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Found 21 results

  1. English section should be giving a second chance. I feel awkward, devastated and otiose to serve the general punishment as result of SERIES VIOLATIONS by some narrow minded members among us in English Section. However, the whole section has learn a lot of lessons from her previous mistakes. Likewise, effective hints, logical ideas on how to regulate, arrest, barricade, halt or stop lawless, mischievous and illicit acts of any form in English section has already been forwarded. In this regard, on behalf of the English members and I appeal to moderators and entire management of cryptotalk to RECONSIDER English section. @Bigpat @Desais @ayatoslaw @epidemia @Alex077 ***Constructive, logical opinion is welcome!!!....
  2. As we all know in everything the first step is always the hardest, when you start creating topics and your topics get deleted. Don't feel discourage and think of giving up, because those who you see today as good topics writers, had created numerous topics and got deleted more than you think. Who knows you might be the best! So Learn from your failures, disappointments, and prepare to move on to win the battle. My brother/sister there is no success without hardship... (Sophocles)
  3. Firstly The forum is getting more users and of course there are some users that seems to be using more than one account but we don't know how to catch them. Secondly their are some spammers that plagiarized contents to create useless Contents to form there own Posts. The reason for why I created the topic is to share some tips on how to catch this users that spams the forum. Note: Spammers are always smarts they may appear in different nickname and also their writing styles. I have said this in another post I made We have caught many spammers and we are able to catch them only when we reads some pages and saw some repeatation of post then we marked that posts and found the original source. Sometimes when we suspect a post then we use some online tools that will help us detect those spammers were it shows how many percentage of post was plagiarized. Some spammers using multiple accounts can be detected through some certain ways like: 1. When the profile has a very huge number of reputations and all posts activities seems positive then we suspect that Account to be using another account to give reputations. 2. If an account receive high reputation while he contributes nothing either by creating some topic then this member maybe suspected as a spammer were evidence is needed after proper investigation. 3. Monitor the visitors into their Profile if a users always visit that profile checkout they might followed each other in other to easily get accesses to each other accounts and benefits from one another. 4. When a profile contains high number of reputations try to read it's contents and know how much useful it was if it is useless and don't deserve that reputations then this guy can be suspected as a spammer or multiple Account user. 5. When a post was useless containing big grammers this account should be suspected as a spammer that plagiarized others contents to create his own post. You might use, 1. (Through link only) 2. 3.plagiarism-checker Here below 👇 is a link that I mostly use and can help you find a copied contents which you can submit as a proof to the Moderators. You can copied a post you are suspecting to be copied and paste and paste it in that the empty box and click on ''check Plagiarism'' allowed your browser to refresh and then check out for the result. below is a screenshot👇. make sure you read carefully and understand the result giving out if it is unique that means the post is legit but when it is Plagiarized it shows plagiarism and you can click on compare to find the result. You can also download results for report documents and get the copy saved. This is an example of Plagiarized contents and some unique post. From match result you can get the main source of were this contents is copied. This is the right time to help the busiest moderators to catch the spammers that are not ready to contribute. Happy posting to you all💓💓💓🙏
  4. Its very sad to me after spending all my time to work and share my knowledge but I end up receiving half payments for my work. I could like to know what is happening because I end up receiving less than 20post paid in a day. Here is a screenshot to my account can any one help and explain why all this is happening? Is there any problem with my post? Is there anyone having same problem as mine? Please I need explanation about this or should I send a complain report to the moderators. @BTC Future @Whited35 @Calvinpriva I want you all to explain this to me. Thank you all for your cooperation and support and also for sharing us your experience about the payments.🙏
