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  1. I have missed every quiz so far, but i think a timer would be counterproductive. Because i thought that the whole idea of that quiz to reward more active members that check that thread often. With a timer everyone would just rush in at the same time and fastest writer would win. I don't think that would be fun anymore.
  2. Weekly report: Week 6: (24 November - 30 November) Date: 29.11 Cryptotalk username: rekter Link to Cryptotalk: Telegram username: @cperkele BetFury nickname: insanity Links to posts: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: 17: 18: 19: 20: 21: 22: 23: 24: 25: 26:
  3. Hi, i just watched Cryptopia, a documentary by Torsten Hoffmann, and wanted to say few words about it. First of all, if you are a newbie coming to cryptos and have been looking for starting point, this document probably saves you a lot of time. It contains a broad spectrum of info from smart contracts to basics. It briefly views the history and what some companies are trying to achieve in this space. It covers drama between the main figureheads in cryptos. And at the same time being entertaining, even funny at times. It isn't hyping or pushing anything and is giving pretty balanced voice to different point of views. Obviously no documentary can cover everything that has happened in this space, and even some of the biggest players have not been mentioned. But in short, this documentary is clear, easy to understand and covers the basics well. It's insightful and balanced, and a pretty good crash course to crypto scene. So if you are just coming in this space, or if you want to introduce cryptos to someone. This documentary will be a good choice to watch. Trailer:
  4. Yes they can, but hackers can also use stolen passports and fake electric bills to cover their identity. In fact they can just use multiple of those accounts when they try not to get flagged with all the btc volume they provide.
  5. There hasn't been an option to delete your own post for a quite a while now. Reason for that is unclear. You could just report it to admins if you made a mistake and ask for removal.
  6. I tried it now with btc/xrp pair and placed my limit buy orders and waited for my order to get filled. Every 10 minutes my buy order didn't execute itself, i got rewarded by a tiny amount. Which means that this rewards mostly whales, marketmarkers and active traders. Rewarding marketmakers is a very cool idea, and any exchange should embrace them. But if that reward is a token, it should have an use case, because if it did, this would be very cheap at the moment. Maybe they will create an usecase for it, who knows.
  7. NOTE! I am cutting my losses and exiting now. There's a strong change that btc would go under $16k and that would crush some altcoins momentarily. That means changes of my plan 2 scenario happening just rised a lot. This could be a shakeout from btc whales but even shakeouts usually follow some support lines. I also noticed that i am in disbelief mood right from wallstreet cheat sheet and i should exit now. I won't go full usdt because i won't lose too much just holding btc as this is all temporary and there's always a change that it will bounce at any minute. Altcoins are way too dangerous game to play right now. I am waiting for a clear signal to enter back into this.
  8. I did this while ago, because why not... free change to make free money. Obviously i am not telling what my 3 entries were, but they were during this month. Good luck to you too :).
  9. What kind of technical analysis are you using that is giving 6k for next year? I mean if we are going in 4 year cycles, next year it should peak. And scary amount of people agree on that so i am interested if you have fresh views on this.
  10. I have no idea of the quality of russian section content because i don't speak russian. I only know that they are more active. But if you think you can contribute and provide us quality topics here in english section, you are more then welcome to make them. Being proactive is the way to go if you want to improve this section. And naturally you can report all the copy paste and spam in here.
  11. Update: 26.11, we are still on track, even tough correction at this point was pretty much crushing i am more and more moving for the idea of 20$ top, i can't close my eyes from the psychological effect of round numbers. I think i was too conservative before. But we should pay attention to bitcoin movements now, because as we saw today, it controls everything. It can drag us down or up with it. It's almost end of the month now and bitcoin seems to close second green candle, and because bitcoin has already broke the ath marketcap, it means it's actually stronger then ever. And longer it takes to brake the ath in price, the harder it will go up. My best case scenario would be that btc broke 20k end of this month and we would move slower towards 50k-100k-300k. And btc wouldn't go parabolic just yet. Because if btc would go parabolic right now, it would create altcoin panic sell and probably destroy our omg position.
  12. Almost everyone still thinks BTC will go over $20k. This is normal, price won't just go up without corrections, and longer you'll stay in cryptos, less meaningful these corrections become to you, especially when we still are in in the start of the bullrun. I mean it's all relative. From my point of view it's really hard to understand when people are worried about drops when btc is still over $1k.
  13. I am not sure where you heard this but you don't "have" to give 50 reacts every day. That's just the limit you can give in a day. But only give positive ratings to posts that you think are bringing something to this forum.
  14. Thanks, that was good article, but i still didn't get their point. They said that Paxos provides paypal crypto infrastructure. I am not sure what that means exactly... Does it mean that Paxos buys and stores btc for paypal customers? But if it's a collaboration, why Pantera capital draw conclusion that paypal would use their own money at all? They must just be speculating how much paypal customers are buying at the moment.
  15. It happens from time to time. I assume that happens more often when the amount of crypto scams are rising in youtube, and the youtube mods will be pretty trigger happy with any reported scam content. I personally think that we will see some sort of new crypto ad and cryptocurrency shilling bans in social media and platforms like youtube sooner or later when this bullrun really peaks.
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