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Found 158 results

  1. We all know the great APPLE company logo and king of cryptocurrencies, BTC logo. I'm giving you choose to only one logo from "BTC" or "APPLE" Give your answer ...
  2. It is more than clear that using btc brings you immense advantages with regard to freedom and shipping costs, and not only Btc, also Ltc, Eth, DOGE, Bnb, among many others. And I was able to trade my fiat currencies with Bitcoin and DOGE, in order to buy things (a little ironic). And acquired few things with bitcoin buying online but it is only an example, with cryptocurrencies you can buy products, rent services, pay for food, travel, hotels, concerts, football or baseball games and countless things. You have Btc great as it has been since birth.
  3. I wanna earn btc. What's the time duration to have a btc . I'm ready to work hard and i guess you will help me to get the btc as soon as possible.
  4. today i am going to find out dream rice of Binance coin (BNB) is 100$ because all time high price of bnb is 38$ when btc is on 12000$ and now bnb is 14$ lets find out bnb on 100$ if btc goes to 20000$ in this years.
  5. Привет друзья. Как мы все сегодня видим, несмотря на надежды и вангования многих "аналитиков", Биткоин не стал хеджирующим инструментом для трейдеров классических финансовых рынков и пикирует вместе с остальными криптовалютами фондовыми рынками. У многих реально сдают нервы, в чатах паника и уныние, все очень долго ждали роста, но его всё нету, и ситуация накаляется всё больше. Так давайте же разберёмся что нам всем делать дальше, уходить сейчас или же продолжить ждать чуда и работать на перспективу? А если уходить то куда бы вы посоветовали? Любые конструктивные варианты приветствуются.
  6. BAT Token is good cryptocurrency to hold on. The basic way to earn bat coin is using brave browser. We all know about it as online active searchers. Most countries cant earn free basic attention token (bat) because adds are not available to click. It is hard to earn with referrals because everyone trying to do the same thing every corner of the world promoting their brave referral link. Getting more and more difficult to get referrals. Is still possible to earn free BAT Token with brave?
  7. For 2017 Bitcoin gave a slight tap at 20 thousand dollars, but to say that this December 2019 there is still a very small possibility of making a new ATH! Of course, Bitcoin wants to bring us closer to 8500-7000-6800 And it's a bit of a daunting sign but let's take a look at the last fundamental movement of the week: The President of China announced that it is considered that China should adopt more Blockchain technology, that simple, now what happened is that many traders and enthusiasts began to buy Bitcoin but this was a super false signal, since it took almost a whole week so that all this volume would come out to imply that there is a hidden but omnipresent part of the market that tells us that it is NOT the time for a new ATH, but it is still dependent on fundamental and direct feelings Bitcoin, let's wait patiently.
  8. Криптовалютный кошелек, p2p обменник, биржа - и всё это в одном месте! Пользуюсь более 2 лет, всё устраивает. Самое приятное - поддержка платежей в фиате (сбербанк, альфа банк, газпром банк, и прочие платежные системы) 👉
  9. Win

    Btc next in line

    What is the next bitcoin or crypto currency for you? In this 2020 year what kind of altcoins have a big potential on it dobecoon?ltc?btc?bch?xrp?o eth?
  10. Hello friends. I want to share with you my cryptocurrency trading experience. My telegram @Bullrun007 1. KAVA/BTC - Buy 0.00010000. - Sell 0.00012000 2. BQX/BTC - Buy 0.00000620 - Sell 0.00000750 - 800 3. WTC/BTC - Buy to 0.0000510 - Sell 0.0000650 - 700
  11. Who is the face behind the name Satoshi Nakamoto ? The name is irrilevant, but who and why does he not want to be identified ? Is there something tricky behind all this ? Could it be an extremely important and well known famous person that we all know ? Just that he is holding the fact of letting everyone in the cryptospace know that he is the creator of digital money ?
  12. What will happen to Bitcoin after 30 years in 2050? Will cryptocurrency remain in the markets at all, or will it be replaced by another better currency?
