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  1. There are no specific techniques for investing with Bitcoin as it is a constant thing about the science of trading in general But if you want to invest in Bitcoin, you are definitely winning, do not worry about it
  2. captcha is useful for preventing bots from sharing It does not appear here unless your posts become many, for example, more than 40 posts, or you make quick comments. Otherwise, the captcha will not appear to you.
  3. Thank you for this beautiful gesture. Really, I would like to use a black theme on this site, especially when I'm working on it at night
  4. The golden moment is only the time to make money. It is really an irreplaceable moment and you feel your effort paid off
  5. Who trades and invests in the cryptocurrency market based on scientific methods He is definitely a successful person It is a science in itself
  6. The stop loss feature is very useful, I don't know why you're not using it Perhaps you got caught up in something with this advantage, and you will not miss the opportunity to withdraw when you start losing
  7. A very nice question that always comes to my mind, and I will follow the comments to see the answer I saw one of the comments criticizing you on this question, please don't pay attention to it
  8. They couldn't do anything about it It's always complicated with scammers and the measures against them do not deter them sufficiently as they should so we try as much as possible to avoid them.
  9. This is a bad suggestion in my opinion Because you are pushing people to report anyone only to get the rewards, and they may use this method based on feelings of hate and not based on evaluation.
  10. All indicators say that the currency has a great future and is on its way to a great rise in the coming years. A good step from you is that you decided to invest in it
  11. It is a business like normal trade, either a profit or a loss and therefore I do not blame myself for losing money I blame myself if I do not take the opportunity
  12. This is strange Frankly, I did not try this method of selling, but did you try to communicate with anyone from the Yebit platform? Maybe they'll answer your question
  13. I do not trust gambling sites These are sites whose job is to withdraw money from you, not make you win So it is a waste of time and money and I do not think I will participate in it one day
  14. What is important with these currencies is that they are trying to grow faster than Bitcoin while Bitcoin remains at the top We are trying to invest in currencies that are increasing by a percentage point more than others
  15. Patience is the main factor now in this period for CryptoTalk We are all waiting for the moment to enter the new currency into the trading platform Good luck everyone
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