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Found 27 results

  1. English section should be giving a second chance. I feel awkward, devastated and otiose to serve the general punishment as result of SERIES VIOLATIONS by some narrow minded members among us in English Section. However, the whole section has learn a lot of lessons from her previous mistakes. Likewise, effective hints, logical ideas on how to regulate, arrest, barricade, halt or stop lawless, mischievous and illicit acts of any form in English section has already been forwarded. In this regard, on behalf of the English members and I appeal to moderators and entire management of cryptotalk to RECONSIDER English section. @Bigpat @Desais @ayatoslaw @epidemia @Alex077 ***Constructive, logical opinion is welcome!!!....
  2. As we all know in everything the first step is always the hardest, when you start creating topics and your topics get deleted. Don't feel discourage and think of giving up, because those who you see today as good topics writers, had created numerous topics and got deleted more than you think. Who knows you might be the best! So Learn from your failures, disappointments, and prepare to move on to win the battle. My brother/sister there is no success without hardship... (Sophocles)
  3. This is one of it kind in the whole world of Crypto currencies ln and Out. No single forum, sites ever made this attempt of paying it members double payment both at the same time. A compensation payment for not able to open trading for it's new token as it was stipulated tentatively. I couldn't believe it until when it started counting, now I'm earning both talkcoin and BTC at the same time, in same forum. This indicates credibility, accountability and transparency of the forum.
  4. I think, this is the right time to share the little achievements I have started making despite I'm still a beginner before my seniors ones in the forum. I was investigating, scrutinizing each and every part, angle in this forum. Where I enter in to POPULAR CONTRIBUTOR'S. By clicking, this lead me to LEADERSHIP BOARD. then below I Clicked SHOW MORE. Scrolling down little, you will see POPULAR CONTENTS. In POPULAR CONTENTS WITH HIGHEST REPUTATIONS, I was shocked and surprised with what I saw. Both DAILY & WEEKLY, my contents Emerge first, that's Number One content in the forum with highest Reputation. I was so amazed and pleased to see my TOPIC or CONTENT rank as FIRST with the highest positive reputation for weekly and specifically for the day. This triggered me to come up with this topic, voicing out the reputable, marvelous achievements marked. Indeed, the success we see today in top members is connected to what they post and extra contributions they are rendering. Which is why I'm making a Clarion call to all growing members, in specific new users. You should not in any way, underestimate your potential. Keep struggling no matter what & how, May be you might be the BEST You can become the OVERALL BEST Who knows!!!
  5. This goes to all members of the forum especially senior member. Seniority in every where is attributed to the amount of knowledge, experiences and discipline one may had pass through or acquired in any given organization, institution or forums virtually reflecting as ranks. Seniority is not merely a name referred to you, but a title award to you considering trainings, stages that you had gone through, in the course of your journey to attain your set objectives. So as senior/old members of this great forum, let that knowledge, experience you have acquired so far shine and reflects in your write-up, comments or posts, in respect to lower members to benefits from it. Make a useful contents, posts that will touches and change their life positively, assist and improve them to grow in experience and knowledge too. *Thank you everyone* Have a nice posting!!!
  6. First let me start by welcoming everyone in to the world of crypto currency. It's a community that houses gainful and profitable opportunities, fruitful and lucrative offers for earning Crypto money passively depending on the task chosen for participation. In view of this, SECURITY should be given utmost priority, first class attention as their are other categories of people who tends to use Crypto currency in extra legal or prohibited way. Talking about scammers, hackers or any other cyber securities disruptions. So as a member in this forum and Crypto world at large. You have to know that: 1. Private keys given to you while registering in both sites are for you and you alone. 2. They are not meant to be share with anyone no matter what he/she claims to be. 3. Write and save your personal keys or details in hard copy, not online as they carries your money. 4. Avoid login your personal details in to public system etc. These are the basic, bold steps to safeguard and keep one highly protected from their threat.
