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  1. Yes, specially the small blockchain networks are at the risk of majority or 51% attack like ETC has faced several times. Malicious miners are dangerous for this sort of attack as they will be capable of controlling hashrate. Investors are supposed to prefer the coins from biggest public blockchain networks if they are no longer able to trust random blockchain networks.
  2. Despite the cases of your mentioned two situations, Micro Strategy again purchased a massive amount of Bitcoin. Myself, I am suspecting whether these bigger institutions are also creating the hypes after purchasing the huge amounts of Bitcoin? The theory is, there is supposed to be unity between some institutions, one institution buys a huge amounts of Bitcoin and later, once price is seen increasing another partner institutions dump the markets and share the profits? What do you think ? Surprisingly, the recent cases for Bitcoin is so relatable with my theory.
  3. Hey nope, the phases are needed to upgraded existing Ethereum network to Ethereum 2.0 ! Ethereum is blkockchain network and Ether of ETH is the crypto to follow this network. @TimopheyKa Cool, let's wait sometime. Like as you, myself I am expecting the massive boosts in the price of ETH after the complete upgraded process is concluded.
  4. Check the topic, visit the links which I have placed in my topic and you will be having the essential information about Keybase app. Give a try and let the community know if you face any difficulties. This thread is to discuss about this genuine app for encrypted messaging. All useless off topic replies will be reported to remove.
  5. Dear Moderators, Users:- Reason to report:-Paraphrased, endless chaos from scammers is going on ! Evidences:- User-1 User-2 User-3 User-4 Thank You๐Ÿ™!
  6. I have not heard anything about this app from you yet. I caution you, please do not pile up generic lines of appreciation. I have not mentioned the disadvantages of Pi-mining app anywhere on this forum as it is an innovative app to mine Pi-token. Share us your experience while mining Pi token on your smartphone. If you have issue, you are still free to ask but kindly do not go off-topic here.
  7. Psychological boon? To which things are you citing? Check your bold line, what does it mean? Miners are there to mine Litecoin and Bitcoin so I am facing a hard time to which things are you relating with. Kindly be as specific as possible so that I can give you the best possible answers. Anyway thanks for summoning ๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. Here are several things from Cryptotalk which make us happy. For example, Cryptotalk forum is paying the amounts in TALK and Bitcoin to encourage members for quality contribution, there are excellent discussions in so many issues related to cryptocurrencies, site architecture is excellent. and there are so many informative topics on forum which help members to get knowledge.
  9. Which hardware wallets are you using? Be noticed, your funds will be still at risk if you connect your hardware wallets to the malicious clients. So many reports are already there, random clients have synced the sensitive data to steal crypto from the hardware wallet so be careful while using hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies.
  10. Hey @Dorjoy12, nothing is for sure, wait for a while and have patience. Anything can be possible for Bitcoin in the global cryptocurrency market. Single whale can create some impacts in the markets but whole markets won't get collapsed entirely. Altcoin season is anticipated but no luck, hopefully in the near future. Be hopeful and positive for Bitcoin ๐Ÿ˜‰
  11. @RoyalHouse01 If I propose the proposal, I will be expecting to add evidence-based scam projects to save so many members and visitors on forum. Everyday, there are so many scam projects and they are running their spamming to cheat innocent people so such section on forum would really helpful if they added.
  12. I did not get your point correctly friend. You said trading, what do you mean? We were talking about the spam ratings problem on forum. Chaos was seen from the scammers once TALK token's trading was initiated on Yobit exchange.
  13. Dear Moderators, Users:- Reason to report:-Paraphrased, and plagiarized posts. Evidences:- User-1:Serious cheater! First, it copies other's comments and modifies by adding utterly idiotic lines. User-2: It translates Russian posts to English and pasted to the random English thread. User-3:- Upper-class scammer ! Paraphrased texts, multi-accounts(User-4), and copied posts. (P.S. Clarification for multi accounts based on circumstantial evidences) User-4:- Check rest of posts deeply. Heavy paraphrasing is detected and texts are modified again to make grammatically correct but they do not make the sense. Thank You๐Ÿ™!
  14. @AliyanRdx No worries ๐Ÿ˜‰. We all are here to solve the problem and make the genuine discussions about the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. Guys have faced so many issues while using different wallets but fortunately, all problems have the solution and we all are here for that purpose.
  15. Indeed governments are looking anxious due to volatility feature of Cryptocurrencies. In case of criminal activities, transparency features of Blockchain is already enough to prevent frauds if cryptocurrencies are properly used in so many countries. Global unity from the governments of all countries are required and cryptocurrencies will be changing the whole world.
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