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Found 103 results

  1. At beginning you sympathize with me when u was a cryptocurrency illiterate at the beginning of cryptocurrency I don't know anything about cryptocurrency, anything about trade and investment. All my focus was how to get money, if I get a petty trade I engaged myself into it just to get money no matter how stressful it is stress. As time goes on I met up while the a friend mine he was trying to explain and tell me about cryptocurrency but I didn't give time to understand or learn about. Then one day I saw him and I was really surprised when he told me how he was able to make it. He has definitely change and that is when I gave him time to explain to me, were he introduced cryptocurrency to me and this forum included I am a hard-working guy that I like to do good work and get paid for my work. That is why I spend time to do work and get paid regarding to my stress.i am here only to make money and learn more about cryptocurrency and am happy to meet new friends here and I am welcoming everyone as a friend here in this forum.
  2. This makes me perplexed and confused later realized that yes we all here are only paid for teaching not for learning. From my question here many of you will agree by saying yes. We get paid for both learning and teaching but only a few will have same opinion as mine. Well I have reason for saying yes we get paid for just teaching not for learning. My reasons here are here if you ask yourself this questions. 1. When I am reading does it read in my profile? Answer: No 2. When I didn't respond to topics and just read it do I get paid? Answer: No Why is the answers all no because I have to respond by writing and sharing the little knowledge I have in cryptocurrency by helping in teaching the writer what he asked. You can spend hours reading different topics from different members but you will receive nothing until you post. When you didn't make a post you don't get paid. When you are not qaulify to teach you only reply useless contents. Therefore teachers in cryptocurrency are needed to make the forum great. Disqualified teachers get banned and deleted from the forum. This are quite some reasons why my answer is yes. But still with that I will look forward to your feedbacks to see your opinions.
  3. This topic I was wondering on what features of yobit derives peoples attention. What is the most yobit feature made up that derives your attention to like yobit more than any exchange in the world of cryptocurrency apart from binance an kucoin?
  4. Hey friends! Its almost some days/ week left for talkcoin to be launched. It's really motivating and stand a chance for everyone to struggle hard to make some good qaulity post, reffered friends to enjoy the payments. But what we don't know yet and I may like to here your opinions regarding this questions I have in mind although we don't know it but I hope we all have predictions and suggestion with great hope and expectations. My questions are: 1. how much will this coin worth? 2.To which pair of currencies will it be listed? 3. Will this talkcoin worth exactly like previous campaign that is 0.0003btc/Satoshi? 4. Do you think the price will be more better than the previous campaign? 5. To which currency do you wish and hope this coin to be listed? 6. If your opinion work how more population will this forum observed after the launch of it really worth than our expectations? 7. How more friends are you ready to invite to this forum. I am sure their are many members that are having same opinion as mind with different opinions. i am looking forward to your feedbacks friends!!
