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  1. Cryptocurrency Market Monthly Updates - Based on CFGI (April 09- May 08, 2023) Greetings everyone, I would like to share some positive news about the cryptocurrency market. Over the past month, we have observed a strong recovery in the market as indicated by the CFGI values ranging from 50 to 69. There have been no bearish indicators from 9th April to 8th May, which is a clear sign of a bullish uptrend. However, despite this positive trend, there are still several factors that are preventing the BTC from initiating a full-fledged bull run. On 21st April, the CFGI indicator value was at its lowest at 50, but it reached its highest bullish value of 69 on 17th April. Although the market is struggling to achieve impressive gains, the crypto community remains hopeful for the next bull run. Wishing you all the best!
  2. Cryptocurrency Market Monthly Updates - Based on CFGI (Feb 03- March 08, 2023) After a long fear trend in the crypto market, the CFGI index exhibited values in the 48-62 range in February 2023. It indicates the recovery stage of BTC and other cryptocurrencies as BTC alone had achieved the milestone of around $25k in the last month before it dipped to about $22k in the first week of March. Currently, we can see the CFGI value around 50 which indicates the neutral stage as you can see less volatility in the crypto market than it has been. Anyway, for the last month, the lowest CFGI value was exhibited at 48 on 10th Feb and the highest value of 62 appeared on 16th Feb. Let's see how the momentum in the crypto market will go shortly. Meanwhile, we'd love to pray for peace and prosperity in this world. Let's hope everything goes normally and steadily. You can check the monthly CFGI chart below. For the daily refreshing CFGI value, prefer the topic post of this thread. Thanks!
  3. Cryptocurrency Market Monthly Updates - Based on CFGI (Jan 05 - Feb 03, 2023) After a long fear fest in the crypto market, we are witnessing a slight bullish uptrend. BTC price at the time of writing this report is around $23K giving hope with a 60 CFGI value i.e. Bullish signal. Despite noticing the uptrend in the crypto market, it is interesting to see in the coming days whether it is a bullish trap or the actual race to enter the "Crypto Spring" phase. Here, the lowest CFGI value appeared to be 25 on the 7th of January and the highest was 61 on 31 Jan 2023. You know the fall of Terra Classic, the bankruptcy of FTX and other global geopolitical factors had severely affected the crypto markets in the last year causing billions of dollars out of the total marketcap. Here, you can see a monthly CFGI-based chart. Thank You!
  4. New trading apps may exhibit the several bugs so it will be always better to test your target trading apps whether it is performing well or not. Some apps may crash repeatedly due to the configuration mistake or other reasons. You might Follow These Tips If Your Android Apps Keep Crashing.
  5. Pardon me for this delay @kyoukage01 but anyway, I will make a detailed updates for the mentioned months in 2023 ๐Ÿ˜Š Thank you so much for your effort to make regular updates based on the CFGI charts, really appreciated.
  6. Bear Session ongoing ! Hopefully, it will get recovered soon. Thanks my friend @kyoukage01 for this update based on the CFGI index ๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. Ops ! Missed to have a timely wishes. Anyway, happy birthday CryptoTalk forum โค !! Wishing all the best.
  8. I am still believing, the horizon of Cryptotalk is far beyond than my expectation. There could be so many alternatives to give life back to the English section. I guess there is a serious issue behind this "delay" of several features implementations in the English section. Come on guys, let's get started from the point where it was paused ๐Ÿ˜‰.
  9. Cryptocurrency Market Monthly Updates - Based on CFGI (June 9 -July 15, 2022) Dear Friends, Sorry for being quite late to update this thread. Again, I am here with no exciting update but the bearish trend once again. There is still no significant progress in raising the BTC prices in the market. Most of the altcoins are massively suffering in this "Crypto winter". We can see, that the CFGI value for 16 June is 7 which is extreme fear, and the highest CFGI value of 24 appeared on the 10th of July, and still, it was the extreme fear stage. Till now, we have not seen a strong sign of market recovery. Hope everything will be okay soon. Now, you can check the monthly CFGI chart.
  10. Cryptocurrency Market Monthly Updates - Based on CFGI (May 8- June 9, 2022) Dear Friends, In May, surprisingly, the CFGI index value did not exceed 17 i.e. Extreme fear. There was no significant progress in the crypto markets to give bullish sentiments to the traders, and so many factors are responsible for it. Everyone knows, that the best performing Terra LUNA(Now LUNA Classic) crash also propelled the crypto market to go down in FOMO. In addition, sanctions are still imposed against some countries which are also the key factors to consider. Now, back in the month of May, CFGI's lowest value appeared to be 8(Extreme fear) and the highest value is 17(Again extreme fear). For more detailed information about CFGI values, have a look at the following chart.
  11. I am getting an error while clicking on "Get my $$$" even the task is approved, does it mean the earned tokens will be collectively paid?
  12. I hope they are also doing something on it. Genuine plans and work always bring very fruitful results at the end. As I love the Cryptotalk forum, I wish it to be the best as it was before :))
  13. Sometimes developing the good products and features takes a long time. English section was massively suffered by the scammers and posts creating bot that's why they paused payments until they rebuild the system(I am not sure whether it will resume or not) but anyway, as one of the oldest member of the English section, I invite guys to discuss on so many issues because a forum is basically designed to discuss on so many issues :))
  14. The decentralized nature of the crypto has played a crucial role to give freedom to users. Unlike centrally managed projects, there will be no risks of single point failure in the decentralized system. So, crypto is important in this modern era due to various reasons. Borderless payment with cheapest fee and faster processing is another reason to consider crypto.
  15. Cryptocurrency Market Monthly Updates - Based on CFGI (April 11,2022-May 8, 2022) Dear Friends, April is gone and we had some interesting scenarios throughout the month. Surprisingly, we experienced a fear fest in the whole month of April as the highest value of CFGI appeared to be 34 on the 10th of April and the lowest value is noted to be 18 today i.e. extreme fear. Comparatively, I think it is safer to say, the majority of crypto investors are loving to hold their assets instead of trading them on the cryptocurrency exchanges. There were no remarkable bullish trendlines as we can see, index values under 34 are trumping over the different timeframes. The highest value of BTC in the specified timeframe was above $48K but due to geopolitical issues and several sensations by western nations causes the crypto market went down immediately. Now(At the time of writing this post), BTC value appeared under $35k, and hence CFGI value is 18 for today which means a bearish trend is following up. It is hard to predict when will crypto market gets recovered. Have a look at the following monthly chart. Thanks.
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