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  1. I agree with you my friend, there is no doubt 2021 will be the cryptocurrency year, and i think all over the world people will only use BTC or any other crypto coin, but also let's not forget that some poor country cannot profit from this new technologie.
  2. Satoshi Nakamoto is not a single person, is a team of developers, in my opinion the are 15 people in this great project, because from all the complication in the block-chain, it's to hard for one developer to do it. For the answer of your question, i think we will see only some old videos and pictures of this team, but after cable of years.
  3. The secret from any kind of education is to avoid being ignorant, because if you are going to school and learning 24/7 just to get a job, you will find your self like a robot you know just what it make you understand your job, so you will still an ignorant. We all need to know that the significance of studying is to see light in the darkness.
  4. For me my friend the waves coin was my best token for the year of 2020, because i made more than 500% profits, and to be honest i didn't expected, now i'm holding Xrp for the spark airdrop, and i'm already in 200% profits and will see when the fork is coming, maybe Ripple will be my best holding token ever.
  5. For me my friend i was spammed four times from 2008 until now, and three of it was in PTC website, i invest money to get 3% daily and 1000 views to my promoted links, but all this project don't stay for long time so they close after about one year, the last scam was with a coin in bittrex exchange.
  6. Listen my friend just believe in Yobit, there will be no dead coi, don't you see this days some of very old coin start to make some move, also don't forget Yopony will come back in anytime and maybe Dlrs can be one of the coin to be pumped for 5 BTC or more.
  7. Thank you a lot my friend for all this great advice, we all need to be careful in choosing the coin, and before investing on it we must first believe in the project behind it and the team that operate it.
  8. I got you my friend, but believe me you can earn a big amount of new and clean informations and knowledge, very user here try to do he's best to make the posts in forum more and more useful, the one must just search what he want from crypto and he can find it in one of a lot of topics here.
  9. Sorry my friend, but i don't like to stay stuck with my phone because it will damage my eyes, so for me, i prefer a laptop, because of the screen and the keyboard these 2 things are the most practical tools to work in this wonderful forum.
  10. The only risk you are facing here my friend is to get kicked out of this great forum and to reduce the chance of getting banned, you must follow the rules and never break it, and as long as you are doing this, you are safe.
  11. bobjoemega


    Yes my friend there is no doubts, debts will only destroy your life, i never hear about some one who was able to pay his debt, so i'm also asking people to avoid this option, and try to find a way that is more safe like the work with this great forum, and some legit airdrop and faucets can help a lot.
  12. I'm 100% agree with you my friend, unfortunately, some users are giving a lot of random bad reaction to any user that they don't like the name he uses or the profile picture he's putting in the forum, I believe on the team of Cryptotalk and I'm sure there will be some action in the near future.
  13. Thank you my friend for the explanation, i'm collecting this coin from about 3 months now and i'm not planing to sell before 2022, i believe in holding coin, no matter what the market is doing, i will only watch it and collect as much as i can.
  14. Hi Mr Desais please go cheek this topic i think it's a high level of cheater in it a lot of users replaying and showing other users how to cheat in the platform and how to make multiple account without getting banned, this is the topic :
  15. I'm totally agree with you my friend, but not only in google we can find knowledge, but you can also use this great forum to get some good information about all kind of cryptocurrency and the ways and skills to use so you can understand it.
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