  5. This year has been so great and much unique base on understatement 😊. There comes up with lots of updates about predictions and what affects the cryptoworld by the deadly diseases known to many here if you can recall that is name the pandemic covid-19. Without any stability, Bitcoin has continued to rise and fall in price this year at a steady pace which due to that many investors are likely happy to see the volatility. Here are some predictions from some experts. I will explain briefly on what they said about the Bitcoin price and what they predicts. BLOOMBERG This name is known by many traders that studies and follow predictions of experts. Bloomberg had been a so fanous/popular most of his predictions goes 80-90% correct. Bloomberg had cracked out buzz for its $20,000 bitcoin price prediction this year. This predictions was stated in June 2020 edition were "Bloomberg Crypto Galaxy Index" takes a report, at which Bloomberg analyst also argued that there is something that needs to go wrong for bitcoin not to acknowledge at this time. He Therefore says; That analyst believes bitcoin has the upper hand against competing assets like gold, commodities, Nasdaq, and crude oil. The analyst also sees potential in bitcoin futures and Tether. Absolutely he was right at area if we consider on previous bitcoin price trends. It seems so unfortunate were there supposed Bitcoin to be rising above $20,000 by the end of the year. There is great effect and reflection of price on Bitcoin when there was rise in the fuel price by rise of digital currency. That is briefly prediction from bloomberg now we are checking more predictions from"Max Keiser". MAX KEISER PREDICTIONS He is so genius also popular as bloomberg, he is a Crypto analyst. Max Keiser from his predictions had being so optimistic in his price prediction for bitcoin. In a series of tweets were he explained with diagram on chat on July 27. Max Keiser Report host made a prediction that BTC/USD was headed for about $100,000 after a correction period of around $28,000 estimately and respectively. Max Keiser later in July makes an updated to some of his price prediction after seeing bitcoin rise above $10,000 and keeps pending within this range above $10,000. Now we will take a look straight forward on more predictions from the citiBank... CITIBANK PREDICTIONS Citibank as known from few traders has being among one of the most optimistic price predictions for bitcoin among major institutes in cryptocurrency predictions.Citibank also comes up with their predictions were they predicts bitcoin will reach a price of $120k in the future 2021 but only if it movement had meets a specific requirements over most of coming weeks and months. From his tweets on twitter you can check out. As learned from the Citibank previous predictions from 2016 predictions also have a believe on the bitcoin price must test the price of $13k before it continues to keep rising close to its range in 2021, previously and very ultimately to be rising to $120k at some level of price in 2021 or beyond. ELLIOT WAVE PREDICTION Elliot Wave are most used by analyst to study the Bitcoin chat. The analyst that using the eliot wave were able to conclude by correcting the prediction that Bitcoin price can hits a fall $3,000 at the end of 2020 which seems to be a Mistake. The Elliot comes up with a Theory so frequently to criticized for its stability on many aspects and reasons. It was so much subjective and questionable than any other models. Hence, the technical analysts that was used by the Elliot Theory was to determine the most part of the market cycles and to also spot bearish and bullish trends. Note: Whenever an analysts/predictor talk about the markets going through ‘8 waves’, they are discussing about a chance talking about Elliot Waves and as well as the Elliot Wave Theory. Analysts had fully interpret these waves in different verses and opinion personally. so there’s no concrete Elliot Wave bitcoin price predictions. Therefore as traders we need to be so optimistic in following predictions because not all predictions are merely true. I advice making analysis with clear investigation about the chart before following any predictions. You are all Welcome to cryptotalk 😊 stay tune for more updates. Share us your opinion regarding the topic and alsoask questions. Thanks more for your response and contribution to this topic as well to the forum at large. Happy to learn you friends especially friend @rekterthanks for getting me aware of some Mistakes.
  6. We are now into an era were we have different kind of currencies that are use in exchanging goods and services physically and digitally. It was a good improvement to the world at large to have this system of buying and selling than the modern system of trading were trade by barter is practiced we mostly find it difficult to Exchange and gets good if choice. Cryptocurrency is at 🌍 world of advancement to ease difficulties and make everything easy to man. In nowadays during the advancement of technology since during 2009 Bitcoin was implemented to serve a purpose of digital currency by satoshi nakomoto who was anonymous and known by nobody. Bitcoin was the first digital currency build on blockchain. Later we have more currencies build on the blockchain with more features advancement than bitcoin alternatively like Litcoin(LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum classic (ETC) and etc. To make a profit in any Bussiness you must have a Volatile market. Even at stable currency you can not get profited by just keeping it differing from cryptocurrency, in cryptocurrency you can invest your funds and the price increases with time by price increase. To get profited from stable currency you must by some commodities that are volatile to buy from different locations. You may wish to buy at low price at a location with low commodities and high supply were by you sell at location with high demand and high price. Without any volatility in the market or in any transactions/ Exchange there tend to have no profit due to no difference in price. This is the same in the cryptoworld it is just as the digital when the crypto market becomes stable it will be useless because there is no price difference that will give you profit. Therefore you need to get this that there is no any business that will give you profit without a little Volatility. This has being reason why I say cryptocurrency without market Volatility is useless. If you have more things to say about this you can share your thoughts.. happy Posting to you all🙏
  7. We all came to know through Yobit's Gmail that we paid $ 700 yoda for free on the Yobit platform and could be able to exchange it at the end of January. Something is known about that and will everyone get this coin.
