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  1. Exorde Labs: project offers one of the solutions, offering a decentralized approach to aggregating huge streams of data collected from all over the Internet: links, images, graphs, videos, posts, images, etc., followed by the formation on this basis of data graphs that will link various facts. We all live in the information age, where data is an integral part of all spheres of social life support. One can observe how unscrupulous members of our community use technology to the detriment of others, pursuing their own interests. The reliability of the data received is the main priority in the Internet space, since we make decisions based on them. If the data is incorrect, then the decisions we make can lead to sad consequences. This can be useful in various fields of activity from logistics and media to building marketplaces and trading platforms. Data reliability in the growing world of WEB3 is the next step towards accepting the inevitable. ExordeLabs collects and links all publicly available data to become a reliable guide for each of us! At the moment, you can become a part of this by taking part in the ambassador program available to everyone in the Discord project. Interesting, isn’t it? If you want to learn more, go to the Exorde social networks: Website: Twitter: Discord: Reddit: Linkedin: Telegram Channel: Telegram Chat: Medium: Facebook:
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