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Found 372 results

  1. Most people are saying bitcoin will go to over $15000 in 2020. This can be happen actually which month of 2020?
  2. Today is the 1st of January 2020 wishing you all to have a happy new year ... Cryptocurrencies are more popular with the internet. Someone when looking to make money online it cant forget about cryptocurrencies. Both of them are on two sides in this money-making online coin as head and tail. Now get be ready to go to the future with me in your mind. I will ask you to forward about 30 years on the calendar. Ok Now we all are in the year 2050 and just imagine how it can be the situation of the crypto world ... Just for imagine, give your feelings ...
  3. Many people (especially crypto beginners) they join crypto world and become traders without knowing many things about trading. A lot of them they think only trading bitcoin will give them profit, so whatever they earn they convert to bitcoin and trade it. Let me tell you one thing, bitcoin trading is good if you have large amount to trade but with small amount you will earn very small profit! And bitcoin is not the only coin that can give you profit in trading. Here are some 3 coins that I recommend, they are cheap and profitable. Anyone can afford them and trade them easily. If it’s okay, our brother @Whited35 can give us more coins. He’s among the best traders am proud of! He told me some things about ETH and about day trading that I didn’t know before, thank you. 1.XRP (Ripple) - This among the cheapest coins that I know and it’s one of my best coins. With $1 you can buy 4 XRP for the current price, that means it costs only $0.25 per coin! $0.25 is not the best price to buy/sell XRP because it usually fall to $0.18/.19 which is the best price to buy, and it grows to $0.3 which is the best price to sell. You may wonder because there is only a price difference of $0.1 and I recommend it! Now let’s say you have purchased 1000 XRP at a price of $0.2 which is $200, and you hold them to reach $0.3 then you sell them. 1000XRP x $0.3 = $300 and you purchased them @$200 !!! Only the increase of $0.1 has given you a profit of $100!! And you have trade a cheap coin, imagine how much profit you could earn in bitcoin by trading $200! LTC (Litcoin) - This is another coin that I trade and recommend. LTC it’s not cheaper like XRP and it’s not high like bitcoin, so you can still afford it. The current price for LTC is $50 according to yobit, also it’s not a good price to buy or sell because at that price it may fall or pump anytime so it’s like playing a dice game. The best price to buy LTC it’s under $45/$43 until $38, and the best price to sell LTC is from $63 to $75 according to my experience. 1 LTC can give you a $20 - $35 profit if you’ll be active to watch the market prices and make a quick buy or sell. Imagine if you've purchased only 5 LTC at a price of $45 which is $225 and you hold them and sell at a price of $65, 5LTC x $65 = $325, that means you will made a profit of $100 by just trading $225 in LTC. WAVES – Another best coin that can give you a lot of profit with small capital if you are an active trader. The current price for WAVES is $2.6 but i suggest to buy it when it reaches $2.2 or at least $2.4 for a better profit and sell it at $3.2 - $3.6 now let say you have purchased 100 WAVES at a price of $2.4 which is $240 and you hold them until they reach $3.4 and you sell there, 100WAVES x $3.4 = $340, and you will just made $100 profit for trading $240 in WAVES! This coin can reach $4 but don’t wait to double your money because anything can happen, take your profit and find another opportunity. Don’t worry, this coins are volatile and their price depends on bitcoin. Most of the time they’ll increase or decrease same time with bitcoin. Please, add more details by commenting about other cheap coins that you know are profitable. I will be happy to hear about ETH, LINK, EOS, ETC, TRX and other.
  4. I have seen many usefull posts of moderators and senior member and i want their posts and comments save or pin for me in my profile .which can be use later .what do you say about this option.
  5. Bitcoin was the oldest cryptocurrency and the first digital currency, reaching more than two years before the second cryptocurrency, Namecoin. Bitcoin's success has led to a massive spread in digital currencies in recent years, and today there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies. One of the most interesting aspects of these new digital currencies is the lack of control by any central monopoly. Traditional banknotes are subject to central banks that may operate independently of the national government, or at the request of the government. The Federal Reserve (Fed) has the ability to increase supply in US dollars, for example. The degree of decentralization can vary from one cryptocurrency to another - as we will see - but in general, there is no central authority that plays a similar role for the central bank in relation to cryptocurrencies. We will now look at four other major digital currencies available. Ethereum is the largest competitor of Bitcoin, based on the percentage share of the total market value of the cryptocurrencies. Other important players in this field are Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple, to name a few. Digital currencies are quoted against the US dollar (USD) or the euro (EUR) - two of the most used currencies in the world. What do you think of this talk and are there other currencies you add to this list?