  8. The forum is very great and always advancing as days are moving forward we get more people into the forum this was something to be glad with it. The forum need us and everyone love 💙us all but the main problem we face is sometimes we fall into making mistakes of violating the forum rules which was not proper and yet is not intentionally. Now consider this as a way out and also idea. * What do you think when we make this forum rules our friend? * Mistakes / failures are natural instinct no one can skip it what do you consider it when we learn and always practice it? * What do you think we shall achieve when we always visit the rules and take a review of the of the rules everyday. i think this will help a lot if we give good replies to this questions. Share us your opinion let's learn from you and your suggestion. ᗯƐᒪᑕOᗰƐ ƬO ᑕᖇƳᑭƬOƬᗩᒪƘ FOᖇᑌᗰ🙏
  9. Hello friends!! I am coming up with this topic due to high request from many members about this two terms cryptocurrency trading and investment. This forced me to come up with this topic to explain first about trading and investment. Well I know there are some members that knows more better than me but here we all have different understanding and opinions as well. I am going to share my own understanding in brief explanation about what cryptocurrency trading is and what is investment. CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING. This term trading is know as the exchange of digital currency of difference currency in other to increase/multiply your input. The multiplying of input here what I mean is your funds in other to buy from low price and sell at high. Trading of cryptocurrency in general definition is the act of buying at low an selling at high price to collect profits. In trading we have different styles of making trade just like: 1. Scalping 2. Day Trading 3. Range Trading 4. Intra-Day Trading 5. Swing Trading 6. Position Trading Now I will explain briefly of each style I listed below 🖕. Note: try to understand that each traders must be a risk talker. To be a good trader you need to practice a lot not necessary to be experts in all styles but be perfect in at least one of this styles. Now back to my explanation.👇 1. SCALPING TRADE: This is the type of trading that can be referred as a minutes trade. Let's say just a way to make a quick money. This is just an act of buying and selling at small range of price like buying a coin a e.g litecoin at 50$ and sell at either 51-52$ respectively. This gives you a little Profit. Therefore your need to get that explanation. If you don't know about scalping I think this gonna help you understand what the term scalping was. To maintain high loss due to high volatility of the market you can use a stop loss may be at 49$ this will help you cancel the order immediately when the market was at point of reversing. But don't forget you must be a risk taker Because the market changes fast. 2. DAY TRADING: In the day trading this is another style of trading were you spend a complete day monitoring the market to get a bit higher price than in scalping. If you remember we said scalping is just a minutes trading when there is a little change of the price. 3. RANGE TRADING The range traders this are big traders that are concerned with playing with the market. They accumulate a large amount of tokens before it was launch or distributed just like ico/IEO. This traders they buy at low prices and later sell at high price before the market dumps. The range traders are smart in term of risk management they fixed their stop loss. This traders do not care even though the keep trading at that range anytime because they know they will not loss. 4. INTRA TRADING The intra trading is also another style of trading were you can hold your tokens for a day or more than one day until profit and then you sell it at profit of your choice. Since the crypto market do not close there is possibility you will gain something from it but you don't loss in trading except if you wish that. 5. SWING TRADING This is another style of trading cryptocurrency which is done for a day or weeks. This has to do with large range were you hodl a position to calculate what will be your local buttom. In swing trading take note you most be vigilant and focused without sleeping checking the markets movement, seeing how it flunctuates. It will be a very good idea if you give full sense you can analyze patterns and detect likely support and resistance levels, but note it can make a ton of sense to focus on swing trading. In swing trading you have to master the movements waves of the chart to maintain risk and high loss. From many successful swing traders who effectively swing trade by using long & short positions tend to do well and do very little work. Therefore you need to be careful and well focused at all points. 6. POSITION TRADING The position trading this has to do with holding a trade for weeks, months and also year depending on what choice you planned to sell your tokens. This can be at long term trade and at short term trading. Just like buying ethereum (eth) at $180 from last year and sell it this year at $400. The position trading is likely to be like swing trading. NOTE: If you want to trade try to be wise in selecting coins that has volume and have a good pairs. The exchangers also matters in term of trading the currency make sure the exchange is popular and legit so that you don't put your money in a scam exchange were you can't withdraw it back. INVESTMENT. Investment varies with trading but the only difference is that you have personal control of your tokens by storing it untill price rises to an extent you can sell it. In Investment it can be classified into: 1. Long term Investment 2 . Short term Investment. 