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  1. Yes you have a point cheating reputation lead to banned most member are found of doing that most expecally some scammer with lower content using multiple account in given reputation is duplicate and that may lead you to be banned temporary.
  2. Congratulations to free Ton anniversary @Alex077 I have been in Free Ton for more than months I created an account am also one of the members there in Free Ton but it is unfortunate that I don't know anything about that site I need much experience because nothing I understand about free Ton.
  4. Thanks for your useful information @Ridam what I want you to understand is there are alot of people who don't know about the fundamental of chia and the person call Bram Cohen he is the founder of the Bittorent and also a programmer but some don't know that much ideas that why I added the screen shot. THANKS
  5. My question here here is Why is it bad news for hard drivers? Here are some steps on how to farm chia hard drive mining watch out! STEP BY STEP There are alot of step's in hard drive Mining operation. For what I noticed the Chia Mining farm and blockchain storage is for system not for Android you know farming decentralized application technologies are similar wallet's.
  6. Profile link
  7. Thanks for sharing this useful information when we talk about future planning in reality the future of crypto is getting bright without planning nothing will be value in digital experience
  8. The future is bright the technical technology of crypto currency is getting a better facility everything is now easy in reality of crypto company the future of cryptotalk is now easy in understanding the fact that crypto currency will still develop everything will change normally 100 post is now normal in reality.
  9. Yes what is most important here is for you to value the rules of this forum the technical benefit is not much but been carful is the best way to improved your experience cheating in earning is useless and knowledge in other to improve you your right facilities to become successful.
  10. Thanks for this useful information @Jikansamu crypo currency is one of the best digital reality in future the facility behind cryptocurrency if great in future i have noticed alot in some country's that valuable of crypto because the development in leading the future.
  11. Name called: Bram Cohen's is an America computer programmer who created Bit Torrent and also the owner of Chia Network company. This facility show in reality on how the technical technology of Chia Network in some reality there are alot of company planing a digital exchange in national Stock exchange in facilities in public trading company's. Question Who is Bram Cohen's? Needed Full Explanation.
  12. Yes you have a good point many scammer are actually using multiple accounts in developing there reputation and it is forbidden most problems in this forum is scammer are against the rules of the forum. @TArk246
  13. Yes we have to follow the rules in others to survive in cryptotalk there are alot of planing in future of digital currencies the hard the difficulties prevented you from been failure creating useful information and useful posts will lead you to be a good quality member in other to be successful you need to have a future planning.
  14. Many country's avoid crypto currency but they future is bright crypto is now the first in the world the trading of bitcoin in some popular crypto currency in developing in a very good and high rato the population of crypto currency is now becoming good against the future I believe the technology will soon be very operative.
  15. Hello, I consider 🤔 and noticed alot about crypto currency the population of crypto currency is now very large in number my advice here is never live crypto currency because one day your life will change very soon crypto currency will be leading the whole world in reality crypto currency is one of the popular now in all the nation wild because with the situation of what is happening now soon crypto currency will be the leader in future Thanks For Understanding!!
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