOCIALS! TWITTER FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM CATV SUBREDDIT PINTEREST BOARD HERE ARE THE PLATFORMS THAT STREAM CATV LIVE! Broadcasting Saturdays at 4PM UTC. Watch and join the conversation about crypto and Dash topics. YOUTUBE FACEBOOK LIVE TWITTER TWITCH DLIVE CASH ALTERNATIVE TV IS HOSTED ON MANY PLATFORMS! Watch our latest episodes from your favorite content host. YOUTUBE BITCHUTE FACEBOOK PAGE LBRY.TV BITTUBE VIBRAVID BITLINK DTUBE (STEEMIT & HIVE)!/c/taoofsatoshi PUBLISH0X CASH ALTERNATIVE TV MEDIA HUB CATV LIVE streams every Saturday at 4PM UTC. Watch this thread for the latest stream link! Please consider this a thread to discuss anything related to the digital currency Dash as well. I will be monitoring this thread for responses or questions. Cheers! Christopher Carruthers (Tao of Satoshi). Cash Alternative TV Host
  14. In market there are lots of crypto wallets but which wallet is best for store cryptocurrencies . Please suggest me about most trusted and famous crypto wallets. Crypto wallet can help to store cryptocurrencies do we can store coins only in wallet.
  15. Today is the 1st of January 2020 wishing you all to have a happy new year ... Cryptocurrencies are more popular with the internet. Someone when looking to make money online it cant forget about cryptocurrencies. Both of them are on two sides in this money-making online coin as head and tail. Now get be ready to go to the future with me in your mind. I will ask you to forward about 30 years on the calendar. Ok Now we all are in the year 2050 and just imagine how it can be the situation of the crypto world ... Just for imagine, give your feelings ...
  16. Hello, my name is Alexander Orеl.I am the founder of the Trading Panel. History:In 2017, my team and I started creating a Private Trading Terminal for the Binance exchange.In 2018, we launched a beta version that closed 1,000-3,000 profitable positions per day, depending on the trading intensity, using a comprehensive entry strategy, DCA and trailing profit. This is amazing!During the tests, weaknesses were identified with the simultaneous operation of several bots, the volatility and liquidity of the cryptocurrency market.In 2019, we began to restructure the project, considering all the experience of 2017-2018 years to launch the Public version.In February 2020 we opened the panel for trading. In March 2020 we have added Margin trading. On April 1 we launched trading on Futures Binance. On May 1, 2020, Binance Futures Hedge Mode was activated. Features: 🔥FREE SUBSCRIPTION! Details → 🦾FUTURES TRADING Open Long or Short Positions and use the power of 1-125x leverage! 💪MARGIN TRADING Earn money by lowering the price of coins! The loan returns once an hour automatically. ⭐SPOT TRADING Earn on the growth of coins 💡Calculation of the price of a position including trading fee! Now you will not need to add a trading fee in your mind when setting Take Profit. Read more → 💸Take profit module Auto-placing by a certain percentage or at a fixed price, rearrangement after averaging by the same distance as before averaging. Read more → 🛑Stop loss module Auto-placing by a certain percentage or at a fixed price of a virtual order, rearrangement after averaging by the same distance as before averaging, if specified in the settings. Read more → 🌊Floating order Our authoring, which allows you to enter a limit order at the best price. Read more → 🔒 Auto close position Cancel averaging orders and close a position when the TP or SL is filled 100%. Read more → 📈Display orders and positions on the chart powered by TradingView you can see and move orders, TP, SL, average position cost 👉Ability to move orders on the chart You can move orders, take profit, stop loss, trailing profit directly on the chart of the currency pair. Read more → 👀 Preview of TP and SL on the chart before position opening By default, TP and SL are set to % from the settings, but on the chart you can manually adjust the price of TP and SL. Read more → 💎User-friendly interface developed usability for the simple trading on crypto exchanges with automation of routine functions 📣Notifications About all operations with orders and when closing a position 🧠Thoughtful form for creating an order We spent an incredible amount of time on tests to work out the most optimal variant of the order creation form with the ability to connect / disconnect automation modules 🧮Averaging (DCA or CA) Calculation % of position distance after averaging a position. The system takes into account all orders between the price of the created order and the price of the position. You can also calculate the number of coins needed for the desired % lag position. 🎛Position info's Thoughtful display of the position and list of orders in it. 💰Wallet Balances Updating balances without reloading the page. Conclusion general market balance and coin balances in orders 🕶Dark theme A nice night theme, although I use it at any time of the day! 💹Currency pairs ticker Ability to create a list of selected currency pairs, see a dynamic change in price, trading volume in 24 hours 📗Displaying an order in a order book A trifle, but it’s convenient to see the order being located directly in a glass 🖥Stable service we host the code on the powerful servers working in the cluster with load balancing and monitoring of the system 🔍BNB balance control the service control the balance and buys BNB if necessary In the near future, it is planned to add hedging and trailing profit on futuresWebsite: TradingPanel.proNews: docs.tradingpanel.proTelegram chat: @tradingpanel