  5. This forum was so much great were all members find much interest to learn. It is a pleasure to show how much greatfully we are being in this forum. Let show gratitude and say a brief on what you achieve from this forum. Tell us how much grateful you are and how much thanks will you give to cryptotalk for helping you to learn a lot of things. We all know that this forum had done a lot for us and distribute to everyone many way to learn, teach , earn , build up your vocabulary by knowing how to write good Contents, practicing a lot about cryptocurrency on how to make profit from the knowledge you have to earn a peaceful living. It seems great when ever one do good for you you show appreciation to such thing that you received so helpful. Therefore it isn't much bad to be grateful. Everyone here have reasons and different intentions for why they have been here. There are some members with good intentions and some members are with bad intentions. The good intentions users always find a specific time to be active and to work at the right time differing from inactive users. Inactive users are those spammers and careless users that are not here to learn but just in other way to spoiled/spam the forum with bad comments. This is the right time we need to think twice and work perfectly as we are paid for our work. We don't have to do bad work and expect payments as other good members did. It was very shameful on how you may see some members getting banned for spamming the forum and creating multiple accounts but still Creating more multiple accounts to continue spamming its really not a good attitude it seems to be like act of stealing what does not belong to you. We need to change so that we live long as old members also live in the forum there is nothing to worry about if our Posts are counted as unique posts. Take a look at old members they how long they have been in this forum but that didn't have a problem because they abide by rule's. Right here all I want us to understand about this topic is that we should be grateful and be proud to share what we learn from this forum and be proud to be here and get ready to follow the rules all the time as stated. Secondly we want to know how helpful this forum is it to you. How much can you rates cryptotalk forum? ✓ Best +5 ✓ better +3 ✓ Good + 1 ✓ Very poor -5 ✓ poor -3 ✓ Moderate - 1 Say your mind let's see how much rate you give cryptotalk>>> waiting for you feedbacks.
  6. I think, this is the right time to share the little achievements I have started making despite I'm still a beginner before my seniors ones in the forum. I was investigating, scrutinizing each and every part, angle in this forum. Where I enter in to POPULAR CONTRIBUTOR'S. By clicking, this lead me to LEADERSHIP BOARD. then below I Clicked SHOW MORE. Scrolling down little, you will see POPULAR CONTENTS. In POPULAR CONTENTS WITH HIGHEST REPUTATIONS, I was shocked and surprised with what I saw. Both DAILY & WEEKLY, my contents Emerge first, that's Number One content in the forum with highest Reputation. I was so amazed and pleased to see my TOPIC or CONTENT rank as FIRST with the highest positive reputation for weekly and specifically for the day. This triggered me to come up with this topic, voicing out the reputable, marvelous achievements marked. Indeed, the success we see today in top members is connected to what they post and extra contributions they are rendering. Which is why I'm making a Clarion call to all growing members, in specific new users. You should not in any way, underestimate your potential. Keep struggling no matter what & how, May be you might be the BEST You can become the OVERALL BEST Who knows!!!
  7. I am sure everyone is aware that the deleting option is deleted for quite some weeks now. Many of us are facing problems of double post due to low server which depends on location we are residing. It was very sad when some of us receive warming points due to such problem of not able to delete this kind of double post which is because of no deleting option. Right here am coming up with another easy way to delete your post. This way I am trying to explain is the reporting button, which you can see the flag icon🏁 at the right handside of your post you created. Select the first option which says '' The post is okay, but I want to tell moderator about it'' You can scroll down to write a support later were if you wish to explain more you can write it there. Second option(offensive/abusive): You can use that option to report useless Contents you see within the section. 3rd option(spam): Everyone knew what spam is all about therefore when you see a spam post or Plagiarized contents you can use that option to report. Be noted you can use the first option to complain for deleting you post. Leaving it we be considered as spamming the forum rules. Happy posting to you all friend's....👌💓
  8. I herald that almost everyone is willing to help this forum to improve but we mostly not know what is best to do. Friends here are some tips that will help us make this forum move to next level: 1. Making a good quality post helps the forum to improve because it will reduce the numbers of post to be deleted. 2. Creating some good positive topic all about cryptocurrency will also help in improving this forum. 3. Following and abiding the rules guiding this forum will make the forum to improve and achieve their goals. 4. Reporting of spammers in to the moderators for taking action will ease the moderators work and searching for spammer and will as well improve the forums. 5. Sharing of knowledge with friends is about cryptocurrency and referring friends to this great forum will help the forum to improve and achieve their goals. If we all can abide by this guide as I stated I am sure we shall help this forum to move forward. You are all welcome to cryptotalk campaign you shall all get paid per post if you work it. Happy posting friends.
