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  1. @Kapil Koirala trade limits to be eligible to collect some sort of free coins were applicable but not for all. I can still remember, for collecting free DOGE coin, that case was applied otherwise, you can still collect freecoins after sharing some posts about Yobit exchange on social media platforms.
  2. There is BTC , ETH as well for the bigger investors. Well, currently, I have invested in USD to earn $1 daily from the investbox. There are so many profitable plans to consider. If you are interested to get passive incomes, I think you might give a try there.
  3. This is purely an online forum. We might contribute this forum by following all essential forum rules.If we create quality posts and purely natural discussions, it does make the sense here. I think good members never caught by doing abusive behavior here.
  4. I am promoting my referral links by using PCT sites because small investments might do the job. I do not create unbelievable and fake PTC add so that visitors may neglect my ads. PTC are the best if you are focused to increase views for your YouTube channels.
  5. I am currently using Yobit's investbox with 100 USD investment plans. This option easily let us to earn $1 daily. There are several options available, I am also planning to make investments in USDT as well which has attractive percentage returns.
  6. Myself , I am just focused to give the best possible here. I never beg likes for reputations from other members on this forum. Personally, I believe, I might get positive reputations automatically if I create the genuine posts here.
  7. Well, it all depends on your own decisions what to do. If you would not mind, I advise you to hold your Bitcoin on the Yobit exchange. Once Bitcoin price skyrocketed, you will have opportunity to earn benefits by making the trading activities.
  8. @Kapil KoiralaWell, there are plenty of other plans which you may choose according to your satisfactions. Yobit Investbox is really profitable if we properly use this feature. If you invite your friends to yobit exchange by using affiliated link, you will get commissions for every trade they made.
  9. Some exchange sites have some special features to give benefits to the users like affiliated programs, staking or investment programs etc. Even if you check Yobit exchange, you might get commissions for every trade if you bring new users to exchange by using your own affiliated links.
  10. Cryptocurrency is operated with the help of internet connections so as you said, it will be extremely difficult to have cryptocurrency tradings without online cryptocurrency exchange sites. Practically, I do not think it will be possible.
  11. @Kapil Koiralahave you tried USD and USDT investment plans on the Yobit exchange? For minimum 10 USDT investment, you will earn 0.1% daily and for USD, you will earn 3% weekly for 10 USD minimum investment. For details check https://yobit.net/en/investbox/ Rest, every features from this exchange are the best. Good luck.
  12. Everything is pretty clear bro. You can see the several plans and you might pick up the best and affordable investment plans as per your satisfactions. I am currently preferring USD investments on Yobit Investbox.
  13. It seems that sort of techniques and has worked in your case which means you are a little bit lucky. In my own experiences, I decided to get rid off gambling after loosing more than $200 at the same spot.
  14. I believe gambling is one of the addiction. Myself , I was having extremely tough struggles to get rid off it. Now I am currently involved into active cryptocurrency tradings so that I can collect subtle benefits according to my needs and skills.
  15. I left freebitco.in after having the excessive loss.We have to pass captcha to roll in each hours. Well, it seems you are lucky. There are other casino sites where cheating is almost impassive. Currently, bethash is launching really attractive offers 😊
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