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Found 437 results

  1. How do I become a trader? Many people search for information about the Bitcoin currency, which is one of the most important digital currencies at all, but this type is very volatile in the entire markets, but many people have achieved a lot of profits and have great experience in this field. Ways to trade digital currencies for the year 2020 for beginners to profit from the Internet There are two steps to start a good and successful investment and start trading via digital currencies, which is a great opportunity for you for the right investment, and there are two main steps, namely: 1. Initially, you must choose a platform that is reliable as a first step. Currency trading has become very popular, and there are many different brokerage companies and platforms that support digital currency trading. For me, Binance is the best platform for trading cryptocurrencies 2- Depositing the required amount (capital) into the account of the platform that you have chosen after verifying the platform's account for sure Digital currencies are considered a great opportunity for real investment and they are not available in many projects on the ground, and open the field for many ideal opportunities through which to achieve great success around the world in the fast-moving market, and the platform is the best ever and you must know the ideal advice that will You start with a strong and successful trading. Depositing the required amount (capital) into the account of the platform that you have chosen after verifying the platform's account for sure An ideal set of tips for trading the cryptocurrency market 1. You must start trading according to the appropriate financial situation for you, so that you do not risk at first a large amount and lose it and it is difficult for you to pay it later . 2. You must chart a path to success by achieving the goals that you set at the beginning as a motivating factor for you, such as that you follow up the prices of certain currencies and find out the best price for them and the selling price in the short term. 3. You should try to avoid anxiety, tension and haste that results in wrong decisions, because losing deals can be successful later. 4. Stay away from fake news and never trust it. 5. You should not rely on luck or guesswork, as the successful trader always searches for information in order to benefit from it. 6. You must learn from your mistakes in order to be able to succeed and develop your skills from mistakes. 7. You should also learn to analyze data and prices yourself and not from another person. 8. You have to believe in the power inherent in this field. 9. You have to educate yourself on your own through the experiences of others. 10. Currency trading should not be your permanent job, but you should put a job next to it. The best trading strategy The best strategy is to buy some currency when its price is very low! But how do we know that the price of this currency is low? Through Bitcoin's movements in a linear fashion, this often leads to the deterioration of the rest of the digital currencies and leads to their decline to somewhat low prices! What distinguishes this is that these currencies will return to their normal rates when the longitudinal movement of Bitcoin stops So wait for the right opportunity to buy from the bottom and sell when the price goes up!
  2. Какого ваше мнение о том , что становится всё больше крипты которая не децентрализована, а так же абсолютно не анонимная , не погубит ли это рынок ? А так же как скажется всё это на популярности всей криптоиндустрии ?
  3. I saw an option called Free Coin on yobit. Can I get free coins from there? If I click there it says before sharing.but how and where should i share?? let me know if anyone knows.
  4. is a cryptocurrency exchange and tokenized exchange assets. It is the first officially regulated trading platform, a bridge between cryptocurrencies and regulated financial markets. Available investment, acquisition and trading of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash; tokens of world indices, company stocks, raw materials, ETF tools. Deposit or withdrawal of funds is carried out using Visa / Mastercard, bank transfers, cryptocurrency. Trading on the Currency exchange is available both without borrowed funds and with a leverage of up to 500x for traditional markets and up to 100x for cryptocurrencies. There is the possibility of limiting loss (stop loss) and profit taking (take profit). Benefits: - Officially regulated by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus and the High Technology Park. Accordingly, low non-trading risks. -Works in accordance with Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 8 “On the Development of the Digital Economy” dated December 21, 2017. According to which, funds received from the exchange are not taxable (for citizens of the Republic of Belarus). -More than 1300 tokenized assets now and more than 10000 planned in the future. -Official purchase of cryptocurrency. - Trade in tokenized assets: stocks, indices, raw materials. -Investing in tokenized exchange assets using cryptocurrencies and fiat. -High degree of customer data protection. - Deposit / withdrawal of funds from a credit card, bank transfer. - High speed data processing. - Compliance with AML and KYC. -Low commission. There are no fees for entering fiat and cryptocurrency. -Margin trading with leverage up to 100x. -Stop loss and take profit. -High liquidity. -Advanced trading terminal. -Reference program. For those who do not yet have the opportunity to trade independently, there is a profitable affiliate program on the platform, everyone can become a participant in. The partner receives up to 50% of the trading commissions of these clients. The client, on the other hand, receives a 10% discount if he uses a referral link. In addition, generous contests and giveaways are held on with enviable regularity. Now the promotion for new users "Bonus $ 50 with a deposit of $ 20" Also, daily tournaments among traders continue. Participate and win! was able to combine highly liquid traditional financial instruments and digital assets. It is important that all this is implemented in accordance with the legislation of Belarus. That is why the exchange attracts not only customers, but also investors. Already at the beginning of its work, attracted investments from venture funds Larnabel Ventures and VP Capital, thanks to which it received an excellent opportunity to develop and conquer the exchange trading market. Discover investment reliability and security with!
