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  1. This feature is very nice and I was always wondering how I could activate this feature, but I never thought to ask about this matter
  2. You can post in groups on Telegram or Facebook groups that talk about cryptocurrencies and they include good numbers of people.
  3. The most important thing about selecting posts is that they are not duplicate and the topics are very old
  4. You should achieve a percentage of the followers you follow. The two things are important and useful for you to keep up with the latest posts.
  5. I am sure this post will be useful to everyone moderators and members alike I very much agreed with this post
  6. A good reputation is sometimes better than volume Everyone prefers a platform for a reason, and Binance has built a solid reputation with investors
  7. Perhaps, as you say, there are companies behind this and not a person in itself, but this matter has no effect whatsoever behind the beginning of the cryptocurrency
  8. Now is the best time to do this and I advise you to invest your money in three currencies or more and choose those currencies carefully, and you will definitely be profitable.
  9. The cryptocurrency market is now at its best. Don't be afraid to invest now On the contrary, he tried to invest with a large capital
  10. We may face some problems and make some mistakes that make us lose a lot, but we should not give up, but try again.
  11. Do not be too hasty with my opinion You may also wait a while, do some study on the alternative currencies, and choose the best ones
  12. I was thinking of investing in this currency and seeing the opinions of people around me, and now your post has encouraged me to do so
  13. We can benefit greatly from this new mechanism It saves us financial accounts, saves the time we will spend on the trading platform and provides an opportunity to earn more than ever before
  14. It is not a psychological problem, but it is good for you to avoid serious mistakes and financial losses
  15. Yes that is true and from a while I read one of the posts he has been complaining about the intended negative reviews Therefore, it is preferable to mention the name of the evaluator
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