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Found 16 results

  1. Learn How To Claim Free Boostchain Airdrops Upcoming Airdrops Learn How To Claim Free Boostchain Airdrops? Steps To Claim Free Boostchain Tokens : Sign up on boostchain page. Receive additional 1250 BTSKN with this Referral code : 5e6fa0850f895a2c8d128467 Verify your email by clicking on the confirmation link. (check also your spam folder) You will receive 2500 BTSKN ($10) tokens. Get Additional $5 worth BSTKN for each referral. Resources :
  2. Learn How To Claim Free Oikos Airdrops Resources Oikos's wesbite The website domain registred on 11 January, 2020 Oikos's wesbite Oikos's Community Oikos has over 24461 members on Telegram and 18.8K Followers on Twitter. Oikos's community Oikos's Founders Oikos was created by Kevin Holder Co-Founder & Software Engineer and Albert R. Co-Founder & Mad Scientist. We haven't found a lot of details about them (no linkedin profile), but they own two github repositories as well as having telegram profile. Oikos's Founders Steps To Claim Your Free Oikos Airdrops 1 Go to Oikos Airdrop Page. 2 Join the Telegram channel. Join Telegram 3 Follow Twitter page. Follow Twitter profile 4 Complete your details (email, Telegram username , Twitter username and your TRX adresse) Note : if you have no TRX address just build one from here Create wallet Complete your details Note : Oikos will offer a total of 1,000,000 OKS tokens. The airdrop started on 11 May, 2020 and will end on 18 May,2020.
  3. Learn How To Claim Free Experty Airdrops Upcoming Airdrops Learn How To Claim Free Experty Airdrops? You can follow the post from here : Click here Follow These Steps To Claim Your Free Experty Airdrops : 1 Go to Experty Airdrop Page. 2 Put your email and verify the captcha. Fill your email and pass the captcha 3 Check your inbox and confirm your email. Confirm your email 4 Fill your Ethereum adress. Fill your Ethereum adress 5 Copy text. Copy Text 6 Copy image with the text and post them on a facebook or telegram group related to crypto niche. Copy image and post it in a group 7 Paste the facebook or telegram group in which you post the ads. Paste the link of the group 8 Take a screenshot of your post and upload it. Upload the proof 9 Submit your application. Submit your application 10 You'll get an e-mail confirming your application . Confirmation Note : Experty distributes 50,000 EXY tokens for all airdrop participants. The distrubtion will take place on June 08, 2020. Resources :
  4. Hello everybody ! If you want to earn free MEME, click to this link: meme_airdrop_bot simple tasks: - Join ONE channel on telegram - invite 10 friends 🎁Welcome bonus: 0.010 MEME ($10 USD) You will get 0.00050 MEME per friend ($0.50 USD) The Airdrop end the 7th october, so let's go !!
  5. I see many posts on the chat and Telegram asking for directions in transfering or trading their Yoda coins they recieved so I figured I'd share everything I learned or experienced to maybe help out a few people. Yoda was aquired through a Telegram airdrop and must be transferred to in order to use your newly aquired Yoda. A Telegram msg was supposed to show up on your Telegram airdrop bot signaling a way and it being time to link and transfer your account to Telegram. After linkin youll see your Yoda dissapear from your bot wallet and it has been sent to into your investbox account section located at the middle top of homepage. ( You should of already made a account and had account verified prior to telegram link and yoda send.) If you visit your investbox on yobit you can click MY INVESTMENTS ,and youll see your yoda has been deposited there yielding you a daily 1% that can be withdrawn once a day into your trading account. Anything I have missed up to this point please help with a comment and lets make each other more profitable. Thank you
  6. Upcoming Airdrops Learn How To Claim Free Ecoin Tokens? Steps To Claim Free Ecoin Tokens ? Sign up on Ecoin page. You can use the sign in using your gmail account. You will receive 1125 Ecoin. Get Additional 900 Ecoin for each referral.
