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Found 339 results

  1. Привет друзья. Как мы все сегодня видим, несмотря на надежды и вангования многих "аналитиков", Биткоин не стал хеджирующим инструментом для трейдеров классических финансовых рынков и пикирует вместе с остальными криптовалютами фондовыми рынками. У многих реально сдают нервы, в чатах паника и уныние, все очень долго ждали роста, но его всё нету, и ситуация накаляется всё больше. Так давайте же разберёмся что нам всем делать дальше, уходить сейчас или же продолжить ждать чуда и работать на перспективу? А если уходить то куда бы вы посоветовали? Любые конструктивные варианты приветствуются.
  2. Hello my friends How are you doing at work? I want to inquire about something, if we comment on a post on this site and after a while the post has been deleted, does the comment count for you and pay the yobit to you? Please answer and thanks! "If you got useful information from the question, please give me a good reputation."
  3. Предлагаю в этой теме делиться и обсуждать Российские проекты связанные с криптой, будь то ICO платформы или монеты, но исключительно отечественного производителя. Например ZRC - проект собирал деньги на постройку завода по выпуску оксида циркония. И он собрал нужные средства и завод уже был на стадии запуска, когда я продал свой актив. они не позиционировали свой коин как с высокой волатильностью объект для спекуляций и обещали обратный выкуп в х2 от пресэйла. Они своё обещание сдерживают. Проект делали на блокчейне waves.
  4. Dogecoin price are very low since past for today. Most of the miners not mining dogecoin and its going to dog. Dogecoin price can be get high value 2020 or not. This coin name also funny. Anyone knows the partnetship between dogecoin and its name?
  5. Most people are saying bitcoin will go to over $15000 in 2020. This can be happen actually which month of 2020?
  6. Have you ever heard or seen about creating a song either electronic or of any genre about cryptocurrencies?, it can be an interesting phenomenon... it is clear that some industries have tried to interact with Blockchain and some cryptocurrencies are financed by music industries , but I think that a musical theme has not yet been created with respect to this, which should be done as a way to promote an even more positive and enthusiastic campaign or advertising of cryptocurrencies and their environment. Creating a cryptocurrency in which its base is applied in the creation of music that honors Blockchain would be a good innovation.
  7. Everybody wel known about both BTC and GOLD. Both are very expensive and valuble for our life. But im asking all you here that i want to get know your personal opinion if you were asking to choose one of the which one you choose and which one you giveup from Bitcoin And Gold ? 😀😀
  8. BAT Token is good cryptocurrency to hold on. The basic way to earn bat coin is using brave browser. We all know about it as online active searchers. Most countries cant earn free basic attention token (bat) because adds are not available to click. It is hard to earn with referrals because everyone trying to do the same thing every corner of the world promoting their brave referral link. Getting more and more difficult to get referrals. Is still possible to earn free BAT Token with brave?
  9. Какого ваше мнение о том , что становится всё больше крипты которая не децентрализована, а так же абсолютно не анонимная , не погубит ли это рынок ? А так же как скажется всё это на популярности всей криптоиндустрии ?
  10. Normally as usual, google ads chases you through all kinds of means by throwing junk advertising on the topic you are talking about or looking for, so: In this case they index global information (this is where the plots of hyips, benders, scams "icos" or pishing pages). For beginners, this is a bit dazzling, but those who do not know easily fall into these traps. Google does not accurately handle this type with respect to cryptocurrencies so be very careful and selective with this type of advertising, I dare to say that with a single click on a banner of those you can bring viruses or mercenaries to your digital life.
  11. What are the common mistake in investing crypto? Crypto currency is something new to me, and I've enough money to invest in crypto to make a profit, But before starting to invest, I want to know first, are there common mistakes that are often made by beginner traders
  12. The financial evolution with art work has registered important changes in the last 12 years. The issuance of digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum is advancing steadily and threatens to extinguish financial institutions that do not adapt to new measures. Cryptocurrencies represent a serious competitive challenge that may limit the profits that the financial sector enjoys through the operation of international and intercontinental drafts. This technology began to be studied by the main central banks of the world as an alternative security attraction at a more exponential level, somehow marking the beginning of a more evolved future that mainly relies on a volatility to be controlled so that it has its position fixed in globalization of payments.
  13. Many have been misled that making money from trading is easy especially from those who claimed to be guru in trading, yet they are making no cent. All they do is make up trade result and edited balanced on account, including fake withdrawal. Don't be fool again. Trading is actually easy...but making money from it is tough. Just follow me...I will show you some cool secret.
  14. The best approach to that in my experience is to do both, trade and HODL. For example let's say you sold 10 Bitcoins at $10K. You would have $100K. Lets say you waited and bought back at $8000, you would now have 12.5 Bitcoins. At that point I would suggest putting away to HODL 1.5-2.5 Bitcoins. If you put away the whole 2.5 Bitcoins profit, you still have the 10 Bitcoins you started with. Personally I would pay myself and sell 0.5 BTC as there is nothing wrong with it and you need to reward yourself on wins like that. 1 Bitcoin put away to HODL, and 1 Bitcoin added to the tradeable balance which would give me 11 to trade with. You can apply that same strategy with any trading amount and any profit targets as you will constantly put profit away for future price hikes.
