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  1. Hello, at the moment everything is going up and many currencies are close to their maximums, even DigyByte is in a high zone with respect to its ATH and it is also difficult to suggest it, it is best to wait for it to lateralize. Regarding the latter, the campaign has already ended, only that I am just returning to the forum and I have not changed my image.
  2. It is not an investment recommendation, but I really like the DOT ecosystem and it is a bet on the future of blockchain interoperability, so you must also define the period of your investment to know your profile as an investor. Always research the project and DYOR
  3. It is not an inconvenience, there is no forum rule that prohibits, in fact it is normal when there are signature campaigns where users must use the same profile photo. Just follow the rules to avoid trouble.
  4. The project is interesting, although its negative side is that it is very centralized and with the demand of the SEC it is difficult to know its future and it is difficult to speculate such a high price, I think those that accumulated a long time ago and sold due to the rise in the Spark airdrop managed to make good profit.
  5. Good message, money is not everything in life, I personally like to learn and this forum has helped me to know perspectives and points of view of experienced members with Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Self-study is the best way to be good in this world and quite useful to identify good projects or possible scams.
  6. You are right, this forum gives us the opportunity to earn money and gain knowledge, which is very important because you acquire skills and experiences to be able to use them to earn with cryptocurrencies, although not all the knowledge you learn here, you must investigate and deepen on your own about of current news, protocols, new projects.
  7. With the interest caused by cryptocurrencies, the world must adapt to this technology and we evidence this with the increase in exchangers and that make it easier to withdraw our money, although what I know is that the commissions are high by the providers and it is something that it should improve over time.
  8. I think you are right, each of the members tries to do their best and we hope to climb ranks over time to achieve stand out and gain recognition from our peers, so let's strive to do a good job and not give up on this forum because it is a good opportunity to learn and earn a little money.
  9. This is an excellent contribution and manages to solve many doubts that forum novices usually have so that they understand how the forum works, I will save the link of your post to cite it when I find users who post about the rules, payments, post deletion , among others.
  10. The current situation does not generate confidence to invest and maintain XRP in the long term, I consider it a high risk because what happens after the demand depends, the project has potential but generates a lot of uncertainty regarding its future so it is not convenient to accumulate that currency .
  11. I do not understand what you are trying to say, exchanges and DEX usually vary their prices a bit, I think you refer to arbitrage as a way to make money since you can exchange cryptocurrencies on the platform that offers you the best price, although you need a lot of capital and calculate necessary transactions.
  12. It is difficult to explain cryptocurrencies to close people because they are skeptical about the subject, I have tried to educate my friends, but they are not interested in the subject and I feel that it is necessary for them to learn about this technology when it is implemented in the future.
  13. In a certain part I agree, banks are necessary and we must trust them until there is a change in the economic system, I believe that for the moment they are trying to adapt because technological advances demand it, hopefully in several years cryptocurrencies will have an implementation in our lives.
  14. I agree, exchanges are not completely secure and it is not good to have assets unless you are a trader, it is best to use a wallet that you control yourself and it is your responsibility to protect private keys and passwords. I consider Metamask to be a bit easier to use within existing online wallets and I have not tried MyEtherWallet.
  15. You are right, anyone who trusts in the potential of BTC should make sure to keep their cryptocurrencies well because there are many threats on the internet, the ideal is to keep it in cold wallets and if possible use a Ledger or Trezor for more security.
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