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  1. Of course yobit is the best exchange than bittrex. I use yobit exchange for the payment of this forum. I have felt the usefulness of the yobit platform. We can transfer and exchange our money very easily and safely in this wallet. I think yobit is the best exchange platform in the crypto world and I recommend everyone to use the yobit.
  2. I also used the brave browser. Brave browser is very useful for browsing any website. I also heard that we can earn crypto currencies from browsing this browser but I haven't earned anything from this browser. This browser is very helpful for browsing any crypto websites.
  3. Yeah you're absolutely right that we shouldn't be feared for the investment. You should work smartly in the trade and we should be positive in our work. We should be confident in ourselves also. We should have the determination to do better in the trade. Thanks for your inspiration.
  4. Yeah I agree in your words that we should always try to make useful and helpful posts so that people can gain knowledge from our posts. We should try to make new and latest topics about the crypto world so we have to increase and do more research about the crypto currency and crypto trading.
  5. Yeah you're absolutely right and I totally agree with you mate. I also think that crypto business is the best business in the online. We can earn a huge amount of money from the crypto trade. There are many jobs in the online but we can get rich easily from the crypto trading. I also recommend people to work in the crypto trade so that they can earn more money.
  6. Thank you so much for this post with the valuable information. I want to start bitcoin trade with the bitcoin wallet. So this post is very useful and helpful for me for setting up my bitcoin wallet. This post has helped me a lot. I was worried for seeing up my bitcoin wallet but this post has reduced my worry.
  7. You've written a very useful and helpful information in this post. Yeah we should follow these steps for choosing a good wallet. This post is very useful and helpful for the beginners. This post has increased my knowledge about the crypto wallets and I try to follow these steps. Thank you for this amazing post.
  8. Yeah cryptotalk app is very necessary for everyone and thank you so much for your valuable concern. If we have a cryptotalk app, we can work in this forum very easily and comfortably. We will complete our task very quickly and properly with this app. I am eagerly waiting for this app.
  9. Bitcoin and ethereum both are the crypto currencies. Bitcoin is the first currency in the crypto world and it's called the king of all of the crypto currencies. On the other hand ethereum is called the queen of the crypto currencies. Both are very good and useful for the trade. I think bitcoin is better than ethereum so I want to suggest you to start your trade with the bitcoin.
  10. Frist of all you should gain much knowledge about the crypto currency and crypto trading then you should take suggestions from the experts about the trade. After that you should buy coins when the coins price is decreased and you should keep hold these coins until the price is increased that you can sell them in a high price.
  11. Yeah I totally agree with you that is one of the best exchanger site because it is very useful and secure exchange site for the crypto currencies. We can transfer and exchange our money easily and safely with yobit. Yeah we should be very careful about the scam but I think yobit is free from the scammers. I like the yobit exchange.
  12. Of course crypto can replace other currencies because crypto currency is developing rapidly and most of the countries have accepted crypto currency for their economy. Moreover most of the people have started using crypto currencies instead of using the physical currencies. I think crypto currency will replace all of the currencies of the world in future.
  13. Yeah that's a really good idea but I see that there is a solution of this problem in this forum. If we reply in a topic, the logo gets dark in the left side of this topic and if we don't reply in a topic, the logo remain white in the left side of this topic. We should look into the conversation logo beside the topic.
  14. Yeah I also think that yobit have many traders for this forum. We can get payment in yobit by working in this forum so I think that the workers of this forum are also using yobit for their payment and that's why yobit users are increasing. Yeah yobit should have the refferal system so that they can increase more users.
  15. Yeah you're absolutely right and I totally agree with you that we should keep patience and learn more about the crypto trade. Yeah there are many scam platforms and they don't increase our knowledge properly. We can increase our knowledge by watching videos in YouTube and reading posts in the forums.
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