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  1. There are a lot of people here are not from a country which you wouldn't pay for them..But yobit has removed our cryptotalk UID !! I am not from these disabled countries from paying"and you can see where am i from with my ip.. i wouldn't share it here"..But my cryptotalk UID has removed since 2 days!! I have contacted with some admins before and they tell me to contact with yobit moderators.. So I have contacted with them but nobody has answered me from the support system!! Please fix this big problem.. our countries are not banned but our cryptotalk UIDs have removed without any reason! We really need a solution for this issue.. thanks a lot
  2. yes training and practicing are really important thing before start trading! trading need a lot of knowledge about when you have to begin or end a deal with some profits
  3. this is really an important thing to be known for every trader! there are a lot of beginners traders don't know the differences between both of them
  4. In my opinion, trading isn't easy as it sounds! trading require a good knowledge about how to begin a deal and when to end it with profits! having a good knowledge about how to trade well take a long time
  5. making profits from mining depends on the price of electricity in your country or where you live.. mining today requires strong and extremely expensive devices..
  6. Useful sites thanks for sharing them with us.. but i think that cpu and gpu of our computers aren't enough to make good profits from mining.. mining today require strong specific devices
  7. Many experts expect that bitcoin price would be more than 12,000$ ! especially after the halving event.. this year is really important for bitcoin in my opinion..
  8. You are right! thanks for sharing your experience with us! as you said.. cloudmining sites require fees ! there is nothing free these days.. mining hardware devices are really expensive!
  9. In my opinion , bitcoin's future is bright! when we see 32 halving events in bitcoin's life , so this coin would has a bright future in my opinion, especially because of the raising in the price after the previous halving event
  10. You are really right! there are a lot of scam coins these days.. we should study the movements and volume of any coin before starting any deal with it or invest in it!
  11. In my opinion.. using a verified account is really important for every trader! this avoid you from a lot of problems! everyone could see the deals in the market without any cheating..
  12. I agree with you! In my opinion.. each coin has its importance and its place! there wouldn't be any coin compete with bitcoin in the near future!but nobody knows what would happen in the future..maybe there would be some coins which they would surprise us oneday.
  13. Good idea.. I think that adding new languages is really important to reach more people allover the world and exchange our knowledge with each other!
  14. This is simple.. just go to your account settings and there you would see your signature and you can change it! but be careful and respect the rules of your signature my friend
  15. I don't have enough time to complete my 30 posts everyday.. i prefer to post some useful comments and topics here and this take from me a long time without reaching 30 posts! but in my opinion posting 20 useful posts per day is better than posting 30 useless posts..
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