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Found 45 results

  1. English section should be giving a second chance. I feel awkward, devastated and otiose to serve the general punishment as result of SERIES VIOLATIONS by some narrow minded members among us in English Section. However, the whole section has learn a lot of lessons from her previous mistakes. Likewise, effective hints, logical ideas on how to regulate, arrest, barricade, halt or stop lawless, mischievous and illicit acts of any form in English section has already been forwarded. In this regard, on behalf of the English members and I appeal to moderators and entire management of cryptotalk to RECONSIDER English section. @Bigpat @Desais @ayatoslaw @epidemia @Alex077 ***Constructive, logical opinion is welcome!!!....
  2. I am drawing the attention of the seniors of the forum. Hope you are all well and doing well.Wish that too. I want to know something. I work in crypto with mobile. And since I work with mobile, I go to different places but I work in crypto from there. Now my question is, Will this cause any problem in my account? And can I work using public WiFi? Please share your valuable feedback. And thank you so much for giving me some of your precious time.
  3. As we all know in everything the first step is always the hardest, when you start creating topics and your topics get deleted. Don't feel discourage and think of giving up, because those who you see today as good topics writers, had created numerous topics and got deleted more than you think. Who knows you might be the best! So Learn from your failures, disappointments, and prepare to move on to win the battle. My brother/sister there is no success without hardship... (Sophocles)
  4. This is one of it kind in the whole world of Crypto currencies ln and Out. No single forum, sites ever made this attempt of paying it members double payment both at the same time. A compensation payment for not able to open trading for it's new token as it was stipulated tentatively. I couldn't believe it until when it started counting, now I'm earning both talkcoin and BTC at the same time, in same forum. This indicates credibility, accountability and transparency of the forum.
  5. Hello! Dear Moderators and the forum members. As you can see that I am a new member and I have joined this forum from a social media site. I know that in this forum you have to provide the useful and informative knowledge and in return you will get a good amount for your contribution. I want to know that is there any type of payment which is giving to users or not. Or is there any chances for the opening of the payment of the English Section. Especially tell the moderators. Thanks in Advance. @Desais Tell us is there any chances. Or when the payment will open.
  6. This goes to all members of the forum especially senior member. Seniority in every where is attributed to the amount of knowledge, experiences and discipline one may had pass through or acquired in any given organization, institution or forums virtually reflecting as ranks. Seniority is not merely a name referred to you, but a title award to you considering trainings, stages that you had gone through, in the course of your journey to attain your set objectives. So as senior/old members of this great forum, let that knowledge, experience you have acquired so far shine and reflects in your write-up, comments or posts, in respect to lower members to benefits from it. Make a useful contents, posts that will touches and change their life positively, assist and improve them to grow in experience and knowledge too. *Thank you everyone* Have a nice posting!!!
  7. A lot of posts around here discuss tips recommended for newbies but I rarely see posts discussing the importance of the proper use of English (the language). One of the most important things on cryptotalk when sharing replying to posts or sharing new ones is to be able to deliver your point clearly, have original ideas and not copy off of others, and make your post useful. How can you deliver your point clearly if your use of English is wrong? When you want others to understand you it is in your best interest that you work on your English while learning. When you are using English properly that way you ensure that your points are delivered and understood crystal clear. A useful post should be a post that contains minimal errors whether it's punctuation or spelling. You don't have to use sophisticated English in fact when you're unsure of the use of a certain word always remember: Here are some ways to better your English: Using tools like Grammarly or other alternatives (LanguageTool, Ginger, SentenceCheckup etc..) to provide you with error free writing. That way anything you write will contain the least amount of mistakes and it will come off as clean and easy to read. Always ask for some advice if you are sharing content: ask someone to proofread it for you and ensure that you do not have any major mistakes that might change the meaning of your sentence . Try to read the comments/posts of others and let that inspire you in terms of sentence formation and use of words. We have all kinds of people around here some who are advanced in English, others who are not. Always remember we are all learning here, and hopefully I managed to help anyone who is still new like me around here. If any of you need help creating error free content I am more than glad to help!
