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  1. Amazing ! I have just figured out some possible reasons, you are free to counter-comment on them 😁! The SEC is allowing ProShares Bitcoin Strategies ETF for the first time. Popular figures like Twitter CEO Jack is supporting BTC. There is not massive sell-off on the US-stock exchange. The speculatio is working and the act of most of the investor would resemble 'Buy the rumor, sell the fact" during these known days 😂 Are frustrated Chinese investors are also buying BTC in dip?[Suspecious]😜😆
  2. 📣Forget Shark Tank, The Killer Whale Pod is Here to Support Your Blockchain Projects Passive income is pretty great, right? Cryptocurrency and, in particular, DeFi, have opened up an incredible selection of weird, wonderful and inventive ways to invest and earn without the red-tape and barriers to entry seen in traditional financial markets. And now with the eye-watering expansion of the play-to-earn ecosystem, inclusivity is seeing new ATHs across the world. 👉Read more... Stay tuned for more updates! #Hackernoon #Launchpad
  3. 📢 New Listing 📢 🥳 BitMart will list WTON soon. Free TON is a decentralized global blockchain network and a trustless worldwide operating system. 🔹Deposit is available at 10:00 AM 10/14 EDT 🔹WTON/USDT begins trading at 10:00 AM 10/15 EDT 👉 Details
  4. @Dagamand007 It is strange to see, BTC is looking bullish in the market, are Chinese repurchaing BTC at dip or they were unable to sell BTC due to the restriction 😁! Venezuela's recent move, Binance future's open interest growth,etc were the key for the recent bullish trend & I think this trend won't last for a long time. IMHO, there will be a massive sell of before the Christmas.
  5. 🤩Alexander Filatov on behalf of the Free TON community on Messari Mainnet Conference On Sep 20 Alexander Filatov spoke on behalf of the Free TON community at the most significant in 2021 global blockchain conference - Messari Mainnet. During the speech centred around decentralization Alexander suggested three important concepts to the global blockchain / crypto community: (1) the importance of the end-2-end decentralization, inviting global blockchain community to support webfree.org DAO initiative of Free TON, (2) the importance of open and truly decentrelized governance, suggesting to rethink the balance between contests vs (centralised) grants, (3) the idea of doing no primary token sale, promoting the concept of meritocratic token distribution. 👉Watch full record on YouTube Stay tuned for more updates! #Messari #Mainnet
  6. Cryptocurrency Market Monthly Updates - Based on CFGI (Sept 8, 2021- Oct 1,2021) Dear friends, In September, we have noticed quite interesting things in the crypto markets. My friend @kyoukage01 has already published a report that is valid up to Sep 8 so, I start from that point now. Well, on Sep 8, the CFGI value was appeared to be 47 that means the market was still at the fear stage. Overall, we can see the zig-zag CFGI graph's pattern for the last month. From Sep 8-15, CFGI values can be seen between 30-49 with several ups and downs but not the sharp to change the direction of the crypto markets. Again, you can see the negligible changes in CFGI values from Sep 15-20 as the values were seen between 48-50 but from Sep 20, CFGI value suddenly drop from 50(Neutra sentiment) to 21( Extreme fear) value on Sep 22 (second lowest CFGI value for this month) as a massive amount of BTC was liquidated through the BTC future trading on the major cryptocurrency trading platforms. After that, we were facing a fear fest from Sep 24-Oct 1 as the values were appeared to be 20(The lowest value for this month) to 27 as China banned all types of crypto transactions to leave fear sentiments in the crypto markets. From 1st of Oct, the market is feeling relief as the value jumped to 54(Highest CFGI value) and we are noticing a bullish market now.
  7. This course is created to give detailed concepts about the Ton Improvement Proposal(TIP). You can take the free courses to increase your knowledge about Free TON and its elements. Check the following course. Free TON Academy: TON IMPROVEMENT PROPOSAL (TIP) If you guys have questions related to the course, I am always here to help you. Do not hesitate to ask questions. #FreeTONAcademy #FreeCourse #TIPs
  8. There are growing crypto-based crimes on a daily basis in this world. Due to a lack of ideas and carelessness, people are losing their valuable assets to the hack. So, here is the free course to save you from any sort of crypto scam with detailed elaboration. The course is 100% free in which contents are further diluted into the video presentation to extend the learning experiences. In addition, there are the quizzes to test your knowledge. Follow the following link to the course Free TON Academy: HOW TO BE SAFE FROM THE CRYPTO SCAM? In you guys have any questions, I'm here to answer 😉 #FreeTON #FreeTONAcademy #CryptoScam
  9. Happy Birthday CryptoTalk Forum😍! It has been two years since this forum came into existence. I do not know how fast the time is gone but an adventure with this forum is always memorable. On this special day, I would like to thank all the forum staff @Admin, @Bigpat, @epidemia, @Desais, @Alex077, @ayatoslaw , and the guys over here, you deserve the best wishes. Thank You🙏!
  10. 🚀Rust Cup — Flight to New Worlds Rust Cup ended with a world speed record and combat debugging of innovative Free TON solutions. You can judge the epochal nature of the event by the scale of the work done, the geography of the participants, and the contest duration, as well as by the results achieved. 👉Read more... Stay tuned for more updates! #RustCup
  11. Once again, the Chinese government has announced more detailed information regarding their cryptocurrency ban in the nation. The government has accused the following factors to be responsible to issue the ban against cryptocurrencies. Raising crypto trading hypes. The major economic and financial orders are disrupted. Criminal activities are increased as the gambling. Scam, fraudulent Pyramid schemes, and illegal money laundering rate is increasing. The government has clearly stated that all virtual currency-related activities are illegal in the mainland of China & they have published notice here. China has always been the major player in the cryptocurrency markets and after this announcement, impacts are also noticed in the price of the major cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, etc. What do you think, what can be the further impact in the cryptocurrency markets due to the recent moves from China?
  12. He played the crypto games to make people homeless 😁? At least investors had to be aware, even the popular figures can play the games 😉. Not clear but most likely, there will be the aalternative solutions against PoW-based blockchain networks to encourage the wider adoptions with the extended blockchain based applications. I think there will be all sectors to use blockchain technology at that time.
  13. 🎥Record: Mitja Goroshevsky presents Free TON on BeWater Developer conference At the annual developer conference, we gather developers, hackers, researchers, open-source project contributors, community organizers, and social economists from the BeWater global community. We bring in-depth discussions on programming languages, cryptography, decentralized protocols, privacy technology, secure computing, open finance and other fields. This is the annual get-together of our community, and it is also a primary source of inspiration and creativity for all developers. 👉Watch now on YouTube👀 Stay tuned for more updates! #FreeTON
  14. First of all, I'd like to thank you for updating the topic with interesting news, I proudly say, if you were not there, this thread would have been died now 😁 I am still wondering now why this announcement did not addect the price of Bitcoin significantly ! Recently, Micro Strategy re-purchased a handsome amount of Bitcoin and spike in price of Bitcoin is started to be noticed.
  15. 🎓 In order to support the ongoing efforts of developers & gather the maximum useful information in one place, Free TON Academy is holding the DevPride contest with a prize pool of 120,000 TONs! 💎 More info: https://report as spam/2VOXDqJ Telegram group: https://t.me/FreeTON_Academy
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