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Found 77 results

  1. Всем доброго дня,вечера, утра дорогие пользователи форума. Хотелось бы узнать ваше мнение по этому поводу, наш форум cryptotalk постепенно увеличивается, становится все более популярным. Когда Bitcointalk был запущен, он не был настолько популярен и быстро растущим, как сейчас это делает cryptotalk. Cryptotalk сможет обогнать Bitcointalk? Прошу вас принять участие в голосовании и высказать ваше конструктивное мнение, только в пределах правил форума. Спасибо. Если есть какие либо соображения на это счет высказывайте его.
  2. Hello I am a recent member of the forum, and I have some questions about how long I can wait to receive my first bitcoin payment Knowing that I have completed the first 100 posts. Please help me
  3. You should never expect to be a millionaire from Bitcoin or any of its technologies. It is important to always be wary of anything that sounds too good to be true. Bitcoin is a growing space for creativity and there are business opportunities that also contain risks. There is no guarantee that Bitcoin will continue to grow even though it has evolved at a very fast rate so far. Investing time and resources in anything related to Bitcoin that requires entrepreneurship and adventure.
  4. I feel reallt blessed attaching with Crytotalk here.But I feel Cryptotalk can directly help people in this pendamic situation as donating or funding to recover from this pendamic situation.There is a saying- " Many men,many minds."So,I want to know the opinion If Crypto help directy!
  5. I love Yobit. My daily world is revolving around Yobit! But I love Yobit because I love blockchain technology. I believe in Bitcoin. So, I like to read good articles, news and positive, compassionate thoughts and feelings and beliefs from many enthusiasts like me in the crypto world. And then I don’t mind to share that belief and enthusiasm I have to a few like me happen to venture to this new talk forum. Once in a while. And only on this forum. Because I want to contribute to crypto currency. And especially to Yobit. So, consider yourself lucky that I am a proud Yobit user.
  6. Hello Buddies, I am just curious, That how much time every body spending here in Crypto Talk forum everyday? Are you jsut want to reach your daily target of posts or you also reading other's posts for knowledge. kindly reply with honesty. Lol🤣🤣🤣 thank you so much. Please follow and like, If you want to learn about Forex Trading. 🤑🤑
  7. Copy-paste without reference to the source is prohibited.This is one of rules posting Cryptotalk. I donot understand this rule, its mean copy paste allow? Otherwise its mean another thing.
  8. I saw an option called Free Coin on yobit. Can I get free coins from there? If I click there it says before sharing.but how and where should i share?? let me know if anyone knows.
  9. Hi there everyone,I have read many posts regarding "How to promote this forum" ,"How to contribute to this forum" and "how to make this forum progress forward" etc But no one has mentioned the real thing that we could do to make this forum become the number one.. OWNERSHIP: That thing is "Taking ownership ".A lot of you couldn't understand me.Let me explain it. By taking ownership I don't mean that to become the owner of this forum.I mean to develop a thinking in yourself that you are the owner.When you think it you will not do spamming, you will not do any thing bad to this forum because you will know that you have taken ownership of this forum when you have joined and if something bad happens to this forum it will effect you.I can give you an real life changing example regarding it. FOR EXAMPLE: Once there were two friends who worked in the same company on the same post.But the main difference between them was of thinking.One worked there just to earn 2 $ in a hour but the other worked for the company regardless of the money ,taking ownership of the company.Five years later the man who worked just to get 2$ daily was still working for that and the man who worked for the company became rich .He bought a limousine car and had become the owner of a company. So my friend thinking really matters.If you worked in this forum and think to just get money you will still be working like this your whole life and you will do everything to get paid.Like you will do spamming and short posts ,just to get money you will try shortcuts and etc. But if you worked here taking ownership you will develop qualities of an owner.You will never scam again .This is helpful not in this forum but also in real life.Taking ownership makes a person leader one day. Tell me that what do you understand from my Topic? I w'll be waiting for your replies.and if someone didn't understand what i said he can ask me,i will reply.
  10. Thread Necromancy = in forum lingo of the old days, is the act of attempting to revive a topic that is already old or answered by posting a new comment on it. Since this forum is still relatively in its infancy, thread necromancy here in itself is not bad in most cases. Things will look bad though if the topics that are raised from the dead are of the 'Q and A' type where the correct answer is being rehashed repetitively in an endless cycle, and so those topics of the 'discussion' and 'personal open-ended question' types are safer and more legitimate to be raised. But come on, isn't there any way we can be more creative enough for making more useful topics? And can't we just do things like having an actual discussion on a topic, no matter how old it is, rather than posting a single comment on it and being done with it, like most '1000-sat moneychasers' we've been noticing have been doing all along? As of yet, there is no official rule stating that reviving old topics is prohibited (there is even a special rule allowing one to 'bump' old topics) but that doesn't mean that one should have the bright idea of reviving old topics just by spamming on it and allowing others to do the same, forcing the mods to lock an otherwise good old topic. We should do better by posting content that will refresh the topic with new information in one way or the other.
