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  1. For one to play dice for 1bitcoin can be an eternity for such gambler because he or she will start to earn from the lowest profit to the highest. Practically, you can't get the one bitcoin from simply gambling on a dice platform.
  2. In gambling the more the risk the bigger the gains and in as much the gains are bigger then you are successful in gambling. I have taken some good measurable risk in gambling and at the end make some good gains from the risk taken.
  3. No matter the type of pants used to paint this topic, gambling money is not a legitimate money or pure money because you gain from another man loose. Never gamble if the act is against your religion. Whatsoever that goes against your believe and you went into it is a big ain and whatever rewards getting from there are not white money but red.
  4. Betting is good when you place a bet and win and is very bad when you place a bet and Lose. I have been a gambler from my teenage and have been able to control myself in the industry. Betting was and is good for me because I bet with low odds.
  5. I don't think that there is strategies for gambling on dice platform. Although if you see one it will not work for a long time because gambling is created for gains by the developers. Gambling is much of a luck than a profession.
  6. For the past Bitcoin halves we have had before now, they always sprang up surprises and its always on the positive side. We are waiting for the moment to make more money in thus industry. But it may happen before the set date or it may happen after, so, let be vigilant to get into the core halves.
  7. @Devh You are getting it wrong because things will bounce back to hurt you if you always depend on retrade.
  8. @ajizz Greediness is the cause of losses in trade and for you to avoid loose in it tonality you must follow strictly the act of taking gains little by little. Believe me, if you trade with $500 for a whole year with a profit of 1.5% or 2.5%, you will be happy to help others earn. This strategies worked for me and am happy be successful if even the trade profit is not a big as you thought. The beautiful thing about this peg is: I have never lost any trade. Can you tell me how you minimize your risk while trade? Just want to know thanks.
  9. Let me correct some impression here, trading is different from buy and sell so for those who are doing buy and sell you are not trading. The risk in trade is much more to control if you follow strictly the first and second rule. Always peg your profit to be 1.5% or to 2.5% in every trade. With this you are good to go for your reward.
  10. Although am a fan of trade and a small part of me as a gambler. Trading is not like gambling and should not be seen as one. Gambling is based on pure luck while trade is solely base on your skills and strategies. Trading is the best option for the money making route and not gambling.
  11. Basically we may see a different move this time unlike the years back. This time the halve may take place before the actual day or some few weeks after the halve so, we must watch out which either way things will go.
  12. Basically what I see in this is that; still be a good forum because they have implement rules that make forum more active. Although, the current views in BTT is encouraging compared to others cryptocurrency forum.
  13. The bad way to save your password is by save them online. Although when your system is okay with the needed tools to prevent hack of online password. The better ways to safe your password is by keeping them offline or whenever you want to keep online ensure your antivirus is a good type, but this is not recommended.
  14. Basically that speculative talk was done by an in experienced trader analyst and shouldn't be seen as a yardstick for the down thread of bitcoin. Although what we are seeing rightly are temporary and will soon be balance. Bitcoin at $6000 will create more opportunities for good traders who are good to make huge profits. I hope we don't see such lows.
  15. There are projects that seem good when they newly launched their project into the market but later run they went into scam so, its not advisable to put your egg into one basket, rather, you should learn how to diversify your portfolio.
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