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  1. I believe it could happen. YO token has been strong even when Bitcoin has been struggling for a while. My goal is to save and own as many YO as I can by this year ends. That way I can feel more like I own a piece of Yobit Exchange, the only platform that I enjoy in my daily crypto life 🙂
  2. Mine are YO, Micro, Pony, Panda, Nax, Trix, and QQQ. All IB’s active except Trix and QQQ. For dev coins, atm: Ponzi and Vera. Ponzi IB is empty and Vera is with newly listed IB at 5% daily.
  3. Well, I was in the same boat. But today that coin seems to be given a new life after it dropped so low.. Vera was listed as new InvestBox with 5% daily interest, with a low minimum of 100k and unlimited on max amount. Well, I guess more like it means unspecified max amount for the IB each Yobit user wishes to open. Currently traded at only 4 sat BTC. I dug up a little bit.. Vera is an erc20 token, listed on both Yobit and Crex-24. Among the things I like about Vera besides its low price is that it was made available for trades on YO market. That means, for YO enthusiast like myself, I could always sell my Vera from IB interests for YO tokens every 24 hours if I choose to. I have other IB’s like Trix, QQQ, but I don’t have the option to sell them for YO. I wish ALL coins listed on YO would be paired to YO so I don’t need to make a several extra trades only to get to the token I like best (YO). Best of luck and have fun with Yobit IB’s (InvestBoxes or Investment Plans)
  4. Sometimes, only you can pick the right coin or coins for... YOU. Seems to me though, the easiest, the cheapest may not be the good choices, much less the best. On the other hand, sometimes, the cheapest, the easiest IB that requires no action, the coin can perform really well. Micro was 100 sat at ico; still relatively cheap, and yet it has been the best, the most stable coin on Yobit for 2019! But you should also notice 1% may have a lot to do with it. egold, Mio, macro, Liza, Yozi, and a bunch of other old high inflated coins were basically dead and although many users still hodl them, these coins will unlikely make you much or any money at all since the most you can do is to sell them in Doge market. My picks (in order of prices atm) and hopefully they will be stable in the near future are: Trix (6sat), Nax (9sat), Pony (11sat) , Panda (19sat), Ponzi (112sat), and Micro (165sat). QQQ (800Doge) is for fun only which IB is running out of coin off and on atm (at the moment) and I have at least 20B of it 🙂
  5. At last someone is speaking English! 🙂
  6. Try Trix IB. This InvestBox is for average users, a Joe 6-pack if you will 🙂 Buy 500 to 2,000 Trix. Put them in the box. Dice 10 times. Tomorrow, come back and get 60 more new Trix Simple!
  7. Hello again, How to pick a good coin for your IB. Well, I would first try to stay away from the devs crapcoins. My good track record for picking a good coin is not debatable... All the coins I reccomeded on CryptoTalk have been Yobit coins and they are all winners—those that are on my short list. Today, I’m back to write another post, not to brag about anything but to recommend to you another coin. And that coin is TRIX. Trix is rather special. The max amount for an IB is only 2,000 coins. Which is around $2 each atm. But to earn the 3% daily interest, you would have to dice ten times every day. The minimum amount per dice roll is 1,000 btc sat which is roughly about 10 cents. Times 10, it will be $1. So, to earn 6 cents per day on one IB, it may cost you up to $1 for dice game. But if you invest $40 or more for 20 IB’s or more, you will earn at least $1.2 per day. Hence, $1.2 - $1 = 20 cents: you are in profit—providing Trix doesn’t crash. But it is hard for a coin to crash when there are always many users who want to earn 3% interest daily. Just as they do in qqq with 5% daily (Rember only buy qqq in Doge market and NOT in Yo market!). There will always be new buyers who are starting their plans. So, if someone wants to sell, someone else will be more than ready to buy. This is one of those coins I recommend for small traders or mostly for fun! With qqq, no dice so less fun. With Trix, with dice, it will be double the fun 🙂 Have fun and best of luck! p.s. Trix and Micro in BTC. But QQQ in Dogecoin only.
