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  1. you are talking about one of the best exchanges ever.. so i think that binance is good enough to attract more and more users allover the world to use it and that's the most important thing in my opinion because its developers have many good strategies also it's safe in most peoples' views!
  2. Each new member should really know this way.. learning how to use this forum well is important for the beginners and even the experts! there are many members don't even know how to find unread posts till now so thanks for your alert.. also there are many other ways so i suggest you to share some of your experiences of working here with us..
  3. ”Name” of campaign: SignatureCryptotalk username: MuhammadShLink to Cryptotalk: username: @mhsmhs7BetFury nickname: mhs
  4. Goes down!? this depends on the situation of the all market not only on bitcoin's price in my opinion.. so if i find that bitcoin's price is down and i am sure about that it will rise up after a while so i will buy bitcoin for sure to make good profits! if most of people still believe in bitcoin so many of them will buy bitcoins in low price for sure..
  5. When i was a beginner , i weren't know why my posts were getting deleted and i thought that there is no reason! but after a while i knew my mistakes and i tried to improve my knowledge about how it works here and i am still working on this issue till now to be honest.. i think that each new member should read all the pinned posts and the rules of this forum more than one time before sharing posts here on this forum..
  6. It's really great for each member here to be a part of this great forum especially when we will see it as a source of all cryptocurrencies data in the near future! i really believe in the bright future of this forum and i can say that in a few years , each one needs to know anything related to this crypto world he/she will join this forum and search about the answers they need there..
  7. That's depend on the subject of the topics and on what is the topic is talking about! if there are different views about something so putting a poll would really be a good idea to know what people prefer! but if there is no need for that so i wouldn't like to see polls everywhere without purposes..
  8. Each of them has its project and both of them are good in my opinion! but i think that i prefer Eth because its project is really special and the number of people who believe in it is increasing day by day and that's really attract more and more people around the world to invest in it!
  9. Writing topics isn't easy as it sounds and it requires good knowledge about how to write topics with right basics! all the points you mentioned in your topic are important for sure.. using simple words to make members understand the purpose of the topic easily is really important too.. also the title of the topics is very important so we should choose it carefully and be aware about this issue!
  10. Why not to survive !? there are many of cryptocurrencies' projects strong enough and popular to survive even for many years and not just after 2020 in my opinion! but about tokens, most of them wouldn't survive i guess! because their projects are weak and most of them are useless or scam..
  11. Good experience.. any way , working on sites which pay you with cryptocurrencies is the best choice these days in my opinion! doing some ads and solving captchas is a waste of time! but here , you can earn and learn in the same time and this opportunity isn't exist in another place yet! i suggest each member here to share his/her experiences with us even if you are just beginners..
  12. The investbox of yobit is really one of the best special features which we don't see like it in another exchanges! investing in a trusted exchange like yobit would really be a good idea for those who are looking for sites to invest their money in.. but a great exchange like yobit would really be a good choice! we should really be aware about investing issue , in order not to lose our money in a while because of investing our money in fake and untrusted sites..
  13. It's really normal to make mistakes but the most important thing here is learning and try not to repeat them again! each day we are improving our skills in this life and we really should have good experiences in each field if we want to success.. especially when we talk about cryptocurrencies fields! they are really require a long time and huge efforts to become an experienced person in them.
  14. The rules are clear here , but it's a bit hard for beginners in this forum to understand everything here in a short time! so that most of us do some wrongs sometimes.. we should really read all the pinned posts more than one time and the rules of this forum to understand how it works here also in order not to receive warning points from the moderators!
  15. We should trust in what we believe! and i really believe in cryptocurrencies projects and i think that they will have a bright future! especially when we that the numbers of people who believe in the current financial international system is decreasing day by day especially after each pandemic!
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