  13. BTC / LTC Exchange Yobit Time: 13h Date: dic-12 Amount $ 7 (0.00095074 BTC) Price: BTC / USD: $ 7372.20 LTC / USD: $ 41.67 Be careful when buying, the base price is not always the best, check if it suits you and compare it with the pedidos. When you are sure of the purchase price, select buy, ready. Then you can: Hodl: wallet or Exchange, you decided. Withdraw: wallet Trading: again. _______ Final time: 1:05 p.m.
  14. Crypto that grabs my attention is DigiByte, this crypto is better than BTC. It has different mining calculations, 3 of which are ASIC safe, this takes into account more prominent decentralization, since anyone with a normal PC can add to mining by utilizing one of these 3 calculations. This lessens the opportunity of a 51% assault. DigiByte makes some square memories of 15 seconds instead of bitcoins brief square time. Exchanges are completely affirmed after 1.5 minutes. Significantly more valuable for genuine purposes like purchasing something in a shop. DGB has a complete stockpile of 21 billion coins which will be mined in 21 years (19 years left). This is multiple times more than BTC, so purchasing some espresso wont be confounding decimals like 0.03, it could simply be 30 Digibytes. The Digibyte people group is additionally extremely incredible, the engineers are as yet going solid, bringing out new highlights constantly:
  15. Before starting the post, I would recommend you an exchange on which I trade myself and I want to recommend it to you, I will leave a link to it 👉 here ! If you decide to register on it then I ask you to register for my promo code 👉 XMRqW ! This will be your gratitude to me! So let's start! Cryptocurrency trading, exit strategy: stop loss take profit and trailing stop! Bybit is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange whose goal is to revolutionize the cryptocurrency market today by combining the best cryptocurrencies and traditional finance to provide the safest, most reliable, fair and convenient exchange to date. The following article presents Bybit exit methods: Stop Loss Take Profit and Trailing Stop. On Bybit, we have 3 types of advanced exit methods, namely Take Profit, Stop Loss and Trailing Stop. They can be installed or configured in the Positions area at any time.One of the unique features of Bybit is that you can set a take profit or stop loss in the “Order Confirmation” window with one click when placing limit or market orders. With this function, traders do not need to constantly monitor the markets, since take profit and stop loss were pre-set together with an entry order. Trailing Stop is not available in the "Order Confirmation" window, but can be installed later in any open position and changed at any time. We will discuss the purpose of these three advanced exit methods: how to use stop loss and take profit, how to use trailing stop and the difference between stop loss and trailing stop. So Order Take Profit What is Take Profit? This function allows you to automatically close an open position at a predetermined price. In take profit strategies, when the price of the last transaction reaches your predetermined price, the position is automatically closed and makes a profit, so you can relax and never miss the opportunity to make a profit. How to use Take Profit? First, traders can select the Take Profit parameter in the "Order Confirmation" window when placing a limit or market order. This is by far the easiest method. Secondly, holding an existing position, traders can set or change a Take Profit order on the “Position” tab. For these two methods, the entire position will be closed using a market order as soon as the price of the last transaction reaches the take profit price. Thirdly, traders can completely or partially close a position by setting up a Limit order in the opposite direction, this is similar to a Take Profit Limit order. Finally, traders can also close an order using a conditional market order in the opposite direction. It is similar to a Take Profit market order, but with a flexible number of contracts for partial closure. Stop Loss What is Stop LOSS? stop loss functionintended to close a position when the price of the last transaction reaches a predetermined price; this is done in order to limit your losses if the market is not in your favor. Using a stop loss, you can avoid liquidation, since the position will close before reaching the Liquidation price. How to use Stop Loss? Firstly, traders can choose the Stop Loss option in the "Order Confirmation" window when placing a Market or Limit order. Secondly, holding an existing position, traders can set or change Stop Loss through the “Position” tab. For these two methods, the entire position will be closed using a market order as soon as the price of the last transaction reaches the stop price. Finally, traders can partially or completely close a position using either a conditional limit order or a market order in the opposite direction. This can be done by setting the trigger price lower than the price of the last deal with a buy order, or higher than the price of the last deal with a sell order. In