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  1. I've been here a lot and this is the first time i've noticed this feature so thanks a lot. This is actually useful reply and i am glad to give a like and follow.
  2. Old coins have pretty much proven themselves. New coins will have to do the same and that will take time. They also have to reclaim some of the user base and that's going to be hard. Also i don't have a clue what ogn is and why could a token even compete with older established coins
  3. I am still investing something like $400-500 per month. It doesn't hurt to have some more every month and average my buy in.
  4. I am guessing you weren't around when bitcoin crashed to 300? Somehow people who wanted it to crash didn't buy it then. Like they won't buy it now because they want it cheaper. There will be a time when people will say that they would buy bitcoin with everything they have if it only were under 10k again. Those are the same people that are not buying it now.
  5. Don't know, on the last run ethereum had more percentual growth then btc, but it also dumped way harder. But without ico use cases i don't think people will hoard this as much. Staking isn't giving as much profits as icos back then.
  6. I find it strange as they already had an ico long time ago. Are they just going to dilute it more? I would just hope that this centralized garbage coin would fade out.
  7. I am pretty sure that if you answer to a topic that is not following rules and it gets deleted, all the replies in it will get deleted also, so it might not be the reply you have written but the topic you have replied to.
  8. rekter

    ATM for bitcoins

    I have only used bitcoin atms that give physical cash and you can deposit cash to buy btc also. I haven't used them with any debit cards and haven't even saw any of machines that accept them. They have a huge fees so i don't like to use them anymore, especially when they need kyc in here now.
  9. I disagree, all the forums are fighting against copy pasting, it's basically just content theft and every forum that allows it are getting trouble with the law.
  10. No it doesn't, cryptotalk had a high paying signature bounty in there that was advertising this place. It was managed by yobit. I am not sure what you are talking about moderators and protection? Maybe you didn't understand that this is a good thing for us.
  11. Not even close to 20 bucks anymore, it was something like that and more at the beginning tho. Lately it was 0.001 btc per day for 5 posts if you were a legendary account in there. Let's see how they will price things in here.
  12. Did anyone notice that usually high paying signature campaigns from Bitcointalk are moving in here Not sure how they will work in here yet, maybe paid by user ranks ranks. Let's hope for the best and keep this as a quality forum.
  13. Beside the respect from other users, it might also come beneficial on the future signature campaigns. Like in other forums.
  14. Litecoin does contain the same risks as other bigger coins. But it most likely don't go away because it has been acting as a test platform for new upcoming bitcoin implementations.
  15. Weird question as you can take a look at the charts yourself. But yeah, it's normal, this is correction for the rise and those will happen again and again.
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