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Found 37 results

  1. Crypto Money Telegram faucet. Every 12 hours you can take from 0.000001BTC to 0.99BTC Earning Money: 1. Faucet 2. Referrals Faucet: Press 1 button and take you reward (no need captcha) You can take BTC only 2 times a day Referrals: You earn 200 satoshi and 10% from each roll of the faucet of your referral Withdraw: Minimum output: 0.0012BTC (120000 Satoshi) Links: Referral: Default: Let's earn together!
  2. Всем привет, делюсь инфой о заработке. Читай до конца, там халява.Проект Tronex на базе криптовалюты TRONДаёт бешеный процент, только что стартанул, буквально, месяц назад.Смысл в том что, к примеру, вкинул 1000 трон, у тебя 2 кошелька, тот что заморожен на эту 1000 и тот на который приходит % с этой 1000, если не выводить, то на холодном накопится 1000 и ты выводишь тело + % х2, тобишь 2000, если снимать % каждый день, то смарт-контракт будет работать до потери пульса, пока ты не дождешься сам на холодном кошельке х2(сумму заморозки).И так, поэтапно:1. Скачиваем Tron Wallet ( AppStore/Play Market)Регистрация простейшая, главное сохраните 12 парольных слов к себе в заметки.Далее идем на bestchange и меняет вашу валюту на тронДалее по скринам: 1) Жмем в левом нижнем углу кнопку браузера. 2) Вставляем ссылку ( Реф ) ( Не реф ) 3) Нажимаем кнопку "Сделать депозит" 4) Вводим сумму ( от 100 TRX ) и нажимам кнопку "Make deposit" после чего подтверждаем ( в случае с моб приложением вас перенаправит на подтверждение перевода ), в случае использования расширения TronLink у вас выскочит окно в котором также нужно подтвердить. Указывайте сумму на вашем кошельке минус 2-5 монет,это комиссия.После этого запускается смарт контрак и начинает долбить вам бешенный % в сутки. В данный момент уже 60% Так же добавлю несколько своих скриншотов, лично вложил чуть больше 10 баксов, увидим как приумножу Ребята, никого не заставляю вкладывать деньги, в любом случае есть риски, но проект платит, и немаленькие бабки, немного он да и проживет Есть небольшая реферальная программа1 линия 5%2 линия 2%3 линия 0,5%
  3. Working on the Internet is not an illusion or a myth that we have heard about since ancient times, rather it is a tangible fact, there are many people who do not have jobs around the world, but the Internet was the appropriate refuge for them, in India there is the largest proportion of employment on the Internet, harnessing their energies in various Business presented on the network, the advantage of working on the Internet is that you can do your tasks anywhere and anytime, flexibility is one of the wonderful things in working on the Internet, but it is not easy at all, you need to spend a lot of effort and time and waste Money sometimes, you are competing between millions of users who want to work in the digital space. On the Internet there is no unemployment, no limited seats, and the most important thing is that the more your grandfather and your diligence increase the amount of money you earn. You may be a regular-time employee and have a respectable monthly salary. Nevertheless, there is no harm in getting a few extra dollars using the skills and experience that you possess, there are no shortcuts in working on the Internet, but rather it takes effort and wasting a lot of time I want ask !! What is the best way to make money from the Internet? :!
