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Found 30 results

  1. Ripple - уникальная система расчетов в реальном времени, обмена валют и денежных переводов, разработанная компанией Ripple Labs. Также ее иногда называют протоколом сделок ripple (Ripple Transaction Protocol; RTXP). Ее построили на распределенном интернет-протоколе с открытым исходным кодом, консенсусном реестре (ledger) и собственной криптовалюте, которую назвали XRP. Запущенная в 2012 году, Ripple направлена на то, чтобы обеспечить «безопасные, мгновенные и почти бесплатные глобальные финансовые операции любого размера без обратных платежей». По своей сути, XRP базируется на открытой распределенной базе данных или реестре, который использует процесс согласования, что позволяет производить платежи, обмен и перевод денежных средств в распределенной реестре. Сайт проекта Обозреватели блоков Кошельки Toast Wallet - для мобильных устройств
  2. Do you really believe that the XRP coin can become the new world currency as it is used by banks and possibly central banks for International transactions? Or can it be' used to lower the world debt? Can it replace the dollar !!! ??
  3. Based on CoinmarketCap XRP price today is $0.297589 USD. Although there is a small increase in prices from the beginning of October to date. but some experts said It's no good to make XRP Ripple for long term investment (more a year). XRP price will not reach price $1 in a year. What do you think?
  4. Auto Claim XRP,LTC,DOGE,ADA,BCN... Instant payment to ExpressCrypto Wallet. Claim All Coins at the same time (Multiply the claiming amount ==> up to :100 satoshi) Highest rewards Manual Faucets : 0.0012 usd btc every 10 minutes : 0.0012 usd eth every 5 minutes Referrals: 10% lifetime. Website: Happy Claiming;)
  5. Plus Token was a major Ponzi scheme that collapsed last summer after exploiting hundreds of thousands of people, mostly in China and Southeast Asia, and collecting close to 3Billion USD in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. It is Plus-Token that was responsible for Bitcoin's price secondary bear market that began in August 2019, right when their scam operations officially shut-down and lower members of plus token were arrested by Chinese authorities in the island of Vanuatu! Twitter account @whale_alert yesterday published two huge XRP transactions which amounted for 150m and 134,7m XRP. (in USD terms a total of 54million). These transactions were coming from wallets that are owned by PlusToken according to bithomp and According to reports Plus-Token had collected around 190,000BTC, 800,000 ETH and 62m EOS among other cryptocurrencies! It seems that right now they may have dumped all their BTC but not their ETH or other coins they hold. So Plus-Token has XRP on the move now and it can be expected for the price to have difficult times ahead. You can read everything about plus token on this article: . [EDIT 31/07/2020]: We've read reports about China arresting all the remaining PlusToken members. Read the latest news on the PlusToken Arrests of all their leaders on this post.
  6. Hi friends so i'm curious here on this forum what price do you think XRP will be at the end of 2020. I would sincerely like to hear your thoughts.
  7. Hi friends so who is continuino to buy more XRP Zat this moment even if prices continue to go lower and as i see XRP price might easily touch 0,15 $ . It's over a year that i silently keep on buying more as prices go down. This way my average keep getting lower and my bag keeps on getting bigger. I am doing this with XRP since i have full faith in the project and since it is being adopted for a truly important matter sending even millions of dollars for free and in 4 seconds!! This is more than enough for me to believe XRP will be' the 1% of those coins that will survive .
  8. Ripple xrp is the ranked third in coingecko and Coinmarketcap. And its price currently 0.22$ and all time high price in 2020 of xrp was 0.35$ in mid February. And yesterday i am reading one article he predicted its price next destination is cam be 5$ in next two years if bitcoin performance awesome then xrp not behind bitcoin. Its my opinions also don't take it professionally advise take your own investment strategies for crypto market.
  9. Today i am going to explained whats now next moves of bitcoin in next week or next few days because now today bitcoin suddenly down very much and i am expecting this ways of bitcoin because bitcoin failed to remain above 7450$ and two days remaining above 7000$ but we are sure that now next resistance level bitcoin can be close to 6450$ now currently bitcoin price is 9606$ and i am sure about that bitcoin now can goes to down 6450$ or even 5000$.
  10. it is noted that most of peoples loses their own money in crypto market its main reason is greed of huge i advice to all new investors specially small investors do not greed of big profit and got small profit on daily basis.
  11. Hloo everyone can anyone suggest me which coin I will be or long-term holding Bitcoin Etherium Electronium Dogecoin Xrp
  12. as i have some years experience in crypto market after btc most of share in crypto of ETH.Ethereum has 8% share in total crypto market.80% crypto coins or token using Eth platform that is why i called Eth is CPU of crypto.if cup working then all eth platform token or coin working well.
  13. Why do you think XRP price remains low even with continuous partnerships with banks, remittance companies and so on ? All this fantastic news it just seems that XRP might be the most adopted crypto in this space . Your thoughts ?
