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Found 10 results

  1. Before doing transaction of any amount in yobit I can actually get chance to claim free coins daily but after doing transaction while claming free coins it said complete the 20 trade to earn the free coin. What is meant by that ? Can anyone explain what is the actual problem which I am facing.
  2. Crypto world helps billions of people. It encourages the people to earn crypto to help satisfy their needs. They won’t just earn a little but big time. With a lot of effort and patience, they will be able to earn a lot and they can help other people who are in need.
  3. CoinPot - Cryptocurrency microwallet: Changes to bitcoin core wallet withdrawal limit and fees. As you may know, due to recent significant improvements to the bitcoin network the current mining fees are extremely low and appear to remain so for the foreseeable future. Therefore we are very happy to announce that we have made the following changes to CoinPot bitcoin core wallet withdrawal limit and fees... * The minimum withdrawal limit has been reduced from 0.00025 btc (25,000 satoshi) down to 0.0001 btc (10,000 satoshi). * Withdrawal fees have been completely removed! Previously there was a 0.00002 btc (2,000 satoshi) fee for withdrawals of less than 0.001 btc (100,000 satoshi). PLEASE NOTE: If the network mining fees rise again then we will of course have to review this and we may need to re-introduce withdrawal fees and/or raise the withdrawal limit again.
  4. Hello all, "Naufalqr" This time I will tell you what is needed to create a hyip program. Not very detailed but it is very useful most of us make a hyip program a difficult or complex process. You think that can only be done by professionals in other words experienced. do you think "Can I Make That Program?" Yes you can But, the simplest way to create a hyip program is to utilize many HYIP Script providers online. This will be the perfect choice for you if this is your first website and you don't know anything about HTML or coding. To create your HYIP program, you will need a HYIP Script. What is HYIP Script? HYIP Script is software that consists of various programming files, packages for managing HYIP websites at once. With the help of HYIP Script, users can create their own websites. The following is what is needed to create a hyip program Domain name Licensed HYIP scripts SSL Encryption Ordering CMS Order Unique Templates Note: Before you get to the hyip program development stage, let's discuss some of the terms you'll find later THIS IS ALSO VERY USEFUL Domain names are unique names given to identify computer server names such as web servers or email servers on a computer or internet network. Domain names function to make it easier for users on the internet when accessing the server, in addition to also being used to remember the name of the server being visited without having to recognize a complex row of numbers known as IP addresses. This domain name is also known as a unit of a website such as "". Domain names are sometimes also referred to as URLs, or website addresses. Licensed scripts: Two types of scripts are available on the market; Custom scripts and licensed scripts (containing admin area and member area with the most e-currency payment modules). SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security protocol for creating encrypted links between web servers and browsers in online communication. The use of SSL technology ensures that all data sent between the web server and browser remains encrypted. CMS (Content Management System) is a system designed to support web page content management. Web content includes embedded text and images, photos, videos, audio, maps, and program code for applications that display content or interact with users Templates are examples of pre-determined design structures. This is a tool to impose the look and feel of a standard layout on multiple pages or in the content area. PREVIEW PROGRAM HYIP.
  5. My sincere greetings and congratulations to all users of the Cryptocurrency family. Two hours, I joined crypto currency. But I can't add my email address to the cryptocurrency campaign on the yobit exchange. What can I do now? ✌️Thank you all..
  6. I have 8000 dogecoin in catex exchange but I want to trade Doge with usd. Can you tell me with exchange is better.
  7. Everyone has entered crypto world for a reason. I don't think anyone has joined crypto community just for fun! Some people who don't have a job, turned to cryptocurrency to earn money. They just trade for money and don't have a plan for future. They want to stay on crypto world as long as cryptocurrency stays alive. But there are some other people who started to get involved in crypto world to reach a certain goal in the future. They may leave cryptocurrency after reaching their goals. For example, some people want to start a business but need investment. They are working with cryptocurrency just to collect money to form an investment for their businesses. Some people may have a dream. They want to buy a car or anything else by the money they earn through cryptocurrency and will leave crypto world after their dreams come true. They have a plan to earn a fixed amount of money and will forget about crypto after that. I am not one of these people and even if I reach all my goals, I won't leave crypto world. What about you?
  8. Providing Equilibrium Over the course of history, it is known that the people who do the most get the least. It is for this reason, along with increased debt, inflation and lack of prosperity for the people, that we have created a platform based on equilibrium. This process uses knowledge from a game theory which is derived from the Nash Equilibria equation. Our system is designed to give everyone the same opportunity for success and still rewards those that do more. The efforts to create income are minimal and all who are part of it would be able to earn. We are excited to bring this opportunity to everyone and become the instigators of the world’s greatest revolution. Our goal is to provide Global Prosperity. Social Rewards Website Google bans crypto-advertising. Therefore, there is a need for a new website where crypto and people can gather together. When the Social Rewards website opens and has an advertising platform that allows crypto advertising, the market will shift to the site for advertising. Imagine millions in crypto-advertising being closed down on Facebook and Google suddenly having a platform where they can market. That would be SHARED REVENUE!? Exchanges ] Be updated! Watch Michael Weber's lifestreams on youtube:
  9. I thing when we decided to start make money with cryptocurrencies, we know that all cryptos are just like playing game with many risks. but it's fun for playing it, we tried using many strategies. sometimes we lose and win. there is no right strategy, because everything can change anytime. So the most important part of playing crypto is : don't risk more than you can afford to lose. God luck
  10. I've tried to reach out to at least 2 moderators to ask if the campaign is over or still going, I waited for a reply but no mod replied so i assumed the campaign is over because i haven't gotten any rewards in over 24 hours and several other members had the same issue, but then i saw members assuring me that the campaign is still going and my brother is also receiving payments so i hope moderators can reply to me on here to why some are paid and others aren't paid even tho im following the rules on each post or reply i write on this forum. I haven't received any warnings too which makes me even more confused why im not being paid. [PS: i do not want to be rewarded for this post, all i want is a simple answer from one of the moderators]
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