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  1. @duncun007 Everything on DeFi system are carried out by the smart contacts. Concept itself is not bad but some advanced architectures are needed for DeFi platforms to ensure the top class security to the users. There will be no middlemen, user can have full financial freedoms.
  2. @Ridam tutorial about Sybil Attack is also on the way. I tried to post it now but still some fixes are required in the texts. I am trying my best to give technical blockchain related concepts. Hope there will be more in near future. Wait.
  3. Topic creator has himself got profits off it, have you read my previous replies to this thread? I have earned up to 30% profits while purchasing BTC by using RoboTrade from Yobit exchange. You might give a try and if you face difficulties to get started, I am always here to answer.
  4. Actually it is the case for me in most of the cases. I learnt everything for cryptocurrency tradings from test and trial(I do not recommend this method because it it is riskiest but perfectly shapes the skills for a long term purposes). Personally, I advise beginners to go for a long-term trading strategies by choosing some unique coins like BTC, ETH, LTC,etc if they are not willing to take enough risks 😉
  5. @NagaMaybe DeFi platforms you are citing for. Well, I can agree with a fact that extreme DeFi crazes propels a huge amounts to lock in the smart contracts of DeFi platforms because some Yield farming platforms were generating an incredible amounts as returns.
  6. @Saj555Maybe you are blaming your past decision to sell TWT at the cheapest rates while seeing higher price now? On which exchange did you sell your TWT and how much TWT did you receive at that time? @ShiNorton Maybe, another pump is on the way 😉.
  7. @Calvinpriva Sometime blockchain offers some excellent airdrop. Last time, I managed to free XLM as the rewards. Coinbase does the same but rewards are not available for all countries.I have OGN holding and market is already gone mad for OGN after its listing on Blockchain 😂
  8. Hello, latest information I am getting is, they are working into developing system to allow KYC verification slots for first 10K miners. If I get other important information, I would let this community to know. Please stay tuned if you are interested in it.
  9. Whited35


    Translators are often responsible for damaging the original taste of writings for some languages. Instead of using translators, I recommend guys to master language to apply practically. Online tools i.e. translators centric skills do nothing at the end.
  10. @saraanna396 What a point, thanks. So many factors influences the Bitcoin prices and predicting the future price of Bitcoin with 100% accuracy is almost impossible as it follows the highly volatile market conditions over the time. We might just guess or predict the raising and falling future price of Bitcoin.
  11. @Ridam, PoW still needs energy consumption as algorithm needs to do work with the help of computing powers. People are getting wrong for Bitcoin and its decentralized features. In future, ongoing technology is going to put extra use-cases on Bitcoin.
  12. @George10 Case was quite different for this regard. Fortunately, I have already posted an update for this. You can also check it here. Hackers were trying to misuse the hacked ETH by using highest network fee on the Ethereum blockchain network.
  13. @TimopheyKa Hackers managed to arrange a phishing sites to make attack successful. After this incident, Apple is looking aggressive to allow cryptocurrency related platforms on iOS and their macOS. I think they are now extremely serious to protect the privacy of the users.
  14. @Calvinpriva Which one are you talking about brother, Coinbase pro, Coinbase.com, or Coinbase Wallet app 😜?You can still swap currencies on Coinbase.com. They are allowing more tokens on the platform, which is itself an excellent step. Another great news for you, Blockchain wallet has just added OGN(My favorite token).
  15. @Anarchy09 Hello, looking like $0.10 is psychological mark for each TWT. If you wish, you can purchase TWT to hold for sometime. As you have said, I also believe a massive pump is on the way for TWT. If it bounces back to $0.20, I might sell another 30% TWT from my portfolio. I am sharply tracking the market conditions now 😉. You can buy it on some exchange sites like Hotbit, Hoo, MXC and BiannceDEX .
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