  5. Last time, I got encountered from my friend @Calvinpriva with some questions😜.You can see questions are looking simple but actually not, they are technical cryptocurrency and blockchain technology related questions.He asked me questions not due to reason he does not know about them but main intention was to help newcomers on this forum. I tackled his questions in PM and thought like it will be also helpful for this community. Let's see how did I face him. 1. Those who own crypto wallets, where do they store those coins? Cryptocurrency is utterly into blockchain technology. Blockchain forms an irreversible database where all wallet addresses and funds into it are stored. Your crypto wallet address has two important things or variables i.e.Public key and private key which will be directly related with coins/tokens stored to that wallet and it is followed by complex cryptographic codes. So if the wallet is non-custodial, you can have full control over your private key but in the case of custodial or hot online wallets, they store your private key in their separate server but still, your crypto will be stored in blockchain. 2. We can stake,save and invest our coins in some exchanges/wallets and earn a profit, how do they get that interest to give us? It is quite relatable, how your bank gives you interests for saving the amounts😜? They also invest funds collected from their customers into productive fields like agriculture, hydro-power, etc, right? Exactly the same, if exchanges or wallets are giving you returns for investing or saving the amounts means they are also using your funds to invest in something stable or productive sectors to gain profits and some portion will be given you as a return.Staking works to strengthen the network and exchange or wallet give you reward for that purpose. 3. How do crypto wallets generate coin addresses for their wallet users to receive coins? I give you an answer which will be applicable for all the blockchain networks.Crypto wallets are such special programs that are capable of creating unmatched and irreversible alphanumeric characters(will be stored in blockchain while sending or receiving crypto into it) which you might represent as identifier or crypto wallet address with a set of two variables i.e. public key and private keys. If you have a multi-coin wallet means it is capable of creating addresses to support so many coins or tokens from different blockchain networks. P.S.I really appreciate your feedback if there are any corrections needed in my answers 🙏
  6. Предлагаю в этой теме делиться и обсуждать Российские проекты связанные с криптой, будь то ICO платформы или монеты, но исключительно отечественного производителя. Например ZRC - проект собирал деньги на постройку завода по выпуску оксида циркония. И он собрал нужные средства и завод уже был на стадии запуска, когда я продал свой актив. они не позиционировали свой коин как с высокой волатильностью объект для спекуляций и обещали обратный выкуп в х2 от пресэйла. Они своё обещание сдерживают. Проект делали на блокчейне waves. Как компании внедряют блокчейн (42) Практики внедрений блокчейн компаниями из разных сфер.
