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Found 41 results

  1. I have seen many usefull posts of moderators and senior member and i want their posts and comments save or pin for me in my profile .which can be use later .what do you say about this option.
  2. The look of everything is just so good in general, the features to post topic, Scripts profile, button "useful or interesting", Share this post and of course "+Quote"...
  3. Hello Buddies, I am just curious, That how much time every body spending here in Crypto Talk forum everyday? Are you jsut want to reach your daily target of posts or you also reading other's posts for knowledge. kindly reply with honesty. Lol🤣🤣🤣 thank you so much. Please follow and like, If you want to learn about Forex Trading. 🤑🤑
  4. Over the past month, I have been able to demonstrate my talent as a writer in the Cryptotalk forum by receiving good feedbacks and constructive criticism, I have also been able to share several very frequent ideas that I have been able to put together to discuss with good nature with most of you, I hope to be able to expand a little more so that more people in the forum can know my ideals and posts, and also have been able to inspire me in other posts that I have been able to read and analyze, in addition to all this it is good to give the best writing everywhere to be the most elegant possible!
  5. I see that many of the people posting on this site aren't really taking posting as seriously as they should. I wanted to ask the admins, would they get better results if they interviewed the writers. Instead of taking anyone, you should make them write 10 or 20 test posts, and grade them on their performance, and then they can post for money. It would stop a lot of spammers from getting paid, and you can get a feel for how the person writes. What does the forum think should CryptoTalk hire writers or is it better to leave it open?
  6. I notice that most of the members here prepare well before bublish the post but i can see rare members are still posting the unwanted topic and post. Now let us how do you prepare before posting.
  7. Good morning everyone, who can post or create topic of debate and conversation in the Off Topic area? Is that an area to talk about various topics other than cryptocurrencies?, I have taken an eye but I would like to post good things in that area but first know if the theme of the subject is consistent with what is allowed to write in the Off Topic area, who clarifies the doubt?
  8. Peace be upon you brothers, I have joined in crypto talk yesterday and I'm in love with it. Now, I want to know how can I exchange bitcoin to other currencies. Please give me some adcices. Thanks in advance.
  9. There are many around here who do not take the necessary time to read important topics, but have been able to understand where certain types of viruses come from or why there is so much decided in the crypto market. Discuss what you like here, live the sensation of good posters, there are not always geniuses in quality forums such as Cryptotalk. Greetings to the few who can read me for now, but if you have something good to say about my post or others do it, constructive criticism, among other things.
  10. There is a Leaderboard option under Browse Menu. I want to know more details about leaderboard. Those are past leader and Top members what kind of benefit they get?
  11. Do you transform because of forum. I believe i am transform because of this form.Before joining this forum i do not have deep knowledge but after interacting with different members on forum and learning new things from forum.I started learning and acknowledge my self how much i have to learn .If you are not learning from here then where can you Learn.So make your time precious here just don't focus on posting instant make your self attached to the forum this is not a short term stay.Make it long term So you can achieve something. So i ask you Do you transform here Because this Forum is Feeding You BTC and Knowledge constantly. Request:Respectes Mods,if you find my post not worthy then delete it but do not give me W.P.I muster courage and make this topic to express my feeling toward Forum.
  12. We need to accept that we need changes in this forum for the long live and better community. A pause for a day or 2 or maybe a week is a good choice for cleaning up the forum. There should be no hatred and objections for all the topics and post that will be deleted by the administrators and moderators. This will also dictate the number of post we will be left. This left post number should be the start count on the pay per post (again) - There are so many users and posters who keeps asking about the payment which also make the section more duplicate post. (must be stop) - A new start and refresh will make them post good and know that they will be paid. - There should be strict rules on this and publish in this forum, This will make them quite and shut even their post will be deleted due to strict management. You can see that most of the winners are not posting much but this is not because the contest is done, (80% 🙂 ) I am also not confident on posting now as i see the community of this forum is not good and clean, i will post and write but then it will end up deleted due to topic/post problems. Some or most of the users tried to help cleaning the forum from bots and plagiarism, but that is not enough. For me, i suggest that the platform should take the action from the staff. 1. transfer all the topics that you think belongs to off-topic and some topics from off that should be place on the right board. 2. Delete the topic which may not be same in the title but still a duplicate. Old one must stay. 3. Put up the local language for other countries for the sake of users this will eliminate shit posting and duplication or non-sense comment. - You can look for moderators here, they will help for sure. - Once they are up for the moderation on their local language they can also help on deleting the off-topic post and comments in every thread. - more users will come and be active as they can now write on their forte and not trying hard on the English section. To all USERS here please dont comment or write here if you dont read the whole message, As i said before i will report you as spam and i will give you a not so good reputation. Lets help the forum and its staff to have a better community which we (users) are the one who will benefit from it. PS. English is not my first language and i know that this is not perfect! sorry for the errors. I am still pushing my self to learn more! God bless all, have a nice day!
  13. I would strongly recommend crypto talk to my friends and family because this forum really helps me a lot to know more about crypto currency. I never knew this I can bitcoin before until a friend of mine introduce this to me. I have learned a lot and earnings is really legit and on time. How about you guys? Would you recommend this campaign too?