  6. In Forex Market when we deposit from the Skrill than we can withdraw the money through the Skrill also and if we deposit through the Perfect Money than we must to withdraw our money in the Perfect Money. Perfect Money is the safe and best way to deposit and withdraw from forex and also from the crypto market. If you have any question related about the crypto and Forex trading you can ask. Note: If the moderator will think that my post is not good than he can delete it.
  7. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet recovery service for those who may have lost access to their desktop, hardware, or online wallets due to phishers / scammers . If you have forgotten the password or lost access to the Seed Phrase but you have a good idea what the password might of been or if you have lost one word from your Seed, there is a very good chance you regain access to your bitcoins or other cryptocurrency. You can file a complaint directly to - hacknet (A T ) cyberservices (D T / C M ) . They have several methods for recovering your lost/stolen Wallet Information some private and some public.
  8. for me : way back 2014 when Doge coin is hot as a pan, and I am mining coin using my home pc, then I decided to add GPU (outside my computer) So I found out about riser, during those times risers are not yet common in my place so I couldn't find on any computer store. Then I found someone selling from our local google groups and I purchase from him using Doge coins.
  9. Yobit sometimes stop working.At this moment we are seeing many posts based on yobit problem.everyone is talking about funding and refilling by Cryptotalk campaign.But new accs not acceptable problem is a new faced problem.So,will they accept or not.They should clarify or who knows,he/she should create post on this topic?will they refill money for new account or not!
  10. Now many traders know about both the market forex and crypto market. Forex market is much bigger market then crypto . whats you think forex market is more risky or crypto gave your opinions.
  11. 1- Investing according to your financial ability, it is best in the beginning to not venture or large amounts of money to invest in cryptocurrencies. 2- Avoid anxiety and hasty decision-making in every deal, as losing deals can be successful in the future and vice versa. 3- Do not invest in a single cryptocurrency, but rather trade in many relatively stable cryptocurrencies, and this is something that will help you achieve many profits. 4- Do not trust false news about cryptocurrency trading that comes from some investors inside some platforms or from some through social media, you do not know the extent of their actual experience in this field yet. 5- Draw yourself the path to success through specific goals of trading, such as following certain currencies and knowing the best price for them to buy as well as the best price for sale in the short and long term. 6- Try to learn the field of analysis, whether technical or basic, then you must learn how to analyze a specific digital currency yourself, or rely on sites that provide technical analyzes through certified experts in that field 7- You must learn from the mistakes that you have made before, in order to be able to develop your business. Without learning, the error will be repeated again. 8- It is not necessary to trade cryptocurrencies and invest in that field, based on luck or guessing, for the successful investor and trader searches for information anywhere to benefit from it. 9 - Convincing in the field of cryptocurrencies, you must be completely confident in this market, which is relatively new for investors, and you should not consider it a way of quick profit only, but it is a path to the future and success in it. 10- In the end, dear reader, you should not make cryptocurrency trading your concern, because that will actually disrupt your life, so in your free time you should do various activities away from investment, and this gives you an opportunity to review your trading strategy.