  4. Money is the center of the world when it comes to humans and developed cities. Every single thing that we do now is dependent on money, and we are always adding to our endless list of things that we want to buy. Android is the most common operating system for mobile devices and the best way to earn cryptocurrency anywhere, anytime! It's not going to make you rich fast, but it will definitely help you earn some extra money to supplement some stuff that you may want to buy... consider it to be a second income. These are the android apps that I use to earn cryptocurrency from anywhere: 1. Free Bitcoin 2. Free Bitcoin Cash 3. Blockchain 4. Free Litecoin 5. FreeAirdrop 6. TV-TWO Give them a try and see how much you can make. No investment needed in each one. 😎
  5. 🚀 From Zero to Hero. Get Ideas That Will Shape Your View Of Building Extra passive income!💰 - How to generate money in these new economic conditions? - Is it really too late to become rich and build strong revenue? - Earn money even while you are sleeping. Sounds great learn how to make it true Speakers: 📍Ray Fares CEO Chatello - onDemand Monetization 📍Jorge Sebastiao CTO , Advisor & International Speaker 📍Grigory Rybalchenko Founder & CEO EMIREX GROUP 🔥 Join our experts will introduce opportunities and guide us on how to generate money in this new economy, build a strong revenue, and earn passive income.👇 Date: Tuesday, 16 Jun 2020, 3:00 PM (UAE Time) BOOK YOUR VIRTUAL SEAT NOW! : [BOOK YOUR VIRTUAL SEAT NOW! : [http:/]
  6. Gaming Industry has become Billions of Dollars Industry. Around Two Billion people worldwide have become part of this industry. The Gaming Industry with including billions of people, is also experiencing a Paradigm Shift through Revolutionary Blockchain Technology. I aim to introduce you this Paradigm Shift of Gaming Industry with the apps that i have. not just only game apps but all legal CryptoEarning apps. to be honest i have not much time to spend in here. Just want to be a participate of cryptotalk's bounty which is partnered with yobit. so lets start big and let me share One Of The coolest BCGames on my archive with you. Introducing WAR RIDERS You can also use the referal code if you want to join "Bitmovio" - bitmovio-bvTTO ~ War Riders: Mine or Die, Your Next Favorite Blockchain Game ~ * What’s the deal here ? * War Riders place itself as the next generation, post-apocalyptic MMO Strategy Game in which you can blow up cars and mine BZN Token. With the benefits of the blockchain, the players will enjoy a peer to peer decentralized marketplace for their needs. Users can trade their in-game assets by using BZN, the only form of payments left in the Wastelands. By playing the game you will be able to accumulate Loot Crates and Virtual Goods in their way to BZN Waypoints, your next-door Gasoline Store. In War Riders players will be able to rob others on the move or at least, their cars by using your own. Let’s say for example the enemy goes for BZN Hunt, you can follow him, steal all the goods and return safe, hopefully, to your garage. So in summary ; WarRiders is the game similar like "Flatout" or "WreckFest" And little bit "Blur". Simply - Smash and Destroy the opponents, be the last one and claim the bet with "Mining" please remember that i have not much time to spend here and please consider my post's with this rule. Love You All ...
  7. Now BTC is approx 6700$ can anyone guess the prise of BTC in next 2 month..
  8. Hello! Cryptotalk Users, Today in this topic, I am going to explain on how you can earn or get rewards/gift cards from the Capterra. What is Capterra? Capterra is a software review site designed for businesses who want to find a product that will help improve their processes. On Capterra, you can see free and paid reviews of software and apps from individuals or companies. Per month, you're able to write five to ten reviews for the Capterra and the rewards for each published reviews will be around ($5-10). How to Join Capterra? For joining on Capterra, First go to their official website After the site loads up, you can simply sign in with your LinkedIn account or sign up using your Gmail or business email. I would recommend you to create the account in Capterra with your business email cause, this way its proofs that you're owning your business or alternatively login with LinkedIn. 1. After you Log in with your LinkedIn account, you're able to see this screen.(see the screenshot attached) You can see your dashboard, and also you can add your job info and other details to complete your profile in your dashboard. Note that, profile level is indicated by green progress bar, and make sure you've completed your profile. 2. After you complete your profile, you can visit Software Used menu on the left side of Navigation bar, and select the software products you use at work. You can also use the search feature which would assist you finding the right software you use at your desk. 3. In the dashboard section, You can see 'Write a Review' option on the topmost right corner, and after you click on the option, you're able to see the screen as shown as below: 4. You can simply search for the software products you use at work and start writing your first review in Capterra. For example, I am searching Visual Studio Code in the search bar, and able to get the right software I used at work. 5. After you select your software product, you can start writing your first review, and the interface will be shown something like this, 6. You can start filling your required details in the form, and after you finish up the form, you simply click next to move on to the next page. 7. On the next page, you can rate for the software products. The rating is based on your decision, and you're likely to react based on your experience with the software. The rating page would be like this, as shown in the screenshot below. 