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  1. I t doesn't matter if you see yourself earning some dollars daily or even weekly.. you should make your own plan and revise your targets every period.. i think that cryptocurrencies trading plan should take at least a month to make you able to calculate your profits.. for me , i prefer making a whole year plan because i am interested in mid and long term trading..
  2. It was a good one but its rank now is 148 on coinmarketcap ! and that's really bad for all steem fans in my opinion.. i think that its project is good but it isn't good enough to encourage people to join its project so the developers of this cryptocurrency need to do some special and attracted things in the near future in order not to lose its value by time more than now!
  3. All the eyes are on uniswap and its projects and that's why the scammers are trying to steal people's money from this way.. especially from making some fake airdrops and trying to convince people joining them to earn good profits.. The most important thing we should keep in mind is that making sure that we are using the official sites and channels of the exchanges because the scammers are focusing on this crypto world and waiting for good opportunities to steal people's money easily because of their ignorance about this field and how it works.
  4. There is no limit in my opinion! it depends on your capital and your skills in trading at the same time! we can't even predict how much you may earn during a period.. especially because of the volatility is the nature of forex market! Also it depends on if you want to use future or margin options or not.. forex trading is really a great field if you are really interested in it and have enough knowledge about how to trade well without high risk and know how to begin or end your deals in their right times.
  5. I don't think that it's a wrong from the moderators! but the members should be aware more than that.. the reputation system is really good for all of us and it shows us the members who share useful contents so we shouldn't use it only to get paid! I believe in the future of cryptotalk forum and i think that the moderators have many good strategies and they will surprise us in the near future so we should be patient and try to improve this forum and make it better and even more popular by time..
  6. Everything is possible.. but it wouldn't give you good earnings because mining these days isn't easy as it was before! cryptocurrencies mining these days requires huge amounts of power so it's also require specific devices with very high specifications.. if you can't afford these devices so you should avoid btc and eth mining and you should choose some of new cryptocurrencies which require lower amounts of power..
  7. There are more and more big companies accept using bitcoin in their financial transactions and there are more and more of them follow this step by time.. bitcoin has proved for all of us that it deserves its great place as the king of this cryptocurrencies market and all the eyes of the companies now on bitcoin and the movements of its price.. it's really important for each one interested in bitcoin and believe in its future to know that what are the companies and the sites which accept bitcoin as a payment method..
  8. All of these cryptocurrencies you mentioned in your topic have proved for us that they deserve their great places in the cryptocurrencies market! during the past period , all of us saw that the rising of the prices of most of these cryptocurrencies.. but unfortunately , xrp has surprised all of us and by the same time we learned a lesson from this issue about long term trading .. so we should keep in mind that we should really be aware and think enough before joining any cryptocurrency project and avoid these cryptocurrencies with suspicious plans..
  9. Reaching the highest price for bitcoin is really great and it isn't a normal thing to be happened every time.. this is a historical price and it will be always a main target! all the indicators are positive these days and some experts predict that btc will reach very high prices in the near future! but for me , i think that there will be a dropping in the price between about 20-30% "a correction" then we may see a high rising in btc price..
  10. This step will make more and more people attracted to join this crypto world and it will help more companies to adopt cryptocurrencies projects and this will affect positively on the whole crypto world and it will make it more popular for sure! 2021 would be really great for many cryptocurrencies especially because of the great situation of bitcoin during this period and all the positive news!
  11. The quantum computers are some of the greatest technologies during the 21th century and all the eyes monitoring who would be the owners of these developed devices.. these quantum computers can't just affect on this crypto world but it can also affect on many important issues in this developed world! China is aware enough about this crypto world and the Chinese people know well how this crypto world works and they are interested in it and its news so in my opinion , it's a good step by China to put its hands on these developed quantum computer to surprise us with its developed inventions in the near future!
  12. That's why all the eyes on these great cryptocurrencies and their special technologies! and that's why the banks are planning to use xrp in their financial transactions! for sure for its fast and low fees.. you mentioned some of the most successful cryptocurrencies projects.. By the way , it's important for each beginner in this crypto world to know these great cryptocurrencies especially before withdrawing or depositing his cryptocurrencies from an exchange or a wallet to another.. in order not to spend high fees and take a long time to receive his money!
  13. There are still many governments , banks and even companies against these cryptocurrencies projects because they are against their interests.. but in the other hand , there are many companies planning to use cryptocurrencies in their financial transactions especially these with high speed transaction.. also because of the number of people who believe in this crypto world which is increasing by time so there would be more and more companies which accept this crypto world and try to join it.. the most important thing is attracting more people to join this crypto world then the banks and even the governments will accept it too in the near future!
  14. These are beginners investors in my opinion and i don't think that they're experienced ones.. because they won't have fears because most of them predict the movements of bitcoin during this period! the situation of btc these days is really great for all the investors and most of them are satisfied especially those who bought btc in low prices.. all the indicates are positive as many peoples' opinions..
  15. There is no bank would accept using bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency without putting some conditions.. even if the cryptocurrencies projects have their special technologies and fast transactions with low fees but there are many thing about them we should keep in mind especially the "decentralized" issue! but of course the banks since a period planning how they would benefit from using cryptocurrencies and they are not blind to ignore these great technology which attracts more and more people by time.. let's wait and see what would happen with xrp cryptocurrency project then we can predict what would like the cryptocurrencies plans be in the near future!
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