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  1. Yes, fairly new. But I always try to find ways to not get hooked by the IB’s with all the required daily actions. Good things there are a few that don’t require it. Yobit can be fun.. Chat box is awesome to chitchat with buddies.. Don’t tell me you haven’t looked into or started any Investment Plans with Yobit yet. InvestBoxes require patience and time. If you have a busy life, it can be good. Just buy some micro, qqq, or panda (with minimum 0.1 Yo holdings) and start a box or two, and forget about it until you have time to check back... The minimum requirements are really low’s so..
  2. I am afraid to even respond to you... my other friend will say I try to hit on you because of your profile picture.. But yup, only until the end of the month. I bet you we will see less posts because it won’t pay to post anymore when the campaign ends.
  3. Well, scam coins did it! Any rule or regulations from authority in this case was good. Do you know why there is always a supervisor at work? Because people will behave like lawless children if there isn’t.
  4. I post new topic all the time and they fall on the way side! So, responding to others is fun. It would be dumb to think well, I already reached my 30 for today, let’s just ignore everyone 🙂
  5. No, I’m not hitting on anyone. It was just.. She seems respectful but I couldn’t understand her text. I could just say nothing.. And I only said IF, which means, Wow! What a choice of a profile pix!
  6. Hahaha.. no, i was just looking at the picture and really didn’t listen to what she was saying.. I was a little distracted, that’s all 🙂
  7. Yobit finally has its own coin. It was like just yesterday when they finally forked BTC holdings to create it. In the era of hacking, number one priority for any exchange should be security. Then volume.
  8. If that is your actual photo on your profile, you would never need to invest in anything. Your mom and that already made that investment for you years ago 🙂
  9. Earning while learning. Can’t never beat that. Me, because I have the needs to convince myself often that I was a genius, whenever I lose money on a shitcoins, I manage to tell myself, oh, well.. that was just a paid lesson 🙂
  10. Awesome vs kinda, sorta good in a way? I think you came away with more with just one word 🙂
  11. Hahaha.. Don’t we all? Yobit got our number! 🙂
  12. Thank you. You’re right, it's our own choosing on how we want to use them. I even thought of them as gifts from CryptoTalk. The forum gives them to me to give away. And more of it the next day! It’s a daily thing.. sorta.. use it or lose it...
  13. So, Love is rechargeable, right? Just like solar energy, the sun should never disappear or we will run out of energy 🙂
  14. No, not true. I gave out more than I received and mine still says excellent. Don’t scare people like that 🙂 They are already stingy enough.
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