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Found 103 results

  1. Hello friends here is a topic I come up with some tips on little mistakes we often make. NOTE: I use the prior search to make sure I don't make create repeatative topic to avoid deletion of topic after comments. This really affect every member, that comment in that topic. I would likely advice everyone who is trying to create a topic to make sure you made a search from the prior search which can be found right at the top of your homepage as you can view from your screenshot. As you can all see after my research, this give me the right and derives my attention to proceed in creating this topic. I could also like to share a simple tips that are of more helful to you on how to give more additional save to your account. You can follow this steps carefully , I am sure you gonna understand it. 1. After making your daily post try to spare at least 10-15 minutes to make sure you take a review of your work before quiting offline. This 10- 15min will be very useful than spending 3days, 1 month, 6 months for receiving a warning is good you maintain the opportunity to make a review. 2. Try to check your topic if created to make sure your post is matching the topic and matching the appropriate section. E.g Topic to be created in section for beginners should match the section. Make sure you create legit and unique topics if there is correction during your review you can find it and correct it before time expires. This will also help you. 3. Qoute notifications received and send replies try to make sure you reply exactly what your friend ask you not giving inappropriate reply which is equivalent to useless content. This can make it easy for your friend to take report of your post and you get indefinite banned it restricted from posting due to useless contents. Here I come to the end of my topic friends by calling upon to derive your attentions to what makes you what you are don't blame yourself for making mistakes like this before now is time to correct this mistakes. Thank you all my friends for taking my advice and following my topic more topic will be coming soon stay tuned. Cryptotalk will always be the best!
  2. Now, we've in a stage on this site, which we are paid for posting, ( no doubt). This kind of opportunity is not common, so basically I was, I think the Crypto talk site, came maybe as, a medium for more users to create a wider opportunity to use the power of blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in one way or another. Then I was now on, what opportunity can I manage on the funds which I gain here. How will I build on from Crypto talk. Because am sure let's not all just live on Crypto talk dependently for ever, we've to make space for new members and then further grow on that. The real question now is, what Opportunity can you build on, from Crypto talk ???
  3. Is high time now we understand each other know ourselves let's be be one. We shall know our real friends because real friends are always here to help. Let know the best friends we have let's help help each other by posting our problems on cryptocurrency were we get answers from our experts and those above us in the knowledge of cryptocurrency. I hope am bringing up a good topic to like each other and help new members here in this forum. If you agree with me. Tell us your opinion and share your problem let solve it together.
  4. I mean mostly on the joy, which yobit and crypto talk campaign have given to most of us, Having to earn bitcoin, that's crypto Joy
  5. We may be in certain times suffering from frustration due to our inability to achieve success in the field in which we work, but my friend told you that success always takes time to arrive, and the best example of this is Bitcoin where in 2009 its price was $ 0.001, but look at it well now it exceeds the threshold of 39 thousand dollars.
  6. As a new register member you may find it difficult to look for help and the rules guiding the forum, but here first thing you need to come across before starting anything like posting in the forum, you need to check the guidelines. What are the rules guiding the forum but here are some that are important and compulsory guide made easy for you Here are some questions you need to ask yourself and search for the answers. 1. How do I make a post? 2. Which of the forums are recommended for posting and receiving payments? 3. How many post are needed daily? 4. What is the total length of each unique post ? 5. How many post should I do before I start receiving my payments? 6. What are prohibited and what are the consequences if breaking the forum rules? 7. Which Countries are banned from posting? This are answers that supposed to come to your mind after reading the following questions mate. 1. You can make a post depending on your own choice to which forum you select you learn and share experience and knowledge with excluding the off topic. You can attend attend to any topic and chat with many friend on cryptcurrency you chat see posts and reply to friends. 2. All topic are recommended for posting except the off topic. 3. You are instructed to post only 30 post daily to receive payment you can do more than that but make sure you know the you wi be paid of 30 post even if you post 100, 30 post is equivalent to 30,000satoshi. You will receive your payment in yobit after the completion of 100 post. 4. The length of post needed should not be less than 100 characters respectively if you wish you can do more than 100 5. As I said earlier you must do 100 unique post before you start receiving any payments. 6. Multiple accounts, copy and pasting previous post of other users, spamming the forum, low quality post all this listed are prohibited be careful doing this will lead to banning of accounts take notice. 7. This countries are banned from receiving payments and posting. from 25 February yobit does not pay for massages from these countricountries- NIGERIA, EGYPT, PAKISTAN'S, INDONESIA, VENEZUELA, BANGLADESH, PHILIPS this countries are restricted from posting because 95% of them are low quality posters and spammers. This can clearly be seen by any one from yobit before linking your account if you are from this countries make sure you are aware not to post and receive payments. This had been made clear for all of you to make good arrangements on how to be a good user and help cryptotalk to move forward. I have some experts ahead of me so we shall look forward to their replies in what More explanation they gonna add us in other to help us.
