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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone! 10 000 Satoshi (one winner) will be drawn weekly among all themes created in this section. The promotion will be active for 4 weeks. At the end of the month, we will additionally select three of the most interesting topics: 3rd place: 20 000 Satoshi 2nd place: 25 000 Satoshi 1st place: 30 000 Satoshi What should be done: 1. Create a topic about the Chia project; 2. The topic should be informative and unique (more than 70% according to; 3. The topic should not violate the Forum Rules; 4. Number of characters —at least 700; 5. Duplicates or similar topics will be removed. Report format: - Link to the topic; - Your profile (example
  2. I think we could use a symbol or a logo. It would bring unity and it would also be great for advertising this place. Also competitions are fun. I dabble in graphic design but i am pretty sure that there are lots of designers in this place to give it a shot. Some sort of price for the winner could be a possibility if admins agree on that and voting should be done by admins also, just to prevent fake accounts from voting. What do you guys think?
  3. Trading Competition - 700,000 EUR Worth of OBITS - Register to secure your spot! As part of celebrating our New Year's decision to offer OBITS holders full ownership of the year one supply of VPLedger blockchain SaaS tokens (VPL), from the launch of mainnet, we are offering everyone the chance to possibly double their OBITS allocations in a 30 day long trading competition! Three important points to secure your reward at the end of the competition ***Register NOW: First 500 who send 1 OBITS to account OBITS is sure to be considered ***Minimum OBITS: Each participant must hold on account 1000 OBITS at time of start to receive double up at end, BUY NOW for best price. Yes, you can join the competition at your own convenience of course, and still get the double up as long as you held 1000 at start and minimum 2000 at end. ***Terms and Conditions: Make sure to read and comply with all terms and conditions to secure the maximum outcome Trading terms and conditions Below list will be updated with new points every day until start of competition. 1. Duration 30 days 2. Start at 8 am January 31st, 2020 3. Ends at 8 am March 1st, 2020 4. Total Pool available for winning: 724 864 OBITS 5. Each participant must hold on account 1000 OBITS at time of start. Do you have already? If not check below for link where to pick up some OBITS! 6. If participant has 2000 OBITS or more at end, reward is minimum 1000 OBITS each to the first 500 participants 7. Secure your spot as first 500 participants - send 1 OBITS to BitShares network account: obits as confirmation 8. No participant can send or fill up other account during competition with OBITS, if so both accounts are disqualified! 9. ERC20 OBITS deposit is disabled indefinitely from January 31st. If you need them for trading competition, do so before this deadline. Withdrawal option will continue to be enabled and OBITS leaving BitShares network this way will be burned(removed indefinitely) from circulating supply. 10. From January 31st, 2020, ERC20 OBITS has function primarily as voucher to buy Vimples (VPL) on, and can be purchased on any of the exchanges and 11. Biggest market to trade: 12. Pick up #BTS with #BTC to buy #OBITS on BitShares network: or 13. Or pick up some bts on some of the #exchanges around the world: 14. Daily lottery picks 5 winners to share 1000 OBITS, so a 200 OBITS each. 15. Daily Trading picks 5 Winners earning from 1500 OBITS down to 125 OBITS 1st to 5th place. 16: It is not obligatory to trade every day, but to take part in OBITS Trading Special it is a must. See below 17. Beware the OBITS Trading Special to ensure your spot in this competition of the month! We welcome everyone to come join this 30 days long trading competition with daily lottery and prizes to top traders, as well as a final distribution of more than 724 000 EUR worth of VPL SaaS tokens in the form of OBITS. These same OBITS are then easily migrated into VPLedger anytime from launch of mainnet, where a mere 1000 OBITS equals 1000 VPL which is the amount needed to upgrade to lifetime member and its many subscription benefits. Don't miss out on buying the Lifetime Membership Subscription. Depending on the time you buy OBITS you can save bigtime using OBITS to pay for your subscription. I leave it for you to find out how much that is! It is a First Come - First Served offer Last call is in terms of a fixed date, but not necessary the final! - We offer the Lifetime Membership Subscription to the first 4000 upgrades or until mainnet is launched, whichever comes first. OBITS ERC20 tokens can also be used to buy VPL, but needs done via BUY section on These OBITS vouchers are also burned from total OBITS supply. Some links of interest Check out what is VPLedger all about on: Check out the connection between OBITS and Vimples (VPL): Register on VPLedger testnet to prepare for upgrade: Media writing about VPLedger, OBITS and eDEV On Medium VPLedger handle plenty more and very well written content articles about VPLedger: Follow twitter handle: Follow facebook handle: Follow Instagram handle: Follow linkedin handle: Follow VPLedger on telegram as Lifetime Member: Connect to testnet VPLedger in an easy way, just scan below QR code for link:
  4. Did anyone enter the Nervos (testnet) mining competition? I think this coin has potential. There are 15 M CKB coins to be distributed. More info According to the coinlist, they have collected 66+ Mio USD in public sales.
  5. Hello 🙂 3trading pairs, 3 chances to win one of the 5 prizes – including iPhone 11, Smart Watch 5 and iPhone 8! It’s time for the great CoinCasso Christmas Trading Challenge. Try your skills and win! It's simply: 1. Register on platform: 2. Write in commend on our social media #CryptoChristmasChallenge 3. Write to our support team that you accept rules. More info about challenge you can find from link below:
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