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Found 21 results

  1. What is the best digital wallet to save your bitcoins?
  2. Nowadays Crypto is spreading all over the world. Many of us are investing in it. Many of us are thinking to invest here. It's going to be a Popular online earning platform. Many of us are earning money from crypto. So can it make a positive result in our financial's life?
  3. Nate Flanders, who run a cryptocurrency trading platform, said schools should “absolutely” being including blockchain based on the benefits of coding alone. The Co-Founder & CEO of Mandala Exchange told “What it really comes down to is, continuing to push coding generally into the school system. “Java, C++, python - these are just some of the languages blockchain platforms are being built on.” He added: “With the current push towards integrating the fundamental programming languages into school systems, blockchain should become a complimentary area of study with the possibility to major in it or specialise.” Cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy and their volatility have been extreme. Bitcoin has lost half its value since the start of 2018, slumping to the $6,400 mark.
  4. Crypto crime rate has increased significantly. Exchanges which control most of the trading volume and also act as a storage place for cryptocurrency have become an easy target of hackers. So, could insurance be a promising sector in cryptocurrency or there are drawbacks to it?
  5. I mean mostly on the joy, which yobit and crypto talk campaign have given to most of us, Having to earn bitcoin, that's crypto Joy
  6. We all came to know through Yobit's Gmail that we paid $ 700 yoda for free on the Yobit platform and could be able to exchange it at the end of January. Something is known about that and will everyone get this coin.
  7. Bitcoin in the past seven months has experienced price declines that have worried investors. The price of Bitcoin at the end of this year also touched the figure of $ 6,600 and this price will probably last until the end of 2019. But no need to worry, because in 2020 the price of Bitcoin is predicted to recover and has a favorable price for its users. To make it a reality, 3 bullish factors are supporting it to make Bitcoin return to a positive trend. 1. PlusToken liquidation It has become a public discussion if one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in the crypto industry has a considerable effect on the crypto market. Research firm Crypto Chainalysis, recently reported that digital wallet fraud in China may have accumulated more than $ 3 billion cryptocurrencies. The company tracks if there is a movement of around $ 2 billion when the perpetrators wash stolen goods at the counter or elsewhere. This is a big problem for the crypto world because it coincides with market movements this year. However, according to NewsBTC, it seems that the sell-off has eased and can have a positive impact on the price of Bitcoin which may recover after reaching negative levels this year. 2. 148 Days Before Halving Day Halving is not something to be underestimated, as shown by PlanB industry analysts, the market has made a big step in halving beforehand and maybe this will happen again. There is some momentum that can be used while heading to the Halving event which is predicted to occur in May 2020. Economic factors will improve, for example, a decrease in inflation, a reduction in supply and a double ratio for supplies in the flow. Investors and industry observers also agree that halving will have a very positive impact on Bitcoin. 3. Increased institutional and institutional investors Currently, products like Bakkt are settled with cash. Bitcoin futures do not provide any impact on digital assets and only provide extensive exposure to digital coins. This year various new institutional products are released and this trend is likely to continue until 2020. Institutional and institutional investors generally do not dare to take risks and prefer to invest in safer assets to place wealth. Products such as share ownership or loans in the Defi market are likely to emerge as institutional investors in 2020 and make crypto-assets one of the main investment tools. Some of these factors are thought to support the recovery of Bitcoin prices, but as a reminder, all of this is just a prediction. The price of Bitcoin is very volatile and there are no completely accurate predictions about the price of Bitcoin. As an investor, you must be careful and do in-depth research about the price of Bitcoin in 2020. Do you agree with 3 factors that make Bitcoin potentially rise in 2020? Share your opinions if you don't agree?
  8. The world is changing very quickly. The USA and Europe are traveling bad times in economic and political terms. Even in cryptoworld topics they look as retired from the front lines. Is this the historical moment to Asia become the most powerful zone in the world? Can the cryptoworld give Asia that power?
