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Found 52 results

  1. Первая Гильдия в проекте GOLDEN RATIO - Number One, начинает свое развитие и свой путь именно с форума Cryptotalk! Регистрация в проекте возможна только по специальным ссылкам - Наша миссия - популяризация WTP и продуктов экосистемы в криптосообществе на просторах интернета. Наша задача - создание крепкого сообщества и информирование людей о плюсах системы, помощь в трейдинге и дальнейшем развитии. Начнем с того, что такое WTP. Кратко это токен в системе ETH с ОГРАНИЧЕННОЙ эмиссией в 21.000.000 токенов. Подробная тема: Плюсы гильдии Number One в GOLDEN RATIO: - Стоимость покупку ячейки составляет всего 12 WTP! Что на данный момент по рыночному курсу составляет чуть больше 20 рублей за вход в матрицу и позволяет любому оценить систему уже в работе, без всяких тестов и демо. И помимо всего, это на 60% ниже цены за ячейку в основой гильдии проекта. - Гильдия занимается рекламой и привлечением новых энтузиастов в свое сообщество. - Гильдия занимается реинвестом и постоянным поддержанием матрицы в движении. При этом не стоит забывать, что матричный маркетинг по числам Фибоначи предполагает, как начало, так и конец матрицы, при этом число циклов, когда один участник может пройти весь путь от начала и до конца НЕ ОГРАНИЧЕН, число самих же матриц ограничено. Матрица никогда не платит больше, чем в нее вложено, не создает лишнюю эмиссию, матрица подстраивается под рынок специальным алгоритмом, что избавляет ее от многих проблем и никогда не превращает в пирамиду, это уникальный инструмент инвестирования, с которым нужно работать. Помимо инвестирования токенов в матрицу гильдии вы можете заработать и дополнительно! Для этих целей есть специальный ПРОМО материал, который может использовать каждый и получать свои реферальные вознаграждения в токенах, для этого Вам просто нужно поставить наш баннер и привязать к нему свою реферальную ссылку. Полученные токены вы можете использовать в других проектах, так же получая с них профит, например, в InvestBox на бирже Yobit. Группа в VK - Группа в FB - Группа в Телеграмм - ПРОМО на старте!!!
  2. We need to accept that we need changes in this forum for the long live and better community. A pause for a day or 2 or maybe a week is a good choice for cleaning up the forum. There should be no hatred and objections for all the topics and post that will be deleted by the administrators and moderators. This will also dictate the number of post we will be left. This left post number should be the start count on the pay per post (again) - There are so many users and posters who keeps asking about the payment which also make the section more duplicate post. (must be stop) - A new start and refresh will make them post good and know that they will be paid. - There should be strict rules on this and publish in this forum, This will make them quite and shut even their post will be deleted due to strict management. You can see that most of the winners are not posting much but this is not because the contest is done, (80% 🙂 ) I am also not confident on posting now as i see the community of this forum is not good and clean, i will post and write but then it will end up deleted due to topic/post problems. Some or most of the users tried to help cleaning the forum from bots and plagiarism, but that is not enough. For me, i suggest that the platform should take the action from the staff. 1. transfer all the topics that you think belongs to off-topic and some topics from off that should be place on the right board. 2. Delete the topic which may not be same in the title but still a duplicate. Old one must stay. 3. Put up the local language for other countries for the sake of users this will eliminate shit posting and duplication or non-sense comment. - You can look for moderators here, they will help for sure. - Once they are up for the moderation on their local language they can also help on deleting the off-topic post and comments in every thread. - more users will come and be active as they can now write on their forte and not trying hard on the English section. To all USERS here please dont comment or write here if you dont read the whole message, As i said before i will report you as spam and i will give you a not so good reputation. Lets help the forum and its staff to have a better community which we (users) are the one who will benefit from it. PS. English is not my first language and i know that this is not perfect! sorry for the errors. I am still pushing my self to learn more! God bless all, have a nice day!
  3. Hope this meets you well, I believe this thread should last long. Let's share signals we get on the cryptoworld so that newbies wouldn't make mistakes when trying to trade. Let's endeavour to ensure that the signals are well researched and not misleading. Most times we don't get to see some amazing offer from yobit and other exchange until it ends. So I'd implore us to send anyone we get immediately we've confirmed if it's genuine. Happy Trading
  4. Hello Buddies, I am just curious, That how much time every body spending here in Crypto Talk forum everyday? Are you jsut want to reach your daily target of posts or you also reading other's posts for knowledge. kindly reply with honesty. Lol🤣🤣🤣 thank you so much. Please follow and like, If you want to learn about Forex Trading. 🤑🤑
  5. Good Morning all. We all work together in this forum. That is why we all fall into one family. So we are all one family so we should help each other and respect everyone, and the head of this family is to help admins. I consider this forum to be my family. Do you agree with me? #Stay_Home_Battle_With covid 19
  6. The Litecoin crypto currency trades at $ 420,890,159 at 02:01 (19:01 GMT) on the Index on Friday, and prices skyrocketed 99.99% for today. That is the biggest one-day gain since 27 December. This crypto maturity has pushed Litecoin's market capitalization to increase to $ 2,652B, or 1.34% of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization. At the highest level, Litecoin's market cap is $ 14,099B. Litecoin has been traded in the price range of $ 39,763 to $ 421,092,541 in 24 hours. Is anyone trading it? How much luck do you guys share today?