  17. Jill Carson is co-founder of the Open Money Initiative, a non-profit research organization working to guarantee the right to a free and open financial system, and co-host of the What Grinds My Gears podcast. She also works as an advisor and consultant for startups including Algorand, Risk Labs, dYdX, CoinList, and Tezos. Why hasn’t cryptocurrency gone mainstream? “It doesn’t scale.” “It’s slow.” “It’s expensive.” “It’s volatile.” “It’s hard to use.” Or maybe it was never supposed to go mainstream. This is not to say cryptocurrency is any less important, meaningful, or useful. Rather, I think perhaps we have been judging cryptocurrencies’ success (or lack thereof) according to a false metric. We would not judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. By design, cryptocurrency does not solve mainstream problems. Scale, speed, and cost are all examples of mainstream problems within finance, from main street to Wall Street. Credit card networks go down. Stock trades take days to clear. Wire transfers are expensive. In some situations, cryptocurrencies may offer marginal improvements on any of these issues, but more often blockchain-based systems will fail when compared to more conventional, centralized solutions. This does not represent a design flaw. In fact, this is an intentional trade off. Decentralized systems forsake scale, speed, and cost in favor of one key feature: censorship resistance. Cryptocurrency solves problems faced by the censored who, by definition, are not the mainstream. Source - coindesk
  18. Banks have been regularly being portrayed as one of those institutions that reject cryptocurrencies. This has been mentioned oftentimes in some discussions on this forum as well, but few of those gave details on why it does. In this topic, we will discuss about an aspect that banks oftentimes find fault in crypto: transactions. Perhaps there may have been something to do with the volatility of most crypto, but stablecoins might offer an alternative for less volatility. Still we don't see and hear much about banks readily adopting stablecoins, if volatility is really an issue. Why? If anonymity is an issue, there is already KYC, and I am getting the feeling that the crypto community as a whole, over the years, concede that KYC can be accepted as a compromise for preventing and apprehending crime-related transactions. There are other features beside KYC too. But there is still no dice for most banks trying to be more 'friendly' to crypto. Why? There is an article posted recently that gave some insight into this issue. The link is here: To simplify things, I will try to summarize the reasons why crypto transactions are blocked or restricted, which is already given in the article: The regulators - Banks will try to block crypto transactions due to their policies, either existing ones or recently passed/amended, that is aimed at regulating their own national currencies, among other things. The acquirers - Other institutions tied to banks like credit card companies, online money delivery services, etc., have doubts about the safety and security of crypto coins and transactions. What more do the global banking system wants for crypto to do before it allow legitimate crypto transactions in its system in its entirety? There are already some prominent countries whose banks are becoming more open to the notion of cryptocurrencies, why are there still others that steadfastly refuse even until now? Do you have answers or comments on this issue? Please share to us here. Further questions are also most welcome.
  19. Everybody wel known about both BTC and GOLD. Both are very expensive and valuble for our life. But im asking all you here that i want to get know your personal opinion if you were asking to choose one of the which one you choose and which one you giveup from Bitcoin And Gold ? 😀😀
  20. When thinking about cryptocurrencies we always think about large amounts of money. Many times we believe that it is an easy way of working and a good option when it comes to making our own money, knowing that this is not exactly the reality. Every benefit has a process to finally get the profits. The point is that this misconception that many have makes scammers create ideas to demonstrate to these people the ease and opportunity of profit in a matter of nothing, making them not only participate in their scam, but to invest their savings of all life or much of it. What they do is an unreal system, with pages, tokens, and platforms created, in order to convince their victims. Not all of these bogus entities get what they want but some always come out with a big hit. It seems to me too important that we take into account the crypto scams that exist for us to take into account when making investments ... I have done some research and got the most popular crypto scams in our history ... Milton Group. Mining Max. Modern Tech (Pincoin and iFan). BitClub Network. PlusToken. OneCoin. Be very careful if you come across ads on your social networks that lead you to some of these crypto scams, which show you how your money multiplies in an impressive way so that in the end you let yourself go and invest your savings. Did you know about these crypto-scams?
