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  1. The forums cannot be compared in this way at all because Bitcoin Talk is the first crypto forum and was established since the launch of the Blockchain technology and has posts by Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto in addition to containing 15 different languages and 3 million subscribers.
  2. There is a contradictory part about the importance of the search button within the topic itself, as you say that it serves to know who commented on the post, knowing that the notifications button is the one who does this task
  3. The rise in the price of Bitcoin will be positive for all traders and workers here on the forum because it will certainly lead to an increase in profits, but I noticed a decrease in the price of the (talk) currency after the rapid rise of Bitcoin, and this will adjust the percentage of our profits from the forum
  4. I did not delete any of my posts before, but the delete button is not present. You can modify the post if you find that there is something wrong and inappropriate, and I expect that the post will be counted if the amendment is correct
  5. Failure to search before creating the topic has caused many members to warn because of the recurrence of topics and the same idea. Perhaps reactivating this old and important post contributes to alerting members
  6. It is good to revitalize this idea as there are a lot of old topics in the departments of coding, trading and mining, especially important for beginners to have enough concepts, and therefore if we revive these posts we will open the doors of discussion among members again.
  7. For me, the effects that get on the Ripple currency cannot be expected because all traders cannot predict its price, as in the last period it went through a phase of stopping the decline and rise, which negatively affected the traders of this currency significantly
  8. In Singapore, these technologies are applied in several stages and in several places and areas of commercial markets, but in Australia this matter has not happened so far, and I expect that it is only a rumor or an attempt, but it has not been applied to reality.
  9. I will talk about the matter from the point of view as a trader, the price drop that occurred is expected for two reasons: The first reason is a decline in order to adjust prices in the market, especially after its rapid rise and decline in Ethereum, and the second reason is to make room for large traders to buy larger quantities of bitcoin, and today we notice the return of the rise in a large and consistent manner among all currencies
  10. Until the last month of this year, I consider the opportunity to be available to buy because the biggest rise in the price of Bitcoin will be during the next year, which is not what many traders expected, for this reason I advise you to buy a good amount of Bitcoin before it is too late
  11. The investment fund in the platform is good, but its profits are very low for high-priced currencies such as Bitcoin, which requires a large amount to be deposited and a specified number of dice strikes. As for new currencies, it is very suitable.
  12. Despite the passage of a long time on this topic, but it is still important to know the reasons for deleting posts in order to avoid this, and always work to develop the forum and the method of work and upgrade our rank as members, especially with regard to opening a discussion between members in participation, this matter improves the quality of participation
  13. I expect that the contracts were modified during that period, which led to the absence of this analysis with its own charts, but you can find it on another platform and know the next steps that you can take, so the matter is not only limited to this platform
  14. As for it is a famous and reliable exchange, but the fees for withdrawals and transfers between different currencies are not acceptable, they are high even for low-priced currencies, and traders often look for low fees, as they are not available in all countries
  15. This information is correct, and the site has stopped working after the launch of many exchange platforms as a result of advertisers on the Bitcoin Talk forum, which is the first forum in the world of cryptocurrencies. We hope as a result of these developments that we always see much better exchange platforms than their predecessors.
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