  7. What is the best digital wallet to save your bitcoins?
  8. Hi guys, today I have created an app for cryptotalk user. With this app you can log in and work directly with CryptoTalk. It does not require any separate browser. It has a download link:
  9. I was thinking last night where did Cryptotalk bring money to pay for the registered members because there is no ads, no mining scripts ? Please anyone have the answer please give us the answer so we can benefit xD
  10. As a new user of, I'm yet to really understand how it works. How do you earn from here and how much can you really earn on the platform? How do you withdraw your earnings and to where? I've done lots of crypto faucets and I have not really earn a dime. I need answers please.
  11. Bitcoin has fallen beneath the $7,000 psychological price range as global markets took a breather Saturday amid the ongoing trade dispute between the U.S and China. The world’s largest cryptocurrency by market value dropped beneath its temporary supports near the $7,000 price level at around 22:46 UTC (5:46 p.m. New York time) on Nov. 24 and is currently changing hands for $6,924, according to CoinDesk’s bitcoin price index.The plunge in crypto comes at a time when traditional markets cooled slightly by Nov. 22’s close, likely due to sentiment surrounding the rhetoric from the U.S national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, who warned that President Trump would not turn a blind eye to Hong Kong’s ongoing crisis.This would likely complicate efforts by Washington and Beijing to put an end to the prolonged trade war currently underpinning global economic growth forecasts. As a result traditional markets have flatlined with the S&P 500 index finishing a meager 0.2 percent up, to 3110.29. For Detailed Information on NEWS follow the link
  12. I saw an option called Free Coin on yobit. Can I get free coins from there? If I click there it says before sharing.but how and where should i share?? let me know if anyone knows.
  13. Tens of thousands of Chinese blockchain companies may have tried to issue their own cryptocurrencies, a senior official claims. Led by the Chinese central bank, five financial and technology authorities jointly published the Bluebook of Blockchain on Thursday, outlining illegal and fraudulent schemes in the blockchain industry. Approximately 89 percent of blockchain firms in China – some 25,000 – might have tried to create and issue their own tokens, while only 4,000 are fully focused on blockchain applications, Yedong Zhu, president of the government-backed nonprofit Beijing Blockchain Application Association, said in an interview with Chinese state media CCTV at the report’s launch. The most common crypto issuance process, the ICO, has been deemed illegal by the Chinese government after its 2017 crackdown. However, it still allows crypto mining operations and possession of crypto assets in the country. The findings come amid the Chinese government’s most recent crackdown on barred financial operations related to ICOs and crypto trading. Major Chinese cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, have rolled out inspection plans with a view to shutting down any remaining crypto exchanges. The authorities have gone so far as to close any marketing firms that promote crypto companies and those that masqueraded as blockchain companies to launch ICOs. For Detailed Information on NEWS follow the link
  14. Did anyone notice that usually high paying signature campaigns from Bitcointalk are moving in here Not sure how they will work in here yet, maybe paid by user ranks ranks. Let's hope for the best and keep this as a quality forum.
