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  1. 3000+? I wonder how much that's compared to others and are they getting daily tickets over there because that sounds like a lot :D. I some times picture a crowd of 3 people on helpdesk in some exchanges as i get no response and no one seems to know english either.
  2. As a side note, those campaigns turned out to be very profitable. That's usually not the case on rival forums because most of the campaigns are scams that won't pay. And for some reason, every campaign in here paid out from what i can tell. I haven't done the math on how much i invested on the projects and how much i got just from sigs, but at least nominex is still making me happy. In order to those campaigns come back we don't need as much of posters as we had, we just need quality posts from real people and conversation. Also spam needs to be taken care of some other way, it's pointless to fight bots with humans. Right now most of them seem to be gone but i am guessing that's just because they aren't making profits.
  3. I am quite skeptical how this goes. And i am not even going to politics on this as i had ton of issues with them, but aside them i think this is just a publicity stunt for PR. They however don't have anything to lose. Merchants would need to accept it as an official currency and how do you convince them to accept something that has been one of the most volatile assets out there? I am thinking that most of them are pretty hesitant and would make up excuses when it comes to time of exchange. And most likely nearly all the transactions would just convert it to back USD which is the official currency of El Salvador. Bitcoin still has ton of issues to fix until most people on any country would accept it as a currency (ton of things are being done but we are still waiting). It acts more like store of value for most people, and even that is highly speculative with a value that can be manipulated by just one man. That being said, this is how adoption starts, i don't have to like it and i am afraid this thing most likely backfires before it catches on. But it's all part of adoption cycle of something like BTC.
  4. Hi, is there a reason that the forum didn't start advertising at all? I mean from an outsider it seems like fast solution to implement a service for advertisement banners paid by talk tokens. I can only speculate what happened, but surely you guys don't wan't people just speculating.
  5. I find it werid that we are still on extreme fear. Usually i am listening to myself too and my feelings. If i am fearing, there are others that are fearing too. But maybe newcomers doesn't see the situation like me. I've been along for few cycles and naturally i am disappointed because i lost so much, but i can't say i am fearing anymore. I am currently seeing this as an opportunity. Luckily i have some good bounties paying me so i can keep investing and not caring so much about the price.
  6. This will be hard nut for US to crack, they are known to track their people in secrecy but they can't do that publicly with cbdc and get approval for that. But CBCD doesn't need to have anything to do with crypto or blockchains because USD is already mostly in digital form already. Cryptocurrencies are just a one possible platform in the future. BTW i am looking at Dusk Network to deliver the platform by the end of the year, that's later going to be suited for CBCDs in europe. But these things can take time to get adopted if they get adopted at all, because they need to be tested really fundamentally, especially when we are talking about state of the art tech that has never existed before.
  7. I have no problem paying taxes, but it's problematic when our country doesn't even have consensus on different kind of cryptos, like illiquid NFTs, Airdrops, nor there's any info about proof of stake as an income. Currently we have only guidelines but no one seems to be sure about anything yet. I have a meeting with a tax expert that advices me soon, but i really doubt that he knows about recent developments and that makes me frustrated in advance. Also i have like a hundred different eth addresses and have lost many private keys and passwords in the past and have no clue where most of my money has even came from.
  8. I don't think that these should be considered as serious investors. They were gambling with hype and didn't care about fundamentals. And look what happened now. Insane risks / insane rewards / insane losses.
  9. Some form of Proof of Stake is my guess. This current stance against the PoW is just a start and there will be probably heavy taxation against it later on giving a death blow to pow coins. I'll give it maybe half year before someone takes a way heavier stance then Tesla just did. This will be eventually good for coins like ETH that moves to PoS but the transition phase will be hurting everyone because it's dividing the whole space even more then it's divided now and people will lose obscene amount of money because of the bear market. This isn't happening yet though, but there are echoes already in the air. But what do i know. This is all just speculation.
  10. @MrSpasybo Bounty campaigns are a double edged sword. On the other hand they keep places like bitcointalk active so usually they are more then welcomed by admins. But on the other hand bounty managers should have quality control on entries, otherwise bounty gets diluted and it only causes a spam fest. Good bounties incentive people to try harder and write quality messages. Quality of those projects are a secondary concern imho, just don't advertise blatant scams. But @Whited35 pretty much summarised it all all already and i agree that OP should go trough aminds first. I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents.
  11. Yeah, i didn't pay attention. Current house edge on dice edge is 1.99%. I need to revisit my math at some point. I am currently busy trading and don't have much time to browse this forum.
  12. Currently we are mostly waiting for the mainnet, but that obviously have to be flawless until it's out so they are not rushing
  13. Not really, there are no legit solution is ready yet that i am aware of. People have been trying to build L2 solutons but in order for many of them to work and for people legally owning assets they should be build from the ground up as current models will hit the wall pretty quickly without regulatory friendly smart contracts and L1 privacy or kyc for example. And now i have to shill my own bags because Dusk Network is building a blockchain solution that will be suited for this too as one of the use cases.
  14. NFT is a good idea, but it wasn't ready yet and especially in ETH chain it has ton of problems. Idea itself has ton of potential but proper chains for it aren't ready (yet) and ETH isn't build for owning real world assets, users that claim owning something, art/securities or something else are just playing with derivatives, and that's really not revolutionary tech. People bet millions of dollars most likely because they think NFT art because they think it's something that it's not. Others are either speculating and trying to flip their nft with higher prices. Then there are bored millionaires. IMHO this is a bubble because of these reasons, but the real bubble with legit NFT tech where you can own actual real world assets hasn't even started yet.
  15. I am referring to posting rule nr 8. From: Please read the rules. Currently i don't have time to report the zero value accounts and rule violations myself because i am busy IRL studying and working, but i am hoping i get some free time later.
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