  14. In last 2-3 Years i have invested a lot of mony in ICO's ( lot for me , it may be 1 hr income for you ) as far as i remembered i Invested in Truedeck TDP token ( almost 1 eth , when 1 eth was about 500-600$ ) today it values less than 5$ 😄 , in 1 days its price decreased 300-400% Another is , same case , invested (0.8 eth ) , DGTX ( hope it will be better ) , Miracle tele token sale ( 1 eth 2019 ) Lets share your story
  15. Бывший основатель риппла Джед Маккалеб продолжает сливать и дампать дневную цену рипла. Все 30 дней апреля он продавал в среднем по два миллиона XRP в день, влияя на дневную цену монеты. (источник: Что это значит для Ripple? Маккалеб продолжает получать на счет своего кошелька миллионы риппл каждый месяц, сейчас у него на счету около 80 миллионов XRP, которыми он продолжит дампать курс. Это не самая весомая причина отказываться от инвестирования в риппл, но как камень в огород сойдет. Остается непонятным что он делает с таким количеством денег, за апрель у него вышло около 12 миллионов долларов "выручки". Как вы считаете, сильно ли это влияет на цену риппла?
  16. Many people want to earn safely now crypto market exchanges and some individuals and some organizations gaves us option of bot trading it means when we paid them some fee for monthly or annual based they. Then they gaves us a robot which trade with our investment which are we have in exchange such as binance exchange or any other exchange. Is this beneficial for investors or trader.
  17. I focused on bitcoin from last few weeks almost 14th March 2020. And last two days btc not moved very much the price of btc in last two days all time high was 6974$ and all time low during last two days was 6527$ and it's showing if btc remained above 6470$ and below 7000$ resistance level then it is really enough beneficial for altcoins market. Because in last two days one by one atcoins are pumping.
  18. Between BTC and XRP , which of the two crypto would you prefer investing for the long term ? If both in what percentages?
  19. If you are traders of crypto market then you noticed that xrp is 0.20$ in December 2019. And now currently price of xrp is also 0.20$ and first two months was awesome for xrp xrp goes 0.20$ to 0.35$ in month of January and February. Now March are bad month for xrp and whole crypto market also. Now it's time to invest as much as you can. Now yesterday I invested on xrp 60$.
  20. For crypto market we need to cash any opportunity which we find in this market. For this from last thirty days no much hipe on ripple coin on 0.18$ to 0.22$ so now it's price 0.20$ so if you want 10% to 15% from in the month of June then must buy xrp now and wait two weeks to six weeks then you easily got handsome profit from it.
  21. As I mentioned in my heading that 9% profit only in 36 hours if some one invested on ripple xrp because 36 hours ago the price of ripple xrp was only 2560 satoshi and in term of 0.19$ only but from last 24 hours the price of xrp currently 2715 satoshi and in term of dollars 0.216$ it means unbelievable one day profit from xrp investment I am still waiting more pumps in xrp and with tight stop loss strategies. Are you missed or achieved this opportunity?
  22. In your opinion which coin will more profitable in 2020? Ripple or Tezos ? Coment your opinion by describing those two coin statistically. In my opinion Ripple will be more profitable. Some adviser said that ripple can cross his heights price in 2020.
  23. I am going to explain one strategy for all my friends of crypto talk forum which is my own secret strategy but today I am going to reaval for forum members. Always buy in dip only few coins but choose big volatility based coins not that which are once in dip then no soon recovery. I am going to share high volatility based some coins and tokens If you invested in dip on these coins you definitely earns more then 300% in few months : 1: Bitcoin 2: Bitcoin cash 3: Ethereum 4: Binance coin 5: Elf coin 6: Eos 7: xrp 8: Etc
  24. Crypto Leagues is a new free-to-play cryptocurrency investment game. Compete to make the most profit by trading cryptocurrencies. What's the purpose of the game? The game is whatever you make it! Learn about cryptocurrencies in a risk-free environment. Win cryptocurrencies - sent directly to your own wallet. Learn how to trade cryptocurrencies. Host community events to increase engagement. Fine-tune your trading skills or test your hunches. Host a private league for just your friends. Make a buck and sell your trading strategy. Get introduced to new cryptocurrencies. and so on.. How does the game work? Players are given $10,000 in play money when they join the main league to kickstart their trading journey. The top 5 players who have made the most profits at the end of the league, win their share of the prize pool. Is it really free? Yes! Really-really. No backsies. There will be a premium membership available, but the game will remain free-to-play. Cool! Where do I sign up? You can sign up for the beta right here and help us find the last few bugs and squash them! You should also join our Telegram group to keep up to date with everything! How can I help out? Sign up and start playing! The more, the merrier! We would also appreciate it if you would share this with people you know who are interested in cryptocurrencies. It would also help out if you would like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Uptrennd. Latest updates 6/11 - Active users and profile pictures are now visible on the leaderboard. 5/11 - Implemented new profit graphs. 31/10 - Players can now toggle to see all active limit orders under active order history, regardless of what trading pair they are on. 25/10 - Database moved to MongoDB Atlas (A distributed database) to prevent outages. 24/10 - Implemented new and improved trading engine, allowing for more precise and secure trading functionality, including limit orders. 23/10 - Sneak-peak of the new design. Known bugs Tooltips do not work properly on mobile devices. Sparkline graphs in the portfolio are being blocked by adblockers. Mobile-view not fully optimized. SSL certificate not active until launch. Let us know if you have any further questions. We are very responsive on Telegram!
  25. This is my first time i bought XRP and send them to my wallet, but then i wanted to move them to another wallet and i could not move all of them, they said that 20 coins were undependable, like forever undependable, anybody tell me why is this?
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