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  1. Hello my friend I'm from the few more years🙋🏻‍♀️ Yes, companies programmed for games have become using cryptocurrencies on a large scale and more severely than before, and this is reflected positively and negatively on users as well. I cannot deny the fact that some users actually win and some games among them are real and really fun and some of them are fraudulent There must be some lying, and it is not without fraud You have to be very careful today
  2. I guess it's a double-edged sword, right? The entry of companies into the field of cryptography opens new horizons for investors and company workers who also invest, even if it is in small amounts, and at the same time, it may be negative because of the control over the market, but do you really think that companies are whales!!! This is not true, as companies are always inclined to dissolution, and if they reach their peak, their fate is known. Nice day for you friend ❤
  3. Jenny Lavelle

    Translation jobs

    A new and strange idea You can search for translators in your area through social networking sites. Of course, they are there in abundance and they need such opportunities to work, and also well done when you posted on this platform, as there are many language proficient here.
  4. I agree with you on this article in terms of three points, and I reject all three The first is that working on the Internet is capable of employing millions of employees, but is working on the Internet guaranteed for life, like working on the ground, my friend?! The second point: It is possible for the Internet to reduce unemployment, but is it able to raise the standard of living at the same time as real businesses do Third: You may sit behind the computer from 10 to 14 hours. This is exhausting, but it is okay if the result is real and distinctive.
  5. Don't be sad, just monitor every thought that comes to your head about gambling and always remember what happened to you and how much the loss exhausted you, because temporary stopping now is the best solution for your psychological comfort, but stopping forever will make you a repressed person who wants to gamble again, so do not hold back yourself with your force forever, but go back to gambling and learn from your mistake again and again until you make sure that all of this is a fraud and you become certain that you want to get away without remorse.
  6. I like your opinion For me, I see that gambling is a double-edged sword. Sometimes it gives you what you want of money and maybe more, and sometimes it takes everything from you. It depends on luck by 80% and intelligence 20%, so sometimes we find people who are new to the game of poker win fantastically and that returns to their good luck, As for the positive things, can be reduced to three words Fun, money, brain training And the negatives A waste of time, a loss if you don't know how to play the game and when your luck goes away from you.
  7. In fact, I collected RUR currency from free cryptocurrencies on the website of Yobit, and after a period of time the price of this currency rose and it was good luck for me so if you feel attracted to a free currency just collect it, maybe a miracle will happen again, And in the end you will get what you deserve to get,even if there are many obstacles in your way.
  8. Do you mean the traditional gambling game or what? If you mean traditional gambling, I want to advise you, my friend, don't try this if you have not learned the rules of playing yet, and if you don't know how mean your opponent is, so you have to train well before going into such an experience because it will be a losing game and you may lose a lot and maybe you will back To zero.. But if you are referring to virtual gambling, then here you can use a perpetual strategy with every game For example: dice, avoid making the bank feel your anger and don't keep your hands on the rolls because extreme greed will lose you a lot.. Easy or not! Virtual gambling is very easy and it's just a click of a button Traditional gambling needs a meeting of your senses, your intuition, your mind and finally your luck so I classify it as difficult.
  9. Yes that's right Regardless of the advantages of this currency, adopting China or any country with a dense population like China will make a difference in the price of any currency, and its beginning will definitely be successful , And for countries which don't have a huge population that's will really motivate them to buy this currency because of its popularity and so forth , this currency will become at the top in a little while.. Good day for you. @TIGER05
  10. Привет Я не думаю, что внедрение криптовалюты станет местной валютой, она может стать дополнительной валютой к валюте страны, то есть мы можем торговать двумя валютами вместе, но это никогда не решит проблему бедности. Если вы переводите деньги бедным через сканер, он всегда будет видеть, что он просит больше денег, и это ничего не изменит, но, возможно, будет больше нищих которые смогут заработать деньги таким легким способом и это в их интересах.
  11. Да, это правда, цена монеты Чиа составляла 60 000 долларов, а теперь цена удвоена, потому что на самом деле это криптовалюта, которая заслуживает славы из-за своих преимуществ, а самое важное из этих преимуществ легко добывается и никогда не бывает дорогостоящим как майнинг остальной криптовалюты. Это моё личное мнение
  12. Да, конечно, женщины играют важную роль во всех сферах жизни, и если бы это была экономическая тема, независимо от того, женщина ли я, я была бы нейтральным человеком. Равенство между мужчинами и женщинами должно было расти в обществе, потому что она почти не меньше его, но она успешный торговец, возможно, больше, чем он, потому что она мыслит рационально и спокойно, а некоторые мужчины безрассудны и не могут. контролировать гнев проигрыша, и это приведет их к тяжелой утрате.
  13. Да, это правда, и я согласен Это то, что называется накоплением криптовалют с целью увеличения их цены в будущем, и мы можем сказать, что это увеличение неизбежно, потому что каждая валюта изначально была дешевой, а затем, я думаю, стала равной доллару.
  14. Hello dear Just be aware, You have commented on my post before, so you may be given a warning point if that happens again so just be careful. I apologize for my interference and have a nice day @Osamasoliman
  15. We cannot deny that the Ethereum currency is constantly advancing and its price always fluctuates and returns to rise, attracting attention, and it is the only currency that is able to compete with Bitcoin fair competition, but Bitcoin is the oldest and most in demand and supply currency, so no recent currency can match it in price or in market.
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