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    Be Careful !

    The truth is that there are many members that just post as a way in which they can complete their daily tasks and-not in any effort to help the members of this forum and that person that created the forum in the first place and as a result their comment are not of a very high quality. However, i think that it is important for us to keep the quality up as you are saying. Maybe with the maximum earning posts being 20 people will now be more focused on making good posts.
  2. Unfortunately at the moment this forum has stopped paying out in satoshi and therefore you can no longer earn bitcoin here, but instead you now earn a TALK token for each post that you make and for each of the reactions that you give out as well. The TALK token will be available for trade in September, so you may be able to make use of it then to convert to btc. In the meantime just work on earning the TALK token as i think it will be very lucrative in the future on yobit.
  3. You are completely right in saying this and i think that there are some that may give it because of their different view points. However the concern that i have is that there are some that give negative reactions as a means of revenge and because their posts may have been reacted to negatively. This is not the way that it should be done and i think that the ratings here are meant for us to help each other to better our posts. That is why i am glad that the admins have removed the names of those reacting or rating, therefore leaving it anonymous.
  4. This generic rating scale that you are proposing here is actually very good and it will be good if there was such a scale so that all scales are rated equally. At the present time i am using the rating in the sense that i think many other may be using it as well, and that is that the rating (when positive) is dependent on how helpful it was to me. If it is a spam post then i give a negative rating.
  5. I like this feature of the forum that allows for us to track the visitors to our profile. Although it is not something that results in payment, it shows how good the content that we are creating is and if people visit your profile the chance are that they want to check out what other posts you created as well. With the payment system also increasing to ratings, i think that in the future we may likely see a reward for receiving ratings and for profile visits.
  6. Thank you for the clarity. I greatly appreciate the assistance here. I think that this is good because many of the users were suffering from topics being deleted that resulted in their post count going down, and with this new system, this does not seem to be a problem anymore.
  7. The admins and the moderators are very active on this forum in removing any sense of spam that may arise in the forum and i think that this is great, and also the new payment system is something that could be helping the cause as well. The new payment system that they have implemented as well, also rewards users for their ratings on other posts, and as such, it encourages the new users to rate the posts that are made in a topic and to identify the ones that are spam, which helps moderators and keeps the forum clean. I think that a lot of work is being done t maintain the integrity of the forum and i like the direction that it is taking.
  8. It is good to see that there is payment being made on the TALK token. To be honest when i first heard of the new campaign i was rather skeptical, but i can see that the campaign is active and people are receiving their tokens. The only hope is that the token will be worth a lot in the future for exchanges when trading of them become possible. Unfortunately as i am sure that many of you must have seen, there is currently an issue with the payment button to move the TALK to our balance, which moderators have assured us that they are working on and I hope that it is resolved soon so that I can also move some of my earned funds over.
  9. This is a great idea, and to be honest i employed a similar approach when it came to the DICE token that was given to us as an airdrop in order to watch that token grow with time and minimal effort. This is something that i will be very interested to do once i see that these token have become available to send to our balance once again. I did see that the moderators have posted up that the button did have some issues and they are working to resolve the issue so I am hoping to begin my investbox portfolio soon.
  10. Hi all Cryptotalk members I have seen many posts that focus on explaining the new payment system and this is great because i must admit that i was very confused when it came to this new payment system, and although I am quite late to get on board with it, I am looking forward to starting properly as of now. I understand the Token we are being awarded, as well as the rating and posts reward system, however there is one question that I am still quite uncertain off and i would like help from you all if possible. The one question that still remains unanswered for me is the deletion of posts. Does this work in the same way it did previously, i.e. we would have to make up the posts if the topic on which we posted is deleted, or is each day considered separately? As you all know, when we earned bitcoin, if posts were deleted over a day then we would have to make up the posts the following day before being rewarded again. It was easy to see many posts were deleted because we had the number of posts we had and the number that we were paid at. The new campaign does not show such, and therefore you can't easily tell if you have had posts deleted, or if topics that you commented on were deleted. Therefore does each day count separately and then we post 20 posts per day, not having to worry about posts that may have been deleted? I look forward to all responses. Any clarity that you guys can offer here will be greatly appreciated.
  11. Thank you for this post. It certainly does clear things up for me. I was a bit confused when it came to the ratings and thought that were instead paid for each of the ratings that we received but now i am able to see that instead we are paid for each of the ratings that we give out to other posts. I think that this is very good because it encourages the members to be more active in fighting against the spam.
  12. I think that the reduction in the number of active users on this forum could to a certain extent be brought about by the new payment system that there is on here. The payments are no longer made in bitcoin, and is now instead made in a TALK token that is not yet available for trading. As a result many are unsure of the value they will get for their posts and this could be the reason that they are staying away from the forum. also the new system seems a bit more confusing than the previous bitcoin earnings, and i think that it will take people a while to get used to it. And this could also be driving people away from the forum.
  13. I am not implying wonderful. This was a sarcastic comment to show the ridiculousness of the decision in my opinion, because a crypto theft should be considered as a theft nonetheless as there is funds that are being stolen. I think that the court's decision was not right in this case. Please do not mistake the tone in which that last statement was intended. It was complete sarcasm. I hope that clears it up. @BTC Future
  14. The Bitcoin network balanced its difficulty level at 01:18 UTC on July 1 to 15.7842 trillion – down a negligible 0.0033% from the past degree of 15.7847 trillion set June 17. The rate change is little enough that it is gathered together to a zero. Bitcoin mining difficulty measures the degree of how hard it is to compete for block rewards on the network. The measure is intended to change each 2,016 blocks, generally at regular intervals, in view of the all out processing power that is taking an interest in bitcoin mining. The unimportant change on Wednesday implies the all out normal mining power associated with Bitcoin in the course of recent days has scarcely changed, either because of the absence of new mining gadgets connecting or any recently included processing power being counterbalanced by those that are pressed out after Bitcoin's halving. The present little change comes during a period of bitcoin price stability, with the cryptocurrency having a price that ranges between $9,000 and $10,000 throughout the previous two months.
  15. On the 30th of June 20202, a Russian court diverted down a solicitation from a victim of a 100 Bitcoin robbery looking for compensation, with the court contending that digital forms of money have no legitimate status. The court says that bitcoin, as a digital currency, does not enjoy the same property protection as other assets. The case returns to 2018, when the two men imitating Federal Security Service (FSB) specialists and their associates seized the person in question and constrained him into giving them 5 million rubles or $90,000 in real money and 99.7 BTC — worth about $900,000 at that point. The criminals were condemned to eight-and ten-year jail sentences. The casualty may in any case attempt his case in a civil court. Despite any future legitimate procedures, this court choice is wonderful — basically, it proclaimed that Bitcoin burglary isn't a wrongdoing.
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