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  1. BLOODY is a token that is based on a deflationary elastic experiment. To be honest, when I saw this, this was the first time that I had heard of such an experiment, so let me take a minute here to explain the basics behind this type of experiment before I move onto the coin value and its market volumes. This experiment basically requires that the token be in constant circulation. Therefore, if the circulation of the coin increases, then there is an increase in everyone's BLOODY token balance, and vice versa. This is referred to as the clotting effect for the experiment. Furthermore, the faster the circulation the greater the reward that you get in terms of BLOODY tokens. It is a pretty interesting concept, and to be honest the first that I have seen of this nature. The BLOODY token was initially distributed to towards the latter part of October last year (2020), and was added to the Rottenswap website. The concern that I have with this currency however, is the fact that it is not tested or audited. AS a result there can be a lot of misleading information relating to the token, and there can be a lot of security issues as well, especially since it was not first tested before being distributed. Therefore, I would like to stress at this point, that the token does have a high risk factor and should not be looked into lightly or considered lightly when making an investment. Only invest an amount that you can lose in this coin. Now with regard to the token value, BLOODY is currently valued at 0.00089 USD, which is a 6.92% reduction in the last 24 hours. The coin saw its all-time high value on the 14th of November 2020, a couple of weeks after its release, with the value of the token reaching 0.02375 USD. This is a much higher value than the current trading value of the coin. Currently, there is no information that is available in relation to the number of tokens that are in circulation or the total cap on the number of tokens, however there are reports on fxempire which do indicate that there are currently over 800 thousand BLOODY tokens that have been mined.
  2. There are many binance leverage tokens, and for those that may be unaware of these token, these are based on the Ethereum network (ERC20). They provide the users with the easiest means by which they can achieve leverage trading, and provides people (especially new crypto users and traders) the exposure to the market without the large risk that is involved. With binance leverage tokens there is a variable of generally 1.25x to 4x seen. One such token that is a Binance leveraged is the DOTDOWN token. This token is currently trading at a price of 0.0007670 USD (as per 28 February 2020), which is a 13.84% increase in its price over the last 24 hours. In other markets where it is tradable, such as the Bitcoin market and the Ethereum market, there are increased of between 23-28% on this coin over the last 24 hour period, showing the trading potential with this coin on the Binance exchange platform. Currently the token has a ranking that is 2414 on coinmarketcap. This market cap rank has gone down in the last 24 hours, as the marker volume over this time has decreased by 3,06%, with the market value for trading volume now sitting at a total of 5.195 million USD over the last day. Currently, there is no direct means in which you can purchase this token with cash, with the token needing to be purchased via other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Moving to the more technical side of the token, the coin saw high values of around 10.74 USD in October of last year, showing that whilst a good day trading potential may be possible from this coin, the actual value of the coin is on the downward spin and may not be a good option for those looking to long term investments. The current market cap has not been supplied for this token.
  3. One of the common coins that people come across is the name of the USDT, which is the tether stable coin that is linked to the dollar value. Working off the reputation that is gained by this stable coin, as a mean by which to store value in any cryptocurrency exchange, the compound USDT (CUSDT) coin has been released. This coin is currently trading at a value of 0.02089 USD, with the ranking on coincapmarket showing as 2408. This however, differs from the ranking of the coin given on the coingecko site, which states that the current ranking of the coin is sitting at 119 in terms of its market cap. The value of the CUSDT token has increased by around 0.18% in the USD market, over the last 24 hours, and has also seen increases of 8.07% and 12.77% in the BTC and ETH markets respectively. The 24 hour low and high do not show much of a difference with there just being a 0.00005 USD change over the last day, however the market volume over this time is currently 5.3 million USD. This is a 4.95% drop in the market volume. The coin is currently being exchanged on cryptocurrency platforms such as FTX USD and Compound. The top exchange for this current however is the Compound Finance with bulk of the trades in this currency being made on this exchange platform, and 48498 transfers happening in the last 24 hour period according to Etherscan. Amazingly enough his token can also be found on coinbase, which shows a bright future possibility for the token moving forward.
  4. TATCOIN, currently known as the biggest utility token that exists in Africa, is a token that is currently ranked as the position of 4114 on coinmarketcap, trading at a value of 0.035 USD at the time of writing this topic. The creator of this coin, known as Gaius Chibueze, based the coin on the Ethereum network, as many coins that are being released currently are doing so as well. This means that the coin is developed and operated on the ERC20 platform. Since its release in July 2020, the coin has made quite a bit of headway, even being listed on some of the major exchanges as well, such as IDEX and Bidesk. In fact in a recent development this month, the coin developers have applied to be listed on all the major exchanges, and are actually saying that there are some tasks to be completed before the coin is listed on these major exchanges, but they are working on these tasks now. Listing this coin on major exchanges could do wonders for its value. The main reason why people have invested in this coin is the fact that it is able to offer its users discounted transaction fees, something that has become especially important in the crypto world, especially with all the coins that are currently out there, that exhibit high gas fees. Upon its release, the coin increased in value from 0.03 USD to 0.1 USD, before experiencing the same value that we are seeing now as was seen with the presale. The advantage of this coin is that it can be used as a means to store your value as well, as the limited supply that the coin has allows it to increase in value with time as well. Moving to a more technical standpoint, the coin has seen a 14% drop in its price over the last 24 hours, which can be a cause for concern. Currently there is no information regarding the number of tokens that are in circulation, however the market cap is 200 million TAT coins.
