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Found 36 results

  1. Hope you are all doing great my lovely friends of Thumb up to all the newbies ,who are still here from those,joined this forum as a result of the DRLs airdrop, because many left without,even understanding what exactly this forum is all about,because they where too quick to judge and give up or quit ,little did they know that it was a great opportunity for them also to benefit as well,from many offers given here. And to you all who are still here take your time and continue following the forum rules ,don't look down on your self,you too can do it,stay focused and you will not regret your decision and make quality posts. happy posting and earning to all of you much love.😘
  2. Hello. I want to work in Yobit trading with this amount for a daily profit of $ 5. Is this possible?
  3. This is one of it kind in the whole world of Crypto currencies ln and Out. No single forum, sites ever made this attempt of paying it members double payment both at the same time. A compensation payment for not able to open trading for it's new token as it was stipulated tentatively. I couldn't believe it until when it started counting, now I'm earning both talkcoin and BTC at the same time, in same forum. This indicates credibility, accountability and transparency of the forum.
  4. INVEST IN COMMISSION-FREE SHARES Open your free account today and invest commission-free in important stocks on the world's leading exchanges. eToro allows you to invest in stocks without paying fees so you can focus on building your portfolio of stocks without paying margins, management fees or incidents. EXPLORE THE WORLD'S TOP CRYPTOCURRENCIES As a pioneer in the world of cryptocurrencies, eToro already offers many of the world's most popular digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and more. You will also enjoy additional benefits such as real-time execution of market orders and unlimited daily withdrawals of funds. THE TOOLS YOU NEED ANYTIME, ANYWHERE Find the tools you need to create the best investment portfolio for YOU. View real-time data, access detailed analysis tools, and be the first to know trends wherever you are. You can also try eToro's many innovative features risk-free with a $ 100,000 virtual portfolio.
  5. No. Bitcoin was conceived by its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, as a decentralized currency independent of any central entity, therefore, there is no person or institution behind the operation of Bitcoin, but its development is the product of the action of its users.
  6. Last time, I got encountered from my friend @Calvinpriva with some questions😜.You can see questions are looking simple but actually not, they are technical cryptocurrency and blockchain technology related questions.He asked me questions not due to reason he does not know about them but main intention was to help newcomers on this forum. I tackled his questions in PM and thought like it will be also helpful for this community. Let's see how did I face him. 1. Those who own crypto wallets, where do they store those coins? Cryptocurrency is utterly into blockchain technology. Blockchain forms an irreversible database where all wallet addresses and funds into it are stored. Your crypto wallet address has two important things or variables i.e.Public key and private key which will be directly related with coins/tokens stored to that wallet and it is followed by complex cryptographic codes. So if the wallet is non-custodial, you can have full control over your private key but in the case of custodial or hot online wallets, they store your private key in their separate server but still, your crypto will be stored in blockchain. 2. We can stake,save and invest our coins in some exchanges/wallets and earn a profit, how do they get that interest to give us? It is quite relatable, how your bank gives you interests for saving the amounts😜? They also invest funds collected from their customers into productive fields like agriculture, hydro-power, etc, right? Exactly the same, if exchanges or wallets are giving you returns for investing or saving the amounts means they are also using your funds to invest in something stable or productive sectors to gain profits and some portion will be given you as a return.Staking works to strengthen the network and exchange or wallet give you reward for that purpose. 3. How do crypto wallets generate coin addresses for their wallet users to receive coins? I give you an answer which will be applicable for all the blockchain networks.Crypto wallets are such special programs that are capable of creating unmatched and irreversible alphanumeric characters(will be stored in blockchain while sending or receiving crypto into it) which you might represent as identifier or crypto wallet address with a set of two variables i.e. public key and private keys. If you have a multi-coin wallet means it is capable of creating addresses to support so many coins or tokens from different blockchain networks. P.S.I really appreciate your feedback if there are any corrections needed in my answers 🙏
  7. Hello. I am from nepal. I am new in this site. I am aware about crypto. I want to learn that how can i able to earn btc with the help of this site? I am visually impaired person so finds that this site is little bit unaccessible? What are its terms and conditions?
  8. I will like every one to take a moment and reason before answering this simple, direct question. Did you joined this forum with a carefully designed planned to achieve??? - If YES That's Good you can share it with us - If NO IT'S NOT TOO LATE You can set it now...
  9. Hello mate my bitcoins just disappeared from my blockchain wallet without even leaving any clue of what happened, when I check balance it only shows zero balance what could be the cause for this,what should i do perhaps you experienced this before.