  12. ТОПИК БУДЕТ ПОСТОЯННО ОБНОВЛЯТЬСЯ Следите за спикерами и актуальной программой выступлений! Всё о криптоактивах во 2-м сезоне онлайн-марафона “Деньги Будущего” Деньги - кровь экономики. Используются с детства. Позволяют производить нужные товары и услуги. В XXI веке деньги возвращаются из государственных, которыми стали в XX веке в результате манипуляций, к рыночным. Криптоактивы - биткойн и др. могут стать деньгами. Им посвящен второй сезон онлайн-бизнес-марафона “Деньги Будущего”. В первом сезоне зрители получили ответ на вопрос, какие возможности открываются в кризис. 90 спикеров раскрыли два десятка тем: от удалённой работы до обучения детей, от криптовалют до обучения иностранным языкам, от интернет-маркетинга до экономики. В течение 15 дней в прямом эфире его посмотрели более 10 000 раз. Второй сезон раскроет тему криптоактивов “с нуля” для неофита. Темы: крипто-СМИ, кошельки, биржи, трейдинг, майнинг, безопасность, DeFi, блокчейн-разработка, токенизация активов, скамы, лигал, краудфандинг, образование, децентрализация/Web 3.0. По каждой из них состоится панельная дискуссия профессионалов Рунета. Зрители узнают: станут ли криптоактивы деньгами; в чем их отличие от фиатных денег; как использовать их в бизнесе и жизни; как заработать их, защитить и приумножить; как они изменят жизнь каждого в ближайшие 10 лет. Организаторы марафона - Trustee Wallet, биткоин-кошелек со встроенным обменником, и ведущий криптомероприятий № 1 в Рунете Евгений Романенко aka Cryptoemcee. Трансляция: Facebook, YouTube, ВКонтакте, Twitch. Подпишитесь на канал: Вступайте в группу: Старт - в среду, 6 мая, в 16-00 (Минск, Киев, Москва). Участие для зрителей - бесплатное. Оставьте свой е-майл на сайте, чтобы оперативно получать видеозаписи. Спонсорство: пишите на [email protected] или в Телеграм @cryptoemcee Ссылка на первый сезон марафона:онлайн-марафон-деньги-будущего/ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Актуальная программа! _______________________________________________________________________________________ Программа панельной дискуссии 28.08.2020 в рамках онлайн-марафона Деньги Будущего: Тема: Интернет вещей (IoT) Обсудим: - что такое IoT и чем он отличается от интернета людей; - как работает IoT; - какие именно устройства уже подключены к интернету и будут подключены в ближайшие 10 лет; - когда вещи станут заключать сделки между собой в криптовалюте; - как IoT изменит нашу жизнь; - какие профессии IoT уничтожит, а какие - создаст. Спикеры: - Владимир Понимающий (Cyber, IPFS, Cosmos) - Алексей Веснин (HyperSphere) - Леонид Хацкевич ( - Александр Павлють (Mjolnir) Ведущий - Евгений Романенко Начало 28-го августа в 14:00 (Минск, Киев, Москва) _______________________________________________________________________________________ Программа панельной дискуссии 21.08.2020 в рамках онлайн-марафона Деньги Будущего: Тема: Цифровизация и цифровая трансформация Обсудим: - что такое цифровизация; - как она уже изменила нашу жизнь за 20 лет и изменит в следующие 20 лет; - "созидательное разрушение" за счёт цифровизации; - конфликты, которые порождает цифровизация, и их разрешение; - как цифровизация изменит деньги будущего; - какие возможности это открывает для каждого из нас. Спикеры: - Владимир Понимающий (Cyber, IPFS) - Алексей Веснин (HyperSphere) - Александр Болдачев (Trusted Semantic Network) - Виктор Манин (Trustee Wallet) - Александр Самарин (Digital transformation methodologist) - Андрей Пометун (Selvery) Ведущий - Евгений Романенко Начало 21-го августа в 14:00 (Минск, Киев, Москва)
  13. Because as I one, when the price of bitcoins drops on lows, it's instead one-off the best times on having to invest in the Bitcoin and altcoins, as this to me some users will be tempted to sell out their coins from the losses which they have inquired. And as users buy more of coins during their dumb it even at bearish seasons, they tend to gain more profit if holding on bullish times. That's why there's this thing on buying enough when the prices are low
  14. Thanks to the constant innovations in the world, Blockchain has visualized it as a fluid system which allows you to free yourself from prosecutors, taxes, and constant regulations. It represents a significant advance in the financial world, although being new it has taken time to adapt to situations. Understanding this system is simple although it is vital to know how to use it correctly, and there it differs. Being able to traverse with freedom and confidence is what many want and blockchain can facilitate that advantage to the actiaul world, Bitcoin and Litecoin are clear examples of use, although there are many more, discover each one without fear of learning more!