8. After you finished up your rating procedures, you simply click on next to go the page(3/3), which is the last page and you're able to write your complete overview of the software products. 9. On this page, you must focus on four major things in particular. That includes, 1. Title of the Review 2. Pros; What do you like best in the software? 3. Cons; What do you like least about the software? 4. Describe your overall experience with the software (optional) 10. After you give a complete overview or review of the software, you can submit the review form, and make sure you solve the captcha(reCAPTCHA) correctly for getting your review submitted successfully. After you submit your review you're likely to receive message in your email. The email would simply look like this, see the screenshot below: 11. After you submit all details and get this mail from Capterra Reviews Team, your review will be manually examined by the team, and if your reviews follow their site guidelines. Once submitted your reviews will take at least five business days to be verified and published. 12. You can manually check your published reviews in their official website. 13. The published reviews on the website can be manually checked by visiting Below is the screenshot of the published review that I had submitted a week before in Capterra. 14. Lastly, the payment proof of my work is here. See the screenshot below. I have also published similar contents here in the Cryptotalk forum before, you can also check from this Link 👉Earn_with_G2 Thank you dear friends for your valuable time reading this article. If you've any queries you may leave a comment or mention me if you want to know further information regarding the software reviews. I hope this article will be helping you to publish your first software review in Capterra, get your rewards/incentives in return for your time and contribution. I Wish You Happy Earning!! Stay Home Stay Safe!!
  9. #ANTIBOUNTY Decentralization of real events! 😎Take part in the №1 ANTIBOUNTY campaign in the Cryptoworld! ANTIBOUNTY transforms the cryptocurrency industry and brings clarity and fairness to all the participants! Antibounty is a powerful tool for earning cryptocurrency for all participants. Earn cryptocurrency for completing tasks. Post tasks and get feedback from real crypto users. Instant payment for Retweet, Like, Follower on Twitter! Antibounty is the only service in the world that provides you with activity from real crypto users with confirmation of orders & tasks on the blockchain! GET STARTED How Does Antibounty Twitter Tools Work? Antibouny based on the DPOS blockchain with instant payments, built-in wallet and exchange platform for popular cryptocurrencies. Each promo operation is saved in blockchain and can be checked in the Blockexplorer. Every follower, like, retweet comes from an real individual, from 1 and only device, unique IP, we guarantee that nothing will ever happen to your Twitter page. Antibounty don't offer services from robots or ghost accounts. Only Real People! SIGN UP How to start making money in the Antibounty: Open the Online STH wallet on the platform website Register a wallet! Only YOU have access to your account! Instant payment for Retweet, Like, Follower on Twitter! Earn Cryptocurrency and Enjoy ANTIBOUNTY! We are happy to announce the official information about ANTIBOUNTY on CRYPTOTALK! ANTIBOUNTY is a brand new bounty campaign format. Anyone can participate in the campaign. The rules are very simple! It all depends only on you and the number of completed quests! Payments every 7 days! Assignments published in this branch ANTIBOUNTY How to participate in the ANTIBOUNTY campaign: Register your Smartholdem wallet on the platform website and get your STH address. Payments for the campaign will be made to this address. Registering a wallet will take 60 seconds. After receiving the payments, you can immediately send coins from the wallet to a decentralized exchange and exchange them for any cryptocurrency IMPORTANT! All reports, concerning the bounty campaign, are accepted in the ANTIBOUNTY branch. Avatar campaign ANTIBOUNTY Avatar per week: Junior Member 15 STH Member 50 STH Full member 75 STH Sr member 150 STH Hero member 350 STH Legendary - 500 STH Avatar - click on the picture to download or use this link Signature campaign ANTIBOUNTY Signature per week: Junior Member 15 STH Member 50 STH Full member 75 STH Sr member 150 STH Hero member 350 STH Legendary - 500 STH Signature - click on the picture to download or use this link To join the campaign, please write a comment in this topic: Application format: "Cryptotalk username: Cryptotalk profile link: STH adress: GL & HF!
  10. Coinbase earn is a campaign that the exchange coinbase is carrying out in which it gives away different cryptocurrencies for learning about them. In a super simple way you can earn more than € 150 in different cryptocurrencies that you can exchange for any other digital currency or for euros or dollars in a super simple way.