👉 LONG TERM INVESTMENT This is the kind of investment you can do to buy a coins at low price and keep it for about 4,5... Years then you sell it. Imagine those investors that buy bitcoins since 2018 to 2019 at price 4500$ and hold it and it reaches 12000$ this year. This will give them about 4times of what they invest and hold. 👉 SHORT TERM INVESTMENT Exactly from the word[short] means little. The short term Investment is also type of investment that is done for a short term or short period of time were you buy at low price and sell high when there is increase in price that you bought it. That is all about Investment but try to know Investment is also a risk and dangerous when you fall at wrong projects. Some investors go into ICO and IEO but now this are also risky especially going into ICO many investors have failed with great loss at end of their Investment by slanders of that specific project and sometimes falling into scam ico's and ieo's.. In Investment I may suggest you use some common currencies that are popular of which I listed below 👇 1. BITCOIN (BTC): Everyone know Bitcoin was one of the most common known currencies among all cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is considered as an original digital cryptocurrency. It was created in 2009. It was created under the author pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. The Bitcoin runs on blockchain and runs to make peer to peer transaction. Transactions are visible to third parties and is well secured by algorithm. Users of Bitcoin have full access over their wallets to send and receive their currencies. 2. LITECOIN (LTC): Litecoin was also a currency after Bitcoin which was launched in 2011. It is use to serve as payment to users that works and receive their payments through for digital currency. Right here I will show Some few differences between these digital currencies Bitcoin and Litecoin: Litecoin is feature to send transactions in fast times than bitcoin. Because it is cleared that, The coin limit for Bitcoin is 21 million and Litecoin is 84 million. They operate on different algorithms, Litecoin’s being “scrypt” and Bitcoin’s is “SHA-256.” litecoin is a decentralized coin on blockchain. 3. ETHEREUM (ETH) After litecoin we have ethereum which was Created in 2015, Ethereum is a type of cryptocurrency that is an open source built on blockchain technology. It has a good volume and have higher Dena d and supply than litecoin which rises the price of of ethereum to be 6times higher than litecoin. 4. RIPPLE (XRP) Ripple was also built on blockchain and launched in 2012 that acts as both a cryptocurrency and a digital payment network for financial transactions. It is use globally for fast transactions and it has a very low fee and good investment. 5. BITCOIN CASH Bitcoin Cash is also a digital cryptocurrency that was created to improve some certain features of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash was well advanced to Bitcoin were by there was increased in the size of blocks, which helps in allowing more transactions to be processed faster than Bitcoin. Bitcoincash was also used for fast transactions just like other currencies listed above. 6. Zcash (ZEC) Zcash is also good for making Investment. There on the blockchain users can send and receive Zcash without disclosing the sender, receiver or the amount transacted. It was also a decentralized token. 8. STELLAR LUMEN (XLM) Stellar lumen known in short XLM is another alternative currency that facilitates currency exchange. The Stellar currency allows users to send any currency they desire to third pary in a different currency. The stellar lumen was developed under the help of Jed McCaleb who was the founder the stellar was an open-source and was created in other network’s native currency in 2014. This are some certain results I collected after some research and some experience I have about cryptocurrency therefore I am sure this will help many cryptocurrency users to know about this terms trading and Investment. Next time I will be coming up with another topic all about mining and Investment. You can stay tune for my next topic. 9. TRON (TRX): The trx coin is now among the best coin used for investment. It has a circulation volume of about 72bilion dollars. It was the most active market now on the coinmarket cap. Happy trading and Investment to everyone reading this article. Wishing you all success...🙏💓
  10. This was a technical and some how complicated to new members,, I mean the newbies on this forum, they wonder why they couldn't receive notifications when they are either qouted, receiving friend request, and even when someone like their posts. I too when I start I feel confuse what is even the use of qoute since I couldn't receive any incoming notifications, so just that day I decide to search for with from my account settings and this are the steps I took to on my notifications: 1. At the top right hand side were you view your profile you can view some settings after your profile as you can view from my screenshot. 2. Go to account settings and click on it 3. You can see edit notification settings and click on it 4. It opens you a page full of settings read it carefully and select an option you are interested with as you can view from the screenshot below. That are the Basic steps and I found it so helpful to help you in a clear way to on how you can on your notifications.
