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Found 20 results

  1. Recently I have been seeing posts mentioning about DeFi (decentralized finance) and the term is new to me. So I got curious and searched this forum for the question "what is DeFi" and I got 1 result from a post here by @Listing.Help . However, sadly I am not satisfied with the information on the article linked in the post. So I will provide a set of related questions here for you guys to answer. Here they are: What is DeFi? (a more detailed explanation) (SOLVED) When was DeFi created? (SOLVED) What is its purpose? (SOLVED) How widespread is its use among Bitcoin and the other coins? (SOLVED) Do we really have an urgent need for it? Why? (Open-ended question) Will it greatly affect the current low-end users of crypto? How? (Open-ended question) You guys don't have to answer all of them, although I'd like to see them all resolved. Also, I will raise a few more questions as we go on. Too technical answers might fly over my head 😓 , so answers in layman (easy) terms will be greatly appreciated. If you can offer a better answer than the previous replies as well, then feel free to do so. Thank you for your replies. UPDATE: The top answers so far are in this link.
  2. Name called: Bram Cohen's is an America computer programmer who created Bit Torrent and also the owner of Chia Network company. This facility show in reality on how the technical technology of Chia Network in some reality there are alot of company planing a digital exchange in national Stock exchange in facilities in public trading company's. Question Who is Bram Cohen's? Needed Full Explanation.
  3. Hello dear friends. Do you know who or what controls the price of Bitcoin? On what basis does it go up or down? Share your opinions!
  4. Why are you on Cryptotalk? For investing or earning ? Many of us work on this forum for our own purposes! That is why I liked creating this topic in order for us to share goals or plans with each other! Maybe one of us has a good plan that will make us earn more! So I'm going to ask this question! Why are you working on the Cryptotalk forum? Is it the best right now? Are you investing and storing Talk coin? Or are you only interested in collecting money! Are there other ways to profit? For me I am making an investment here and thinking long term! I want to store the BTC and Talk that you get from here
  5. My question here here is Why is it bad news for hard drivers? Here are some steps on how to farm chia hard drive mining watch out! STEP BY STEP There are alot of step's in hard drive Mining operation. For what I noticed the Chia Mining farm and blockchain storage is for system not for Android you know farming decentralized application technologies are similar wallet's.
  6. Good DAY. I get to know about bitcoin since 2015 through ads, I started looking for more information about this bitcoin I use YouTube and I use Googol to search how to trade and benefit from bitcoin. Min while I discover something about bitcoin which is Bitcoin is the best known cryptocurrency platform around the world and also bitcoin was created in January 2009 by this person you see in this picture up 👆 👆 their his name is Satoshi Nakamoto. Please try to tell us briefly on 1. How you get to know about bitcoin. 2. And Explain what you know about bitcoin. 3. Or any good means about this name Satoshi Nakamoto. Thanks for understanding.
  7. My question here is how can cryptotalk survive without future planning There are many ways of surviving in cryptotalk but you need to be patient and follow the rules properly in other to survive because without future planning no one will survive instead of losing you have to plan for your future especially for you beginners.
  8. Can I apply on bitcoin loan? Because what I understand on bitcoin is Bitcoin is such a very well liquid asset at hand are institutions that will withstand it as guarantee for a advance and hand you currency in as slight as 24 hours per day.
  9. How do you complete deals? I think it's really important to know how members here do their deals ! Are you depending on your self ? By analysing the market and the coin you want to buy ?( Or do you trust in someone professional in this crypto world and he gives you the right signals for your deals ? "Signals " For me I prefer to analyze the coin by myself but when it's come to Bitcoin I prefer to depend on someone professional in this field Please vote and make a comment about how you make your deals as a trader !
  10. Suppose you have a large amount of bitcoin, would you hold it in one wallet or should you divide it to multiple wallets? What is wise to do if you don't want any attraction? With big companies buying now large amount of bitcoins how are they doing this?