  9. Bitcoin Trading Before you continue with this article on Trading Bitcoin, we have an impression that you are already familiar with the basics of Bitcoin. If not, you can choose to read our other tutorials before pursuing this one. Trading Bitcoin comes with statuary warning, sometimes from one’s own instincts — and sometimes — from the governments’ empathetically written circulars. The digital gold has indeed swept a large section of global traders and investors towards its mouth-watering — and risky — volatility. And as with any speculative market, Bitcoin has its shares of ills when it comes to injecting nightmares inside the traders’ mind. But if you are still interested, here is what you need to know before jumping in. What is Bitcoin Market? A market where Bitcoin gets actively traded with other value-carrying assets is, in simple words, a Bitcoin market. It is like any other Forex bazaar where one buys a currency with another. But unlike fiat currencies, which are minted under the confidence of nations’ economic and financial status, Bitcoin is created without keeping such influential factors in mind. The digital currency is simply generated through a process called “mining”, where miners concurrently solve a block of 50 BTC through mathematical computations. The minted Bitcoins are either stored or are further sold to the regulated exchanges or individuals for fiat money. The functioning of a Bitcoin market is same as that of some commodity (coffee, gold, etc.) that is brewed/mined and sold into the markets, its price fluctuating as per the demand and supply. Where Do You Trade Bitcoin? For us non-miners, getting Bitcoin is now easier than it was a year ago. Now, one only needs to be in a right country to purchase and sell Bitcoins, where exchanges legally act as intermediaries for currency transactions — something that also protects your funds from being mismanaged by external and internal attacks. These exchanges instantly convert your Bitcoin into USD or other fiat currency, and based on the price fluctuations between these two, one can simultaneously sell and purchase their holdings and make good profits — a process we know as arbitrage (explained further below) Where to trade Bitcoin we have
  10. Lionel Messi is my favorite soccer player, I will calculate with him, he has earnings close to 11,270 BTC annually. That is the equivalent of USD 127,000,000 that he receives between his salary in the Spanish club and income from advertising and business. Insane A striking case is that of former NBA star Kobe Bryant. In his case, In 2014-2015 with the price of bitcoin at that time, the equivalence was higher than 45,400 BTC annually. It would not be bad to be an athlete and that Btc falls in love with you hahahahhahaha
  11. We have been witness on crimes being protraited by hackers on creating malware to attack and still it even mine Crypto on thousands of computers. The creation of even fraud, scam sites for investment to steal from people invested funds Even illegitimate airdrops... Are they still crimes out!!👇
  12. I was wondering of how the yobit exchange has helped towards the earning through Crypto talk, whether the yobit exchange could make its federal link, cuz this exchange needs to be known wider, its for me the best few exchanges with diverse utilities
  13. Now, we've in a stage on this site, which we are paid for posting, ( no doubt). This kind of opportunity is not common, so basically I was, I think the Crypto talk site, came maybe as, a medium for more users to create a wider opportunity to use the power of blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in one way or another. Then I was now on, what opportunity can I manage on the funds which I gain here. How will I build on from Crypto talk. Because am sure let's not all just live on Crypto talk dependently for ever, we've to make space for new members and then further grow on that. The real question now is, what Opportunity can you build on, from Crypto talk ???
  14. No no, there is a topic to clarify here. "Satoshi Nakamoto" is a famous "fictional" personality, Blockchain was created by intelligence circuits like the CIA, since this has to do with the new world order and mass unification, launching the concept of Satoshi Nakamoto is just an anchor theme For society to become more ignorant, a way to laugh at us, because that Satoshi does not exist, do you think that large financial entities are going to let a kid create a potentially economic asset? This is only believed by newbies. The entities of power and families that dominate the world leave no one to them, they control everything, a basic third party is not able to create such technology. Everything is already hatched and fixed for decades, Bitcoin was already programmed, Satoshi is just smoke, the tycoons are the official creators of the Blockchain it hurts whoever hurts, it hurts whoever reads it and no, it's the mere truth, You just don't hear the truth so often. A hug to all.