  7. As we all know that patient is a tool and and a natural instinct that not everyone have it. There are many people that have the ability to have the patience and there are some people that find it difficult to get patient. But due to my previous topic that teaches us that patient is success I come to understood that there are some keys that can guide you to build in patient in your self. You can look into them and practice them. 1. Try and calm yourself when you see and opportunity make sure that the opportunity is not a misfortune. 2. Don't always get panic in your activities in real life because this will always discouraged you from grabbing an opportunity that supposed to be yours. 3. Have confidence in yourself when you believe you can do it, you can always do it. 4. Don't doubt in what you are doing all the time because you cannot identify/select or differentiate between the right and wrong opportunity. Always be careful of misfortunes that looks like opportunity. 5. Always be a risk taker that is the best key. 6. Try to create time for making research don't be eager to achieve what you want and end up losing it. Make deep investigation before taking action. 7. Think positively mate before any action know what you are doing. Try to practice this 7 keys I know there might be more of this but my colleagues can explain the remaining keys as possible. I have hope this keys will help me, you and our newbies in this forum. I am always happy to welcome everyone in to this forum nice to meet you all. We all believe that cryptotalk will shine to the moon very soon.
  8. I create this topic to help us all just give time to read to the end. Always be good by making yourself good, distance yourself from get banned. Do you know what. You shall get banned if you do this: 1. Breaking a rule( I mean single rule) you shall get banned. 2. You shall get banned if you create a multiple accounts. 3. You shall get banned when you created a low quality post 4. You shall get banned when you create a topic or post which is irrelevant to the section and to the forum. 5. You shall get banned when you keep repeating a post of thesame sentence. 6. You shall get banned when you are caught not contributing to the forum either by posting low quality post and repetitive post. 7 you will get banned when you make a post of 10p characters while you didn't contributing in creating topics of your own ideas or knowledge. 8. You shall get banned when you do plagiarism that is copy and pasting other members ideas. 9. You shall get banned when you copied an answer to a topic you don't answer either from Google it is still anti plagiarism. 10. You shall get banned when you get access to the forum using a banned Ip address or banned country. Note: you will get banned no matter how much post you created in the forum if you break the rules you will get restricted or banned create good topics and Post this is what is need in the forum don't only post without creating a topic either 2 to 3 topics a week is enough. Lets take care, let's protect ourselves from getting banned I creat this topic to help us know some reason why we get banned. I love you all let's help each other.
  9. Which wallet do you see to be the best comfortable online wallet in cryptcurrency, which scammers find it difficult to hack and scammer couldn't get access to it apart from coinbase?
  10. Hello friends this was a very cool day that derives my attention over this topic on the keys '' ignorance in cryptocurrency is your enemy fight it'' I agree with this keys to create a topic like this. If we are talking of ignorance it is the same explanation as lack of knowledge. Therefore in this topic I will be discussing about the effect of ignorance/ lack of knowledge to a cryptocurrency users and still refers it to an enemy. Knowledge is everything in life, knowledge is life with out knowledge you are nothing because you know nothing. We need knowledge for having a better life. With knowledge you can find wealth, you can build a house you can be a president you can be a minister in a society or in a community depending on which part of knowledge you contribute in learning. In cryptocurrency we need all knowledge about cryptocurrency that is the big reasons why we are here because if you don't have the knowledge you can't be here, because you don't know what is written instead of understanding and knowing what to write. The forums need members that have knowledge and are still here to share with others that have a little knowledge so that they become something great in future were this forum is creating a good history in the future. Whenever you are ask how have your come to be an expert in cryptocurrency? you will definitely say yes I start with a little knowledge and cryptotalk was the source of it and they make me what I am today. Here we can understand that ignorance is our biggest enemy, we need to fight it ignorance always lead us to failure and even getting banned in the forum. ignorance is our biggest enemy let's fight it together!!!!
