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Found 83 results

  1. This could be so unfortunate to me and some members from this forum. I am here to share some knowledge and advice to my friends here as we are one family Working on the same place doing the same might be surprised to why I wrote this topic. But clear your thought I made this topic in other to help us all. It comes to late when I come to understand that there are scammers within the forums that send us private massage with links attached to it with an instruction to download an unknown wallet and deposit some funds in it which was really a scam, I mate up with a guy sending me this kind of massage of which I find it easy to take report to the moderators for quick action before it become to late. I could like some of us to also help in taking report of this kind of users that send anonymous massage with links in other to scam. Let take report and help the moderators to secured the forum as well as possible. If you pass through this please make sure you grab it and secured yourself from scammers know who you are following and type of friends you are making... Finally I could like some of you to share us ideas on the best way to secured ourselves?
  2. What is going right is just the predictions made by many people against the Bitcoin chat and halving this year, I don't usually believe in predictions because I followed many predictions from some experts but their predictions didn't correspond as they predict and only some little was right. I conclude that following predictions was risky sometimes if care doesn't taking we may use predictions and lose your money. What did you come up about this topic do we still believe predictions?
  3. I herald that almost everyone is willing to help this forum to improve but we mostly not know what is best to do. Friends here are some tips that will help us make this forum move to next level: 1. Making a good quality post helps the forum to improve because it will reduce the numbers of post to be deleted. 2. Creating some good positive topic all about cryptocurrency will also help in improving this forum. 3. Following and abiding the rules guiding this forum will make the forum to improve and achieve their goals. 4. Reporting of spammers in to the moderators for taking action will ease the moderators work and searching for spammer and will as well improve the forums. 5. Sharing of knowledge with friends is about cryptocurrency and referring friends to this great forum will help the forum to improve and achieve their goals. If we all can abide by this guide as I stated I am sure we shall help this forum to move forward. You are all welcome to cryptotalk campaign you shall all get paid per post if you work it. Happy posting friends.
  4. As a new register member you may find it difficult to look for help and the rules guiding the forum, but here first thing you need to come across before starting anything like posting in the forum, you need to check the guidelines. What are the rules guiding the forum but here are some that are important and compulsory guide made easy for you Here are some questions you need to ask yourself and search for the answers. 1. How do I make a post? 2. Which of the forums are recommended for posting and receiving payments? 3. How many post are needed daily? 4. What is the total length of each unique post ? 5. How many post should I do before I start receiving my payments? 6. What are prohibited and what are the consequences if breaking the forum rules? 7. Which Countries are banned from posting? This are answers that supposed to come to your mind after reading the following questions mate. 1. You can make a post depending on your own choice to which forum you select you learn and share experience and knowledge with excluding the off topic. You can attend attend to any topic and chat with many friend on cryptcurrency you chat see posts and reply to friends. 2. All topic are recommended for posting except the off topic. 3. You are instructed to post only 30 post daily to receive payment you can do more than that but make sure you know the you wi be paid of 30 post even if you post 100, 30 post is equivalent to 30,000satoshi. You will receive your payment in yobit after the completion of 100 post. 4. The length of post needed should not be less than 100 characters respectively if you wish you can do more than 100 5. As I said earlier you must do 100 unique post before you start receiving any payments. 6. Multiple accounts, copy and pasting previous post of other users, spamming the forum, low quality post all this listed are prohibited be careful doing this will lead to banning of accounts take notice. 7. This countries are banned from receiving payments and posting. from 25 February yobit does not pay for massages from these countricountries- NIGERIA, EGYPT, PAKISTAN'S, INDONESIA, VENEZUELA, BANGLADESH, PHILIPS this countries are restricted from posting because 95% of them are low quality posters and spammers. This can clearly be seen by any one from yobit before linking your account if you are from this countries make sure you are aware not to post and receive payments. This had been made clear for all of you to make good arrangements on how to be a good user and help cryptotalk to move forward. I have some experts ahead of me so we shall look forward to their replies in what More explanation they gonna add us in other to help us.
  5. To my opinion and level of understanding on what makes cryptotalk to be special is because it pays, and is full knowledge and experience were one can know more about cryptocurrency. But friends what are the features that makes cryptotalk more special than any cryptosite?
  6. To my opinion I don't think is good to buy an account from some one that you don't know he might be a true scammer, when you transact money and buy the account you may end up 2 against 0 no money no account. Is good if we take care of this. But still your advice is still needed friends. Looking forward to your replies.
  7. I was surprised seeing this new amazing feature of giving a like or reputations. Have you seen this with me, what is the advantage of it because even you give the like of maximum 5 reputations and also a maximum of 5 negative reputations it still same as 1 like. What do you think is the use of this reputation included to reputation system? Let's learn together.