  11. Hello. I am from nepal. I am new in this site. I am aware about crypto. I want to learn that how can i able to earn btc with the help of this site? I am visually impaired person so finds that this site is little bit unaccessible? What are its terms and conditions?
  12. The Litecoin crypto currency trades at $ 420,890,159 at 02:01 (19:01 GMT) on the Index on Friday, and prices skyrocketed 99.99% for today. That is the biggest one-day gain since 27 December. This crypto maturity has pushed Litecoin's market capitalization to increase to $ 2,652B, or 1.34% of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization. At the highest level, Litecoin's market cap is $ 14,099B. Litecoin has been traded in the price range of $ 39,763 to $ 421,092,541 in 24 hours. Is anyone trading it? How much luck do you guys share today?
  13. Hello friends, here in this post I am sharing my theory regarding the forum and new payment system. Lets start from beginning, the yobit platform is launching new coins almost each month, like water, mask, dice, yochat, to token, yofollars, yoda, easycash and now free dollars, so the owner know that there is good profit in coins. So the forum starred, it paid in btc to attract users and created fan following, the compaign lasted for fe months, now they moved to launch new coin again with more use then previous ones, they will use it for selling advertisement spots and to upgrades. So I think that was the plan to introduce new coin through this platform. What do you people say ?
  14. Hi everyone this forum was looking so amazing and fabulous.It's really splendiferous that I am aware of this feature for long time but later realized that there are many users that are not familiar with it. This topic will discuss on some area: 1.How to insert an image 2. How to align an image to our topic we are creating. I am sure that everyone here will like to know how to use this feature. I have received frequently many questions on how this feature works and how do we insert it. This has been a reason why I gotta create this topic for present members and more upcoming members to ensure benefits from this topic. It's will be really nice for everyone to apply this feature to his/her topic for more decorations. 1. Now i will explain in steps with full details on how to use the feature in an area to insert an image to your topic. Step 1: Select any section you want to create your topic e.g about forum(if your post is discussing so mething related to the forum), cryptoworld (if you are discussing about anything cryptoworld). We have two different features that we can use to create topics of our choice in any of our choice matching any section we are discussing about. First, We have the (+) icon on the top menu of this forum which is the shortcut and easy way to create topic and select any section. I provided an image to everyone for easy understanding 👇. Second, we have the start a new topic feature which can be found at top of any section you access. Here is a screenshot 👇 below i provided. Step 2: After selecting the section your are willing to create a topic to discuss on it you can proceed by writing a title and adding up a tag to which forum you want your topic to reflect. Now you can type all that you want to discuss about in the topic. Step 3: How to insert your image to your topic now can be possible all you have to do is to use the insert image if you scroll down to the end of your topic you are creating below 👇 . you will find the word '' insert image'' click on it add up/upload an image after uploading. Try to indicate were you want to add the image. After indicating were you want to place the the image by moving your cursor to appropriate position you can scroll down and tap the image you want to insert. Splendiferously you will see the image at that position. How can I align my image to either left, right and middle in my topic? Is nice to learn about this feature, now here is how you work it out in the forum as an Android user after you inserted the image to the right destination/position of your choice double tap the image there it appears some settings recommended dont worry about the link URL, image URL. As you can see from the image I will insert now below👇 Go direct to the size and edit it by making sure you unthick the "keep the original aspect ratio" you can proceed by changing/editing the size of the image to the size of your choice. This is all you need to know about how to insert an image and how to align your image to the left or right. To align it left or right you can select from the three option first you can see the left - none - right. I think this is a good format and an amazing feature not known by many users creating topics in this forum. You are welcome to cryptotalk 😊🙏
  15. Welcome to the new campaign here in cryptotalk forum! I want to talk about the strategies from yobit and cryptotalk moderators since 11/2019 till now.. When the first campaign started in 9/2019 , the payment system was in btc and we could maximum warn about 30.000 satoshi per day.. and this strategy exist for only about 6 months ! And now we are here in the second new campaign ! The new strategy is that.. the payment system is in "talk" new token which it would be launched in September.. they improved the reputation system and work on the quality of content here.. also they encourage all members to use their good or bad reputation and earn from doing that.. So , this strategy needs about 3 months to know if the talk token would be valuable or not ! So, after these 3 months what would there be? would there be new strategies too? And what about 11/2020.. I hope that there would be a special strategy because of the first year of cryptotalk would be ended and we will start a new year ! Many companies marketing for their new tokens by sharing airdrops to make people join their campaign.. But yobit and cryptotalk are different! They have really a good strategy to market for their new token.. especially they paid their 218080 members good amounts of btc for about 6 months.. so most of these members would join this new campaign ! Let's share your opinions with us guys and tell us what is your opinion about this marketing strategy !?