  11. Surf + earn + advertise: Free Advertising on Signup Free Adshares Giveaway Surf to earn Free CST Tokens Earn Passively with Adshares Boost Adshares Earning by Surfing Earn Advertising Credits by Surfing Earn up to 40 percents Commissions on Purchases Earn 10 percents Commissions on each Adshare Purchase Hybrid Active and Passive Earning System Up to 150 percents Cashback on Adshares This is our New Idea, and we are proud to offer you a Unique Custom Script with Outstanding Features. CryptoSurf has a fantastic Commission Plan and more money can be accumulated through our Adshare Cashback System! CryptoSurf..Where Surfing Pays! Surf and Collect Credits usable to promote your sites to others, in addition you earn our Tokens that can be exchanged into Ads or Adshares. You also earn Blocks to participate in our Block Lottery! FX365 Adshares will last until you will have earned back up to 150% of your FX365 Adshare spend or after 365 Days. You can chose to surf or a passive earning return. Click to register and earn This is the proven payer with many payout proofs.
  12. Hi people, Today I am going to tell you how get bitcoins for free. It is very simple. All you need to do is sign up to this website and click the claim button! It is literally as easy as this! There are a few catches however. First of all, to benefit the most from your hourly claims, you need to deposit at least $50 worth of bitcoins. If you do that, you’ll be making more than twice satoshis per hour. Also if you want to click freely without having to solve any captchas, you need to deposit at least $100 worth of coins. Captchas can be tiresome after a while so I strongly recommend this. There is more stay with me, If you somehow manage to collect more than 30k satoshis, your coins start to collect interest payments every day from the 4.08%/year rate. I mean that’s great! You will quickly realize there are other stuff like lottery points, reward points and multiply btc where you can gamble. Honestly, I disabled lottery points and never used the casino feature seriously. Lottery only makes sense if you somehow gather too many referrals and make many lottery tickets and gambling is just gambling. In the long run you’ll lose everything so you better avoid those. Reward points however can come in handy. Especially after you collect at least 1.2k points. If you get to that point you can slowly start using the reward point bonus. You can raise your reward points at by at least %50 if you manage to claim your rewards 18 times a day. It can be tiring but if you prepare yourself well, you can probably get as much as %66. After you get get 100k reward points, just dump them for satoshis. Alternatively you can try to use the free btc bonus by spending your reward points and make even more satoshis than dumping your reward points straight away but this seems like too much work to me. If you trust your mental health you can try it. Personally I am not that crazy. Here it is… If you liked this article don’t forget to register via my link in my signature. Source:
  13. What is the currency you love most?
  14. Hi all Cryptotalk members! This is first method that I used to earn crypto, and I still use it daily, apart from this forum. This is with the coinpot faucets which provide me with a great income in crypto daily! is a microwallet for Bitcoins, Dogecoins, Litecoins, Dash and Mooncash. All of your earnings will be transferred to you coinpot micro-wallet, and from there it can be withdrawn easily to your wallet. The minimum withdrawals are very low, and you can withdraw with no withdrawal fees when you are withdrawing to your wallet. Also, the best part is that for each claim you make on any of their faucets, you get 3 coinpot tokens! You can exchange this for any cryptocurrency that you want! Teh conversion rate depends on the exchange rate of that crypto at the time, but generally for every 3 tokens you get 3 to 5 satoshi. This is amazing, as it means that if you claim from all 7 faucets every five minutes, that is an extra 21 to 35 satoshi every 5 minutes. Apart from the claims you will be making!! It's a great opportunity. Also you earn stars for achieving missions. One star rewards you with 100 tokens. And there is various tasks you can do to earn these stars! The person with the most start at the end of each month will be rewarded with 10 million coins, which is the equivalent of 0.1 BTC at least!! Join and start earnign now! You can join with the following steps: Step 1: Registration Register an account at coinpot with the following link: Link: All you need to register is a valid email address that you have access to so that you can validate you email address and confirm your withdrawals. Also, when you log in, it will ask you to validate the IP address, just to make sure that no one else can access your account. Step 2: Start earning crypto There are a total of seven faucets that you can claim from directly to coinpot, and their claim rates are pretty good. I