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    Trading Tips

    Excellent trading advice for the beginners and even as a reminder to the older traders as well. I think that sooner or later we all make a mistake and skip one of these points when we trade and it is very important to have a reminder of what to do. In my opinion, the most important one is the setting of a plan, as if you do that and stick to the plan then all other steps fall into place in terms of the emotions and not panic buying or selling. Having a plan going into trading is setting yourself a goal and without a goal your trades will always result in losses.
  2. This is a very good and detailed post about mining. I especially like the fact that you included the equipment that you would need in order to be able to mine bitcoin as this is very important when mining. If you mine with the wrong equipment it can cause damage to your machine. Let alone the damage the cost to run the mining, with regards to electricity cost, will be much higher than your income as the laptops and pcs do not generate a huge enough hash power to warrant mining. Thank you for this post.
  3. I personally would choose the use of the cryptotalk forum as opposed to the bitcointalk forum and the reason behind this is simple, which is the earning potential. If you look at bitcointalk you need to get to a certain level before you can start to earn and with the number of members that are on there and the number of topics that have already been covered, this can be quite hard to achieve. Here on the other hand you are able to earn after 100 posts which is great for beginners that want to earn and learn at the same time as it provides them with a very nice incentive.
  4. The best wallet is a very subjective topic and it will largely depend on the features that you are looking for in a wallet as well as the coins that you are hoping to bee supported within a wallet as well. Personally i find that that the bitpay wallet is a very good wallet as it is easy to use, has great security and it supports the major coins that i use in terms of bitcoin, Ethereum and ripple. furthermore the wallet allows you to purchase some gift cards therefore enhancing the usability of your crypto. This in my opinion is great.
  5. I agree with you. Trading in a lower number of pairs and focusing your efforts on specific coins is a very good idea, because it will enable you to monitor the trends more closely, and also it will be easier to follow. as a beginner it will take some adjusting to be able to monitor multiple coins and to keep track of your diversifying crypto portfolio and therefore the lower the number of pairs to monitor the easier it will be. However, this should change as you become more and more advanced and you should move onto other pairs as well in the future to increase your profits.
  6. Whether it is advisable or not will depend on what you want to do with your crypto. If you are looking for a long term holding of your crypto then i think that exchanging it to bitcoin is a good idea because bitcoin is the most used crypto and therefore it is more likely to go up in price with time as opposed to smaller altcoins. However if you are looking for day trading then it is good to diversify your investment portfolio into crypto and not have all your eggs in one basket. Therefore in this case it would be good to rather keep the altcoins and trade them when their value becomes high.
  7. In trading i think that the most important thing that you need to have a lot of patience and you need to be able to resist the urge to panic buy and panic sell. Naturally when you see something going down you want to sell and get out, but you must always remember that the price of crypto is very volatile and it always goes up and down so you need to make the decision in a calculated way based on the past trends in the market and not based on the emotions that you have at that time. this is a very important skill when it comes to trading.
  8. Dogecoin definitely has very low fees, and it is quite great to use for withdrawals and to transact. However, the problem that i have with this coin is that there are not many merchants that readily accept this coin. However, i have found that if you look at the Ripple coin (XRP) this coin also has very low fees and what is even better about this is that you are able to use it at most places that accept cryptocurrency such as bitcoin and Ethereum, which are the two most used crypto. Therefore this increases its use and still maintains the low fees.
  9. You are allowed to post more than one in the same topic if you are adding new information on the topic and are addressing a question that may have been raised in the comments of the topic in which you are commenting. However, it is important that you have to add new information and that the second comment must still be helpful in order for it to be allowed in the forum. Posting for a second time with the same content will be viewed unfavorably by the moderators and you may get a warning point or even be banned from the forum for such.
  10. Crypto is very popular, with one of the main reasons for its popularity lying in the fact that you are able to to send money effortlessly, internationally with minimal fees and in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. This feature has chosen to be very attractive to many, apart from the security that blockchain is also able to provide. According to a recent article that was released on Coindesk, it seems that the Australia and Singapore customs offices are attempting to utilize the blockchain technology as a means in which to make trade of business documents much easier. The use of the blockchain technology will be targeted specifically at the sharing of electronic documents as well as the primary certificates of origin. Over the course of this time, it seems that the countries will report on the ease with which this system is used, and depending on the feedback this can be used in 2021 moving forward. This is a great use for the blockchain technology and truly shows its diversity. In my opinion, this method is likely to work out well, as the blockchain is able to provide great security as a system, and therefore the use of documents with blockchain should not provide any issues moving forward. this could be used in other countries as well, after this trial, furthering the adoption process of blockchain, and ultimately cryptocurrency as well.
  11. @Frodler There are antivirus programs that are able to scam your emails in order to tell if there is anything suspicious when it comes to the attachments on your emails. It might be a little investment to buy the full package for the antivirus, but it is always best to be safe than sorry. Also beware of the sender. If there is a sender that you are unfamiliar with or have not been in contact with before then i suggest that you research the sender before opening the email. It is the best way to ensure safety. Rather put in the extra few minutes than suffer the hacks later on right? Hope this helps you.
  12. Of course it is very important to have a dream in order to be successful. Having a dream is the same as having a goal, or a vision in mind that you want to achieve moving forward and if you have this goal in mind then you can start planning the steps that will be required in order to make that dream a reality. Without an end goal you can often lose track of what you are doing and you will not be set on what needs to be done in order to achieve it and this could lead to you diverting from that goal or giving up on it entirely. A vision can only become a reality based on your actions, and without a vision any action will be considered good, no matter how small the reward. Think big and push forward to achieve greatness.
  13. Making topic sis a very important part in keeping this forum going and it is good to see that you have been encouraging people to create new topics on a daily basis. There is constantly something happening in the crypto world and therefore there is always news that you can report on in the form of a topic or you can even speak about your own thoughts on a topic or of that nature. This is beneficial to all the members. I think that in the future the forum may make it compulsory to create topics as well as post in order to sustain the forum moving forward.
  14. My feelings on this forum are quite similar to yours in that i initially joined this forum as a way in which i can earn crypto as the campaign that was being hosted here at the beginning of the year was the best that i had known about in terms of posting and the ease with which you were able to earn. Over time i realized that there is more that i can gain from this forum in terms of the knowledge that is here and using this knowledge could aid me in translating this to more earnings in the future. Therefore i started to become more involved with the forum such as posting topics and so forth to discuss and update members on the crypto world. It is also great to engage with people that share this similar interest to mine as well.
  15. Hard work in this forum is exceptionally important if you are looking to be active on the forum for a long time and if you want to continue to develop your knowledge and presence in the crypto world through the forum as well. There is always the possibility that in the future the forum payment system may change and it may be based on your ranking in the forum and if you are able to start working hard from the get go you will develop a sense of trust with the other members in the forum, build a follower base and have a good reputation score. These are all very important in advancing. Furthermore, hard work is rewarded in this forum in terms of the payment, whereas the sub par work can result in warning points or potential bans.
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