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  1. Well, thanks for telling me about that @Whited35. This surely is one of the bright sides of DEX's. I hope that we can see more advancement in them in the near future so that more people switch to them.
  2. Well said my friend. Everyone faces failures because of their mistakes but we should never be disheartened by these failures or mistakes. We should learn a lesson from them and use them as a guide for ourselves because these will lead us towards our success. @Trainz
  3. I don't know for sure that there is any other forum that pays per post. Although Bitcointalk is a similar forum but it's payment system is far too complex and different from that of Cryptotalk. So, I don't think that there is any other forum that pays in the same way.
  4. Yes, some altcoins are affected by the price increase of Bitcoin but I don't know if I would choose to make big investment right now because as you mentioned that Bitcoin is expected to dump after 25k $. And if this happens then these altcoins will also fall in price. But if we look at Gold at this time it is in no way affected by the price of Bitcoin. They are both independent of each other. This shows that they both have their separate status and none of them could dominate the other.
  5. Thanks for mentioning this great site. This will indeed be very helpful for everyone especially newbies who find it hard to know whether they have completed the 100 characters or not. I hope that everyone finds this topic and benefits from it.
  6. Exactly @usamah The crypto world is a deep and complicated place especially if you don't have any previous knowledge about it. As a beginner everyone faces difficulties and finds it very hard to progress forward but we should never give up because there is always success after the struggle.
  7. Well said @usamah . Following the rules should be our number one priority. If we don't follow them then we are bound to get a warning point or even a ban. So, every member especially the newbies should make sure that they are well aware of all the rules before they start posting.
  8. Thanks @Calvinpriva for the warning. There are many scam sites out there nowadays and mostly they use the Ponzi scheme to take your money. But it is a good thing that we have members like you and review sites like trustpilot etc to warn us about such dangers 😄.
  9. Yes, the Talk token needs our full support. It is that official token of Cryptotalk and it is having a bad time right now. We should try and hold on to our talk or even buy more so that the price doesn't continue to fall. This way we will secure the future of Cryptotalk.
  10. Exactly @Honny143. There are no institutes where we can get education for free especially not about cryptocurrencies. This forum is giving us all the knowledge about the crypto world and on top of that, it is providing us with the capital we need to start crypto trading. We are indeed lucky to be members of this forum.
  11. Ah so you prefer stable investments @Sadia Batool. Well that is good choice and you can benefit a lot from it but only in the long term. Bitcoins lovers go for Bitcoin for a very different reason i.e they usually want big profits in a short term. So, both Gold and Bitcoin are almost equally preferred for their own benefits. @Dorjoy12 Yes, Bitcoin recently broke it's ATH and it's price is still skyrocketing. Many did not expect the price to go to 23k in 2020 but it actually happened. Now we have to see for how long it will keep rising.
  12. Thanks @cyptowhited. You are right that the crypto world is full of surprises. Today one coin/token may be the fastest but tomorrow another will take it's place. We will just have to see how much the Blockchain improves and how fast our transactions become especially with the emergence of the lightning network.
  13. It is good to hear a solution from an experienced member like you. Many members are the victim of this problem and I also proposed the same solution as you. I use Google chrome and I rarely face this issue. So, I don't think the browser is the cause of this but the real cause is still not known .
  14. This forum provides a lot of benefits to it's users like increasing their knowledge, improving their English grammar/vocabulary etc. We should feel lucky that we are members of such a prestigious forum and we should strive to make it a better place for everyone.
  15. @Gomez12 Cryptotalk provides us a lot of benefits like: It increases our knowledge It improves our writing skills It enhances our vocabulary It makes our English grammar better For these reasons and many more Cryptotalk is a great platform if you want to become a writer or you just want to have better English.
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