  8. Hello friends this was a very cool day that derives my attention over this topic on the keys '' ignorance in cryptocurrency is your enemy fight it'' I agree with this keys to create a topic like this. If we are talking of ignorance it is the same explanation as lack of knowledge. Therefore in this topic I will be discussing about the effect of ignorance/ lack of knowledge to a cryptocurrency users and still refers it to an enemy. Knowledge is everything in life, knowledge is life with out knowledge you are nothing because you know nothing. We need knowledge for having a better life. With knowledge you can find wealth, you can build a house you can be a president you can be a minister in a society or in a community depending on which part of knowledge you contribute in learning. In cryptocurrency we need all knowledge about cryptocurrency that is the big reasons why we are here because if you don't have the knowledge you can't be here, because you don't know what is written instead of understanding and knowing what to write. The forums need members that have knowledge and are still here to share with others that have a little knowledge so that they become something great in future were this forum is creating a good history in the future. Whenever you are ask how have your come to be an expert in cryptocurrency? you will definitely say yes I start with a little knowledge and cryptotalk was the source of it and they make me what I am today. Here we can understand that ignorance is our biggest enemy, we need to fight it ignorance always lead us to failure and even getting banned in the forum. ignorance is our biggest enemy let's fight it together!!!!
  9. Which wallet do you see to be the best comfortable online wallet in cryptcurrency, which scammers find it difficult to hack and scammer couldn't get access to it apart from coinbase?
  10. Hi friends how are all, here I want to discuss about world as an institute in general. In life we are always on learning not only just learning in cryptocurrency but at all aspect of life and activities we do day by day. We are always learning if we are still alive we made mistakes we learn from it. We work we still learn we speak we learn, we eat we learn, We Chat we still learn, we eat we learn from childhood we start learning to adult. We never stop learning because life never stop teaching. Been in this forum we are always learning and becoming perfect with out being alive we can't learn neither teach. Let all keep learning never stop learning friend because life never stop teaching
  11. I keep wondering and observing the crypto market of all prices of currencies in the market, they definitely moves frequently when a change occurs in the price of Bitcoin. So I came in to conclusion that yes Bitcoin was the controller to all cryptcurrency market except for the stable market and rising tokens. Do you believe with my investigations yes or no? I need more explanation from you friends if my research was wrong
  12. I create this topic to help us all just give time to read to the end. Always be good by making yourself good, distance yourself from get banned. Do you know what. You shall get banned if you do this: 1. Breaking a rule( I mean single rule) you shall get banned. 2. You shall get banned if you create a multiple accounts. 3. You shall get banned when you created a low quality post 4. You shall get banned when you create a topic or post which is irrelevant to the section and to the forum. 5. You shall get banned when you keep repeating a post of thesame sentence. 6. You shall get banned when you are caught not contributing to the forum either by posting low quality post and repetitive post. 7 you will get banned when you make a post of 10p characters while you didn't contributing in creating topics of your own ideas or knowledge. 8. You shall get banned when you do plagiarism that is copy and pasting other members ideas. 9. You shall get banned when you copied an answer to a topic you don't answer either from Google it is still anti plagiarism. 10. You shall get banned when you get access to the forum using a banned Ip address or banned country. Note: you will get banned no matter how much post you created in the forum if you break the rules you will get restricted or banned create good topics and Post this is what is need in the forum don't only post without creating a topic either 2 to 3 topics a week is enough. Lets take care, let's protect ourselves from getting banned I creat this topic to help us know some reason why we get banned. I love you all let's help each other.
  13. I mean mostly on the joy, which yobit and crypto talk campaign have given to most of us, Having to earn bitcoin, that's crypto Joy
  14. This was a technical and some how complicated to new members,, I mean the newbies on this forum, they wonder why they couldn't receive notifications when they are either qouted, receiving friend request, and even when someone like their posts. I too when I start I feel confuse what is even the use of qoute since I couldn't receive any incoming notifications, so just that day I decide to search for with from my account settings and this are the steps I took to on my notifications: 1. At the top right hand side were you view your profile you can view some settings after your profile as you can view from my screenshot. 2. Go to account settings and click on it 3. You can see edit notification settings and click on it 4. It opens you a page full of settings read it carefully and select an option you are interested with as you can view from the screenshot below. That are the Basic steps and I found it so helpful to help you in a clear way to on how you can on your notifications.
  15. There are many friends of which I can't isolate but they know theirselves. Well everyone is here for a reason which differs from one another but the real users are here for many reasons which can be explain base on hierarchy for example: 1. category one: there members that are here for money and knowledge (only few members could fall into this group the legit posters with good qaulity posts and meeting new friends) this could be at least 20/100% estimately 2. Category two: members from this category can be categorize to at least 30/100%that are here for knowledge and money. 3. Category three: members from this category are here only for money. This members are not ready to make good post from this category we have the low quality posters and spammers altogether to be at least 50/100%. The try to be among the category one or two because this are the type of members that are the forum are always ready to welcome this topic is created to remind you and motivate you best of luck Friends. Happy posting and more earnings.