  21. (This is a translation of my topic in the Russian-language forum thread) Hi cryptans! So I'm ready to publish the next big review of the next exchange. Under the gun - the unique Nominex exchange. Whoever hasn’t heard, he will definitely be surprised by the information that he will find out below, because there is EXACTLY NO ONE on any exchange at the moment. According to at least one parameter, this exchange may soon become better than Binance. I am 99.9% sure of this (to be sure is 100% dangerous) According to information, the exchange is based in the Seychelles. It seems like there is an Estonian activity license. But I didn’t get into these details especially. If you wish, you can find out. At the moment, about 2-3 million dollars in daily trading volume on the exchange. Whether it is a lot or a little is up to you. The number of users is still small, even 50,000 users are not, so we have a lot of opportunities. I am registered under the number 8238. But after the information about the exchange spreads around the world thanks to revolutionary functions, then everything can change very, very quickly. And so, fasten your seat belts, let's go! 1. UNIQUE PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM This is where we start. This is the main function of the exchange. Have you ever seen an affiliate program with UNLIMITED levels? Now yes! And with the "overflow" effect? This is when you are lying on the couch, and partners appear in your team under you. So now you know what it is. And the team bonus? ... In general, this topic deserves a separate article and it is already on my blog on steemit. Read and be surprised! I put everything on the shelves, questions should not arise. Why is it profitable to register through an affiliate link? Thanks to the overflow effect, all partners of your sponsor will be under you in your partner tree. And this is awesome! 2. RISK-FREE TRADING Tournaments for traders are held on the stock exchange every day. It seems to be nothing new, but this is only at first glance. After all, tournaments are held not with your real money, but with money from a demo account. But the winners get real USDT. Cool? 👊 You can trade without risks and get real dollars if you win, and at the same time you can take advantage of the chic opportunity to learn how to trade and become a trader. At the same time, he learns from his mistakes and does not lose a cent. Tournament Rules Tournaments are available to all traders. Only users who apply for participation by clicking the "Participate in the tournament!" Button will participate in the tournament. on the tournament page. Period 24 hours, from 00:00 of the current day to 00:00 of the next day (UTC time). Every day a new tournament and every day there are winners with real money. The terms of participation - At the beginning of each tournament, participants receive 10,000 USDT in the tournament account; - At the end of each tournament, the 5 participants with the highest balance in the tournament account are declared winners; - The prize won is immediately credited to the participant’s main account Winners every day 5 people. And everyone receives a very good amount, given the fact that it was received without risk and without investment: 1st place: $ 1000 2nd place: $ 600 3rd place: $ 300 4th place: $ 200 5th place: $ 100 3. VERIFICATION With the withdrawal of up to 3 ВТС per day, verification is NOT REQUIRED. If you remember, then on Binance the limitation is up to 2 ВТС 4. NMX - EXCHANGE TOKEN The total number of tokens is 200,000,000 NMX, of which: - 100,000,000 NMX allocated to users; - 20,000,000 NMX for the team; - 60,000,000 NMX per operating fund; - 20,000,000 NMX per reserve fund As for the distribution of tokens to users. It is divided into 7 stages and lasts for 365 days. The finish is mid-April 2021, and immediately after that, token trading will begin. The current stage is the third. The current price is $ 0.8. Tokens can and should be obtained for FREE. The exchange launched a monthly Bounty campaign, where you get MNX tokens for completing tasks on social networks. What are the benefits of owning a token? TRADERS: - 50% reduction in trading fees when paid with NMX tokens - The maximum reduction in trading commissions if you hold a certain number of NMX tokens - Get NMX prize tokens in daily trading tournaments - Participation in daily raffles and prizes PARTNERS: - Affiliate Program Rewards - Receive rewards from NMX purchases of your affiliate structure - Receive + 10% to NMX affiliate payouts 5. CASHBACK 100% Cashback from commissions in the amount of 100%. But, pay attention that this proposal is one of the types of token distribution, which lasts until mid-April 2021. And this means that after April, 100% cashback will already be absent. But there are other types of cashback. 6. BUY CRYPTOCURRENCIES FROM THE CARD Cryptocurrency can be bought directly from your card. This service is provided thanks to Koinal and Mercuryo payment systems. Payment systems may require KYC. Accepted: dollars, euros and several other national currencies. Supported Visa and MasterCard. 7. DISCOUNT CARDS What is a discount card for? Discount cards are used to apply discounts on trading commissions for a limited period of time. The purchase of any discount card is taken into account in the status of Active Partner. Note: Only one card can be active at a time. The system will automatically select the card with the highest percentage of discounts. 