  11. I found this topic will be very helpful in kind of sharing ideas on which kind cryptocurrency are you interested in and here is advice for you to follow. I hope we shall still cooperate to learn from each other about this in this forum. To me I like trading and I need some tips and knowledge about trading I hope I will have someone to help me with some tips. What part of cryptocurrency are you also interested in?
  12. To my opinion and level of understanding on what makes cryptotalk to be special is because it pays, and is full knowledge and experience were one can know more about cryptocurrency. But friends what are the features that makes cryptotalk more special than any cryptosite?
  13. As I have said earlier from my previous topic that discuss on how to calculate the market cap of a coin. It is very ascertain and unfortunate to give a little explanation without going deep into the aspect. Right now I am going to discuss about the relative strength index[RSI] indicator. If you haven't read from my previous topic you can read it by clicking on this Click here. This type of knowledge is much needed to many members that are just into the cryptoworld. They need to know how to do some jobs online like making trade and to do that they need to know the market cap of every coin. To know about the terms trading there are many guidelines you need to know about the types of trading and also what a trading is this can be found here. So it is also good to learn more about the gas fee here,and practice some transactions and on how to set your transactions to avoid paying huge amounts of fee for a little amount of funds to be transferred. Now back into topic of discussion we are looking back into relative strength index. The market cap is a good option to predicts how much valuable cryptocurrency was, we all know that there are several other factors that we must all take into account. If we are looking into something good to invest then you need to keep in mind that market cap is one of the most important thing/ tool you need to study . To select a coin you have to make a thoroughly research on that projects that you are interested to invest in it. Therefore you need to ask around by research to get a full knowledge. Knowing the coin market cap will just get you so far. Relative strength index RSI is a good indicator which is designed to indicate high purchased and numbers of sold out in the market . The relative strength index [RSI] values was range between {0} which is also reffered to the most "soldout" and we have the range [100] representing the most "high purchased" status of that particular coin. The relative strength indicator as usual program on preset is to calculate about 14 periods. The more the decrease in the periods of the indicator, the more volatile it becomes. This is a formula that will help you in calculating the RSI is as follows: RSI = 100 - (100/1 + RS) where: RS = (sum of the upward closing values / n) / (sum of the downward closing values / n) n = The number of periods This can also be more explain in detail on how to differentiate three levels of significance in the RSI’s graph. * Level one of significance: We have the high purchased/overbought level which is exactly when the RSI exceeds the value of 70. * Second level of significance: Here this is a situation were the oversold level of RSI’s value drops below 30, and the centerline was at 50. Note: whenever If our overbought limit is exceeded we shall receive a signal to sell, and when ever the oversold level is exceeded also receive asignal to buy, and try to understand that this depends on the direction that it follows and to when it breaks the centerline were a full confirmation of an upward or a downward trend. This is just a short a little knowledge I can pass to you about the Relative strength index[RSI] indicator. There very soon I will discuss about; * Support and resistance * Price rising from support * Price falling from support * Support and resistance eqaul to market emotions If you can accumulate this you can know at least 60%-70% knowledge about trading. Happy trading to you all..thank you 🙏 for taking your time