  7. Africa is all set to become the new testing ground for cryptocurrency companies as the demand for cryptocurrency-based trading is at all-time high in a few African countries. With inflation rate as high as 70% in some African countries and tight central bank regulations, cryptocurrency is becoming a magnet for Africans and a preferred choice of financial transactions. With growing reach of internet and smart phones in Africa, the future of cryptocurrency seems very bright. These days, such cryptocurrency transactions are done through currency exchanges. Though Crypto-Exchanges are new to African market, these are the list of five Cryptocurrency Exchanges that are currently taking over the African market: 5. NAIRAEX- NAIRAEX is the cryptocurrency exchange from Nigeria which allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin and Perfect Money in Nigerian currency — Naira. It boasts to be one of the best cryptocurrency Exchanges in Nigeria. The fast and secure transaction of NAIRAEX can take as much as 4 to 12 hours to complete a transaction. It also has a referral program which provides commission on the trades done by referrals. With all its nice and hassle-free features, the operations are still limited to Nigeria 4. BITPESA — BITPESA is a currency exchange platform which is headquartered in Nairobi, Africa. It was founded in 2013 by Elizabeth Rossiello. The company also has its offices in Lagos, Luxembourg, Dakar, Madrid and London. It also boats of offices in countries such as Nigeria, Uganda, Senegal, Ghana and Congo. BITPESA uses a platform known as PESI which can be used for selling, buying and making exchanges of cryptocurrencies. 3. LOCALBITCOINS — LOCALBITCOINS is company in Finland, which came into market in 2012. The bitcoin exchange is available in every African country for buying, selling and exchanging bitcoins. It follows a somewhat different methodology by not using an exchange platform, but by enabling traders to directly interact with each other (peer-to-peer). Traders can post advertisement for their upcoming transactions 2. COINDIRECT — COINDIRECT is a cryptocurrency exchange which can be used in 131 countries to buy bitcoin with majority of the African countries in its operations including Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. It allows buying, selling and exchange of around 35 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin on its platform. COINDIRECT has earned a respectable name in the market for its fast and reliable service. 1. EXCOINCIAL — EXCOINCIAL Exchange is a cryptocurrency and fiat currency Exchange platform which is going to be the next big thing in the Global and African cryptocurrency market. Designed and crafted by a team of expert developers and thought leaders from all over the world, it is no doubt one of the best and secure platform to make cryptocurrency exchanges. EXCOINCIAL is trying to solve several issues in crypto currency exchange market and provide a great experience to the investors. This platform provides Multi-signature Cold Wallet and Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for assets and wallets protection. One can make a transaction sitting from any corner of the world by just registering on the platform, including all African countries. The sign up is followed by an ultra-simple KYC procedure which asks the traders to upload two documents of their choice for identity verification. This saves the investor from unnecessary pain of sharing too many details. After completion of the authentication procedure which takes a few minutes, the users are all set to trade on the same day. Moreover, there are no hidden charges in trading with EXCOINCIAL and it allows a minimal transaction charge for each trading action. Potential users can go to the link to register and basically set up their accounts in few minutes. The trading platform intends to provide multi-choice and flexibility to transact in more than eighty Fiat Currencies and Cryptocurrencies trading pairs with other host of choices and options such as margin trading in which users can trade even when they have scarcity of funds. This feature saves investors from missing on potential opportunities. Moreover, EXCOINCIAL has its own Application Programming Interface (API). This provides unique flexibility to the users as well as the developers by reducing its dependability on any third party. In addition, EXCOINCIAL provides a plethora of options for payments. EXCOINCIAL also boats of Elastic Multi Stage wallet strategy which can protect its funds in an event of unwanted cyber-attacks, scams and fraudulent activities. About the Author: Don Chancellor is the Founder of AFRICUNIA BANK and is easily reachable on Telegram via this link: or on Medium
  8. First, a little about the project: MINA Blockchain is the world's lightest member-driven blockchain. By design, the entire Mina blockchain is, and will always be, about 22KB in size - the size of a couple of tweets. This way, anyone with a smartphone can sync and check the network in seconds. The project has already won a large audience around the world and launched its test network, and such giants as Coinbase and several other crypto funds entered the project, providing investments of about $ 20 million And to expand the community, tasks were launched, where, firstly: You need to log in to the telegram bot: MinaCommunityBot and recruit 10 people to receive 1000 MINA and fill out the form: link Also, one of the tasks is to repost this entry on Twitter: link and also fill out the form: link You can find yourself on the community leaderboard link. Please note that points are updated manually. You can also familiarize yourself with the full list of tasks at the link: here And in conclusion, the project is very promising and has a very strong team and serious investors behind its back, therefore, upon completion of tasks, I do not advise selling coins, very big Xs are expected.