  7. How can I describe the massive deleting of topics and posts that cause severe fear on members this recent erasing of posts before 2020 should end was my first time to experience it this event that left me with some questions as newbie that I can answer them: - How are we going to repay them back with post since we have already been paid for it? - what is the way forward to finally stop the massive removal of posts ? - will the be seen as end of the year elimination of unwanted messages? WHAT IS THE FATE OF THE MEMBERS AND THE CRYPTOTALK? common say your mind to make crypto talk better
  8. As a Crypto currency holder and lover my journey about Crypto currency is not hopeful. Honestly I think Crypto currency is one kind mistry and uncertain thing. My journey's age is mere 4 years but honestly still i don't understand the 10% knowledge of it. If I express something about my journey then there are no way to escape from here I think it's like one kind of under - world where anyone can just enter, but you couldn't exit from it. Maximum time I lost for my ignorance. Now I am really quite successful for Crypttalk. Now humbly I am egger to hear your story about Crypto currency's journey. Thanks to all.
  9. Once again let me remind us Reporting is a general duty, don't sit and fold your arms when you come across useless content or unwanted information that is against the law. You are not helping matter, play your own part as a loyal member by reporting any illicit act, such as spamming/ copy and paste, paraphrasing, offensive or abusive content, giving dislike illegally Etc Let's continue to take collective responsibility for the forum to remain clean, neat and safe for all
  10. It's never too late to start doing the right thing, your dream future can begin at any level. It doesn't matter whether you're a new beginner or senior member. And it doesn't count on how many warning points you have received or period of time you had been in suspension. As long as you're focus and committed to correct your mistakes by working hard, you'll never cease to succeed. You can be anything you want to be no matter what you have been through. Therefore your post is an instrument for change, don't ever let your worries limit you, and believe in yourself even if no one does. You will mark great success, remarkable achievements in future. That will makes you proud in life. As usual keep posting in accordance to the existing protocols of the forum and at any cost never try to compromise them. I urge you to always be a good ambassador of cryptotalk. Have a nice postings...
  11. If you keep posting useless, meaningless contents, low quality post, offensive or annoying information and any other things that are contrary to the existing protocols of the forum. It's just like buying yourself a ticket of receiving warning points, consistently you get suspension or even be expel or ban from the forum. So stop pretending as if you don't know and pay utmost respect to the existing laws/rules of the forum. And then remain focus, dedicated and committed working hard therefore publishing constructive, quality and useful contents for your own benefits and for the forum. Once again Welcome to cryptotalk forum and Wishing you a wonderful, memorable, Peaceful & Stress-free staying in cryptotalk forum.
  12. Good afternoon community, I like many more surely recently entered the forum and I would like to receive advice on how to post correctly, greetings
  13. Bitcoin payment is here again for a specific time, apart from the TALK COIN we receive as a reward for daily postings. Temporary payment in BTC is added now to compensate members till when the new coin trading will finally be open, which is set to take place on 15th of next month. This temporarily payment count on likes (positive reputations) giving to your postings. From my side this is a welcome development and it will in long way boost and enhance participation of members, but by putting in to consideration, I will like to iron out 2 to 3 items which are as follows: - Beginners view - spammers action - General effect Beginners in the sense that, they are new user's in this forum, first take your time and finish the free 100 compulsory post constructively as expected, they should not be too worried, or feel devastated to rush 100 free post NO. because it's crystal clear and obvious that your post needs to capture minds to attract likes, and so it's a great challenge to you to double your efforts and post only quality, constructive and useful contents to gain the likes and also enjoy from the BTC payment. Spammers action With the coming of this temporary payment of Satoshi for the mean time again, old members in particular needs to be watchful and be more active in the forum purposely to report any mischievous act related to spam rating to favour each others. General effect In this side it will affect both all the members irrespective of levels because were one may likely choose to post his/her comments and the traffic their is too low, there is possibility the post may not be given positive reputations despite it's useful one. We need to go extra beyond and be circulating in various sections to give likes to deserve post. ALWAYS BE & REMAIN A GOOD AMBASSADOR OF CRYPTOTALK AT ANY TIME, ANY WHERE YOU ARE....Together we shall all succeed and make it...
