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  1. You are welcome first in the forum, and the first thing you must do is to read the rules and laws of the forum and abide by them, and this is one of the important things. Then you should not be less than a hundred characters in your topic or comment and that the content of the topic or comment is useful and I advise you to stay away from copying and pasting because it will cause you to ban And the first hundred participation in the forum is considered free, and the most beautiful thing in the forum here is that you can earn and learn a lot about cryptocurrencies at the same time.
  2. Frankly, this is a wonderful thing that I did not know. Thank you first, and I think that this will greatly facilitate the buying and selling process and the acquisition of cars. According to my humble opinion, within several years we will also be able to buy and sell real estate and household appliances in cryptocurrencies and during each year the things that we can buy in cryptocurrencies will increase and this needs patience Just
  3. If my dear friend agrees with you, this leads to attract any person towards the topic, especially since there are some people who do not patience to read topics with difficult and long vocabulary, but this does not prevent people from writing topics in a style and a large and intense explanation to convey a certain idea and convince people of your idea
  4. Certainly, you deserve this success, especially your content is rich in useful information that we can benefit from greatly. You deserve to receive a positive reputation and great support. I hope you will achieve more brilliance and achievements in the forum.
  5. Hello my friend, there are a lot of features offered by the Youbet platform, the most important of which is that you can earn some free currencies through simple requests, and it is also a decentralized platform, which is great, and it is also beautiful that the speed of implementation of all orders is from buying and selling, and withdrawal and deposit requests.
  6. My dear friend agreed with you, but on the beginner to spend several months until you know the digital and encrypted currencies and understand what happens, and before orientation for any department should be read and to continue with the rules of the forum and after the bases of the rules
  7. Frankly, I consider it a waste of time. You spend a lot of long time, effort and a little profit. From my point of view, I did not see any better than CryptoTalk. Here we can learn and earn at once and after obtaining good capital we can enter into trading, it is more profitable
  8. Not only do we have to create many topics, but we must pay attention to the content of the topic, as when its content is useful and meaningful and exceeds 100 characters, it will definitely have a positive reputation, move away from duplicate topics, move away from copying and pasting, and do our own research on the topic, and thus we will ensure a positive reputation
  9. Dear friend, if you review the rules and laws of the forum, we will notice that one of the reasons for the ban is the use of two devices on the same network, so you must stay away from these matters because they are considered a violation of the laws and rules as the forum considers them multiple accounts for the same person and this is called fraud and you will definitely be subject to the ban
  10. Dear friend, to get a positive reputation, you must create useful comments and topics, and that the content of the comment or topic exceeds 100 characters, and you must avoid copying and pasting, and to understand the rules and laws of the forum
  11. I think it is the most common reasons that many people are copying and pasting and making a simple modification and these did not come to learn, but only to bring money and do not care about the rules and laws that they must respect and understand them
  12. One of the best things that come after using a combination of large and small characters is to use (2FA). They increase the safety of the account significantly and so prevents infiltrators and penetrates from access to our account
  13. Sooner, good reputation is useful for beginners and non-novices, they give a very incentive to follow in encrypted currencies and give confidence but to reach the positive reputation that needs time, effort and comments with useful content away from copying
  14. Dear friend, it seems that it is your first experience in the forum, that is, you are still a beginner, so the first thing you must do is read the rules and laws of the forum and abide by them, and then you must complete 100 posts and then you will be able to post in other categories and that needs patience and understanding the basics in cryptocurrencies in order to create topics and comments Useful
  15. Thank you for this beautiful topic, and I add that the person must first read the rules and laws of the forum and abide by them. The person must avoid copying and pasting, and the content of the topic or comment should be useful and far from repetition and do his own research on the topic or comment, thus avoiding as much as possible from negative evaluations
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