will list all the faucets below, their links and the benefits of each one. The first 5 faucets are moon faucets, and they all have the same benefits, which are: Each faucet allows you to claim every five minutes, but you can claim anytime you want. If you miss five minutes, and only come back in ten minutes, don't worry. Your satoshi will accumulate in that time and rise on its own. You get a daily loyalty bonus which is added to every claim. If you claim for 100 days straight, everyday at least once a day, this will mean that your loyalty bonus will be 100% and you will start getting double your claim each time you claim! Amazing! Mystery bonuses are also given on each claim. This is some random value given between 1% and 100%, that you just get to add on to your claim. This happens for every claim! Lastly you get a referral bonus. For every referral that you have you get an additional 1%, so for 100 referrals you will have 100% referral bonus. All of these benefits mean that you have the potential to earn a 300% bonus on all your claims, meaning your claims will be times the amount you claim every five minutes! How great is that! Please sign up to the faucets using my referral link, and inbox me when you sign up with my referral link. This way I know who has used my referral link. And every week I give away 20,000 satoshi to one of my active referrals. Just like that. Every week. So sign up with my referral link and you can be earning 20,000 satoshi every week, just by claiming from coinpot! That simple. I will inbox you and ask for your BTC address and deposit it. I have a program that selects a referral at random, so the choice is completely random. I assure you. So here are the moon faucets: (To use any of these faucets, just enter the email address that you used to sign up to and it will be automatically linked) 1. Link: 2. Link: 3. Link: 4. Link: 5. Link: There are two more faucets that you can use on coinpot. These are: 6. Bitfun Link: Here you can claim every three minutes, and it also has games and a dice game that you can use to multiply your earnings fast! The dice game is a bit risky, but your earnings from here are solid. Just like the moon faucets. So keep claiming from here and you will be earning lots of crypto in no time. They also have an offer-wall if you are interested in earning extra from surveys, ptc ads and so on. 7. BonusBitcoin Link: Here you claim every 15 minutes and can earn a random amount of satoshi up to 5000 satoshi for each claim. At 15 minutes between each claim, the odds are stacked in your favor. And another surprise is that every day you get a 5% bonus of your earnings over the last 72 hours! This will be added to your coinpot account automatically every morning. So this is coinpot. I hope I have made a useful post to you guys and I encourage you to join and earn. Please use my Ref link if you are joining and you could win 20,000 satoshi per week just for being one of my referrals. I will most likely send you 20,000 satoshi directly into your coinpot account so that there is no fee to withdraw from. Just inbox me that you joined from my ref link and i will add you to the list. Every week, I randomly generate one person from the list and inbox them for their wallet, and you will have the funds in your account within a couple days. All the best crypto earners, and I hope to see you in Good luck. Let's earn crypto together. P.S: This is proof of payment from my account on on the last two payments I have made.
  15. Stable income from the exchange of cryptocurrencies for money: you only need an email and a bank account or account in a payment system (Qiwi, Yandex Money, etc.) - Any user can receive income from transactions with other members of Sign up (email only needed) and create an ad to buy or sell BTC Choose the currency and the exchange method (in total, there are more than 30 methods available) In the price window, enter the desired exchange rate or a dynamic calculation formula for any exchange. For example, if you specify the formula binance_btcrub * 0.90, the rate will be 10% lower than on Binance. Make a deal on the platform and make a profit - the difference between the market price and the price of your ad. From this profit, 1% is automatically deducted as platform commission. Consider an example: the BTC rate on Binance is 650 thousand rubles. You have 300k to open your first buy trade. You set the price binance_btcrub * 0.95 and make a transaction to exchange rubles for 0.485 BTC. Your profit from this operation is 12 thousand rubles after deducting the platform commissions. Then sell 0.485 BTC on binance_btcrub * 1.05. and get 328 thousand rubles. Profit - 16 thousand rubles. If during the day you make 6 transactions (3 in each direction), in the evening your profit will be 70 thousand rubles. Exchange rules: 1) The exchange takes place directly between the participants of the platform; The Monabey service acts as a guarantee service for the security of transactions. 2) When a deal is opened at any address, the required exchange amount in BTC is frozen in the seller's balance. These funds are not available for withdrawal or reuse until the end of the transaction. 3) If, after the buyer sends the funds, the seller does not confirm receipt of the transfer within 12 hours, the BTC is automatically credited to the buyer. 4) If the buyer did not transfer money (rubles, dollars or euros) under the transaction, the seller can file a complaint (open a dispute). The moderator will ask the buyer for checks and receipts as proof of a successful transfer. If no proof is provided, the transaction is canceled and the seller's BTC is thawed. Sign up and start earning money at Mona
