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  1. Oh, i am not worried, i was just wondering in OP what people would be willing to pay for these tokens. I actually might even invest to these is the price is right.
  2. When you are talking about some specific project, at least link their web page, white paper, marketcap, tokenomics etc, rather then making readers to do all the googling and wondering if they found the right project from 5k of others.
  3. I think that comparing those to rewards is trivial. Bitcoin had value that came outside from yobit, and it actually costs the forum had to pay in those. Talk tokens only have value if there is enough buy pressure in Yobit. In short: i can't see any connection in these reward values. And in no relative way it has to be equal.
  4. This is not what i have asked in the OP. I was asking how much would you willing to pay. Or is this your answer? You would set up a buy wall to 100-500 sats? Somehow people keep answering what's the price might to be, that's not what i was asking.
  5. Google it. It was obviously an ico scam. No web site, no development. No twitter or telegram activity. Nothing. Bitcointalk ann is marked as a scam too.
  6. Focusin on quality, not quanity, is the best way if you want to contribute. Forget about incentives and think about how could you benefit the forum itself.
  7. Could you next time include the source for news as well? Because surely you have read this from somewhere? Otherwise it might as well be a rumor. Example:
  8. Isn't it obvious? People don't know if TALK token will have any value or not. Bitcoin on the other hand is one of the most wanted assets that you could basically get for free back then. They were in here because of the money. And i can't think of one new forum that would attract a lot of new people from the start without incentives. And may i remind you that cryptotalk has a lot of competition older then it. Roma wasn't build in a day.
  9. I registered using your link and there are pretty obscure cummunities in there already. Gui seems to be similar to steemit so i was wondering if there is some connection to steem? What i find strange is that while i am using a pseudonym, i can't seem to use one nick but it's asking my First and surname that i have to make up. Maybe i can change them later for something more suitable. I'll follow you in there soon. Thanks for the link.
  10. No worries :). But i really thought he would have bought them in 2010 with the price of $80k or something like that. That would have made more sense because spending 80M on bitcoin back then would have been completely insane idea. When i listened to bitcoin billionaires audiobook while ago, it reminded be that Winkelvoss Twins made the 11M investment roughly in the same time.
  11. I don't think that the problem is that people go in with little pumps but that they go in with too big pumps. They are bound to come down if they move up too fast.
  12. Hmm, this doesn't add up. Winlevoss were considered to be first single biggest buyer with $11 million investment in 2013. And bitcoin really didn't get over wasn't even 40 dollars until 2013, so maybe that's a typo then. Source: Google
  13. Well i don't know what app you are using and where it's taking the data from but that's obviously fake volume of the coin / token no one has even heard of. Just normal shady exchange wash trading going on.
  14. I have been in cryptos for a looong time and this is the first time i even hear that url. So let me put it this way: Is there a reason to believe it's not a scam? Where it was advertised to you etc? Because i can't find even a mention about that url from google.
  15. I was thinking roughly about same numbers, but it could drop at the start as people have accumulated a lot of these and there will probably be more sell pressure because of it. Let's hope it will get back to normal after the flow stabilizes.
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