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  1. LOL, Cryptocurrency is a digital cash or internet money, its not the same as gold or silver. Also using shell as money 😄 where were you? in 1100th AD 😄
  2. Yes, Although XRP is being planned or being coded way back 2004 but they only launch years after bitcoin since they really not prepared if the people will accept their project during that tim.
  3. There's no way that a sender can contact you since your name are not attach to your address, So once your receive such transaction then just spend it like your own.
  4. Well if you don't invest your money then there's no way you can make good money in this world. And the time you step up in this game you should be prepare to lose your money in case trade goes sideways.
  5. Its always and good and offers euphoria whenever bitcoin is pumping its price, we are lucky now since bitcoin is steady in its current price and we can expect it to reach all time high after the halving.
  6. First you should learn how to properly express yourself on your post., If you cannot type English well then use google translate and make sure your post have meanings and taught otherwise its consider spamming
  7. Its only fan if you are making money from this industry and its not always a happy days in crypto there are times we are losing some money due to bitcoin dump or simply from our trading mistakes
  8. Yes there are no safest place than running you own offline wallet, The only concerns in using hardware wallet is if you bought it on a 3rdparty provider that can tamper its security that might cause lose of your own coins as soon as you made a transactions.
  9. No matter how old are you in trading it doesn't matter, It all depends on your goal and your target profit. If you are not hurrying to make money long term hodling is the best way to achieve greater profits in this industry.
  10. So what gonna happen if this forum decided to stop paying its users? No more daily wages 😄 So you are only in crypto industry because your are earnings from this forum?
  11. Why would you send your bitcoins to a fake exchange just to test them out? If you are not sure about a certain exchange platform then its better not join or let alone deposit your bitcoins,
  12. Yes always and everyday. Whales controls the market. they are the market makers and movers in this industry. They can decide if they want to dump bitcoin so they can buy at a lower price. or they can pump bitcoin so they can sell at higher price.
  13. You should have grab the opportunity to mined bitcoin during those times 😄 i wish i have the same experience like yours and if i am in you shoes i probably setup my PC for mining.
  14. Yes no need to compare both coins since both of them are offering something unique to their community and they can co-exist without bashing each other on who are the best crypto.
  15. Not really, Doge are just a clone of Scrypt or LTC coin. Its only become some big since it was the first meme coin with billions of supplies in the market.
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