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  1. Almost all coins are aiming to be the bitcoin killer, they want to achieve what bitcoin achieve in terms of price, marketcap and its big community of users. Even tokens under ETH tokens are aspiring to beat Bitcoin ๐Ÿ˜„
  2. I probably stop when i reach my goal in life and reach my target profit in this market, For now im still halfway in reaching my goal and i still need 2 more bull runs before i reach that ๐Ÿ˜„
  3. You can always do both short term and long term, its actually doesn't matter since the result are almost the same. The only difference is for short term you profit in just a few days if all went well while hodling will guaranteed a profit when you sell at the right time.
  4. Yes doges offers the lowest possible fees in moving cryptocurrency. But keep in mind buying with 1 sat price spread between buy and sell is already a big amount and if you decided to move your bitcoin using doge and then prepare to lose atleast 3-5% of the value of your bitcoin.
  5. Coinbase are most commonly use by newbies or novice in the crypto industry since you can buy and sell bitcoin instantly using coin base, While trustwallet and is good if you have other coins to hold incase its not available in coinbase.
  6. It depends, and coinbase have their own support personnel that can help you in case your experience problem with your account But if you are running your own bitcoin core wallet then you can post an issues on their github page and developers can help you with your inquiries.
  7. Like what? Many ways in what ways? Moving money beyond borders is one of the advantages of using bitcoin, borderless payments where even a person from N. Korea and Iran who are block by IMF can still move their money safely without being frozen thru the use of bitcoin.
  8. Having a strong password alone is not enough to make your account secured, You need enable your 2FA authy as an additional security to ensure only you have an access on your account. - Just don't lose your phone ๐Ÿ˜„
  9. Dont ever try to mine litecoins, instead of buying asic scrypt miners, Buy GPU Cards and mine ETHash or Ethereum or Ethclassic,. This is much more decentralized and you can always sell the GPU in case you dont want to mine anymore
  10. Yes you can invest in bitcoin by buying it directly or you can invest some time and effort to earn them. There are far too many ways to get some bitcoins and you only need 3 things - Money, Time and Effort.
  11. What if the paid to post feature suddenly stops, what will you do? Will you still support the forum without getting paid? All the earnings on these forum should be saved for the next bull run. Spending it today is worthless.
  12. You cannot earn bitcoin by simply having them, you need to work for it and it takes some great deal of effort before you can earn bitcoin, So don't confuse yourself that by holding bitcoin alone will earn you some bitcoin.
  13. Yes its no risk but still if people started selling their iB coins and there's no enough buy support then the coins will go to zero and you will lose your money. So getting in first gives you the edge to profit on the first few days.
  14. Here comes another dump from last night, Whales will never stop manipulating the market for their own gain, The only thing we could do is collect more coins and keep holding until the halving.
  15. This forum is not for you to farm 30k satoshis for your family, You will just teach your family members how to spam the forum with non-sense just to earn everyday. That's now how it works
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