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  1. Maybe i'm not with you in this one because for me i think mining is the best, safe and easy way to get rich in the crypto world, and this because with mining even if anything goes wrong you can sell the tools but if you are investing in exchange and this one get hacked like some big echange ( Cryptopia ) you will lose all your money for sure. so think again and go buy solar panel and star mining, sell 70 % and hold the rest, after one year you will see some good result.
  2. I'm sure that all of you are agree with me when i say that our YOBIT exchange is the best of all other platform because the admins in it, always think about the users and how they can help us even if we make loses, for me i always get healthed from any mistake in trading by getting some airdrop that yobit give us from time to another, so my friends anyone have a story like mine feel free to share it with us and tell us how did you cover your losses with the help of the bounty you get from this great exchange.
  3. yeah brother very good question for me i prefer to use yobit us a storage of all my coin because from time to another there are some bounty and extra coin that this great exchange distributed to all users that are holding BTC or YOcoin, so maybe it's good for you too to use this plan and make some extra money.
  4. YOBIT is the best exchange ever, thank you a lot for all what you are doing for us my code is : ros46jaagj
  5. Yes my friend your reply is the best answer for all questions and doubts, this forum don't need more language because it will cost a lot and also there will be a lot of spammers, in my opinion Cryptotalk need more section and freedom in posting, because sometimes the admin delete some of my topic because i'm giving an opinion about exchange or coins.
  6. thank you a lot my friend i will work with your advice and i will never visite this exchange, yeah good job sister, it's sad that we can't find users like you you are very honest, thank you again.
  7. Why i will trust anybody, and give him access to my wallet, this is absurd, i will never give permission to any one even if he is a developer of a cryptocoin, because you will lose your funds, in my opinion only scammers ask you that kind of things.
  8. Yeah brother paper fiat is more safe, that's for sure, but if we talk about profits, i think there is no doubts that crypto is the best way to get double your money, sometimes it can go to 1000% or more like what it append with XRP, and other coins, so you can keep your balance stable at your bedroom armoire or you can double it in exchanges, it's for you to choose.
  9. Please can anyone help me to take this doubts out of my head, because after the ban of the biggest Chines companies from all google services, i start to thinking that it can happen with BTC, if the USA decide to ban CryptoCurrency for real, and start to push all American society to do the same, USA is very dangerous to deal with it, So any suggestion my friends?
  10. Good question brother, for me it's not my first or second income, it's just a hobby, and i'm kind of addicted person to all new technology, it's always good to know what's going on in the world, but Cryptocurrency is not yet trusted to be a fixed work and considerate like a first income for your life, because it's very dangerous to believe in a coin and you lose all your investment by a 51% attack or something like that.
  11. In my opinion there will be no bull running so i think the price will be around 9000$ and 6500$, but from my experience in this world, i can only tell you that we never know, and the prediction of the market still a mystery that all trader try to find a solution for it.
  12. Yeah my friend, for sure it change my whole life, especially with mining, i have install a rig in my bed room, also in the garage i build a steam engine to mine with free energy, in past i was watching YouTube videos all the time, but now i cannot even remember when the last time i watch a video, because i'm 24/7 in trading even if i'm in work i use phone application to stay tuned with the last news and prices of crypto.
  13. Congratulations my friend, for me i didn't get the airdrop, because i was late, and what are you asking, is a little bit worried, i think i'm not the only one who get doubts about this, is like you are making a pump team for the YO coin or something like that, can you be more clear, i'm not suspecting you and i'm with the point that we need to do something, to thank yobit for all what we have getting us a profits from it, but not with buying coin, maybe referral program is the best, invite all your friends and family, to join this good exchange, that's the best choice to take.
  14. First of all thank you a lot for the hard work you do to read and search in the whole forum, even if i'm thinking that is impossible to do that, but it's not our story here, Yeah my friend, i'm agree with the conclusion you find, and in my opinion i think the moderator need to limit the number of replays, and say to the users who only respond to post of others, without making their own one : " let it go dog it's over ", the replays bring no more new information, it only give money for nothing.
  15. Thank you a lot brother for this good topic, you inspire me and make me think again about what i'm doing here? yeah in the beginning i was making my own post than i started following other users post, and replay for them, and thats cause me a lot of loses because of the deleted publications, and also my mind get blocked when i see that i need to rewrite 45 post, so i can get paid again.
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