  9. How can I describe the massive deleting of topics and posts that cause severe fear on members this recent erasing of posts before 2020 should end was my first time to experience it this event that left me with some questions as newbie that I can answer them: - How are we going to repay them back with post since we have already been paid for it? - what is the way forward to finally stop the massive removal of posts ? - will the be seen as end of the year elimination of unwanted messages? WHAT IS THE FATE OF THE MEMBERS AND THE CRYPTOTALK? common say your mind to make crypto talk better
  10. Once again let me remind us Reporting is a general duty, don't sit and fold your arms when you come across useless content or unwanted information that is against the law. You are not helping matter, play your own part as a loyal member by reporting any illicit act, such as spamming/ copy and paste, paraphrasing, offensive or abusive content, giving dislike illegally Etc Let's continue to take collective responsibility for the forum to remain clean, neat and safe for all
  11. If you keep posting useless, meaningless contents, low quality post, offensive or annoying information and any other things that are contrary to the existing protocols of the forum. It's just like buying yourself a ticket of receiving warning points, consistently you get suspension or even be expel or ban from the forum. So stop pretending as if you don't know and pay utmost respect to the existing laws/rules of the forum. And then remain focus, dedicated and committed working hard therefore publishing constructive, quality and useful contents for your own benefits and for the forum. Once again Welcome to cryptotalk forum and Wishing you a wonderful, memorable, Peaceful & Stress-free staying in cryptotalk forum.
  12. W͎E͎L͎C͎O͎M͎E͎ T͎O͎ C͎R͎Y͎P͎T͎O͎T͎A͎L͎K͎ F͎O͎R͎U͎M͎ Good day to you all friends! You are all welcome to cryptotalk forum. Here I from the forum will explain to you about how we get visitors and how can we increase numbers of visitors in our profile and why we need them. ✓ Many of us will be thinking what are the need of visitors to our profiles? ✓Do we get paid for visitors? ✓Why is this feature included and attached to our profile? ✓ How can I locate my visitors in my profile? Here are answers to this questions: * What are the need of visitors in our profiles? do you know we are the reasons for the visitors in our profiles. Yes the reason is you because your post really attracts their attention when everything you post good qaulity post. Many members try to visit your profile so that they will see how well you are working in the forum. When you are that type of user that have good contents and good reputations with followers that like to be your friends. Secondly when you always responds to qoute which really helps them they visit your profile to follow you. The need of visitors in general is to allowed other users to know you and follow you. High number of visitors hope responsible and respected you are in the forum. * Do we get paid for visitors on our profile? No we don't get paid because of visitors we have in our profile but makes you to be a trusted and respected member. * How can I locate my visitors? You can locate your visitors on your profile when you scroll down just exactly as you can see right here on the image below.👇 The number of views you see on the profiles are friends that visit your post. Members on leadersboard are mostly the users that have high visitors. * Why is my visitors not visible what is happening with my Profile? This questions comes from newbies and low members in the forum. Your visitors visibility is off as a newbie you need to on it when you click on enable just like on the profile image.. Click on enable that is all you need you can view your visitors. When you have high post low number of visitors you need to improve the quality of your post. Thsi is the best use of this feature in this forum and was the reason why it is attached to our profiles. The teams can use it to evaluate between the good and bad members on the forum. Bͦeͦsͦtͦ oͦfͦ lͦuͦcͦkͦ fͦrͦiͦeͦnͦdͦsͦ
  13. I have face lack of understanding when u create topic but cannit locate an easy way to see it. So I have to go in research to learn easy way to find your topic. This steps will guide if you follow the steps as written below: 1. Visit your profile as you can see from the image locate with and arrow if you are a desktop user or Android user. For Android user you can locate your activity as in you scroll at your right hand side. 2. If the page opens you can view your posts and topic as you scroll down then click on your topic you shall find them there. This is the only two easy steps and I hope it will help many friends of mine in this forum.