  14. Its very bad and srressful sometimes when some users qoute our posts. This users oftens did this not knowing about the second feature of qouting a post. Dear all newbies or begginners we are all ready to help you from making mistakes. We are all one commiunity met together and get employed to serve the same job we have eqaul payments not differing from the number posts we have neither the ranks. 3 WAYS TO QOUTE A POST 1. By using the qoute visible option. 2. By using the qoute selection invisible Option 3. By using the tagging option Steps to apply the second feature of qouting long post. 1. BY USING THE QOUTE VISIBLE OPTION This option is visible to everyone we can all see it on every user that post or by creating topics. This is very useful in qouting a short post. Here is a screenshot to this option below👇 2. BY USING THE QOUTE SELECTION INVISIBLE OPTION This option is invisible, and this option is mostly use in qouting long post. When you see a long post or when someone qoutes you long post try to read it. Try to identify were you understand and have question to ask. Just as you can see from the screenshot below 👇 This feature is applicable to both Android users and desktop users. All you need to do is to click on the sentence for few seconds there you can select to were appropriate you want to qoutes below it shows you the qoute selection option and click on it. 3. THE TAGGING OPTION This feature is the easiest feature and popular feature that is use even on social media. If you can't use that feature you can apply the next feature which is the tagging option. By using the symbol ''@'' at beginning and follow by the name of the person you are trying to tag instead of qouting. Below I can make use of the qoute option by tagging the names of some good contributors and experts of the forum although they are not on the leadersboard but their works activities get our attentions towards the forum and they worth attention and good friends to be trusted. @BTC Future @Calvinpriva @Whited35 @rekter @Mcd0d0 @Ndayebo8 @Honny143 @kitekite24 @bino @Dorjoy12 . I am happy to welcome everyone including the newbies with great hope that this topic gonna be very helpful to everyone that crosses it having problem with this feature. Note: this users I tagged are always ready to help you in kind of asking questions you find complicated. I will also be there for you all if you have questions regarding the forum and about cryptocurrency with the little knowledge I have if I don't know I will forward it to some Experts here for good feedback. Nice to meet you all🙏
  15. As we can see this forum is improving gradually and are using the latest techology to make sure the forum is work the way it supposed to be as the best forum and best campaign. The forum will very soon keep improving unexpectedly to be the number one campaign firstly created in cryptocurrency that pays users per post. With time there will be more campaigns like this cryptotalk will be coming up developed. This will be developed only when they see the potentiality and greatness of this forum in the future. During that period I am sure many things will happen we shall see changes e.g: 1.airdrops will not exist 2. bounties will be less available and difficult to find legits ones 3. Scammers will be out of funds looking for any means to get money. 4. Technology will advance and there will be more security. 5. Other forums created like cryptotalk will face many challenges and will find it difficult to get themselves secured from scammers. 6. There will be more exchangers in the cryptoworld. 7. There will be high increase of population in the cryptoworld. 8. This forum will be the best forum were many legit signature will be available. 9. Yobit Will be among the best and ahead binance and kucoin in the future 10.This forum will be the best place to search and learn about cryptocurrency even if payments stops. Bitcoin will increase in price and this forum will still pay members as usual that deserves the payment even if campaign has stops respected and successful members will still receive payment as in Bitcointalk. More thanks to this creator and the great contributors to the forum. We shall be among them and I am sure there will be more changes that will take place in the future. What changes have you observed to take place apart from the one I listed? let's share ideas!!!