  15. I see that many of the people posting on this site aren't really taking posting as seriously as they should. I wanted to ask the admins, would they get better results if they interviewed the writers. Instead of taking anyone, you should make them write 10 or 20 test posts, and grade them on their performance, and then they can post for money. It would stop a lot of spammers from getting paid, and you can get a feel for how the person writes. What does the forum think should CryptoTalk hire writers or is it better to leave it open?
  16. Some people only read price predictions when they want to invest in a particular coin. This is a common method but news is also a very important source of gathering information about the future of crypto coins. For example, sometimes you read in the news that a certain finance or a big company have plans to start a project for a particular coin. This kind of news often leads to the increase in value but the effect could be anything. Have you ever invested in any coins based on cryptocurrency news? Which one do you think is more reliable as the basis for investment, news or price predictions?
  17. Ever since the financial crisis 2008 people became aware that their money isnt safe at banks and so are their investments, bitcoin emerged as a savior and an alternative that might eventually replace banks, (fast-forward thru the parts where bitcoin price went from .01$ to 20k) I've heard too many mainstream economists saying bitcoin isnt going to last and no sane government would accept it because simply we dont know who controls it. my question is in this ongoing war between bitcoin and banks who is going to win and why?
  18. WELCOME TO CRYPTOTALK'S OFFICIAL CASH ALTERNATIVE TV THREAD! CATV is a show about cryptocurrency with a focus on Dash. It's hosted by Christopher Carruthers, also known as Tao of Satoshi. CHANNEL TRAILER FOLLOW US ON OUR SOCIALS! TWITTER FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM CATV SUBREDDIT PINTEREST BOARD HERE ARE THE PLATFORMS THAT STREAM CATV LIVE! Broadcasting Saturdays at 4PM UTC. Watch and join the conversation about crypto and Dash topics. YOUTUBE FACEBOOK LIVE TWITTER TWITCH DLIVE CASH ALTERNATIVE TV IS HOSTED ON MANY PLATFORMS! Watch our latest episodes from your favorite content host. YOUTUBE BITCHUTE FACEBOOK PAGE LBRY.TV BITTUBE VIBRAVID BITLINK DTUBE (STEEMIT & HIVE)!/c/taoofsatoshi PUBLISH0X CASH ALTERNATIVE TV MEDIA HUB CATV LIVE streams every Saturday at 4PM UTC. Watch this thread for the latest stream link! Please consider this a thread to discuss anything related to the digital currency Dash as well. I will be monitoring this thread for responses or questions. Cheers! Christopher Carruthers (Tao of Satoshi). Cash Alternative TV Host
  19. 1xbet Name 1xbet review: Registration on the website Established 2011 Location Curacao, Netherlands Antilles Minimum Deposit 1€ Support Account Message | Callback | Email | Live Chat | Skype | Telephone | Twitter Deposit Options VISA | MasterCard | Neteller | Payeer | Skrill | Giropay | QIWI | WebMoney Withdrawal Options VISA | MasterCard | Neteller | Payeer | Skrill | Giropay | WebMoney Mobile app Android, iPhone, Windows Phone App Yes The 1xbet sport betting is a relatively young company. It has been working in the bookmakers’ market since 1997. Players began to learn more about the organization after it went online. It has been possible to bet on tht website on the Internet since 2011. The company, like many other bookmakers, faced various problems due to restrictive legislation. However, now it is one of the most successful and recognizable bookmakers in the CIS, UK, Australia, Europe and worldwide. 1xBet is the global partner of the FC Barcelona. The bookmaker 1xBet is not only works with classical methods. The registration on the 1xbet site is available in four different ways reflects the modern setting of the sports betting operator. Another advantage is that addition the bonus for new registered customers, a bonus system for regular customer is also provided 1xBet. 1xbet site as well as app for mobile and tablets are very easy to use and even a complete beginner will not have a problem navigating through, and registration on the website, despite the huge amount of content and features on page. Despite going online, 1xbet has more than 1 thousand offline offices for receiving bets. The number of registered users on the company’s website has exceeded 500 thousand people. This bookmaker works not only with existing, but also with potential customers. This increases interest and trust in it. The company’s website supports more than 50 language versions. This makes it easy to bet from anywhere in the world to people from different countries. The company regularly introduces new technologies into the betting system and is becoming more and more attractive for players. During its activity, 1xbet has become recognizable around the world. The company has among its partners the well-known English football clubs Tottenham Hotspur and Cardiff City, as well as Astana from Kazakhstan. The bookie is known far beyond the borders of Europe. 