  15. What is ADN? It is a cryptocurrency and blockchain network provider that boasts of a secured ICO platform. Learn more about ADN ecosystem. ADN was established with a great purpose, which is to revive Initial Coin Offerings’ (ICOs’) reputation. Many ICOs report success in raising funds, but despite the amount of money raised through this platform, many projects didn’t push through and this left crowds of investors furious. These occurrences inadvertently contributed to a short-lived crypto winter. We admit it is a huge challenge for us to take — to regain trust after massive and blatant abuse of this crowdfunding scheme. Now that the crypto community has survived the winter, the ADN team is offering an ICO platform solution for the industry. ADN has designed a highly secure mainnet uniquely engineered to protect investments. Companies and startups that plan to hold their ICO through the ADN platform will need to program a smart contract on the ADN blockchain, together with a detailed roadmap. This contract will be approved and validated by ADN. ADN is a Secure Platform ADN’s Mainnet is made secure by its design structure embedded on its own blockchain. The security protocols are deeply ingrained in its secure and top-of-the-line ICO Wallet. Meanwhile, the ADN Mainnet is being built by the ADN team in partnership with Deep Dive Technologies, a New York-based blockchain and cybersecurity development firm. ADN, dubbed as a “powerful ICO security platform,” intends to provide high-throughput, high scalability, and high availability solutions for Decentralized Applications (DApps) in its ecosystem. Read More: ADN Introduction, the Powerful ICO Security Platform Crypto Transparency: Rebuilding Trust Through ADN Safe ICO with ADN: Secure Crowdfunding Structures ADN Blockchain: Bridging the Gap in Crowdfunding The Mainnet The word mainnet is the short term for main networks. These are basically blockchain networks where live transactions happen. As in the case of popular blockchains, open-sourced mainnets are where anyone who wants to become network participants can view and verify live transactions as they occur. Having one’s own mainnet is purposely aimed by blockchain companies to avoid restrictions in development and consensus. Those that depend on a specific mainnet may not be able to change the ecosystem’s consensus protocol. If they want to craft their own rules, they may depart from the mainnet and create their own. Read more: ADN Mainnet: Bringing in a new degree of Transparency and Trust ADN Ecosystem: The Upcoming Mainnet Swap 5 Things to Do Before ADN’s Mainnet Launch ADN’s ICO Wallet The ICO Wallet is the heart of the security in the ADN ecosystem. This is engineered to strictly release funds in segments wherein in every phase, the start-up needs to prove sufficient project milestones for the investors to give the next phase a green light and the wallet to unlock the apportioned amount of investment. This thorough procedure uniquely implemented through the ICO Wallet ensures investor security and repels risky projects away from ADN’s blockchain ecosystem. Read more: ADN Ecosystem: Implementing the first-ever ICO wallet ADN Founders ADN as a company is under the leadership of blockchain and crypto professionals Ron Lim as CEO and Jon Ban as the Co-CEO. Both have exemplified leadership qualities and together they both harness their years of experience in the financial industry to explore more on blockchain investments and technology. Along with the above-mentioned executives, we have partnered with Deep Dive Technologies, a well-reputed blockchain development firm, as well as with a number of cryptocurrency exchanges. Read more: ADN Team: Meet the People Behind the Revolutionary Blockchain ADN Investment ADN aims to protect investments, and as an organization, we constantly show our concern for our investors by being proactive innovators and blockchain disruptors. We want to eliminate the risks to safeguard investments done on our platform. Our efforts focus more on knowledge sharing, where we publish crypto investment tips and ICO market studies on our official blog. These are all done to guide our investors in the step-by-step technical procedures within the ADN ecosystem and lead them to a prosperous investment journey. Read more: ADN Coin Tips: 5 Signs to Check Before Investing on ICO’s ICO Market Trends: ADN’s Outlook for the Future ICOs ADN Coin Tips: Learn the Basics of ICO To ensure that you will get only the official updates from ADN Coin, we encourage you to follow our social media channels for the most recent developments in our project. Facebook | Telegram | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn
  16. As u can say from the blend integration if yobit having to earn while posting on crypto talk, is a ❤ But looking at how the yobit exchange still makes to accommodate on having to still earn free tokens from them is great. But what makes yobit exchange different??? Your respond matters on how yobit is a good exchange....👇👇
  17. I remember early 2019 I came across some articles that bitcoin will fall and some other currency will overtake bitcoin but as far I know we are in December already can someone tell me which crypto currency presently is more than bitcoin? I have come across so many exchanges but bitcoin is the lead. Does anyone have a different opinion?
