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  1. The Eth issue is really complicated and it's not just depend on the price of the cryptocurrency.. there are many important things too for sure! the price of eth has doubled many times during the past period but the more importance thing is that making this cryptocurrency more popular and able to attract the investors to keep their money in it.. we really need many updates in the technology of eth because there are many competitors these days like avax and dot..
  2. Knowing what is the project of the cryptocurrency you want to invest in is really important but unfortunately , most of people ignore it.. this crypto world is deep and the scammers are waiting for good opportunities to steal people's money easily by making scam cryptocurrencies and encourage people to buy them.. so we should really be aware before believing in any cryptocurrency's future and i advice the beginners to invest only in the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the market in order not to lose their money in a while.
  3. I advice you to stay away from the sites because most of them are fake or scam.. so focus only on the official sites and exchanges.. yobit has many good investing plans but the most important thing is choosing a good cryptocurrency which you believe in its future! investing in cryptocurrencies isn't profitable as you think if you aren't sure about the future of these cryptocurrencies how would be like! also i advice you to invest only with good cryptocurrencies "the top 10 of the market" in order not to lose your money by time..
  4. Also i would like to mention an important point , the main purpose from making this forum is making it an important source for all cryptocurrencies data in the near future! and being a part of this great project requires the best from us for sure.. this forum is giving a great opportunity for all people who interested in this crypto world to communicate with each others and there is no other place like this in my opinion!
  5. This forum is a great project and the main purpose from it is making a place for all cryptocurrencies data in the future and the talk token is a part of this the moderators won't leave the talk token's project die easily in my opinion.. I believe in the moderators' strategies and i think that there will be future plans and they will prove for all of us that investing talk token is worthful for sure.. So we can't even talk about disabling the talk token payment system because if they want that so they should did it since many let's wait and see what would the future plans would be like..
  6. 2021 isn't like the other years especially for this crypto world in my opinion.. cryptocurrencies will prove that their worthfully for all people allover the world during this year as many experts said.. so for me , i have my own strategy to earn from it during this year and i am keeping in my mind some cryptocurrencies which i believe in their projects and systems' updates during this year and i think that there will be good profits in a few months.. The past two months were really profitable and there were many good earning opportunities in my opinion! there were many pumps in the market and each one who focused on some of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the market earned good profits.. but to be honest , even if there were many pumps but also it was really hard to predict when the dump will happen and here many people lost their money!
  7. During these days which the telegram app is really essential in each one's phone so it's really good to monitor the prices of our cryptocurrencies using the telegram app all the times! there are many bots like this on telegram but i think that it's really the best especially because of its way to show us the prices fast and in a good style so that it would encourage us to use this bot even in groups and share the prices with our friends! i hope that they develop this bot more than this and add some more pairs also the bitcoin dominance and the market cap..
  8. The moderators of this forum are smart enough not to leave their own token's project die.. for sure there will be some updates in the future and that's what the moderators said since the first beginning of talk token's project.. maybe it needs much time but the advertising system will be launched in the near future in my opinion.. and then, there will be many sites want to share their ads in this great forum so the talk token's price will go up and that's the main plan which i believe in it..
  9. Because of the high rising in bitcoin's price , we will see many pumps for many cryptocurrencies prices for sure! especially during the next few months in my opinion.. this period is really important for bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies to prove their worthful to all people allover the world.. I advice each new one to buy some of cryptocurrencies from the top ten in the market in each dump because the profits would be really good in the near future as many experts said! You mentioned some of the most important cryptocurrencies for this period and i want to add "dot" cryptocurrency" because i am sure of its future and i think that there will be a high rising in its price soon..
  10. We should keep in mind that there is no free money in this life.. even crypto or fiat money! if you don't have anything to give so you won't take anything worthful in my opinion.. this crypto world is deep and there are many ways to earn from it but it isn't easy as it sounds and you wouldn't earn anything easily! most of the sites these days giving scam cryptocurrencies or even worthless airdrops so we should be aware and avoid them in order not to spend our times like that.. I advice each new one to learn more about this crypto world and how it works to be able to earn from working in its fields!
  11. The moderators are doing their best here but helping them by reporting the spammers is our job for sure! this forum will be a source for all cryptocurrencies data in the near future so being a part of it isn't easy as it sounds and each one should be really responsible to deserve that! the most important thing here is focusing on the quality because this forum isn't just an earning place for making random posts!
  12. Making this useful topic in the beginners section is really good for all the beginners who think that the talk token is worthless.. this forum is great and its moderators know well how to improve it and they won't leave the talk token project without updates! the moderators said that there will be an advertising system and the talk token will be supported by this way.. so let's wait and believe in them to earn more in the future!
  13. Each one think that the main purpose from joining this forum is earning from sharing worthless posts is really wrong and wouldn't success! the main purpose from making this forum is making it a source for all cryptocurrencies data in the near future and if you want to be a part of this great project you should be really responsible by giving your best here and sharing useful and informative posts !
  14. The cryptotalk forum has its own great project and the owners always have good strategies to improve it and make it more popular by time! In addition to the main purpose from making this forum which is making a place for all people who interested in this crypto world and giving them a great opportunity to communicate with each others and discussing about all this crypto world issues and news.. So we can't even compare between both of them! By the way , during the past few years , there were some useful faucets but after the high rising in cryptocurrencies' prices, most of their faucets now are worthless..
  15. I t doesn't matter if you see yourself earning some dollars daily or even weekly.. you should make your own plan and revise your targets every period.. i think that cryptocurrencies trading plan should take at least a month to make you able to calculate your profits.. for me , i prefer making a whole year plan because i am interested in mid and long term trading..
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