  14. Everyone has entered crypto world for a reason. I don't think anyone has joined crypto community just for fun! Some people who don't have a job, turned to cryptocurrency to earn money. They just trade for money and don't have a plan for future. They want to stay on crypto world as long as cryptocurrency stays alive. But there are some other people who started to get involved in crypto world to reach a certain goal in the future. They may leave cryptocurrency after reaching their goals. For example, some people want to start a business but need investment. They are working with cryptocurrency just to collect money to form an investment for their businesses. Some people may have a dream. They want to buy a car or anything else by the money they earn through cryptocurrency and will leave crypto world after their dreams come true. They have a plan to earn a fixed amount of money and will forget about crypto after that. I am not one of these people and even if I reach all my goals, I won't leave crypto world. What about you?
  15. Disabling of talk coin rewards for rating has accurately defines the kind of members and large percentage of members cryptotalk forum has... Are they really members that claims to be responsible or it is just for earnings!?.. Because nowadays every one can see numerous members active participating but less reputations in circulation. Members don't bother about sharing reputations again since the development of refusal of that 50 max talk coin to earn was announced. This is disappointing knowing that reputations is not only essential for earning talk coin but plays significant role in motivations and inspiring topics writers, responsible members to continue to posts the best of the best crypto currency information concerning different aspects or sections that everyone is benefiting from. As well very important for compensation payment paid in BTC. So in view of this I appeal to every member in the forum irrespective of levels to value and maintain the same order of sharing reputations but to only quality, relevant and useful postings. In same vain rate low quality, useless posts negatively because cryptotalk is not a forum for sharing meaningless crypto information. Together we learn..... together we benefits
  16. I may still be considered as Beginner in the forum since this is just a week that I started receiving payment in talk coin and Bitcoin. But unfortunately it's not encouraging me to work for more because of the incessant depreciation of Talk coin price at the market. Cryptotalk why???
  17. In Crypto field as we already know we must keep our eyes open and keep monitoring the market to avoid losses or for grabbing the profit opportunity. I'm going to cover top platforms and resources to stay updated with Crypto world and with their benefits. (All platforms mentioned below has direct links to their website. You can access them with one click. A)News Sources: News sites are the most important source to stay updated with recent action of Crypto field. We can get early information and rumours regarding further updates so we became the first to grab popularity. Some news sources that I do suggest for following are: Decrypt Coindesk Cointelegraph 4.News Bitcoin B) Social Media: Social media are the places where we get updates from the projects we are following. Big Players and CEO posts updates about their projects and coming features. You can make accounts on them and get attached with your favourite projects Updates. Twitter YouTube Telegram Facebook (I use Facebook rarely) Discord Twitter is my favourite among all. And keep in mind there are hype of fake projects on social media so stay attached only with legit. C) Crypto Forums: Crypto forums are the great source for getting knowledge and views from different Crypto lovers around the globe. You can join them and be a part of the Crypto community and earn too while learning and sharing views. Cryptotalk (Personal Favourite) Bitcointalk Read.Cash D) Price Monitoring and Alert: There are many platform for monitoring the price of assest and managing portfolio. Most Popular and widely used are: Coingecko Coinmarketcap You can use them to monitor the price movements, market cap ,volume and many more. You can set alert on particular coin. If that coin reaches your expected price you will get notifications instantly. Coingecko also allows us to watch the liquidity pools information and best APY to choose among different projects if you are into De-Fi. E) Performing Technical Analysis: For Technical Analysis everyone's favourite is TradingView. You can do a technical analysis on any coin using TradingView. It's free with almost all needed feature. You can upgrade to standard package if you start earning and need more features. These are the ways and platforms I use to get attached with Crypto world and get most of the contents and information from. If you are using more platform than mentioned here, please feel free to introduce them in comments.