  15. Always problems are coming and going this happening like a circle in our life. I'm thinking about BTC wasting all over the world. Bitcoin is very valuable to commercial society for many reasons. What we can do stop bitcoin wasting ... Imagine most of the time our bitcoin wallet remains 0 - 20,000 Satoshi and we cant used them to withdraw because of minimum threshold. For example, let's get 1000,000 accounts which only 1,000 satoshis left their accounts. Total wasting BTC amount is 1000,000*1000= 10 BTC This wasting amount of bitcoin more than those numbers for the whole world. On the other hand thousands of people dying every single minute around the world. What happens to their online wallet. We all know about the security of online wallet and can,t access that account easily and who knows those wallet's strong password, back up keys, 2-factor verification and security question after they died.
  16. is their any institute or college that can grow knowledge about bitcoin? or any other way to get clean knowledge?
  17. The crypto market has extremely low barriers to entry, meaning anyone with an internet connection, a smartphone or a computer and a bit of starting capital can theoretically become a trader. Sadly, most of these beginners learn hard lessons and go broke. Here are 10 common mistakes made by beginning traders that you should avoid at all costs. 1. Starting with real money rather than paper trading There is no reason for a beginning trader to use real money when there are endless resources and platforms for paper trading, including Tradingview. Anyone interested in becoming a professional trader should first develop a system based on a simple set of guidelines for their entries, exits and risk management. This should not be done with actual money. Paper trade until you are ready to lose your mind, then paper trade some more.
  18. I have been thinking of selling a little of my cryptocurrencies to enjoy Christmas, it is well seen by me because thanks to that I can enjoy and have a good time with my family and my closest loved ones. Most people at Christmas, are responsible for selling a small percentage of their digital assets although there are people who sell everything, I think that the fact of selling cryptocurrencies at Christmas is a way to make positive publicity too, selling is not always bad and Christmas less; Christmas is a positive time and having some crypto on your table deserves it totally!
  19. Before doing transaction of any amount in yobit I can actually get chance to claim free coins daily but after doing transaction while claming free coins it said complete the 20 trade to earn the free coin. What is meant by that ? Can anyone explain what is the actual problem which I am facing.
  20. for me : way back 2014 when Doge coin is hot as a pan, and I am mining coin using my home pc, then I decided to add GPU (outside my computer) So I found out about riser, during those times risers are not yet common in my place so I couldn't find on any computer store. Then I found someone selling from our local google groups and I purchase from him using Doge coins.
  21. Предлагаю обсудить проект BitTube. Если кто не знает то в кратце: Монетизируйте ваше время, пока вы находитесь в сети. Расширение в BitTube заменяет рекламу веб-сайтов моделью монетизации AirTime. Это революционный способ использования веб-сайтов без рекламы. Просмотр с включенным расширением позволяет избавиться от рекламы, и вы получаете вознаграждения в зависимости от общего количества времени, проведенного в интернете. Встроенные функции позволяют жертвовать utility-токены TUBE доменам и аккаунтам в социальных сетях. Интегрированный кошелек помогает вам управлять вашими токенами и с легкостью отправлять или получать В настоящий момент проект платит токены без проблем , за день серфинга выходит до 1 токена, в зависимости от времени проведенного в интернете. Так же есть стейкинг монет. Извините, нельзя публиковать реф ссылки. Разместите в подписи. Спасибо. Модер.
  22. YOBIT Exchange has become a very well respected exchange by its users, many bad reviews are on the internet about all exchanges, and most bad reviews are only from poor traders who had no experience and lost money at their own fault, YOBIT gives all users a great chance of winning profit and many times they release nw coins which are like a bonus coin every time they release, the price rockets a lot of the time, which is easy profit, just play safe and play careful, YOBIT is an amazing platform and deserves a lot more credit. 2Fresh
  23. Today is the 1st of January 2020 wishing you all to have a happy new year ... Cryptocurrencies are more popular with the internet. Someone when looking to make money online it cant forget about cryptocurrencies. Both of them are on two sides in this money-making online coin as head and tail. Now get be ready to go to the future with me in your mind. I will ask you to forward about 30 years on the calendar. Ok Now we all are in the year 2050 and just imagine how it can be the situation of the crypto world ... Just for imagine, give your feelings ...
  24. Most of the leading coins are still held by a small group of whales, and have not reached significantly wide adoption, a new report by Clovr shows. The discovery shows whales control the tokens even after accounting for exchange wallets. In the case of Litecoin (LTC), just 189 addresses with high net worth could end up with more than 50% of the coins. LTC is not a proof-of-stake coin, so ownership is not as important, but still the wealth inequality is significant. For Ethereum (ETH), just 322 “whale” wallets contain more than 50% of coins - a serious implication, given ETH will aim to include staking in its future upgrades. The situation is a bit better with Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which is more widely distributed, to more than 1,000 wallets. But some of the BCH wallets may be a legacy from the hard fork, not deliberately chosen. As for Bitcoin (BTC), 4,545 wallets contain more than 50% of coins. This includes exchanges, as well as older “whales” where the coins are not even moving. Rough estimates see about 3 million BTC locked forever for various reasons. When it comes to tokens, the situation is even worse. Even leading assets with a significant wealth distribution program end up with more than 70% of their supply in the hands of leading wallets. The risks of “top-heaviness” is different for each asset, and buying a token or coin is a matter of performing research each time. The highest risk for some tokens is that the founders or developer team may attempt to sell the asset to naive investors. The risk of big exchange wallets is a separate matter, as markets pose a risk for stealing from the hot wallet. For some smaller coins, storing most of the supply on exchanges has led to losses if the exchange decided to close.
  25. Luno is the only blockchain and crypto wallet you’ll ever need. Fast, secure and reliable. If you’re not new to crypto, and you’re after something more advanced such as a BTC exchange, you’ll be glad to know your btc trades can be easily executed through our app too.
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