  16. Receive a $500 Amazon gift card for your holiday shopping !! Visit This link submit your email and win $500 Amazon Gift Card. This offer is available for US people. So don't miss!! Click Here or visit
  17. Trust Wallet is a secure, open-source, decentralized and anonymous Ethereum wallet application that supports Ethereum and over 20,000 different Ethereum based tokens (ERC20, ERC223 and ERC721), seeing significant user adoption since its launch in November 2017. The company has built a reputation for security and has held itself to the guiding principles that it will never access user wallets, hold private keys, and ask for personal information. Step-by-Step Guide: Download Trust Wallet for Android/IOS. : Buys $50+ worth of crypto You can see them instantly and withdraw them Receive 125 TWT to your wallets You can withdraw them or exchange them for any crypto Enjoy 🌟
  18. So today’s website is a site that will help us earn RUB.💰 the website is , a very well known website. I personally withdraw from it more than 48 times... HOW TO EARN? 📌 surfing Ads. 📌 Daily bonuses. 📌 invest (optionally). THE MINIMUM TO WITHDRAW? 📌Is only 1 RUB (you can hit it easily). 📌they support a lot of wallets (payeer...). WHY I LIKE THIS WEBSITE? simply just because the ads are kinda unlimited ( the ads renewed every 7 min , 13 min... randomly) you finish your ads 5 mn later you find new ones.! 📌 Here’s my link: what you think 💭 guys?
  19. is a platform that pays users to interact. I think that I did a post about a few months ago but the platform was in the starting steps back then and earning from activities there was limited. Lately, the platform got a huge donation of $100,000 by Marc De Mesel who is a major Bitcoin Cash proponent. The paying system has changed a few times recently and right now on average, I'm earning around $0,90 daily just for spending around an hour with this platform. Important Steps The website offers an online wallet. You register with a username and password, but you are also given a seed phrase and a derivation path. Save all of them as you won't be able to access the platform if you don't have them. You earn: Through tips other members give you for your articles, short posts, and comments, By being active, posting articles or writing small posts, commenting and upvoting you get random points which are adding to a daily counter. Point system: As you can see by the image I earned 307.6 points today which roughly equal to $1. The amount of $0.75 is the total I have in my account right now. The points are turning into USD once per day automatically. They have detailed instructions about the points system and it is important to know that they have a random mechanism of distribution. On average I earn $0,90 daily by the point system alone. I got a few donations in some of my articles too but not too much. There is also a sponshorship system which I find really interesting. If you write quality articles you will get sponsors that pay you a certain amount per month (usually small amounts). The $0.75 I have left was from some sponsors if I remember correctly. Proof of Withdrawals: I've withdrawn many times from the platform so far. The website is supportive of Bitcoin Cash and many investors and Bitcoin Cash developers involved with the Coin are writing there. You can withdraw using many cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero and more. I've used XMR and BCH so far. The withdrawal process is automatic, meaning you own the wallet and the funds do not need a third party to verify the withdrawal. There is a limit of $1 for withdrawls. Payment in Monero: You choose which crypto you want and you have a non-custodial wallet on your browser running on the website. I have referred ten people already from my forum signature and in case some people were discouraged so far by the payments (including me) know that the platform has changed and you can earn something now. From comments I've read everyone is earning a small amount close to $1 daily, just for browsing for an hour and making short posts, reading other articles, upvoting and commenting. My referral link is: I would also recommend to turn on your sponsorship status. There are directions how to do it by the dev. Notify me if you have any problems or questions.