  5. TRXDOWN is a cryptocurrency coin that has been circulating in the cryptocurrency world since the start of its issue date, which was last year on the 11th of September 2020. Currently, at the time of writing this article, the TRXDOWN coin is trading at roughly 0.161 USD. According to coinmarket, the aforementioned coin is currently ranked number 2402 on the market of cryptocurrencies, meaning that it is one of the coins that falls into the background of the cryptocurrency scene, with much of the other coins having much higher trading volumes. This becomes especially evident when it comes to analysing the coin in terms of its market trade value that has been made in the last 24 hour period. With the coin being listed on Binance, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, and the fact that the coin is named after a popular token (TRX - Tron) which has gained massive popularity in the cryptocurrency world, the 24 hour market volume was recorded as being just over 5.6 million USD. The highest value that was noted with this coin exceed 7 USD which was noted around the latter part of December last year, with the TRXDOWN coin noting a price of 7.33 USD on 24 December 2020. Over the last 24 hours the coin has seen a 14.55% drop in its price, which was met with a 37.66% drop in its trading volume - clearly a coin that Is close to the end of its lifespan in my opinion, based on the rapid drop that can be seen over the course of two months alone. There is currently no data relating to the market cap or circulating supply of this coin. This coin is a leveraged token on the Binance platform, and should be leveraged and invested in at the risk of the user that is getting into the cryptocurrency market.
  6. The most important thing when it comes to trading in cryptocurrencies, is to be able to try and analyse the market and make predictions. For many this technical knowledge goes beyond what they have in the crypto field, and so they rely on that which is presented by news articles and the information that is released by the crypto analysts as well. Recently, and article by the cryptocurrency analysts show that the Ethereum coin could be in for a price drop to 1040 USD, as is predicted by some experienced crypto analysts. This would be a 35% drop in the price of this coin, which has in the past few months, been seeing new highs in terms of its price and value. This price reduction however is not uncommon in the cryptocurrency field as there is always a correction factor that happens after a major price hike, however crypto analysts say that this price prediction may not be limited to the Ethereum coin and may be experienced across the entire cryptocurrency market. Based on the current pattern for Ethereum pricing, the pattern is following a rising wedge, which is what analysts have used in determining that the price is likely to take a nosedive. It is expected that the selling market of Ethereum may start to exceed the buyer market, and therefore the decline. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think that this article can contribute to the panic selling that will also cause the price to go down?
  7. One o the major coins that has been in the spotlight recently is the dogecoin and the way that is has increased in its price. Not too long ago we were seeing the price of dogecoin at roughly 0.002 USD and the price has since increased to all-time highs of even 0.08 USD on the yobit exchange platform. The main reason for this was by one man, and that was the interest that was shown in this coin by Elon Musk, who has constantly tweeted about the Dogecoin. However, a recent tweet from Elon Musk could actually be the cause of the decline in the price of dogecoin, in which he stated that if there are not as many whales in the dogecoin market, then the coin will receive the full support of Elon Musk. At the moment there are many whales in dogecoin and there a few people that own the bulk of the dogecoin market, making it highly manipulative. Therefore, if these whales decided to sell of their coins, the market could crash, and there would be a major decline in the price. The coin could even reach a point where it could not recover. Therefore, Elon has tweeted this and says that these whales are the real issue. This shows the lack of interest in Elon Musk in this coin now, due to the whales, and therefore the price has dropped by 20% over the last 24 hours alone. A rare sight, amidst the recent increased in Dogecoin prices. What do you think should be the action taken moving forward on dogecoin? Since it is an unlimited supply this can be hard to make it a main stream currency but do you think that the currency should be distributed? What action do you think whales should take to ensure the future of this currency?
  8. With the price of Bitcoin steadily increasing over the last few days mainly bought about by Elon Musk and his large investment into the crypto-currency market namely Bitcoin, there are many people that are waiting for bitcoin to surpass the 50000 USD region. In fact I expect that there is many sales orders that have been set for this price in order for people to maximize on their profits. However we may have to wait a much longer period of time in order to see the price of Bitcoin go past the 50000 USD price range. In a recent article it seems that coinbase has time to their premium index negative which implies that the difference in price between coinbase and binance exchange platform is quite large. This has resulted in there being many sales orders on the coinbase platform, even more so than the buying orders on the platform which could result in a major sell-off of Bitcoin from this exchange. As we all know coinbase is one of the main cryptocurrency exchanges and therefore if there is a large fell off it could cause the price of Bitcoin to crumble or drop by a considerable percentage in the next few days. What are your thoughts on this and do you think that we will see a bitcoin price declined to this extent?