1xbet cooperates with the Nigerian Premier Football League and is also a partner of the Nigeria National Football Team. In addition, the company cooperates with three e-sports organizations. Sometimes charity competitions are held under 1xbet bookmaker’s auspices. All this testifies to the popularity and credibility of the company. 1хBet website Official 1xbet website looks bright and colorful. You can immediately notice striking Live-line, as well as popular sporting events that are awaiting the start. Traditionally, on the left there are all sports that you can bet on. The list is filtered by alphabet, so a player can easily find the sport they need. At the very top on the left there are the upcoming TOP matches. Most often these are matches of: Football; Basketball; Tennis; Hockey; Volleyball. 1xbet website The company also offers bets on races, martial arts and various «exotic» competitions: Gaelic football, kabaddi, cricket, snooker, etc. 1xbet is constantly being upgraded. The same goes for the site. The official portal of the company at first glance seems kind of stuffed with a huge amount of different information. There are a lot of offers, but having sorted everything out, it is possible to understand that everything is in its place. The site has a user-friendly interface, and even a starter can navigate through it. All the main tabs are located at the top of the site. In the middle there are online betting options. At the top you can also find information about current bonuses, view the time and customize the site to your liking. You can visit the 1xbet official portal not only on a computer. The company offers customers a special mobile application for betting on a smartphone. You can download the program on the bookmaker’s website. However, it is important to choose the right application. One type of program is designed for Android-based smartphones, the other is for iOS-based devices. Find a tab for the application at the top of the site. There are also tabs for quick ordering a call from the customer support and for switching to Telegram. Through the messenger you can even bet. The 1xbet site has worked hard over the years to become not only a trusted online bookmaker, but one that offers players the chance to place their bets on just about any and all of their favourite games from around the world. 1xbet registration Registration in the bookmaker’s 1xbet is fully adapted to the international sports betting market. All applicable rules are fully taken into account by the sports betting provider. Interested customers who want to place their sports bets or who want to take part in the bonus promotions, have to complete the obligatory registration procedure first. This procedure can be completed on the website in four different ways. The registration process on the 1xbet site can be done in four ways: in One-Click; by Phone Number; by E-Maile; Social Networks and Messengers. 1xbet Registration The registration with the account of the Social Networks reflects the modern setting of the sports betting provider. The simplest one is with one click. The form for this type of authorization can be found on the right side of the company’s website. This way, a player only needs to specify their country and the currency which they want to use to bet. Winnings are displayed in the same currency. Later it is possible (and even necessary) to fill in a personal account and enter a phone number. The latter is especially important. The confirmed phone number protects the user account and gives the player more options. In addition, the user can find out the bet results through SMS messages. If during the registration a player has enough free time, it is better to choose authorization via e-mail. In this case, the user is waiting for a standard survey. The player, except for the country and currency, also needs to specify personal data and come up with a password. If desired, you can register on 1xbet with a profile on a social network or instant messenger. In this case, you need to allow the company’s portal to copy information from your profile to move it into the registration field. When completing any type of authorization, you need to read the rules and agree with them. 1xbet Funds deposit and withdrawal Like many other bookies, 1xbet offers players many options for depositing a virtual account and withdrawing funds from it. A total of 44 methods are available for depositing funds. They will be withdrawn the same way if a player chooses not a POS-machine. When choosing a payment system, a player’s country will play a big role. After making the first payment 1xbet gives a user a guaranteed bonus. 1xbet is one of the few companies in the betting market that accepts cryptocurrency bets. The bookmaker supports transactions involving 16 digital coins. In order to deposit and withdraw funds in the same way, it is better to choose bank cards, e-wallets, Internet banking or mobile banking. You can get the money won in the cryptocurrency. Most ways of depositing the account and withdrawing money, which 1xbet offers, charge no commission. Deposit Options VISA MasterCard Neteller PAYEER Skrill paysafe Giropay QIWI WebMoney Withdrawal Options VISA MasterCard Neteller PAYEER Skrill Giropay QIWI WebMoney Bets and lines 1xbet Bookmaker 1xbet stands out among the competitors with wide action lines. At one event, the company can offer up to 1 thousand outcomes. As for matches, you can bet not only on