  20. Hello, Cryptotalk friends Today in this topic, I am going to explain how you can earn with Capterra; a software review website. 1. First of you need to sign up to this website. 👉 Capterra. Alternatively, you can log in with LinkedIn for quick access. 2. After sign up you need to verify your email, and click on the confirmation link sent to your email. After confirmation, you can log in to your account. 3. In the dashboard, you can update your profile and saved the software you use at work. 4. You can see 'Write a Review" option on the Top, and you can click on it to write your first review. (See the screenshot for further details.) 5. After you click on 'Write a review" option, you are directed to the next page and asked to search or select the software you use at work. After you select the right software you can select review option and start writing the software review. 6. You can fill required details in the form and proceed next to write reviews. On the next page you can give ratings for the overall performance of the software. 7. On the third page, you can write reviews for the software you use. Make sure you focus specially on these four things; i) Title of the review ii) Features that you liked most in the software(pros) iii) Features that you liked least in the software(cons) iv) Your overall experience with the software 8. After you update all these four things you can click 'Submit' option to submit your review. 9. It will take at least a week for your review to be manually verified by Capterra team, and if approved will be published in the capterra website. 10. Only verified reviews that are published in the websites are eligible to get gift cards from capterra. Make sure you get invitation from capterra to write software reviews, if you write reviews just by visiting the website and gets published it will be counted as organic review and will not be offered incentives/rewards for the review. For getting gift cards for your review you need to have invitation link sent from capterra.
  21. Im curious if some people earn alot of bitcoins I mean they just good in earning it and by that they make this a full time job
  22. Hi everybody, Today I want to introduce a wonderful micro task platform that name is reviewhunt. New Reviewhunt Launched Recently. Now after approval of you works you get paid after four hours. In New reviewhunt you Get paid for joining simple marketing quests. One account for hunters/makers. Earn rewards as a hunter and create quests as a maker all in one account. It's very simple interface to launch any marketing quest. Join Reviewhunt Platform 1. Get paid for joining simple marketing quests: In Reviewhunt, there are many simple marketing related quests you can join and earn rewards. In the beta period, a total of 10,514 quests were performed within just five months. In the new Reviewhunt, there are already 17 simple and fun marketing quests are ready for you. If you join and get approvals from all the quests listed now, you can get paid up to $80.1. Reviewhunt, will keep promote continuously,so that more quests can be generated constantly! 2. Get paid by USD Point / 4 hours payout period: After you’ve joined a Quest and successfully approved your proof submission, you will earn USD (United State Dollar) Point as your quest reward. If you’ve received a $10 reward from joining a quest, you will get $10 worth of HUNT tokens when you withdraw your reward, so you don’t need to be bothered by the price fluctuation. Also, you will be paid 4 hours after your submission has been approved by the maker regardless of whether the whole quest has finished or not. 3. Super simple interface to create a marketing quest: Do you need new users? Followers? Subscribers? More review content? Any marketing mission you need urgently can be completed through a Reviewhunt quest with just a few clicks. Here are some examples of the quests you can run: 📱 Download / Activities 🚀 Channel Boost ✍ Social / Blog Review 🍏 App Store Review 📝 Survey 🧪 Custom Quest 4. Zero fees to create a quest if you use HUNT tokens After simplifying the quest creation process so that anyone can launch a simple task (like boosting your Youtube channel, increasing followers, etc.), we will also make HUNT token payment as the most lucrative option. If you use HUNT token to payout, you will have the 20% fee waived. 5. One account for hunters/makers → Requires you to re-join Reviewhunt! The new Reviewhunt is using Blockstack auth that protects your digital right. With this new sign up system, reviewhunt is now combining the Maker and Hunter account together. For this change, all user database has been rebooted and you are required to join Reviewhunt again. I worked with Reviewhunt almost over 5 months as a hunter. I earned over 300$ From Here as a hunter. In the end i want to show my recent Earning Proof. I joined the new reviewhunt after launch in 29th Jan 2020. In short time I already earned 41.20$ So are you excited to join Reviewhunt? You can join as a hunter or maker or both. Reviewhunt Signup Link If you already joined reviewhunt then share your exprience here and If you haven't joined yet then join now and also share your exprience here. So that more hunters and makers know about this awesome platform. Source
