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  1. If you use non custodial wallets like Electrum, Ledger Nano, Trezor, etc. You need not to verify your wallet manually by uploading your documents. You should have your wallet's private key or the secret seeds to access them later. Online wallets like Blockchain and Coinbase need you to verify your wallets by uploading the KYC documents.
  2. Trust wallet is non custodial wallet but it does not have functions to support some coins in it. There are so many decent wallets to fulfill your demands to securely store your cryptocurrencies for a long time. Have you ever tried hardware wallets? If not, you might find Ledger Nano, Trezor, SafePal, are the best wallets.
  3. Have you ever tried ESET NOD antivirus on your smartphone if you have found Kaspersky as the heavier antivirus to halt the performances of your smartphone? Personally, I have found that antivirus is the best option for the both Smartphone and PC to use without any problem.
  4. Yeah, I often using the ALT/BTC pairs to make the market analysis instead of the pairs of ATL with the stable coins like USDT, DAI, BUSD, etc. I first check the market price of BTC in the cryptocurrency markets and choose the desired pairs against Bitcoin. We know, most of the ALTs follow the BTC in the markets to decide the selling pressure.
  5. If you have created the low quality posts, they will be removed by the moderators and obviously, it won't be visible to your profile. Try to create the quality posts so that no one will be removing your posts from on this forum. If you have created posts under the low quality topics, they will also get removed while deleting the original topics.
  6. Update! Guys, please be aware there are several malicious Pi wallets and apps are reported to steal your login details from the Pi mining app. Scammers would have already created the FUD pretend such craps as the authentic product. Remember, you should only download authentic node from http://node.minepi.com/ otherwise, all other domains are scam.
  7. Hey, thanks for your questions! Broxus team has released an extension for the Chrome browser that allows to manage Free TON wallets and you can also access the DApps by using this cool and light weight Chrome extension. Please be noted, it is not related to the Cryptotalk forum, it is related with the Free TON project. I ask you to read the topic once again and if you have some questions to ask, please you can do it here.
  8. Dear Moderators, Users:- Reason to report:- Paraphrased texts! Evidences:- User-1 User-2 Thank You🙏!
  9. Forum is to make the discussions so as you are beginner, you are obviously welcome here to ask and make the discussions related to the cryptocurrencies. You are also allowed to create the unique topics but make sure, similar topics are not already created on this forum yet. You can do research to find the unique issue to present here.
  10. Good information for the cryptotalk users. Honestly, if users follow the decent guides like this, they would already manage to make the best contributions on this forum. So many violators have been kicked away because they were looking ignorant to the forum rules and the community standard of this forum. I advise all the guys to follow the well-constructed guidelines this to be active loyal user on this forum.
  11. Dear Moderators, Users:- Reason to report:- Paraphrased texts ! Evidences:- User-1:More than 90% of his generic posts are created only in the beginners section. Most of the posts are clearly looking manipulated. User-2 User-3 Thank You🙏!
  12. It is expected from this forum that you visit this forum regularly in a day. Despite creating all the 20 posts within a few hours, you might divide your time throughout a day to visit this forum for creating some sort of activities. I think you are aware of the punishments against the stuffing posts from this forum. Keep visiting this forum regularly.
  13. In this community, only authentic and the effective information are accepted so try to be more serious while creating the posts on this forum. You may not have known yet, misleading information can easily mislead the crowd. Do research before creating the posts on this forum. You can also check the good contributors' posts to get some writing ideas.
  14. Dear friends, The Broxus team has released a browser extension that allows you: 1) Keeps your data private🗝 2) Works independently from developers - you can install it from the Chrome Store or build it for yourself🤜🤛 3) Open-source and the code is available on GitHub 4) Contains fully functional Web 3.0 under the hood:oncoming_automobile: 5) Works with all kinds of popular Free TON wallets (even Surf!):surfer:♂ 6) Has a cool design You can download it from the Chrome Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ton-crystal-wallet/cgeeodpfagjceefieflmdfphplkenlfk The team will be grateful for good ratings and reviews in the App store !:pray: #Broxus #Chrome P.S. I am authorized to post this content from the Free TON community.
  15. Dear friends, We are thrilled to inform you that very first CryptoNumiz contest is finished! 🥳 The CryptoNumiz Private Sub-governance has held its first competition. This contest was for the development of the very first ever Numi, which was a crypto-coin to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the creation of the Free TON blockchain and community ecosystem. Now it's time for THE RESULTS If you did not have time to take part in the competition, don't worry. There will be more. Plus :boom::boom::boom: regardless of the contest, the CryptoNumiz auction will allow you to upload your Numiz for auction even if you didn't win. This is just the beginning. Congratulations to all of you! Remember, the 1-year anniversary Numi is now and forever going to be the first and oldest Numi in existence. Think about the first fiat coin ever minted. Now think about the first on-chain coin ever created. Yours is one of them. #CryptoNumiz
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