  18. YES! Money can work for you! [TAG LINE] WHAT WE ARE: BIOONLINE PTE LTD., a company incorporated in Singapore, registered vide UEN no. 201733578C with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), having registered office at 14-02, The Arcade, 11 Colyer Quay, Singapore 049317. BIOONLINE PTE LTD., is the first Real estate company in the world, equitized by Cryptocurrency. Founder, Chairman & MD Dr. CA. SHIVAJI WALAKE FCA, ACS, L.L.B, CISA (USA), CIA (USA) PAST SR. VICE-PRESIDENT OF CITIBANK NA, USA has launched a Biokkoin by incorporating a limited company, “Bioonline Pte. Ltd.” from Singapore. Bio Estate Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is into construction and real estate business since 1999 and officially registered the entity in 2008. Since, 2014 the CMD has been deep-rooting rigorous assessment into the Digital Assets genre and have envisaged a unique asset backed crypto currency termed as BIOKKOIN. This novel establishment has been headquartered in Singapore with universal business guidelines. To grow its foot internationally and to give wings to global presence; the company has triggered projects in Cambodia and Thailand and pre-registered in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Mauritius. It is the company’s mission to deliver value creating spaces, and its endeavors epitomize this philosophy. It does not have a single pending grievance with over 1 million gratified clients. The company has a vast land bank with multiple ongoing projects spread over 2200 acres across Maharashtra and Goa. It has been remarkable accomplishment by the organization in delivering assurances in record time and shall always flourish to be spot on. Since, its inception the accountability, profitability, volume and client base has been meticulously ascending. Financial projections are to create multifold accumulation and attainment in years to come. xxxxxxxxxxx What is BLOCKCHAIN? Blockchain is a digital ledger in which transactions made in crypto currency are recorded chronologically and publicly. A Blockchain database is managed autonomously using a peer-to-peer network and a distributed time-stamping server. The first Blockchain was conceptualized in 2008 and has been evolving since then recurrently. Blockchain allows the participants to verify and audit transactions inexpensively. You know Bitcoin (BTC)? BITCOIN ₿ is a crypto currency, the first ever form of electronic cash. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the person-to-person Bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries. On January 3, 2009 the first Bitcoin network was created by a person or group called SATOSHI NAKAMOTO. The biggest concern to create a decentralized system was needed after the 2008 US Subprime crisis. Since its origin BTC has been globally used for legal and illegal activities like any other currencies do. Post, 2015 it is also considered as an exceptional investment avenue by financial experts. How about Ethereum (ETH)? ETHER is another crypto currency, the first ever ALT coin to be designed on a Blockchain generated by the Ethereum platform. Similar to the BTC, ETH too is decentralized digital currency without a central bank plus has its potential benefits like, open source, distributed public ledger, operating system and smart contracts. In 2013, the Ethereum was proposed by Co-founder Vitalik Buterin and the block went live by July 2015. The biggest concern to create this platform was to overcome all hindrances faced by BTC. Since its origin ETH has been globally used for creation, development, security, etc. for new ALT coins as well as its evolutionary versions. I am BIOKKOIN (BKK)! BIOKKOIN is another crypto currency, the first ever ALT coin formed on a Blockchain generated by the Ethereum platform with an INTRINSIC value of asset backing. There are 1000s of crypto currencies, coins and tokens where the founders, projects or valuations are completely absent. They are still doing quite well and there existence s speculative in the future as no backing. BKK is a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to manage the creation of new coins as well as fully secure the transactions weeding out the need for third party like bank, broker or agencies. The total number of BIOKKOINs that shall be in circulation is capped at 180 million, mined over a period of 13 years. BIOKKOIN is a digital asset, quite similar to Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM), etc. You can store, trade, transfer, utilize and possess this asset digitally. BIOKKOIN is one of the only coins that have been backed by actual real estate value worth over USD 770 million (official chartered accountant’s valuation as on October 2017). BIOKKOIN was launched on 10/10/2017 at $1(one) and had reached $4(four) during Private Sale. After the launch of White Paper (Legal Manuscript & Prospectus) in March 2018, it kept steadily rising till the end of Pre-Sale on 10/01/2018. The company goes public and launched its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on the 10th January, 2019 till 31st December, 2019 @ $15/-(fifteen) per coin. BKK shall list on international exchanges in January 2020. Roadmap Jan-17 Planning Phase begins Jun-17 Core Team Appointed Oct-17 Launch of Biokkoin @ $1. Private sale begins Nov-17 Regd Bioonline Pte Ltd, Singapore Dec-17 Regd Bioonline Thailand company Ltd, Thailand Jan-18 Blockchain servers settled in Thailand Mar-18 Launched White paper version 1.0. End