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  1. This forum has a lot of positive features that made it win everyone's trust, especially that we have no luck in organizing and high accuracy in correcting mistakes in the previous campaign and paying all members equally and I hope that this positive work continues until the end of this campaign
  2. I am one of the members who were at the beginning of the previous campaign and the reason I stayed here is that the forum has made me a lot of experience in the field of cryptocurrencies in addition to that I have great hope that the coin (talk) will have a good value when trading is launched
  3. I have developed an investment plan and am making profits, but the problem is that I was able to withdraw currencies only once, which makes it more difficult to increase the amount that I want to put in the platform for investment. Does anyone know who is opening the platform to withdraw currencies
  4. This division of the cells in the platform is great and explains in a more easy way how the new payment, but the problem we face is that the space in which the number of paid posts is put up until now has not been paid and there is still ambiguity
  5. Managers delete duplicate posts and lots of old posts from 2019, but I note that although the campaign is new, activity has decreased very much among members and the reason is that the period set for the start of trading for the new currency is late until the ninth month
  6. The two wallets are good, but there is a difference between them in terms of the strength of the firewall, as the strength of the firewall of Coinbase Portfolio is 94%, and the blockchain 92%, but the speed of transactions in the blockchain is better.
  7. Trading cryptocurrencies in general is less risky than forex trading and long-term trading in new currencies is a good thing that profits and the clear example is the new currency that we get from the forum and we invest in it at the moment
  8. Out of all these symbols I expect only Coindeal to be a good investment because of its good marketing value better than the rest of the mentioned symbols which are temporary promotional codes of the risk traded
  9. Although the idea is repeated by many members, it is very important that you remind the members of the importance of patience and that it is a means of success and that in the beginning you should practice well to accept loss and profit so that we do not feel frustrated and lose everything
  10. We are all making a profit at the present time by obtaining the new currency (talk), but it is better not to store this currency and wait as we can support the price of this currency and increase our profits by investing the new currency on the Yobit platform Example: I two days ago put 1230 currencies in the investment fund and the number of currencies today after the investment became 1295, this means that I won without effort and there is no risk of investment If you have questions about investing, I am ready to help and I wish success to everyone
  11. I have noticed a gradual increase in the number of traders in this cryptocurrency as many of the traders I know say they do not feel risky and have a lot of optimism that this cryptocurrency will become ideal and have a good trading market.
  12. magd

    Investbox Yobit !!

    The investment fund in Yobit platform is great and provides a lot of ready-made investment plans. You can also create your own plan. Here are a lot of currencies and daily, weekly and monthly ratios of interest and profits.
  13. This coin always fluctuates and the traders of this currency fancy that they will achieve great profits, but it does not stop at a high price for a sufficient period, but goes down immediately. I did not try it because I do not trust this currency and this is my personal opinion
  14. I don't know what to do, in fact, I am at a loss in this regard because the prices are falling and even the bitcoin has fallen dramatically and the price has not risen as expected after half and the presence of many fraud projects makes me worried about the new symbols
  15. In fact I did an experiment to invest this currency and the experience was good as I put the amount of 1300 currencies and on the next day I achieved good profits and I continued in this plan it is wrong to give up the currencies that we get, but we must take advantage of the long time until the start of trading and investment
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