  23. Listen to music and get paid (14+ websites online) SliceThePie Slicepai will reward you for listening to music, but they ask you to write a review after listening to a song. Just a few sentences, not much. He is said to be the largest paid review website on the Internet, which has paid more than $ 4 million so far and seems fairly respected. Yes, they do pay. And, off the music tracks, the company lets you leave feedback on clothing and many other brands, essentially rewarding you for your opinion. So, if you like listening and / or trying new items, this is a great way to voice your opinion and be rewarded. The better your review, the more you earn. Generally, as long as your review is legible and makes sense, you should have no problem moving up the ranks. Just don’t write something like “it was good” or “it wasn’t good.” The more details, the better. At first, not much can be expected, maybe a few cents per review, but as time progresses, experienced reviewers report more than $ 0.30 per short review. It may be a task at first, but I promise it will be better as long as you can prove yourself. Also, keep in mind that you will need at least $ 10. It is 100% free to join. Website: SliceThePie Music x-ray Music X-ray may possibly be the largest and most reliable website online that rewards you for listening to music. And, to make money, the process is extremely simple. First, like any website I mentioned, you have to create an account. It is free, and during this time, the website basically wants to know about your listening habits as well as what kind of music you listen to, it will do its best to match you with songs of your interest. Then, once you sign up, the website will try its best to match you to the lyrics based on your profile. And, the number of songs you can listen to really depends on your preferences and how many songs are in the song bank at the time of listening. The website pays $ 0.10 per second or up to $ 12 per hour – not bad! With Music Xray, this song is as easy to listen to and it is. Nothing more is required on your end. Once you hit $ 20, you can request payment sent to your PayPal account. Website: Music X-ray HitPredictor HitPredictor, as part of the iHeartMedia family, gives you the power to influence new music, even before being released The company worked with record labels, radio stations and even the band’s manager is. One of these websites, as I have already mentioned, HitPredictor will work in a similar way, asking to react to the songs you originally heard. Every time you do this, the website will give you points, in which you can then give cash for gifts, such as gift cards etc. In addition to listening to music, you can also earn bonuses for artists as well if you complete a certain number of reviews in a certain time period. From the research I did, it appears that you can earn about $ 5 ~ for every 15 songs you can review, each review can take you at least one minute. It all depends on how fast you can type. HitPreditor is open worldwide until you are 13 years or older. Free to join Website: HitPredictor PlaylistPush Do you use Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music? If so, PlaylistPush will not only reward you for listening and reviewing the songs, but if you add it to one of your playlists, the company will also pay you up to $ 12 per song. The company works with artists looking for exposure and curators alike who want to earn money by exposing these artists to their playlists. This is a great platform if you want to support the independent music scene. To qualify for this service, they ask that you have a playlist with at least 400 followers. It’s not as difficult as you think to get followers, because you can often buy them at a lower price on Fiverr, if you don’t want to fussy yourself.
  24. Yobit has 24/7 support and user interface with multiple languages and getting started is really easy to activate. After opening a free account and give their email address and making a deposit, users can start trading immediately.
  25. 1. Investing in a small project: This option is suitable for many to invest their money. It is possible to search for a project that fits the amount of the amount, or even to rely on a micro-project that does not require a lot of money. And small projects that require small capital need more effort and time in return. 2 .. Trading in financial markets: With a small amount, you can trade in the financial markets, such as stock and foreign exchange markets. Since you don't have a lot of money and want to invest only a small amount, But do not forget that when you invest in foreign currencies, you run the risk of losing your money partially or completely. Therefore, before starting any trading process, you must be familiar with the basics and principles of financial market operation. 3. Investing in Learning: And it is absolutely important. Two months ago, I did not even know that there is a thing called digital currencies, but with learning and knowledge today we can say that I started the first way. You can invest a small amount in learning a skill or several skills that may enable you to achieve income in the future, and there are currently many platforms Educational sites and sites that offer detailed lessons and training courses in all areas imaginable. You can also buy e-books to learn a new skill instead of paper books, which are always expensive compared to e-books. One of the best areas that may enable you to achieve financial return is in the areas of e-marketing and the manufacture of mobile and mobile applications. In order to be able to succeed in one of these areas, you will not need a major initial investment in order to learn or master the necessary skills....
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