the outcome or score. This bookie accepts bets on statistics, fouls, corners, etc. Most options are for football — up to 5 thousand for one match. In hockey and basketball, a player is offered from 2 hundred to 1 thousand possible bet options. Based on the width of the action line 1xbet takes the first place in the world. The company works to ensure that players are interested in betting. So, for example, the bookie regularly offers a bet on the «match of the day.» One event is selected for which the widest line with attractive odds is done. 1xbet also offers players to bet only on their fellow citizens. To do this, in the Line field you need to select the Bet on yours (поставить на своих) tab. You can have single and combo bets. Specialists of the company daily make up for users attractive conbo bets with a choice of prepared outcomes. Whether to take a ready-made bet or create their own one is a player’s choice. There are even more bets when top contests take place. On the bookmaker’s site, you can also find Live-accumulator created by experts. By placing bets in the «live» mode, you can watch the broadcast of the selected event. Another Live is interesting by the presence of a special feature — 1xZone. This is an interactive system in which you can guess which event will happen next in a particular match. Another system — MultiLive — helps to monitor simultaneously several matches in real time. 1хbet bonus, free bet and special offers The 1хbet has a lot of special offers for its players. The main bonus is a gift deposit for the first deposit. To receive the bonus, you need to have an account on the 1xbet website, specify all personal data and deposit your gaming account. The money received from the bookmaker cannot be withdrawn, but they can be spent on a bet. 1xbet has a special offer for the fans of the Champions League. The company offers the bettors to make predictions for upcoming matches of the tournament. The users need to guess the score of each upcoming contest in the European Cup. Forecasts should be fixed with bets. If you guess the outcome of some match, you will receive 1 point. The player who has guessed the results of the biggest number of contests will win the main prize — the Aston Martin Rapide S car. The users who have taken places from the second to the fifth one, can also count on prizes such as laptops and smartphones. The company gives personal bonuses to players on their birthdays. 1xbet congratulates the client on this important day with a promotional code for a free bet. The company’s representative will send the code the player’s personal account, as well as an SMS message to the phone. Another attractive bonus from 1xbet is the bet insurance. A player can insure a bet before placing it in a coupon. It is possible to insure either a part of the delivered amount or the entire amount. This service is paid. If the bet does not play, the part that is insured will return to the user’s account. If the bet is played, the bookmaker pays the player the full win of the odd. The amount spent on insurance is not refunded. More about this and other bonuses of the company can be found on its website in the Promo section. 1xbet mobile betting The bookmaker 1xBet is very customer caring and is therefore trying to meet all the needs and expectations of the clients. A mobile betting program is an essential aspect to achieve success on the current sports betting market. The customer orientated bookmaker developed an application for mobile devices run by the operating systems Android, iOS and Windows. Just like the desktop website the intuitive navigation, the well-structured menu and the high level of usability are providing an excellent impression. The highly functional website gives a full access to the portfolio of 1xBet and enables the betting fans to place their options and tips simply by their mobile devices on the go. 1xbet Support We recommend to forward all inquirers or requests in English language to the customer support of the Russian operator. The mail address for the support, [email protected], can be found in the contact details of the website. Very friendly and competent customer support, where the motivated employees did their best to solve the inquirers professional and immediately. Generally, the 1xBet customer service is available 24/7/365 without any exceptions. Therefore, the level of availability is very high. Nevertheless, the operator should upgrade especially the language skills of the employees and the communication channels. For further information: twitter facebook wiki The advantages of 1хbet Wide action line. The company offers several hundred, and sometimes several thousand options for a bet; Many ways to deposit your account and withdraw funds, including cryptocurrency. Almost all the financial transactions are performed in a few minutes with no commission charged for services; An opportunity to watch live broadcasts in real time. 