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  1. Я думаю, что индустрия криптовалюты, вероятно, гораздо более подвержена мошенничеству, потому что их невозможно отследить, и поэтому люди могут избежать наказания за эти мошенничества.
  2. The best advice that i think that any member can give you here are to focus on eh knowledge that you are able to gain from a forum such as this one because if you are able to do that and post good content than the earnings will come naturally, and you will also be able to increase your earning through the trading knowledge that you can gain here. Furthermore, it is imperative that you make sure that you know all for the rules in the forum to ensure that you make the most of your time here and don't get any warning points.
  3. This is a hard one to predict because when it comes to the crypto world the price is always changing and the market is known for being extremely volatile. In fact, i think that if you are looking at long term holding then i think that you should rather invest in coins such as Ethereum, bitcoin and Litecoin, because whilst these may decrease at points, if you hold them for months or even a few years you are almost guaranteed to see a profit as they are very well known and utilized quite a bit for payments as well.
  4. It all depends on the topic that you create. When you create a topic it is true that you are more likely to have people see the topic that you are creating, however at the same time you have to understand that if you are posting the same as other topics and if the topic is not good or interesting than there are fewer members that will interact with the topic, and it will get negative reviews. Just keep it interesting and new and something that hasn't been posted here before and then you should be getting a lot of positive reactions.
  5. This is a very good point. There are many forums that are out there that are filled with advertisements that you have to endure in order to be abel to make a post and earn something and some of them can be quite intrusive in terms for the earning as well. It is good that thsi forum does not have advertisements because i think that it helps the members to focus, and it is one of the reasons that members keep coming back here because they see the benefit of it all as well. The knowledge you can gain here is more focused without having to worry about the adverts.
  6. The first thing that you have to do here is to make 100 posts. Consider this as a trial period where your work is being tested to ensure that you can produce topics and comments that are of a high quality and that warrant the rewards that you will be receiving for them. Over and above that you have to ensure that you content is something that adds to the knowledge of this forum and not the generic thank-you type of messages. Lastly, i recommend that you take some time and look at all the rules of the forum because that is important to ensure that you proceed here well.
  7. This is the basic concept behind trading and what you are aiming to do here is to buy a currency when the price is low and sell it when the price is high and this is extremely possible, and you can do this. However, it is a risk because you can never be sure of the future for a currency. The good thing is to look at the buy market and the sell market for the coin, as well as looking at the buy volume and trade volume. That will tell you the interest in the coin and the potential for the future.
  8. To be honest the first time that i joined this forum it was because of the earning potential that it was able to provide me and to see that you can get quite a few Satoshi per post, which was 1000 Satoshi per post for 30 posts at that time. Then after joinign i realized that there is a lot that i was lacking in terms of knowledge on crypto and this forum was abel to bridge that gap for me and continuously be a source to learn and stay up to date and that is what it has become for me now.
  9. There is no requirement that you have to have followers on this forum in order for you to be able to make a profit and to be honest, there are many accounts that do not have followers. Those are just for the users that are really interested in your content and that find what you say helpful and as a result want to stay up to date with your activity on this forum. I think that it is a good thing to have followers, because it attests to your usefulness on the forum however this is just my personal preference. You don't have to have followers.
  10. There is a feature that is on this forum that is actually meant to stop these accidental double posting on a single topic. If you look next to the topic you will see the symbol of a message and if this is coloured in black it shows that you have already answered the topic and if it is white then you have not yet answered the topic. That is a great feature to use in the future. Otherwise, if you double post as long as you are providing new and interesting information that helps the topic then i don't think that it will be a problem.
  11. I do agree with you in your statement, and also the great thing when it comes to having knowledge is that you can also use it as a way to increase your assets and to make a profit from what you previously would not have been able to do and i think that is especially important in the crypto field. Because you can earn through a forum such as this one but the knowledge and trading that you can do can help you to multiply that earning quite a bit if done right.
  12. Bitcoin has increased drastically in its price over the last decade and to be honest, anyone that had made a small invest of just a dollar back then will really be reaping in substantial benefits at the moment and they would be millionaires, if not even closing in on the billionaire portion. In my opinion this is how the whales came about in the bitcoin market, and you have to have a lot of self-restraint to not sell your coins despite the fluctuation prices.
  13. This is the first time that i have seen this error happen. It could be due to a duplicate account perhaps or maybe even that you were previously banned from the forum and the campaign as a whole. I would suggest that the best thing for you to do is to get in touch with the moderators directly, and they can assist you or provide you with the reason that this is happening, as it could be due to alternative means that i have not said here. This is the quickest and most reliable way to sort this out in my opinion.
  14. Generally your reactions are reset every 2 hours from the last reaction that you put. For example if you reacted to a post at 10h00 then you can then use that reaction again after 10h00 the nest day. It is not reset by days, but rather on the time that you used the reaction. At the moment i am not sure the limit on the number of reactions that you can do per day, but i think that in the past it was 50 reactions per day.
  15. The simple way to explain this forum is that you are rewarded in order for your contribution to posts or the topics that you create here that are to the betterment and knowledge of the other members here. That is why you have to ensure that all the posts that you make on this forum are of a good quality and a high standard, so that you are able to benefit the other members. Then you rewarded. The best thing i can tell you is to look and read the rules carefully to ensure that you gain maximum benefit from here.
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