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  1. it is not only the Russian decision when you sale immediately when the rate starts falling so some of the times it is very right to do that because the rate only goes down
  2. if the stablecoins become the mainstream of financial system of the world then they will never be the same that means they will not be the stable coins after that
  3. well now I understand that in Bitcoin it is never too late whenever you want to make the withdrawal of cash out your investments because you will only be earned profits and the rate will only grow
  4. I am mostly of right of the emails from the scammers because they ask for your personal information and most of the people just give it to them and they got scammed
  5. is the governments of most of the countries do not find it legal to use Bitcoin cryptocurrency that means they do not consider it the currency at all so you should be careful if you buy it
  6. I do not follow any cryptocurrency expert because when you follow an expert you cannot make decisions at your own and you will be dependent on others
  7. the rise and The Fall of Bitcoin or any other market is common you should never worry about it that is the best time to make investments and buy and hold the currency which is dropping
  8. well now the scammers even ask you to start your investment from one or two dollars and when they take you in confidence they ask you to invest in hundreds or thousands
  9. even for me it was not that easy to make money at 11:00 to make a cryptocurrency because it is very hard to collect it even if you are doing PTC sites or faucets.
  10. I do not know about you but I have done very good thing by joining this Crypto talk forum as I am using this for my daily expenses and also to learn a lot about cryptocurrency and all this kind of stuff
  11. I don't think all of investments are Just bake and a part of the scam but if you want to take a good profit you need to make a bigger investment and if you are promised to double your investment that is definitely a scam
  12. the mistakes are only teachers as far as we are learning from them and if we do not learn from the mistake and we keep on doing it again and again we are not learning from it and it is not our teacher
  13. for me the cryptocurrency in itself is an amazing thing because you can make transactions and send money from one person to another person and you do not need to go to the bank
  14. as you have explained in your topic it seems impossible to make that huge amount I think one bitcoin is not possible to make here even in 20 years now because we are making very less from the previous complain but still it is worth doing because the one bitcoin is equal to thousands of dollars
  15. when I have invested in some coin I keep on checking the price of that coin each and every 5 minutes because I am eager to see it growing and making me profits
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