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Found 11 results

  1. Some people here is having a hard time getting paid in YoBit for their pay-per-post careers. And so I decided to list some tips to follow when posting/replying in threads in the forum. Follow these tips and you'll probably get paid. Some tips for you: 1. Don't burst post. Have an interval of at least 7-10 minutes before posting. 2. Don't just aim for 100 characters. Aim for meaningful content of your reply and not just copying the idea of previous shitpost replies. Aim for meaningful discussions. 3. Spread your posting time. Maximize the day. It's pretty easy to post here than the other forum, so there's no excuses for burst posting because a person "does not have time". 4. Don't focus on the money given. Instead just post in the forum for healthy discussions and don't mind the payment, it would follow as long as you're posts are good and meaningful. You can visit 5. Read the rules and threads by mods in About Forum section: Kindly leave a like if these tips helped 😁
  2. I think forum should share and integrate realtime statistics on website about total Bitcoins paid to users yet, and also bitcoin fund reserved in background for payment. I hope this will bring more transparency in this community forum.
  3. The advent of computer has made a whole lot changes to the way things are done now. Unlike before, traditional market places must be visited for there to be an exchange. Now, Internet has facilitated the way things are done. An exchange of whatever magnitude can be carried out in the comfort of the home without stepping outside. Kudos to this generation.
  4. Do you think will steam accept Bitcoin as a payment option again? Or other altcoins? As you know they were accepting bitcoin before but they said they cant get it anymore because of it's price.So what do you think about it?
  5. Do you know where Can I get payment or pay any amount with safely? I am looking for escrow websites/services that i can make payment with crypto coins.Please share your experience and advices so we can use the websites if they are safe.
  6. Some days ago, I promised one of my friends to pay him $30 for something I bought from him. I wanted to pay him through bitcoin. When I promised him, bitcoin price was $9000 and I calculated the amount to be 0.00334 BTC. Today, I should pay him the money but bitcoin price has decreased to $8.7K! Now, I have to earn more bitcoin to be able to pay him $30. Volatility can cause prices to go higher and benefits you but sometimes it can cause problems like this. How do you promise other people to pay them on time when you can't predict prices? Maybe the solution is to not specify any deadline for payment. The other solution is to pay them in BTC not USD. How do you cope with this problem?
  7. My friend joined cryptotalk forum on 7november 2019, but he has just completed 8/10 posts till now. And new payment Update announced yesterday so now Question arises that which rule will be applicable for him? Old payment Update of 50 posts because he has joined before the announcement came . Or The new payment Update if 100 posts to start receiving payment from 101th post?. Plz try to answer me clearly that 50 posts or 100 posts before start receiving payment.
  8. Brazil is already using its own Blockchain, to make transactions between banks, without borders, its system is the PIX. In the future there will be no TED and DOC. Its transactions are scheduled for November. Pix already has more than 2 million sign-ups to start using it. They are companies and people that are already joining to transition in their Blockchain thousands of BRL (Brazilian Real).
  9. Dear users!Within a couple of days we received complaints and requests to explain the full or partial lack of paymentIt happens for a number of reasons: 1)Your topics, messages have been deleted due to violation of the rules 2)The topics which has been created by spammers have been deleted and your messages from this topics have also been deleted (carefully study which topic you wrote your messages and send your reports if this topic is not created according to the rules and makes no sense) because of this, your message counter in the system could be reduced by a large number of messages. 3) Multi-accounts under bans and the topics which they created were deleted and your messages, too. Now I will try to explain with admin's example how it works:The user has 112 posts in the payment system (of which 64 are subject to payment, since he did more than 30 posts per day on some days). Then many posts were deleted and its current 84 of posts in the system, i.e. the system will not pay until the number of posts again becomes more than 112. For everyone who is interested in payment, I confirm that the payment did not stop and recounting and payments occur ~ 4-6h Update If we delete messages unfortunately the system does not take it away from you and many users think that the messages have not been deleted (we are working on this problem and would fix it) _____________________________________________________ Many users in different topics mention payment in a particular context and can mislead people, now I will write and dispel some myths that I have already seen in different topics:1) Payment does not depend on the number of registered members2) Payment does not depend when you registered3) Payment does not depend on your likes and dislikes4) If you received 1-4 warning point, you will still receive payment until you are banned (5 waring points)5) If you write <100 (80-90) characters, payment for such messages will still be, if your messages are not deleted6) payment does not depend on the time of your registrationThis list will be expanded as new myths are found _____________________________________________________ Update [14.10.2019]Admin said : "Who doesn’t get something on payments for posts - tomorrow the technicians will check and correct" _____________________________________________________ Update [24.10.2019]Now, payment for messages for users begins after the first 50 posts. 50 - you are not paid51 - you get paid for 1 post and all subsequent _____________________________________________________ Update[28.10.2019]Now we are actively adding new sections. In the "Bounties", "Airdrops" and "Off Topic" section, topics & messages to the user profile are not counted. Pay attention that for topics and posts in this sections you won’t receive payment. The forum didn′t stop paying for posts (1post = 1000sat) and won′t stop it, this is a long-term action
  10. Hello guys , this talk is to the modirater here and i hope you can share your opinion with me and what you think about my suggestion that is about : i think they should archive topics and not delete them if they could and the reason why cause the problem of payment , archive topics will removed them to a nowhere place but they still count on our system payment , but delete theme will cuase a payment problem and we wont get paid ever . PS : im talking about topics here and not posts thank you and have a nice day guys
  11. What is the feeling of First payment through Forum?? I m very Happy by my first payment!!!
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