  9. QUBCOINS - КОНЦЕПЦИЯ Любой проект с помощью платформы QUBCOINS может получить свою пару на Uniswap / BALANCER и других DEX. С помощью Farming контрактов вы сможете получить первичную ликвидность и первое комьюнити для вашего проекта . Заполните форму тут (открывать форму request) для добавления проекта на платформу. Простые условия размещения: - Минимум 2 farming пула QUB/ETH и PROJECT-TOKEN/ETH ( % APY и длительность проект выбирает сам ) - 10% в ТОКЕНах проекта направляются в VAULT ( фонд для держателей QUB и nQUB для квартального распределения ) Для проектов вне экосистемы ETHEREUM: - Применяется контракт обертывания ( Wrap contract ) + Custody Provider - Выбор Custody Provider - ссылка - CoinBase Custody - BitGo - XAPO Платформа QUBCOINS выпускает обернутую версию токена для вашего проекта - это ERC 20 TOKEN нативный стандарт для сети ETHEREUM . С приставкой W к имени вашего токена - WProjectTOKEN. При необходимости можно использовать услуги Custody Provider - для блокирования и хранения части ТОКЕНОВ вашего проекта - что существенно поднимает доверие у аудитории. Далее проект может использовать ERC 20 версию своего ТОКЕНа самостоятельно - либо на платформе QUBCOINS по стандартным правилам платформы - отдавая 10% токенов в VAULT Для NFT TOKENs - обертывание и торговля на DEX - Применяется контракт обертывания ( Wrap contract ) + Custody Provider - Выбор Custody Provider - Создание пар ликвидности - Farming contract на платформе QUBCOINS ДОХОД ( Earn ) Платформа QUBCOINS позволит своим пользователям и держателям токена QUB зарабатывать пассивно или активно используя DeFi инструменты. Пассивный вариант: Среди держателей токенов QUB и nQUB будет распределяться доход от платформы в виде токена QUB который будет выкупаться с рынка, соотношение наград для держателей токенов : - 70% среди держателей nQUB ( привилегированные токены ) - 30% среди держателей QUB ( стандартные токены ) Активный вариант: Пользователи смогут отправить QUB в раздел Yearn, далее платформа распределяет средства в утвержденных на голосовании DeFi решениях с максимальным APY до 20% - Compound - Yearn Finance - Curve жми на ссылку телеграмм бота в телеге получи 50 QUB Edited 5 minutes ago by XAH30
  10. CRYPTOCHAIN : DECENTRALIZED INVESTMENT PLATFORM Token Address: WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER | TELEGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | GITHUB EXCHANGES: Saturn Network Bamboorelay Entering in big exchanges is not that easy, we all know. This is why we decided to be open towards donations. But we want also to reward who is willing to help us! GO HERE FOR MORE INFO We are proud to announce the release of CryptoChain, the first fair cryptocurrency that won't be affected by Fear, Uncertainty or Doubt! Are you tired to see your investment in cryptocurrencies getting lower and lower because of CRC? CryptoChain is the solution. With its bind to the major cryptocurrencies detractors, CryptoChain has no enemies on the banking side: no banker, investor, broker is going to spread CRC about CryptoChain, ever. CryptoChain: the revolution in the revolution. Thanks to bankers, brokers and investors spreading CRC about cryptocurrencies, we have a guarantee that CryptoChain will be the only one rising in value. ABOUT THE COIN CryptoChain Ethernet side chain settlement relay network We will promote the landing of ethereum DAPP as an important infrastructure,Global Shared order pool, covering exchange exchange, leverage, all kinds of defi business, and all kinds of data matching business. TOKEN DETAIL: Name: CryptoChain Symbol: CRC Decimals: 18 Type: erc20 (ETH) Contract: 0x223b6e268eea352572c3d081039daf00c822a4c5 DO NOT USE ANY EXCHANGE WALLET! ABOUT THE AIRDROPS There will be a total supply of 50.000.000 CRC (one hundred millions). 40% will be distributed through airdrops, Selfdrop and marketing programs, 2% will remain to devs for development. Doing the math, there will be a total of 20.000.000 for the community. We will decide before every airdrop the amount that will be released, and it will be fairly distributed to the participants. CALENDAR - First airdrop: New Moon on 18.02.2020 - Second airdrop: New Moon on 18.03.2020 APPLY HERE AIRDROP REQUIREMENTS (3RD WAVE) Please compile the form with care, entering your ETH address correctly. Also note that your address starts with a "0x....". Do not fill it with your private key! It will go on the public list! .
