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  1. I have also get so many such scamming deals from the bad scammers. I have blocked so many scammers on telegram. I can also remember a case that a thief from the fake Ultrachain project was trying to FUD me with the unwanted messages.
  2. ETH price can be increased in the cryptocurrency market here is no doubt.I think after 5-6 months , each ETH might cost more than $500 each. If the Bitcoin price get increased in the cryptocurrency market, ETH price will also get increased.
  3. This is really the best platform. Due to this platform users are getting the good opportunity to change the cryptocurrency in the desired virtual currency. I think it has already spent more than 5 years in this cryptocurrency world.
  4. I have not used any signatures yet on my profile yet on this forum. Maybe forum administrators are trying to punish scammers by not allowing image in the signature filed. You can check the messages from the forum admins in the rules and the regulations section.
  5. If you are new in the crypto field, I would like to advice you, do not invest more in the beginning. When the price goes down for the top cryptocurrency, buy and hold them for a long time and sell them when the price is increased for your crypto holdings.
  6. If someone is facing difficulties while withdrawing the cryptocurrency or USD from the Yobit exchange, maybe it is due to his own fault by placing either wrong or the incomplete address or he is doing some suspicious activities there to harm the system.
  7. You can see some projects like coindeal. Can you see the price of each CDL token from the exchange ? Coindeal increased the value of the CDL tokens to gather more users for their CDL satking programs. I think, this indicates, high valuations of crypto can help to raise the price.
  8. Some traders can be unable to control emotion due to the false assumptions in the cryptocurrency market. In that case, traders should have the patience and should be able to wait for the right time. We first should be aware of true nature of crypto market.
  9. If we are really trying to block the scammers we must have a platform to verify every team members of the new projects in the cryptocurrency just like the coin market cap platform. I have found so many scammers generating the scam projects for the fundraising.KYC should be also mandatory for the team of the project.
  10. I have seen so many victims due to the fake faucet sites. Newbie in the crypto world are generally falling into the trap of the fake faucet sites. I have also seen a faucet site demanding users to submit the KYC. You can imagine how scammers are trying to cheat innocent people.
  11. According to coin market cap, BitForex is the first exchange for the biggest trade volume. There are so many exchange sites which are showing the fake trading volumes to attract the users. Coin market cap is showing the real data , you can check there.
  12. Bitcoin price can raise or fall anytime in the crypocurrency market. In this year, Bitcoin halving is expected to happen. After that price of Bitcoin or other major altcoins are supposed to increase in the cryptocurrency market. Experts are telling so.
  13. During the crisis time, do not forget to buy the pocketful cryptocurrency in the cheapest cutting edge prices. In future that your crypto holdings could give you the life changing profits when the price of your holdings increases in the cryptocurrency market.
  14. I wonder think like, in the future, how banks will deal with crypto if the all countries in this world are ready to produce their own national cryptocurrency? I think Banks or other financial organizations should think about how to deal with crypto in future.
  15. Do not worry in future, I guess every field in this world start receiving payments in the major cryptocurrency like ETH, BTC etc. Hope you also can pay your Bill in cryptocurrency for the dental services in the medical field. Maybe, hospitals would also support crypto in future.
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