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  1. After all 21 million Bitcoins are mined, miners will be still getting rewards from transactions fee.I think transactions fee will be more at that time according to adoption rate. Until then, I think Bitcoin will be already in the mainstream adoption trend in this world. At that time, its utilization can be even more than we believe so far.So we can not predict its death too early.
  2. Majority of crypto traders falls in this age group. They are bigger investors including whales. I do not think my BTC wallet falls in this group. The major interesting fact is still missing i.e. creator of BTC is still unknown. Another fact, more than 4 millions of Bitcoins were lost forever due to several reasons like, BTC holders died without sharing wallet's private keys, BTC balance lost while sending to the wrong addresses, etc.
  3. I think Bitcoin should not have to wait till the end of 2020 if this current trend keeps inspiring the bullish sentiment in the cryptocurrency markets. Recently, 51% attack is confirmed for ETC so I believe it may impacts the crypto markets soon.
  4. Everyone suggesting newcomers to start tradings to earn benefits in the crypto world. You know very well, so many guys still do not have enough capital to get started trading activities although they have enough knowledge. Majority of members are seeking the best ways to earn online money here so I am trying to find spare time to create a detail tutorial topics to help most of such members on this forum, guests might get idea as well. As the site I have mentioned above, I do not work on both of sites now but I worked on them in the past. Bitgigs just works like Fiver rbut interesting thing is it support BTC as the payment method. You can sell or buy products, or services on this site if you have skills.
  5. It is interesting to know how much can you make per click on a link that you have received in your mailbox ? I caution you, try not to open link without using a good quality antivirus software on your PC! There are so many reports which suggest users are getting suffered from crypto jacking in that way !!
  6. @crockez Quoted text is quite complicated to understand 😊! Did you mean Thunder token is listed on Coinmarketcap? Coinmarketcap itself not an exchange as it is a cryptocurrency and exchange ranking platforms. Another question, I have an old spare phone with android OS under version 5, does it work on it smoothly?
  7. ETH price is around $400 now. I expect this bullish sentiment to lead ETH price above $500 ! I am ETH holder but I also wish, I was a ETH miner because Ethereum PoW miners have already managed to make a life changing benefits.
  8. So your government does not punish them?Not only the matter of KYC,This year, scammers everywhere! So many security companies are busy enough to detect and block new virus/malware everyday. Those people who are into crypto field have to be extra careful because scammers have already developed the technique for crypto jacking.
  9. @Raqeebzy Ok let me to do. Once I am done, there will be a detail review for this wallet for sure. I am going to take risk because I am either going to get free coin or going to loss them completely, I have not worked hard to get such coin.
  10. Thanks for your advise. Fortunately, I have not deposited any amounts to this wallet yet. I do not use it for storing a huge amounts for a long time but I have mistakenly linked Ecoin account with this and I am compelled to chose this wallet to move free Ecoin. I am looking recommendation if there is no problem for using this wallet for a very short term purpose.
  11. Day traders will be always looking for panic sellers to accumulate more valuable cryptocurrencies. It is the common strategies to make profits in the cryptocurrency market i,e. buy crypto at the cheapest possible rate(cutting edge price) HODL them for sometime(Until we do not see the best time to trade) in order to get benefits.
  12. I understand what you are trying to tell here but everyone may not get it correctly. First of all, Bitcoin is not a place, it is a virtual currency. Another point, you have said like "it has a good value and good price movement that can make the job of trader easier". It can not be guaranteed regarding its price , try to understand. High price volatility is true nature of BTC anything can be happened to its price so you have to be ready to take the risks if you expect profits from tradings.
  13. Whited35

    Wallet Wombat??

    @Yomose There are so many bad reviews for both Ecoin and Wombat wallet. Wombat can easily access my private key and another huge problem is, wallet asks permission to access Google Drive or Dropbox ! I wanted to transferred earned Ecoins, there is no way if so ?
  14. Tracking market momentum on different exchanges sites is not so hard now. I use CoinStat to track everything including my investment portfolio. I barely use Localbitcoin but Paxful has been fulfilling my demands just to buy BTC because I never sell BTC on p2p platforms.
  15. Smart idea. If you have enough time to wait while sending fund to your offline wallet, you can still customize gwei and nonce value. I have shared this idea thinking like it will be helpful for those who want to meet a real time price momentum on the exchange sites by sending fund quickly.
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