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  1. Hype sometimes help the coins , to attract investors , this is by the help of the managers and sales force , they make people crazy to have lots of parts of the ico or sale , but to much of this will also one of the reasons why it falls down, because if they will not reach the investors expectations they will left the project and lost support from the people, resulting to a deadcoin at the end what do you think?
  2. I dont recommend it for you to buy a single coin , its to risky number one rule in trading never put everything in a single basket , its just a simple reminder but will change your life in an instant
  3. wrong they need other partner who have already have experience in that field facebook is social media company and libra will not push through without partners like paypal and mastercard do you know those company? they are being use all over the world, for them to pull out there is really something wrong, with the project ,
  4. We all know that libra has lots of partnership from giant companies but what makes those giant distant from them? The reason is that the libra which have not yet launch has already faces lots of obstacle in its path , one of this is that facebook faces issues with the government, that needs explanations, a well known campanies will not join a project with issues specially those establish ones, if this issues were resolve soon I think those company will come back but not the same approach the last time because now they will check everything
  5. An honest answer is no we don't need libra, its just a competitor , and wan't everything to run on its network, also if they really want to be there they have to face the government fist and answer accusations against them
  6. Trading is more likely as gambling, although its being said to be like an investments but in reality its also a form of gambling since you will experience loses in the process they just make it sound better but in reality its a type of gambling, so everything that is connected with money is risky no matter what you call it
  7. The reason why im hear is to meet other people all over the world , know what they know about crypto currency share knowledge regarding with digital currency, also to help other people know about it, help also with what they want to know about crypto, spreading words will make our community better and bigger in the future
  8. There is no such thing as safe when its online or in the cloud, if you are thinking that it will be stolen the best way for you to do is download a local wallet, but always make backup for it
  9. For me myetherwallet is one of the best, just make sure your key is safe and wont be stolen, from you as long as its erc20 then myetherwallet is okay and safe I hope I help ypu with your problem
  10. There is two sides of this , when you are working in a gambling business, as like for example in a casino as a dealer, while on the other hand you play in casino to make money for family, there is no bad things playing as long as its not illegal since there are lots of legal gamblings today
  11. Bounty hunting is a tiring job because a person you have to make sure that the bounty you are in is legit imagine joining a bounty takes like months and then at the end of the day , it will not going to continue, also you have to qualify for the requirements managers of the csmpaign is also choosing who are to be included and not if you are reputable then you might have a chance but since there are a lot of joiners there is a slim chance sometimes you ll be accepted
  12. To be honest with you you can't get profit mining this year since difficulty spikes up, adding cost for electricity and maintenance, im not doscouraging you not to mine but I think you just buy the coin, because if you calculate total investment against buying the coin instead of machine its way better at this very moment, its just a suggestion for you
  13. You should not look on the chatbox because they are just there just to spam , never listen to what they are talking they are just there to distract you from trading , you should not be intimidate by what they are saying or else bad things can happen
  14. There were posibility for bitcoin to go down but the percentage for 0.1 btc is out of this world why? because instead of bitcoin being denounced by the world we are slowly adapting it , currently some stores use bitcoins, in some places like here in ph we have btc banks, so we are kust getting started
  15. Traditional trading is difficult, but in digital currency its easy to learn to trade, small amounts can do as long as we can enter a minimum amount for exchanges There are lot of exchanges now where we can trade First you have to register to a certain trading exchanges, signup and complete the requirement I advice you to make sure secure the account this is for your protection, at the same time, Next you need bitcoin , this is what is use to buy tokens in most exchanges , make sure that the address is correct or else your money will be lost, wait for a few minutes or hour depending on transactions mostly its less an hour or so Once recieve you can now start trading buy tokens you want, note trading can make you rich but also a bad thing since you have to invest make sure you are willing to take a risk because its a risky business
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