  11. To my opinion I don't think is good to buy an account from some one that you don't know he might be a true scammer, when you transact money and buy the account you may end up 2 against 0 no money no account. Is good if we take care of this. But still your advice is still needed friends. Looking forward to your replies.
  12. I found this topic will be very helpful in kind of sharing ideas on which kind cryptocurrency are you interested in and here is advice for you to follow. I hope we shall still cooperate to learn from each other about this in this forum. To me I like trading and I need some tips and knowledge about trading I hope I will have someone to help me with some tips. What part of cryptocurrency are you also interested in?
  13. This makes me perplexed and confused later realized that yes we all here are only paid for teaching not for learning. From my question here many of you will agree by saying yes. We get paid for both learning and teaching but only a few will have same opinion as mine. Well I have reason for saying yes we get paid for just teaching not for learning. My reasons here are here if you ask yourself this questions. 1. When I am reading does it read in my profile? Answer: No 2. When I didn't respond to topics and just read it do I get paid? Answer: No Why is the answers all no because I have to respond by writing and sharing the little knowledge I have in cryptocurrency by helping in teaching the writer what he asked. You can spend hours reading different topics from different members but you will receive nothing until you post. When you didn't make a post you don't get paid. When you are not qaulify to teach you only reply useless contents. Therefore teachers in cryptocurrency are needed to make the forum great. Disqualified teachers get banned and deleted from the forum. This are quite some reasons why my answer is yes. But still with that I will look forward to your feedbacks to see your opinions.
  14. What is going right is just the predictions made by many people against the Bitcoin chat and halving this year, I don't usually believe in predictions because I followed many predictions from some experts but their predictions didn't correspond as they predict and only some little was right. I conclude that following predictions was risky sometimes if care doesn't taking we may use predictions and lose your money. What did you come up about this topic do we still believe predictions?
  15. Hello everyone !! I want to explain some simple steps to locate our reputations without checking our profile I don't know if you are aware of this feature in the forum. Many of us here don't know about it You can follow me friends from my steps: - First you need to go to the cryptotalk homepage. - you will find the a few word written like ''popular contributors'' from the names you see written carefully scroll down a little you click on ''show more'' - Here you see the the list of the popular contributors(just here at the heading is written as the leaders board) writing at the last left end of the page you scroll a little you may see a two box containing some option if choices there click on it, it appears with an option all you need is to click on " today" were the second option you select " all areas" there appears list of today's users that have the highest reputations if you are among those having high reputations you can see it there. If you are not among this users you need to work more harder this will motivate you dude. All this are easy steps my friends from the logic you can still use the same process from the options giving to know how much you have been contributing in the forum you can locate your weekly, monthly and yearly reputations depending on how much old you have been in this forum. Best of luck my friends happy Posting
  16. Hyy friends most especially beginners, if you want to have cryptoworld knowledge and experience come to the right place. Because this forum will give you all you need to know about cryptoworld. All you need to do is to abide by the forum rules and regulations and work hard in this forum not to get banned. If you are a member of this forum you will surely learn a lot of things in cryptoworld and also about trading and investing. And if you don't understand something you can ask the seniors or create a topic to get members opinion and ideas about that.