  18. Good numbers of topics has been circulating in this great forum seeking personal opinions, views of fellow members to willingly predict, suggest or rate the New Talk Coin. They're very good topics enlightening about the upcoming TALK COIN trading. But something strange, extraordinary, marvelous is happening these days, I don't know if my respected fellow colleagues had observe or experience it. It's pertaining to DOUBLE PAYMENTS we receive for daily postings. The increment looks interesting, marvelous, motivating and inspiring one to put more effort by working hard to earn more in target of forthcoming TALK COIN trading, tentatively scheduled to be open for trading in September. The point I'm trying to make is honestly attributed to this increment of talk coin we receive from daily posting, that recently begun. Actually I'm doubting it...and it's left me with some wavering questions that I feel I should share it with everyone, to SAY his/her mind, views or opinions irrespective of levels. -Don't you think this double reward/payment is something worth enough for reasoning? - Don't you think it's something worth of Paying attention to, and critically meditate on the pending or undecided value of the coin? - Don't you think it's something worth enough for us to lay emphasis on, and collectively ask for more clarification from moderators, for us to be crystal clear about it?... Because as for me, I think the HIGHER the number of TALK COIN distributed, the LESS it will VALUE at market. -I don't know if someone has vision or mirror what I'm viewing??? -I don't know if someone has same observations, views or opinions as mine???? This is centered on my own personal view of point....SAY YOUR OWN VIEWS, OPINIONS...
  19. My sincere greetings and congratulations to all users of the Cryptocurrency family. Two hours, I joined crypto currency. But I can't add my email address to the cryptocurrency campaign on the yobit exchange. What can I do now? ✌️Thank you all..
  20. You will agree with me, that there are quite numbers of topics in this forum that comes in bulky note which failed to captured and highlight the key points, the value, useful and new information needed. This makes some members especially new beginners feels reluctant in taking their precious time to go through the content all. I therefore appeal or suggest to topic creators/ writers to please, try their utmost best to breakdown the content of the topic in to Simple, Short and Useful format. To benefits all and for the progress of this forum
  21. CoinPot - Cryptocurrency microwallet: Changes to bitcoin core wallet withdrawal limit and fees. As you may know, due to recent significant improvements to the bitcoin network the current mining fees are extremely low and appear to remain so for the foreseeable future. Therefore we are very happy to announce that we have made the following changes to CoinPot bitcoin core wallet withdrawal limit and fees... * The minimum withdrawal limit has been reduced from 0.00025 btc (25,000 satoshi) down to 0.0001 btc (10,000 satoshi). * Withdrawal fees have been completely removed! Previously there was a 0.00002 btc (2,000 satoshi) fee for withdrawals of less than 0.001 btc (100,000 satoshi). PLEASE NOTE: If the network mining fees rise again then we will of course have to review this and we may need to re-introduce withdrawal fees and/or raise the withdrawal limit again.