  10. This goes to all members of the forum especially senior member. Seniority in every where is attributed to the amount of knowledge, experiences and discipline one may had pass through or acquired in any given organization, institution or forums virtually reflecting as ranks. Seniority is not merely a name referred to you, but a title award to you considering trainings, stages that you had gone through, in the course of your journey to attain your set objectives. So as senior/old members of this great forum, let that knowledge, experience you have acquired so far shine and reflects in your write-up, comments or posts, in respect to lower members to benefits from it. Make a useful contents, posts that will touches and change their life positively, assist and improve them to grow in experience and knowledge too. *Thank you everyone* Have a nice posting!!!
  11. Hi friends, Just a a little advice, there have been many crypto sites this days and among all those there are also scam sites in both sections including exchanges and wallets. I want to share one exchange site that you should never use it.. Its known as changehing ( they promise to give exchange your bitcoins to paypal in high rates than all other exchanges, but they will just steal your money. Many people have lost their money with it according to trustpoint review.. They will pay you 7800.$ for 1 BTC while the normal price is 6800.$ look this picture.. we should be very careful when choosing crypto stes.
  12. hello there im new here can anyone tell me how can i linked my cryptotalk account to my yobit account?? can anyone tell me steps by steps? i hope someone can help me to my concern and welcome me to this cryptotalk im willing to learn from this site. thanks in advance.
  13. I saw an option called Free Coin on yobit. Can I get free coins from there? If I click there it says before sharing.but how and where should i share?? let me know if anyone knows.
  14. Once again let me remind us Reporting is a general duty, don't sit and fold your arms when you come across useless content or unwanted information that is against the law. You are not helping matter, play your own part as a loyal member by reporting any illicit act, such as spamming/ copy and paste, paraphrasing, offensive or abusive content, giving dislike illegally Etc Let's continue to take collective responsibility for the forum to remain clean, neat and safe for all
  15. While there are many sites about bitcoin, newbie can still spend a lot of time browsing the web to understand what bitcoin is all about. Let me introduce a tutorial site where anyone from schoolboys to old folks can get to know bitcoin fast. The site was created in desire to help bitcoin mass adoption. If you are an experienced crypto-enthusiast you may refer to when someone asks you to explain bitcoin but you don't have time for that. The site does just that, it keeps things simple and allows people to save time. The site has information about: what to learn about bitcoin depending on who you are what is bitcoin and why it has value what are bitcoin transactions and addresses example bitcoin exchanges what is bitcoin wallet and how it works what are different wallets and safety concerns blockchain basics and future outlook current bitcoin price and history chart
  16. You will agree with me, that there are quite numbers of topics in this forum that comes in bulky note which failed to captured and highlight the key points, the value, useful and new information needed. This makes some members especially new beginners feels reluctant in taking their precious time to go through the content all. I therefore appeal or suggest to topic creators/ writers to please, try their utmost best to breakdown the content of the topic in to Simple, Short and Useful format. To benefits all and for the progress of this forum
  17. It's never too late to start doing the right thing, your dream future can begin at any level. It doesn't matter whether you're a new beginner or senior member. And it doesn't count on how many warning points you have received or period of time you had been in suspension. As long as you're focus and committed to correct your mistakes by working hard, you'll never cease to succeed. You can be anything you want to be no matter what you have been through. Therefore your post is an instrument for change, don't ever let your worries limit you, and believe in yourself even if no one does. You will mark great success, remarkable achievements in future. That will makes you proud in life. As usual keep posting in accordance to the existing protocols of the forum and at any cost never try to compromise them. I urge you to always be a good ambassador of cryptotalk. Have a nice postings...
  18. You can view Binance as a cryptocurrency exchange office where you exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another base currency for another cryptocurrency. It's like exchanging euro bills for dollar bills, for example, when you go to the United States. So to use the exchange you need credit and you can do this by depositing Bitcoin or Ethereum to your Binance account. Today it is possible to add credit with many different options, but it is recommended to do it with Bitcoin or Ethereum. We use Bitcoin in our guide: 1. Make sure you are logged in. 2. Go to the top right corner of Wallet and click on Spot Wallet. 3. Left click on Deposit. 4. A drop-down menu appears where you can search for the currency you want to deposit. Search BTC to deposit Bitcoin. 5. If you have selected Bitcoin, a unique wallet address is automatically generated for you. 6. Copy the wallet address and keep Netwerk BTC selected. 1. It is recommended that you buy Bitcoin from a reliable broker with low fees. You can choose to pay directly with your credit card on Binance, but they will charge you a high fee. 2. Enter your Binance Bitcoin wallet address at the broker's receiving address while buying Bitcoin. Complete the payment with a payment method of your choice. 7. The broker will send your Bitcoin directly to Binance and this can take up to 2 hours. You will receive a notification email when your deposit has successfully arrived at Binance.