  14. I think forum should share and integrate realtime statistics on website about total Bitcoins paid to users yet, and also bitcoin fund reserved in background for payment. I hope this will bring more transparency in this community forum.
  15. I have read a little about this forum, and I think that despite its super friendly interface, there are advantages that we can take from here. First, the large amount of constructive content about the crypto world and its derivatives, beyond you posting whatever it is about being positive constructive and helping your neighbor, we are here to inform and create concrete opinion (perhaps with some humor ). No matter where you are from, I think you will encounter enthusiastic, depressed people who lost everything in a fake pump, or even millionaires. My recommendation is that you keep the forum with good content, whether it is simple to help us take the good even to abolish bad times. Remember that crypto is already a fact, take care of it as you take care of your pet!
  16. Most of the members here are beginners and all their thinking is how can I be effective and helpful in the cryptotalk forum, it is very easy and all you have to do is learn from old members and follow their accounts, they have long experience in what made them learn from their mistakes and if you read their posts on their official pages it will definitely help you Because you will be able to collect a large amount of information that will play a role in launching you properly without any consequences.
  17. This topic has many particular points of view, and the truth is that I would like your opinion about working from home, since there are people who see it as something not so common. They even rate it as easy jobs. It is true that it has its advantages and disadvantages. Specifically, you have to have a balance between both types of work, and at the rate that the market is going, it is fast and surprising, because the truth is that it would be convenient for users to see working from home as normal. What do you say about it? Can you share your point of view?
  18. Edit/ Update: Yesterday when I checked my profile I luckily got this number and now in less than 24 hours, it disappeared or rather the negative votes disappeared! 666 definitely has its strength, my post was also changed section, @mods I dont complain, in fact I had my doubts and they turned out to be well oriented, it was offtopic. Srs. @Mods but if you can take it now, it is a matter of reputation, in short, the important thing is how curious it turned out, because until now it had not lost reputation. ________________________________ Considerations: If you capture your 666 you are an official member of the club. 😉 For all other users: Comment On-Topic. For example: How has your experience in winning "Community Reputation" been? You have a particular number that you like to follow. etc. Try to be positive in your comments and On-Topic. Happy day! 😉 /update locked.
  19. I'm just curious if we are allowed to use VPN services while connected to this forum? Or are VPNs prohibited?
  20. To improve my quality writing in this CT forum, I must learn more and more all about writing skill, specifically, how to create a good constructive post. many sites just said a constructive post should contain discussion, thoughtful question, answer and question, argument and opinion. So I still don't know how to start creating a good constructive post. If you have an idea how to create it, please share on this forum, maybe can be useful for other member.
  21. Well folks I'm new here on the forum, but I'm already enjoying the forum a lot. I see that members interact with each other and this is critical for a forum to progress. My experience so far in this short time that I am using it is to post or to see posts I can say that is one of the most enjoyable. And surely Cryptotalk will be a great source for research on crypto information and more. Happy even to be part of it. Well, I opened this post to share this joy in being part of this forum and also to seek through the members tips on how to behave in the posts, because as I said I am still new and hope that through interaction with other members I can progress in my posts. Hugs
  22. Guys, I know this post will be removed, I believe. But I am taking a break here from the forum, considering that I will have other commitments, such as: study for a contest and dedicate myself more to my work. So due to these commitments I will pay less attention to the forum, and also taking the time to leave my discontent with these payment updates, in my case it was disappointing to know that after more than 800 post and a lot of collaboration with the forum, I don't I will be more rewarded, yes, because now for me to be rewarded I will have to do more than 600 posts in view of this rule that if the post where you made a comment is deleted you will not be rewarded, now we have no crystal ball to know which post and when this will be deleted, then I do not see as fair not only with me as with all who are dedicated to the forum this attitude, at first all quiet, payments were made right, but then began to delete posts almost daily and this makes the receipt by posts almost impossible, because how do we know if we will be excluded right? So for all that I said and associated with my commitments I will be less assiduous in the forum, I will not move away once, because as I said in previous posts, I like the forum and will still be posting something if I find it interesting to share with friends, but not so regularly. Hugs to all and good posts.
  23. Hello buddies! I am facing a problem accessing the forum for around a week. At first i thought it would be fixed but it's been more than a week I'm getting same error 522 multiple times & site is running very slow even the comment box doesn't appear multiple times and then next minute it works fine and i checked mine internet speed it's good and everything is running great. I have attached photos at different times below. Is here anyone facing the same issue ot I'm the only one? So please if anyone has idea for solutions i need your advice.
  24. My friend joined cryptotalk forum on 7november 2019, but he has just completed 8/10 posts till now. And new payment Update announced yesterday so now Question arises that which rule will be applicable for him? Old payment Update of 50 posts because he has joined before the announcement came . Or The new payment Update if 100 posts to start receiving payment from 101th post?. Plz try to answer me clearly that 50 posts or 100 posts before start receiving payment.
  25. Every member who is in this crypto talk knows basic English grammar and truly yes. You and me writing more than forty posts daily. The calculator says 1200 posts per month and 14,400 posts per one year. How this can help to improve our English language skill both writing and reading.
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