  7. Recently we have heard news from Turkey supporting its new cryptocurrency, now Canada is interested in creating Exchanges, with banks being a "primary" statute, in this new movement, it must be a new concept in the related area of Blockchain-Banks. Canda is one of the first to take part in this initiative, perhaps it is a regulatory notice or the beginning of a new trend of centralized cryptos exchanges, he has to wait for these releases soon. 💢 👆
  8. Do you agree that crypto change people lives? Do you have experience that it change your life? Well, crypto was very helpful more importantly as a student, they can learn about the cryptocurrencies and bitcoins. It helps them to be imformative in a way of socializing in the different part of world and becaue of crypto, they can sustain themselves as student. Since I'm just a mere student and still wanted to be learn it changes my life because what I know can be improve using crypto and because of this It helps my suspenses in school. How does crypto change your life?
  9. In order to control feelings during any transaction or in the market in general, you must divide the capital because this is the most important factor for the trader , In addition to this, you can use such advice on the market : dont put all your eggs in one box . invest only what you are ready to lose. dont trade using your emotions . Please ask questions in the posts and I will answer you.
  10. Normally as usual, google ads chases you through all kinds of means by throwing junk advertising on the topic you are talking about or looking for, so: In this case they index global information (this is where the plots of hyips, benders, scams "icos" or pishing pages). For beginners, this is a bit dazzling, but those who do not know easily fall into these traps. Google does not accurately handle this type with respect to cryptocurrencies so be very careful and selective with this type of advertising, I dare to say that with a single click on a banner of those you can bring viruses or mercenaries to your digital life.
  11. ТОПИК БУДЕТ ПОСТОЯННО ОБНОВЛЯТЬСЯ Следите за спикерами и актуальной программой выступлений! Всё о криптоактивах во 2-м сезоне онлайн-марафона “Деньги Будущего” Деньги - кровь экономики. Используются с детства. Позволяют производить нужные товары и услуги. В XXI веке деньги возвращаются из государственных, которыми стали в XX веке в результате манипуляций, к рыночным. Криптоактивы - биткойн и др. могут стать деньгами. Им посвящен второй сезон онлайн-бизнес-марафона “Деньги Будущего”. В первом сезоне зрители получили ответ на вопрос, какие возможности открываются в кризис. 90 спикеров раскрыли два десятка тем: от удалённой работы до обучения детей, от криптовалют до обучения иностранным языкам, от интернет-маркетинга до экономики. В течение 15 дней в прямом эфире его посмотрели более 10 000 раз. Второй сезон раскроет тему криптоактивов “с нуля” для неофита. Темы: крипто-СМИ, кошельки, биржи, трейдинг, майнинг, безопасность, DeFi, блокчейн-разработка, токенизация активов, скамы, лигал, краудфандинг, образование, децентрализация/Web 3.0. По каждой из них состоится панельная дискуссия профессионалов Рунета. Зрители узнают: станут ли криптоактивы деньгами; в чем их отличие от фиатных денег; как использовать их в бизнесе и жизни; как заработать их, защитить и приумножить; как они изменят жизнь каждого в ближайшие 10 лет. Организаторы марафона - Trustee Wallet, биткоин-кошелек со встроенным обменником, и ведущий криптомероприятий № 1 в Рунете Евгений Романенко aka Cryptoemcee. Трансляция: Facebook, YouTube, ВКонтакте, Twitch. Подпишитесь на канал: Вступайте в группу: Старт - в среду, 6 мая, в 16-00 (Минск, Киев, Москва). Участие для зрителей - бесплатное. Оставьте свой е-майл на сайте, чтобы оперативно получать видеозаписи. Спонсорство: пишите на [email protected] или в Телеграм @cryptoemcee Ссылка на первый сезон марафона:онлайн-марафон-деньги-будущего/ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Актуальная программа! _______________________________________________________________________________________ Тема: Суверенная личность XXI века Обсудим: - какие проблемы с персональными данными и централизованными сервисами породила эпоха Web 2.0; - что такое суверенная