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  1. I am getting an error while clicking on "Get my $$$" even the task is approved, does it mean the earned tokens will be collectively paid?
  2. I hope they are also doing something on it. Genuine plans and work always bring very fruitful results at the end. As I love the Cryptotalk forum, I wish it to be the best as it was before :))
  3. Sometimes developing the good products and features takes a long time. English section was massively suffered by the scammers and posts creating bot that's why they paused payments until they rebuild the system(I am not sure whether it will resume or not) but anyway, as one of the oldest member of the English section, I invite guys to discuss on so many issues because a forum is basically designed to discuss on so many issues :))
  4. The decentralized nature of the crypto has played a crucial role to give freedom to users. Unlike centrally managed projects, there will be no risks of single point failure in the decentralized system. So, crypto is important in this modern era due to various reasons. Borderless payment with cheapest fee and faster processing is another reason to consider crypto.
  5. Cryptocurrency Market Monthly Updates - Based on CFGI (April 11,2022-May 8, 2022) Dear Friends, April is gone and we had some interesting scenarios throughout the month. Surprisingly, we experienced a fear fest in the whole month of April as the highest value of CFGI appeared to be 34 on the 10th of April and the lowest value is noted to be 18 today i.e. extreme fear. Comparatively, I think it is safer to say, the majority of crypto investors are loving to hold their assets instead of trading them on the cryptocurrency exchanges. There were no remarkable bullish trendlines as we can see, index values under 34 are trumping over the different timeframes. The highest value of BTC in the specified timeframe was above $48K but due to geopolitical issues and several sensations by western nations causes the crypto market went down immediately. Now(At the time of writing this post), BTC value appeared under $35k, and hence CFGI value is 18 for today which means a bearish trend is following up. It is hard to predict when will crypto market gets recovered. Have a look at the following monthly chart. Thanks.
  6. It was weird that the section "Crypto Forum" was removed earlier so I had no new information to update the thread but we can guess perfectly, if they awarded the best forum, it is CryptoTalk forum.
  7. So many play-to-earn economy based platform are coming into existence by a storm since 2021. Axie Infinity paved the road and NFT Metaverse is another hottest topic in the internet now. I have just an initial sight on your recommended platform, everything is looking cool but I doubt whether it could be a game changer or not 😜
  8. Cryptocurrency Market Monthly Updates - Based on CFGI (Jan 11,2022-Feb 9, 2022) Hi friends, Sorry for being late to update this thread. Here, I am trying to figure out what was actually happened in the cryptocurrency markets. I've been making analyses based on the CFGI index for a long time. Well, starting of the last month i.e. January was not quite good as the bear force in the crypto market was significantly higher. CFGI value for 11th Jan is appeared to be 21 which is a fear state and the lowest value 11 i.e. extreme fear appeared on 23rd of Jan and a massive sell-off (Billion dollars worth crypto swept away overnight) was seen in the cryptocurrency markets. There were several reasons behind the bear markets like Miners were cashing out to pay their bills, the rapid spread of Coronavirus Omicron variant, reputed exchange and DeFi protocols hacks were the key reasons for the bearish markets. It's 9th Feb, quite good news as CFGI is exhibiting 54 value which is a greed state and we can roughly assume, the market is at the recovering phase due to several good news like India legalized crypto by issuing 30% tax, huge amounts of Bitcoin from the popular BitFinex hack has been recovered by DOJ, etc. Now, you can have a look at the following chart.
  9. The well written article about Everscale(Formerly known as Free TON) blockchain network is live on the Capital.com platform with all the detailed information about this blockchain and EVER's price prediction, you might love to check the article here: https://capital.com/everscale-ever-price-prediction
  10. It will not be a bad idea but so many countries have restricted to use cryptocurrencies due to various reasons. Some countries like Malta have allowed university degree in the Cryptography and perhaps others countries are also set to follow the similar trend. Distance learning courses are also available for learners, you might check this topic: https://cryptotalk.org/topic/110550-beginners-free-courses-to-learn-blockchain-and-cryptocurrencies/
  11. Cryptocurrency Market Yearly Update Based-on CGFI(Jan 13, 2021-Jan 12,2022): We are in 2022 but what about the cryptocurrency market's performance in 2021? Well, it is interesting to check the statistics based on the CFGI index for the last year. In 2021, we saw something interesting as Bitcoin and ETH reached the ATHs of $68,789.63 and $4,891.70 on Nov 10, 2021, and Nov 16, 2021, respectively. At that time, CFGI was exhibiting the greed index above the 70-80 range it means the overall crypto market was at the bullish trend to some extend. If you locate the following CFGI yearly graph, you can observe some interesting patterns like the highest greed index value i.e. 95, and fear index value 10 appearing sequentially after a few down/up trends between 9-17 Feb 2021 and 24 May- 21 July 2021 respectively. There were several factors that were responsible to create highly volatile cryptocurrency markets like China's crypto ban including all Bitcoin mining ban was the key factor to inspire the downtrend of BTC and also, if you have not forgotten, the popular figure Elon Musk's move against Bitcoin not to receive it for selling Tesla cars from his company drastically crashed the cryptocurrency markets that's why you can see the fear index value less than 20 in the chart. Some good signs for cryptocurrency markets were also seen as El Salvador recognized BTC as the legal tender. There was huge competition at the biggest institutions' level to purchase the Bitcoin as the hedge against inflation that's why the market followed the bullish uptrends. These are all about the past 2021, now it's 2022, interesting to watch how the crypto market's landscapes will look like. Thank You all, cheers😉!
  12. It is your freedom to keep your IP address secret but please be aware, there are so many malicious VPN software in the markets which are capable of stealing your sensitive informations. It is advised to good quality VPNs or paid VPN for accessing different sites specially based on the cryptocurrencies.
  13. The BTC price is already decreasing while approaching to the new year. Market is tilting towards the fear stage. Some factors are looking like to be the key to start the bullish rally once again( Just my personal opinion, folk ! Don't take it as a financial advise :))
  14. Cryptocurrency Market Monthly Updates - Based on CFGI (Nov 7,2021-Dec 6, 2021) Dear friends, We are very close to the new year 2022. Last month November has the mixed bullish and the bearish trend in the cryptocurrency markets. On November 7th, the CFGI value was appeared to be 73, the market was bullish. The highest value of the CFGI index for November was on November 9th i.e.84 and that greed market state-inspired Bitcoin to reach ATH of $68,789.63 on the next day i.e. November 10th. The lowest value of CFGI was exhibited on 6th December by the CFGI index i.e. 16 and Bitcoin price is down more than 30% since its November 10 ATH. There are several factors to affect the price of Bitcoin as there is growing concern regarding the recently found Omicron COVID-19 variant, uncertainty in the inflation, price down of crude oil in the international markets, holiday session, and many more other factors. Have a look at the following monthly chart for a better understanding.
  15. Another good topic after a long silence 😁 ! Well, the impact of this variant is still under investigation. The major concern is how effective will be the available vaccines against the virus. If antibodies developed by the COVID vaccine are not enough to fight against this variant than surely it will affect global economy as well as the cryptocurrency markets. As you have been noticing, a huge sell off orders are being noticed on different high traffic CEXes including Binance. Hope, everything will go in the plus field.
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