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  1. Currently I have been trading on part-time basis because of my current job. Some days ago I meant with an old friend who told me that; daily trading has ability make me a passive income than anything. Although, I have be practicing my day trading with a minimal gain compared to what he told me about daily trade. Have you get into day trade or just a part-time trader like me before? Would you advise me to keep to day trading?
  2. Eight years gone when I joined the world of gamblers to gamble but, it has affected me positively and negatively. Positively, poker has been my best among all other games, I was trained by good hands and became a good hand with poker. Although, dice games look fun while play around them but not my favorite type. Negatively, poker is a game I play with all my attention and might, while play poker, I can stand with the game without getting hungry for the whole day. What are your positive and negative effect from gambling?
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