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  1. You mentioned top coins of crypto market so i am with btc, and bnb. Day by day a lot of big investor, companies show interested in crypto world especially in bitcoin. Thats bitcoin is unstoppable beast and now its on $61k. So for long term its best and bnb is best because its world best and top exchanger binance coin. Its team are doing best and have a lot development coiming in it. Thats why its is form. So these are the best but there are some other coins like decentralized dex coins like uni, 1inch, sushi, srm, dexe. There are also game changer....
  2. Spammer profile link: Reason of repost: Sir @epidemia this mumber do copy of other members post. Original comment Copy/paste comment
  3. Spammer profile link: Reason: Dear @epidemia this guy do copy and paste the ither person content. Original comment: Copy paste comment:
  4. Such a great suggestion because creating own topics at cryptotalk will be very beneficial for increasing knowledge or English too. Its also increase our activities, our follower, reputation and our confidence. But do some research before creating topic and if our topic is latest mean its crypto news, market activities with strong evidence, then its really helpful for other and also for us......
  5. Absolutely right, deletion of topics is a problem which everyone face due to duplication. Cryptotalk also have a search bar box through which member can easily check about topics. Mean before creating any topic, check may be its also available then dont create. Create unqiue and latest topics of crypto then this problem will be solve but slowly. So now we should be focus on rules because its the only solution for every single problem.
  6. Great, due to massive adoption of crypto, the number of crypto exchanges increases day by day. So for exact fugure out some measurable sites of crypto like coingecko, coinmarketcap, etc are available. They provide the number of exchange, its rating, trust score, volume and also coins details too. Coingecko is best for me due to highly easy and understandable interface.
  7. Well said, cryptotalk is like the era of learner and earners. A lot of member working here and start their next journey in crypto world with the help of this forum. Working side by side with experts is also great for grooming our knowledge, skills, experience in crypto trading. So we also earn a lot of money by working here and its really helpful for fulfill our expenses. So this forum is our instructor or we said its the best in the world because its without any cost.
  8. Thats great, but i think the phone which have lower versions take time because i never faced it this type of any problem but pc have its own digital instruments and we also changes it for better working. But search bar tab is best for our utilization, may be sometimes its takes time due to heavy load or technical error but its really helpful due to heavy number of users...
  9. Tokpie is another revolution in crypto market because its support bounties mean its the first platfprum which keep bounties stakes and also sometimes we sell our stakes too. So with the passage of time its gain more and more publicity because of its good efforts and also trading pair is good looking.
  10. Absolutely short term investment or trading is too risky due to much volatility of crypto market. But for long term the best way to find out a share which have great projects, know about its team, or many more. At the end find out a gem. Like we take example of Uniswap(Uni), its on $2 $3 some days ago and now its on $34 so put your money for long term because its never disappoint you.
  11. Welcome bro, cryptotalk is much better and easiest source for getting some good knowledge about crypto world thats why we are working here. By working on here we also earn a lot of healthy money too. Or by exchanging ideas, experience skills of multiple users around the world is best for our communication skills and also for content writing. So finally we actually struggled here for making our future epic....
  12. Weekly Report (Week 7: 1 December - 7 December) Date: 07/12/2020 Cryptotalk username: gbfisher Link to cryptotalk: Telegram username: @Sabtain0 BetFury nickname: Gbfisher Links to your posts/reposts:
  13. Yeah crypto world makes many billionaire buts its not quick process. Its takes a lot of time, patience, hard working and many thing. There are a lot of opportunities for earning in crypto world like gambling, faucets, and the famous one is trading. So for being rich, enough knowledge about crypto currencies is require like you know whats happening in crypto world, whats the latest invention are coming, simply work like a media person. Only those persons which have enough patience become rich through crypto so enhance patience.
  14. Absolutely right, @Dorjoy12 thats why some coins take more time for success like if we take example of btc,eth. But white paper of any coins show its working in future or what will the purpose of that coin. And price of any coin depend its demand, supply and team working. So working of leading team of any coin is very effective because marketing of that coin depend on them.
  15. Generally i prefer btc pair because the support of btc is very big instead of Usdt or also i know there is some risks in btc according to the market working but also the profit is big. There are some healthy difference of prices in both pairs so we if do trade with usdt pair then we lose some profit so thats why i prefer btc pair. So for good profit big trader use btc pair because they are working or do anything by check volatility and we know btc volatile coin.
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