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  20. is a cryptocurrency exchange and tokenized exchange assets. It is the first officially regulated trading platform, a bridge between cryptocurrencies and regulated financial markets. Available investment, acquisition and trading of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash; tokens of world indices, company stocks, raw materials, ETF tools. Deposit or withdrawal of funds is carried out using Visa / Mastercard, bank transfers, cryptocurrency. Trading on the Currency exchange is available both without borrowed funds and with a leverage of up to 500x for traditional markets and up to 100x for cryptocurrencies. There is the possibility of limiting loss (stop loss) and profit taking (take profit). Benefits: - Officially regulated by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus and the High Technology Park. Accordingly, low non-trading risks. -Works in accordance with Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 8 “On the Development of the Digital Economy” dated December 21, 2017. According to which, funds received from the exchange are not taxable (for citizens of the Republic of Belarus). -More than 1300 tokenized assets now and more than 10000 planned in the future. -Official purchase of cryptocurrency. - Trade in tokenized assets: stocks, indices, raw materials. -Investing in tokenized exchange assets using cryptocurrencies and fiat. -High degree of customer data protection. - Deposit / withdrawal of funds from a credit card, bank transfer. - High speed data processing. - Compliance with AML and KYC. -Low commission. There are no fees for entering fiat and cryptocurrency. -Margin trading with leverage up to 100x. -Stop loss and take profit. -High liquidity. -Advanced trading terminal. -Reference program. For those who do not yet have the opportunity to trade independently, there is a profitable affiliate program on the platform, everyone can become a participant in. The partner receives up to 50% of the trading commissions of these clients. The client, on the other hand, receives a 10% discount if he uses a referral link. In addition, generous contests and giveaways are held on with enviable regularity. Now the promotion for new users "Bonus $ 50 with a deposit of $ 20" Also, daily tournaments among traders continue. Participate and win! was able to combine highly liquid traditional financial instruments and digital assets. It is important that all this is implemented in accordance with the legislation of Belarus. That is why the exchange attracts not only customers, but also investors. Already at the beginning of its work, attracted investments from venture funds Larnabel Ventures and VP Capital, thanks to which it received an excellent opportunity to develop and conquer the exchange trading market. Discover investment reliability and security with!
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  22. Hi please any one of new members which is here since long time or in forum can u please tell me how can i found a coin its real or scam as i am new in this field in some days back like one to three months back i lost almost one thousand buck due to lack of knowledge and also please tell me here i can get information about this field as i am new in this field thank you waiting your kind replies please give your honest reviews according your experience and knowledge and also tell me how much you earned or gain from this field just for motivation
  23. The year 2019 was not so successful and profitable for lots of people like the 2017 and even partly 2018 were. Nevertheless good steps and movements took their place in the crypto world in 2020 and there are lots of names that are connected with success, successful ideas and positive impact on the development of crypto, blockchain and different products in this sphere. One news resource offers us the list of the most influential people in crypto world, where you can find well-known names like - CZ Binance, Jihan Wu the co-founder of Bitmain, Brian Armstrong the co-founder and CEO of Coinbase, Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum), Kris Marszalek the co-founder and CEO of and so on. The list is long) And may be you will find some new names for yourself) The link for mor details:
  24. I am a citizen of Germany. Like mere all country the German government has also taken a decision about lockdown. I think it's a chance to study about Crypttalk i mean currency. I have taken as a chance, now i want to know how you have taken it.
  25. Хочу обсудить недавнее вирусное видео в TikTok, связанное с криптовалютой DOGE. В нём человек рассказывает, что "вложив 25$ сейчас можно заработать 10640$", правда при учёте что цена на токен будет 1$. Забавно что текущего курса он не указал и не уточнил что для того, чтобы пробить верхние стенки нашего любимый stable-coin придется немало попотеть. Но памп произошёл и довольно сильный, примерно в 1,5 раза, что оказалось на руку держателям DOGE. Всем инвесторам советуют фиксировать прибыль, что впринципе и происходит. Я например слил треть депозита и то, что получил с токена DICE. Думается мне этот парень вложил явно не 25$ и с роста на 50% поднял неплохую сумму. Как вы думаете DOGE дальше пойдёт в рост или всё таки уже большая часть аудитории привлечена? P.S. насколько же всё таки сильнО влияние этого приложения, недаром его запретили в Индии, в данной ситуации, конечно, это сыграло на нас и дало нам шанс зафиксировать прибыль, но также много несведущих людей потеряло свои деньги, просто в большем количестве, чем при обычных торгах
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