личность, или SSI; - как работает концепция SSI; - как SSI изменит коммуникацию между людьми и сервисами; - причём здесь блокчейн. Спикеры: - Владимир Понимающий (Cyber, IPFS, Cosmos Network) - Сергей Севанцян (Think Tank Community) - Александр Болдачев (Trusted Semantic Network) - Леонид Золин (#Трансфейсинг) Ведущий - Евгений Романенко Начало 2-го октября в 14:00 _______________________________________________________________________________________ Тема: Нейросети - молекулы искусственного интеллекта Обсудим: - как устроены и работают нейросети; - проблемы развития нейросетей; - где и как уже используются нейросети; - как нейросети изменят нашу жизнь в ближайшие десятилетия; - какие профессии умрут, а какие появятся из-за нейросетей. Спикеры: - Владимир Понимающий (Cyber, IPFS, Cosmos Network) - Алексей Веснин (HyperSphere) - Виктор Носко (Avatar Machine - человечный чатбот) - Иван Климук (Evolution Gaming) - Anton Nikonorov (NeuraLoom) Ведущий - Евгений Романенко Начало 25-го сентября в 14:00 (Минск, Киев, Москва) _______________________________________________________________________________________ Программа панельной дискуссии 28.08.2020 в рамках онлайн-марафона Деньги Будущего: Тема: Интернет вещей (IoT) Обсудим: - что такое IoT и чем он отличается от интернета людей; - как работает IoT; - какие именно устройства уже подключены к интернету и будут подключены в ближайшие 10 лет; - когда вещи станут заключать сделки между собой в криптовалюте; - как IoT изменит нашу жизнь; - какие профессии IoT уничтожит, а какие - создаст. Спикеры: - Владимир Понимающий (Cyber, IPFS, Cosmos) - Алексей Веснин (HyperSphere) - Леонид Хацкевич ( - Александр Павлють (Mjolnir) Ведущий - Евгений Романенко Начало 28-го августа в 14:00 (Минск, Киев, Москва) _______________________________________________________________________________________ Программа панельной дискуссии 21.08.2020 в рамках онлайн-марафона Деньги Будущего: Тема: Цифровизация и цифровая трансформация Обсудим: - что такое цифровизация; - как она уже изменила нашу жизнь за 20 лет и изменит в следующие 20 лет; - "созидательное разрушение" за счёт цифровизации; - конфликты, которые порождает цифровизация, и их разрешение; - как цифровизация изменит деньги будущего; - какие возможности это открывает для каждого из нас. Спикеры: - Владимир Понимающий (Cyber, IPFS) - Алексей Веснин (HyperSphere) - Александр Болдачев (Trusted Semantic Network) - Виктор Манин (Trustee Wallet) - Александр Самарин (Digital transformation methodologist) - Андрей Пометун (Selvery) Ведущий - Евгений Романенко Начало 21-го августа в 14:00 (Минск, Киев, Москва)
  12. В данном топики я буду рассказывать истории, которые у меня были на Yobit. Но также и дальнейшие действия, совершаемые на бирже. Всем привет! Давно хотел поделиться с вами мнением о бирже Yobit. Так как торгую там я достаточно давно, начинал с лета 2016 года и торгую до сих пор. Что примечательно данная биржа является одной из самых первых в россии, и даже в мире. Появилась раньше чем Binance. Но к чему это, ведь я не собираюсь говорить о том что появилось раньше, а что позже. Я хотел бы поговорить о самой бирже Yobit и её особенности по сравнению с другими биржами. Одной из черт биржи является её безопасность. Ну серьёзно сколько помню разных бирж, которые становились банкротами после взлома от хакеров. Благодаря бдительности сотрудников биржи и своевременной защите. Всё на что способны "хакеры" так это "дудосить" биржу, но и с этим быстро решают вопросы. Второй изюминкой как по мне является её насыщенность различными монетами. На биржи есть все топовые альты + вы можете спокойно торговать и к биткоину и к лайту и к доллару и тд. Меня это часто спасало когда я хочу купить какой-то альткоин, но у меня на балансе есть эфир. Чтобы не тратить лишнее на комиссии покупал за эфир альт который хотел с небольшой разницей. На Yobit есть интересная фишка на exmo с кодами. То есть я могу создавать коды в различных валютах и отправлять эти коды моим друзьям чтобы они их активировали, очень классная функция. Я могу рассказывать про биржу Yobit очень и очень много, но буду это делать всё по немного. В следующей части планирую рассказать об одной монете, которой торговал на yobit. Не судите строго первая статья так сказать.