of private sale @ $5. Apr-18 Regd Bioonline SDN BHD, Malaysia. Pre sale begins @ $6. May-18 Launch Mobile App & undergoes Blockchain phase 2. Jun-18 Regd Bioonline Cambodia Co. Ltd, Cambodia Aug-18 Establishing Merchant Network Oct-18 Anniversary of BKK Launch @ $ 9. Dec-18 Final version of White paper 1.4 published Jan-19 Pre-Sale ends @ $ 10. ICO Phase 1 begins Apr-19 ICO Phase 2 begins May-19 G50in15 launched by Singapore team. Jun-19 Fresh website and wallet integration updates Aug-19 ICO Phase 3 begins Oct-19 Anniversary of BKK Launch. Establish roots in Indonesia & Philippines Nov-19 Integrating Global Internal Data on Father Servers Dec-19 End of ICO, Token issue and Mobile Wallets. Jan-20 Listing of Bkk on International Exchanges @ $ 15. Mar-20 Disbursing Cash Cards affiliated with Master/Visa Apr-20 Considering Accounts viv-s-vis ongoing global projects Jun-20 Mobile App Version 2 Launch Jun-20 Blockchain Phase 3 + Beta process Jul-20 Enable P2P transfers & BKK premium lounge Sep-20 Payouts and reshuffling G50in15 Oct-20 Anniversary of BKK Launch. International Con-Call live on Social Platforms Dec-20 Move from Ether to our own DLT network. Test net + Main net. Jan-21 Upgrading All Servers and Technological Mechanism globally Apr-21 Considering Accounts viv-s-vis ongoing global projects Core Team: FOUNDER & CMD DR. CA. SHIVAJI WALAKE Shivaji Walake is all India Chartered Accountants Rank holder. He is a fellow member of ICAI having more than 17 years of opulent experience in Banking and Finance. Compliance head, taking care of banking law compliance for Asia i.e. India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. The Ministry of Cambodia crowned Mr. Walake with chief DOCTORATE gradation for his global engagements and humbled work in Cambodia & Malaysia. JOINT M.D. COL. N P SINGH Colonel N P Singh is a retired Colonel from the Indian Armed Forces, post graduated in computer science (Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai) and a Chartered Engineer.Col. Singh has administered large scale communication, construction / infrastructure projects for Government of India & many private funding. Post retirement in 2006, he held key roles in infrastructure, real estate & technology companies across India & USA, for Joint ventures and project funding. INTERNATIOAL DIRECTOR Mr. GOVINDER SINGH Mr. Govinder Singh is Chartered Accountant by profession and designated as Director with Acquisory India Consulting Private Limited. Previously he has been positioned as the Group CFO and International Business Head of Tata Housing Development Corporation. Before joining Acquisory, he was on the Board of many companies as a Chairman, Managing Director, Designate Partner and Director IN several firms globally. DIGITAL ASSETS MANAGER Mr. TEJJAS KUMARR SHAH Mr. Tejjas Kumarr is an MBA in marketing and finance from MET institute for business management & having more than 17 years of prosperous experience in Equity Markets, Sales & Marketing and Crypto space. He has successfully achieved matriculation in 2016 from THE BITMAIN’S INSTITUTE OF DIGITAL ASSETS & EXCHANGES, Singapore. After thorough knowledge and expertise in Block Chain & Distributed Ledger Technology, has joined BIOONLINE SDN. BHD. since its origin which is a portion of headquarters of BIOONLINE Pte. Ltd., Singapore. PROMOTER/ DIRECTOR Mr. UMESH KADAM Mr. Umesh Kadam is a civil engineer with over 25 years of experience in construction and evolving town ships, architecture, business development and regulatory framework. He has been dynamically effective while leading multiple projects for the HIRANANDANI GROUP. A wonderful strategist, team leader, cohesive planner with a proven track record. Contact us: [email protected]| [email protected] | +91 Bioonline Pte. Ltd.| 14-02, The Arcade, 11 Colyer Quay, Singapore 049317. Bioonline SDN. BHD.| Suite 5, 1st floor, Wisma Leopad, Brickfields 50470, KL, Malaysia.
  19. Verizen is a registered investment firm based in the UK. It has it's head office located in Unit 5, The Yard Yorkton Street London, United Kingdom. The platform, which includes advanced basic and technical analysis at the source of high return performance, offers high & fixed interest returns. Verizen is airdropping free VEN tokens to all airdrop participants. Create an account at Verizen, complete simple tasks and submit your details to the appropriate google forms to receive the rewards. Step-by-Step Guide: Create an account at Verizen. Join their Telegram group. Now visit the Verizen airdrop page. Complete simple tasks mentioned in the airdrop page and submit your details to the appropriate google forms. You will get free VEN tokens depending on the number of tasks you complete. Rewards are sent to your ETH (ERC20 Token) wallet after each completed task. Check your participation status in this spreadsheet. Don't forget to join our Telegram channel, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter to receive new airdrops! Requirements: Telegram required Join group E-Mail required
  20. Do you think China will become the most powerful crypto country? Which strategy would be the preferred for that? Support bitcoin or issue its own cryptocurrency?
  21. Is China's new currency for cryptoworld a good idea? How could it affect bitcoin? What about the global economy? And the United States? How will it react? Will it finally decide to launch a crypto dollar or will it remains back?
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