  11. Topic translated from my topic in the Russian-language forum thread I think that this wallet does not need advertising, only the lazy one does not know about it. In the topic, we will talk about the FREE AWC wallet tokens. I am sure many users already did not know about this wallet news. It’s very easy to get at least 15 AWC, which at the time of publication of the topic is almost $ 10! Spend a couple of minutes on this. Passing by is simply impossible How to get tokens? 1. Download the Atomic Wallet wallet and install it (the link will already insert the promo code "1A0WC1", which additionally gives you 5 AWC. Do you want 15 AWC, but only 10 AWC? No question, delete the promo code and get 10 AWC); 2. After installing the wallet and saving the seed wallet, open the tab "Settings - Airdrop". Enter your e-mail and promo code "1A0WC1", if suddenly it is not automatically registered there. Click on "Sign-up" and check your mail. That's it, we are waiting until the 15th of the next month tokens in your wallet. Yesterday I sold 100 tokens only at the exchange rate of $ 50 and have already withdrawn to the card. Why as many as 100 AWC? When the wallet first appeared, he conducted an airdrop of 100 tokens and the course was ridiculous. I was waiting for a better course and thought yesterday that I had waited, but was a little mistaken, today the rate is 10 dollars higher)) Well, nothing, all the same for free! IMPORTANT! To receive rewards, you and your referrals must be active users of the Atomic wallet - have the balance of any popular asset (from the top200 CoinMarketCap) in the wallet by at least 10 US dollars equivalent. A problem that is not a problem at all. If you are a true cryptocurrency fan, then you definitely have a crypto worth even more than $ 10. Just transfer it to your Atomic Wallet and that's it. They remain yours, they just changed their location. You should not transfer funds from Atomic wallet until a snapshot of the network is taken to check the availability of funds in your wallet. The network snapshot takes place on the first day of each month at 12:00 UTC. Dates for the next snapshot: From July 1 at 12:00 UTC to July 2 at 12:00 UTC, From August 1, 12.00 UTC to August 2, 12.00 UTC. Referral restrictions: There are currently no restrictions on the number of referrals. However, the wallet team checks all referrals manually. If there are any suspicious actions, you will not receive a reward. Keep this in mind, cheaters, abusers and other tricks Rewards are paid until the 15th of the following month (if you participate in June, tokens will be received until July 15) In order to receive 5 tokens from the person who entered your promo code, you must also have at least 10 US dollars equivalent in your wallet balance Airdrop is great. You can make good money All profit! Useful links: Profit up to 9% per annum in BTC, 6% in USDT Binance Lifetime 10% Cashback The search engine pays with cryptocurrency for each request 1BitokSqrnWGQ5GFFBd255dyNsU1eine8
  12. Upcoming Airdrops Learn How To Claim Free Aeron and CryptoBonusMiles Tokens? Steps To Claim Free ARN and CBM Tokens?ARN and CBM Tokens Click to complete tasks: Airdrops Giveaway Download CryptoBonusMiles Airlines Loyalty Multi-wallet Application. Follow Aeron on Twitter. Follow the Instagram page. Follow the Reddit page. Retweet Aeron's tweet. Join the Telegram channel. Join the Medium page. Get up to 18 entries when you complete all tasks. Get an additional 3 entries for each referral. Resources
  13. moneycash

    MCASH airdrop

    Money Cash is a digital currency based on the erc20 token that everyone can have for free, in the future you can use our MCASH wallet application to make payments easily We are developing projects in the near future, you can only get the latest information from our channel here, we will announce if we are really ready to launch our great project 💲MoneyCash💲 Name: MoneyCash Symbol: MCASH Decimal: 18 Total Supply: 100 million MCASH Target Price: $ 0.05 You can start getting free MCASH from now on by following the method here: 👉 Send 0 ETH to this contract address 0xbc985271bf362be90346d0cd7d553eb81a689051 👉 Gas limit 120000 👉 You will get free MCASH 👉 Each wallet address can only claim 1 time 💎MCASH distribution💎 – 0xbc985271bf362be90346d0cd7d553eb81a689051 70% free distribution for all ethereum wallet users – 0x267C029763b1BB8625D5D13B13314fC5aCC7f07C 10% TOP 50 MCASH holders – 0xe32f154E69aBb16d638bcb2c55D9099D87efEf03 10% Distribution to each trading site and MCASH trade promotion – 0x4840C55DcaE4388cCd03E5A66f6223b8f4639f42 1% Airdrops and other campaigns – 0x7E83a44769D9BA16f5780bA7E59fF026c0868cF0 5% Development – 0x940de3312a045354343d80b450ae9d82933f2d20 4% The MoneyCash Team Telegram : Tutorial to claim MCASH with Myetherwallet
  14. 🚨 💵 Airdrop EXTStock Exchange 💵 🚨 🏆 THIS EXCHANGE PAYS ALL ITS AIRDROPS 🏆 🎁 REGISTRATION 100 EX = 2.5 $ 🎁 REFERRED 100 EX = 2.5 $ 🔷 Register: 🔷 Complete the KYC (Identification Card + Paper with your email, today's date and "for ExtStock KYC". 💰 After Verification Received 100 EX which you can trade
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