  8. Many of the the beginners don't know the rules and regulations of the forum. They post without knowing the topic properly. So, in my opinion they should research on the topic 1st. They must make sure that the post is enough informative and and helpful to other users. They should never try copy someone else's content that can lead them to various problems.
  9. There are many beginners that are joining this forum on a daily basis and with each new member that is on here you begin to see repeated topics, and low quality posts that come from some of the new beginners. And while there are some of the members that join this forum and do respect the rules that are implemented here, there are many that do not and focus solely on trying to earn from this forum. However, as a senior member in the forum i want to take the time to encourage all new members and beginners to put aside the thought of earning on this forum and focus on your learning process. If you look at the vast knowledge here you will see that you have the potential to learn so much about crypto in terms of its uses and ways to increase your earnings. If you focus on learning, your earnings will come as a by product from the forum, but you will also have the knowledge that is required to increase those earnings through various trades. This is very important to develop yourself within the crypto world. In my opinion, learning is where we all need to be as there are constantly new developments that can teach all of us. If you focus on this instead of just earning and completing your posts you will see that the forum will become more of a hobby rather than a task or job, and your earning will reflect that as well. I wish all beginners much success in their journey here. And remember, if you give someone a fish, you feed them for a day. But if you teach them to fish you fee them for life. The life lesson here... learning is more important than the reward.
  10. I saw an option called Free Coin on yobit. Can I get free coins from there? If I click there it says before sharing.but how and where should i share?? let me know if anyone knows.
  11. I think that the ignorant never ask, never question intelligently... ... Because they doesn't study. Those Who Have The Most Doubts Are Always Those Who Study The Most. I was recently reading the responses on my Topic and basically there are two answers that are constantly repeated: Fear of having your* created Topic erased They* think that the Topic should be done with complex topics and possess advanced knowledge. *Users Opinion, point 1. - Really what happens is that it does not comply with the rules of the forum read them and I assure you your elimination percentage will decrease. In general, the reasons why they eliminate Topic the most are the repetitive themes, for which you can use this topic on how not to repeat themes,link. Opinion, point 2.- Always think of simple topics, but read or study before asking. Many users do not understand that a forum is more a place to ask for help and clarify doubts, than to come and read concepts, on the contrary the concepts are questioned in forums, projects, ideas. Don't be afraid post
  12. Once again let me remind us Reporting is a general duty, don't sit and fold your arms when you come across useless content or unwanted information that is against the law. You are not helping matter, play your own part as a loyal member by reporting any illicit act, such as spamming/ copy and paste, paraphrasing, offensive or abusive content, giving dislike illegally Etc Let's continue to take collective responsibility for the forum to remain clean, neat and safe for all
  13. It's never too late to start doing the right thing, your dream future can begin at any level. It doesn't matter whether you're a new beginner or senior member. And it doesn't count on how many warning points you have received or period of time you had been in suspension. As long as you're focus and committed to correct your mistakes by working hard, you'll never cease to succeed. You can be anything you want to be no matter what you have been through. Therefore your post is an instrument for change, don't ever let your worries limit you, and believe in yourself even if no one does. You will mark great success, remarkable achievements in future. That will makes you proud in life. As usual keep posting in accordance to the existing protocols of the forum and at any cost never try to compromise them. I urge you to always be a good ambassador of cryptotalk. Have a nice postings...
  14. Hi friends, Just a a little advice, there have been many crypto sites this days and among all those there are also scam sites in both sections including exchanges and wallets. I want to share one exchange site that you should never use it.. Its known as changehing ( they promise to give exchange your bitcoins to paypal in high rates than all other exchanges, but they will just steal your money. Many people have lost their money with it according to trustpoint review.. They will pay you 7800.$ for 1 BTC while the normal price is 6800.$ look this picture.. we should be very careful when choosing crypto stes.
