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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. Like the title says, Cryptoworld is not a fantasy world, that's right. In crypto people invest real money they lose real money and make real mistakes. This is not a fantasy world as many newbies think. Here is my message to the newbies; "This is not a virtual reality, it is a reality."
  2. Express your opinion and see who turns out to be right
  3. What is ADN? It is a cryptocurrency and blockchain network provider that boasts of a secured ICO platform. Learn more about ADN ecosystem. ADN was established with a great purpose, which is to revive Initial Coin Offerings’ (ICOs’) reputation. Many ICOs report success in raising funds, but despite the amount of money raised through this platform, many projects didn’t push through and this left crowds of investors furious. These occurrences inadvertently contributed to a short-lived crypto winter. We admit it is a huge challenge for us to take — to regain trust after massive and blatant abuse of this crowdfunding scheme. Now that the crypto community has survived the winter, the ADN team is offering an ICO platform solution for the industry. ADN has designed a highly secure mainnet uniquely engineered to protect investments. Companies and startups that plan to hold their ICO through the ADN platform will need to program a smart contract on the ADN blockchain, together with a detailed roadmap. This contract will be approved and validated by ADN. ADN is a Secure Platform ADN’s Mainnet is made secure by its design structure embedded on its own blockchain. The security protocols are deeply ingrained in its secure and top-of-the-line ICO Wallet. Meanwhile, the ADN Mainnet is being built by the ADN team in partnership with Deep Dive Technologies, a New York-based blockchain and cybersecurity development firm. ADN, dubbed as a “powerful ICO security platform,” intends to provide high-throughput, high scalability, and high availability solutions for Decentralized Applications (DApps) in its ecosystem. Read More: ADN Introduction, the Powerful ICO Security Platform Crypto Transparency: Rebuilding Trust Through ADN Safe ICO with ADN: Secure Crowdfunding Structures ADN Blockchain: Bridging the Gap in Crowdfunding The Mainnet The word mainnet is the short term for main networks. These are basically blockchain networks where live transactions happen. As in the case of popular blockchains, open-sourced mainnets are where anyone who wants to become network participants can view and verify live transactions as they occur. Having one’s own mainnet is purposely aimed by blockchain companies to avoid restrictions in development and consensus. Those that depend on a specific mainnet may not be able to change the ecosystem’s consensus protocol. If they want to craft their own rules, they may depart from the mainnet and create their own. Read more: ADN Mainnet: Bringing in a new degree of Transparency and Trust ADN Ecosystem: The Upcoming Mainnet Swap 5 Things to Do Before ADN’s Mainnet Launch ADN’s ICO Wallet The ICO Wallet is the heart of the security in the ADN ecosystem. This is engineered to strictly release funds in segments wherein in every phase, the start-up needs to prove sufficient project milestones for the investors to give the next phase a green light and the wallet to unlock the apportioned amount of investment. This thorough procedure uniquely implemented through the ICO Wallet ensures investor security and repels risky projects away from ADN’s blockchain ecosystem. Read more: ADN Ecosystem: Implementing the first-ever ICO wallet ADN Founders ADN as a company is under the leadership of blockchain and crypto professionals Ron Lim as CEO and Jon Ban as the Co-CEO. Both have exemplified leadership qualities and together they both harness their years of experience in the financial industry to explore more on blockchain investments and technology. Along with the above-mentioned executives, we have partnered with Deep Dive Technologies, a well-reputed blockchain development firm, as well as with a number of cryptocurrency exchanges. Read more: ADN Team: Meet the People Behind the Revolutionary Blockchain ADN Investment ADN aims to protect investments, and as an organization, we constantly show our concern for our investors by being proactive innovators and blockchain disruptors. We want to eliminate the risks to safeguard investments done on our platform. Our efforts focus more on knowledge sharing, where we publish crypto investment tips and ICO market studies on our official blog. These are all done to guide our investors in the step-by-step technical procedures within the ADN ecosystem and lead them to a prosperous investment journey. Read more: ADN Coin Tips: 5 Signs to Check Before Investing on ICO’s ICO Market Trends: ADN’s Outlook for the Future ICOs ADN Coin Tips: Learn the Basics of ICO To ensure that you will get only the official updates from ADN Coin, we encourage you to follow our social media channels for the most recent developments in our project. Facebook | Telegram | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn
  4. No no, there is a topic to clarify here. "Satoshi Nakamoto" is a famous "fictional" personality, Blockchain was created by intelligence circuits like the CIA, since this has to do with the new world order and mass unification, launching the concept of Satoshi Nakamoto is just an anchor theme For society to become more ignorant, a way to laugh at us, because that Satoshi does not exist, do you think that large financial entities are going to let a kid create a potentially economic asset? This is only believed by newbies. The entities of power and families that dominate the world leave no one to them, they control everything, a basic third party is not able to create such technology. Everything is already hatched and fixed for decades, Bitcoin was already programmed, Satoshi is just smoke, the tycoons are the official creators of the Blockchain it hurts whoever hurts, it hurts whoever reads it and no, it's the mere truth, You just don't hear the truth so often. A hug to all.
  5. There are a lot of aspects to improve in the cryptocurrency ecosystems for the future, many ordinary people who are part of it, always maintain their opinion on the basis that it can be improved so that bitcoin, ethereum, etc. have a bright and dominant future . One of the aspects that at least I have to consider is the improvement of financial and conceptual education around the cryptocurrency ecosystem, being a fundamental point of victory for the future. Another point would be the stabilization of the market, reducing euphoria levels when some weight loss comes to light, because for a global project to succeed, it is necessary to polish all those aspects that prevent progress.
  6. Lionel Messi is my favorite soccer player, I will calculate with him, he has earnings close to 11,270 BTC annually. That is the equivalent of USD 127,000,000 that he receives between his salary in the Spanish club and income from advertising and business. Insane A striking case is that of former NBA star Kobe Bryant. In his case, In 2014-2015 with the price of bitcoin at that time, the equivalence was higher than 45,400 BTC annually. It would not be bad to be an athlete and that Btc falls in love with you hahahahhahaha
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