conclusion, it should be noted that Bybit's unique TP & SL interface helps traders automatically manage profit and loss without constant monitoring of markets Finally, traders can partially or completely close a position using either a conditional limit order or a market order in the opposite direction. This can be done by setting the trigger price lower than the price of the last deal with a buy order, or higher Trailing Stop Order What is a trailing stop order? --then a more flexible version of the normal exit order. Using it, a stop order will follow the Last Price based on a given distance and direction. A trailing stop will automatically move to fix the loss of profit and stop. Stop - Loss Moving will ensure you never lose under the amount indicated and reduce risks. adjust the trailing stop on the “Positions” tab with the desired trailing distance. How to use Trailing Stops? This trader holds a long position on BTCUSD contracts at $ 8,000 and set a distance of $ 500. As soon as the price of the last deal rises, the trailing stop will move up and maintain a trailing distance of $ 500. For example, if the price of the last deal went up to $ 8,600, the price of the trailing stop will automatically be adjusted to $ 8,100 to lock in profits. This means that Stop Loss will only work if the price drops by $ 500 from the highest price achieved. However, if the price does not go up, the trailing stop will be triggered at the level of $ 7,500, like a regular stop loss.This concludes today's article on Bybit exit methods: Take Profit Stop Loss and Trailing Stop. If you want to learn more about elimination, watch the related video, read the related article, or go to the help pages on the Bybit website. If you liked the article and decided to register on the crypto trading website, I ask you to enter my referral code XMRqW for which I will be very respectful for you! Follow us for more information on the exciting world of cryptocurrencies.
  16. Me and my brother @MohammadSh have read about the importance of " Whale " movement in the market ! and that if we track well the movement of whales , we can achieve huge profit through their movement in the market ! Does anyone know how can we track their movement in the market !?
  17. The fact that altcoins like ETH, BCH and others are slowly gaining more use has made me thinking. If somebody were to HODL one currency, what could it be? A 100% altcoin portfolio? Or a 100% bitcoin portfolio? Or do you support holding multiple crypto coin holding?
  18. Fides Exchange 1 BTC Trading Competition (April 1, 2020 thru June 30, 2020) Pre-requisite (April 1, 2020 - April 30, 2020) Verified account with 1 month of activity of at least 0.30 BTC (Total) across all base markets except LYNX. 2500 Participants must actively agree to participate on March 29th (Prompted on login); if for any reason the number of users does reach the participant level of 2,500 OR those participating do not maintain a 0.30 BTC (Total) trading volume for April, the contest will be terminated and rescheduled. Contest Period (May 1, 2020 thru June 31, 2020) Must have monthly trading volume of at least 0.30 BTC (Total) across all base markets except LYNX Contest Scoring - point are awarded based on the top 25 users for the following (excludes Lynx base pair markets): Scoring  (75) Total aggregate trades (total value) o (25) BTC base pairs o (25) LTC base pairs o (25) ETH base pairs  (25) Cumulative trading activities (total value) for the contest period - all markets  (25) Total number of referrals for the pre-requisite period and contest period. o Must have at least 5 referrals meeting a monthly minimum trading requirement. o Referrals must maintain min. monthly trading level of at least 0.05 BTC for the entire contest in any base pair (BTC, LTC or ETH)  (75) Total number of executed trades for contest period / lowest executed trade allowed is 0.0001 BTC. o (25) BTC o (25) LTC o (25) ETH 200 Total Points Contest Rules o User can trade in any of the currencies and base markets except for the Lynx. Users must maintain a 0.30 BTC (Value) in executed trades in any of the base markets for each month the contest is live. o Only executed trades will be considered for determining continued eligibility of the contest. o At any time that a participant does not maintain the minimum execute trades of 0.30 BTC (Total Value), the participant will be ineligible. o Participants that collude with others in Discord, Twitter or any other social media platform will be disqualified. o Participants that are part of trade executions where the counterparty (the other side) for the trade is the same individual for more 75% or more of the trades will be considered coordinated trading efforts. Both participants will be disqualified. o All results will be presented with the top 25 participants for the all categories where the information of individuals based on their system id without any user information. o Decisions made for disqualification and the results are final. Update throughout the Pre-requisite and Contest periods will be posted both on Discord and Fides Exchange Support.
