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  1. Whited35

    Trust wallet

    You can ask this question in the Trust wallet community where community members are discussing for the so many issues. They can give you the accurate information about the possibility of releasing Trust Desktop wallet. Meanwhile, if you have not tried Atomic desktop wallet, have a look at that.
  2. 💎 Changing the Wiki Rates and Rewards Great news for article translators — thanks to the #33 Wiki SG Proposal, from 01.08.2021, 00:00 UTC the translation rate will increase! ⬆️ «Translation» rate increases to values: 15 (simple), 20 (medium), 25 (strong) TONs for every 1,000 characters. ⬆️ «Editing» rate is now based on 10 TONs per 5,000 characters and includes a quality check of articles published on the Wiki (style, grammar, spelling, punctuation). ➡️ «Review Editing» rate (up to 10,000 characters): • Machine translation/uniqueness check: 10 TONs per article + extra; • Author's draft article check: 15 TONs per article + extra; • Article technical data check: 50 TONs per article + extra. ⬇️ «Chief Editing» and «Tech Support» rates are reduced to: 500 (simple), 1000 (medium), 1500 (strong) TONs per month; The other rates and rewards remain unchanged. The changed rates will apply to all future WRCs. #news #update
  3. Dear friend, just a few days left to apply as a juror for the Free TON DeFi subgovernance. Check the requirements specified by this contest and apply if you are qualified https://defi.gov.freeton.org/proposal?proposalAddress=0%3A3eaaef0f2c2301b569f6e05bdc48310449be619d12042cb4565dd46a6cf6c18f . Good luck everyone!
  4. Hi all! 🌟 We are glad to announce production launch of NiFi Club platform on August 4th! 🌟 🚀 It took some time but it is worth of it, as we are preparing for launch of truly revolutional product, capitalizing on unique Free TON cost efficiency and transaction speeds. 💵 We will reward first 💯 token creators with 💎10 TONs to their accounts (special conditions apply). Special rewards 🎁 will be granted to best works. ⚡️ Get prepared for long run of NFT platform that makes a difference! ❗️ More details will be provided shortly.
  5. DigiFinex has distributed the rewards for this contest please check your wallet and the transaction history. So many members are complaining distribution is not looking fair but you might check your account now and enjoy the reward promoted by the Free TON.
  6. Friends, we are glad to inform you the grand news! 🔥 FREE TON and GalaxyOnline.io COOPERATION According to the partnership document adopted yesterday, a lock stake of 1,000,000 Ton Crystal will be highlighted, the rewards from which will go оn players as: - Awards to players for participation in Quests, Arena and tournaments. - Liquidity pool of the new Tonium gaming resource, which will be mined only in the race Free TON, and it will be possible to instantly exchange it on a Solarium or on Ton Crystal on a dynamic course, depending on the accumulated rewards in the liquidity pool and from the total Tonium in the game for every moment time. 🚀 Integration Free TON in the game: - Creating NFT Space Stations only for Free TON race on TRUE NFT Smart Contracts - Creating other types of True NFT: Commanders, Artifacts, Planet Skins - Integration with Free Ton Academy Subguv to implement Free TON tutorials in the form of game tasks with awards in Tonium. GalaxyOnline.io | Chat | Channel | YouTube
  7. I am taling about the best crypto events in your opinion that's my expections in this thread. Please make sure to check the original post once again. You need to know the exact matter of the discussions first.
  8. RSquad About The Features Of The Free TON Blockchain RSquad company, involved in Free TON technology development since the launch of the project, has enough experience in Free TON development, which will be useful to everyone who is interested in blockchain and plans to develop professionally in this direction. The author of the article, Alexey Polyakov, Blockchain Practice Leader at RSquad, shares his experience. Differences From Other Blockchains Free TON has features that need to be considered when implementing business logic. First, it is an asynchronous blockchain, which immediately changes the approach to development, and second, everything here is a smart contract. For example, to store tokens, not only a key pair (public and private) is needed but also a deployed smart contract of the wallet. Source: https://freeton.house/en/rsquad-about-the-features-of-the-free-ton-blockchain/
  9. FreeTON DeFI Alliance Weekly Top News Digest #17 Crypto.com deploys its Ethereum Virtual Machine chain testnet The Crypto.com chain testnet allowing projects built on Ethereum to transfer over to its ecosystem from chains compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine is now live. In a Tuesday announcement, Crypto.com said it had launched the testnet for its Ethereum Virtual Machine, or EVM, chain called Cronos, running in parallel to the Crypto.org chain. Source: https://freeton.house/en/freeton-defi-alliance-weekly-top-news-digest-17/
  10. Do not worry. There are growing voices for this issue in the community and majority of the voices will be taken into the account. We are in the decentrlized system that's why we are having so many issues in the beginning phase :))
  11. Yeah you can earn the Pi tokens even now. You need to have invitation code from your friends and install the app. After that, you need to click on the mine option once in 24 hours then everything works for you to mine the tokens automtically. The core team of the Pi new is focusing for the development process, hope everything will be fine.
  12. 100% correct. It is relly a tough issue to discuss before achieving the full decentralization. I see rejection of the real submission due to the lack of the expertise of the jury members, that's really bad and need to be discussed widely. Jury efficiency and the qualification procedures are not preferred strictly and we might discuss it in the community.
  13. DeFi Governance Weekly Meetup #38 dated 01.07.2021 Contest Updates Two contests from the DeFi subgovernance are over: Free TON Lending and Borrowing Essay; FreeTON Self-Sovereign Identity Framework (Stage 1). Voting on this contest should be extended. Vladislav Ponomarev prepared the following proposals: Analytics of the jury members’ activities. An additional jury contest will be held. Ethereum Bridge (stages 3-4). This contest involves the launch of an audit. Source: https://freeton.house/en/defi-governance-weekly-meetup-38-dated-01-07-2021/
  14. 📢 #30 Wiki Renewal Contest: Submission Deadline We remind the authors of articles and translations that, in accordance with the Contest Rules, it's recommended to submit the submissions with «Content Creation» or «Translation» work type by 26.07.21, 23:59 UTC. Please note: • the submission with a «content» type of work must contain not only a screenshot of your User Report, but also a link to the Wiki-material (Wiki URL). • the submission may contain only one «Content Creation» or «Translation» work type with a corresponding link to the Wiki-material (Wiki URL). More details here. The submissions that do not meet this requirement may receive a «Reject» on the vote. 📗 Submitting procedure | 📝 Submission template #news #contest
  15. 💎⚡️Token distributions is on the way Today, July 23, is going to be distributed 493 570 TONs for the previous accepted proposals and partnerships KPI's: 🙋🏻‍♂️Proposal and partnerships 💎#184 Africa Sub-governance KPI 2 Report & Token Request 💎#183 GamepadBot Partnership 🥳Contests💎#164 Contest: Free TON project news and educational websites 💎#182 Contest Voting Extension II: Free TON project news and educational websites 💎#142 Contest: NFT marketplace 💎#137 Contest: Free TON wallet as a Chrome extension 💎#169 Contest: Dune->FreeTON Swap Implementation Stage 1 ProposalSee here👇 👉Full table👈👀 Stay tuned for more updates🚀 #Governance #Proposals
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