  16. Sometimes I need to exchange bitcoin/crypto currency with other E-money like PayPal/neteller/skrill/webmoney but there is no reputed exchange do that kind of business. There are some who deals exchanges like this but they take too much fees in return, is there any exchange where anyone can exchange crypto to other e-money (Neteller/Skrill/PayPal)? Or is there any possibility from Yobit to offer this kind of service in there Exchange?
  17. NINJACOIN Website || GitHub || Twitch || Twitter || Facebook || Instragram || Discord || ANN Thread NinjaCoin is a digital cryptocurrency , focused on privacy and private transactions. Guaranteed by the proof of work of the ninja miners, with easy-to-use mobile wallet. Is based on cryptonote blockchain. Fast TransactionsNinjaCoin is creating blocks every 30 seconds, as opposed to every 10 minutes. Your money travels 20x faster on NinjaCoin than on Bitcoin or BitcoinCash.PrivacyNinjaCoin has the same privacy features you'll find in Monero and Aeon. Every transaction is private, by default.Easy To UseWe support almost every OS, even on mobile you can make a secured paper-wallet for free, and get started with NinjaCoin in under 5 minutes.Easy To MineNinjaCoin comes with its own basic CPU miner, but you can also use any Monero mining software you're used to if you'd rather use GPU's or mining pools. We recommend NinjaRig Miner.CommunityThe NinjaCoin community is very welcoming to all users and developers. You won't get shouted at when things break, and we welcome critiques of our work.Specifications⚈ PoW algorithm: Argon2id Ninja (cpu/gpu mining)⚈ Protocols: CryptoNote⚈ Max supply: 1 Trillion (with tail emission)⚈ Block reward: 14800 (NINJA) per block, slowly decreasing over about 40 years⚈ Block time: 30 seconds⚈ Difficulty: Re-targets at every blockCoin Map:Total Supply: 1'000'000'000'000,00 NINJAWebsite APP NINJAhttps://ataix.ninjacoin.orgExchangeshttps://ataix.ninjacoin.orgMarket Indicators LinksDiscord: Code Daemon: GUI: Wallet: Wallet: Node./NinjaCoind --rpc-bind-ip= --rpc-bind-port=11801
  18. Knowing that ranked accounts can be used to scam people in the crypto forum, we should be able to track these people to give warnings to the users as well. But I don't wanna make the forum like its controlled by the few people who ranked up already and decides who's who in the forum. I recently saw someone selling his cryptotalk account. I'm not sure if its possible since we can't change our email address here as far as I know I asked this here as well. So what sanctions do we impose to users selling their cryptotalk account?
  19. So, I'm new to Cryptoworld or cryptocurrency topics and I'm still learning about it. I was wondering if anyone here was able to earn so much from bitcoin or any cryptocurrency. I'm planning next year to somehow give it a shot earning from it. I actually have some apps that let me earn some satoshi but I haven't withdrawn anything yet as ot requires a huge amount of earnings first. So, does anyone here can give any suggestions for earning cryptocurrencies? And if you can share your story about your perseverance in earning it for some months or even a year, please do share. It can motivate me or anyone here. Also I'd like to share this browser thar I'm using which has an ad-blocker. So useful! Aside from that, you may choose to turn on your rewards for ads that you may need to view. Last time I earned 200php from this browser. And hoping could possibly earn much in a year. This browser is called Brave Browser. Feel free to ask here for any information. Or you may share some of your earning apps. Let's help each other! Thank you!
  20. There are several methods, we will deal with the most famous ones, and start with: Mining: Cryptocurrency mining is one of the oldest and most popular ways to profit from cryptocurrency. Speculation: This method consists of buying cryptocurrencies when their price decreases and selling them when their price increases. Long term investment: This method needs to dive deep into the currency in which you want to invest, and get acquainted with it and the effectiveness of the project based on it. Affiliate Marketing: The encrypted digital currency or any other project in its first phase that uses the initial coin offering (ICO) method. This method requires massive marketing to target and reach the target segment.