  19. CoinCasso trying to surprise you all the time. For this reason... CoinCasso has Prepared Another Surprise! 🤩 You are still very interested in CCX tokens. That's why when you buy CCX tokens from the bounty pool now, you will receive a 25% bonus❗️ The special offer lasts only until February 3rd. ➡️ Don’t miss The Chance 🔥🔥🔥 Invest and gain together with CoinCasso. ➡️ Buy CCX: ➡️ Join Exchange:
  20. Guys I come here to share a rewarding fact for those who use and believe in cryptocurrencies, more specifically in BTC. Recently I upgraded my GPU using my BTC earnings, ie thanks to BTC I was able to change my GPU for a more modern one, I was super happy with the acquisition as it was the result of my effort and my belief that BTC makes a difference in our lives, is a small fact, but for me super rewarding. And what acquisitions have you made because of cryptocurrencies, either BTC or others? Hugs!!
  21. In 2016, I desperately needed to send 50 dollars worth of Bitcoin to a friend. It turns out that I had the virus on my pc that changes the address that copies of btc, for the address of the virus, that is, the address that the creator of the virus owns. That was in Coinpayments, I was in a hurry and I sent the money without teaching it twice, my mistake was that because I was in a hurry I did not see the container, just trust me and do not check before sending. After a while, I realized, hell ... I wanted to break the PC. In the background, my btc were lost and I was scammed by a virus foolishly for rushing, always check the shipping container before making a transaction, there are many traps out there.
  22. When I say that BTC is one of the least volatile assets, I am sometimes asked why I say this if it is a cryptocurrency and we know that in this environment prices are highly volatile. Well now I'll try to explain why I think with BTC it's different. First let's look at its tragedy, BTC started in 2008, with its first block being extracted in early 2009 - block called genesis, since then its increase in value and disclosure is visible. To give you an idea with $ 1 a dollar if you bought 1300 BTC or so, in 2010 its value was $ 0.39 since then a single downfall occurred from 2017 here, when that year BTC hit the $ 20,000 mark. and today in 2019 it parks at around $ 8000. Finally, if we take a year to year analysis from 2010 to 2019 we will see that 99% of the period BTC had substantial increases and little fall. Why do I say that after the lull comes the "storm" is why historically when the BTC has a fall and / or a parked in its value, it tends to have a boom in its substantially high price, causing a "storm" in the market. from cryptos, this is what differentiates BTC from others. And by 2020 everything leads us to believe that this "storm" will occur as we go through a period of "calm". Hugs to all. Sources:
  23. Хочу познакомить Вас с сервисом Bitrefill которым Я сама пользуюсь с 2015г. Что такое Bitrefill? Это очень полезный сервис который позволяет оплачивать за криптовалюту более чем 2000 услуг в число которых входит: Оплата мобильных телефонов Покупка подарочных карт и ваучеров Оплата с помощью Lightning Другие продукты Пользоватся Bitrefil очень легко и удобно. Можно пользоваться без регистрации, но для того кто желает учётная запись добавлена в качестве опции. Я пользовалась раньше без регистрации, но сегодня решила зарегистрироваться из любопытства. Регистрация дает возможность сохранять баланс прямо на Bitrefill который можно использовать для покупки предлагаемых продуктов или услуг, не оплачивая комиссию за транзакции. Но обратите внимание что за депозиты меньше 0,002 BTC взимается комиссия 0,0001 BTC. Для безопасности в аккаунт добавлена двухфакторная аутентификация FAQ здесь: Так же Вы можете задать вопросы здесь, постараюсь помочь , по мере возможности. Веб - сайт:
  24. rjroshan

    BTC Mining

    If we can mine bitcoin without buying so many will agree with me. But the problem is electricity power, ofcorse monthly power cost bill too much according to burned points. So what do you think about spending one time payment and buying sola power unit and then we can start to mine bitcoin with sola power without any power bill using only free sun light ... How much Satoshi can we mine for a day with using free solar power ?
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