  16. I create this topic to help us all just give time to read to the end. Always be good by making yourself good, distance yourself from get banned. Do you know what. You shall get banned if you do this: 1. Breaking a rule( I mean single rule) you shall get banned. 2. You shall get banned if you create a multiple accounts. 3. You shall get banned when you created a low quality post 4. You shall get banned when you create a topic or post which is irrelevant to the section and to the forum. 5. You shall get banned when you keep repeating a post of thesame sentence. 6. You shall get banned when you are caught not contributing to the forum either by posting low quality post and repetitive post. 7 you will get banned when you make a post of 10p characters while you didn't contributing in creating topics of your own ideas or knowledge. 8. You shall get banned when you do plagiarism that is copy and pasting other members ideas. 9. You shall get banned when you copied an answer to a topic you don't answer either from Google it is still anti plagiarism. 10. You shall get banned when you get access to the forum using a banned Ip address or banned country. Note: you will get banned no matter how much post you created in the forum if you break the rules you will get restricted or banned create good topics and Post this is what is need in the forum don't only post without creating a topic either 2 to 3 topics a week is enough. Lets take care, let's protect ourselves from getting banned I creat this topic to help us know some reason why we get banned. I love you all let's help each other.
  17. As time is going and cryptocurrency is advancing to my consideration people into cryptocurrency will find it difficult and stressful to go to their office because it was less stressful staying in their room and receiving payments daily, which if calculated it is more than the salaries they received monthly, I think this will stop many people from going to office and spends time in cryptocurrency very soon in the future do you agree?
  18. This is so complicated sometimes people misused this sentence''learn from experience'' but please you can get this cleared, what you need now is to clear your mind calm down think deep. All you have to know from this sentence is that you need to be successful and always be on the right way. As we all know failure is the key to success. In this life no one is perfect we are always on making mistakes and that does not mean you shall always be on making mistake. You can put full- stop to lthus try to learn what this mistake is telling you. The mistake you made will be a solution to a big opportunity for you in the future when you are ready to learn. Try to all know learning makes perfect by learning we one-day become expert. Don't think negatively and don't give up because of mistake try to learn from it. It is an experience you need to learn from it. This is an opportunity to tell you how successful you are no one is born to be perfect we make mistakes that differs from it. Learn from experience to make your future bright. I am sure everyone will learn from this topic to try their best to make sure they don't give up just for a mistake. Don't forget your enemy will one-day be you love one, while some one you live one-day become you enemy. I wish us best of luck friends be motivated is time we become successful. Nice to meet you a and thanks for your feedbacks
  19. I was on investigation to be sure if there could be any sites that is good and legit as cryptotalk, from my investigation I end up not finding any forum that pays per post as in here, I want to know if their are some colleagues if mine that made the same research if they are successful to meet any site that correspond and is the same and paying as in cryptotalk?
  20. I keep wondering and observing the crypto market of all prices of currencies in the market, they definitely moves frequently when a change occurs in the price of Bitcoin. So I came in to conclusion that yes Bitcoin was the controller to all cryptcurrency market except for the stable market and rising tokens. Do you believe with my investigations yes or no? I need more explanation from you friends if my research was wrong
  21. I was wondering of how the yobit exchange has helped towards the earning through Crypto talk, whether the yobit exchange could make its federal link, cuz this exchange needs to be known wider, its for me the best few exchanges with diverse utilities
  22. There in this forum are users that don't know their work as a members. This people are in need of help of what work will help them become like us in the forum. This qaulities will help you know what will help you: 1. Good members Read and follow the rules giving in the forum 2. Good members Avoid breaking rules in the forum 3. Good members Make a good qaulity post not less than 100 characters. 4. You can start receiving payments at the reaches of 100 good posts. 5. Create topics that are related to the forum and make a post related to your topic. 6. Understand posts made by colleagues in the forum. Before replying or qouting them. 7. Give quality reputations only to useful post and seek for more explanation before givin bad reputations to complicated posts. 8. Make friends with those that you trusts. 9. One account is allowed for a good members that is there to stay for ever and multiple accounts is created by spammers be careful to fall under the bad people. 10. Make 30 post and invites friends, take report of scammers you saw within the forum. This post will help many users within the forums and if there are more qualities you can come up with them