  13. How to invest in a cryptocurrency project? We know now that 2021 will be a very good year to invest in the cryptocurrency project! So we have to talk about some tips that will make you invest smart! 1-Keep up with the current market conditions You can read articles discussing the pros and cons of various cryptocurrencies, but current market data will always be the most reliable source for identifying trends and making smarter trading decisions, and fortunately we have a forum here and many channels on our Telegram that allow us to exchange information! 2-Follow the leaders Even when you have real-time data, making a trading decision based on a list of the top 100 cryptocurrencies can be daunting, but when this data is paired with guidance from major investors, you can gain more confidence in your decisions and even learn some additional indicators. . 3-Diversification is vital to achieving success As with traditional investment opportunities, diversification is essential if you want to profit when investing in digital currencies, as the more diversified your portfolio, the more you can reduce your overall risk, especially if you are investing in currencies and tokens that serve different sectors. 4-Don't invest all your money with 1 Crypto currency ! 5- Buy when the market is in a significant decline and correction
  14. How did Bitcoin originate? Each of us has a bad history and we do not like to talk about it! Bitcoin as well !! After it was a discarded currency and somewhat unknown to many people, and it was a currency that every person despised the idea of investing in Bitcoin. Today he is making his way to the top 15,700 !! The most common inquiries today among Bitcoin researchers who are trying to get to know it more are: "How did Bitcoin originate?" Immediately after its launch, its price exploded to $ 7,000, but what Bitcoin suffered from is much greater In the year 2008, digital or cryptocurrencies went out into the world of the web and the Internet, and the first currency at the time was the Bitcoin currency, a bitcoin site was launched that includes the domain in order to provide information, news and everything about this currency, And it is still in operation to this day, however, the currency has not been officially launched for use by any user, and what was from 2008 until the beginning of 2009 is only a publicity of the currency and an attempt to attract those interested in it, some ridiculed it and aroused the curiosity of others But in 2009, the official launch of the open source Bitcoin, of course. 2009-2010 Bitcoin wasn't very popular at the time! Bitcoin was not at that time as it is now! There is never a large number of traders! This year the management of the "" project permanently abandoned the currency! Bitcoin became a currency that had no owner !! Its price at that time was $ 0.1 .. Many people did not realize that the price of this coin would someday be above $ 15,000! However, several people bought this currency, which led to the development of its price to $ 0.2, or 100%, which is a really wonderful rate in a short period! 2011 In the first of 2011, the Bitcoin currency was exactly $ 0.3, Bitcoin began to make some noise among the neighborhoods of digital and electronic companies, so a company called the " Electronic Froniter Foundation " supported and received Bitcoin as a means of payment for its services, and it was the first company to do that 2012 And this year was the big surprise! Bitcoin price doubled !! Although many people did not believe in the project of this currency at all and did not expect its price to develop! In early 2012, the value of the Bitcoin currency was $ 6.8, more and more companies began to add payment via bitcoin, Bitpay published that more than a thousand companies in the world support payment via Bitcoin, including Wordpress, so that the value of Bitcoin by the end of 2012 has doubled. And specifically $ 13. 2013 At the end of 2013, Bitcoin was priced at $ 817 2014 At the end of 2014, Bitcoin was priced at $ 280 2015-2016 At the end of 2014, Bitcoin was priced at $ 800 2016-2017 it was the first time that Bitcoin rose above $ 1000 !! From here was the start of the Bitcoin that we see today! Do you think that Bitcoin will continue its journey to rising levels not previously seen?