  9. When it comes to cryptocurrency, the one way that coins attempt to increase its value and at the same time account for inflation and how it has affected the economy, is through the halving events that occur. This is to increase the difficulty of the mining process for that coin, so that less coins are introduced per block that is mined, and it is when the supply is getting closer to its full extent. All coins generally have a finite supply of coins that can be introduced into the market. However, this is not the case when it comes to dogecoin. Dogecoin was initially supposed to have a supply of 100 billion coins, however this is not the case, and the supply is not capped at the moment. In fact, I believe that from what I have read online it seems that there is 5 billion new coins introduced into the dogecoin system every year. This is quite substantial. This infinite supply of the coin and the fact that the mining difficulty has not changed has made it very profitable for those to mine dogecoin and profit a lot from it with its recent process. However, perhaps there is too much of this coin that is out there. It is my opinion that the fact that there is an infinite supply is stumping the growth of dogecoin and this may make it harder for its price to increase and reach the values that people may want it to. What is your opinion on this? Is there any way that we can solve this? My thought is that the owners of the coin should stop minign of the coin and leave all that is in circulation now. This will make the coin more valuable and drive up the price as well.
  10. It is no surprise to anyone that Elon Musk is now heavily invested in cryptocurrency with him taking special interest in dogecoin, and recently making a huge investment into Bitcoin as well under Tesla. This is a major influential figure that has moved into the limelight when it comes to the crypto world. However, it seems that it might be going even further, as there are apparent talks that indicate that perhaps Tesla is looking to accept Bitcoin as a main form of payment as well. This would be revolutionary for Bitcoin. However, with this news being out there, other coins also want to get in on this, with one such coin being Monero (XMR). They have asked Tesla to consider accepting their coin. Monero is known as a coin that continues to have high levels of anonymity, which is great for crypto users, but may not be a good thing for large businesses to accept. What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe that coins such as XMR should be considered at businesses like Tesla?
  11. The most watched cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. And rightfully so, as this is the currency that is the face of the crypto world and as such is the first currency that comes to mind when anyone mentions crypto. Therefore, for anyone in the crypto space, keeping an eye on the price of Bitcoin is a must. Even if you do not have any investment into Bitcoin, the Bitcoin market often influences that of the altcoins as well and therefore knowing the price and trends of Bitcoin can assist you in your own altcoin trades and analysis. Over the last two days, Bitcoin has been on the decline in price, as I am sure that many have noticed, even dropping to below $30k. For a coin that just recently (at the start of this month) topped the $40k mark, analysts expected a rise to $50k, but this seems to be short-lived as the price continues to fall. But what are the reasons behind this fall? One of the most important reasons that could explain this drop in price is the fact that the sell orders may be more abundant than the buy orders for Bitcoin at this time. This could either be as a result of people's financial position, or it could be contracts that are expiring and people are cashing in on them. In fact, in a news article, over $3 billion in contracts are expected to expire on one of the exchanges, and if this is all cashed out at one point, we could be looking at another drop in price in the near future. Another reason is that the continued drop could simply be panic selling. For those that are invested in Bitcoin and those that are newly invested in the coin as well, seeing the price drop below the 30k mark could cause a sense of panic among them, causing them to sell their investments now, either to secure their profits or to prevent further losses if they bought it at a high point. This panic selling is of course the number one enemy for any trader. In my opinion, the price of Bitcoin is not in the clear just yet, and I think that the next few days are crucial in determining how the price will proceed and how the future looks for Bitcoin. I think that despite the immediate future of Bitcoin the overall long term future does look bright and if you do have Bitcoin and are currently at a loss, I suggest being patient and waiting for the price to rise again. This could happen in a few days or even a few months, or perhaps years, but patience is the key to the profits from Bitcoin. Let me know if you know of any other factors that are resulting in the price drops that we are seeing at the moment.
  12. This is extremely important to be learning from your mistakes. It is often said that they are able to learn more from the mistakes that we make and the successes that we have in any venture that we choose to undertake. However there are cases where many make the same mistake more than once and whilst this may seem like a bad thing at the moment, it actually may prove to be quite helpful to them in the future. So therefore every mistake should be looked at as more of a stepping stone rather than an obstacle. Especially when it comes to cryptocurrency.
  13. This is actually a common question that is asked constantly on the forum, and to be honest when I started on the platform as well I also have the same concerns and questions. If you are using one account then it is fine to access it from different Wi-Fi areas. The only concern comes in is if you are using different accounts on a single Wi-Fi IP address.
  14. In my opinion as long as you don't need the funds in your bank account straight away, then perhaps you should hold off on withdrawing them. When you withdraw your funds there is a fee that you will have to pay for each of the withdrawals. Therefore it is best to withdraw it in a single sum rather than paying fees constantly after every small bit that you decide to put into your bank account.
  15. Patience is very important when it comes to the crypto world especially when it comes to earning. The price of a coin is constantly changing and going up and down, therefore if you sell of a coin to early or risk having a great loss. Also when it comes to platforms such as this one you have to be patient with your earnings because as much as you are earning here you are also learning and that will help you to grow further in the future in the field. This is what will help you to achieve your goals
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