  22. How about friends I hope you are well and this time we have to talk about what is happening with respect to the serious fall in the price per bitcoin. After Bitcoin remained in a good bullish attitude, a movement came that caused a major update, which would undoubtedly put the price of Bitcoin in serious trouble. It is currently struggling in the price of $ 16,500 per Bitcoin according to coingecko. Expert analysts mention that this correction was seen to come, which is necessary for its price to increase, so this will motivate bitcoin to continue with its bullish movement. The panic was not lacking, since when seeing that the price fell the sales did not stop increasing in the list of orders, many assure that this could have been caused only with the purpose of buying cheap and then selling at a more expensive price . Even so, there is no lack of the person who ensures that the price will continue to fall, even reaching $ 10,000, but that already depends on the analysis that each one takes. But tell me what you think, is it a good time to buy? Is it a good opportunity to sell? Or what decision you have made, sell, buy or continue holding. I hope you like this point of view and that you better tell me about yours, your good friend TutoCash says goodbye, a cordial greeting and see you soon
  23. Hello all, "Naufalqr" This time I will tell you what is needed to create a hyip program. Not very detailed but it is very useful most of us make a hyip program a difficult or complex process. You think that can only be done by professionals in other words experienced. do you think "Can I Make That Program?" Yes you can But, the simplest way to create a hyip program is to utilize many HYIP Script providers online. This will be the perfect choice for you if this is your first website and you don't know anything about HTML or coding. To create your HYIP program, you will need a HYIP Script. What is HYIP Script? HYIP Script is software that consists of various programming files, packages for managing HYIP websites at once. With the help of HYIP Script, users can create their own websites. The following is what is needed to create a hyip program Domain name Licensed HYIP scripts SSL Encryption Ordering CMS Order Unique Templates Note: Before you get to the hyip program development stage, let's discuss some of the terms you'll find later THIS IS ALSO VERY USEFUL Domain names are unique names given to identify computer server names such as web servers or email servers on a computer or internet network. Domain names function to make it easier for users on the internet when accessing the server, in addition to also being used to remember the name of the server being visited without having to recognize a complex row of numbers known as IP addresses. This domain name is also known as a unit of a website such as "". Domain names are sometimes also referred to as URLs, or website addresses. Licensed scripts: Two types of scripts are available on the market; Custom scripts and licensed scripts (containing admin area and member area with the most e-currency payment modules). SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security protocol for creating encrypted links between web servers and browsers in online communication. The use of SSL technology ensures that all data sent between the web server and browser remains encrypted. CMS (Content Management System) is a system designed to support web page content management. Web content includes embedded text and images, photos, videos, audio, maps, and program code for applications that display content or interact with users Templates are examples of pre-determined design structures. This is a tool to impose the look and feel of a standard layout on multiple pages or in the content area. PREVIEW PROGRAM HYIP.
  24. Jared Tate is a famous figure in the cryptocurrency world. He is the creator of Digibyte, one of the early cryptocurrencies that was founded in 2014. He was also famous for the incident and tweet-fight between him and Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao during a 2018 mini-debate about listing Digibyte on Binance. While Digibyte is overperforming, achieving an astronomical 900% rise in price terms from the recent dip that happened during March, Jared Tate decided to step down from his close association with Digibyte, while accusing the community of excess greed and caring only for short term profits, along with making a point on certain whales that profit at the expense of strategic long-term investors and about centralization of the cryptocurrency industry. In the past he had again accused the cryptocurrency industry of corruption and greed, especially the big exchanges and "crypto tycoons". It seems that we might not be hearing from Jared Tate again, although he stated that he will still support Digibyte but not as as the person in charge, allowing Digibyte to become more autonomous in the future. Source:
  25. Providing Equilibrium Over the course of history, it is known that the people who do the most get the least. It is for this reason, along with increased debt, inflation and lack of prosperity for the people, that we have created a platform based on equilibrium. This process uses knowledge from a game theory which is derived from the Nash Equilibria equation. Our system is designed to give everyone the same opportunity for success and still rewards those that do more. The efforts to create income are minimal and all who are part of it would be able to earn. We are excited to bring this opportunity to everyone and become the instigators of the world’s greatest revolution. Our goal is to provide Global Prosperity. Social Rewards Website Google bans crypto-advertising. Therefore, there is a need for a new website where crypto and people can gather together. When the Social Rewards website opens and has an advertising platform that allows crypto advertising, the market will shift to the site for advertising. Imagine millions in crypto-advertising being closed down on Facebook and Google suddenly having a platform where they can market. That would be SHARED REVENUE!? Exchanges ] Be updated! Watch Michael Weber's lifestreams on youtube:
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