  11. Yesterday (as of this writing), I posted a comment asking why cryptocurrency prices are so easily influenced by celebrities. The news was about Elon Musk and his Twitter account. You think only Bitcoin can be affected by such tweets? Not to be outdone, the same thing can happen to altcoins too. This same Elon Musk caused DOGE prices to rise after his few tweets about the coin. This topic is not just about Elon Musk, this is about every celebrity who can move crypto markets with just a simple message on social media. Nor is this about BTC and DOGE alone. The above is just an example. There are a lot of news over the years where famous celebrities posting on social media cause crypto prices to rise or fall depending on the person and his comment. This forum alone is chock full of those topics, there are lots more on other forums. You'd think that crypto users would have become fed up with this pattern by now, but they don't. Paypal finally including crypto in their transactions, that's really big news. Release of ETH 2.0? That's also big news. The new US Treasury secretary "threatening" to "curtail" the use of crypto? Maybe, if the US government gets serious. Those kind of news alters the way cryptocurrencies are used, and it wouldn't be a surprise if crypto prices rise or fall as a result. But celebrities giving simple and vague comments? It would be an entirely different story if they themselves bought crypto and transform themselves into whales, but did they? After a quick search, I picked up on a couple of articles trying to explain how celebrities and social media influence crypto prices. I will discuss more about these articles in another post. For now, a particular line in one of those articles caught my interest. It says: Not all crypto users have a Twitter account, for one thing. I myself don't have one. So not all crypto users will be able to reply to a tweet by a famous celebrity. But that doesn't mean that they are not influenced by it. So if for example Warren Buffet pulled another publicity stunt on Twitter all the while denouncing Bitcoin as a "worthless piece of s***", Bitcoin prices might plunge. Not because of the negative replies to that tweet, but because crypto users read the news somewhere else, and now they got scared of others selling off before them, they went with the flow, and BOOM! we got ourselves a short FOMO period. All because of one person's tweet. But really now, are the majority of crypto users a huge bunch of "sheep"? Can't we think of these celebrities as less of deities *cough*, and more of a regular person, like you and me? I get that celebrities are necessary to promote cryptocurrencies to more audiences, but should the potential of cryptocurrencies to change the future be good enough already? Let us see what you think in the comments below.
  12. Will the fall of the Turkish currency raise the price of Bitcoin? After the drop of the lira, the Turks are seeking to explore Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies Turkey seeks to discover, especially after the witnesses of the Turkish lira currency TRY, a clear decline in the midst of tremendous economic uncertainty and the availability of many opposing views towards solutions. As citizens of Turkey turned to Google at this time in order to explore Bitcoin and other crypto assets. It is worth noting that interest in cryptocurrencies has increased at a time when the Turkish lira witnessed a decline of 14%, specifically after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan dismissed the governor of the Central Bank of Turkey, called Nasi Aghbal, on the previous Saturday, corresponding to March 20, 2021. Will the Turks now invest in the moment to buy bitcoin? Will we witness a big increase in the Bitcoin price? Express it with a comment!
  13. DLRS going to die or to recover again? We all know DLRS is in its worst days since its inception! So that many people have become suspicious of this currency despite having a very profitable advantage (Yobit investbox plan 10% profit per day) so I want to present my analysis of this currency and hear from you your thoughts about it! For me, I see a great chance of getting DLRS back in price as long as there is 3.62 BTC on the price of 13 satoshi! This is a very large amount so it is a pivot point in the life of the coin! If breached, the coin is bound to die In the event that it is not breached and the currency’s price remains constant at 14-15-16 for several days, we will witness in the coming days a significant rise in the price of a currency.... َQuestion: What do you think and your analysis about this currency? Share your opinion and experience with us! And vote too
  14. (I tried scouring the four corners of this forum for this specific question on the topic title, to no avail. Not even the keywords "bitcoin lifestyle" brought back results.) I just saw this website where a certain country's leader is actually endorsing crypto, and a certain platform on top of it. (click on the spoiler for a partial article text if the link doesn't work) So according to the article, it works something like this: I register in it, put a minimum of $250 worth of funds, and after a few tweaks, I were to click on 'Auto Trader' and it will start and continue on automatically. In essence, I think it is some kind of trading bot. A seemingly effortless way of earning huge profits in a short span of time. I will reiterate the topic question: Is Bitcoin Lifestyle real? Or too good to be true? Because I am too skeptical about the profits it claims it has obtained. Yes, I saw a few more articles, and I even saw a Youtube content about it, and they point out that it is legitimate, but I am not still fully convinced. Especially with the part where it says in the article on the link: It is giving out an air of FOMO, and I simply don't like the tone it gives. For those who have already tried it, you can answer in the poll included here. If you are itching for further comments, just post below.
  15. Hello Some say he is having trouble withdrawing from the YOBIT platform. Is that true? I have seen in the chat some people complain about a problem with withdrawals in usd and rur and maybe other currencies in the yobit platform is there a problem already some of you have For me, I think that this is just a maintenance process and everything will return as it was Please tell us the information you know about the command Thank you
  16. Hello my friends. We haven't heard anything about the biggest social medias online and their cryptocurrencies that they provided. What happened to them? Are they dead currencies now?
  17. Yesterday i have received an email invitation asking me to participate in a brave bounty in bitcointalk, if any other have seen this? And it's really or a fake? Is this e mail is the official bitcointalk mail?
  18. Please Do Not Comment Before You Read The Topic!! Hello my friends. I have a question. We all know that Yobit withdrawal fees on Yobit are high and to solve this problem, we exchange Bitcoin into another coin with lower fees (in my case I exchanged to Litecoin). My question is : how can I exchange Litecoin to Bitcoin again After I withdrawn from Yobit wallet with low fees? (without middleman).
  19. Hello my friends. I am curious about this question because I wasn't really following crypto news in that period. Also, why don't people use or invest in Bitcoin cash?
  20. Hello my friends. I have read about earning cryptocurrencies from something called stacking. What does that mean? Is this method still profitable? I haven't tried it before, so thank you for leading me❤
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