  15. New to crypto and learning how to airdrop ... getting there slowly it’s surely a learning progress!! Will post if I can get a referral code to help other crypto people to get free cash
  16. Does your country accept bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? Many of us ask ourselves daily, does this country support the cryptocurrency or bitcoin project? Or does the country I live in support the cryptocurrency project? So today, I wanted to share this picture with you, which shows who are the countries that accept Bitcoin? Who are the countries that consider bitcoin illegal! But has countries' acceptance of Bitcoin become important after the success demonstrated by the project after the Corona crisis? For me, I think it is not important anymore to know if the country accepts Bitcoin or not!
  17. Hey everyone 🖐️. I just wanted to ask this question that what would happen if pensions to the elderly were paid in cryptocurrencies? Would this be beneficial for them or not? What would be the pros and cons of this? If this happens how would this affect the economy of that country? I just want to hear your thoughts on this subject 😄
  18. For a long time we have been waiting for institutions to start buying bitcoin, and we finally started seeing them coming as we have seen Michael Saylor the CEO of mircostrategy announced that they now own 38,250 bitcoins, that is now worth about 435 million dollars. Yesterday we saw that the company Square announced that they bought a 50 million dollar worth of bitcoin, even tho its a small amount compared to microstrategy holdings but still a big step towards the acceptance of crypto in general. I personally think during this pandemic most people ,and companies as well, started looking for new investments and crypto seems like the easiest to learn and to get into, and it has a bright future, also the high volatility in the market will make you some good money. Alongside that, the anonymity that crypto provide to its users will attract many people that search for privacy. Now as bitcoin rallies back up to 11400$ my question to you is...out of the big institutions, who do you think will be coming into crypto next?.
  19. Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego just declared 10% of his portfolio is now tied up in bitcoin. Announced in a tweet on Wednesday, Mexico’s second-wealthiest man responded to questions that “many people” ask him about bitcoin (BTC, +5.70%), saying: “YES. I have 10% of my liquid portfolio invested.” “Bitcoin protects the citizen from government expropriation,” Pliego added as he recommended “El Patron Bitcoin” – a book that is “the best and most important to understand #Bitcoin.” The other 90% of Pliego’s investments are tied up “in precious metals miners,” the billionaire explained in a reply to Dan Held, the Kraken crypto exchange’s growth lead. Latin American countries, namely Venezuela, have been plagued by hyperinflation in recent years leading to a situation reminiscent of Germany’s 1920’s hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic. Investors looking to protect themselves from “government expropriation” and inflation have historically turned to alternative assets like gold to hedge against fiat currency devaluation. Now bitcoin looks to be increasingly finding a place as a digital alternative. Hours before posting his bitcoin tweet, the Mexican billionaire had posted another tweet decrying government-issued fiat as being “worth nothing” and noting that it is always “good to diversify” ones investments. Pliego is the founder and chairman of Grupo Salinas, a collection of companies with stakes in telecommunications, media, financial services, and retail stores, per Wikipedia.