  15. We start our journey in cryptocurrency and usually we known nothing but try to find ways to make good profit and dream big. As a beginner I thought that I was learning a lot very fast, but it took me a longer time to find some very important things that I think they should be teached from the beginning. I made a list of them and I give to beginners with this post some shortcuts to know and you can also do your research too. Bitcoin is a long term investment. This means that we buy and can hold for years. We don't need to trade and don't need to learn to trade. We can buy and hold. Best time to buy. It is rare to find the best time to buy. This year it was when price dropped a lot. But if price goes to 100k then 15k is not too much and profit is always profit. Just don't buy after price has gone up 2000% in a year. Where is the bottom. You buy the bottom when there is blood on the street. When you hear people talking about Bitcoin being dead and it has zero interest. Best time to buy was 2018. Where is the top. The top is not even close where we are now. You will know it, when your hairdresser talks to you about cryptocurrency and tells you about his/her last investment in Ripple. This is a sign of a bubble and you should think of de-investing only then. Make plans and stick to them. Before you invest make a good plan and don't have emotions about your investment. Don't listen to the noise and the influencers. They will advice you to sell at the worst time and they will tell you to buy when they want to sell. Don't listen to anyone that claims to be an expert. Instead read what simple people are saying that are honest and have no agenda behind them. Look at the past advice given in Cryptotalk and prefer to listen to the people in here from the youtubers and the social media advertisers. Look for investments in cryptocurrencies that you think they will stay for 50 years and not for what seems to be a bad idea but can pump the price because of whales. You don't need pump and dumps. Learn where you invest. You have to learn how Bitcoin works above anything else. First learn about Bitcoin then start the rest. Learn the technical terms and use them too. We use these words like decentralization because this is how they are called. We don't use any else and if you have them translated it will make only confusion. This is part of marketing too and some words are tested and chosen. When you learn, only then try to convince others. If you don't know why Bitcoin is better from banks you can't answer any other question. All these along with anything that has to do with avoiding scammers and protecting your safety while on the internet helped me a lot and I wish I did all the above from the first day I joined this field. It would have saved me more times.
  16. 💕💕 Happy new year💕💕 Dear members what you think price will increase in 2021 or not like talk token and bitcoin will increase their price or not? Talk token has low value from 1 month so what you think it will increase or decrease I think it will increase their price and bitcoin also increase. Tell me your suggestions. Dear If you like the post give me good reactions.💓
  17. Hello guys I'm new here in crypto world, I need an advice what is the best wallet for beginners like me in crypto world, I just started a few weeks and I'm thinking what is the best wallet for me, then I remember, This Wonderful Crypto Talk forum where members are nice to each other and, where have many old and professional in crypto world know about cryptocurrency wallets. I hope you guys have a good day ❤️ Thankyou in advanced.
  18. Many beginners are looking for how to obtain capital in order to start trading on the platforms in order to rely on themselves to make a profit, and I will tell you in this article about three ways in order to be able to find your own capital: The first way: It is the easiest way because you can through one of the brokers that you exchange paper currencies for cryptocurrencies and this is done through a person or through a PayPal card or bank transfers. The second way: is to work on the forum in order to achieve some profits in order to trade with it on one of the platforms, and you can rely on the yobit platform because it is a safe platform and there is good liquidity. The third way: It is by participating in some contests on Twitter because there are many competitions that give good prizes and their terms are easy, such as retweeting and commenting with a tag for friends. You can rely on one of these methods and then you can start your trading and earn profits to increase your capital or withdraw those profits to shop with.
  19. Dear friends below I have mentioned the screen short, don't try to join this group this guy will hack you account at the same time because I have a proof I have tried to join but my telegram account was hacked by this member therefore this my advice in advance don't try.
  20. What is the reason why we have the right to post from some categories while opening a thread? For example ; Crypto World, Services, Referal Link. I want to post in these categories. It is closed and I cannot post. I can't write a comment.