  16. As newbies and expert and members of the same community we need to be one , sharing experience help each other and become one community by following each other. Lets go friends
  17. As we can see this forum is improving gradually and are using the latest techology to make sure the forum is work the way it supposed to be as the best forum and best campaign. The forum will very soon keep improving unexpectedly to be the number one campaign firstly created in cryptocurrency that pays users per post. With time there will be more campaigns like this cryptotalk will be coming up developed. This will be developed only when they see the potentiality and greatness of this forum in the future. During that period I am sure many things will happen we shall see changes e.g: 1.airdrops will not exist 2. bounties will be less available and difficult to find legits ones 3. Scammers will be out of funds looking for any means to get money. 4. Technology will advance and there will be more security. 5. Other forums created like cryptotalk will face many challenges and will find it difficult to get themselves secured from scammers. 6. There will be more exchangers in the cryptoworld. 7. There will be high increase of population in the cryptoworld. 8. This forum will be the best forum were many legit signature will be available. 9. Yobit Will be among the best and ahead binance and kucoin in the future 10.This forum will be the best place to search and learn about cryptocurrency even if payments stops. Bitcoin will increase in price and this forum will still pay members as usual that deserves the payment even if campaign has stops respected and successful members will still receive payment as in Bitcointalk. More thanks to this creator and the great contributors to the forum. We shall be among them and I am sure there will be more changes that will take place in the future. What changes have you observed to take place apart from the one I listed? let's share ideas!!!
  18. I was on investigation to be sure if there could be any sites that is good and legit as cryptotalk, from my investigation I end up not finding any forum that pays per post as in here, I want to know if their are some colleagues if mine that made the same research if they are successful to meet any site that correspond and is the same and paying as in cryptotalk?
  19. Is high time now we understand each other know ourselves let's be be one. We shall know our real friends because real friends are always here to help. Let know the best friends we have let's help help each other by posting our problems on cryptocurrency were we get answers from our experts and those above us in the knowledge of cryptocurrency. I hope am bringing up a good topic to like each other and help new members here in this forum. If you agree with me. Tell us your opinion and share your problem let solve it together.
  20. I sat down and think on how far has yobit has been into existence and how much have been progressing, the answer that comes to me is that yobit has been the best because they are the only exchange that I found to be giving payments by post, binance as a popular site couldn't make it, then this tells me that yobit is the best exchange all over the world of cryptocurrency I have ever seen. I don't know of your opinion, can you help and share us your opinions about yobit as the best exchange?
  21. This makes me perplexed and confused later realized that yes we all here are only paid for teaching not for learning. From my question here many of you will agree by saying yes. We get paid for both learning and teaching but only a few will have same opinion as mine. Well I have reason for saying yes we get paid for just teaching not for learning. My reasons here are here if you ask yourself this questions. 1. When I am reading does it read in my profile? Answer: No 2. When I didn't respond to topics and just read it do I get paid? Answer: No Why is the answers all no because I have to respond by writing and sharing the little knowledge I have in cryptocurrency by helping in teaching the writer what he asked. You can spend hours reading different topics from different members but you will receive nothing until you post. When you didn't make a post you don't get paid. When you are not qaulify to teach you only reply useless contents. Therefore teachers in cryptocurrency are needed to make the forum great. Disqualified teachers get banned and deleted from the forum. This are quite some reasons why my answer is yes. But still with that I will look forward to your feedbacks to see your opinions.
  22. What have you did with your daily earning have you made contribution in saving lives with your earnings in cryptotalk?
  23. It's so bad when I come to realized that 90% of many lose and failure comes from lack of patient, and many successful project, of either trading, investment or any activity comes from patient. This forced me to developed my experience and finally conclude that patient is success, without patient we can't achieve what we want. This topic was telling us to always be patient in our day to day activities in other to be successful, I hope I am having same opinion with you friends?
  24. There are many reasons that brings us failure in trading. There are so many of us here and outside the forum that experience failure in trading and they couldn't get to understand why they always fail and couldn't able to make it in trading. I cross through this problem and I found it very much intresting to help some of us that are into this problem and those that are yet to fail into this problem. This problem of which I observed and investigate in are: 1. Taking risk: many of us find it very difficult to be a risk take were at any point a Bussiness individual or firm must take risk or be a risk taker because he might be expecting profits and at the same time loss but his full expectation must be at getting profit. 2. Rush: we sometimes rush into market when we see misfortunes that looks like opportunity we put our money and end up losing them because you can end up depositing your money in a wrong market or wrong address. 3. Greedy: there are many of us that seems to be greedy to meet up their need even when they see profit they will not grab it think that it will rise and later it fails and you end up losing that opportunity due to greediness. 4. Confident: you should have confident in your trading make sure you are sure of what you are trading. 5. Self reliance: believe that you can always make it don't wait for someone to show you the right thing to do believe that you can do it do research know well about what you are doing get the knowledge. 6. Knowledge/ ignorance: this was the worst part don't hear story or news about trading and pack all your money into trading were you don't have the knowledge of trading this will lead to failure. There might be more reason I didn't include you can share some more reason to help others out of problem. Thank you
  25. Mates we need to know how to predict the market, be wise we found it so difficult to make a prediction, but here in this topic we need some experts to help us on how to predicts the market price of market today, what do you think about today how the price will be to night, please let's our experts cooperate and help us out on how to study the price chat and how to analyses it.
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