  21. Financial regulators in China appear set to crack down on cryptocurrency trading again after President Xi Jinping’s praise for blockchain technology revived speculation in the sector. Regulators in each district of Shanghai must search and inspect local crypto exchange-related services before Nov. 22 and report to the central bank for further actions, according to an official notice signed by the Shanghai Internet Finance Rectification Agency and the Shanghai Bureau of the People’s Bank of China. The notice emerged online on Friday. Chinese business publication Caixin confirmed its authenticity in a report published later that evening. The effort is led by the Shanghai government’s finance bureau, Caixin said. The move underscores China’s complicated relationship with emerging decentralized technologies. In his speech earlier this month, President Xi called on his countrymen to “accelerate the development of blockchain technology,” and China has long been a favored location for bitcoin miners. On the other hand, the government banned crypto-to-fiat trading and initial coin offerings (ICOs) two years ago, near the height of the bubble. Crypto-to-crypto trading remained accessible. According to the notice, regulators in each district of Shanghai are required to look for any entity that is organizing virtual currency trading activities inside China, or ICOs using a blockchain. Promotional and brokerage services inside China for ICO projects that are registered outside of the country also fall under the inspection scope of the local financial regulators. Caixin said speculation on crypto has reemerged in China following President Xi’s speech earlier this month. Social media ban Meanwhile, China’s social media platform Weibo has banned users from publishing any posts that contain “blockchain” and “crypto trading” at the same time. Such content “contains information that violates related laws and regulation or Weibo’s community terms,” according to the message that pops up when a user tries to mention both terms. It is not clear when the restriction was put into place, and as of Friday, it was still possible to publish the phrase “crypto trading” or “blockchain,” just not together. The Shanghai government’s notice also comes at a time when some exchanges are expanding their local presence to tap into the Chinese market. Binance, which has a dedicated team in Shanghai, recently rolled out peer-to-peer trading on its platform that enables users to buy or sell cryptocurrencies using Chinese yuan through bank wires, AliPay or WeChat. However, shortly after Binance’s feature release, AliPay clarified that no official relationship between it and the exchange exists and all over-the-counter transactions are “closely monitored” for bitcoin or other virtual currency activity currently barred by AliPay’s policies. On Nov. 14, Binance’s official Weibo account was abruptly suspended by the social media platform for “being complained [about] for violating laws and regulations.” The exchange said that the suspension was due to a “malicious report” filed by some users to the social media platform and it’s appealing to Weibo to reopen the account. Similarly, the official Weibo account of blockchain project Tron was suspended on Nov. 15. A few weeks ago, a little-known Beijing-based cryptocurrency exchange called Biss, which claims to offer a channel for Chinese investors to buy U.S. stocks using cryptocurrency, was reportedly under investigation by local police. The exchange said in an announcement on Nov. 4 that some of BISS’ operational staff are “actively assisting the investigation by authorities.”
  22. Can someone plz help me,how can l get better reputation here? My profile is going in negative....plz suggest me something helpful.
  23. Did anyone notice that usually high paying signature campaigns from Bitcointalk are moving in here Not sure how they will work in here yet, maybe paid by user ranks ranks. Let's hope for the best and keep this as a quality forum.
  24. I really push for CryptoTalk being known worldwide. With this comes many people with English not being their native language, so sometimes, their post can get a little confusing or on some occasions, un-understandable. I hope that the administration can find a way to fix this. Be it creating a new section for new languages so many people can discuss on their own native language, a rule about unintelligible posts, or anything that can be helpful for both sides. For members that doesn't know English very well, we have no choice but to adjust to this. I urge members they install a extension to check spelling and grammatical errors, or at least grammar check their posts if it's just fresh from Google Translate. Many sites are available for this, you can even find some in your native language. Please fellow CryptoTalkers, check your work for grammatical and spelling errors, so everyone can understand what you're trying to say, so that the information you have to offer doesn't go to waste
  25. We all know that this forum " cryptotalk " is supported by yobit .. Do you think that the marketing for cryptotalk is good ? "Give us some suggestions in the comments to make it better please" In my opinion.. cryptotalk should add some new languages to reach more people around the world. Today there is 209303 members here working on this forum ! Do you think that this number is high or it would be increased more ? ---------------------------------------------------- You can give me❤️if that was useful to discuss
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