  15. Have you just now created your account? Were you lured in by the pay-per-post campaign of this forum? Were you disappointed that your country was included in those whose payments were blocked due to too many spammers? There is yet a sliver of hope for those who earnestly want to earn while posting, if you happened to be one of the unfortunate ones. But first, let me have something to say here: this forum's ultimate purpose is to share information, advertise (in the appropriate sections) and have meaningful discussions, not simply to earn a few satoshis for just posting useless content. Personally, I don't really care whether I get paid or not except for the fact that the pay-per-post is a nice touch for rewarding useful content, and your mindset should be like this as well. And I created this guide in the hope that those who are truly worthy are rewarded for their efforts. Do not abuse this forum's goodwill. If anyone were to use this guide as a Trojan horse just to post spam later on: And yes, even the older users who has gone inactive in this forum for a while can also benefit from this guide. Now that I got that little bit of a rant off of me, let's go on to the actual guide, shall we? ... ... ... Assuming that you've actually already created your own user account here and set it up properly, here's your next step: Your first ~100 posts MUST contain interesting and useful content. How? Your should be able to spot some samples of those content from some reputable users here, and if you still have doubt on how to do it, I included a few tips about it on my compiled topic here: You also need to create a few topics while you're at it too. I suggest at least three, but it would be even better if you can create more 🙂 . Again, they MUST contain interesting and useful content, and they should be mostly original as well, not just copy/pasted from somewhere without even giving links for it. Now that you have created the above requirements this guide asked for (I suggest having around more than 3 one-week-old topics and 130 posts just in case some of your contents got deleted one way or another) you can ask for a certain mod to give you an exception. More details can be found here: What to write in your PM? I'll give a sample here to give you an idea. Don't be a smarta** on your PM, don't copy my sample except maybe for the topic title, and write your own version, ok? And, oh, you should follow the mod's instructions (the "Write [ @Desais ] in PM. 1 TIME; DON'T write again" clause) above, if you don't want him to get pissed at you. Now, all you need to do is wait for a few days for the payment to appear in your Yobit account. If the request you sent got granted, you'll see your satoshis there. In the meantime, you should continue to post content here like what you've been doing so far. ... And that's it. If you got your payment, congratulations!! Just keep it up and don't make this forum lose faith in you. "But what if I still got no payment!?" you asked? Assuming that there aren't any more official restriction announcements made, this is bound to happen when you got some violations on you. Included in the mod's linked post I gave is a warning: This is a safety measure to prevent any spammers from trying to abuse this forum, so deal with it. If you're 'clean', then of course you should have nothing to fear for. That's it for this topic. Now go on, and good luck. You'll need it.
  16. Every now and then, questions regarding the workings of the Cryptotalk forum would pop up here and there. Our valiant members of course answers those queries satisfactorily. Alas, they oftentimes get buried by newer threads and thus are not visible anymore, and newbies most of the time do not use the search feature, for various reasons. So I created this thread as a reference tool for easy access to those information. I will only post the links, seeing that quoting those information will make this post too long to read. I quoted the useful contents now, for fear of the threads containing them being deleted. If you need to ask further questions, you have the option to post on the links I have and not here. This is for the forum features and functions not present/visible in the Tutorial section (I'll include some this time), as well as tips and advice that are not stickied (pinned) in the About Forums section. For questions regarding Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in general, you may search the appropriate sections instead. ... ... ... Forum Sections' description: Advice on how to post on Cryptotalk: Tips on creating a thread/topic: How to add a signature to your posts: How to view one's own or others' profile/s: How to view my own or others' reputation points: How to use the forum's "Quote" feature: How to hide contents with "Spoiler" button: A way to know whether you've already posted on a thread or not: How to custom edit/change displayed rank: Crypto glossary of terms: ... ... ... For comments and suggestions, especially if you have any links you may want to share/add here, you may post below. This thread will be updated as often as necessary.
  17. So, I'm new to Cryptoworld or cryptocurrency topics and I'm still learning about it. I was wondering if anyone here was able to earn so much from bitcoin or any cryptocurrency. I'm planning next year to somehow give it a shot earning from it. I actually have some apps that let me earn some satoshi but I haven't withdrawn anything yet as ot requires a huge amount of earnings first. So, does anyone here can give any suggestions for earning cryptocurrencies? And if you can share your story about your perseverance in earning it for some months or even a year, please do share. It can motivate me or anyone here. Also I'd like to share this browser thar I'm using which has an ad-blocker. So useful! Aside from that, you may choose to turn on your rewards for ads that you may need to view. Last time I earned 200php from this browser. And hoping could possibly earn much in a year. This browser is called Brave Browser. Feel free to ask here for any information. Or you may share some of your earning apps. Let's help each other! Thank you!
  18. Welcome All newbie member. I'll give you some advice today, let's all follow it. 1-First of all read the Cryptotalk rule... 2-Always respect the elders, remember that they are your teachers... 3-Never copy anyone's post / comment. Because copying is a very daunting task... 4-Always try to help others,., If you follow them, we hope you all are well, Good luck..
