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  1. I have only been trading for the last couple days and since i am just getting used to the ideas behind trading, i haven't really been thinking long term. I have been thinking more in the short term and trying to see at the start and end of each day which is going up and which is going down and trying to earn based on that. It is hard to trade in the beginning. I hope it will get easier as i get more familiar with the concept.
  2. I am a student and i am using cryptotalk as a secondary income and also as a way for me to learn about the world of cryptocurrency. I think that it will take some time to get into crypto and there is a lot of uncertainty in this market, so that scares me with investment. That is why i like this platform you can learn and earn without any investment.
  3. 4 minutes is not that high between posts if you ask me. I think they increased their time between the posts so that they users in here are forced to read the topic more and take the time to answer more meaningfully instead of just replying without taking the time to read. This just helps the platform. I think we should be grateful to be paid, and 4 minutes is not long at all.
  4. Following people is more geared towards those that you find helpful when it comes to the topics and whose topics are helpful to you. That is what you should follows. As for being a newbie, you don't earn for your first 100 posts but then you earn for each post after that. You earn 1000 per post, up to a maximum of 30k satoshi per day. This is a great earning. so welcome to the forum ad all the best earning here.
  5. I am not a big fan of the ranking system that they use here, because there is no incentive in obtaining each of the ranks. for example, as you go up in rank i think they should increase the number of earning posts that you have. For example the beginners can have 30 posts per day, members get 0 posts per day, full members get 50 posts per day that they can earn with an so on. This gives more of an incentive. At the moment, the ranking doesn't mean anything unfortunately.
  6. The first 100 posts that you do in this forum are for free and in a way they are to validate your account and to ensure that you are following the rules. If you break the rules frequently in those first 100 posts chance are that you will get a lot of warning points and possibly be banned. After that you start earning 1000 satoshi for every post that you make on this site. Which is an amazing earning opportunity. Up to a maximum of 30 posts per day.
  7. My dream for bitcoin is that the price of bitcoin will skyrocket to the point of $1 million per bitcoin. that would mean that each 100 satoshi is going to be worth $1. And i think that would be great for those of use that are investing in bitcoin at the moment. I think it is very possible that bitcoin will become the major currency in the future and that it would be worth close to this amount. It has been predicted by several people as well.
  8. I think that similarly like how we get paid to post, i think the moderators get paid to go through the posts and to delete the ones that are not up to standard. I don't think we should be concerning ourselves with how the moderators make money though. We should focus on ourselves and our own earnings, and trying to maximize the value of the content that we are posting on this forum. No one does anything for nothing, but we should be interested in how we are earning and keep moving forward.
  9. Beginners should make the most out of these forums and learn as much as they can about crypto. They should not just view it as a way for them to earn and just try to reach their post limit. Sometimes the knowledge that you can gain from these forums will result in you earning more than if you had just ignored everything and decided to just post to earn. Learn and earn. It is a win win situation, and i don't see any forum that is better than doing it than this one. Make the most of this opportunity beginners!
  10. The rules apply to everyone. No matter the time that you may have registered. I agree with what you are saying though about the moderators making i known why you were banned and giving a reason. this will help to avoid further mistakes in the future and will make you a more productive member of the forum, but if is is a clear violation of their rules, their ban is justified and you should know hwy you are banned. Simple as that. If you think you were wrongly banned open a ticket.
  11. In 2018, i believe it was sometime in April, there was a ban on cryptocurrencies, in Pakistan. So if you are earning in Pakistan there is a good chance that you earning in bitcoin could be considered to be an illegal act. I would recommend that you think careful before pursuing your earnings in the form of a cryptocurrency such as bitcoin.
  12. There are a number of advantages when it comes to making use of cryptocurrencies over cash. First of all the price of crypto is constantly changing which means that a transaction made in crypto now could be worth much more later or or even less if the price goes down. This gives you an indication of when you should sell crypto and when you should hold it. also the transactions are much easier and you are able to send money to anyone in the world in a few easy steps with low transaction fees.
  13. I don't think its the forum/topic that results in posts being deleted. I have been posting in the beginner section for the past few days now and it has been working out quite well for me actually. I think deletion comes from copying and pasting and not replying meaningfully to the actual topic. Generally i post around 35 posts per day, and if a couple of them get deleted then i still make my 30 posts and i am still rewarded with 30k satoshi. I think its more about what you psot rather than the forum. Good luck with your earnings!
  14. Yes you are right, the price of bitcoin is going down, but ever since yesterday it has been on the rise once again. I have high hopes for bitcoin, and i feel that one day the bitcoin price could double to 20k, or maybe even it could get even higher than that. There are some predictions that show this for the end of 2020, and i hope that these predictions come true. think about how the value of all out earning on this forum will skyrocket in this case. Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular and i am sure that we haven't even seen the start of of it yet.
  15. Thank you for the useful information. I didn't even know that we could add out bitcoin and ethereum wallet address on our profile here. You say that it is good to add in case of hackers and phishing right? May i ask, in what way would adding our address help in recovery? Because this account is linked to yobit, so wouldn't it be better to safe guard our yobit accounts as well?
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