  17. Hi friends! Good day to you all. Today I am coming up with this topic to express my feelings and share some advice on what is going on within the forum from some members. It really sad when we received warning points, or get indefinite banned after been reported in the about forum section from some of your collegues. Some users are really reported for some certain reasons like: 1. PLAGIARISM: Copying of another person's ideas, text or other creative work, and presenting it as one's own, especially without permission; plagiarizing. Even if it's not illegal, plagiarism is usually frowned upon. Copy from one, it's plagiarism. Copy from two, it's research. Right in this forum Plagiarizing posts of other members to form your own post instead of learning to create it yourself is Plagiarism. Note: Creating posts are very easy you don't have to get yourself worried in creating your posts. All you need is to read carefully the topic of the post try to grab something and say your opinion. If you don't understand it try to create post of asking some part you don't understand or learn from other replies to create your own posts/topics. Copying from others contents directly or by changing words will lead to banned try to avoid that try to be a good user. Me and you are equal we receive same payments then why violating the rules. If you are reported for this reason of course you are guilty and everyone has right to report for this in this section via this link 👇 Plagiarism is prohibited take note 🙏. Don't report of any useless post in this section it is only meant for sharing plagiarized contents. To report of a useless Contents you can use the report icon to report that post. That is the report icon I pointed In the image below👇. 2. SPAMMING: Spamming the forum is also prohibited this can also gives you warning points and you will be reported by a collegue in the forum if you are caught spamming the forum. Note spamming the forum is the act of posting a post or topic that was irrelevant to what the post is discussing or out of topic(O.P). You can also click the report Icon to report or Pm(send private massage)to any of the moderators for quick action. 3. STUFFING POSTS: We really report members in found creating stuffing post. Stuffing post are bunch of useless Contents written completely in a row of one page or half a page of a topic. Were by this posts are O.P(out of topic/point). Everyone can also report such users if caught in the forum or Pm any of the moderators for quick action. The report icon can also help you send report of this users. 4. SYSTEMATIC VIOLATION: This also leads to receive of banned account or receive many warning points. If same mistake continues this can lead to indefinte banned. This can be done by the moderators and also some users will be there to report such activities if caught severally. 5. MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS: This lead to banning users can report such users creating multiple accounts because it goes against the forum rules. If a user suspect you using multiple accounts definitely he can report to the moderators for further investigation through PM. I will use this medium to show my appreciation 🙏 to some of this users that contributes with great effort to see this forum clean and to our great moderators that are always busy to considered our report. @Whited35 @Babubu609 @Babubu609 @rekter. There are some users of which I know that send report privately to show their contribution we all thank you for that @Honny143 and some collegues...🙏 You can be like them. Don't wait to send reporting or Pm the Moderators or this contributors they will forward your report immediately when you caught any one spamming the forum. Dear forum friends we all love you and that is the reason we always correct you so that you changed for the best. Don't be affraid we are all the same don't abuse the reporters because you are also a reporter think wise and change to leave long even though I made such offense the forum will purnished everyone justifically no matter how many numbers of post , reputations you have or rank. Be warnned don't use this medium to show hatred by sharing them negative reputations because the moderators are looking at all activities manually be noted.💓👌 YOU ARE WELCOME ONCE AGAIN YO CRYPTOTALK.
  18. There are many friends of which I can't isolate but they know theirselves. Well everyone is here for a reason which differs from one another but the real users are here for many reasons which can be explain base on hierarchy for example: 1. category one: there members that are here for money and knowledge (only few members could fall into this group the legit posters with good qaulity posts and meeting new friends) this could be at least 20/100% estimately 2. Category two: members from this category can be categorize to at least 30/100%that are here for knowledge and money. 3. Category three: members from this category are here only for money. This members are not ready to make good post from this category we have the low quality posters and spammers altogether to be at least 50/100%. The try to be among the category one or two because this are the type of members that are the forum are always ready to welcome this topic is created to remind you and motivate you best of luck Friends. Happy posting and more earnings.