  14. Its been long I made a post I have miss everyone here. This happen due to some certain reasons that I accept it to be my fault. I was restricted from posting for 30days, it's really pains but yes I acknowledge it to be right. I don't blame any moderator for such action. During the break I have learn a lot and know how much I miss for a while not being able to post or receive any payment. I am into that but still I didn't stop visiting the site because I am able to learn and give reputations to some post I found useful. It was so much glad to me when I come back and realized that a new campaign is running and am eligible to participate with you all. All the way here are some tips I considered it to be so helpful to every users newbies or regular member that resumes from restriction and decide to share it here: 1. Try to write down the reasons why you get restricted and find solution to why you are restricted. This will help you get protected from making another mistake. 2. Take a visit to the all sections and most importantly the about forum considering the pinned post to know if there is any new updates you find new to know and practice it. 3. Check some of your works change your activities try to spend time and learn about knew knowledge you find available in some of the section you are familiar with. 4. If you are an author to a topic check some of your topic to see how much far it helps the forum and it's members. 5. Check new friends from your profile to know how much qaulity post you made in order to get motivated. This are some activities supposed for any resuming member to consider and work with it. Therefore I precisely share this to you friends because I love you all.
  15. Guy guys is a new day I am coming up with a topic discussing on a big mistakes we often make. We feel guilty for getting purnished for been guilty the moderators are sad to purnished you but when you deserve the purnishment as it was written on the forum rules then they have to do their work. Note: I create this topic for the help of everyone in the forum. We all except a few are doing it right. You might be surprised and be sad after all the stress you create a good qaulity topic and submit it at end you find it deleted. Please now don't be sad. Kindly check out this questions with answers giving it will give you the reason why your topic get deleted : 1. Now let say you have created a topic, please have you try to search about it before creating it? Answer: yes I search and is not repetitive. Now calm down there is a problem with your topic because the moderators don't delete topic without a reason. You might be right having a good topic but the post attached to it is not matching the name of the topic or is kind of useless topic. E.g Bitcoin halving 2020 well this is a good heading but from your post you end up discussing something useless without meaning and discussing nothing about halving. This is useless content and you will receive a warning point or get your post deleted. They might pity you deleting your topic without giving you a warning point because of how good you get the post. If the post is bad you received double purnishment for it. 2. I created a topic both the post and heading are matching and discussing related to it, my post is not repetative, why is it deleted? Answer: Yes it most be deleted for two reasons that is not highlights from your question. Firstly have considered the section you have submitted your topic? If no that is also a reason with that you can receive a warning point or deleting a topic. Secondly have review a post from the about forum on how to create a topic if no then. You need to do that before creating a topic. Note: we almost all of us here make this little mistake creating a topic without starting with a capital letter. This makes your topic and post to be of a low qaulity.qaulity. Try to correct this mistakes we often makes it all the time. This always discouraged us from creating new topics to avoid deleting of topics and receiving warning point. This post is not a repetative so don't panic telling us your opinion. You are welcome to cryptotalk forum. A well deserved post always deserves an appreciation!!
  16. Disabling of talk coin rewards for rating has accurately defines the kind of members and large percentage of members cryptotalk forum has... Are they really members that claims to be responsible or it is just for earnings!?.. Because nowadays every one can see numerous members active participating but less reputations in circulation. Members don't bother about sharing reputations again since the development of refusal of that 50 max talk coin to earn was announced. This is disappointing knowing that reputations is not only essential for earning talk coin but plays significant role in motivations and inspiring topics writers, responsible members to continue to posts the best of the best crypto currency information concerning different aspects or sections that everyone is benefiting from. As well very important for compensation payment paid in BTC. So in view of this I appeal to every member in the forum irrespective of levels to value and maintain the same order of sharing reputations but to only quality, relevant and useful postings. In same vain rate low quality, useless posts negatively because cryptotalk is not a forum for sharing meaningless crypto information. Together we learn..... together we benefits
  17. I may still be considered as Beginner in the forum since this is just a week that I started receiving payment in talk coin and Bitcoin. But unfortunately it's not encouraging me to work for more because of the incessant depreciation of Talk coin price at the market. Cryptotalk why???