  21. Hello colleagues, currently each one maintains their own advice, since through experiences they have been acquired, but what better way than to be able to share with each one of you, so that new people do not make mistakes that perhaps we made, or had during the way. Before starting to invest, keep in mind that each investment carries a risk, and why is this said? This is mentioned, because practically your money is given to a third party, so your money, will leave to be yours, and will begin to be someone else's. That said, I will leave you some tips that I personally consider will guide you, now that you want to start investing, I hope they will help you. 1. Do your own research: It will sound difficult but believe me that it will not be like that, the only thing you have to do is, a personal analysis with which you can reach a conclusion of whether or not it is a good investment option, you can search in different information sites, to be able to create your own analysis. 2. Invest with an adult mind: It will sound funny, but it is true since you will not always have gains, and when you obtain a loss, do not blame another since each one must have that mind of an adult and accept that it was your decision, not someone else's. . 3. Diversify: This point is the most important, since it will help you avoid maximum losses, the diversification point, consists of only occupying a part of your capital and not placing everything in one place, in this way you avoid losing all your money. 4. Maintain a control of investments. It is something that I recommend, since in this way you can have a control of all your investments, in which you could add, the total return that has been maintained during the month, the time you have already been investing, until when the investment ends, etc. . Something that you can use is an exel sheet, since it comes with the exact tools to keep a correct control. These are some tips that I could give you since it is a topic that covers a lot, even so remember that you can tell me what you think, maybe I am missing one that you consider important, if so, comment below and also remember that if it has been helpful this article, remember to give me a like or any reaction that you consider correct, your friend tutocash says goodbye, we'll see you soon, bye.
  22. Disabling of talk coin rewards for rating has accurately defines the kind of members and large percentage of members cryptotalk forum has... Are they really members that claims to be responsible or it is just for earnings!?.. Because nowadays every one can see numerous members active participating but less reputations in circulation. Members don't bother about sharing reputations again since the development of refusal of that 50 max talk coin to earn was announced. This is disappointing knowing that reputations is not only essential for earning talk coin but plays significant role in motivations and inspiring topics writers, responsible members to continue to posts the best of the best crypto currency information concerning different aspects or sections that everyone is benefiting from. As well very important for compensation payment paid in BTC. So in view of this I appeal to every member in the forum irrespective of levels to value and maintain the same order of sharing reputations but to only quality, relevant and useful postings. In same vain rate low quality, useless posts negatively because cryptotalk is not a forum for sharing meaningless crypto information. Together we learn..... together we benefits
  23. Hello! How are you? It became very interesting to me what kind of forums it was, internally what and how in this area, and I decided to go in and register, and you know what? I like! Only now I'm a beginner, and besides, I do not know English very well, I ask you to help in developing this site.
  24. Last time, I got encountered from my friend @Calvinpriva with some questions😜.You can see questions are looking simple but actually not, they are technical cryptocurrency and blockchain technology related questions.He asked me questions not due to reason he does not know about them but main intention was to help newcomers on this forum. I tackled his questions in PM and thought like it will be also helpful for this community. Let's see how did I face him. 1. Those who own crypto wallets, where do they store those coins? Cryptocurrency is utterly into blockchain technology. Blockchain forms an irreversible database where all wallet addresses and funds into it are stored. Your crypto wallet address has two important things or variables i.e.Public key and private key which will be directly related with coins/tokens stored to that wallet and it is followed by complex cryptographic codes. So if the wallet is non-custodial, you can have full control over your private key but in the case of custodial or hot online wallets, they store your private key in their separate server but still, your crypto will be stored in blockchain. 2. We can stake,save and invest our coins in some exchanges/wallets and earn a profit, how do they get that interest to give us? It is quite relatable, how your bank gives you interests for saving the amounts😜? They also invest funds collected from their customers into productive fields like agriculture, hydro-power, etc, right? Exactly the same, if exchanges or wallets are giving you returns for investing or saving the amounts means they are also using your funds to invest in something stable or productive sectors to gain profits and some portion will be given you as a return.Staking works to strengthen the network and exchange or wallet give you reward for that purpose. 3. How do crypto wallets generate coin addresses for their wallet users to receive coins? I give you an answer which will be applicable for all the blockchain networks.Crypto wallets are such special programs that are capable of creating unmatched and irreversible alphanumeric characters(will be stored in blockchain while sending or receiving crypto into it) which you might represent as identifier or crypto wallet address with a set of two variables i.e. public key and private keys. If you have a multi-coin wallet means it is capable of creating addresses to support so many coins or tokens from different blockchain networks. P.S.I really appreciate your feedback if there are any corrections needed in my answers 🙏
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