  20. When (pseudonymous) Satoshi Nakamoto created bitcoin (which is considered the first cryptocurrency by the majority) in 2009 and presented (the white paper) to the public, there was whole lots of doubt on how a new system of completely decentralized digital currency based on 'mere' cryptographic proof would survive; can it be effective as the banking system (which is based completely on the trust of a third party)?. Several questions about the blockchain network and mechanism of operation of bitcoin (PoW) also popped up and presented to him. Although he (satoshi) tried to explain as much as possible, it was far from being totally convincing. Would bitcoin and blockchain technology be the key to financial breakthrough? Only time will tell. Over the years Then (in the early days of bitcoin), the debate was based on its viability and survival considering previous similar centralized systems failures - doubt there was any speculation by anyone on if it would be widely accepted and recognized as a payment system or method. Well, maybe Mr. Nakamoto himself. Few years after bitcoin had its value in 2010, perspectives changed (though, few investors still considered it a 'mere bubble') from being an untested/unrealistic project to prospective investments to many. As time progresses, adoption was growing organically, undeniably affected by several factors: Decentralization as a major edge Rather than in a financial system, centrally controlled by a few groups of people or an institution and having a little control over personal funds, the decentralization of bitcoin and the privacy it brings provided a major headstart to its widening adoption. An opportunity to be the lone controller of one's savings isn't one that comes by often. Satoshi was right all along - the centralization of previous similar systems was the main cause of their failures. The decentralization of the digital currency system was the key to financial freedom. Economy crises Venezuelans hit by hard-living conditions due to economic crisis and inflation have seen a haven in more 'investment reliable' bitcoin. Rather than holding the local currency, they would rather buy into bitcoin which saw the later hitting an all-time high trading volume in 2019 across the region. A survey carried out recently by Paxful shows more than 70% of participating Argentine believe cryptocurrency is a better investment and financial solution in the lingering economic crisis in the region. These and similar scenarios in other regions like Greece, Cyprus, and Zimbabwe have prompted the search for a solution to the financial crisis - in bitcoin. And relatively the bitcoin hasn't disappointed, becoming the top-performing assets over the last decade surpassing the stock market and US S&P 500. The lockdown effect Amidst lockdown and failing economies around the world as a result of a global health crisis, the cryptocurrency looks to be one of the biggest winners of it as its engagement multiplies rapidly in several folds across different regions. In those moments where contacts seems a lot risky, cryptocurrency was the perfect solution; transactions and payment of essential needs and services are done contactless without exposure to risks. It was also seen as an ideal source of income to already closed down businesses. Source: Chainalysis India, Russia, the US, and Ukraine are among the top countries with increased crypto trading and investment as a result of the pandemic. Blockchain games Apart from finance, massive interest in blockchain technology has emerged from the gaming industry in recent times, directly contributing to cryptocurrency usage. One of the earliest blockchain games, CryptoKitties is built on the Ethereum blockchain. CryptoKitties uses ERC-721 standard Non-Fungible Token (NFT) the in-game currency in the purchasing of kitties contributing more than 10% congestion to the ETH blockchain network in its early days in 2017. Source: Kitty explorer As of this time, over 680000CK has been sold, worth more than 60000 ETH (Data : Kitty sales) Apart from in-app purchases, some blockchain games provide tradable cryptos as rewards to gamers for completing gaming tasks. The setbacks Though there are lots of positives, the cryptocurrency road to adoption hasn't been a smooth one with lots of downs and challenges. From technical (scalability and complexity), security (cyber-attacks, fraud, and irregularities) to governmental regional restrictions and heavy taxes; just to mention a few. How will cryptocurrency make use of the advantages and overcome the hurdles? Do you think there will ever be a global adoption? Share with us what you think.
  21. Hi friend today i became surprise to see my bitcoin price very increase. I know it low but my holding is also small. If i buy big amount than i gain a big think from the market. So i suggeste friend we need to hold big amount of the good coin. Because it is very important to change our life.
  22. We know that there are several exchanges to trade our cryptographic assets, but all are reliable ?! We recently had the case of the closure of Cryptopia, because succumbing to a major "rack attack", we also had Binance, which was also attacked by hackers, but unlike Cryptopia, this had a clue to recover. So here we have a very big deadlock over which exchange we will be safe and we can worrylessly trade our assets. So I will leave here five names of exchanges that currently, in my view, are growing in the cryptographic scenario, and so, I would like to know which one you trust, or if you have another more reliable suggestion and not on this list, leave her name in the comment. Thank you in advance and I count on your participation. Which of these exchanges do you most trust or indicate? Coinbene Latoken Hitbtc Bcnex ....
  23. Through your work in cryptocurrencies, what is the best advice you can give to beginners in this field? I just want one piece of advice
  24. Yobit sometimes stop working.At this moment we are seeing many posts based on yobit problem.everyone is talking about funding and refilling by Cryptotalk campaign.But new accs not acceptable problem is a new faced problem.So,will they accept or not.They should clarify or who knows,he/she should create post on this topic?will they refill money for new account or not!
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