  18. My sincere greetings and congratulations to all users of the Cryptocurrency family. Two hours, I joined crypto currency. But I can't add my email address to the cryptocurrency campaign on the yobit exchange. What can I do now? ✌️Thank you all..
  19. Hi everyone this forum was looking so amazing and fabulous.It's really splendiferous that I am aware of this feature for long time but later realized that there are many users that are not familiar with it. This topic will discuss on some area: 1.How to insert an image 2. How to align an image to our topic we are creating. I am sure that everyone here will like to know how to use this feature. I have received frequently many questions on how this feature works and how do we insert it. This has been a reason why I gotta create this topic for present members and more upcoming members to ensure benefits from this topic. It's will be really nice for everyone to apply this feature to his/her topic for more decorations. 1. Now i will explain in steps with full details on how to use the feature in an area to insert an image to your topic. Step 1: Select any section you want to create your topic e.g about forum(if your post is discussing so mething related to the forum), cryptoworld (if you are discussing about anything cryptoworld). We have two different features that we can use to create topics of our choice in any of our choice matching any section we are discussing about. First, We have the (+) icon on the top menu of this forum which is the shortcut and easy way to create topic and select any section. I provided an image to everyone for easy understanding 👇. Second, we have the start a new topic feature which can be found at top of any section you access. Here is a screenshot 👇 below i provided. Step 2: After selecting the section your are willing to create a topic to discuss on it you can proceed by writing a title and adding up a tag to which forum you want your topic to reflect. Now you can type all that you want to discuss about in the topic. Step 3: How to insert your image to your topic now can be possible all you have to do is to use the insert image if you scroll down to the end of your topic you are creating below 👇 . you will find the word '' insert image'' click on it add up/upload an image after uploading. Try to indicate were you want to add the image. After indicating were you want to place the the image by moving your cursor to appropriate position you can scroll down and tap the image you want to insert. Splendiferously you will see the image at that position. How can I align my image to either left, right and middle in my topic? Is nice to learn about this feature, now here is how you work it out in the forum as an Android user after you inserted the image to the right destination/position of your choice double tap the image there it appears some settings recommended dont worry about the link URL, image URL. As you can see from the image I will insert now below👇 Go direct to the size and edit it by making sure you unthick the "keep the original aspect ratio" you can proceed by changing/editing the size of the image to the size of your choice. This is all you need to know about how to insert an image and how to align your image to the left or right. To align it left or right you can select from the three option first you can see the left - none - right. I think this is a good format and an amazing feature not known by many users creating topics in this forum. You are welcome to cryptotalk 😊🙏
  20. I just humbly want to keep a proposal to The honorable authority of the prominent and excellent Cryptotalk forum. We getting some useless notification to our notification box, i am not against to that replayer, if we get a notification, that replay is really helpful and constructive then how will it. Actually it's my personal view about it. I think you have to ability to put more good and helpful proposal to the authority. At last sorry for my poorness of fluent writing .
  21. I would like to suggest an implementation of a FAQ page for this site, In a that page we could explain to newbies what is Bitcoin, what is cryptocurrency, and all about of the forum. Another important page is terms of use and conditions, there all the rules of the forum would be written to guide users. And lastly a Privacy policy page where, users would be assured that there privacy is protected and and their info provided can not be compromised. What do you guys think about this? @Admin if you need me I could create those pages for you, I know exactly what should be included in those pages suggested above, Plus I'm a developer.
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