  8. Unlike you, I'm not a day trader. I am a long term investor. But even day traders can profit from InvestBox. It takes some time to watch a coin to know which box you should pick and which you should stay away from.. Also, I used to think day traders and pump and dump users can hurt the IB holders. But they actually help the coins to stay somewhat stable. And in IB, all you really need is for the coin to be stable (at the price when you entered or if it is lower, your average daily percentage still higher than the price decreases). For example, if I bought 2B of qqq at 1,500 Doge sat. It went up and down for a while but because of users who ride waves keep it above 1,500 level still, then although it was down from the point where I should dump all my coins and double my investment at one point, by keeping it for more than 2 weeks, I will still achieve that same goal, plus a long period of extra time to earn more even at less rate. In other word, try a few IBs for fun yourself and watch your coins closely before you invest the max amount that you can afford to lose. If you can lose 100k Doge and feel okay, don't do 10k at a time. Enter all at one time once you are done watching and playing with it. Right now, qqq is at good price to enter since there will always be people who are interested in 5% daily without any actions required. Again, try to get in at as lowest price as possible and think of a long term profits. Good luck!
  9. I’m on this coin for a while. Thanks for your advice!
  10. SSFMH8 Even I am late for the free 100 AIR, I want to praise the team for coming up with such a smart plan to increase your user base. Welcome those of you who are new members. Yobit is an excellent exchange where its admin always has your best interest. Their plans, including new ieo’s and InvestBoxes will prove to you small and large investors always have the chance to participate according to their individual needs and levels of interests.
  11. Thank you for reading and replying to this post. Users can choose to remain private on this Talk forum so they don’t need to introduce themselves. But... It would be nice to learn from a human being from far away, who has a regular life as we all have, and who wants to talk about the city, town or country they are writing from. You are very kind with your words and that is enough of an inspiration for anyone who wishes to participate. Crypto or more precisely, Bitcoin, should bring the world closer together as we all try to be free from the only fiat system that we each has to depend upon. If we have blockchain money to operate, then the fiat and banking system will try to compete and offer more attractive instruments for consumers to benefit from using them. If I were bankers, I would try to think more about the little guys, the small account holders so I would not lose them completely to the crypto world. In the meantime, we can all share our experience as we embark into new financial freedom together.
  12. Well, it will not be the same thing. The new rule will help cutting down spams. If someone has 5 accounts, he will have to write 250 posts or replies before he can get paid. I hope he will give up the other 4 and concentrate on just one 🙂
  13. Thank you all for your interest. In this context, Bitcoin and crypto currencies have only barely begun. With super powers of the world are now getting involved.
  14. About a month ago, I responded to a post from a user who asked how to make money fairly quickly. Not only I suggested to everyone a proven method, I proved to myself AGAIN that it’s still working! Not only that, I intentionally did it the hard way so that the method can be emulated by just about anyone. Micro coin is a Yobit coin. The InvestBox pays 1% daily. Right now, you can buy this coin for about 150 to 160 BTC sat. So, transfer 0.165 BTC and get you 100k Micro and put them in the “Box”. And starting 24 hours later, you can sell 1,000 coins that you earn for about $15. That’s how quickly and easy it is to make money on Yobit Exchange with their investment plans. I did it the hard way (or should I say the long and incrementally way), I bought Micro gradually, $50, $100, $200, etc. at a time, whenever I had extra money to invest. The minimum for starting a new InvestBox is only 1,000 Micro, so I kept building it up. Today, I have around 194,000 Micro. And I’ve been selling 1,000 coins a day (keeping the rest of the daily extra coins for interest compounding). The last time I posted, someone wanted me to post screenshots... I can do that anytime... But I won’t. It has been a month since I posted that original suggestion, if any of you took that advice and have been making money from Micro, you can share your screenshots if you want. It’s a proven method, because we have done it. But will it be a guaranty that it will keep working until the end of time? No one will know for sure. I only know if you’re tired of waiting around for any coin to go up in price so you can make money selling it, now you don’t have to with Micro coin. All we want is for the price to be stable and Yobit will give us 1% daily interest. That’s good enough for me. Have fun and best of luck, B10
  15. I love Yobit. My daily world is revolving around Yobit! But I love Yobit because I love blockchain technology. I believe in Bitcoin. So, I like to read good articles, news and positive, compassionate thoughts and feelings and beliefs from many enthusiasts like me in the crypto world. And then I don’t mind to share that belief and enthusiasm I have to a few like me happen to venture to this new talk forum. Once in a while. And only on this forum. Because I want to contribute to crypto currency. And especially to Yobit. So, consider yourself lucky that I am a proud Yobit user.
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