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Found 7 results

  1. Всем привет! Всегда было интересно кто и сколько умудрился заработать на аирдропах. Расскажу о своей истории. В далеком 2018 году, когда каждый ютубер считал своим долгом записать видео, где он рассказывал о каком-либо аирдропе, и при этом хотел максимально залутать рефку, я и познакомился с миром крипты. Какого же было мое удивление, что какие-то компании раздают свои токены за активность, тогда я не понимал что такое токены и с чем их едят. После долгих разбирательств я и стал участвовать в аирдропах. Спустя месяца 2-3 мне это знатно поднадоело тыкать везде, чтобы мне дали токены, которые ничего не стоят и я забил на все это дело. В начале 2020 года я решил опять вернуться в эту тему и какого же было мое удивление, когда я увидел на своем eth кошелька более сотни всяких токенов. Я сразу же решил проверить их цены, но как и предполагалась большая из них часть даже не имела цены. Но все-таки одно число не давало мне покоя - 670$. Я сразу же закинул токены, которые и стоили 670$ на биржу и продал их. Это был мой первый опыт в заработке на крипте. А Какие успехи или провалы в аирдропах были у вас, очень интересно услышать ваши истории?
  2. Hi guys, i want to give you a little advice. Hope you are all fine. I believe there is no anyone who likes to be poor! That's why we are fighting every time, everyday both of us men and women's (boys & girls), others are being successful in their life's journey and others are fail and become or remain poor. What do you think the problem for failing is? For me, i say its because of FEAR. Successful people tells you this YOUR FEAR ITS YOUR POVERTY that means you must believe in yourself and remember that one day you will be a father or a beautiful mother and you will need good life to raise your family. Sometimes you have to take risks if you real need to be successful, but you can't take risks if you are fear! This is your life and your time. Fight hard for your future and never be afraid again, show them you can and prove that you are not weak.
  3. I think, this is the right time to share the little achievements I have started making despite I'm still a beginner before my seniors ones in the forum. I was investigating, scrutinizing each and every part, angle in this forum. Where I enter in to POPULAR CONTRIBUTOR'S. By clicking, this lead me to LEADERSHIP BOARD. then below I Clicked SHOW MORE. Scrolling down little, you will see POPULAR CONTENTS. In POPULAR CONTENTS WITH HIGHEST REPUTATIONS, I was shocked and surprised with what I saw. Both DAILY & WEEKLY, my contents Emerge first, that's Number One content in the forum with highest Reputation. I was so amazed and pleased to see my TOPIC or CONTENT rank as FIRST with the highest positive reputation for weekly and specifically for the day. This triggered me to come up with this topic, voicing out the reputable, marvelous achievements marked. Indeed, the success we see today in top members is connected to what they post and extra contributions they are rendering. Which is why I'm making a Clarion call to all growing members, in specific new users. You should not in any way, underestimate your potential. Keep struggling no matter what & how, May be you might be the BEST You can become the OVERALL BEST Who knows!!!
  4. Dear friends. Patience is needed to improve our lives. Without patience we cannot improve. So in order to reach our goal properly in our life, we have to be patient and focus on work. Thanks everyone.
  5. We may be in certain times suffering from frustration due to our inability to achieve success in the field in which we work, but my friend told you that success always takes time to arrive, and the best example of this is Bitcoin where in 2009 its price was $ 0.001, but look at it well now it exceeds the threshold of 39 thousand dollars.
  6. Yes I just want to share with you this great success I have archived,before I was introduced to this forum by a friend I used to earn about 10,000 satoshi of bitcoins per month from viewing ads for 2hours a day in a certain website out there,I worked for 2 months without giving up and in the second month that's when I mate a friend who I was referring to that site who also introduced me to this forum after I told him what I was earning from there,in short what I'm trying to say is that never give up easily in everything you are doing because you don't know where your success story will begin from,just imagin has it not been for me working hard in the previous site I could have not been working in this forum today. happy earnings to you all remember to continue following the rules of the forum.
  7. How are you? I will share with you the most important rules for me to succeed in the exchange process ................................................................................... ●First: You should not listen to the news of the owners of the coins themselves, and analyze and trade them yourself ●Second: You must be disciplined in your trading, disciplined in stopping the loss, disciplined in the business plan, disciplined in setting your goals for your deal. ●Third: Liquidating your deals means reaping your profits from deals on big moves ●Fourth: Knowing the correct news from the false because most of the news is promoted through large whales to affect the currency market. ●Fifth: Reducing risks through diversification during the exchange process, meaning that you do not focus on one currency. Work on more than one currency ●Sixth: You must follow a plan and stay away from following your feelings ●Seventh: You must develop a plan for entry and exit ●Eighth: Turn the capital and includes the distribution between currencies as mentioned previously The discipline is my most important rule because it is the key to successful trading I hope this topic has benefited everyone, especially beginners
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