  19. I'm really excited to be hitting a landmark 3000 posts in cryptotalk forum with this article, and wanted to share this amazing moment with all of you guys! I got involved with Cryptotalk back in December, having in mind to create useful content, provide my experiences and explain various Bitcoin and crypto concepts, while participating in forum discussions. Right now I think that the forum itself and it's amazing community managed to profit me many times more, with the valuable knowledge I've acquired and the interesting people I've met. I have to thank all the moderators and administrators of this forum, one by one for their magnificent work and their restless spirit. Thank you: @Admin @Desais @epidemia @Alex077 @Bigpat @ayatoslaw. I hope I didn't forget anyone! I feel that the staff of this forum are doing an excellent job, having good intentions, and are motivated to make cryptotalk the best cryptocurrency forum. The traffic volumes have risen exponentialy and cryptotalk can now be considered a gateway into crypto for anyone that wants to get involved, along with a valuable source of information for experienced crypto enthusiasts. Lastly I have to thank all the cryptotalk members that have been providing valuable information in a friendly and responsible manner, creating this healthy environment. I can't thank all of you one by one, but I'm sure you all understand that I think all of you as my friends in this ride. Finaly one last thing that matters most: LONG BITCOIN
  20. I was in need of money now because I have an event to handle, Alumni Homecoming, and I don't even have a money nor financial assistance. So, I heard about bitcoins. Does bitcoins really helps? I always find the way to make money, downloading apps, websites. I hope you can help me through this. Thank you.
  21. We all know that this forum " cryptotalk " is supported by yobit .. Do you think that the marketing for cryptotalk is good ? "Give us some suggestions in the comments to make it better please" In my opinion.. cryptotalk should add some new languages to reach more people around the world. Today there is 209303 members here working on this forum ! Do you think that this number is high or it would be increased more ? ---------------------------------------------------- You can give me❤️if that was useful to discuss
  22. Crypto exchange Bitfinex and its sister firm, stablecoin issuer Tether, have again been accused of working to manipulate the bitcoin markets. A new class-action suit, filed by Eric Young and Adam Kurtz at the district court in the Western District of Washington on Nov. 22, draws heavily from details that emerged in the case brought by the New York attorney general in April against the same two firms.It's also the second class action to have been brought in recent months relying on the New York case, which is still ongoing as the defendants appeal over whether they must continue to produce documentation. The attorney general claims, among other things, that that the tether (USDT) stablecoin was not fully backed by U.S. dollars. In a lengthy list of claims, Young and Kurtz specifically allege that Bitfinex and Tether "monopolized and conspired to monopolize the Bitcoin market," as well as manipulated the market, manipulated information or made inaccurate claims. Further, "Defendants’ misconduct caused prices of Bitcoin futures, and the prices of Bitcoin underlying the Bitcoin futures, to be artificial during the Class Period [Oct. 1, 2014 to present]," Young and Kurtz say, adding: "Defendants' control of USD₮ issuances and Bitfinex permitted Defendants and their co-conspirators to coordinate purchases and sales with rising and falling Bitcoin prices. When Bitcoin prices were falling, Defendants and their co-conspirators printed USD₮s and artificially increased the price of Bitcoin. Once Defendants and their co-conspirators artificially inflated the price of Bitcoin, Defendants and their co-conspirators then converted the Bitcoin back into USD₮s to replenish Tether's reserves." For Detailed Information on NEWS follow the link
  23. The central bank of France wants the eurozone to build a blockchain-based settlement system that will move euros more quickly and at less cost than with existing technologies. In a speech Thursday, First Deputy Governor Denis Beau issued some of France’s strongest comments yet in support of distributed ledger technology (DLT), which he said likely solves many outstanding market issues. One solution France is considering: a central bank digital currency (CBDC). Beau said the eurozone has a responsibility to at least consider a CBDC – especially because other “disorderly approaches and heterogeneous adaptations” could arise in its absence. Cross-border payments also could be a particularly viable DLT use case, Beau said. Residents in the EU and beyond often wait extended periods for payments to wend between banks and their international partners, in the “correspondent banking model” that delivers an often insecure service for what he said was a high price. Tokenized assets may give that method a jolt, he said. Combined with DLT, tokens could seamlessly move funds and “help in answering market’s demands,” Beau said. For Detailed Information on NEWS follow the link
  24. Thread Necromancy = in forum lingo of the old days, is the act of attempting to revive a topic that is already old or answered by posting a new comment on it. Since this forum is still relatively in its infancy, thread necromancy here in itself is not bad in most cases. Things will look bad though if the topics that are raised from the dead are of the 'Q and A' type where the correct answer is being rehashed repetitively in an endless cycle, and so those topics of the 'discussion' and 'personal open-ended question' types are safer and more legitimate to be raised. But come on, isn't there any way we can be more creative enough for making more useful topics? And can't we just do things like having an actual discussion on a topic, no matter how old it is, rather than posting a single comment on it and being done with it, like most '1000-sat moneychasers' we've been noticing have been doing all along? As of yet, there is no official rule stating that reviving old topics is prohibited (there is even a special rule allowing one to 'bump' old topics) but that doesn't mean that one should have the bright idea of reviving old topics just by spamming on it and allowing others to do the same, forcing the mods to lock an otherwise good old topic. We should do better by posting content that will refresh the topic with new information in one way or the other.
  25. Can someone plz help me,how can l get better reputation here? My profile is going in negative....plz suggest me something helpful.
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