  23. Yobit exchange was very well designed with the best and easiest features that can be accessed and practice by everyone using the exchange. Right now from the features I want to explain in easy steps on how you can invest your earned talkcoin from yobit. Yobit investbox The yobit investbox is meant for all users to make investment of their coins of there choice there are many types of coins that you can invest then to receive some daily interest. The daily interest differ differing from the type of coin you are willing to invest. For investing in Bitcoin you can earn a little daily interest of 1%. All the way below is a screenshot of an image to take a little look on how the Investment plan works. To cut the explaination in briefly I will proceed on discussing on the topic is trying to teach us. EASY STEPS TO INVEST YOUR TALKCOIN IN YOBIT EXCHANGE: Step 1: You first send your talkcoin to your balance just as you can see from the image below👇 After clicking on the send to my balance your browser will reload and it will reflect to your balance just like this👇 Step 2: Now from the top menu of your browser in the exchange you can see the investbox. Now you click on it and allowed your browser to load or connect. Below is a screenshot to the menu indicating your investbox.👇 Step 3: After clicking the investbox your browser will open a new page then go directly to the figure 3 you can see on the image/ screenshot below 👇 Step 4: There will you can see the word [TALK] it's daily interest was 1% you can see the figure on the same raw click on the word[TALK] If you want to invest all your balance this will automatically collect all your coins. If you don't want to invest all you can edit the minimum invest of 100 from the box and write the number of coins are willing to invest make sure it it not less than 100 talkcoin. Step 5: After completing the step 4 procedure you can click on invest then your browser will reload and you will see all your coins disappeared from your balance. Don't worry go to step 6 👇 Step 6: Follow the image click on my investment below it opens a new page and finally you will see your coin with an I.D number for your investment. Below you will find a counter counting by increasing and descending figure from 24hrs when ever it becomes 0hrs you will find an increase in your balance. Below is a timer from the image👇 I It shows next count below. Step 7: How to close/ cancel your investment all you need is to click on the close you can see in read box. NOTE: YOU CAN CANCEL AND STILL FOLLOW THE SAME PROCESS TO APPLY YOUR INVESTMENT I hope this will be a very good guide to all beginners and to old members that lacks the knowledge of how to invest the yobit investbox. BEST OF LUCK FRIENDS...💙💙🙏♥️ W̥E̥L̥C̥O̥M̥E̥ ḀL̥L̥ T̥O̥ C̥R̥Y̥P̥T̥O̥T̥ḀL̥K̥ F̥O̥R̥U̥M̥
  24. To my opinion I don't think is good to buy an account from some one that you don't know he might be a true scammer, when you transact money and buy the account you may end up 2 against 0 no money no account. Is good if we take care of this. But still your advice is still needed friends. Looking forward to your replies.
  25. Hi everyone it is nice to come up with something that many will like to know about it. The word Liquidity is known but if the token is added we find the difinition difficult. Liquidity allowed you and help you to convert an asset/liquid asset you have into money in a fast and easy way. If there was an inbalance of buyers in market and sellers, this come up with kind results in a price changes. If a trader wants to sell some of his coin and there are not enough buyers, he has to drop his price to find a buyer to buy his coin. Currently as we all know, there are many coins that have a 24-hour daily volume under millions of dollars. All this volume can't make up a market and it will also represent only a few traders. This at times often happens after an unsuccessful ICO. Note have hundreds of coins that are traded like this. Some of them are not eligible for all trading at all. Liquidity a question?? Liquidity can also be referred as a question of market maturity, but only to some extent degree. Of some financial markets, liquidity is not something that just happens; it’s something you have to build for. To have a trust was the most significant element a person get posses. Most issuers need to address the security concerns of potential investors. In essence to some cases, the challenge of liquidity was to create the best professional investment ecosystem for you, which means to work with some regulated exchanges, with secure custody providers, and also in jurisdictions which provide legal certainty. The investors that earns can only work by regulating an institutional-grade investment products that will not fall short of traditional investment vehicles. Moreover, those that issues can take in some area some measures to increase the liquidity of the tokens, just like buyback programs. Finally the success of a security token offerings depend on the one that issues it the ability to gain and to the trust needed effectively to create a buyer market. It will also as well required an industrial effort as well as to the issuers also themselves to also trigger a real demand for their own assets. Here I end up my topic and hope you might understand something from the topic, regarding some the security liquidity of a token.
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