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  1. In my opinion.. the title of any topic is really important too! and the good title make people know what is the subject and what you are talking about before reading the topic itself..
  2. writing topics makes you be able to share your questions,new ideas,news and informative topics.. this is really grow with our knowledge and our skills!
  3. I am spending more than 6 hours on this forum per day! this is really a long time.. but i am learning a lot from the experts here and trying to help new members.. this forum is really a good chance for us
  4. read and learn a lot about this crypto world.. and when you have enough knowledge about it, start sharing your ideas and post useful topics and comments here..
  5. Crypto world is my favorite! i like to ssee some new news about crypto and to know some opinions of the members of this forum also Beginners section is really important and i am trying to help every new member there
  6. You could increase your love reactions by posting useful and informative things! good and motivating comments for those new members here and help them to success..
  7. i completely agree with you! there are a lot of members here just post something and forget it .. especially those who share something need to discuss!
  8. you will get paid for both topics and comments here.. but you should read the rules of every section here more than one time to know how to write a good topic
  9. in my opinion you should contact with an admin because this isn't clear and nobody know the truth.. in my opinion there is no problem from using your account via 2 connections but if you use 2 account on the same network so you will get banned
  10. every new member should read the rules of every section more than one time! this is really important thing before just start questions and repeated topics!
  11. you will receive your btc after 3 or 4 hours from your posting .. and you will be able to send your btc to your balance whenever you want and this would take a long time just a few seconds!
  12. yes you are right there are a lot of dead coins which if you trade with them you will lose ! we should be aware and just trading with the top 20-30 coins in the market
  13. First of all you should read the rules of every section more than one time then if you have enough knowledge about crypto so you will be able to share your ideas and opinions here
  14. You can search for good deals with big volumes .. then you can discover some good coins to make trading with them! this is really a good way
  15. yes you are right this way is really risky and you may lose all your money in a while! i prefer trading with some amount and with many deals! this is more profitable in my opinion
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