  19. I think that the ignorant never ask, never question intelligently... ... Because they doesn't study. Those Who Have The Most Doubts Are Always Those Who Study The Most. I was recently reading the responses on my Topic and basically there are two answers that are constantly repeated: Fear of having your* created Topic erased They* think that the Topic should be done with complex topics and possess advanced knowledge. *Users Opinion, point 1. - Really what happens is that it does not comply with the rules of the forum read them and I assure you your elimination percentage will decrease. In general, the reasons why they eliminate Topic the most are the repetitive themes, for which you can use this topic on how not to repeat themes,link. Opinion, point 2.- Always think of simple topics, but read or study before asking. Many users do not understand that a forum is more a place to ask for help and clarify doubts, than to come and read concepts, on the contrary the concepts are questioned in forums, projects, ideas. Don't be afraid post
  20. What is the best profit method For beginners??
  21. As we all know in everything the first step is always the hardest, when you start creating topics and your topics get deleted. Don't feel discourage and think of giving up, because those who you see today as good topics writers, had created numerous topics and got deleted more than you think. Who knows you might be the best! So Learn from your failures, disappointments, and prepare to move on to win the battle. My brother/sister there is no success without hardship... (Sophocles)
  22. Most newbies this, past weeks or even now, tend on Always, asking the same thing on how to get help to get started or be friendly with the user xperience. When I was a newbie, I learned to understand how to user this platform, basically by exploring and reading those ≈pinned post. Let newbies try to learn not by creating short post on how to get started IT WONT HURT TO GIVE A SMILING REACTION FOR THE WORK HERE ♥️
  23. Greetings again, I want to create a debate on whether schools should already teach as a subject what are cryptocurrencies, how are they used more and more and are part of our daily life, Why not include them in the school? illustration by me
  24. Hi friends, My dear beginners and all other members, after i wrote a topic for asking if giveaways are accepted here so that i can share small percent of my trading profit by asking simple questions and give rewards to all winners 10 - 20 every sunday,, Other members love the idea and others told me its good to wait for the admin to accept it. So, i came with other thing for anyone who will need! I can help you to trade just with 0.0051 BTC and earn profit 0.0023 for only three days. That means you will keep holding your bitcoins to wait for the price to rise but i will help you to grow them while you waiting. I trade bitcoins through localbitcoins i have an account there and i trade fiat money with MT5 through FBS Market. You invest 0.0051 You get 0.0023 Total return 0.0074.... In three days! Anyone who is interested.. Just send me a message through private message. __*__*__*__*__*__*__*__*__ ENDED! UPDATE: 12 AUGUST Many members thought we were scammers but that's not true! I don't have a website or any crypto project, am just a P2P trader and i thought some members would need to earn extra money by supporting our daily trades on Local Bitcoins! But i can't change anybody's mind. You would just help to increase our trading volume and we share a little profit with you, only that... But now it's over! Anyone who needs to buy bitcoins with paypal, you are welcome through LocalBitcoins! Verified accounts with good reviews and we are available 24/7 worldwide. For small amount $10-960: Shegames For large amount $1000-2200: ngortan
  25. First of all, a forex broker works as an intermediary between us (operators), and the stock market. Normally a Broker charges a small and really reduced commission for each operation that one sends to the market. It also requires a license to do so and they are regulated by the countries in which they reside. The difference between broker and trader, confusion is normal that often happens with new traders who confuse the term operator and broker. The trader buys and sells Cfd`s contracts. The broker only acts as an intermediary between the trader and the market, he or they do not buy or sell, they are only intermediaries. There are many types of broker, but the important thing is which one is best for you? Obviously many things come into play since you will trust them with your money and your profits, there are real position brokers and others who are speculators or as they are known Market Makers. What is the difference between one and the other because that is very easy. The broker market maker does not place your order, whether it is to buy or sell instantly or live, as we often say, but what does it mean now? It means that this type of broker waits to have a good sum of money from open operations to launch them all together on the market. Normally a professional with privileged information, and several years in the industry are to like to operate with this type of brokers since they have very very low spreed (commissions) for large amounts of money. However for a novice trader this more than liking it, it can cause the reason of disgust. So it is always advisable to use a broker that offers open positions in real time and with the least delay time to the market, these consist of having a sum a little higher than the MM, but nevertheless your operation is defined by you and not by a set of people. Whenever you are looking for a good broker, check what is available in your country, how fast the withdrawal and deposit transactions have and above all check the history of their managers. I hope I have helped you, I would love for you to comment if you need help to find a good broker that suits your needs, I am Jeremiah and I say goodbye from Argentina.
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