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  1. There are many experts here in this forum who we can really learn from all of them by sharing their experiences in this cryptocurrencies world with us! learning from experts' experiences is really one of the best ways to learn as many teachers said! so i hope each member here to share his experiences with us and we should really learn from the beginners and experts..
  2. Scammers are becoming smarter everyday.. they are everywhere especially in this cryptocurrencies world! being wise is really important to be able to avoid these scammers.. i have noticed that there are many types of scammers these days and all the people who got scammed don't have enough knowledge and experiences in this cryptocurrencies world but the experts know usually the scammer easily!
  3. It's all about plagiarism in my opinion.. we should really be aware about sharing topics! it's allowed to share topics from sites with writing the source! but i don't see the members do that and i really don't know what's the reason.. so each news here without a source should be reported to the moderators and they will do the right thing.. the rules are clear here and we have to respect all of them.
  4. As you mentioned in a post lately you will focus to make useful posts here! and i can see that now! we should really being thankful for you to sharing informative topics like this here.. So let's go to the post , you mentioned many important issues in this cryptocurrencies world and it would be a little hard for beginners to understand it from reading it for the first time. The 51 percent attack is really one of the most dangerous things if this cryptocurrencies world and it may destroy many cryptocurrencies! So i would like to mentioned some of these currencies .. Zencash and Monacoin are suffered from 51% attack too.. So i don't think if Ect can survive again but i will still have doubts about it..
  5. The loses was about 882 millions$ because of 14 cyber attacks during 2017-2018 as many official sites said.. but i am wondering now if we are in safe after reading these news from you.. It seems like hackers are becoming better everyday and their eyes on crypto world! As Btc future mentioned , if they lost about 1/4 of the total companies funds and they need to cover the loss to the members also so we should pray and hope that these companies would survive in my opinion!
  6. The volatility of bitcoin's price is its nature.. most of the predictors said that, when bitcoin reach about 12300$ , we will see a huge support.. this is really an important price for bitcoin and rising more than this would be great for bitcoin! and now we can say the same thing.. if bitcoin wouldn't move on more than 12300$ so there is wouldn't be a high rising these days.. best wishes for bitcoin.
  7. In this cryptocurrencies market.. the whales are playing really an essential role in all coins' prices.. they can affect positively or negatively on any coin whenever they want and sometimes nobody can predict their movements! but by the same time monitoring their buying and selling orders is useful for some people if they know that in the right time..
  8. I really believe in the bright future of this cryptocurrencies world! when some governments and banks start accept using cryptocurrencies in their financial transactions so we can say that the crypto world will be bright and it may affect on the old international financial system in a few years!
  9. The most important thing is learning from our mistakes! the failure is normal in our lives but repeating our mistakes is really bad.. being patient during working in this cryptocurrencies world is really important.. keep trying with patience and you will reach your goals! we should really be aware and don't give up.. also about deleting posts, i think that there is always a reason for that! the rules are clear here and if you respect them so we will get success.
  10. This plan is good only for those who have huge amounts of bitcoin.. and they should pay a lot to enter this plan because of their terms! maybe the main purpose of making this plan from yobit is to promote for their investbox and attract people to join their exchange.. and this would really benefit the exchange a lot especially if some rich people joined them!
  11. The beginners section is really useful for all members and not just for beginners! i am as an expert in this cryptocurrencies world, i really like to spend good time in the beginners section and try to help them as much as i can.. but as you mentioned we shouldn't only focus on this section especially there are many useful topics in other sections so i agree with you about this point.
  12. The following system is really good in my opinion but most of the members here don't even use it and follow each others! i think that this is because most of them don't know how to use the filter and read the "posts from members i follow"! this is the essential reason i guess.. there are many members share useful topics and we should really follow them and wait for their topics to learn and discuss!
  13. Before the new rating system , most of the members weren't give good reputations for each others.. but after that , most of the members are taking care about giving positive and negative rates for those who deserve that! and this is really good for all members here.. the new rating system encourage the members to share more useful posts and receive more good rates.
  14. There are many members just want to share topics especially after the new payment system... it encourages people to share topics and give extra tokens for those who share topics here.. but this doesn't mean sharing useless topics! the quality of posts is really more important than the quantity in this forum! and as you mentioned there are many members want to share topics maybe for earning more tokens.. so we should really be aware about this case in my opinion.
  15. Being patient while trading is the most important thing! especially because of the volatility of cryptocurrencies prices which it its nature! there are many people lost all their money in a while because they didn't control their emotions while trading.. i try to focus on the targets of my deals and this makes me being patient enough to reach my goals..
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