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  1. Same thing happened in my country, and most likely all countries adopt this way. And if you think this is bad, wait until the FATF Travel Rule kicks in. That will be devastating if they don't find a proper way to implement it.
  2. Per post. The reactions just need to add up anything over +1. No matter how many reactions you get, if the outcome is positive, you'll get 1000 sat per post.
  3. True, but to be honest, he wasn't being very careful, following news of the industry you have invested in is pretty standard way to to keep yourself safe. Just like you should always follow the news of any altcoin you have invested in, in case of swaps, unlistings (if you are holding in an exchange) or mandatory software updates.
  4. I was thinkin more like exit scams in case of experienced crypto investors but yeah, normal precautions apply in cases when you are dealing with sensetive data, but with cryptos people need to be even more cautious.
  5. I don't get what's the issue here? What's wrong with the 24h time limit and why the code should be changed? You don't have to rate all 50 per 24h, it's just a limit.
  6. Just adding to this that even experienced crypto investors can be lured into scams even though they can spot the obvious ones, and right now it seems that people are making tons of money with lots various kind of scams and they aren't paying attention to fundamentals anymore, some of these crash overnight some will just go up probably to the end of altcoin bullmarket. This is a market where even degenerate gambling with random food tokens is rewarded, so any rules i live by don't apply right now.
  7. I personally dislike the centralized nature of xrp, and i think it's still over priced, but it's debatable if it will be a good investment or not. In terms of current profits it hasn't been a good investment but one could argue that we need at least one fast regulatory friendly mean to transfer value cheaply between echanges and people will buy it just for that when everything else costs too much to send.
  8. 20 posts isn't really a target, 20 post is a maximum they pay. I never understood what is the need to raise old topics by replying op that no one is not really interested in anymore anyway. I mean, who reads all the anwers from every topic? Especially when it has over 400 answers already? But this doesn't seem to have bothered people, they keep answering to banned people or people that have posted few times in 2019.
  9. Honestly i wouldn't worry about at this, at some point this whole uniswap defi could be coming crashing down like icos or bitconnect back in day while eth tx fee being so high that no one using it gets to dump. People everywhere seem to be getting delusional while looking for the point to exit. Yeah, i am quite bitter so maybe i am biased but i am seeing euphoria everywhere like in the wallstreet cheat sheet. Who knows how much this thing still rises, could be anything but i am not counting on it.
  10. I would like to add that learning proper English grammar goes a long way here in English section as well. It doesn't need to be perfect but when it's weak it just makes the dialog difficult. And when people are using a translator it makes some posts incoherent.
  11. Best thing is, if Dice kept value without an use case, talk token has a good change for that as well, it has same inflation rate, just a way lower circulating supply.
  12. Just scroll your mouse over it, it has an explanation -> I am not sure how popular post is defined though, is it by votes or replies or maybe combination of both of them. (I forgot that you can't scroll mouse when you are browsing with your phone. But anyway, that what it is.)
  13. Maybe it was error in my translation, what i meant was that they could change their mind and decide to keep paying with BTC later after TALK token is released and being traded. I think we can agree that it would be a good thing.
  14. Cool, I see that this is index is for all major cryptos grouped together. I guess it is one way to predict overall bull market, but it would be real handy if i could see fear / greed for individual altcoins. By the way if you are looking for more experimental social indicators for cryptos, take a look at the if that isn't already on your radar.
  15. I reported this user via button as a copypaste bot but for some reason they removed only one message and it's not banned. Seriously, does this look like a real user? I give 2 more examples, they should be enough: Copy: Original: Copy: Original:
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