  19. This is so complicated sometimes people misused this sentence''learn from experience'' but please you can get this cleared, what you need now is to clear your mind calm down think deep. All you have to know from this sentence is that you need to be successful and always be on the right way. As we all know failure is the key to success. In this life no one is perfect we are always on making mistakes and that does not mean you shall always be on making mistake. You can put full- stop to lthus try to learn what this mistake is telling you. The mistake you made will be a solution to a big opportunity for you in the future when you are ready to learn. Try to all know learning makes perfect by learning we one-day become expert. Don't think negatively and don't give up because of mistake try to learn from it. It is an experience you need to learn from it. This is an opportunity to tell you how successful you are no one is born to be perfect we make mistakes that differs from it. Learn from experience to make your future bright. I am sure everyone will learn from this topic to try their best to make sure they don't give up just for a mistake. Don't forget your enemy will one-day be you love one, while some one you live one-day become you enemy. I wish us best of luck friends be motivated is time we become successful. Nice to meet you a and thanks for your feedbacks
  20. There in this forum are users that don't know their work as a members. This people are in need of help of what work will help them become like us in the forum. This qaulities will help you know what will help you: 1. Good members Read and follow the rules giving in the forum 2. Good members Avoid breaking rules in the forum 3. Good members Make a good qaulity post not less than 100 characters. 4. You can start receiving payments at the reaches of 100 good posts. 5. Create topics that are related to the forum and make a post related to your topic. 6. Understand posts made by colleagues in the forum. Before replying or qouting them. 7. Give quality reputations only to useful post and seek for more explanation before givin bad reputations to complicated posts. 8. Make friends with those that you trusts. 9. One account is allowed for a good members that is there to stay for ever and multiple accounts is created by spammers be careful to fall under the bad people. 10. Make 30 post and invites friends, take report of scammers you saw within the forum. This post will help many users within the forums and if there are more qualities you can come up with them
  21. I just want to share some knowledge about the main aims of this forum with the little understanding I am having about the forum: 1. This forum need legits users that deserves to be paid when they deserve to be paid. This users are those members that are ready to contribute to the forum to help in creating good posts and good topics. 2. This forums aims is to have users that are fully disciplined in time of following rules as stated. 3. The forum are happy to pay each user when he worths it and this is by doing the right thing at the right time to improve the forum. 4. The forum aims is to make this forum popular in the world of cryptocurrency as other forums. They don't create this forum to make competition with other cryptocurrency forum but they want to be like them. 5. This forum are not the best but they are trying ti be among the best, although they lack nothing. 6. They aim to spread the knowledge of cryptocurrency to the world to know how much benefits cryptocurrency jobs are in this days. The moderators will be happy to welcome everyone in this forum if you have this qaulified needed you are qualified. Pls don't waste your time while you are not qualified because a serious action maybe taken and don't play with the opportunity you have right now. You can reffered friends that are also ready to help and contributes to the forum. finally please always follow the rules giving to get yourself save from restricted from posting and banning. You are all welcome to cryptotalk forum
  22. Dear I saw many members that have most liked content award. So I want to ask how they get this award and I also saw a people with 300 post that have this award so can anyone tell me how to get this. I want to try for it. I always try to win award so I want to also try for it. 💕 Thanks in advance 💕
  23. As time is going and cryptocurrency is advancing to my consideration people into cryptocurrency will find it difficult and stressful to go to their office because it was less stressful staying in their room and receiving payments daily, which if calculated it is more than the salaries they received monthly, I think this will stop many people from going to office and spends time in cryptocurrency very soon in the future do you agree?
  24. At beginning you sympathize with me when u was a cryptocurrency illiterate at the beginning of cryptocurrency I don't know anything about cryptocurrency, anything about trade and investment. All my focus was how to get money, if I get a petty trade I engaged myself into it just to get money no matter how stressful it is stress. As time goes on I met up while the a friend mine he was trying to explain and tell me about cryptocurrency but I didn't give time to understand or learn about. Then one day I saw him and I was really surprised when he told me how he was able to make it. He has definitely change and that is when I gave him time to explain to me, were he introduced cryptocurrency to me and this forum included I am a hard-working guy that I like to do good work and get paid for my work. That is why I spend time to do work and get paid regarding to my stress.i am here only to make money and learn more about cryptocurrency and am happy to meet new friends here and I am welcoming everyone as a friend here in this forum.
  25. Yes! Many Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings are scams. Just like any industry that attracts a lot of money to it, it also attracts scam artists and fraudsters. One way to find if it is a scam, is to look at the team behind it. Observe what they have done before. Look and see if they have completed similar successful projects in the past.The more established a crypto is, the less likely it is to be a scam. For instance, Bitcoin and Ethereum are two biggest crypto, are not scams. It gets harder to tell when you get to smaller and less well-known cryptocurrency.
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