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  1. I really don't see the point in that.
  2. You mean it's a second layer solution? I thought that they would just use eth as a basis for their own coin. Not a token. That bad image is about to go away soon imho.
  3. Hopefully you shorted as well because that's crypto for you 😄
  4. This is the only article i found on the subject : https://www.coindesk.com/samsung-developing-ethereum-based-blockchain-may-issue-own-token Topic is kinda weird claiming that they will issue token but on the same time a coin.
  5. Look at the frequency of those those answers, monday, friday, and today. Lags don't explain that. He just forgot that he quoted me already.
  6. Without a notification i wouldn't pick these kind of things up: Not sure how to fight such repeating responses. Now i know that some people take this as a job and maybe are not finding enough posts for them to reply. And this doesn't show up to outsiders as a shitposting because they are not getting the notifications or tracking the user efforts, but i am getting shivers to think that these people don't sleep enough to keep track with their post history.
  7. My comment was about Utrust, i have nothing against Digibyte.
  8. Ok, i am not even sure what you are talking about. I was talking about low marketcap coins. What an earth you mean by low coins or low amount of coins.
  9. I was waiting for something like this, and it definitely raises quality, now only if there way to incentivize quality posts even more against normal chit chat.
  10. I might have to study the rules and how much there are to gain. I am busy with other bounties as well so i don't think i have time for those.
  11. One "full" token price doesn't mean anything. Only thing that measures the value is the marketcap and that is circulating amount of tokes * value. I would go even to full amount of tokens * value.
  12. I have like 20 old reddit accounts i rarely use, i didn't know they had any value. If you get something from this one, please tell me how much :).
  13. Especially because i get notifications on replies. Everything looks fine. I am a little worried that the "trust system" will be spammed with bots later on.
  14. I have invited already, but oh, if only i got paid for referrals and their posts 😮 I would invite my heart out
  15. I was pretty sure it would die after i saw the dev selling his coins. But after using it for transfering funds cheaply, i am pretty sure that it still has a future. At least an usecase.
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