8. LIMITS AND COMMISSIONS OF INPUT / OUTPUT I think that in this the exchange also wins against its counterparts - the commissions are indeed one of the lowest on the market. For all cryptocurrencies, you can see for yourself on the exchange in the "Limits" section, I will only indicate a couple of them: Bitcoin (BTC) Minimum deposit amount: 0.002 BTC Minimum withdrawal amount: 0.002 BTC Fee 0.0005 BTC Ripple (XRP) Minimum deposit amount: none Minimum withdrawal amount: 22 XRP Fee: 0.25 XRP 9. TRADE COMMISSIONS 10. TRADE PAIRS At this stage, the exchange cannot boast a huge abundance of trading pairs and cryptocurrencies. But in the near future they promise to constantly add a new cryptocurrency. In total, there is support for 12 crypto assets and 30 trading pairs, of which: 12 cryptocurrency / BTC pairs, 6 cryptocurrency / ETH pairs and 12 cryptocurrency / USDT pairs. In this regard, the exchange is still losing compared to other exchanges. 11. ADVANCED TYPES OF ORDERS The exchange contains the following types of orders: Stop order A stop order is used to trigger a market sell when the market drops to your trigger price, or used to trigger a market buy if the market rises to your trigger price. Stop orders will fully execute as a market order once the trigger price is reached. Stop Limit order The stop price is simply the price that triggers a limit order, and the limit price is the specific price of the limit order that was triggered. This means that once your stop price has been reached, your limit order will be immediately placed on the order book. Although the stop and limit prices can be the same, this is not a requirement. In fact, it would be safer for you to set the stop price a bit higher than the limit price (for sell orders) or a bit lower than the limit price (for buy orders). This increases the chances of your limit order getting filled after the stop-limit is triggered. Trailing Stop order A Trailing Stop order provides flexibility over a stop order by executing at the more profitable position. The stop price trails behind the market price by the amount specified as price distance and allows for a stop to adjust to the market if the market moves in a profitable direction. If the stop is triggered, a market order is placed. Trailing Stop sell orders are used to maximize and protect profit as an asset’s price rises and limit losses when its price falls. Trailing Stop Future order A Trailing Stop Future order is basically similar to Trailing Stop order, with the only difference that you can additionally indicate the market price at which the Trailing Stop order will be activated. This is useful if you want not to miss the moment when the indicated market position is reached. Scaled order A Scaled order is designed to allow automatically create multiple limit orders across a user-determined price range. This tool also provides control over the diversity and distribution of orders within the price range. 12. SAFETY As indicated on the exchange website, 94% of client funds are stored in offline wallets with multi-signatures. The exchange runs on highly reliable Google servers with a 99.99% uptime. It remains only to believe or not 😎 13. SUPPORT There is online support right on the exchange website in the form of chat. Frankly, I have not had to contact yet, so I can’t assess the quality of support services and the competence of employees. In principle, the main aspects in the review are indicated. Undoubtedly, there will be new features or moments that I missed. As they appear, the topic will be edited Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Telegram | VK | White Paper All profit! Useful links: Profit up to 9% per annum in BTC, 6% in USDT Binance Lifetime 10% Cashback The search engine pays with cryptocurrency for each request 1BitokSqrnWGQ5GFFBd255dyNsU1eine8
  22. You guys need to stop using Youtube, Lets start using the About the project: Why? They give free crypto, its on the blockchain, working hard team! They are ranked the 11473 on Alexa rank! Fair system on approving the videos not centralized like youtube! They pay u to watch video, to like and subscribe just amazing.... Come and check for your self, I have post already a video: We are giving 1 1MT if you subscribe to our channel and make a comment, go get paid join here:
  23. If you are into crypto then chances are that you have dealt with a crypto exchange. Though there are 2 types of exchanges centralized and decentralized but there is one thing that you must note and be careful about. That is never leave your bitcoins and other crypto in an exchange. The reason for this is safety of your bitcoins and crypto Normally when you sign up for an account and access your dashboard you can access your bitcoin and other crypto deposit addresses from withing your dashboard. Once you have traded the crypto you own shows up in the dashboard of your account. Have you ever thought what could happen if the exchange you are trading on today closes down? All your hard earned crypto money could vanish!!! So it is very important to withdraw your crypto money and keep it in a wallet. Also back up the wallet and the private keys associated with your wallet
  24. YOBIT Exchange has become a very well respected exchange by its users, many bad reviews are on the internet about all exchanges, and most bad reviews are only from poor traders who had no experience and lost money at their own fault, YOBIT gives all users a great chance of winning profit and many times they release nw coins which are like a bonus coin every time they release, the price rockets a lot of the time, which is easy profit, just play safe and play careful, YOBIT is an amazing platform and deserves a lot more credit. 2Fresh
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